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From George:  [President Bush [speaks at Islamic] Dinner at the White House] President Bush received a good many votes from Evangelical Christians because he proclaimed to be a Christian.  His fruit has certainly not matched up to his Christian actions.  It strikes me as being quite hypocritical to be pandering to Islam when Bush has brought war to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Is this his idea of witnessing for Christ?  The world doesn't need the kind of peace that comes from religious diplomacy. The greater peace of Jesus puts greed and pride away.  If Bush thinks he can bribe Islamic countries by catering to their religious beliefs, then he has another think coming.

From Jeff: As I read the horrible plight of the people under Mugabe, it sounds incredibly like what Stalin did to some 20 million of his own people. And the article refers to North Korean training of some Mugabe troops and thereby it also smacks of what the brutal North Korean leadership and the Mao Communist did in those countries. It is most interesting that as his brutal oppressive schemes are carried out, he cleverly labels it as (in classic leftist double speak) as beautification and clean up. Leftists and totalitarians of all stripes have this tendency to color all kinds of corruption, brutality, oppression, and downright mass murder into some kind of touchy, feely doublespeak.

Yet, globalist and leftist all over America again and again, seem to embrace these killers and butchers as the good guys, and disdain the Judeo Christian American culture as the real evil. I guess, evil has this need to prop up evil where ever it is, and downplay whatever is remotely connected to real goodness or decensy and especially anything related to Judeo Christianity. It is sad and discouraging to watch and behold, but we know God is still in charge and will one day judge all things as they truthfully are, not as doublespeak paints it.

From M Diaz: (RE: "Forgotten Christians" below) I just read this article and I must say I was disturbed by some things in it. The first thing is that there is no country called Palestine. There is no such country now, and there never was. Otherwise they would have their own currency and language. In biblical times, Palestine was used to refer to a region, the way today we refer to the Caribbean as a region. In fact, the region of Biblical Palestine is now thought to be where the country of Jordan is today.

The term Palestinian originally was used for the Jewish people. Arabs used to be insulted when they were called Palestinians because they knew it meant the Jewish people. This changed in 1966 or 1967 when Yasser Arafat took control. Anyone that doesn't believe this can look this up for themselves by doing a Google search on the word Palestinian.

The second thing is the term Palestinian Christian. One can be an Arab Chrisitan, but not a Palestinian Christian, partly becuase there is no such country as Palestine, and also because being Palestinian is a mind set, not a race. This leads into my next point, quoting from the article:

"The Arab Palestinian Christians ....have the same history, the same culture, the same habits and the same hopes.Ē (emphasis mine)

Lebanon was one of the few countries that took in Palestinians. Lebanon used to be called "the pearl of the Middle East". It is no longer called that since it has been ravaged by war. This war was started internally by the Palestinians that Lebanon had given refuge to. That is not the way most of us would want to be "thanked". Again, anyone can look all of this information up for themselves to verify the truth of these statements.

You may post these comments, but I will understand if you choose not to. I do not wish to bring more vitriol down on your head!

In closing I must say that you do an excellent job with your site. I refer folks here all the time and will continue to use and recommend your site.

Thanks for the correction. I deleted the story from the news page, but have posted here as a reference point. I thank you for helping us provide accurate information that honors Him and equips His people for the times ahead. He is so faithful!

Forgotten Christians - Not all displaced Palestinians are Muslims: "At the time of the creation of the Israeli state in 1948, it is estimated that the Christians of Palestine numbered some 350,000. Almost 20 percent of the total population at the time, they constituted a vibrant and ancient community ... Of the 750,000 Palestinians that were forced from their homes in 1948, some 50,000 were Christians ó 7 percent of the total number of refugees. ...

     "Abbas is one of the handful of Palestinian Christians that could be described as Evangelical, belonging to a group that appears to be distantly related to the Plymouth Brethren."

