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Signs of the Times

Consensus, Community & Change


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From Dan: Seems to be quite a trend going on these days, I think these things are connected.

1) My company was recently bought by another company. The new company had individual meetings with us to explain the "company culture". At the end of the meeting, we were asked to verbalize our commitment to the company culture, with a yes or a no. Visualize this, one adult, saying to another - "Now if you agree to our culture, please answer Yes".

Unbelievable. This is the same tactics car salesmen use to get you in a "yes" verbal pattern.

2) In a meeting room of another company, I noticed some hand-written notes on their white-board, apparently taken during an exercise on how to train team members. In an outline, one of the points said - "results-oriented". Another said "facilitate - don't preach". And lastly, it said "get a verbal commitment".

3) This one really hit me square in the face Berit. It's a television commercial for Lexus automobiles. It shows a gentleman walking thru a metropolitan area, with extremely fast-moving scenery, attempting to give the impression that things are changing very quickly, and the gentleman (aka the viewer) is looking things over, as if contemplating what to do. Then the narrator steps in, and says something about how the world is changing very quickly, and then in a very pointed way, says - "Are you IN, or OUT". I got a very creepy feeling when he said this.

He was asking for a commitment, and drawing a line in the sand. It's Us or Them. You're with us or against us. You're either in the group, or out, and if you're out, you're going to be passed by.

This onslaught is happening very quickly Berit, and seems to be increasing exponentially.

From Jennifer (Texas): My spouse was in the military for over a decade. I have cursory knowledge of the world of security (background investigation, clearances [I had one myself], etc...).  In 1993 I began to conduct research on the reformation of education and discovered that there is an invisible web connecting just about everything under the sun. Echelon, Total Information Awareness, Matrix, etc... systems will be the means by which global citizens (and any resistance) are monitored.

I attended a service school in 1999. It was there that a lady spoke to us about the important role we would serve in our communities as eyes and ears for law enforcement and social services. As cosmetologists, barbers, and manicurists we would be in a unique position to note the activities and conditions of the lives of our clients. She told us that people in other fields of employment would do the same (letter carriers, truck drivers/delivery personnel, bartenders, etc...). If a client were to "sound or appear" to us as though he/she was a victim of abuse or an abuser, we should contact law enforcement or social services. The same with the appearance/suspicion of use of illegal substances. There were other examples of behavior that could undermine the community.

Then she told us that we could possibly be held accountable if we did not report our suspicions to the authorities. I was very wary of her statements, suggestions, and implications. That spurned investigation that unveiled community policing, TIPS, and so on. We are being conditioned to be informants. I have often wondered if this, in part, is what the Bible alludes to when revealing children turning against parents (people turning against one another). I was pleased when I found your website... now I know that I am not alone.

Over years of sharing my research I am still most surprised by the venom spewed by Christians. I have been called un-American, unpatriotic, and a conspiracy theorist. Isn't Satan's mission a conspiracy against God?  

When I shared my research with pastors, they told me that the information would be a negative influence in the church. One pastor said that the people sitting out there have enough trouble ingesting and digesting sermons and Bible studies -- and that my kind of information would upset and confuse them. Didn't God tell us to watch for the signs of the times? Given the experience that I have had with Christians, they're more like the three monkeys. I guess most will continue to march in the parade even as the rain begins to wash them away.

Yes, all these things are happening, while most people – inside and outside their churches – go on their merry way. It’s like the “days of Noah,” isn’t it?

(Old Testament) "God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. ... And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air....  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD."  Genesis 6:5-8


(New Testament) "And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all."  Luke 17:26-27


"...when they say, 'Peace and safety!' then sudden destruction comes upon them.... Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. " 1 Thessalonians 5:3-6

From George: A quote from the article:  "All things being equal, they are not. As first world consumers, we have tremedous power. What we collectively choose to buy, or not to buy, can change the course of life and history on this planet."
If you believe this, then let me tell you another story: Last night at one oclock in the morning, an empty bus full of people ran over a dead cat and killed it.  If you don't believe me, ask the blind man, he saw it all.

From Nancy: I thought I could get my alternative licensure for teaching here in Colorado in ESL.  I thought that I could minister to our Hispanic population by teaching the kids English.  I was even offered a position to teach in an elementary school. I quickly learned, however, that I would mostly be teaching core curriculum in an easier, watered down fashion; not actually teaching English. 

I even attended a two day seminar the end of June entitled SIOP.  It is a method for teaching classroom material to English language learners.  Wow!  What an eye opener those two days were.  I experienced almost everything I've been reading on your website. 

The two days were spent doing a variety of group activities - we had outcome based goals for each session and had to evaluate ourselves to see if we had met those outcomes (thoughts and opinions).  Many of our assessments consisted of raising our fingers, standing up in front of others.  There was a lot of peer pressure, individual thoughts was discouraged

At one point I raised my hand and offered an idea on how students could review and study for a test.  It was not what she wanted to hear, and she quickly dismissed me, my idea and went to someone else.  I felt embarrassed. 

This methodology we experienced was what the school district wants to adopt.   So many of the buzz words you have written about were used - facilitated dialogue to replace old beliefs (in this case "old" ways of teaching), mastery learning, critical thinking (I was criticized and challenged for offering a traditional belief on a way to teach), higher order thinking skills, (we heard a lot about Bloom's taxonomy and in group activities were criticized if we offered questions that came from the knowledge level).

I could go on and on, but when I saw your pages: "Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords" and "Soviet Education under Lenin Models U.S. Education for the New millennium," I was blown away by how I had just spent two days being indoctrinated into it.  The next week I called the superintendent and told him I would not be signing the contract. I could not see God in Heaven and tell Him that I did teach the kids evolution -- and that Christianity is just "one of many belief systems that people use to explain the unknown" (Colorado Social Studies standard). 

I live in a place where there are few Christian schools, so I am at a crossroads as to what to do for a job, possibly be a receptionist somewhere. I would covet your prayers.  No one in my family will understand what I have done, but I feel it was what God would want. And I thank you that your website is a source of knowledge and comfort to me."

Thank you, Nancy. You make me all the more grateful for God’s sovereign guidance and protection in the midst of this storm of turbulent challenges and hard choices.

I am praying for you, and I hope many others will as well.

