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From Jeff Wallace: [RE:Crackerjack liberal censorship] I love this article and agree 100 percent with you. To use a simple geographical analogy here, you know when you go into the mountains and see streams trickling down, if you follow them, typically they lead to rivers, which in turn lead to bigger rivers and then eventually to the ocean. My point is that liberalism isn't little pockets of randomness working independently with no particular interconnectedness. All of these various liberal orthodoxies are indeed tributaries that are leading to a very specific end game. If you follow them, you will find they often dovetail into even bigger more pervasive Orwellian programs, which in turn are working in unison with even bigger agendas. The gun control crowd on the grass roots level of course often don't know what the bigger end game is for gun control, but there is one the elites have in mind. The same can be said for liberals wanting to create an ever growing speech police everywhere they are able to (of course campuses are the great test tube for this endeavor). So as you search the landscape further you will find that there are many tributaries of liberal orthodoxy [gun control, speech control, redistribution of wealth thru pervasive taxation, promotion of perverted lifestyles, devaluation of the family unit, abortion and population control, extreme environmentalism, anti Americanism, anti militarism (only the American variety of course), race baiting, UN lovefest, universal healthcare, domination of the media and entertainment, and one very sacred to them... anti Judeo-Christianism, to name a few].

One that can be added to this you are about to explore, if I understood correctly, is the liberal take over and domination of public education (and private too in many cases sadly). Rudy, let me reiterate my point here that all these are leading to a very specific end game. They are all pieces to a bigger puzzle and they are all being orchestrated actually by powerful and elitist types. If one really thinks about it, even if they didn't know or believe what I just said, it would be extremely difficult to explain how political correctness and liberal orthodoxy has become so pervasive, so powerful, so overwhelming on practically all fronts without some kind of powerful backing and orchestrated manipulation. To anyone who would say that a few liberals just started all this and it spread kinda willy-nilly on its own, is to be very naive indeed. I don't know your take on this, in its entirety, but if you haven't realized what I am saying, I hope that in your research you will give this some thought and study. One really good author on this subject is Dr. Dennis Cuddy. He is a former (or might still be there actually) professor at the University of North Carolina. He has written several good books on the subject and it might be really eye opening for you to explore abit. In your pursuit of information on government schools, you will want to ask yourself not only what are they doing, but maybe more importantly, why are they doing it.

Maybe if you have stayed with me here this long, you are asking at this point, what is the end game (unless you already know). Well, books have been written on this and there is a lot one needs to say on this to be fair and to be reasonably scholarly about it. The short answer, to me, is these people are working toward world wide control of everything, amazingly enough pretty much like a version of an Orwellian world entity. Put another way, they actually envision a new world order where all things are done politically correct, of course only as they dictate. If you don't see this coming, or think this is bogus, Rudy, you really should study it further, because there actually is ample evidence, that this is actually what they are going to do. This is part of the reason these leftwingers love the UN so much and hate any semblance of nationalism. The love all things global, and hate all things national you could say. You mentioned Stalin, just remember, their heroes are Stalin and Mao and Marx. There is a reason for that. You will note they often impugn someone by calling them a "separatist" or an "unilateralist" I have said for decades that the left in this country hate America and would like it actually to fail somewhat. Recently, George Soros (a huge financier of political correctness and extreme liberalism) said exactly that. He said America stands in the way of making the world a better place (paraphrased). What he really meant is that a strong, free, sovereign, constitution driven super power, stands in the way of a socialist/fascist secularist oppressive totalitarian new world order.

Gene Malone: Help, we are in the throes of a Teen Screen battle in Kenosha with the local paper, education and mental health interests and left churches/Unitarian-led/C.U.S.H. seeking to force a suicide quiz on all the children trapped in Lab 101's.

If you have any info on the New Freedom Mental Health bill, Teen Screen data/opinions or views please send them to share with a local parent fighting this wrong approach to solving a perceived suicide epidemic in Kenosha's school population. Methinks, other factors are involved such as pointless education , drugs in schools, peer pressure and kids without moral training/God and more.

First they came for the neighbor's child, then they came for another and another , and then they came to test the mind of your own child-too late. gene malone

Remember we are in fad-land in SE Wisconsin , but your urban schools most likely already have this TS or will without protest. We will protest.