     We don't know the state of Abbas' faith, but when Andy and I visited the ancient part of Jerusalem, we met "born again" Arab Christians who loved our God and invited us to worship with them. It was exciting to hear the melodies of familiar hymn sung in their language -- a wonderful reminder that around the world, those who know and follow Jesus are one family in Him! Oneness

From Cousineau: I read the prayer request from the Chaplain in Iraq. I do pray for God's protection on all those who call upon Him.

What is troubling is that so many Christians do not see that democracy, vote, freedom are just smokescreens of satan for his new world order and that it is the U.S. which is at the forefront of this endtime evil plan. Christians in America have made an idol of America freedom and their new messiah, George. They refuse to see the dangers .

Freedom in Afghanistan has not opened the door to the truth of the Gospel, but to more opium production. The Christian Chaplain in Iraq is deceived into believing that he is doing good, doing God's will by bringing democracy and the vote to Iraq, and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them?

Throughout Biblical history, Iraq/Babylon has always been synonymous with God's judgment. This is the true reason why America is in Iraq. Why have Christian leaders failed to point out the incredible arrogance of Christian George in dividing up Israel. His playing god and peacemaker is a fatal form of arrogance for our nation, and the church is dead asleep.
This is the strong delusion and God's judgment which has started at His house.

I thank for your ministry, based on love of the truth. II Thess 2;11-12

Some of the problems you mention trouble me, too, Marcel. As might be expected, our increasingly secularized and socialized nation seems to looks at the changes in the world through the filter of human "rights" and globalist idealism (which are not Biblical) rather than through the filter of Biblical truth and history -- and through the cross of Christ.

Yet, that scenario matches the end time events God revealed to us in His Word. The main thing we can do is to put our concerns in His hands and pray that He will fulfill His own purposes through human vessels - whether they know Him or not. May He enable us to hear and follow Him and finish the work He has called us to do at a time such as this. He is so faithful!

See El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty

From a concerned mother.  Wow, I just can't believe what is going on! The rhetoric coming from both candidates (it is easier for me to hear it from Kerry, with Bush it is harder for me to hear the doublespeak ).
It is the hegelian dialectic in action!! They are both striving for the third way (NWO), by wiping out the middle class and making an elite and a worker (serf) class, destroying national sovereignty, borders, middle class jobs and wages, and destroying our traditional (biblical) morality through confusion and 'consensus'.
Kerry quoting scripture and giving it a meaning that was not meant--that is so shocking! You just know he is 'full of baloney'!

From Dennis: I do know of course that most of the news postings you put on your web site are directly connected with the things that our Lord predicted would happen in the end times. I know that He is control and I do take comfort in that. However, most of the news postings, along with what I read in my daily newspaper (becoming more and more difficult to even look at) are disheartening. The daily news still has the effect of making your heart sink, even when you know the Lord is in total control. It is very difficult to avoid the sinking feeling.

Then, a story about a six year old boy like Donnie Hauser-Richerme who risked his own life for his friend comes along and it is immediately heart lifting. It is like a gleaming ray of sunshine bursting through the daily onslaught of doom. I immediately prayed for this little boy that Yeshua would place His hand upon him (I know He has already) and that He would bring the child's heart unto Himself and hold Him close to His bosom as a little lamb in the arms of the Great Shepherd.

I do hope and pray that I might find courage like this little boy did when it is needed. Little children know things that have long been ruined in the turmoil of adulthood. Only Yeshua can restore that which is broken and ruined. There is no other name.

From Ender: About the "Jesus is My Homeboy" shirts . . . wow . . . what flagrant disrespect of our Lord and Savior! To reduce the holy Son of God into another marketing tool. Reminds me of Jesus throwing out the merchants in the temple courts. If anyone really wanted to be a friend of God, the shirts aren't the way.
Jesus said, "As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father's commandments and abide in His love . . . Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you" (John 15:9, 10, 13, 14 NKJV). This is the key to true friendship/fellowship with Christ. Unfortunately, the shirts don't say that. I think people wear it just to "fit in," yet true Christianity never fits in with the world (see James 4:4).
And by the way, kudos to Mr. Proctor on his article "Hating Holiness." It's exactly how I feel about those shirts.

