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The EU (The "New European Soviet"): The early signs are here already. We do not have free speech. Freedom of assembly.

England is a frightening place, living at two levels. Publicly there are firework displays, glitter, opening of new arena etc in Liverpool, “City of culture” but kids can’t read, and we are being swamped by immigration.  Television is full of diversions, quizzes, cookery, auctions, soaps, and NO attempt to inform people how far we are along the road of suicide, before the last treaty is signed, the last door closes and Britain is abolished – literally  I live not in England but in the North-West Region of Europe.   Nobody would have dreamed in 1946 that Britain today could have happened. 

And the same thing with a few different emphases is happening in America. (North American Union).

A legal meeting of the British National Party (BNP) in Anfield (Liverpool) was cancelled a few years ago at the request of the police “to prevent trouble” but the trouble would have come from the Anti-Nazi League. So who won? Not free speech! That worried me.

Since then a ballerina who “came out” as a BNP supporter is no longer front-rank. A teacher Mark Walker in the north-east likewise is now suspended., for his political affiliations.

Why should we fight in Iraq supposedly to bring them democracy, while it is killed off here?  We have to get out of the E.U. and all the conventions on Human Rights, and run our on country.

Transformation. No matter WHAT subject you take, we have no say. Democracy is dead. We still have “elections” but once appointed, we get the same control, changes unnecessary and against our wishes or interests. Kill off the monarchy, democracy, free speech, freedom of assembly, and tax us to death. Permit borrowing out of control until the very fabric of finance is wilting. Permit immigration until (so that?) nations are eradicated, and small groups easily controlled. (United we stand, England: divided we fall – 10 regions of the E.U.) George Orwell (“1984”) could never have imagined the straitjacket we now endure! And we pay for it all!

Tolerance met with Intolerance. In the 19th century Christians in Europe used to send missionaries to Africa and Asia.  When the non-Christians come to live among us, that mission should have been easier!  Instead, we are supposed to sit and watch them retain their religion. We are now in Britain being repressed, supposed not to display signs of Christianity (wear a cross…) lest it offend non-Christians!"

"Punctuality Deficit Disorder"?  Since Poland etc. joined the E.U., 60,000 Poles have come to Britain in a mere 3 months! – which is terrible. They get jobs and the employers comment that they have a good 'work ethics' – i.e. they can do the job, they get on with it, and turn up on time. This tells us that the local indigenous lack these qualities.

In today’s Daily telegraph is a brief piece, “Youngsters will get lessons in catching the bus to work.” The rest of the article shows the level of learning after 12 years of mollycoddling and nannying at school:

“Young people are to be taught how to get to work on time and to 'realise that when an employer asks them to do something, it is not unreasonable to do it', says a report.... The Deputy Prime Minister said a million young people were unemployed because they did not know how to perform the simplest of tasks.

The report by the Social Exclusion Unit calls for lessons for young people on catching the bus or the train and dealing with the problems they are likely to face at work. Those taking the classes who will be aged up to 25 will also be given tuition on anger management.

The 'entry to employment courses', which the Dept for Education and Skills has been told to arrange, will give instructions on how to set an alarm clock.... All young people need help and advice during this critical stage of their lives.”

How did we descend to this level of helplessness?

Training every teacher into a  "change agent": Being "qualified" is [essential for today's] teachers. Even many private schools (here in Britain anyway) have felt that they had to employ “qualified” teachers. I seem to remember Ofsted mentioning that some schools were employing some or too many “unqualified” teachers, - but it is the training, the “qualifying”, that does the damage. It is the teacher training places that do the brainwashing, to turn out “qualified” Politically Correct, Progressive staff. That is the heart of darkness for education today.

On global economy: I live in the British ISLES. We struggled to have food in WWII with about 40 million, and now we are 60 million, with far fewer allotments (to grow food for ourselves). How many children know that peas grow in a pod? Recruits to the armed forces lack, in many cases (25%) the literacy to use modern equipment. Globalism seems to favour others and NOT "the West".