From Jennifer Kelly: Found your site tonight as I was searching for some info on the Prussian education system that has been implemented into our schools and society. I am constantly amazed at how much I do not know about our nations past and consequent future. I am very careful about the christian websites I visit, reading as much as possible to make sure they are in line with scripture.

What attracted me to your site first was your articles concerning Rick Warren. I too have chosen to disregard Rick's works as minimally Christian, and destructively Christian at it's worst. Others think I'm crazy, but I guess that's what happens...persecution. I am a homeschooling, home churching mother of six. I appreciated your candid comments on Star Wars. My children do love to watch star wars, but I will be limiting their future exposure based on your honest insight. I am usually VERY CAREFUL with their input, but have slacked off recently, I'm not sure why? We don't watch television, but you are right, it is the subtle enemy that gains the greatest ground. I got shook by your site tonight, so much so that at 12:00 a.m. am sick to my stomach and repenting for not catching the subtlety of the destruction that is right in front of my kids when they watch a simple movie like Star Wars. Thank you so much for shaking me back to protecting my kids. Our vigilant watch over them must continue 24/7.

We, as a Christian body, are so blinded. I started to write that "we've been blinded", but the truth is we've chosen our own blindness. We refuse to see and understand that which God placed right in front of our own noses. Many years ago, I felt the urge to pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for myself in my walk through life. I can't tell you how much deception it has kept me from.

Please DO NOT STOP TEACHING THE TRUTH. The truth is VERY UNPOPULAR, but then He said it would be...I know that what is coming to our country and to our world will be very painful and heartbreaking to those who truly trust and follow him. It will be difficult at best. We need to know that there are others out there, and that we are not alone. The apostasy IS coming and MANY WILL fall away. Their belief in Christ is one of convenience and will be quickly fleeting in times of difficulty. But that is how God has always purged the church...trials and tribulations! America is in for a great shaking I'm afraid and it will not be a pretty one.

Yes, the apostasy is spreading fast, and it’s amazing to see the today’s version of the problem faced by Old Testament prophets: people who had eyes, but couldn’t see – and ears, but couldn’t hear. It seems strange, doesn’t. But all the more I thank God for opening my eyes. How blessed we are to belong to Him at a time such as this.

Anomymous:  It never ceases to amaze me how so many “Christians” fear everything and anything to do with magic. Generation after generation, century after century they continuously attack and destroy what they don’t understand. Of course that is because  they fear such things and we as humans always destroy that wich we fear. The early church killed thousands of priests/ druids and other people that would not adhere to their view of God or religion. Every person has the right to follow their own beliefs and just because they differ from yours does not make them wrong. Christians have killed more people in the name of their God than any other religion in the History of the world, so tell me which is worse witchcraft or crusading Christians? Harry Potter is a series of very imaginative books that leads children and adults into the reading world, nothing more or nothing less, and in my view that makes Those books some of the most Important books in bookstores now. I have read every one of them to my 10 year old son  along with C.s Lewis and Jrr Tolkein. If you teach your children the difference between reality and fantasy (which is a parents job) they will know the which is which.

   I consider myself a Christian in that I believe Christ died for me and I have accepted him more than once as my savior, I have not accepted Organized religion as my conscience though…and I never will. I find organized religion much to closed minded for me and way to judgmental. Any book that gets a child to fall in love with reading is a great book and should be seen as just that. Hopefully most people see this  or I fear we should go back to burning those books that don’t pass  the Christian sensors.

From Angie: I knew things were bad in our schools, but I really had no idea just how bad. I am fortunate enough to live in the "heart" of the biblebelt, but just recently, one of the children in a neighboring school was sent home for bringing his Bible to school for free reading time. I had thought maybe we had more time before things like that started happening here, but I guess not. Thank you again.

From Kim: Thank you for your article on the Bible Literacy Project. My concerns have been born out viz. any such attempt to make the Bible literature in America's schools. I know some Christian organizations have pushed for this as well. Today, this clearly is not advisable as your article plainly reveals. As one would expect. For those who are not born again can but only understand the Bible in worldly terms as you outline well.

This is but another step in the process to co-opt mankind--and in this case specifically America--into the coming one world order per Scripture. This co-optation process is well under way in Christendom as well. Out of fear as well as out of a, I believe, misplaced sense of what our role is in this fallen world.

And since Lucifer was and still remains the first Gnostic and dialectician, it is understandable these beliefs and processes will be in the world always--until New Jerusalem of course. Trying to change the world with its methods will undermine God's Truth and our witness, unfortunately. Due to the Kingdom-now folks, et al. Again unfortunately.

All born again believers must pray for one another and this fallen world. For God's Holy Spirit to work in this world until He is taken out, along with Christ's Church. And we must speak the Truth in love. As well as to point out Satan's deception in this world and to make the world aware of God's prophetic word about these times in which we live. That all might be Saved, that none should perish.

From Barry: Just a note after visiting your site. At age 59 I have just been dismissed from my post as a senior (male) nurse in the UK. My work is exemplary, but my employer objected to my theology website, on which I oppose homosexuality. Though it was admitted that I got on well with homosexual colleagues and treated them professionally and with friendliness, I was got rid of!! The effect is to remove me from an income and my profession. The writing is on the wall for freedom of speech in the UK!

I am so sorry to hear this, Barry, but I’m not surprised. I'm afraid the suffering that you have endured will be multiplied around the world in the next few years. May God give you the strength and encouragement needed to triumph in the midst of this spiritual battle.

From Jeff: In the first page or two of the article The Aspen Institute and Marxist Praxis it describes all the various players and organizations involved in this NWO/globalist transformation process as follows:

"All are hardened atheists and their single minded mission in life is the total control of universal man and his enviornment in order to, among other things, remake him in their atheistic likeness."

This goes hand in hand with an earlier email I sent you stating that this great apostate movement that appears to be shaping up now will be used and manipulated by these dedicated atheists (who, whether they know it or not, are serving satan's global agenda -- 1 John 5:19), and then they will turn on these various parts of the religious Babylon (what Revelation calls the Harlot) and destroy them.