In case some may ask what is allowed to churches and what isn't under HIPAA, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has a webpage on the topic at

"Q. Does the privacy act (HIPAA) affect congregations with regard to publishing information about their members in church bulletins?
A. The following response was written by Synod's legal counsel:...."

It is a fact that no matter how good the intentions of lawmakers, most of them are unwittingly serving the purposes of the enemy of souls. In these times when everything is seen as relative and people refuse to recognise objective truth, the only solution they will see to problems real and imaginary is legislation and more legislation. And then there is the handful who want to control everyone else...

The devil is a control freak and there are many people who are willing to go along with his way of doing things, thinking they will benefit from it. However, no matter how many laws are passed to restrict everything, we know that God is still in charge and we can trust Him. It can never be stressed strongly enough that we must look to Him for wisdom and only to Him, in any situation (see James 1:5, Proverbs 2:1-8; also Psalm 37).


From Mary Thompson: It is not so strange at all about Hoover and Schultz. Neither Hoover Inst. nor Stanford are even close to being conservative. Hoover Institute is one of those places to harbor
and instigate the agenda represented by Shultz and other known and lesser known operatives. It is one of those establishments similar to Heritage Foundation which works toward a New World Order under the guise of being intellelcutally conservative. It would no more endorse a McClintock than Shultz would.

I have had one personal experince with a Hoover Inst. economist in the early 70's. We both had a teenager in a youth symphony band which required auditions and which performed near professional performances. We were both on the parent sponsored board of directors. He became president
of the organization, and immediately began to "restructure" the wonderful organization into a "Humanist" format. (His own words).

We tangled early on when the first meeting of his tenure, the chairs were in a circle. I pulled my chair out of circle and refused to be part of the seating arrangement. Things went from bad to worse. Ultimately, the whole organization was destroyed by his maneuvering behind the scenes. I resigned from the board before it fell apart, and sent a letter to the board members as to why. He called me then, and once he knew "I knew" the process, all the cat and mouse games stopped, and he bluntly
told me, "One of these days we will know which one of our philosophies will win".

I also contend, that the "powers that be" maintain "parking places" where they "mothball" operatives between active cycles of service for the NWO. From my observation, Hoover is one of those places. Columbia Univ. was one of those places for Eisenhaur, etc. etc. The "Shultzes" slip in and out as their services are needed.


From Mary Thompson: TV news last night and this morning reported early congratulatory calls received by the governor elect, Swarzenegger. It would be expected that both Presidents Bush would be among the first callers, but another early congratulating call was NELSON MANDELLA. All those conservatives who abandoned their principles to vote for "Arnold Kennedy" should take note of the company they just joined.

If the data for vote counts published this morning is correct, and if what is reported as "exit polling" saying that 1/2 of Arnold's votes came from conservatives who really preferred McClintock is accurate, had those conservatives voted their conscience, McClintock would have had more votes than than Bustamante or Arnold.

S.J. Mercury also reporting today that the conservatives who voted for Arnold are now convinced he will reward them for doing so by adopting some of their policies. One spokesman even said the thinking is that it will be easier to move Arnold more to the right now that he's elected. One wonders what such thinkers are smoking.
We should hold on to our seats, it's going to be an interesting ride.


From Dennis: I have said this before. I must say it again. It is only necessary to go down the list of your daily news postings and read not much more than the heading and short description to know without question that Satan is seriously stepping up the heat of his personal onslaught against our Lord Jesus Christ and that we are absolutely in the end times.


A few days ago I gave a copy of Ashley Anderson's article to a co-worker that I still would like to think is a Christian. He read it and rejected the whole thing saying that he saw no problems in the public schools his children attend. He went on to tell me, during the course of our discussion, that communism is "dead" and is no longer a threat to us and how we do not have to be concerned about Russia.


I am finding more and more that the overwhelming majority of so called "Christians" seem to have their heads in the sand and literally are not seeing the travesty of how God's ways are being put to an open shame every
minute of everyday. What is going on here? What is the matter with these people??!! I am so glad there is someone like you out there. At least I can go to your material and read what I know is the truth. Thank you once


From Mary Thompson: The "ghosts" of the Human Potential Movement of the 60's live on in the name of "Diversity Training" with such endeavors as "Camp Anytown". All this financed by school budgets while districts plead poverty to taxpayers and extort parents for monetary "gifts" lest their children be deprived of academics.

