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From Mona McNee (See Europe and the New World Order): You can read the Hadow report or summaries on the web (just type 1931 Hadow and search)  and there is a useful link at  which twice presents  “famously”  Recommendation No.30, that “the curriculum is to be thought of in terms of activity and experience rather than of knowledge to be acquired and facts to be stored.” Yet in the same report it says children need  a firm grounding in the Three Rs!

There is a useful summary of events at

 So teachers should not teach.  Doctors should not heal the sick? Gardeners should ot tend gardens???  Talk about “unintended consequences!” Perhaps one day I shall find out why our book “The great reading disaster: reclaiming our educational birthright”  fell into 2007 like an unexploded bomb.

From George Cancilla:  I am responding to the article: Home Schooling Found Unlawful by California Court of Appeal

Compulsory attendance in government schools is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  I can understand the desire of parents to provide a “good” education for their children, but I question the collective desire to force all in society to have a “good” education; especially in a society shuch as the United States which claims to be a free democratic republic.

Our children belong to God, not the State.  We are to render unto Caesar (the State) ONLY what is Caesar’s.  Children are a gift from God and He expects them to be raised in the way in which they should go (in other words, according to Biblical precepts).  God makes education compulsory, but not Comprehensive Sex Ed Violates our Children necessarily in government, private, or parochial schools.

In a free enterprise economic system, it is important for citizens to be competitive, so it is important that children be well educated and trained, so they may be qualified to fill productive jobs in the society.  Businesses as well will be the best they can be in order to be competitive  The State in this free enterprise society has no incentive to be competitive because it exists as a non profit organization.  The quality and efficiency of its production is not relevant to its existence.  Therefore compulsory attendance in its schools gives the State schools even less cause to excel in their efforts.Compulsory education cannot legitimately be mandated by the State in a laissez faire economic system, especially when that system is governed by a democratic republic.

From Marlene Tobin: The only reason for laptops in every child's hands is to facilitate a GLOBAL CURRICULUM, taught exactly the same around the world, tested exactly the same around the world, and eliminating the teachers, and the local communities
remarks and standards. This was decided by Bill Gates and UNESCO years ago.

Global curriculum has been promoted for years, and Gate's cheap computers will help move the project to completion. In the meantime the IB program is reaching out to students not yet in the global internet curriculum system of brainwashing.

All other arguments for or against are of no consequence. The proof is in the fact that wilh millions of computers already purchased for this program around the world, there is not one single study that proves students learned better using this device and at this expense.

That's a good summary of what we were concerned about more than a decade  ago, Marlene. Thanks.

From Jennifer:  As for the Tucker Plan. Science is faltering, too. They are dumbing down our kids. My 12 yr old nephew told me the reason the sky is blue is because of the reflection from the oceans. I had no idea why it is blue, but knew that answer was wrong and very simplistic. Water looks blue because of the reflection of light going through it. Found out the sky looks blue because of light reflecting through oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. This might not be the complete answer, as science has many unproven theories.

The point is children are being taught simplistic things in science, and natural inquiry is not being encouraged.

From Celeste C.: I have homeschooled for about 7 years and have found my faith to deepen because of the Christian curriculum that challenged my public school education. With so many educated with this humanistic philosophy in our public schools, I believe that many Christian youth and parents are being deceived into group dynamics, group participation and global acceptance using the techniques that were once only found in the public schools, but now found in our church youth groups.

I totally agree with you, Celeste!  Thank you.

From Bill:  While in Colorado our oldest daughter and our six year old son were attending a local public school. We had noticed things on his report card that we considered odd, such as Conflict Resolution. We became so curious as to what was going on with the education system that we went to the Library at C. S. U. and found Goals 2000 -- Educate America. We had copies made, and my wife spent many days with a magnifying glass reading It's contents.

We were astonished with what we were reading. We then looked for all the information we could get our hands on, and followed it up to this point in time, and are still monitoring it. The American people would be shocked to see that our education system is periled with the Soviet Education System for a Global Education System.

My wife is now the Idaho State President of Eagle Forum, a National Pro Family, Pro Life, Conservative Organization of which Phyllis Schlafly is President. My wife also is involved with our Legislators all year around keeping them up on the issues which affect us both locally and nationally.

If the people would just open their eyes and get involved with preserving our Godly Heritage, our God-given freedoms, and our Constitution while we still have them, we, Americans, might -- by God's grace -- turn this country around and put it back on it's foundation: God! If we don't, we will be serving a power that will be so merciless and evil that is beyond comprehension. I often wonder what it will take for people in America to see the devastation about to consume this country at the very hands of those we put in Leadership.

"WAKE UP AMERICA, BEFORE IT'S TO LATE! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you, saith the Lord."

From Debbie Niwa:  Here is a document containing historical info on the International Baccalaureate Program as well as IB curriculum philosophy.

Curriculum development and ethics in international education
Disarmament Forum (2001)

Excerpt p. 51 -- Please note that IB programs do not include education about a student's country's government -- which I would expect to be an essential part of teaching kids about "their own national identity". How are American IB students able to graduate without taking a U.S. Government course? -- highlights added:

"The ingredients of intercultural understanding have been nicely captured in the following statement by a former Director General of the IBO:

... we require all students to relate first to their own national identity -- their own language, literature, history and cultural heritage, no matter where in the world this may be. Beyond that we ask that they identify with the corresponding traditions of others. It is not expected that they adopt alien points of view, merely that they are exposed to them and encouraged to respond intelligently. The end result, we hope, is a more compassionate population, a welcome manifestation of national diversity within an international framework of tolerant respect. Ideally, at the end of the IB experience, students should know themselves better than when they started while acknowledging that others can be right in being different.

"We are concerned then with forming attitudes and values. IB students give much time to world issues, to the environment, to poverty and other human problems. This is not only due to the general global approach of the curriculum, but above all to the requirement of ongoing social service among the community which is considered as important for the development of the students as academic studies. In short, it is an education for life, a responsible life, open to the problems of our world and encouraging students to give time and energy to bring about change.

Excerpt p. 52 -- highlights added:

... For instance the following set of desirable universal values are to be found in the Report of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century (known as the Delors Report):

€ awareness of human rights combined with a sense of social responsibilities;
€ value of social equity and democratic participation;
€ understanding and tolerance of cultural differences and pluralism;
€ a caring, co-operative and enterprising spirit;
€ creativity;
€ sensitivity to gender equality;
open-mindedness to change; and
€ obligation to environment protection and sustainable development.

