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From J: Aren't you aware that the "guilds" on -- such as the wiccan site you talk about [that's from a visitor's statement in our Q&A section] are NOT created, controlled, or even endorsed by neopets itself? The guilds are created by the players, and guilds advocating any religion, including wiccanism, are technically against the site's rules, but some players try to circumvent the staff members in charge of deleting such groups. It is not the responsibility of at all.

Our concern has little to do with who is responsible for various kinds of entertainment, J. We are far more concerned about the influence or the message that they bring. Please see Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning

Neopets isn't even the product of a single entity. It is worked on by a wide range of artists and writers with their own separate ideas. They submit their creatures, worlds and artwork to the site, and the site owners add it to the game. They reject anything sexual, political, or graphically violent, but mythological concepts are considered safe. The various mythological creatures on neopets are in no way intended to advocate nonchristian cultures, and even if they were, cultures such as ancient egyptian or greek mythology are long dead, and their various gods and monsters, in this day and age, are devoid of all meaning. They are used in games and movies only because they look like interesting story-book characters. No one believes in them or supports belief in them, as they are clearly fictitious mythological concepts.

HOWEVER!!! You should know that the neopets company was recently purchased by a man known as a leader of SCIENTOLOGY. The designers and artists who create neopets are not scientologists and are unhappy about this arrangement, but these artists are powerless to control who buys and sells their company. They are strictly against using neopets to deliver any kind of religious or cult message, but this scientology leader will now be making a personal profit from the game, and is putting himself in charge of marketing and distribution.

Also, I would like to understand something. The following are quotes from
NeoPets (Q&A):

Hornsby ("a cross between 2 other species")
Magtile ("a cross between a Neo Maggot and a Reptillior") snake. Beware, they love blood)
Cobrall (Cobra - "a great companion... Can spit Negg juice up to 30 feet")

-What is questionable about any of these? They are just animals. Neopets is simply intended to include animals and creatures of every type imaginable, from insects and sea-life to dinosaurs and robots. A juice-spitting cobra or biting maggot are completely neutral, natural concepts.

Babaa ("scared... will hide under bed") Interesting, since the lamb is also a Christian symbol.

-How can you possibly read into this? A cowardly cartoon sheep has nothing to do with anything anti-christian. It's just a barnyard animal. No meaning is intended here.

The game actually began as one person's personal site, but it became so popular that it boomed into a business and the original creators have
relatively little involvement.

In its current state, Neopets is a secular democracy. The games, worlds and creatures are all based directly on what the players want, and they are
commonly allowed to "vote" on what content gets added to the site. This is why the neopets world appears to borrow concepts from ALL cultures,
mythologies, genres and trendy themes from medieval fantasy to science-fiction, directly reflecting whatever is currently popular. Even the
artwork tends to imitate the styles seen in Disney or Anime films, and things such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings have been parodied from time to time (or perhaps just "ripped off" as they say).

New players only have access to "basic species"...mundane neopets based on regular animals, birds, dinosaurs and insects. It is by spending points, however, that they can customize their game experience however they see fit...making their pets "cute and innocent", "dark and scary", or just plain absurd if that's what they're into. Similarly, they CAN visit worlds such as the creepy Haunted Woods or mystic Fairyland, but they aren't required to...they can also visit worlds like a dinosaur valley, underwater city, jungle island, space station and winter village, or never visit any at all.
The game can even be played without owning any "pets".

A mildly interesting controversy within neopets is the "political correctness" of holiday themes. The site offers pets, items and worlds based
on all mainstream American celebrations (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day) along with british holidays, the chinese
new year and whatever else players have asked for, but the various people responsible for this content are split over whether to keep words like
"christmas" and "halloween" or change them to secular terms like "winter" and "scary".

(Personally, I think this "Political correctness" is a double-edged sword that has gotten way out of hand in this day and age, and that even
videogames have to be pressured by it is, to me, very depressing)

From Isaac Gutierrez: I live in the Dallas Texas. I'm 31 yrs of age and I will be graduating from Bible School soon. I love your website!


