Deception in popular books

The Bar Code Tattoo, The Golden Compass, Cirque du Freak, Gossip Girls, etc

The Upside-Down World of Pullman's Golden Compass: Where Bad is Good, and God is Banned

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From Noel: I was reading a book last night that I got while working at Hastings named "The Bar Code Tattoo" by Suzanne Weyn.

I thought that it was a nice fictional, suspense book until I got to the middle of the book. Then the main character suddenly becomes telepathic. Whoa! I shredded that book so fast...I couldn't believe that I just wanted to read a book to relax and here is a book that embraces telepathy.

I read the bio on Suzanne Weyn and found out that she's a Unitarian Universalist. I thought well that explains why she feels that people have to find their own path and what works for them.

I am so happy that I am no longer working at Hastings because of the books sold there. I can't tell you how I hated "The Golden Compass!" Parents need to be aware of other books such as Cirque du Freak, Gossip Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series and others.

From George Tasker:  After reading your articles regarding the golden compass movie I  grabbed hold of the books and read the first one.  The first book refers to John Calvin being the last pope who moved the  papacy to Geneva. It just so happens that approximately around the time mentioned in the book there was a real John Calvin in Geneva who is a reformer upon whose ideas a large portion of the Southern Baptist christianity is based.

A very subtle way of attacking protestantism if I've ever seen one.  It relies on the rampant ignorance of today's population to get them to make a connection of the name John Calvin with something totally at odds with what he fought for. I fear that after this book is read and the movie watched that it is going to change the view of many in the population regarding the protestant movement.

PS. I first saw reference to the movie "The Golden Compass" in a bus in South Korea. Buses and trains in South Korea have a screen in them which shows advertisements for those who take the time to look. So when I first saw the commentary turning up in places such as "News with views" I figured I had better give this some serious attention.

I've nearly completed the second book. It is interesting to note that the whole trilogy is based around a first rebellion and then a second rebellion. Interestingly we do believe in a final Armaggedon but the outcome has been determined in advance.

If you like I will share some further observations once I have completed the trilogy.

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