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From CS: God  keeps challenging me to be more pure in my thought life, viewing life, time spent with him and how much of the world I let creep into my faith.  Not long ago, we were having a discussion in our church group about the message some "Christian" music groups  were sending with tattoos and body piercing. I felt that the representation was disrespectful of the temple that was our body and that it was too close to many pagan and occult  rituals for me to be comfortable with it. 

What a man in our group said really surprised me. It wasn't the words themselves but hearing them from a respected church member.  He said "So if their tattoos were crosses or of Christ would you still feel it was wrong?  I was not able to answer to my personal satisfaction, but was always  troubled by his comment. 

After reading some of the things that are on your website, I now see all the destination and influence the world and TV has had on this "Christian" family.  They are both still heavy in the opinions and approvals of the secular community in which they both work.  It struck me as so "New Age" that it was scary. Thank you for helping me to remember my responsibility to my family, peers and most of all my God and Savior Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 4:15&16 May God continue to give you clear vision and discernment in doing his will. Thanks.

From Bob Waite:  I just found your website while doing research on some of the cults. I looked at many of the articles and frankly feel stymied. Our nation is chasing after the pagan gods of antiquity and that is called tolerance. I'm sad. It seems to be an invincible movement, but we know better, don't we. (Psalm 2)!!!

Anyway, the reason I want to e-mail you is that I am not sure what the Christian response can be to some of these things. How can I tell the humanistic co-workers that I minister to that I am against laws against hate crimes, when they think that rightly that a Christian is supposed to represent love?

I know that the hate crime legislators see this as a step toward the institution of an idolatrous kind of government worship, but how do I talk to the unbeliever about a thing like that. They already think Christian believers are really right wing, bigots who are hypocritical and really use their religion as a cover-up for racism and nationalist saber-rattling agendas.

Perhaps, we ought to just depend on God's sovereignty and preach the gospel. After all, nothing is separate from his sovereignty nor outside His plan. I don't know. I just sometimes think that the political arena is outside our jurisdiction, so to speak. What is the difference between Godless nationalism and Godless internationalism? And after all, isn't our kingdom not of this world? Aren't our weapons different than those of the world? Just wondering.

Sometimes it seems that the Christian ought to pay his taxes, obey the government and preach the gospel--and let the chips fall where they may. If that means persecution, shouldn't we then count it as all joy? Anyway, I love your website. I'm perplexed about our political condition. And I hope Christians will become aware of the New Age snares in movies and popular culture. The Bible tells us to--to be separate. I often wonder what Christians are doing watching the world's entertainment and playing their games, etc. "Come out of her," the Scripture says.

God bless you,
Bob Waite <>

Reply from Evajean Chase:   Dear Bob,  I enjoyed your email to Andy and Berit.  I felt moved to reply to it.  It is frustrating to be surrounded by all the worldly people (even the worldly "Christians").  We are to be in the world, but not of the world.  I have found this website very helpful and informative.  I studied cults and occasionally go back and look at what I have on them.  This was before the Internet made so many things available to us.

I was wondering if you have researched the Masonic Connections yet in your study of cults?  VERY  INTERESTING AND RATHER FRIGHTENING

Sometime ago I asked the Lord, how do I witness to other and not "turn them off."  I later received my answer when studying Isaiah 55.  Basically our job is to share the Word--both in actions and in speaking it.  It is not our job to convict or convince anyone--the Holy Spirit does that.  God says his Word will go forth and not return void (accomplish what He sent it out to do--not what we think it should be doing).  Some of us plant seed, some of us water and some get to help harvest, but we are to go forth into all the world and share the Good News.  Pray, study to be prepared to answer and then trust God to give you the time, the place and the words.  Just be faithful and not fearful.  When sharing, do it with a sweet (pleasant) spirit not a condemning, sour or angry attitude. 

If we are to love our "enemies", how can we let the "chips fall where they may?" without first standing up and speaking up?  There are a lot of areas that the enemy is busy in and if we get too distracted by one thing, Satan can then divert us from our main job,  sharing Jesus with the world and being salt and light to make it more tolerable.  Unfortunately many Christian are uninformed and lack much knowledge, both about God's Word and about the worldly "New Age" things and ideas that they are bringing into our churches, our schools and our homes.  I try to share with them and others.  I have sent them to the website,  the rest I leave up to God's Holy Spirit to convict them.  I do try to have an answer, if they ask.  If I don't have an answer, I do try to find one or pray that God will give them one.

May God bless you, Bob, and give you the words you need.

From Kalliikak: Do you have a list somewhere of Christian materials, Christian fiction novels, etc. that would make good alternatives to the games and movies that youth watch? Maybe even stuff that's not strictly Christian, but that couldn't be lumped in with the other things on your site either.

I think it would be really helpful to have, or to start, such a collection to help show what would be more acceptable material to spend time on. I know from experience that it is very tough to find anything that isn't twisted by satan in some way (there are errors in many of the movies and television shows that depict Christianity, like 'touched by an angel').

Right now I am in a philosophy, biology, and anthropology class, all of which question God's existence and I think a list of good Christian (and even secular) material such as books, movies, and games that don't conflict with Christian ideals would be very use full. Thanks.

You ask some very good questions. I have to think and pray about the answer -- especially the last one -- before I can answer. You have articulated well the dilemma of many Christian families. I would like to invite our visitors to send their suggestions for acceptable books and movies.


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