 When Hitler came into full power he was said to have created a new religion that basically worshiped him. We know that the Anti Christ is going to do the same thing more or less and he will turn on these various religious faiths that have embraced the world system instead of staying loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Increasingly, I believe there is a line being drawn in the sand between those that truly love the Lord and the rest of the world. My hope and prayer is that all us that name Jesus as Lord and Savior will see the urgency of the times, in that we need to make every effort we can to move closer and closer to HIM. Let us remember what Jesus himself said in Matthew 24:24

"For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."
Matthew 24:24
[Signs of the times]

I believe as we look at so many (in even evangelical circles) jumping on board with these new compromising movements, that www.crossroad.to has correctly put a bright light on, we need to suspect that this verse may be coming to life right before our very eyes. Whether or not it is though, the greatest and most important thing we can do is love or Lord Jesus Christ as never before. I am struggling at this pursuit (as most of us usually do I think) so with some significant humility, I want to encourage as many of you as I can, to pursue the Lord with all your heart.

From Kathryn P. (Tulsa, Oklahoma): Tulsa is launching its biggest ever campaign to encourage schools to set up lasting partnerships with schools abroad. It's our repsonse to the UN's call for 'partnerships for development'

I have started to tackle our city's Vision 2025 and the current program "Tulsa Talks" on education on our local radio station. Do you have anything that connects the UK's Vision 2025 with Global Citizenship? Do you have anything that states schools are setting up partnerships with schools here in the states? I found that 'Vision 2025' here in cities across the US are also in other nations; of course it's part of sustainable development.

I have been putting a research booklet together for Tulsan's on our 'Vision 2025' and found out a couple of months ago that it was everywhere. There are several interesting things...One, other countries have no problem (such as Zambia) telling their people that they will be implementing a UN agenda through the support of the 'vision' (and Zambia also has interest in American elections: "Judge James Gray announces bid for US Senate")  Whereas here, they hide it; they know better than to wake the sleeping giant.

Tulsa also brought in Glen Hiemstra, a futurist and the founder of Futurist.com, who is clearly anti-Christian. He comes in to speak to the community on their "preferred future", right here in the Bible Belt all the while disliking the very people he is addressing. He states on his website in an article titled "Future Peril: will religion be the death of us?" he says,

"Many religious people claim, and probably believe, that their religion is only a means of personal salvation....Religions, most particularly Christian and Muslim, want global market share, and the money and power that comes with it. Unless these two dominant religions give up this quest for power, we are apparently in for chaos...."

Here are questions for those who are committed religious people. What do you think is going on? Could there ever be a time when the dominant religions give up the quest for more converts, more power, more money, including the quest to create Christian or Muslim or Jewish nations? Could all religion be a personal matter, and kept out of the affairs of state? If religion retreated to a personal affair, to be conducted in private or even in a closet, as one spiritual leader said, then perhaps humans might live with religion. Short of that, the future seems in peril and religion might just be the death of us.

Imagine that Glen Hiemstra was not cheap to bring into Tulsa to speak about how to get our "Preferred Future" and I hate to think that my tax dollars most likely were spent so he could peddle his trash to the citizens of Tulsa but it appears that way. I will make sure that as many people as possible know about our Mayor's visionless "Vision 2025" and the people the City of Tulsa brought in to promote it.

Thank you, Kathryn, for this vital important information. I also did a Google search for Vision 2025. The first Google page (the first ten of 23,900 links) showed the vision 2025 operating in Tanzania, Tulsa, Planned Parenthood and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Sounds almost universal, doesn't it? It reaches around the world and across a wide moral chasm.

I have started an article titled "Snared by 'the Vision Thing'," which I hope to finish the next two weeks. It's amazing to see how the secular vision strategy has been adopted by churches and Christian organizations. With the focus on success, envisioning groups simply agree on a motivating and strategic vision statement, then present it to members as "God's vision" for the particular ministry. See Re-Inventing the Church, Part 1

From Kathy Fournier: Just a quick note to comment on our current condition. I saw an article comparing persecution to cancer in the body. But so often cancer is caused by the things we pollute ourselves with. Looking at the many articles on your site the expose false doctrine, it seems that a great portion of the body is ingesting life threatening poisons. Perhaps persecution is God's wake up call to cause us turn turn to Him and our eternal life will be preserved.

Thank you, Kathy. I agree. Our culture presents a banquet table of poisonous temptations, and we are becoming so used to the images and suggestions that we barely notice it. What we feed to our minds, will come out of our mouths and actions. Persecution will force us to make a choice: follow the world and reap spiritual death -- or follow Jesus and gain true life.

"...those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.”  Matthew 15:18

Persecution will force us to make a choice: follow the world and reap spiritual death -- or follow Jesus and gain abundant life forever.

Jeff W:  I read the article you posed about the three world powers (China, Russia, and NWO)...wow that is powerful to say the least. I will say this, I have been reading, studying and observing al ot of this he spoke of, for probably close to 20 years or more myself, and I truly believe, he is very accurate in his take of all of this. Most people that read this are going to think that it is sort of out there and probably won't believe it, but actually it fits right into all that I have been able to develop in my studies and research as well. He has a much better command of some of that than I do of course, but I am encouraged to see more credibility given to so much I have come to see. We live in amazing times, and I am so thankful we have an Amazing God in charge of it all. We may suffer and we may struggle in our weaknesses as Paul tells us, but at the end of the DAY, God will be there for us and HE will keep us in his loving arms. Praise God.... Yours in Christ, 

Global Management System. Analysis of strategic threats: "...I will discuss three current strategic world powers, which constitute a premeditated threat to world liberty, and the complex tactical maneuvers between them as they position themselves for the coming, inevitable conflict. Two of these world powers are nations--Russia and China--and the third is a transnational conspiracy of power by a combination of individuals in the West attempting to maneuver the world into a New World Order (NWO) of global control, euphemistically masquerading as a 'global democracy.' I will refer to the latter as Western globalists. All less powerful nations in the world fall under the influence of one of these three powers....

    "The Western globalists are divided into two main factions: a US/British faction firmly in control of the financial means of the NWO, and a European faction of hard-core leftists, secretly aligned with Moscow, which controls the majority of votes in the General Assembly of the UN."

    But the divisions are not always so clearcut; illustrating the principles of Hegelian dialectics, "opposing" forces are continually being manipulated by globalist power brokers. See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Anomymous:  My God, you are idiots!!  You obviously do not have clue!  The middle ages are alive and well and living in your head.