Matt Cox, Pacific Justice Institute is correct when he says,"It is ludicrous and absurd to
devote class time and public school funds to diversity camps when students are still
struggling with literacy".

The only benefactors are the sensitivity training facilitators and other "change-agents" getting
paid for conducting the brainwashing exercises.

The next time you are asked to pass a school tax measure or are asked for a monetary "gift", be reminded that your dollars are being used to send students to camps where they spend time participating in activities described by S.J. Mercury as, "touchy-feely, including group hugs and a campfire capped off with four verses of Kumbaya".

From Tom Montali (a Christian in Hawaii -- concerning the Ten Commandments): Do you want to know what's really going on here? The only Judge passing down a decision here is the Lord Himself on Sodom and Gomorrah...oops.....I mean America. We can see His verdict in the bible...Romans 1:18-32.


Verse 28 reads..."And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient......"


I fear that this could be a warning for all that He may be removing His protection (giving us over) on a nation which has rejected Him. Verse 22 reads..."Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools......" Lord have mercy on us.....

Thank you, Tom. I believe you are right.


It's interesting that God has been teaching me about Himself as our Judge this week. I finished writing this piece earlier today - before your letter came: The Judge of All


From Alison: THIS sounds precisely like what those Zimbabwean witches were doing on the tape: 'We killed them and used their bodies to make medicine. I BOILED their feet and arms to grind and put in bottles. The potion has the power to stop bullets.' The Zimbabwean witch doctor had a jar with decayed human parts in it that was supposed to have some magickal power. I haven't read the entire article on your site yet but I'll try to tie it in to the article I write about the witchcraft National Geographic show.


           I look forward to your finished analysis of this video, Alison.

From AC: You may want to include a statement saying that the views expressed in the linked articles are not necessarily those of Crossroad. Believers are constantly being portrayed by people with an anti-Judeochristian agenda as "right-wing", "the Christian right", "bigoted", etc, and linking to sites like the ones in this article may give many people the wrong impression about *your* site.

 Thank you. I have posted the statement.

Right-wing and Christian are not connected, because many right-wingers who claim "Christian/conservative/traditional values" are *true* bigots and use Christianity and love of country as a front to spread bigoted views and influence believers who assume that since the bigots quote the Bible and Christian doctrine, that they are biblical versus cultural Christians. Many right-wing propagandists like Rupert Murdoch's Fox empire use "conservatism" and "fair and balanced" to hide the fact that they are nothing but rich bigots who want to influence people. They are no different than the communist/socalist wing of the New World Order, because they are using their wealth to influence as many people as possible. 


Republicans claim to be pro-Christian, pro-America, and so on, but they are every bit as controlled by globalists, the UN, corporations and big money as Democrats. I personally would not vote for either party if I had something else to vote for, because you see what Clinton did after getting elected with the promise that he wouldn't approve NAFTA! Check out for another conservative Christian site (a genuine one) that exposes how Republicans as well as Democrats are pushing toward globalism, UN control of the world and the new world order (Novus Ordo Seclorum). You can find articles on it exposing both Bush's globalism and socialist/communist control of the media, because it is written from a genuine Christian Bible-believing viewpoint rather than a cultural Christian, go-along-with-the-GOP-no-matter-what-they-do viewpoint.

From Mary Thompson: Aikman articulates the agenda which seeks to deny the concept of the existence of absolutes, a concept they define as fundamentalism. Their "absolutism" in the pursuit against "absolutism/fundamentalism" is a contradiction in terms which seems to escape them. By lumping every profession of faith , without discernment, they create another form of absolutism of their own making. Their "fundamentalism" is the denial of the existence of absolute Truth itself. They will use any militant "ism" in the quest to denigrate fundamental Christianity, the real target.