Excerpt p. 52 -- highlights added:

Article 26, paragraph 2 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights provides the philosophical planks of an international education:
Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality, and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

P.S. About Ian Hill, the document says:

Dr Ian Hill was born in Tasmania where he was a teacher and administrator in government schools, and a university lecturer in teaching methodology. From 1986 to 1990 he was Senior Private Secretary/Advisor to the Minister for Education in the state of Tasmania. He then moved to France as Director of the International School of Sophia Antipolis, a bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma school, and to Geneva in 1993 to become Regional Director for Africa/Europe/Middle East in the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). In the same year he completed a PhD thesis on policy processes during the development of the International Baccalaureate diploma. He is now Deputy Director General of the IBO, based in Geneva. The web site of the IBO is

From Nancy McFarland: Do you have any information on the Search Institute? It is deception in it's fullest, but I need something right away. If you haven't done anything on them, you may want to. They had a representative at our last school board meeting and our board voted to administer a questionnaire about all sorts of private information (sex, etc.). They have recently brought on board the Christians, churches etc., people being duped. God help us.

I attended a meeting in Newark Ohio several years ago and I remember the taste left in my mouth was bad news. Asset building, TQM, etc. Now here they are at my door. I would appreciate any help you could give.

Thanks for reminding me of Search Institute, Nancy. I read about it some time ago, but didn’t do anything with it. Now, I’ve spent the last hour getting some information together on this page:

From a concerned Christian: I am a young mom, who works in the legal field. Well, now I stay home and school my daughter. To move further in the career field, I had to have a mandatory “diversity” class. I decided to do this online. It started with Gender and Society in which the professor was “out to get me.” I chewed the University, which shall go unnamed, who then put me into Social Problems. These online classes have real-time seminars and a message board in which the student participates. The Social Problems curriculum was just as evil. The book was horrid and the required Internet readings consisted of visiting activist groups. Some assignments consisted of visiting a homeless organization, the ACLU and the Sierra Club, none of which I could ever stand. I was mad, spoke out against the curriculum in nearly every lesson and provided the other side. The professor let me do it. Conservative professors are more silent than liberal professors, I found, as the conservative ones say that out of professionalism they cannot add personal conjecture.

To make a long story short, I began referring to your book Brave New Schools, quite often. The professor once asked me to explain why I thought the program was socialist and I used your book, which she admitted to reading and feeling alarmed at what is going on in education. I even used it in my final and got a 99. I was so upset in seeing how many people believed in things such as teaching sex education at such a young age or believing that the federal government can and should solve everything. What your book did was provide me with a way to drive the point that by the time kids leave these “21st Century” high schools now, there are very few that would be able to challenge the academic left. It also helped me prove the indoctrination attempts in the college curriculum.

From Kevin N: I see that u post articles about public education. Umm...... their seem to be a girl name Ashley Anderson. Wow she is really brave to expose whats going on in public schools. Also when the tsunami in the Indian Ocean occurred, I remember my history teacher talk about it to us and she said we are global citizens. That startled me because that reminds me of the New World Order.

Also in recent months 2004 learn about Islam in several public schools already. I learn how kids were asked to pay to Allah! You know what that is hyprocisy because anti-christian grous like the ACLU would respond if kids were asked to pray to the God of the Bible. They have nothing to say about Allah in school. How sad they tolerate Allah but not Jesus who is the Way Truth and Life.

I also learned about what the're teaching in sex ed and etc. Berit I know some people wrote posts critizing you and calling you and us Christians intolerant racisits and on and on. Seem like this new tolerance people is talking about doesn't include Biblical Christianity.

That's so true, Kevin! But all the more, we can thank God for opening our eyes and bringing us into His family. He told us we would face persecution, so what we are experiencing now helps train us for the future. I'm so glad He promised us: "My grace is sufficient for you!"  See  Persecution

From Gene Malone:  [A letter to the editor of his local newspaper]

Dear editor: I am writing a short, important letter about a situation that I will present.

Christians appear to have few rights today than most. The ACLU-led attack on Christian symbols, Beliefs, government-school activities and even words in the market place are assaulted unduly.

In my retirement, I have witnessed government agencies such as the US Post Office ordering their employees not to say "Merry Christmas" but "Have a Nice Day" or "Happy Holidays." Secular schools have censored out Christmas carols and even the name Christmas vacation to Winter Break/Holiday and so much more.

For a nation founded by the Pilgrims in 1620 as a refuge from government persecution to believe freely within the confines of a friendly government - strange that not only government but corporations/retail stores have been telling their employees they may not work if they say the joyful greeting, "Merry Christmas." I have become aware of this assault with others.

Perhaps it is time for real Christians, those that bring their Faith/ways to the public places to show their awareness of blatant insults to their presence by: refusing to pay taxes, deny their skills in the work places either in government or the marketplace, discontinue their excellent contributions to the culture, disregard voting, teach their children at home and search for another homeland as the one they wished to live, the United States.

On the other hand, live, stand and defend your rights would be a better alternative. Christian boycotts of stores that continue to denigrate Christmas and Christians is now in order."

Perhaps Christians should add to their wish to others the joy of Merry CHRISTmas ' the birthday of the Savior, Jesus" to make the greeting more apt.

From Betty:  We have noticed other disturbing things about the public schools that concur with many of your site’s articles. If people doubt the truth of what the schools are doing, I can provide a number of things to document it that I've personally witnessed including a disturbing conference with my son's 1st grade teacher.

This woman's first line of business was to announce to my son: "let's just check your desk" and she then chewed out my son in front of me because he had more than 2 pencils out of his pencil box in his desk. The children "can only have 2 sharpened pencils with erasers out " (he also had to pull off his pencil topper and show this woman that the pencil did indeed have an eraser), the rest must be in a pencil box, and he committed the crime of having 3 out. She then snatched his scissors and reprimanded him for not having those in his pencil box. "They are never to be out." And also his pink eraser and a rock he had must also go in the pencil box. She said "all books and papers must be on the right and the pencil box must be on the left". Then she swiped her finger across the inside of his desk and said the few cracker crumbs there were "not very good". I observed this with alarm. The kids have snacks during the day (and that's good because they're only allowed 10-15 minutes to eat lunch in). My son is 7 years old - sometimes they leave crumbs. What bothered me is that every child must have things exactly the same and in this strict order. ... On the flip side, a boy in his class stole some money from him and the teacher's response when I emailed her about this was "The school social worker will talk to our class about treating each other respectfully."

Her second line of business was to hit me up for money - "class dues" (must be cash) and a fee for a newsletter I never okayed or asked for. She did say that she liked my son's dimples and his smile and he sometimes tried to tell her things in the morning, but she's "just busy a lot".

She then explained how my son wasn't doing well in math. The school has recently switched to a touchy-feely math system that I intensely dislike. This teacher wrote the number 7 on a piece of paper and instructed him to "create a number image" for her. Well, he didn't have the foggiest idea what she was talking about and neither did I. She then showed some other examples of this "new math" - one problem was wanting the kids to add 10+7+8 without basic table knowledge. These are first graders!