From Dennis Monroe: I read the article you posted under "Managing change. The Movement to Change Society" which speaks about "There are two kinds of conversions: a spiritual conversion, which every person must have—and a small groups conversion—which every pastor or church leader must have."  Of course this whole concept is humanistic which is clearly revealed later on in the article where it says "How will we know when society has been transformed? When the divorce rate drops, poverty levels drop, the crime rate drops, the teen suicide rate drops."
True Biblical Christianity will never "transform" society into anything particular, good or bad.  "Christianity" that attempts to do so is counterfeit.  The so called transformation of society is simply not a primary goal of the active Christian who is truly following Christ.  Efforts in that direction will never lay up treasures in Heaven, but will only serve to build "wood, hay and stubble."  Jesus never attempted to transform society and we should not attempt it either.  In fact, transforming the society that existed when Jesus walked the earth was exactly what the Pharisees at the time expected Him to do, as in bailing them out of the Roman oppression.  All Jesus did was tell the truth about sin against a most high and holy God, and the only remedy for it, Himself, and finish the perfect will of the Father through His death and shed blood on the Cross and subsequent burial and resurrection, i.e., the Gospel.  "Society" had to accept it or reject it, and it is still exactly the same today.
Once again I go back to J. Vernon McGee, still one of my favorite old time preachers.  I was listening to a tape of one of McGee's sermons the other day in which he said how when he first became a preacher he went on this big quest to "fix" all the ills of his first church, to "root out" the tares and make everything supposedly "right" with God.  He went on to say that he quickly learned that he could not do it.  He also learned that it was simply not necessary and that is was not at all what he was supposed to be doing.  He learned that the tares and ill gotten ways of man would always be there and that it was not his responsibility to "fix" any of that.  That responsibility belonged to God as He saw fit to do or not to do and that is where McGee left it.  After that, all McGee did for the rest of his preaching life was "get out the word of God", and "those that are His lambs will come, they always do."  This ties right in with your ending comment of "But Jesus didn't try to change the world system. He said, "My kingdom is not of this world."

From Jeff Wallace: I wanted to comment on Bryan's comments posted today. Bryan and I have 180 degrees differing views on this website. I am hoping he will state why he feels so strongly about this.

Bryan, if you read this, seriously I am curious why you feel as you do? To me this site comes at issues from a Biblical point of view as it should do. What I am wondering, you stated quite bluntly you didn't like the site, but you didn't say what you didn't like. What specifically bothers you about it?

What do you mean by love of community and how is this site contrary to that concept? What Christian propaganda are specifically referring to? What do you mean by she writes in fear? In what way, as I don't see that. What constitutes moral holier-than-thou to you?

On this site over and over she stays consistently with the Biblical view of all of us as sinners -- and if saved, saved by the grace of God through our faith in his Son Jesus. How is that not absolutely right on with Scripture and how in the world could one call that holier than thou?

By the way, is it bad in your view to seek to live a moral life? Also is it bad to seek to be holy as God commanded us to do? If we admit we are sinners and we say its Jesus who saves us and not ourselves, what else can one say that is more humble and truthful? I just really appreciate this site a great deal as alot of other Christians do too, and I imagine alot of us would really like to know why you find it so bad? I hope you will set down and thoughtfully, and Christian to Christian, explain your views specifically on this site so I can try to grasp the completely opposite take you have on it. Thanks for you time and your patience with me on this.

From Bryan: Your moral holier-than-thou attitude will only breed intolerance, never love. you write out of fear, and not love for community. do you really love people? or do you love telling people what to feel?

in short, your website is the biggest load of christian propaganda and religious crap i've ever come across. I'M ASHAMED TO CALL MYSELF A CHRISTIAN IF IT ASSOCIATES MY WITH ATTITUDES SIMILAR TO YOURS.

get a clue

No, Bryan. I don't "love telling people what to feel." I just pray that God enable me to communicate His truth and love. I believe the most caring thing I can do is to share His Word and guidelines. He who made us also knows best how we should live together in our communities. On our own we'll just fail again and again. But when we follow the Shepherd, nothing is impossible!

From a concerned Christian: "I have just been reading your article entitled 'Who Can Resist The Pull of the Crowd' and find some of what you say as exactly describing what is happening in my job. At the moment I don't have a problem with the church environment but the work environment is becoming unbearable. At work it isn't the best in any case but in the office now it is most unpleasant.

My Performance and Development Review was the first under the new regime after the takeover by the stock market listed company. Having been with the company for ten years I think I am just about familiar with most of what is happening.

Section 2 was headed 'CORE COMPETENCIES" with 18 one or two word descriptions like 'Teamwork and Cooperation' where I rated myself with a B and my 31 yr old boss gave me a D. Having read your article I feel quite good about that! Even better was the 'JOB SPECIFIC' category where, for 'Change Implementation', I was given another D by my so-called boss. Another reason for some more rejoicing. They seem to want to totally subjugate you to their ways which sometimes are plain stupid. 

Not only is my boss of three years a young 31 but the manager put in by the new owners in July is only 35. I am in my mid fifties. I should also say that every person (6) in the Production Dept in the last few weeks has been to the GM to complain about our immediate boss so you see that it is not just me. A couple of our department have left earlier this year. This is probably symptomatic of their management style. And when it comes to manufacturing they are less than capable. The GM was an accountant so he relies heavily on my boss who is more than deft at twisting the truth or even outright lying to protect himself. Even the lady in the lunch bar said the first time she laid eyes on him she could see he was entirely false and she sure sees a lot of people.

Do you have any advice, apart from prayer, for one such as I?"

Most large corporation and government positions follow new global workforce development or performance standards, which call for training in team work, collective thinking, the consensus (or dialectic) process, and multicultural tolerance -- respect and "appreciation" for unbiblical lifestyles. The school-to-work programs in public and accredited schools conform to these standards and will increasingly shut the door to higher education and other coveted opportunities for those whose with conflicting beliefs and values.