Thank you, Mary, for sharing your insight.


From A.C.:  If a National Geographic "Taboo" show about witchcraft comes on again, watch it and you'll see that black Zimbabweans have been doing Hitler-like atrocities to other black Zimbabweans (and anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with them) long before there were any white Zimbabweans, because the country is cursed with generational/historical witchcraft. They have some really sickening witchcraft practices. I'll try to tape the show and send it to you if you don't have digital cable.

Thank you, A.C. I would appreciate that-- and will write a report as soon as I see it.

From Alison: (response to "Educating for Liberty" by Clarence Thomas) You may not be aware of this since you did not grow up in the US, but Clarence Thomas's ideas do not represent or even agree with those of the majority of black people in this country. He was picked by George Bush for ONE reason: his skin color, to replace the black judge who had just retired. That is quota-based employment and qualifies as affirmative action.

There are many white judges who toe the Bush/GOP/right-wing party line (including Robert Bork) who would have been *much* better suited for the job than Thomas. Thomas is hypocritical because he has benefited from affirmative action and is now doing everything he can to kowtow to his GOP bosses by trying to deny it to anyone else who looks like him. I really wish Bush Sr. had picked a white judge instead of Thomas because too many white people see him as a representation of American blacks, when he is not..

I wish the media would stop making a big issue of this and concentrate on giving all school-age kids from kindergarten to college a solid education instead of trying to program them for globalization. My family went to segregated schools in Oklahoma in the 30s and 40s and it gets on my nerves that I didn't get as good an education in California public schools the 70s as they did. I was just fortunate that most of them went on to work in education because I learned more about, for example, history and government AT HOME than at school.

From Catherine: Under the article "Extreme Weather on the Rise" you make a comment which states, "The second paragraph is propaganda: the UN presents natural weather patters as a man-made crisis in order to persuade the public to submit to unthinkable controls."

I wonder if you have heard of HAARP an acronym for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. I have included two web sites for your further study if you wish. I would be interested in your thoughts regarding them.

Thank you, Catherine, for sending the links. I am familiar with HAARP and Begichís book, but I have not been able to confirm its accuracy. Therefore, I havenít referred to it. While we canít personally endorse or validate the information, we are happy to post the links so that our visitors can check it out themselves. Perhaps some will write and offer current information.

From Dennis Monroe:  I read through the "Persecution Briefs From Compass Direct." What I read
is with certainty a foreshadow of things to come right here in the United States. I also believe the timetable is much shorter than most Christians in this country know or even care to know. Far too many are wrapped up in their worldly things, e.g., big paycheck, fancy cars, nice houses, etc. Then again, looking at myself, people that live in glass houses should not throw stones. I must carefully appraise just where I sit on the scale of covetousness. Will the Lord Jesus find faith when He returns?

Thank you, Dennis, for expressing the thoughts on my mind. As you know, even churches are fast shifting to a new blended "faith" based on politically correct interpretations of truth, not on the Bible itself. Some of the most hostile letters we receive are from people who call themselves Christian. It reminds me of John 16:33.

From Chris: Thank you for this link ["Middle Ages were warmer than today" - first news link on this page: Environment]. Even superficial reading of the Norse voyages and the Greenland colony (which died about the time the colder weather set it) suggests that the North Atlantic climate was more favourable for exploration by sea than presently. One interpretation of "Vinland" suggests that there were grapes, I doubt if any grapes have been raised in Newfoundland recently outside of a hothouse (if they have them).

But the clowns who were stampeded into signing the Kyoto agreement don't read history. Also read up just how much toxic gas is put into the atmosphere by volcanoes, and what is the UN/EPA doing about that ?
The weather has cycles, let's get over it. People are dying without the good news of the gospel and (may be) going to a place where the weather is really hot.

From Matt Humphrey:  I visit your "Today's News" page semi-regularly to keep in touch with what other Christians are seeing and doing in the world. Often I am delighted to discover news items and perspectives here that I would've otherwise missed.