On the Media -- feeding the public appetite for thrills: A paedophile killed two ten-yr-old girls last August and has just been judged guilty. This trial and today the judgment took over the news, we had it morning noon and night, the same photos, the same interviews, programmes interrupted for up-to-the-minute reports.
      Something seems to have gone wrong with television reporting. When Princess Diana died, the flower tributes went over the top, and someone at No.10 said (truthfully but unwisely) that that would be a good time "bury" bad news.
      When we won an international game of rugby, 750,000 people demonstrated in the streets of London - for just one game of sport!
We get hours and hours of a golf tournament. Saturdays are mostly football, when we see people jumping up and down, going mad just because someone has kicked a ball into a goal - surely out of all proportion?
      When TV first came in, there used to be quite long periods called "Interlude" with just a movie of fishes swimming about, very peaceful.
      Now excitement seems to have a life of its own. Music, alocohol, drugs, these are all supposed to "get you going", get you excited, even join in mass fun, excitement (hysteria?) like a lot of lemmings. In a "rave", this is at night, darkness with spotlights, you see thousands of people waving their arms in unison. Mass "enjoyment", fun - that ghastly word "fun".
     This makes me uncomfortable. I am not that keen on mass anything. Peer pressure? How about you?


On Immigration:  The same things happens in Britain.  Whole areas are now "Asian".  I do not believe that the whites who lived there really wanted to move out. We are being colonised and displaced, us and our culture (and religion).

Around 1900s, millions of European migrants moved to America. They WANTED TO become American.  Today's immmigrants -- whether they move to England or America -- just want the benefits they can get. They want to perpetuate the culture etc. of their homeland.  This changes the whole migration picture, so that indigenous culture is under attack everywhere. Read Enoch Powell, if you have not already done so.

On Culture: For years British "soaps" on TV have shown endless episodes of quarreling, shouting, bad table manners. The glaring lacks have been people going swimming, playing tennis, going to Cubs/Brownies, church. Now a new ITV (not BBC) medical/doctors series, "Sweet medicine", has produced an episode with the church featuring big. And the storyline? Two homosexuals have adopted a baby boy, and want him to be christened. The mother of one doctor walks out. The surname of one of the doctors is "Sweet".

On the European Union: Via the EU, everything Hitler wanted is almost complete. The last two are the Euro currency and the constitution, i.e. the abolition of Britain. The E.U. will govern via ten "regions" and Assemblies which will answer to Brussels. These assemblies are now nearly active. People have been appointed (not elected) to their top committee. They plan assembly buildings.... And what happens here will happen in the U.S.A. and vice versa.

On Tony Blair: When he first ran for MP (Beaconsfield, stockbroker belt), still for Labour (he lost), he was against the Common Market and said so very clearly. To get to be high up in Labour when Labour changed, he changed (so it seems). He just says anything to get elected. He wants to be King of Europe, President or whatever. He seems to have lost all patriotism, lost touch with the majority of Britons, signs up for international treaties, lets them dominate and destroy us (international convention on human rights gives migrants all the rights and residents all the obligations). Instead of serving the UK, he strives to get a Politically Correct patch of the planet.

When Labour had their victory and Conservatives lost after Hague, I really did think Labour would at least be honest, but they are just as bad as the Tories. Being an MP is now just a well-paid career with lots of perks and long holidays, and photo calls for the vain.

It is ironic that Blair talks of restoring democracy to Iraq when he is busy removing its last shreds here. The BBC has neglected Christianity for 50 years. We see no soaps with the families regularly going to church or Sunday School, running a little local tennis club, Boy Scouts/ Girl Guides. It is just an endless re-run of personal rows, infatuations and conflict - the lack of good role models must link with the high crime rate! So whereas in 1939 there was one nation, with all the public institutions going the same way (church, schools, press, radio), we now have the strongest power of all (TV) steadily eroding the glue of unity, with multi everything.

Shopping is now not what you do when you need something, but an entertainment! Sport is now far more spectator than participant. In 1945 we were not perfect, but compared to today, well....! we were a superb nation ( like America). Since 1960 it has been downhill all the way, with higher and higher taxes to boot.

