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From Susan Bertalotto: I just read the article Ant Bully, and wow! was it ever reminiscent of my experiences in my former church. Undoing the “traditional” thinking, coming up with plausible reasons the church shouldn’t sing certain songs, preach/teach a certain way, etc. The pastor would come up with a fake crisis, i.e. “Newcomers are not connecting to the people and the church. We’ll have to do something different.” Then he’d come up with “solutions” that only seemed plausible if one believed the crisis. It reminds me of the push for believing global warming also. Eventually we, the people, will have to make more concessions, sacrifices, drastically change the way we think, to accommodate a lie. And all along we are being controlled by a few powerful people who want to dominate the world.

It all fits together, doesn’t it, Susan? Transformation is essentially the same process whether it’s happening to the secular community, the global management system, or the local church.

From Madona: Advertisements for “The Ant Bully” are on all of the time.  I felt nervous about something with “bully” in the title anyway. 

So many programs/movies geared toward children are like this – the character with doubts undergoes a “transformation” to understand the other side.  The transformation is always bringing the opposition into the modern world.  Parents should be just as leery of movies like this as they are with movies that contain violence and other explicit material. 

From George: There seems to be a concerted effort being put forth on the part of the movie industry to move ours and our children's thoughts away from Jesus Christ.  This movie is typical of its other anti-Christian counterparts, like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc; in that it has "good" triumph over "evil."  All these kinds of stories are anti-Christian because they deny or obscure the Cross of Christ.  We are often left to think that man can solve world problems, which subtly purveys the idea that he doesn't need Jesus.  The Ant Bully story plays on at least two problems we have in society: 1) Bullying has actually caused children to commit suicide, and 2) There is in fact a loneliness created from a mobile society and a breakdown of the family.  The solution that this story gives does not get to the root of these problems, but instead offers solutions compatible with your Creating Community through transformational leadership and a new way of thinking.  Anti-Christian doctrine is never blatant, but subtle to twist God's word to deceive us.  Proverbs 30:25 tells us: "The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;" 

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