Its sobering to see how well these programs match the patterns observed during the Soviet era in Eastern Europe. Adult Christians who refused to compromise and deny their Lord lost their professional jobs, while uncompromising Christian children were excluded from educational opportunities. Yet their testimonies are wonderfully encouraging. They loved God, and with each hardship and sacrifice, they were drawn closer to Him. They seemed to know -- far better than those whose lives are filled with worldly comforts and distracting pleasures -- the surpassing wonders of walking with Jesus and living by His Spirit. They wouldn't trade that relationship for anything.

You may want to read Beyond the Wall by Hank Paulson, founder of Eastern European Bible, now called New Hope International. You can find it here: http://www.newhopeinternational.org/about/history.htm

Certainly God can stop this worldwide transformation toward an anti-Christian, school-to-work program of indoctrination in global values and collective thinking. (See the links below) But, looking at Biblical truth and history, I tend to believe that He will allow His people to be tested and purified. After all, He warned us repeatedly that the end times would bring moral, spiritual and financial corruption. But it the midst of the sensuality, lawlessness and apostasy, He would pour out His grace into the lives of His true disciples. This may be a time to let Him train and prepare us for such a time. See America's Spiritual Slide

From Soviet Education (1930s) to U.S. Education (2002)

Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

The Giver: Serving A Greater Whole

Bush, Shultz, Gorbachev and Soviet Education

Character Training For Global Citizenship

HR 1385 - Workforce Development Means Life-Long Indoctrination

The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education

From CE: I read about "pornography classes" at the colleges on your web site. I took a woman's health class about 15 years ago. A woman who had been ganged raped in the NY was a guest in our class and showed a film she made. It showed advertising, soft porn and finally the most horrible porn possible. I was extremely upset that I had not been forewarned as to what I was going to see.....and I was the only one in the class who spoke up about how I was violated by being shown this film without warning and given a choice to leave.

Many of the Christian web sites (I don't think yours) are very graphic about what the porn shows...including the pictures from Iraq or a Madonna show etc....this too is a backdoor way of exposing/corrupting/degrading people with porn and filth. They do it on the news too. Whether we see the pictures, or just "hear" the acts described, we are still being violated and subjected to degradation. WND is full of degradation and as much as I appreciate Cutting Edge - they too do this.

The same week that the prison abuse became news, Oprah had a "show" about children who are transgender. A five year old little boy who wants to be a girl, and Oprah telling the parents they had a "holy" duty to their little boy to let him become who he is.......and she told the father to lighten up and let the boy play with barbie dolls. Orpah is our afternoon godess with highest authority! Of course I think she is self-indulgent, arrogant and a pig feeding off the human spirit. In case you are interested this was on exactly two weeks ago today and I am sure you can get a transcript.

What is going on???????? I have been depressed for two weeks - downhearted.

I share your concern over the images and suggestions that corrupt minds through the news media. I pray that God guard us against putting news events and warnings above His holy standard for what should be impressed on our minds. We so easily become tolerant of evil and blind to how it changes us. Even gross immorality ceases to shock us – just as Jeremiah wrote in Jer 6:13-15 and Jer 5:21-24. I’m not surprised you feel depressed.

Would you want to do the study on the Armor of God. You can find it – A Wardrobe from the King – online in the Bible Study section. Perhaps our Lord would encourage you through some of the devotions on Names of God. They always encourage me.

May I post your letter—with or without your full name – in our comments section? So many Christians feel alone and confused by today's changing churches and postmodern values. But God provides a special fellowship as we share our lives with each other across the distances. And one wonderful day, we will all celebrate together -- face to face with our wonderful Lord!

From Jeff Wallace:  I sent your piece on Prayer becoming unlawful to one of my nephews:

Praying for someone's health could violate the law: "Praying out loud for someone's health in church - no matter how well intentioned - could end up exposing congregations to penalties under a new federal law. Since April 14, 2003, when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services began enforcing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the federal government has set restrictions on public prayer. The risk of federal penalities and lawsuits has prompted some churches to require written permission from anyone for whom they pray. ...

    "Under national United Methodist guidelines, two staff members attended HIPAA training. According to Bergquist, the confidentiality of prayer requests was already protected; the training only intensified their awareness. 'We have decided to become 'hands-off,' Bergquist said. 'If (someone) wishes information to be shared, (he or she) must ask in writing."

He emailed me backed that it was just unbelievable. Below is basically what I said to him in response.

What is happening is that they are slowly, steadily, encircling Christians on as many fronts as they can, so that eventually they can checkmate us (so to speak) and so that they can drop as many hammers as they can,., and will be able to do it (in a manner of speaking) legally. They are formulating all of these gay rights laws, freedom of speech laws (which actually restrict speech), so called, separation of church and state laws, and hate speech laws (which are actually hateful toward Christians) etc., so that we have no place to turn without running into the PC Police.

You want to commit yourself and your family to Christ and to a belief and faith simply in Him (based on Biblical truth) and commit in this regard to not compromise that faith in order to make the PC crowd happy. There is going to be an ever increasing grip and pressure on all of us to conform and compromise. That will be easiest to do of course and the course of least resistance, but pray and ground yourself in the truth of the Bible and the truth that Jesus is indeed the Truth the Way and the Life. Do not let anyone or anything sway you from that course.

Just as the Bible says, the majority will not be on your side nor agree with you. Do not let it deter you from your walk in Christ and your belief in him and do all you can to make your home, Christ centered and Biblically based. Choose your church with caution and prayer, as a lot of them are leaning toward embracing the world and political correctness and compromise, and they are even willing to do so at the expense of sound doctrine (see following scriptures).

From Jodi Hoffman: I have been blessed with a most Godly daughter.  She has been raised to love the Lord and she, as I, believes in the word of God.  She has told me in no uncertain terms that she wishes she didn't live in the United States and that she had not been born in this century.

Her reasons, in part, are as follows:

We are the leading country in the exportation of pornography.  The United States produces over 80% of the the pornography of the entire world.  What does that say about the morality of our country and why hasn't everyone turned off their vulgar television, thrown out the vulgar newspapers, stopped giving money to Hollywood to watch vulgar movies at the theater, and paid attention to what is happening with the children of this country, especially our female children?

 The youth of this country now lead the entire civilized world in STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).  What does this say about the parents and leaders and role models of this country?

The youth of America leads the country in unwed mothers.  What's wrong with this picture?