Look at Saddam, Mugabe, Idi Amin - they could have been famous for helping their nation up by its bootstraps. Instead they chose hollow, pretentious symbols of "power", palaces, armies, force and terror. A bully mentality. Does anyone know why? Blair wants to go down in history as a world statesman. Instead he looks like being seen as Bush's poodle, a strutting popinjay. Certainly the preparations for post-war in Iraq seem to have been non-existent!

If you ask about Blair, ask also why the Conservative Party refuses to offer: "Get out of the E.U. Stop immigration" which would give them a landslide!!! Instead, Duncan-Smith says "We don't want Britain to leave the E.U. We want to make it work."

If any of you can get a copy of Enoch's speeches ("Freedom and reality", Elliot Right-Way books 1969), or the recent biography "The Last Roman", it is all there: "The first duty of government is to provide against preventable evils" (immigration). Also, his biography "The Last Roman" (by Simon Heffer, recent) is long but very good. If I could weep, there are not tears enough.

And now Blair, Treaty of Nice, and this Constitution and the Euro, the two last nails in the coffin of a great nation.

December 2002

On competition: The other big time communistic effort is to eliminate competition. Communists can't stand for there to be any losers. Here in Britain this was the justifiction for stopping school sports that were competitive, so now we have over-weight couch potatoes. And while "winning" is out, the national government agrees with gambling, and the whole point of the Lottery is to WIN. And if one wins £3 million, then 2,999,999 have lost! No competitive games? Now football is more competitive than ever. It used to be something men played, now it is more a spectator "sport" than an activity! Doublespeak, did you say? Whatever they say, consider it to be the opposite.  Mona McNee


Upside-down values: There is a big fuss on at present about paedophiles, 35,000 of them abroad in Britain, they say. But I look at schoolgirls with short skirts 9" above their knees and think that (to a male?) they are titillating. Should schools go back to having a skirt or gymslip at knee-length? Perhaps American schoolgirls do not go in for this max-skin-exposure? Don't prostitutes have short skirts, to "show all they've got" ? The next thing is that in a poverty area there is a wave of obesity (no Belson skeletons here!). Schools used to provide good, balanced mid-day meals, then this was stopped, heaven knows why, and they changed to a snack bar version, and the children changed to chips, baked beans, NOT fruit and veg. Then they wonder why the children are obese! Adults too, of course, being couch potatoes. Mona

Subversion: Even if we caught Osama and Saddam H., they would be replaced in two ticks by other people. It is another case of hearts and minds. Or even stealth. See how the One World, New World Order lot have 99% abolished Britain, taken over our once-proud country, with never a shot fired, just by destroying education and controlling TV. Mona

Scruffiness: I am puzzled how ordinary people can join in this rejection of looking attractive and smart, and go from childhood, as soon as they are in charge of their own appearance, having messy hair that never sees a brush, "fashion" designed only to expose as much skin as possible regardless of the weather, and lavatorial vocabulary. ...  I think this has gone further in Britain than America.
      Also, hairdressing. Regardless of the period of any play/drama/series, the hairstyling alwasy bears the mark of scruffiness! They spend a mint researching the dress, to be accurate, but the hair is always late 20th century! ... the criterion is, "Do I look scruffy enough?" Talk about a generation gap!  Mona

July 2002

"Qualified" teachers: For some months now I have seen concern expressed in American newspaper articles that a certain number of teachers are not "qualified". When it comes to Kindergarten and First Grade, this is ironic, because the training and qualifications are brainwashing, training in Whole Language, neglect of phonics, put-down of phonics, and not being trained is thus a recommendation, not a disadvantage! Being qualified is all too often a bad sign, when it comes to teachers of infants learning to read, but "unqualified" is still around as something undesirable.

Over the last 10-20 years we have heard the word "professional" more and more frequently. The idea has gained general acceptance that you want your child to be taught by "qualified" and "trained" teachers, and "unqualified" has been made to sound a rude word connencted with "incompetent".. But I could see, in 1970 when I put my first toe in this literacy pond, that it was only because I was NOT trained that I had been able to teach Tim, just by going through a good phonics programme (Royal Road Readers) and using my common sense. I had never been MIStrained. (My teaching diploma of 1948 was for geography and secondary, not reading and infants, and was in any case useless for any practical help I got.).

