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From CB:  I recently read your article concerning the book "The Giver". I am a teacher in a cooperative homeschool group. I was asked to help teach this book as part of a literature class for 7th and 8th graders. I had never read this book as my children are younger ages.

I was very upset at the content. Especially given the fact that this is a Christian homeschool group. We have all pulled our children from the public school system in an attempt to train them in our beliefs. The women who recommended this book is a certified teacher, a pastor's wife, and the founder of our group. A disclaimer of content was never even given to these children's parents. One little girl in my group kept expressing concern over Jonas' "dream". I finally contacted her mother and asked if she had read the book. She said she had not and I explained the story to her and suggested she have a talk with her daughter as she seemed upset. The mother, however, did not seem concerned.

I was at a loss as to how to respond. As a teacher I took the liberty of canvassing opinions from the students and their parents. I was amazed to find that, like your lady with the student in public school, no one seemed at all concerned.

I am having a very difficult time hoeing my own row. My husband and I opted to pass on Halloween after thoroughly reviewing information we found. My children understood without a fight after reading books that presented an objective explanation for their age group.

We are to live in the world but not be part of its activities. That is becoming an impossible task as the field of noncompliers narrows so much. I don't know how to position myself anymore. This world is becoming a place that I don't know how to walk in let alone how to navigate 3 little girls through. Even our family members are permitting their children (same ages as my own) to be involved in so many things that are leading down wrong roads.

I think God is causing me to take my eyes off of everything I have ever accepted as the truth and to focus only on Him. He clearly stated in His Word that He is a jealous God and would tolerate nothing to take His place as number 1.

Thank you for your website. I was encouraged to find someone else shared my viewpoint. Sometimes it is easy to feel all alone.

Thank you, CB, for sharing our concern. I am grateful for God for bringing so many of His people together through the Internet.  As He showed Elijah, His followers are not alone. God seems to have a remnant everywhere, but they may seem all too distant at times.  

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