Something in the Air

by Terri Mulberry

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It's spring!  The sun is warm, the flowers are blooming and love is in the air…or is it?  A new phenomenon is hitting the market called "pheromones".  

Pheromones themselves are not new, but their recent application is.  Pheromones are "chemical substances produced by animals [including humans] to stimulate behavior of other individuals of the same species" (Webster's School Dictionary, 1986).  The pest control industry has been using pheromones for many years to attract insects to bait.  In the late 1980's the scientific community began studying to find out if human pheromones affect human sexuality.  The results were positive and scientifically verifiable.

Pheromone products are being advertised on television, the internet and in stores. They are now being added to perfumes, clothing, and a variety of items are impregnated with supposedly human pheromones.  There are male pheromones and female pheromones, depending on which sex one desires to attract.   

In addition to the very sensual claims (which won't be copied here), one company advertises, "…strangers may become noticeably friendlier and more relaxed around you.  Some of them may confide in you or even make physical contact during conversation by placing a friendly hand on your shoulder or bumping into you. This incredibly arousing scent will not only make you seem more attractive and interesting, but will lead to greater opportunity in every aspect of your life. This is possible by the active ingredient Pheroxan's ability to override negative bias and emotion and generate a deep, instinctive turn-on."

Particularly alarming is the aggressive advertising to teenagers.  Claire's Accessories, a popular mall store that caters particularly to teenagers, has begun advertising pheromone wipes stating "the one you love will fall in love with you".

Whether or not these claims are valid may be questionable, but the more serious issue is the lure of a product that will give you power over another person.  If the claims are true, the product can be used to promote a positive response in another individual not only on an obvious sexual level, but all also on any level in which one person desires another accept or support.  Even if these claims are false, the motivation-the desire of the user to gain influence over another person--and the actual use of the product, potentially opens the individual to all sorts of demonic influence.

We know our enemy is "the prince of the power of the air".  This strategy is nothing short of witchcraft. But greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  Remember to watch and pray, then having done all… STAND!


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