From George:  I do not profess at all to be an expert in pharmaceuticals, but I always thought that it was common knowledge that Ritalin was a form of "speed" similar, in other words, to methamphetamines.  The root of the generic word they used for Ritalin is "pheni."  Phenidrine(sp.) is commonly prescribed today for weight loss, replacing the biamphetamines (Black Beauties) that used to be prescribed before they were made illegal to produce.  By the way, making the manufacture of amphetamines illegal in professional pharmaceutical laboratories, is what brought on the advent of home made amphetamines, commonly called Crank.
    The side effects described for Ritalin use are typical side effects of amphetamine use in general.  When I questioned once before why, what would normally be considered an "upper" was being used for a problem like ADHD which is usually connected with hyperactivity already, would work; the answer was that the drug had the reverse effect on young children.  Go figure.
    But I guess it does make sense when you understand that Ritalin is prescribed by the same "profession" that brought us Dr. Spock and transactional analysis (I'm OK, you're OK)

From Barry N.: Just a note after visiting your site. At age 59 I have just been dismissed from my post as a senior (male) nurse in the UK. My work is exemplary, but my employer objected to my theology website, on which I oppose homosexuality. Though it was admitted that I got on well with homosexual colleagues and treated them professionally and with friendliness, I wanted to get rid of me! The effect is to remove me from an income and my profession. The writing is on the wall for freedom of speech in the UK!

I am so sorry to hear this, but Im not surprised. And I am concerned that the suffering that you have endured will be multiplied around the world in the next few years. The leaders of this current transformation have neither tolerance nor mercy for resisters such as us. I wonder how much longer we may share information via this website.
May I post your comment as a warning and encouragement to others who face similar hostility with or without your name?
May God comfort and strengthen you as He leads you through this painful times.

Second letter from Cris Shardelman: (See letter below) Harold Shane, the author of the NEA article published in the Dec.69-Jan.70 Today's Education, was a keynote speaker for the Washington State Association of School Administrators in 1976.  The article I referred to was NEA's, "Forecast for the 70's".  The article was 4 pages long.

 It stated "Biochemical and psychological mediation of learning is likely to increase.  New drama will play on the educational stage as drugs are introduced experimentally to improve in the learner such qualities as personality, concentration and memory.  The application of biochemical research findings, heretofore centered in infra-human subjects, such as fish could be a source of conspicuous controversy when children become the objects of experimentation."

 Regarding the "..educators assuming formal responsibility for children when they reach the age of two", there was "..of major importance-early referral to cooperating social agencies for treatment of psycho behavioral problems". And, "New programs for two-year-olds will involve the coordination of community resources, under school auspices, to equalize educational opportunity for these children before cultural deprivation makes inroads on their social and mental health".

 Additionally, "However, there could be a tinderbox quality to the introduction of mandatory foster homes and "boarding schools" for children between the ages of two and three whose home environment was felt to have a malignant influence.  Decisions of the 1970's in these areas could have far-reaching social consequences.  Although it is repugnant to permit a child's surroundings to harm him, there is no clear social precedent for removing a child from his home because it lacks the sensory input needed to build normal intelligence and, therefore, in effect condemns him to a lifetime of unskilled labor." (That gave me a jolt when I read in the America 2000 literature about using charter schools for orphanages and also for residential schools.)

From Cris Shardelman: Regarding Ed Watch's great expose' of Mental Health, I wanted to add a couple of thoughts:

Remember, the definition of mental health was changed in the early 70's, and no longer relates to one person's inability to know right from wrong, etc., but to the community needing mental health treatment, in other words, politically correct. As we know Pres. Bush has been pushing mental health for all.

The radical idea of assuming control of early childhood is not new, as most NL no doubt know. The NEA publication of 12-69/1-70 stated that educators would assume formal responsibility for children at the age of 2, and that drugs might be used on children. The 1974 Washington State publication "Guidelines for Child Development Laboratories" revealed activities for Early Learning.

A real eye-opener came from Washington State's Superintendent of Public Instruction's Your Public Schools 6-85, discussing a teacher workshop to be held at Western Washington University on "Early Childhood: Global Peace Education". Quoting, "the workshop will feature presentations, discussions, practicum experiences and social events emphasizing that early learning should seek to develop the full potential of each child, and focusing on the philosophy of interdependence, the psychology of peace making and the development of global awareness curriculum for infancy through age 8." Note that said INFANCY!!! Our Senate Ed Committee is now called "Early Childhood, K-12, and Higher Education.

A few years ago, a number of us picketed the Early Childhood meetings chaired by Bill Gates wife and Mona Locke, the wife of then Governor Gary Locke. The Lockes are Chinese, and of course Mona went to China and found how far ahead of Americans those little babies function. Governor Locke said the reason they needed Early Childhood Education was because when they had their first child, Emily, he "didn't know whether to tickle her or read to her". He didn't learn much, because when they had a son, Dillion, he repeated the same theme.

Hearing, "I'm the government, and I am here to help you", gets scarier all the time.

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