I asked her what about the drills and tables so the kids could learn their facts and she said they "don't do that anymore". The kids are supposed to "think creatively and visualize" to find the answer. It sounded like she was reciting something she was told to say. That sounds very lovely but it's also asking a young child to use an abstract thought process without having the ability of instantly recalling memorized facts and has proven very confusing for my 2 oldest kids. You cannot move on to more complex math without having simple math facts down. Simple being the key. Deep thought should not be required for the number 7.

My daughter's 4th grade teachers lied to me about how my daughter was doing with it. Her homeroom teacher has lied to me more than once about her progress. She was in tears one evening over a math worksheet that contained these directions: "Solve the first two problems in each cluster. Then use those problems to help you solve the last problem. If you think of another problem that helps you solve the last problem, add it to the cluster." No example was given and it was a sheet of basic multiplication problems. As she was crying I said to her , "Honey, your teachers said you were doing well with math." She said, "But mom, it's because you or Grandma help me. I'm not doing well at all - I don't know what I'm doing!" Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I could make heads or tails of what this worksheet wanted either.

It saddens me, Betty, that children across the country face this kind of confusion and turmoil. The world is changing so fast and our precious children are the victims of this ungodly transformation. May God show us how to equip and prepare them for a world that despises not only facts and logic but also truth and our sovereign Lord. In the midst of it all, He still reigns. And in the spreading darkness, may His light shines all the more brightly.

Please see Betty's other comments in the sections on Pokemon and Popular Occultism.

From C. B.: I recently had a conversation with our pastors wife. She is an Art teacher and was told she had to attend a reading class to continue her education. Upon questioning why an Art teacher would need to teach reading, she was informed if she didn't attend the class she would have her teaching certificate pulled. We live in a small rural area, but the tentacles of corruption have no boundaries.

I am so sad to see how the long arm of the new global management system is reaching into the smallest rural areas. Soon there will be no freedom except in Christ. But all the more blessed we are to know Him at this time. The time is soon coming when all who call themselves Christians will have to make a choice: follow the world or follow Jesus -- and face painful consequences.  May we be ready to take our stand on Truth when that time comes.

From Fabienne (her response to Peter's letter below): Peter, for young people like you who have no choice about schooling, there is only one way to defend yourselves from the "system": cling to God and His ways and keep on not conforming to what they want of you. There is much help in Scripture to encourage you (Rom 12,
1 Peter 4, Philippians, come to mind).

There is one thing you imply, though, that I would not agree with -- that home education is expensive ("Most people don't have the money to homeschool their children."). Of course it's costly time-wise and energy-wise for the parents, or at least one parent, but it does not have to be expensive financially, even in the high school years. We had very limited finances (our income was not predictable) and we homeschooled all of our six children. [Of course the cost of resources might depend on state requirements -- if a set curriculum has to be followed then it could be quite expensive because of having to buy so much material] By home schooling one can avoid a large number of unnecessary expenses that even supposedly free education imposes on families one way or another (school balls, school photos, for example).

There are of course parents who want a certain high standard of living which they could not keep up if they were homeschooling because one of them would have to give up working outside the home...

I find that the biggest obstacle for most of the parents I've spoken to is that they don't think they would be able to teach their children themselves (most of them are quite capable of doing a great job). Another common objection I've encountered is, "I couldn't stand to have my children home all day!" -- an attitude that results from putting children in school...

From Peter. (This letter was written to 16-year-old Ashley who wrote Public schools and what you are up against) I just read your article at Phoenix news. I'm a 19 year old Senior in a public high school (Graduating this January). I just wanted to let you know that I thought your article was amazing; I couldn't agree more. I just have a question:

It's obvious you, too, see the problem a lot of students are faced with. What are you suggesting we do to defend ourselves from the way of the public school system? Most people don't have the money to homeschool their children. My dad who has made my life an ongoing constant conflict for the last 12 years because of school. He gets so disappointed and sad when I don't conform to high school ways and get the grades, but he doesn't understand. I didn't think anyone did (with the exception of my girlfriend, and that's still slightly questionable) until I read your article. I thought I was crazy and delusional. My primary source of high school credit has come from within one classroom in the past three years. The teacher of that class openly admits to "conforming" the students. Attempting to conform them, anyways. And then said that the school isn't successfully conforming the minds of students in that particular class, hence the reason they are in an accelerated credit classroom environment. They (the students, including me) take independent courses because we can't conform to the rest of the classroom "upstairs" (The class I speak of is in the very basement of the school, separated from the rest of the school.) anyway, the point I'm making here is that I've had trouble subjugating my brain to the way the school operates, and the lessons we learn. Subtle lessons. In a way I'm trying to avoid becoming a product of the goal of the school if that makes sense to you.

From Polly Anglin: Our Sunday Patriot News, Harrisburg PA, gave us a peek at the new SAT format.

Critical Reading: This used to be called the verbal section. It includes reading passages and questions. No more analogies

Math: Expanded into new areas, including algebra II.

Writing: This is the new part....

Writing sample essay question...

Directions: Consider carefully the following excerpt and the assignment below it. Then plan and write an essay that explains your ideas as persuasively as possible. Keep in mind that the support you provide--both reasons and examples----will make your view convincing to the reader.

"The principle is this: each failure leads us closer to deeper knowledge, or to greater creativity in understanding old data, to new lines of inquiry. Thomas Edison experienced 10.000 failures before he succeeded in perfecting the lightbulb. When a friend of his remarked that 10,000 failures was a lot, Edison replied, "I didn't fail 10,000 times, I successfully eliminated 10,000 materials and combinations that didn't work."

Myles Brand, "Taking the Measure of Your Success"

ASSIGNMENT: What is your view on the idea that it takes failures to achieve success? In an essay, support your position, using an example (or examples) from literature, the arts, history, current events, politics, science and technology, or your own experience or observation.

SCORING THE ESSAY: The essay will be scored by high school and college teachers. Each essay will be scored by two people who won't know each other's score. Each reader will give an essay score. The two scores will then be added.

SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND HANDWRITING: Even with some errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, you can still get atop score on the essay. Readers will judge it on overall impression it produces. Handwriting will not count against you but essay readers must be able to read your writing...........

Any thoughts????/

Response from Sarah L.: I have diligently taught my children, from the earliest grades, to have good grammar, near-perfect spelling, and excellent punctuation. This says that kids will no longer be judged on those things, but rather on their “persuasive” writing abilities (which means values, attitudes, feelings, opinions, etc.). Huh?

