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New February 6

From Dennis: I read your in progress article on "Out of this world fantasies --." I
never gave this much direct thought, but what you say is true. At this time in the history of mankind, a world of fantasies is the truth for far too many people, especially young people.

Living fantasies as if they were the truth will ensure a swift and positive destruction of our
society. Truth, absolute truth, which can only be found in God, and His Son, is the bedrock of this once great nation, and that bedrock is being smashed into little pieces as faith in God is tossed aside.

As for me, my Lord and Savior is the most pure, beautiful, magnificent and lovely person I
know or can think of. I fall so very short of His Holiness, but I know that His Life, provided to us through the avenue of His blessed Son, is the ONLY source of hope any man, woman or child, any human, has for true life and inner purity.

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