I was dismayed, however, to see your link to the article entitled, "New Urbanism Doesn't Speak To Western Towns", [first linked item on this page: Managing change] by Bill Roberts, and your own negative comments in regard to new urbanism.

Mr. Roberts apparently hasn't read, or else doesn't understand, the books he derides as the "sacred texts" of new urbanism. Indeed, he seems unable to get past the word "urban", and his association of the term exclusively with large cities blinds him to the possibilities that the traditional neighborhood development of the new urbanists offer small towns and villages. It also, unfortunately, blinds him to the genuine threats that small towns in the west and in other parts of the nation face from other forms of modern development (ie, suburban sprawl).

For instance, he writes: "Small towns are not rural, but neither are they miniature New Yorks. They are a different breed, and the challenge small-town folk face is not how best to become big cities, but how to preserve what is important and unique about where we live."

The trouble with this argument is not that it is wrong, but that it is unneccesary. He has created a straw man based on his own presuppositions about what the new urbanism is.

As one of the more famous "apostles" of new urbanism, James Howard Kunstler, often points out, there's nothing new about new urbanism. It is simply old-fashioned town- and city-planning being reintroduced after half a century of modernist nonsense.

The real threat to "what is important and unique about where we live" is posed by modernist development--single-storey strip malls flanked by paved parking moats; residential subdivisions lacking sidewalks and front porches, lacking traditionally-proportioned and -arranged streets, and lacking even the most basic civic amenities (a post office, library, church, etc.); and virtually anything outside of a real park with the word "park" in it (ie, industrial park, office park, etc.).

Let's be honest, a suburban "ranch" house outside of Durango is indistinguishable from a suburban "ranch" house outside of Atlanta or Phoenix or Pasadena or Hartford. Your local McDonalds drive-thru, your closest Blockbuster video, your nearby Big K; none of these are unique (and I hope you don't consider them especially important). Yet these are the realities which are damaging the character of small towns across America, sucking the life out of Main Street and its mostly Mom & Pop/family owned businesses, and the older, in-town neighborhoods.

This is sprawl, and it is a product of specific modernist ideologies. It is not an inevitable result of growth, and it does not need to continue. It will continue, however, if we're too busy preventing an imaginary cult of Deluded New Urbanist Radicals from erecting the Empire State Building in the middle of Utah to participate in the real debate over land-use.

One final note about your own comments concerning the U.N. The new urbanism movement is essentially local in nature, and is not a part of some devious plot by the U.N. to control the way people live. We do not advocate placing significant land-use decisions in the hands of unelected, unaccountable groups. We've had nothing but bad experience with quasi-governmental "authorities", and here in my own small, southern city we neighborhood activists have worked long and hard to keep the power in the hands of the local citizens, with the land-use plan implemented through our elected commissioners and subject to repeal or amendment.

At the heart of all these land-use issues is, of course, one of the major problems in our contemporary American society; the erosion of the public realm. Is this simply a secular concern? No, not for an evangelistic Christian faith. How, after all, can we share the Gospel if we don't have meaningful, plentiful interaction with other human beings? Your brother in Christ,

Matt, I so appreciate your informative letter and the points you make. You have articulated the issue well.

My concerns stem back to my observations at the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul. Called Habitat 2, it included huge warehouses that displayed the model "human settlements" for the 21st century. The large majority were planned "urban communities" in China. But most of them would match the "new urbanism." Please read The Habitat II Agenda

I so agree that that mass commercialism and monster-sized stores are "sucking the life out of Main Street" in small towns. You rightly point us to the genuine needs and give good reasons for wise planning. Yet, I believe the new UN standards for "social capital" (diversity, community service, citizen participation in consensus groups, etc), and sustainable development is one of the driving forces behind the "new urbanism." With government standards and continual assessments (measurements) to check "progress" and monitor compliance, local governments are virtually forced to follow the new guidelines.

But while I have been looking at the big picture, you seem to know the details far better than I do.

From Dennis Monroe: I read the posting on "Red Alert" and how it means that when it happens you must stay home and await word and that if you are out and about you will be regarded as the enemy. Well, the control of the masses begins, does it not? The Gestapo is alive and well. Sir, may I see your papers!!?