My husband teaches graduate level college courses and he finds that even there the students are sometimes sadly lacking in the most basic grammar, spelling and punctuation. He’s in the business world, and his employees often haven’t mastered these things! He says he has to re-write things before he turns them into his bosses sometimes. At the very least he has to go over them with a fine-toothed comb, making sure that they are well-written.

So we are to believe that this is workplace SKILLS? A dumbed-down workforce that doesn’t even have to be skilled on the basics of grammar, spelling and punctuation in order to get a good grade on the SAT? Colleges already complain that they have to babysit the Freshmen, enrolling them in basic writing classes for at least two semesters.

In the meantime, this army of homeschooled kids who will be highly literate won’t pass the SAT because they can’t exhibit the proper attitudes in this “persuasive” writing piece. No wonder some homeschool curriculum companies have dumbed-down their grammar curriculums (A Beka, for example). That won’t be what the STW folks want in the future.

My questions are these: what exactly is the proper attitudes that the powers-that-be want students to exhibit on this essay? Any guesses as to what students are supposed to say? What is the criteria for grading this essay, if not good writing skills? On what will they be judged? Any ideas?

From Michele: THANK YOU so much for posting the link to the article about public schools  ["America's failing public school system"] written by a 16 year old. I pulled my eldest out in after 3th grade; my middle child after 2nd grade, and my youngest has NEVER been in a public school.

Let me tell you, what this girl has written is so dead-on it's frightening. My girls' school had them start keeping a journal in THIRD grade! And no, they don't teach phonics anymore. But I bought phonics workbooks and tought them myself.

I wish you could see the 3rd grade mathbook they used. It was such a jumbled, confusing mess, even I, a college-educated adult couldn't make heads or tails out of it!

In those few years it was POSITIVE to me that school (public school) isn't about learning anymore. When I started homeschooling, my eldest, who was supposed to be in 4th grade had to start in 3rd grade homeschooling textbooks because the 4th grade ones were too difficult for her! I was angry I felt she had those early wasted years in school.

That girl that wrote the article is right. Parents HAVE to homeschool or send their kids to private school. Money doesn't matter. We are as poor as dirt and we found a way. With God, ALL things are possible.

Thank you, Michele, for your encouragement to parents and grandparents.

From Dennis Monroe: I read the article written by Ashley Anderson entitled "America's failing public school system." Ashley is wise far beyond her years and I thank the Lord for that. I have a one year old grandson, a most beautiful lively little fellow that is obviously a cherished creation of God. His father, my son, laments all the time in wondering just what his son has to look forward to. I told him to read Ashley's article. I am sure it will give him encouragement. I also thank you again for the encouragement that can always be found on your web-site.

Chris H: Regarding "Johnny can't add but Suresh Venktasubramanian can" and all the outsourcing and science and math intellect coming from the Indian population. There are a few sides to this coin, they can be paid a fraction of the salary demanded in the West, as has been discussed to much, they do have a strong drive and work ethic and all, but the point in the article to consider more, the "let us look at the U.S. and our educational system and find what we are doing wrong."

My mom used to say that phrase all the time, "be careful what you wish for, you might get it". Well, I think this is what many Americans want and purposely set as a goal for themselves and their children. They don't have as a goal a "good work ethic" for themselves and their children. Their goal is seeing how little they can do.

The 70's show, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" perhaps had to much of an effect on those who gravitate toward laziness. They are proud to have someone else doing their cooking, cleaning, child care, yard work, it all, and do it for the lowest cost, and now we are not even left with a job and clock to punch for that 40 hour salary needed to pay all our out-of-town servants. Fine if you are Rich and Famous, but the middle class and below wore proudly this attitude as a status symbol but cannot support it. I heard someone say people are fat in America because it is a type of status symbol, "Look at me, I am so rich that I can blow money on food, food I don't even need or want, and look like a cow". I am important.

A good portion of folks don't really care if their kids can read. They have no intentions of having THEIR offspring doing anything more strenuous then they are doing - eating, sleeping, and sitting on big comfy couches being pompous and self important.

A percentage still set high goals and strive for the finest. They are our hope. But maybe some have watched to many of those stuffy BBC English miniseries from the late 1800's, everyone sitting around in parlors sipping tea and gossiping. But bottom line, I think the unspoken goal has purposely been - intellectual laziness SO someone else would have to get their hands dirty and workout their brains. So the bubble has burst, we are reaping what we sowed, and our days of "being served by the nations for a low price" are coming to an end.

Not to mention God punishing our disobedience as a nation, a huge factor. And as a homeschooler also the intentional dumbing down of our children as a nation, but we hope that those in HIM have not been seduced and are staying faithful, listening to Him and working hard and not growing weary, so HIS work will continue to get done.

From Sarah Leslie:  This report -- Legislator sees risk in home schooling -- links child abuse to homeschooling, and then brings in the charter school issue. Charter school students are publicly enrolled students, but charter schools are virtually unregulated in the state of Ohio to the extent of portapotties in parking lots, no background checks on teachers, no phones in buildings, etc. Lumping homeschoolers in with this lot is a volatile mix. When the abuses inevitably occur with the public charters (and the public “virtual” or “cyber” charters that resemble homeschooling superficially) the officials may crack down on all homeschoolers (a group who do NOT enroll, and do NOT want anything to do with public money). For more info on this issue, go to

First letter from Shirley M., a concerned mother in Australia: I recently tried to take 2 of my children out of school to do distance education with ACE (you have probably heard of it) only to be reported to the authorities. My children are now back in public school for the moment.

Second letter:
I told you last e-mail that we put our children back into the public school because the principle had reported us to the dept. of education. Well now we have taken them back out to home school them. We are in God's care and protection now, we don't know what lies ahead of us, but we have put our trust in God.

In South Australia a child of compulsory school age (6-15) must be enrolled in a South Australian school, and apply for an exemption to home school. Which would mean that we would fill out a form and sign it. Then they would come around to the house to see if we were suitable and were using the curriculum they would approve of and of course there are so many other issues that they would have . One I know of is the A.C.A curriculum, they don't like it and are trying to faze it out (their words). Then they would decide if we could do home schooling. We will not be signing any such form.

We are probably headed for the same kinds of control, restrictions and government oversight here in the USA. May God give us the strength to follow Him and refuse to compromise. This battle for our children is the hardest and most devious of all. But our God is faithful to His own!

From Chris Houghton: Your link today of a educator who was so frustrated with teaching and his students being so bored, etc., made me think of a book I read a while back:

Endangered Minds (Why are Children Don't Think), by Jane M. Healy, 1990, Simon & Shuster

Excellent book!!! Lots of your readers have probably read it or heard of it, and maybe a lot of educators have already read it, but parents need to read it, because it explains why the children are having all these problems.

