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Gnosticism & The DaVinci Code & Anne Rice

See Five reasons not to see The DaVinci Code

The Historical Record rebuts DaVinci lies & shows the authority of the Bible!

DaVinci Code & Other Deceptions | The DaVinci Code and The Gospel of Judas

Anne Rice re-imagines Jesus and Christian leaders applaud

From Kim Stager: Another good article [Five reasons not to see The DaVinci Code]! I am thankful for your continued ministry in this ever increasing time of apostasy and persecution of born again believers.

I would only add that the book and movie "The DaVinci Code" should not be written off as a novel or for any other reason as many in Christendom are doing. And as many are doing for other such so-called fictional accounts of so-called Christianity. Instead, I believe, biblically speaking, such Gnostic themed media are but prophetic as to the end times in which we live.

We, as Christians, need to tell the world this "fiction" is in fact non-fiction in the Truest sense. For God in His word tells us this is Satan's mode of operation in this world he is god of for a time by the providence of God. And that such media are the means of deception ushering in the coming Satanic world order on the horizon today.

In fact, as all "mystery" religions of Babylon, the Roman Catholic church is in all likelihood actually doing precisely what the book/movie tells us--though through the medium of so-called fiction. For in all such worldly religions, the hierarchy at the top know of the true nature and beliefs of their deceived visible religion that deceives their masses (Ezekiel 8 e.g.). So while the Catholic leaders appear to be infighting over such media events, in fact the Devil's "both ends against the Middle/middle" continues apace. The dialectic of Satan unto deception and eternal death to all who believe in him.

Sad to see the deception of so many. To see the open apostasy of the visible church of Jesus Christ and the rise of the one world religion, et al. To see so many perishing for want of God's word of Truth.

Over time, as the events of prophetic History unfold, we can be sure by God's word that the revealing of the true false religion of Satan will become more out in the open Little by little, the hypocritical religions of Christianity--in particular their leaders--will "come out" as it were and "repent" of their misunderstanding of God's word and Truth, and turn to their true beliefs and god before their followers and the world. It is happening before our very eyes. I hate to see this, the sin of it. The blasphemy of it. That Christ's sacrifice for humanity is being disregarded to the peril of many.

And as you say, our model of how to deal with the deceit of Satan is Christ Himself, not Eve. Oh how the Bible is being disregarded today! Though it alone has the only means of Salvation and remaining undeceived. To God be the glory, Amen!


From George: Thank you for the information. What gets me is how some church leaders have made a definite stand against the DaVinci Code, but have condoned and recommended "The Tales of Narnia" or the "Passion of the Christ." The heresy in all of these movies, including Lord of the Rings, is only one of degree. I am not so fundamentalist or legalistic to the point of disallowing all fiction from my family, but this is tempered by giving the family a primary emphasis on God and His Word. But understand that my comments are coming from someone who uses a TV for videos only (not hooked up to cable, satellite, or antennae), and then only sparingly; someone who has chosen to home school; and someone who has a real problem with organized religion.

Your discussions and links on all these matters have been truly appreciated.


From Kathy:  Correct me if I'm wrong, but having watched previews while at another movie, it seems that this movie has little to do with the original book.  So little that there is a lawsuit or something like that.  It looks more occultic in nature.  To be sure, that is all the more reason not to see it, but basing apologetics on the book won't help much in addressing those who have seen this movie.

I think most "christians" in todays churches DON"T know the word, and they are also not bothered by occult-type movies or TV shows.  We deal with this all the time with professing christians watching blatantly demonic witchcraft oriented programs.  Hellooo!  What's wrong with this picture?  I think you are right that it is a waste of time to see the movie, or to even try to argue its points. 
We need to answer that it is a FICTIONAL movie and not a news program.  Historical facts do not support it.  If the person we speak to is not a believer, end it.  If the person IS a professing christian, YES, explaing the Bible.  But for unbelievers who are not open to believing the Bible anyway, any attempt at explaining things will be unproductive unless you are exceptionally anointed. 
I think immediately of my boss and his wife, who barely believe that Jesus was a historical person and that the Bible is not History but fabrication.  They don't care what the Bible says.  They probably don't believe the movie either, but would use it as a way to engage in a humiliation attempt to mock my faith.  Why would I want to engage myself in something like that? 
 I handle things a bit differently.  Since so many christians are ignorant it is easy to use his desire to attack their faith in a hypothetical context.  Hypothetically, if you say you believe the Bible, then... so any christian who tells you something else is not biblically correct.  Also, "If - then" hypothesis.  If A is true, it follows that B is also true and C is not.  Decide for yourself if A is true.  It puts him back on the hotseat where he is now responsible for his own choice in rejecting God and His word.  Incidentally there are now 7 of us trying to convince him there is a God, and he is good.
As for the Da Vinci Code, it is just a movie.  Historical facts DO support the existence of Jesus and back up what the Bible says as a historical account.  Further, It forbids Christians to participate in the occult, so the movie is contra-biblical.  So is the book.  End of discussion.  Which is true.  Well, the devilis a liar, so figure it out. Refuse to argue the point about the book or the movie and tell the person read the Gospel if they want to know Jesus.    Give them the Gospel of John.

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