I may be wrong, and I hope that I am, but I still see huge smokescreens here. I see huge smokescreens in almost everything that is happening right now. The events that are on the news are certainly real enough, but I believe the reasons given for the events are lies, nothing but lies. Evacuation to where, the nearest internment camp?

I think we are nothing but lambs being led to the slaughter. I think the real New World Order is right around the corner, and we are standing at that corner this very moment. The very rude awakening is about to come down very hard.

I do know that everything is on the Lord's time table.  I know He is in total control.  If I were to think otherwise, I would not make it.  I praise Him and thank Him for all that He is, all that He does for I know that He knows all things and sees what I cannot see.  I still struggle, however, with watching the evil of it all.  It is also compounded by the fact that my wife is so ill and does not believe.  That weighs on me very heavy every day.
Ultimately, I just want to be with Him. Home is where He is, and no where else.  I apologize for being wimpy.  I have been strong for my sons as they have been expressing some worry. I must remain strong for them, and for my wife. 

Yes, I know that the real strength that is needed comes from the Lord, but I have also learned there are no "lone rangers" within true Christianity.  There are several reasons for the phrase "do not forsake the assembling of yourselves" but one of the things I know is that it is for mutual support among those that believe.  I have found great comfort and truth in the things that you write.

Thank you, Dennis, for once again sharing your heart with us. No matter how "lone" we might feel in the world, we are one in Christ. And I thank Him for this time of encouraging each other through the Internet.  

From Dennis Monroe: I read the posting about "German giant taking over water supply." Your link to Deuteronomy 28 is most appropriate, especially the part that reads:

"The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail. ...

This is precisely without question what is happening in the United States at this very moment. It is very chilling. I am not afraid, because Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, but it still has a chilling effect. We must be seeking the Lord our God now more than ever, in prayer without ceasing and in reading the Bible, His words to His children.

The two most fundamental problems that people have with God and His Words spoken so clearly in the Bible are these:

1. Did God really say that?
2. Will God really do what He says?

These are the two questions asked of Eve by the Serpent. Satan, the father of lies, told Eve the answer to each question was no. Unfortunately, Eve's response was to agree with Satan, and then so did Adam, in direct disobedience to the only One that loved them, and still loves them. Hence, here we are in our current worldwide predicament. These two questions are still exactly the same today. Satan poses these same two questions to every human that lives now, just as he has to every human that has ever lived, or will live in the future. Unfortunately, very nearly all people have stubbornly listened to the father of lies and fell into the same response that Adam and Eve did.

That's true, Dennis. This chart helps explain it: Three kinds of temptation

From Chris Nilsen: Hard to believe those stories about the replacement for the World Trade center towers. Where does the money come from ? And the big question is, who is going to inhabit them ? I have personally a horror of tall buildings, and, believer or not, who wants to be stuck in a high rise like a rat in a trap a zillion floors up from the ground ? Pity the poor office workers stuck in those buildings.

"The sky will be home again to a towering spire of 1776 feet high, the 'Gardens of the World'."   Why gardens?

Because gardens are a constant affirmation of life. A skyscraper rises above its predecessors, reasserting the pre-eminence of freedom and beauty, restoring the spiritual peak to the city, creating an icon that speaks of our vitality in the face of danger and our optimism in the aftermath of tragedy" There were gardens in Babylon too, and the height reminds me of the Genesis 11:9 story of that tower. The text is pretty phony, too. All I can think is that is another grandiose expression of human pride.

From Mary Thompson: (Concerning Out-of-this-world fantasies eclipse down-to-earth realities) I appreciated the observation about the president's quoting Scripture and following remark about the astonauts' coming "home". It immediately came to my mind also that those who are not believers will not share Heaven.

Another thought came to mind. Even if mankind abandons God, He will cause the stones to cry out. His Word WILL be made known on earth, no matter what. He used the President to have HIS Word proclaimed worldwide in acknowledgment of HIM as CREATOR. Evolutionists seem uncharacteristically quiet so far.