Trying to summarize the main ideas of the book does not do it justice! But it is a must read for all. It is about the development and growth of the brain from birth on, and the ways and methods that we use to learn that are permanently detrimental to the development of the brain.

From Chris Houghten, home school mom in Illinois: Off to a local library a few times a week to search the shelves for something I need, as homeschoolers know, the good stuff is the old stuff.  But what I wanted to say - you remember the story - Fahrenheit 451, about book burning, Ray Bradbury - well, the libraries are not burning them, that is the good history books, they are just putting them on the "for sale" shelves at your local library for a quarter. They just want them gone! They dread some young person reading what really happened in History, so they're busy rewriting it.

They are getting rid of this stuff so fast, I cannot believe the stacks of excellent history books I come home with, and they are filling the shelves with junk and lies. No news here, we all know there is an intentional assault on the truth and facts. Is it just a coincidence that every library in American is buying and tossing the same books? Hmmm.

I know this is like worrying about your bug spray running out when there is a mosquito plague on the whole planet. But the truth will survive and be preserved and passed on and the seeds will be planted, the battle will be fought and the Lord will win.

Amen, Chris. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? ... Psalm 27:1-4

From Gene Malone, former teacher and founder of Freedom 2000/USA: As a retired American history teacher (30 years -8th grade government schools). I never used the term Social(ist) Studies as it was the dumbing down of history with its hybrid approach to truth. Social Studies actually was/is a hodgepodge of generalizations in economics, psychology, sociology, with a small bit of American history to hang the mush upon.

Now, the Weekly Standard, in some libraries, May 6, 2002, pp. 27-29 is something you/I already know, but it is shocking to see it in print.

The piece reveals that the NCSS (National Council of Social Studies) in can I say, the United States, approves of so-called national standards light on American history. They approve of the dumbing down of America through teaching little about our nation in favor of more generic, global concepts. The writer also points out that there are few American history teachers anyway, now, and schools of education have been producing few with ACADEMIC credentials , duh! One sentence points out a growing view in academic (lack of) circles that you "don't have to know any American history to be an effective citizen." I wrote that as it was printed on the pages referenced. Some students were quoted as saying-what's so important to be a citizen? (and more)

I wish someone would post this whole piece, maybe Jimmy K. It is a shocking, but known condition by the freedom-few. And I keep wondering about Constitutional, economic illiteracy in our falling Republic-I didn't want to even imagine that the condition is much worse in that few are learning about the nation's founders, heroes, those who died defending this unique country. Too, few students ,adults, political people, media people even know that we are a Republic not a people's democracy (socialist in concept).

Educators (those once learned in an area of study) should be held responsible for this ongoing debacle. Imagine the sooncoming national history tests in this nation with questions based on social mush and ratings based on massive ignorance while excellence/truth is the quest for the few outside government places.

There should be a (state by state) investigation, bythe private, free sector to evaluate the damage done to our nation due to the failure of our teachers to teach about our great nation, the United States.

From Mona McNee (British researcher):  ...our society is being attacked on many fronts. But in literacy alone, you get just that one item wrong first time, and the ramifications go on for ever - $$$ on remedial teaching, poor university intake, shortage of doctors/nurses/teachers/engineers; truancy - delinquency - poor parenting - boredom and its consequences.

Schools are the No.1 target for arson. Poor literacy costs £5 billion a year in Britain, they say. What Hogenson called the "eventual social consequences" are endless. By now, with so many strings joining up, the spider's web is strangling society like the thin threads on Gulliver. And one person can only cope with a few strands.

Thank you, Mona. Here is some additional information:  New "Literacy" for a New World and Early experimentation in California schools

From Polly Anglin [an insightful researcher with some helpful observations social engineering in the classroom]: district had "created" a program called "Second Step". That is a program any district can PURCHASE. ... Lots of role playing and peer group evaluation of students actions. One learns very quickly that is not wise to throw the second punch. Not wise to defend yourself unless you are prepared to be judged the bad guy, and MOST unwise to judge anyone else's behavior as right or wrong.

These programs teach the children that aggression is never acceptable, that firm beliefs must never be defended physically or verbally, that agreeing to disagree is what works, and that self defense is not acceptable. And we wonder why so many folks end up going berserk. After years of repressing "protective"strong emotions they tend to erupt, and not having learned constructive means of dealing with them, yield destructive actions. Unquestioning reliance on the PEER MEDIATORS, otherwise known as the GROUP, and not on your personal, individual decision making skills is the result.

The foundation for the future system of Justice is being set in place. Those who have been involved with these programs have noted that the "punishment " that the peers decide on are usually far more stringent than those that the facilitator would have chosen. In the article the students determined that taking away enjoyable activities was the preferred punishment. I note that these are "at home" activities. So how do the Peers know that the accused has followed through??? Must parents be notified and report back. Are there any appeals? What does the "ADULT" version of this system look like.? Arbitration Boards, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Facilitators, International Courts, etc.,etc.,..........

Think about it. How many years ago was the "Time out" concept introduced? Foundation building takes a long time and this is a system of patient gradualism. Now those who learned the ropes of "Time Out" will glide easily into "Peace Places". Only compliant, mindless followers of the systems "global citizens" worldview will be found competent. The SYSTEM is the BULLY. We have been trying to call the Bully's Bluff for years but he still rules the day in many School Yards and Classrooms and Colleges and Universities and Workplaces and Homes. Frustrating!!!!

From Amy:  I love your site. Especially the information about education, because I am a teacher. A lot of things you discuss is what I was taught in my undergrad and is what is really being hammered into my brain in my masters program. Right now everywhere I turn I hear about cooperative learning, critical thinking, and alternative forms of assessment. I thought that all of these things sounded great, but I never thought about the aspect of them training students for a one world government.

As I continue to explore your site I just get chills up my spine. I can't believe as a Christian, who is an educator, that I have been brainwashed by colleges to accept and practice many of the things described in your book,  Brave New Schools.

After reading Brave New Schools, I went and examined my textbooks from my Master's program. I was shocked by what I found. This the Foreword out of Designs For Cooperative Interactions by Robin Fogarty, Skylight Publishing, Inc. 1990.


Designs for Cooperative Interactions:

On a Planetary Scale, Buckminster Fuller coins the phrase "Spaceship Earth: as he envisions his concept of a global community, cooperating and coexisting in mutually benefiting ways.

On a World Scale, Marilyn Ferguson write about grass-roots networks conspiring interwoven cooperative efforts toward societal transformation.

On an International Scale, the Japanese skillfully adapt and refine the highly effective participatory model of management called Quality Circles, which spirals cooperative decision-making through every corporate level.