She recently told me she wishes she lived in "one of those countries where girls and women can wear one of those things that would cover me up, Mom.  You know, one of those things where boys and men can't see what my body looks like so they can stare at me or make rude comments to me about my breasts and stuff."

She was referring to a chardor, for crying out loud!

Wake up!  This is a beautiful just-turned-eighteen year old girl!  My daughter is as pure as driven snow, having been raised without the influence of Hollywood's garbage.  We don't have television and don't want it.  We don't go to the movies.  She doesn't read the newpapers because she hates the bra and underwear ads in it.

And you wonder why a woman would want to "hide" behind a scarf!!! ????

Wake up.

From Mary: In his weekly radio address yesterday, President Bush was again promoting "volunteerism", urging signing up with Freedom Corps, etc. Closing statement was, "with their good works, American people are showing the spirit of the season".

Like a drumbeat, repeated over and over and over, this idea of doing good works through an agency of the government. Conditioning consciences to "feel" guilty, (even using Christmas to further the agenda) if one chooses not to participate with the government's controlled path to serving. Is it part of the buildup to make mandatory universal service accepted when the time is right?

That makes sense, Mary. It fits the report on "The Draft is Back," which we worked on together two months ago.

From Kurt Fiech, Christian educator: Chief Justice Moore is responsible through his oath of office to acknowledge God as the supreme authority and basis for our laws. He is solely responsible for the Alabama Supreme Court building decor - both inside and outside - as part of his job description/responsibility.

Now we have the Alabama Attorney General attempting "a sudden decisive exercise of force of politics" or [Politics] "a sudden, decisive exercise of power whereby the existing government is subverted without the consent of the people."
The attorney general is attempting, with the help of the other Alabama Supreme Court justices to "force" Chief Justice Moore to violate his oath of office to, in the words of Moore, "acknowledge God because our constitution says our justice system is established upon God."

The "consent of the people" is reflected in Roy Moore's election as Chief Justice based on his prior actions as a judge acknowledging God in his courtrooms with a plaque of the 10 Commandments.

From AJ: I went to college for business and TQM was highly stressed at the college I went to. Also, systems thinking was stressed as well as the other business ideals of new agers mentioned. I asked the instructor how well this would work in the US where the people are more individually oriented but he had no answer.

The new postmodern generation tends to by group oriented. Most have been well trained in group thinking and the dialectic process in schools, large churches and community groups. Collective (and systems) thinking is becoming the norm around the world. See Reinventing the World - Part 1 and Part 2: The Mind-Changing Process

It all seemed to much like communism to me and after reading your articles I am now convinced it is nothing more than a back door attempt to pollute the minds of Americans and decieve them into throwing God and the Bible away.

I worked for Wal-Mart and they seemed to really stress this thinking also.

Is this a hopeless case now? What do Christians do?

We see the changes everywhere. Yet, most Christians seems to be either blind to the changes in their midst or offended when you try to inform them. That’s why committed Christians across the country face hostility or outright rejection when they speak up and try to warn others. We, as a nation, have been so “softened up” to the socialist views and to the dialectic process the we cannot grasp the facts about the dangers to the freedom we take for granted.
So what do we do? We pray and keep asking God how each one of us can serve Him. He has different roles for us, but they always include uncompromising obedience to the guidelines in His Word – such as “do not be conformed to the world....” Rom. 12:2
He has promised to lead us through these challenging times. It won’t be easy and I believe we will face the kind of persecution that has been inconceivable to Americans. But I also believe He will bless us in wonderful ways through our fellowship with Him and each other – the kinds of blessings that rarely come when the world seems good and our needs are less pressing.

Perhaps most important, we need to know God's Word, take our stand and refuse to conform. He also calls us to show God's love and patience, while we continue to presents facts and truth that -- with prayer and by His Spirit -- will open minds and persuade believer to follow Him and nonbelievers to come to Him for salvation.

I am sure you know all that. Perhaps this chart will help answer your question: Brainwashing & How to Resist It

From Todd:  I read your article on Al Gore regarding His book Earth in the Balance. As this country, world stands on the brink of disaster I still find it hard to believe that people still would rather be a participant in contributing to separation vs. uniting..

I still find it hard to believe that we have yet to see how our ideas about God gives birth to a cultures or society's present manifestations.. Conditioning your mind that you are separate from God contributes to the mind-set that we are separate from each other and thru the loss of community you experience the loss of unity, thus, we create a society that is drowning in fear due to its aloneness. 

I don't pretend to be an Al Gore fan, but I do applaud anyone who has the courage to really see that our present understanding of life - God is not allowing for human awareness to expand. Not to say out with the old and in with the new, but to expand on what is already there.

Of course you may have surmised by now that I am not a Christian, but I love my Christian brothers and sisters as well as I love my Muslim brothers and sisters and so-on.. I feel we do need to connect with one another and stop seeing the differences, because when all you see is differences you begin a process of judgment, then justification follows.. So, why not try to relate on a higher level and experience a oneness but not a sameness?

One more thing I find it hard to believe we choose to not to notice is, everyone who comes along and preaches or teaches unity of all people, we either ridicule them or kill them.. Thanks for your time.

Al Gore's political career demonstrates moral and spiritual compromise and deception. Looking at his personal life and beliefs, his standard for right and wrong seems little better than the "the ends justify the means" -- the end being primarily his own personal power and success.

Unless we treasure and maintain certain personal and moral standards, Americans will face both social and personal chaos. The fact that our nation prospered and provided peace and security for its people (in contrast to many other cultures) was largely due to its Biblical standards and views of good and evil. While these were not valued by everyone, they were accepted by the majority of its people. The result was a nation that offered hope and promise to the poor, persecuted and war-torn people of the world.

You may argue that slavery and other evils argue against this generally accepted moral standard. If so, remember that the Civil War was fought and won because enough Americans despised slavery and sought its demise, yet wanted to keep the nation together. They took a stand and paid the high cost in lives, because they refused to compromise with any position that disregarded the value of human life.

There are many other issues that compromise the basic values taught in the Bible. We do well to choose separation rather than unity, when the cost of social solidarity would be our integrity, moral standards and freedom to follow the God we love.

But, I am sad to say, in our new global society, we may soon lose both freedom and moral integrity to social rules and standards that violate all the freedoms we have treasured in this country. See 2 Cor 6:12-18 and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health.