And Judith Graham's account of what Margaret Meek did with every succeeding cohort of students clearly described this MIStraining. She (Meek) asked students what beginners needed, and the students trotted out every year the same - letters, sounds, blending, just what instinct told them, and she spent "the rest of the year" eradicating every shred of this common sense from their vulnerable brains, proving from a complicated extract that they had to read and re-read it to get the meaning - light years away from what a 4 yr old infant could or would do.

I think her lack of understanding of infant needs was culpable ignorance. Before she spoke at the UKRA conference this month, I urged her to take the opportunity it provided to recant, say, "We have been wrong. We are sorry." But she did not. Instead, she said, "We have had a strenuous decade - now emerging from what felt, at least to me, like persecution."

 She was introduced as "a living legend". Well, that's true enough. But there are many kinds of living and dead legends. ... Does M. Meek even now not realise the effect she had on rising generations, of removing phonics-first from the teaching of infants? I think this mistraining of teachers, leading to the non-teaching of infants, is the longest-running scandal ever, affecting millions throughout the English-speaking world.It is unbelievable. And that's just why people cannot believe it.

Literary and phonics: 7-16-02  I am appalled at the way Gordon Brown (and New Labour) are going to throw more £billions at education. Last week I received a letter from the Audit Commission, where I read: "We are aware of the lack of research evidence about what works best in terms of teaching methods and other interventions for children with particular special educational needs." But other people are saying that the evidence is "overwhelming". This highlights the fact that "experts" in teaching reading today have, by definition, been brainwashed because this is what the teacher training has been doing for 40 years, and people in government and elsewhere turn to those "experts" for advice, so the educrats have it both ways - they can say what 's what and give their wrong advice and at the same time they are in a position to elbow out of the way people who DO know what is needed. They with their flaunted expertise, and professionalism, can advise the "layman" not to listen to us. New Zealand had a committee to investigate how reading should be taught, and not long ago it came out strongly in favour of phonics, but the recommendation was thrown out by politicians!!!!

So the educrats tell New Labour they need more money - and whose pocket will it go into? Theirs. Like MPs giving themselves a raise in pay and allowances. ...

Government decided we should have a government programme to teach reading, so they recruited from the (brainwashed, qualified) experts and in 1998 the National Literacy Strategy arrived in schools. If they had got it right that should have been that. The group should have been set up for a limited term. But they seem to have permanent jobs, so every year to justify their existence they churn out more advice (Progression in Phonics, Early Literacy Support, Additional Literacy Support, and perhaps Further Literacy Support) ad infinitum, because they never get it right! But they have cushy, well-paid jobs, kudos, work away from the rough-and-tumble of the classroom and angry parents. And like all the rest, they are constitutionally unable to say (when the flaws are clarified to them), "We were wrong". When there is a rail accident, there are calls for resignation, but the millions of accidents of reading failure arouse no calls for resignation. They are brushed out of the public consciousness.

Housing costs: 7-18-02 We are now seeing ridiculous rises in the price of housing in the south-east, Kent, London. They are going up 17% a year or more. But a house, bricks and mortar, does not cost that much extra. This is a combination of supply and demand, and people buying in the hope of making a quick profit by selling 6 months later.

At one time estate agents (realtors) would only lend a mortgage of (was it twice) your annual salary, or something. Then for whatever reason, they decided to lend up to 3 or 4 times (I forget the exact figures, but they allowed a bigger multiple of annual earnings to be borrowed), with the resultant prices out of all control. Surely we must be in for another dose of negative equity - and we already tried that with great misery 10 years ago.

This time it is much worse. I cannot think of any way government can control this supply-and-demand situation. They (Labour)are going to build 30,000 cheap-rent houses for doctors, nurses, ?teachers (they say). I do not think house prices have gone mad like this or to this extent in America, have they? A house in a London suburb that would be £6,000 40 years ago is now £100,000.

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