On an Educational Scale, Roger and David Johnson elaborate on structured interaction in the classroom. Their research on "circles of learning: outlines a highly feasible cooperative group model for classrooms to increase student achievement and enhance self-concepts.

On a Personal Scale, teachers throughout our schools design the new school lecture, using strategies of participation and interaction to engage students cooperatively and thoughtfully.

It's getting scary out here in the field of education. I am so thankful for your ministry.

Thank you, Amy. I so appreciate your fellowship in this spiritual and psychological battle.

From D. M.: At this last Wednesday night prayer meeting, one of the women told how one of the classes in the school her youngest son attends (Massachusetts) is pushing the same classroom Islam that has recently been in the news regarding California (e.g., wear the "clothing", pick a Muslim name, etc.). At least the school did send home a permission slip for the parents to sign.

This lady told the school her son was not to participate. The teacher called her to ask "are you sure?" She replied "yes, I am sure."

I don't know what I will do with that information yet. I would like to call the school and ask if I can show a Jesus/Christianity video to the same class. Of course they will refuse. My next question would then be to ask
upon what basis then, if they cannot allow any form of Christianity into their curriculum, do they think they are able to introduce the religion of Islam. Please pray for this, and for me.

Thank you for showing us that this promotion of Islam reaches far beyond California schools. I will pray with and for you, dear friend in Christ. Maybe others will join us.

From Mona (from England): All the state schools in Knowsley (a borough of what was Liverpool) have had large new signs on strong posts, Saying "___ Community Comprehensive School", "____ Community primary school". Needless to say, this has cost taxpayers, with no effect on education. "Community" is a flag word, an indication that the person using it is Progressive.

From MicheleThought I'd share this with you. My eldest is 7 and in second grade. I homeschooled her for 1st grade, but decided to see how she'd do in public  school this year. BIG MISTAKE. I have many many complaints, but one specific one I wanted to share with you today. They are learning to write in cursive now, and have sentences they have to practice writing. One of them is "Hedda is a Hindu". Berit, I thought there was seperation of church and state in this country?! It should have been "Hedda is happy". You know, you'd NEVER see "Cathy is Christian". My husband is right. It isn't seperation of church and state, it is seperation of CHRISTIANITY and state.

It is for this and other reasons I'm going back to homeschooling this September. May God protect our children. 

Thank you, Michele, for sharing your insight and your wise choice. 

From Janet Trapp: Many years ago, (19...they go quickly, don't they?) when my daughter was in 2nd grade,
she brought home from the public school library a "normal" library book.

I read it before she could. The story was of a young boy who went to Mexico and wanted to become a witch.
He could not be accepted for he was just a boy. So, he dressed as a girl and then he joined them. They were all becoming witches and now he was "one of the crowd". Quite a blend of themes in that story, wouldn't you say?

This incident occurred late in the school year. Through the years, upon going to the local public libraries
I was stunned at the level of "altered reality" these "fantasy" books continually grew to display.

Harry Potter is not a new idea.....just a longer book and more involved.  Children's literature has proceeded to present the "altered consciousness" for many years. We aren't reading Winnie the Pooh stories any more.
The precious vehicle of children's literature has been abused for a long time. Parents should be ashamed
to claim ignorance, but we know that the door is always open to growing in the wisdom desired by our Lord.

At that time we had been considering going into the private schools for our local Christian radio was informing us well of the content and agenda of Canfield and Siecus and name it. (See how big Mr. Canfield is now with his Chicken Soup books?  ...and they are plentiful in the Christian book stores.... )

Please Lord, help us for we need your Spirit for discernment so much!

I was the odd Christian parent at my church for thinking it was important back then. Our children were
blessed to be out of the public system from that point on.

Later I was to learn from my daughter that she also had "magic circle" in 2nd grade. I shudder at my ignorance, just remembering it! I trusted and learned from that point on to be more aware as the whole family was vulnerable to the inroads of the New (old) Age.

Well, many years have passed and the private schools have slipped significantly down the slippery slope also. I believe that if the slope is slippery, then the muck and mire being gathered along the way already
has accumulated in bogs awaiting us at the bottom of the hill!

I have passed on your site of information to my "Christian" in-laws for they have two daughters reading hairy Harry. People make choices along the way and I am thankful to the Lord, that He has made your extended information available. I pray their eyes are open ...they will make their choices
and I hope they are informed. Can't plead ignorance then.

I know it is a difficult time for many to take a stand for the peer pressure has grown for the children as well as for the parents. Who said people outgrow that???

I suggested they also read the comments for then they will more easily see the (lack of) logic from those who misread your concerns. ...That alone makes me shudder for so many call themselves Christian. That, too,has always been my heartbreak. Isn't the point really, which Jesus is worshipped? One that the person creates
to rationalize the choices made....or the Jesus of the Bible, who, as said in Acts, is the same Jesus who will return?

Thank you, Janet. I so appreciate your insights, encouragement and fellowship in Christ!

From Fabienne Durdin:  Hello from the really deep south (also known as North Antarctica), that is, Tasmania. We have returned to Australia (very reluctantly, as we have left many friends behind) after twelve years in Southeast Asia. We are feeling very much in limbo at present as... we try to re-orient ourselves in what has become for us a foreign culture, even though it is "home".

Australia (and the church in Australia) has changed greatly since we left twelve years ago (mostly for the worse), but the most disconcerting thing is that most of the people we have talked to (especially in the churches) assure us it hasn't really changed much.

I suppose the frog in the frying pan would have said the same about the temperature of the water around him.

When I wrote my novel "Sonata for Flute" ( in 1994, I was already aware that Australia was sliding fast. Besides letters from friends in Australia, news stories, magazines, and various school textbooks, I had been reading "Reinventing Australia - The mind and mood of Australia in the 90s", by Hugh Mackay (Angus and Robertson, 1993). I wrote my book in the way of a warning, especially to Aussie Christians, and to encourage believers to make sure they were on the right track.

On Sunday 4 November there was an article by Simon Kearney in the Hobart Mercury (also in the Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne) about a report for the Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs written by Assoc. Prof. Marilyn Fleer. Her report recommended "that childcare facilities be merged with preschools so children receive specialised teaching from the youngest possible age."

Note the reason she gives in the following statement quoted in the article:

"Early childhood development programs can produce large effects on IQ during the early childhood years and sizeable, persistent effects on reading and math achievement, grade retention, special education and socialisation."

The article goes on to say:

"The NSW [New South Wales] Government is developing a curriculum for children from birth through to the age of eight. NSW is leading Australia in early-childhood education with about 65 per cent of four-year-olds in some type of schooling. ...[Prof. Fleer again] 'The strongest benefits of early childhood education for children were, where children started before the age of two years [and] where children undertook more than three years of early childhood education.' she said."