From Fabienne:  I couldn't let the following pass without comment! Jeremy Winters (previous comment) said, "I'm sure that you are aware that occult simply means 'unknown.'"

In response:

To Jeremy Winters: The meaning of the word 'occult' (which comes from Latin) is NOT 'unknown', as you said. 'Unknown' implies something that is not known because it hasn't been discovered by anyone. The meaning of 'occult' is 'hidden'. Can you see and understand the difference?

Thank you, Fabienne, for your clarification. 

From Jeremy Winters:  Multiculturalism is one of the strengths of this country... the "Melting Pot" I was told of as a child in school is what America is about!!! American culture is that of immigrants... Or one could say it is the culture of the Natives, the likes of which have been oppressed into a pathetic shadow of the beauty that was once their culture.

By rejecting multiculturalism, you are impairing the evolution of our society.

What kind of social "evolution" do you have in mind, Jeremy? Does this chart -- Total transformation -- fit your idea of change?

I came across your site through a search for occult symbol meanings. I'm sure that you are aware that occult simply means 'unknown'. Occult does not mean evil or bad... unless you fear the unknown...

"The reality of stepping onto a higher plane is very real for everyone. It requires no real force, or effort, or sacrifice... It merely requires allowing your perception of what is normal to change."

Our world is constantly changing. Thought that never changes remains a stupid lie.

That last statement sounds like an "absolute" to me. Didn't you just break your own rule?

Lots of things do change, but we would be wise to hold on to the things that never change (like God and His Word) and basic social institutions that are best not changed, such as the traditional family. We need to use good "judgement" -- not simplistic platitudes.

I send this message with love, and in the hopes that it will help you to loosen the shell of judgement that covers your heart. Peace.

From Dennis: I read the comments by Fabienne (below) with regard to Peggy Koehler's response to the rejection of her son's school assignment. I must admit that there was a part of me that initially tended to support what Peggy Koehler is doing with the lawsuit she has launched.

However, after reading the comment by Fabienne, I know my initial "knee jerk" reaction was all wrong, and that everything Fabienne said is correct. I have so much to learn that some days it makes me sick. Quite often the things of God look like huge mountains to me, and that someone has given me a little hammer and told me to take down the mountain.

Dennis, we have such a great God! And all that He shows us about our own human weaknesses only makes His wisdom and sufficiency all the more precious. I keep reminding myself of His wonderful promise in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

From Fabienne: I was appalled and very, very saddened on reading about Peggy Koehler's response [See School Rejects Son's Letter to Jesus] to the rejection of her son's assignment. Is the eternal destiny of her son's teacher or of the members of the school district not a consideration for her? Surely suing the school district for $1.5 million is not going to help the district or her son's teacher to see the light of the Gospel? Surely it is only going to convince the unbelievers in that district that Christians are simply money-greedy fanatics? Surely this is not glorifying God or being Christlike?

It seems to me that Peggy Koehler has not only passed up a chance to help others find their way to the Truth, she is also giving her son a *terrible example*. She may see the local school district as her enemy (yet it was only one teacher who hurt her son's feelings), but doesn't her copy of the Bible contain Jesus's words: "Love your enemies; do good to those who hate you; bless those who curse you; pray for those who mistreat you..." (Luke 6:27-28; see also Matthew 5:44)?

The attorney for the school district said that "the class assignment was to prepare a letter and mail it to someone else, with the hope the students would get a response." One should ask, Did the teacher make it clear what the purpose of writing this letter was -- that the students should post it to the person concerned -- or was she not clear about this and did some of the other students write letter to people from whom they could not expect a response, such as people who were deceased?

Whatever the answer to that question, it seems quite inappropriate for Peggy Koehler to sue, even if she were not a Christian. What on earth led her to take such a course of action?

It should be unthinkable for a Christian to sue in such a case (or even at all?). One can't help wondering what is motivating Christians who sue others.

Paul the Apostle rightly said, "The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." (1 Timothy 6:10) Perhaps Mrs. Koehler has been getting advice from people who love money more than God?

I hope Peggy Koehler will rethink what she is doing, and follow Paul's advice in the next verse: "But you, man [and woman?] of God, flee from all this,and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness." (1 Timothy 6:11)

[Whether the assignment was appropriate or not is not what is in question, but it doesn't seem appropriate to me, whether set by a non-Christian teacher or even a Christian. Some things are too precious to use as assignments in a school.] In Jesus' love,

I agree with you, Fabienne. Thank you.

From Chris: (Your link today about testing boys for "genes of violence") This is a Feminist's and a Hitler's "Dream Come True".  The feminist get rid of all the bossy aggressive men and the Hitler Gang, they get their utopian perfect genetically nice passive people, a real cleaned up gene pool of folks to control on the planet. 
But even if this nightmare does not come about, even just the test and info out there for the public is a nightmare, old news.
What does come to mind though is another sort of gene pool cleansing.  The kind done by a parent of a young adult who has fallen in love and wanting to marry with someone who has a lot of "negatives" on his "gene testing report". 
Mary comes home and tells mom, "He is the sweetest, kindest, dearest man, mom, and he loves the Lord so much."  Then mom points out, out of a possible score of 10, he only got a 3 for self control gene, 2 for his heart gene, 4 for good eye gene, bla bla.  And she is disappointed with Mary for even considering this loser.  Forget what God may have planned - mom, dad, friends will act like their helping you pick a new car of prom dress. Parents get real selfish and have watched to many fairy tales, they have visions of their sons and daughters marring princes and princesses. 
The enemy is ALL into destroying people, marriages, and families and offspring and fruit, anyway he can!!  All these stats on divorce rates - and how high they are - we all may be able think of examples of some parents sitting in a corner saying, " your right, he or she is not good enough for you, move on, YOU DESERVE BETTER, time for a change, life is short, get out there and do your best and get the best. 
What sinner (us all) would not want to get their little hands on these test (apple) to see what they are marrying.  Maybe the Ritalin supplies are getting low or it has not been as affective a way to control men as feminists thought.