I've been researching occult phenomenon from a biblical perspective for about five years. The information I have compiled is staggering. I'm glad a ministry like yours is proclaiming the truth about the dangers of the occult. Satan wants our children and he will do everything he possibly can to seduce them into accepting satanic entertainment and games. I recently did some research into NeoPets because a brother in Christ gave me a game piece from McDonalds. He didn't like the way it look and felt so he gave it to me to research. I found out that NeoPets is just another marketing campaign of Wizards of the Coast. When you go Wizards of the Coast website you can found NeoPets along with D&D and others. The website they have for the kids is just a diversion. Its time that the church realize that Satan wants to deceive God's children into believing his lies and deception.

I'm giving multimedia lectures and seminars over the effects of occult entertainment. Sunday August 14, 2005, I will be speaking to hundreds of children between the ages of 7-14. Pray that God will use this presentation in a mighty way to reach this kids with biblical truth. The name of my ministry is The Time is Now Ministries. Pray for me and my family as we proclaim the truth from God's word to my area in Dallas, Tx. Jesus is Lord!.

From Adam: I was looking around your sight and found your neopets article.

I must say that you are totally overreacting. Those who believe that this sight is based on cults and witchcraft are making wild statements.

Unless you search for such things such as witchcraft and wicca and occult things you will not find those things on neopets. If someone is searching on it then the interest must already be there, which i think seems to fall on the parents shoulders as theyre fault. Why would an interest be there in the first place? The parents must tell them that witchcraft is wrong, and that fairys do not actually exist and magic potions don't exist.

Also find it hard to believe that you somehow manage to take the hours it takes to gather all the information about the names of pets and somehow corrolate them to ancient egyptian religion. In this case they just wanted to make all of these seem like they are from the desert and egyptian themes worked.

Neopets is a fun site for preteens to use. IF they have theyre parents guiding them.

I am a very strong christian even though i am only 15.

I like to play neopets and I have the discernment to know good and evil. We must let the parents now that they must raise theyre children in a way that they know how to discern which things to believe and what not to.


From a concerned visitor: The web site is a hoax, all the games etc has no value whatsoever, all they want to do is steal people's identy and personal information. My niece played neopets and I played with her a game. I didn't really look at all that magic, etc., I just cared about the games.


Now that I read your article I say it is evil too. We couldn't get into a part of the website -- -- and they said that in order for us to enter that part we must turn off our internet security software or to add their site to the internet security permit list. Guess what, I didn't know better and I did that and I got two trojan horses and other viruses into my computer. I think that somewhere should be a warning about this. That site should be banned.

From Kristina: I am a Christan living in the hot desert of Arizona. I stumbled upon your website by chance and couldn't help but read some featured topics and what not. I have to say I was a bit surprised at your rejection of all things pertaining to magic in TV shows and Online sites. For example, you seem to have a thing against some of the games on Neopets because there are fairies and potions, but I don't quite understand this apprehension. I know that magic is far from reality and the possibilities that God created, but, mystical creatures and bad guys and good guys create a fantasy play land for today's youth.


A child raised with God as the highest and most awesome source can differentiate between real and fiction. Even a child who doesn't know God, knows that he/she can't fly or cast away their teachers with the snap of a finger. They are only using their imagination. It is their way of having fun. They are, after all, children. For some children, imagination is their only possession. Say they think of using a potion to cure life and fly to the farthest reaches of God's green earth to save a damsel from an evil king.


Rather than finding an underlying occult prophecy, let's turn the tables. The potion to cure is having faith in God's abilities. Helping those in need is a practice we should all take up. Fighting an evil king is rather like fighting everyday evils that we as God's children have to endure. The scenario can be interpreted many different ways by many different people. You're not wrong in your hesitation to allow these kinds of fantasy stories but maybe each story needs a second chance, a closer look, or an open perspective.

Yes, most older children have mental understanding of the difference between fact and fiction. But the emotional response to a captivating fictional story or movie can be just as effective -- often more so -- in changing beliefs and values as actual facts. Please read  Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion. It explain the problem better than I can summarize it here.

Anonymous: Your article on neopets is much rather amusing. I must say whoever wrote this bravo. Of course. I know you won't post this letter because it goes against your way so thinking but be bias. Neopets is a nonharmful enviornment. Faeries, magical potions, wands, etc. are in small story books such as Sleeping Beauty. So if your going to say neopets is such a threat to your christan beliefs you and families who believe this really should stop reading children books.


As Dr. Suess once said you should imbrace your childs imagination not smother it. Truthfully, What adult/child/grandparent has not thought of magical faeries, mermaids, witches, wizards etc. Life wouldn't exactly be the same. Boring, black and white. Christan children who do play this game I would say find it quite enjoyable. The games for fun, petpets for our virtual pets. I may be 13 but I can still open my mind, obviously, wider than the mother who wrote this.