The article finishes on the following note:

"The study's findings were backed by neurological research on children which showed that certain core skills were impossible to learn after the first three years of life."

[What might they mean by "core skills"? Anything parents can't train their children in? How on earth have children all over the world managed without "early childhood education" all these centuries past?]

In Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour

Thank you for your wise but sad analysis, Fabienne. Your descriptions match the changes in the USA. Many Christians have closed their eyes to the merger of church and global education strategies -- and to the web of government control over child-raising. How blessed we are to know Jesus Christ in the midst of all these change!  Preparing for Victory

From Mona M. (in UK):  Our (UK) churches are empty, fall into decay, are torn down to make way for "development". The BBC etc. mock religion in their soaps etc. Support for Christianity previously coming from home/school/organizations is now absent, Scouts and Brownies Guides etc. and Boys' Brigades are shadows of their former selves. Schools are "multi-faith, multi-cultural". Patriotism is risky, has to be expressed in terms that do not "offend" incomers. The King/Queen used to be "Defender of the Faith", but the Queen has done nothing that I can see to defend Christianity. "Fid.def." no longer appears on our coins. Brussels sees the royal family is just citizens like everyone else , nothing special, an anachronism.

Free speech? Free speech on immigration has been routinely stifled for decades, with unjustified cries of "Racist!". When I try to access the British National Party on the local library computers, the screen says "Access denied", and Political Correctness makes people wary of expressing their worries about immigration in public.

Democracy? Self-government, sovereignty, independence? Ted Heath lied when he said the Treaty of Rome was purely economic with no political overtones. Now the Treaty of Nice is going through our Parliament, pretty well handing o0ver the last shreds of independence from Westminster to Brussels. If the very existence of "England" is imperiled, changing to "regions" of the E.U., what is left?

Yet the E.U. costs us a lot of money. France makes no attempt to stop illegal immigrants coming here from Calais - 100,000 a year. We are under attack, human invasion all the more effective for not being military.

In the days of the Romans, feeding Christians to the lions was dreadful but visible, honestly dreadful. Now here everything is covered over in sugar-icing, "caring", P.C., velvet hand but iron fist with the real power. Politicians (with rare exceptions, Enoch Powell, Frank Field, David Alton) want a career in politics rather than a chance to benefit our country. Every ill has to have a framework for "help" even though the bottom layer, helping real people, (e.g. our national health system) is creaking badly. Even the trappings of greatness are tired and in tatters.

I feel that I am living in the end of a civilization. Cassandra, moaning Minnie? Well, that's how I feel. And helpless. I have tried to fight this tide , and just see it getting worse. We now have 1-1/2 million muslims here.

Another WTC here, and ..what? Civil war? All the suppressed resentment, politicians ignoring our worries for 50 years, will boil up and where can we go then? I wish this were not so.

Thank you, Mona, for your insights and observations. I appreciate your summary of our common concern.

From Sharon Dainty, Australia:  I have been reading Brave New Schools and I can't believe the parallels that are made relating to Australia. I mean - the Native American Indian culture that is being pushed in your schools is the same as the aboriginal dreamtime stuff that is pushed in our schools.

I just finished another book at the moment about how the Australian history is now taught in a perverted way to make children think that captain cook was an aboriginal slayer. A lot of the Australian settlers were Christian, and saved the aboriginal population from extinction, White mans medicine and hygiene saved the aboriginal children from states of being fly-blown and diseased., But to say that now would label you a racist and stolen generation supporter.

The whole Olympics in Sydney is a big show for the rest of the world- Cathy Freeman lit the torch, and that was because the Aboriginal people were threatening protests, instead it looks like reconciliation has been achieved. Anyway, Back to Your Book.

I would like to know more about the schooling with computers- you mention it in chapter 2,(I am only up to chapter 3 now). I have heard elsewhere that there was talk about having every student at home and schooled by computer, Do you know more of this?

I ask as I would be interested in developing my own internet school, a private school on the web. I know it would take work and finances, but my God is a big God. I am just toying with the idea now. Yours in Christ Jesus

From Mathias Graul, Denmark We are currently under attack from various evils. Without wanting to succumb to a certain form of hyper-fundamentalist dualist superstition leading to a naive form of paranoia, I cannot help thinking that this is among other things related to my writing a letter to the Danish ministry of education concerning occult influences in state schools in Denmark. I have also published that letter in the Danish section of my internet church (see URL below, but this is in Danish, of course). Anyway, prayer is needed for that at any rate.
On Wednesday my little daughter was attacked by a 10-12 year old girl when driving home from school in the public bus. That girl would press our Olivia holding her neck tight and she came home with a bluish color in her face and crying. Police and school leadership are of the opinion that this was "just" some kind of unusual rough behavior of kids doing stupid things among themselves - and they are maybe right, however, no matter how one is going to perceive this incident, this has caused quite an amount of distress for us including this weekend and Olivia is still more nervous than usual. 
Please pray for that minister of education (a woman) that my letter will come to cause her to think and also act, so occult stuff in Danish schools will be stopped or at least more carefully scrutinized before being distributed. I had written in particular about one stupid thing which they call "write dance" hatched out by some new age folks in Holland where the claim to prepare for smoother writing movements is put up as a pretender in order to come sneaking in the back door as it were with some preparative stuff for yoga and the like. I just hope that minister isn't among the many Europeans practicing yoga herself! 
  God bless you all

From Renee Rodriguez:  Here is a full copy of the Hatch Amendment. I have made it available for people to copy and print from my website but I do not reach the family audience primarily on my  site. I have found that most parents do not even know that this resource is available to them and am trying to get the word out. I have it on file with each of my children at their school and I give it to them again at the beginning of each school year. I would like to encourage you to make it available to your readers for printing out so that they will be able to place this on file with their children's schools.

Thank you and God Bless your ministry.

In Christ Alone
Renee Rodriguez
Age Two Age - A Discernment Ministry -

 From Cynthia Woods [Re: Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order]:
Berit, this is a very timely article since my son's class is starting a new reading series this week out of the Houghton-Mifflin 4th grade textbook titled Imagine.  The unit is called "Could It Really Happen."  The first story in the reading series is "Jumanji" by Chris Van Allsburg.  

I kept my child home from school this morning so he could miss this reading.

I just got back from the school just minutes ago as I requested an appointment to review the textbook and teaching materials before I allow my child to read from this series.  I'm hoping to review the material later this afternoon.  

Thanks for the encouragement, Cynthia. I am so glad this was helpful. Please let me know what you find.