Thank you, Mary. Your comment caused me to seek more information about the faith of the others on the flight. I found what I needed in today's morning's New York Times and added two special quotes to the end of the article.

From Fabienne:  The article about the violent ads says a lot, not so much about the younger generation, but about the people who produce the ads and the companies they produce them for. They say they are aiming at the younger generation.

How are they looking at those young people (our children!)? They see them as "useful idiots", who exist solely to maximise the profits of big business. With the help of the education system, Hollywood, toy manufacturers, and some children's writers, children and young people are being fed an increasingly sickening diet straight from the kitchens of hell.

Is there any difference between this kind of entertainment and the Roman Empire's control of the masses by "amusing" them with gladiatorial games and mass crucifixions?

The possible extrapolations make one shudder (think back to Mao's Cultural Revolution, for example...).

Thankfully there are many young people who refuse to be fed on such stuff, but they are not in the majority. What is really painful and horrible are the supposedly Christian parents who laugh along with their children, the church youth group leaders who emulate this stuff in a bid to entertain their young charges, the pastors who wink at the young people's "mischief", and the Christian publishers and music producers who market books, CDs, videos, etc, which look and sound no different from what the non-Christians produce.

In one (Christian) family we know, the teenage daughters and their friends were taken to a virtual reality game as a birthday "treat", by the girls' parents. In this game, the participants stalk around in semi-darkness shooting at each other with electronic guns, the aim of the game being to "kill" as many of the others as possible. The parents (both highly educated, and youth leaders) thought it was harmless fun, even after telling us this game is often used to train soldiers for warfare (real killing)!

Thank you, Andy and Berit, for your website. May it be an encouragement to many to continue in the Lord's ways.

From Fabienne: As to whether there really is a cloned baby -- we only have those people's word for it. There are reasons to doubt what they claim, although many better-known and responsible scientists think cloning a human being is possible.

As to whether a cloned baby would be identical to the person he/she was cloned from -- man might be able to make a physical human being (starting with material only God can create!), but only God can make a person. If a clone is a person, then it will be only because God in His mercy and sovereignty decided to allow the physical clone to have a human soul. Whatever else we might be able to clone, we cannot clone souls.

No matter what mankind thinks up and what terrible mischief human beings carry out, God always has the first and last word. No matter what happens in this fallen world, He is still sovereign and always will be in charge. Because He loves us whom He has created, He allows us a choice as to whether we follow His ways, trust ourselves to him through Jesus Christ, and receive eternal life, or we ignore Him and do as we see fit, even to trying to reproduce our sinful selves ad infinitum. In the end we will get from Him what we have asked for by our choice.

I pray that all people will choose Life (though I know that many will not, though as long as they are in this life they have a choice).

May the the Lord our God, Creator, Redeemer, be praised always.

Thank you, Fabienne, for helping all of us see the world and its manipulation of life from God's perspective.

From Florin Zeriu: Mr. Zimermann just couldn't help himself. I guess he wants to pervert our children starting from the crib. More reasons for shunning popular culture, smashing the TV, burning the comics and moving to the country.

Marvel Comics to unveil gay gunslinger: "The new series pairs the original artist... with Ron Zimmerman, a writer for the 'Howard Stern Show.'... Zimmerman approached Marvel with his idea of a homosexual Rawhide Kid.... Marvel's public relations officer, said that Marvel has always been 'interested in tapping into stories that are relevant today.'...

      "Although Rawhide Kid is the first gay title character, Marvel does have several existing gay characters, such as North Star of the "X-Men" comic book series."  Romans 1:22-32

From Jeff:  I agree with you that it appears Powell is indeed sowing seeds of persecution, and I am concerned about his comments. However, has it occurred to you that some Christians leaders may be making at least some of these comments on purpose, in order to allow folks like Powell to denounce all Christians as hateful? I am not certain that that is the case, but there have been some very questionable orientations that some or all three of these Christians leaders have been involved in. And it seems that its always these three that the press turns to for their highlighted sound bites. Just a thought. Take care. God be with you.

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