Dr. Seuss was well aware of the power of the imagination to establish images and values in the minds of readers. That's why he, like the liberal education establishment, like to use mythical stories and occult fantasies to steer the public consciousness toward the kind of beliefs and values they prefer. Like Hollywood, he has in mind a certain kind of a world -- and traditional Christianity doesn't fit that envisioned world. Nothing is more subtle and effective than filling minds with images and suggestions that clash with traditional values and produce "cognitive dissonance". Please read The Power of Suggestion .

Actually, I didn't write any article on the Neopets. The insights below were sent by a visitor:

From Paula Lindsay-Dutch: Are you aware the NeoPet website is a recruiting ground into WitchCraft/the occult?  My ten year old daughter starting playing NeoPets on her computer after her cousin introduced her to the website. She created a virtual pet and the Lord warned me about the website. So praise the Lord she did not have a chance to get involved.

After the Lords warning, I researched the website and what I have found is very interesting indeed. Ones involvement in NeoPets starts off innocently enough. Until ones pet gets sick and one has to buy a healing potion to cure it, or send it to the Light Fairies healing pond. One is sent on quests by good and bad fairies where no doubt magic spells are used for protection and defense. Not real spells however, just fantasy magic at this stage to get one used to the idea and curious about witchcraft. Most of those who play NeoPets join a Guild. This is where things get real! Some of these guilds are harmless and are normal guilds and not of the WitchCraft kind. However many are full blown Wicca Websites/guilds. I accessed one Wicca guild and followed a link to it's Wicca website on Yahoo. I joined to investigate. I read the message conversations between the young girls on the website. Some of these girls also play NeoPets. No doubt that is how they came across the Whispers Of Magick website. Some of the girls belong to Christian families and are closet Wiccan's and actively practice witchcraft under their parents noses. One can down load files on Wicca from Yahoo Whispers Of Magick which is linked to Neopets guild and is found in the Witches Tower. This particular guild/website is only accessed by being a member of the guild.

I also accessed a very active Wicca website linked to NeoPets guilds and that is found in the NeoPets Haunted Forest. It is called Witches Spell Guild. It is a full blown Wicca website and carries information on real spells/directions for spell casting etc. It is the real thing. This site is interesting as it is active. If one is not a member of it, one can access the Wicca content without having to join it. There are many more such websites linked to NeoPets. I also came across a Christian guild found in the haunted forest on Neopets. What it is doing there I shall never know. Sadly I have found some Christian websites for children, carry the NeoPets web address.


Many christian adults and children play NeoPets. Where is the discernment!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Satan can't get the kids with Harry Potter he most certainly will try with NeoPets.


My daughter attends a public school and refuses to have anything to do with Harry Potter and Witchcraft. We have had many a battle with school teachers/other children over Harry Potter etc. Children have come to faith over my daughters witness at school and renounced their involvement in witchcraft. So it makes the persecution my daughter and I receive for standing for Jesus worth while. The dangers of NeoPets is less obvious than Harry Potter at first glance, though the name is a give away. NeoPet (Neo-Pagan). One must search the less innocent parts of the website to discover what is really going on. My daughter has now been shown the occult content of the website including the Wicca websites I accessed and will have nothing to do with it.


It is very interesting to note that the Lord warned a friend of mine not to allow her son to play NeoPets at the same time he warned me. My friend was on holiday at the time so we had no contact with one another. I left her a phone message and warned her of the danger, telling her to keep her son away from it. When she arrived home she told me the Lord had warned her while she was away as her son was trying to create a pet on NeoPets, while using her sisters computer. The Lord does not like NeoPets! It would be good if you could research and run a warning from your website, as you deal with entertainment and the occult. If you are interested in doing so I can send you links to the two Wicca guilds/websites that I have used for examples. There are many other examples too many to mention.

If you wish to access NeoPets for research you must join and create a pet to access the rest of the website. One can only join one guild, so one must access other guilds under new membership. I hope the info I have given you is of use. May the Lord use it to warn others.

This picture states: "Fire Faerie Token: ... This card gives an additional +4 to magic if you have a Fire Neopet or Hero in this contest."  We didn't want to post pictures of the more obviously occult, evil or sensual cards.

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