From IBO, Geneva Switzerland: The correspondence below began with a letter from my friend, Charlene Anderson, to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerland.  Notice the questions and answers in bold letters, which help show the relationship between the occult UN leader Robert Muller and the IBO program which is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Char wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our middle school is in the process of becoming an IBO school.  I have some questions about this process. How long does it take for the "accreditation" process to be complete? Once complete, does the school have any special privleges attached? 

One other question:  Robert Muller who is the acknowledged father of education within the U. N. has developed what has become known as "World Core Curriculum".  In looking for this information, perhaps you could offer some information  as to how IBO compares with this curriculum. Is it similar?   If it is not similar, is it close?

Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.

Ms. Anderson



Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 20:16:12 +0200

From: "Ellen Wallace" <>

To: Char <>


Dear Ms Anderson,

I'm forwarding your message to our IB North America office, since schools working towards authorization deal directly with our regional offices. I'm not quite sure if you work at the school; if not, your best source of information is the person at the school who is working with the IBO. I'm not familiar with the world core curriculum but one of my colleagues who works closely with the UN undoubtedly is and I will pass your question to him.

Best wishes,

Ellen Wallace, Geneva


Dear Ms Anderson,

Further to the response of my colleague, Ellen Wallace, who kindly copied her reply to me, I can tell you that I have the world core curriculum material of Robert Muller who started in 1979 with a small experimental training school in Arlington, Texas. I find that it is remarkably similar to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). We have used very similar terms (without having consulted his work as far as I know) to describe the main PYP transdisciplinary themes; for example, where are we in time and place? Who am I? (Muller: our planetary home and place in the universe; our place in time; the miracle of individual human life, and so on.)

Our three programmes have almost identical aims and objectives to that of Muller, based on intercultural understanding and respect, and the consideration of global issues in an inter-dependent world. Muller's curriculum places more emphasis on spirituality than the IBO curricula, otherwise we are very very close in philosophy.

Best wishes,


IB Organization




Char sent the same letter to another Mr. Ron Murphy at the IBO. Here is a different response:

Dear Ms. Anderson,

From your email, I assume that you are a parent of a student at a middle school in the process of becoming a Middle Years Program. Schools take anywhere from 2 to 5 years to implement, apply and become authorized to be a Middle Years Programme school. I suggest you contact your school principal or program coordinator for more specific information on where they are in the process and their timeline for authorization.

I am not familiar with the World Core Curriculum so, unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the comparison you have asked for. 


Ron Murphy

IB Organization



From IBO, New York office, via Charlene Anderson (June 7, 2001): Here's another response I got from IBO in NY. Note what she says about teacher training workshops and on-going evaluations... Char

Dear Ms Anderson,

The authorization process for the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) takes at least two years. Once schools make the decision to take on the programme, they must send their teachers to IBO training workshops and then implement the programme for one full year (in at least one grade level) before making application to the IBO. The IBO sends an authorization team to the school for a site visit after the application has been accepted.

Once a school is authorized to offer the Middle Years Programme, it continues to receive guidance and curricular materials developed by teachers around the world. Schools may also participate in a moderation process for exit level assessment. There are on-going evaluation visits (three years after authorization and every five years thereafter). As well, there are ongoing opportunities for professional development. Schools also receive IB World magazine and access to the Online Curriculum Center which includes discussion forums for teachers at IB schools around the world.

The IB MYP is not a curriculum; rather it is a curricular framework that schools use to adapt locally prescribed or adopted content. I am not very familiar with the World Core Curriculum and do not know of any IB schools that are currently using it. My understanding is that at the moment only the Robert Muller School in Austin, Texas is following the World Core Curriculum.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.


Niki Singh

Primary Years Programme Regional Manager

International Baccalaureate North America, 475 Riverside Drive, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10115

Phone: +1 (212) 696-4464, Fax: +1 (212) 889-9242

From Fabienne: I was re-reading Brave New Schools, and as I started chapter Chapter 3 and read about young Ashley's experience I remembered an incident that happened quite some time ago. It was in Australia in the late 70s, about 1976 or 77, and my husband and I were visiting some Christian friends who had several children (I was either expecting our first or he was a few months old, I can't recall -- but neither my husband nor I was a believer then). Anyway, one of their daughters, about 12 years old, had brought home one of her English text books to show her parents. Her class in the selective government school she attended had been one of those chosen to participate in a trial of a new English curriculum, of which this was one of the textbooks.

The first thing that was startling was that she and her classmates had been told by their teacher not to take the book home nor talk about it at home. Being a child who didn't hide things from her parents, and being rather disturbed by the book, she took it home anyway. 

Then she showed us a writing assignment from the book that her class had been given: they were to imagine they were murderers and describe in detail how they felt as they planned and carried out a killing, and how they felt afterwards. The book was full of similar "situation ethics" readings and "creative" writing assignments. 

Even though we weren't believers and we were pretty liberal as far as education was concerned, we were astounded that anyone in their right mind would ask anyone, let alone children, to write or even imagine such things. This was in the 70s!

We later heard that the curriculum trial had been dropped, as "schools weren't ready for it". From what we read on your site and from what we hear from home, it would be no surprise to find that book established in school curricula nowadays.

[BTW The incident sparked one of the many discussions of the Truth that family had with us. What a blessing it is that they crossed our paths -- they were among those the Lord used to point us to Himself.]

Anomymous: What is wrong with acknowledging what other religions believe? Shouldn't children all know what other people think and respect them for it? If they have an unwavering faith in God, the simple acknowledging the fact that the Sioux believed that you go on doing what you did after you die should not convert them to that belief. Why is it wrong to know the beliefs of other people?

It isn't. We need to know what others believe so that we can reach out and relate to them with understanding. But we need to understand from God's perspective. Unlike most of the world's religions (excluding Judaism and Islam), Christianity is based on absolute, unchanging truths. It cannot be modified or conformed to popular ideas. It remains the "same yesterday, today and tomorrow."  

As soon as a child raised in a Christian homes begins to synthesize Christian truths, blending them with other religions, the child is no longer thinking or seeing from a Biblical perspective. In this world of "continual change," this dialectic process immunizes many children against ever to believing the Bible to be God's unchanging Word. They begin to see eternity as a place where everyone will be together in some kind of eternal bliss. No need for the cross. No need for Jesus Christ to die for us. No reason not to blend Buddhism with Christian beliefs.   Please see What it means to be a Christian.

Anonymous: I was reading an article at your webpage about how you support home schooling over public or private schools. I find this very offensive you cant teach things you dont understand, Im in Calculus 2 and Phisics 2 I madea 1540 on the SAT/ACT, I've been to Stat science fair competition 3 times and once I made it to nationals where I made a 2nd place, Im in the all state band 1st chair, there is a list on the web some where that has the list of the 100 greatest novels Ive read them all could home schooling do that please respond.

For the first set of Education Comments see Part 1

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