The Hand of God in History


See The Hand of God in Mission

and The Moravians & Count Zinzendorf

This fascinating old book -- filled with historical facts tied to God's sovereign timing -- is over 800 pages long. We found it in a used books shop.  We pray that God will use it to strengthen our confidence in His perfect ways!

What a great Shepherd we serve!





From Pastor Michael Delaney:  Thank you Andy and Berit for these excerpts of Missionary stories!  I have served as a missionary/evangelist in several island groups of the West Indies and these stories you have offered brought joy and strength to my faith!  I am a third generation American from immigrants from Poland, Ireland, France and possibly some Scandinavian heritage as well (Ireland, the land of my paternal great grandfather was repeatedly occupied by the Vikings during the course of history and who knows.....perhaps there is even some Norwegian blood mingled in the mix :-)

Please keep this column of God's Hand In History going!  I will be sharing it with many!

Andy and I were delighted to hear that you had actually served God and His people in the West Indies. I would love to hear what God showed you while you were there.

With your encouragement, I will keep scanning and posting the pages from this wonderful old book. We so enjoy sharing it especially when we know that you delight in it as we do! God is so good!

Second letter from Pastor Delaney: My experiences are not as intense or life threatening as the stories you posted but they are interesting nonetheless.

There were several events in Jamaica that were quite an experience.  Through a prison ministry that I worked with, a series of public evangelistic meetings were held in which I served as a minister of music (the Lord has blessed me with some talent as a vocalist).  The meetings at one point focused on exposing the apostasy of the Roman Catholic system and I was threatened with arrest if I stepped on the platform to sing.  Providentially, the Lord intervened and the decision was reversed allowing me to minister freely. 

Interestingly, while I was singing accompanied by a pre-recorded orchestrated sound trac, the electrical power died!  There were about 3000 people gathered in a massive ballroom in Kingston.  I was only a few lines into the song when the power died but I continued singing even without microphones or accompaniment. About 40 seconds later, the power came back and somehow my place in the song "To God Be The Glory" was in perfect synch with the soundtrac!  This astounded the people (and myself!) and the effect was powerful in preparing hearts to hear the messages presented.
This was a notable experience.....thought you might enjoy reading about it.

I have also ministered in the Turks and Caicos Islands and in Bermuda as a speaker/revivalist/evangelist....

You know, the terrors of WW2 serve as reminders of what can happen again. Some of these world leaders who deny the holocaust would bring the same terrors if they could --even here in the US, there are those who amazingly deny what happened in the not too distant past. Let us always watch, pray and be ready.  Though I know them not by name, it is very possible and indeed probable that some of my bloodline relatives in Poland may have died under the Nazi regime -- perhaps at Auschwitz. Of course all this before I was born but nonetheless reality that sobers the thinking and leads us to cling to the cross even more fervently.

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