You may be right, Chris, considering all that is happening these days. But all these changes and assaults on our freedom will correspond to God's plans for judgment and testing. Those who belong to Him can be assured that in the midst of terrible human injustices, He still reigns -- and will use the hardships to prepare us for an eternity of peace and joy with Him. See Preparing for Victory

From Jeff W. Wallace:  The left's obsession with racism is a curious thing. Liberals seem to think it is okay to do almost anything in the world they want to do, no matter how sick or pathetic.  They approve pornography, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia and other perversions, drugs, witchcraft, sorcery, drunkenness, killing disabled infants and hundreds of millions of unborn children...

But don't you dare even hint at a statement that might even remotely be taken as racist. If this poor surgeon in the "Sign of the times" article on 07-24-02 had for years been routinely killing unborn children, he would be a hero to the left. But because he wants his nurses to be able to do their job and speak English, he is to them evil. Is this the definition of insanity? I believe it is, and sadly I believe it is our future.

From Chris Houghten, home school mom in Illinois:  Off to a local library a few times a week to search the shelves for something I need.  As homeschoolers know, the good stuff is the old stuff! 

But what I wanted to say - you remember the story - Fahrenheit 451, about book burning. Well, the libraries are not burning the good history books, they are just putting them on the "for sale" shelves at your local library for a quarter. They just want them gone. They dread some young person reading what really happened in History, so they're busy rewriting it.

They are getting rid of this stuff so fast, I cannot believe the stacks of excellent history books I come home with, and they are filling the shelves with junk and lies. No news here, we all know there is an intentional assault on the truth and facts. Is it just a coincidence every library in American is buying and tossing the same books, hmmm?

I know this is like worrying about your bug spray running out when there is a mosquito plague on the whole planet. But the truth will survive and be preserved and passed on and the seeds will be planted, the battle will be fought and the Lord will win.

Amen!  "Blessed is the people whose God is the Lord!"  

Paul Proctor (author of The People's Church): This Ozzy Osbourne thing is VERY suspicious. First President Bush and now Dan Quayle, both professed, "conservative, evangelical, bible-believing, born-again Christians", have both gone out of their way to not just publicly demonstrate a tolerance for Mr. Osbourne's filth and godlessness but actually praise and promote his vulgar show in public.

I agree, Paul. It is very sad -- yet typical in our postmodern times.

From Shawn:  I wanted to express to Sharon (next letter) that Jesus loves her and is with her, and that we all experience backlash from the world. When we are Christians, God uses the pain to draw us closer to Him. People fall into a trap that if they do step A (like the Prayer of Jabez). that God will say, wow, look at this person, let me bless them.

Thank You, Lord, that this is not the case. God loves us and wants to bless us. Eph:1:3: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ."

My main point was to express to her that sin no longer keeps Jesus from us, and the Holy Spirit still lives in us when have trusted in Him. God knows we are sinners, that is why He sent His son. So she can have confidence that Jesus Christ is with her and that God is faithful to complete what He started Phil.1:6: "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."

Just keep having that fellowship with God and He will give you the peace and strength to persevere. Read God's Word daily -- morning and night, just like David:

Psalm 5:3: "My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up."

Psalm :4:4: "Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still."

From Sharon: Hello! i am a Christian for five years now. Back in 1996, I worked for a large hospital that used the consensus and TQM to run the hospital. At that time, my boss told all of us in her department that a time was coming, a paradigm shift and that we should all keep our jobs and be ready, prepared for this time. She led a Bible study, which she never invited any of us to join. She later admitted to me, after I was born again, that she regretted that she never witnessed to anyone.

I got a job in another department shortly afterwards. In March, 1997 I was converted (all God's Work). This year, I retired early (I'm 44) from my job. Two weeks after this, someone told me in confidence that witches (yes!) are now running and controlling the hospital.

But this is the minor problem. I attend a small, independent Baptist church. I was converted under this ministry and my husband is a board member. This church is where I meet all my needs for fellowship and communion.

I have been reading your information and also Joan Veon and several others. I have been shocked and appalled at what is going on! At first, I kept all this information to myself, although I did share some of the information regarding Pokemon to close family members who were struggling with this and their children. They all became mad at me and just now getting over it. Now, they allow their children to read Harry Potter, they look at me warily when they tell this (that they allow them to read this stuff). I have stopped warning them, as they think I take things too far.

Worst of all, I shared some information about leaders and others who may be involved, now everyone in the church has turned against me. They think I am a crackpot. My husband says it is all of my making, that I should have kept my mouth shut.

Why are Christians trusting and not understanding what is going on? Has the entire world been propagandized and lost all discernment?  Something is really wrong with this whole picture. Help!

First I lost my job and now, my church! I need Jesus desperately. I know I have sinned and perhaps it is sin that keeps me from Him. I know He is right here and I really need Him. I don't understand what is going on and why people have lost their mind's. Why doesn't anyone understand the truth? Even the pastor spoke out against my belief from the pulpit. There is so much division and animosity and pettiness going on, I am shocked! We need help! Pray for us.

I am so sorry each time I hear that God’s people are pushed out of His churches. But it's happening around the world. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are silenced by today's church managers. Since many of the new postmodern leaders are offended by those who "cling to old absolutes", they often vilify members who refuse to conform. [See Re-Inventing the Church] These facts won’t erase the pain, but they may help us to better understand the nature of today's spiritual battles. 

Would you like me to add your name to our Scripture list? In
His Word, you can see an example of what we send three times a week.

“Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Every day, the Lord Himself is near me
with a special mercy for each hour;
All my cares He fain would bear, and cheer me,
He Whose Name is Counselor and Power;
The protection of His child and treasure
Is a charge that on Himself He laid;
"As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure,"
This the pledge to me He made.

To hear the melody, click on http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/d/a/daybyday.htm

From Dennis: As I read your daily news postings, I must conclude that it just simply cannot be much longer before the Lord returns. It could be said that many of the events portrayed in your daily news postings are serious competition for Sodom and Gomorrah.

From a concerned friend:  Regarding this community oneness and service - Bingo - this is a biggy, keep going with this. No time for the children, grandchildren and seniors, they are all warehoused somewhere, but to have "community service" activities on your resume of life, yes, this is honorable.  No honor or attention given to the things that an at home mom used to do and should be doing, and the brainwashing goes on and on. Christians must beware, of course we are and we do serve. But they are up to something Much different.

Thank you for helping me draw attention to this well-planned strategy for change.

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