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From Kim N. Stager: [RE: The Cold War Never Ended]: I, by the Holy Spirit, I believe, happened to see the book "Perestroika", by Mikhail Gorbachev, on the shelf in a library basement on the day of a sale of books the library no longer needed, and began to skim read it. I purchased it and skim read here and there throughout the book. This has been about 4-5 years ago.

I still remember remembering the hoopla about this book, concept, and Mr. Gorbachev by American leadership and wondered, after my skim reading, why and how they could be so deceived. Though I do not remember specifics without rereading this book, I do remember that Perestroika is just another means--a very effective deceptive means--for the Soviet Union to do what they have been doing for decades. Attempting to influence the world by their belief system. And to eventually rule it in some way by some means.

Which, I believe, from a course on Soviet foreign policy I took over 30 years ago and study of them over these many years here and there, is deceptively complex in that what they are doing on the surface since the wall fell is perceived to be something it is not. And the American people have been dupped these last few decades into falling asleep viz. the Soviet agenda that the Soviet leadership has in fact not given up on, as this article by J. R. Nyquist points out. And as is becoming clearer day by day as we see the fruit of Mr. Putin.

I also recall Mr. Gorbachev wrote this book very masterfully in the use of deceptive words and phrases. Not unlike all the other demonic use of "creative semantics" of the current and coming deception of the one world government, economy, and religion of the Dragon we see in all manner of media and life today in America and the world.

This is yet another good article on your website revealing the deception coming upon the whole world the Bible reveals to born again believers, that I believe is night upon us. Thankfully, greater is He that is in born again believers than he that is in the world. Even so, Come Lord Jesus! As all born again believers await the rapture of Christ's Church, which may be also nigh upon us! So, may we all look up, for our redemption draweth nigh! Praise God, Amen!

From George: When I was public high school from 1960 to 1964, George Orwell’s “1984” was required reading in Literature classes. Well, the year 1984 came and went, and there didn’t seem to be any real evidence of Orwell’s Big Brother. Although there did seem to be at least one TV screen in every home that everyone’s attention was riveted to; and the federal government was becoming quite behemoth. None the less, the TV screen was not yet watching us at that time. But then, it didn’t need to watch back. It merely needed assurance that most of us were watching IT. I even venture to say that a very large percent of American Christians were spending far more time each day watching and listening to TV, than they were reading God’s Word in their Bibles.

Actually, the words “Big Brother,” when taken apart from “1984,” conjure up a message of “security.” In a typical family, the big brother or sister are usually a source of security for younger siblings. This is a good system as long as the head of the family is deriving security from Christ. On the other hand, if “Big Brother” conjures up governmental protection, and an expectation of security there from; then Christians can expect to have restraints placed on them in exchange for protection. In other words, they can expect losses. When individual responsibilities are traded for collective responsibilities, individual freedoms will be diminished.

When we are born again in Christ, we must progressively be decreased, and Christ be allowed to increase in us. (John 3:30). If we allow ourselves to be indoctrinated by the relative truths of government and its TV, then we will be increased by Orwell’s Big Brother, instead of by the absolute Truth of our real Big Brother, Jesus Christ. Today, Orwell’s big brother is watching us in every way he possibly can, but then so is our real Big Brother. I don’t have any problem knowing which one I will put my security in. Although it may appear that the “Big Brother” of “1984” is gaining ground, but ALL things will eventually be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. (see Hebrews 2:10).

From Will:  I would like to respond to you article concerning communism slowly infiltrating our society. I am a marxist-socialist who was quite offended by the ignorance and typical anti-communist rhetoric that was on your page. More laws protecting people from the dangers of guns and those who use them is not communism. Encouraging unions, public schools and a socialized system of medicine or law is not communism.

Communism is the abolition of private property and the government owning the means of productions. How can you assert that any law empowering the lower-class is communism, or will lead to a communist state. We maintain our democracy (as I believe we should) and an essentially free-market. After all, isn't the lower-class the most important class in this country, and shouldn't they have government protection?

Furthermore, the Fabian marxists that you refer to cannot be considered Marxists at all. In order for Marx's communism to work, there would have had to have been a REVOLUTION, changing politics as well as economics, not a slow
economic change.

I hope you take my thoughts into consideration.

History shows the results of communism. Just compare the freedom, health, status and general well-being of ordinary citizens in former Soviet Union, China and North Korea with that of the free world.

Assuming that absolute, totalitarian power corrupts (history proves the point), would you really trade personal freedom for a system where corrupt leaders will mold your life? Where their vision of "the people" replaces all individual rights?  See Chart: Total transformation

From Marlene Tobin: I just heard that PA is now changing their rules regarding carry permits for guns. ALL carry permits will be run through the State Police, that now have a data base of ALL, I mean ALL medical treatments everyone has had in past 30 years. They are now turning down 40 year old adults, if they happen to have psychological counseling as a 16 year old 25 years ago.

And remember ADD/ADHD is a mental illness so every child being treated for that will no longer have 2nd amendment rights. The police won't say where they got the records, these private records, but believe me that 11 year old child just lost her 2nd amendment rights for the rest of her life unless things change here. Why can't these parents wake up to what is going on? Berit, I cry every night and pray that God will see us to the other side of this madness.

Thank you, Marlene, for illustrating what is happening in Pennsylvania -- and across the country.

It's interesting to read the Old Testament these days and see how often God tells his faithful prophets to speak to people that have become "blind" and "cannot see" the dangers ahead - and "deaf" so they "cannot hear" His warnings. History is repeating itself, and America has turned its back on the facts and truths that would shake us awake.

From Robert L. Pair:  Wow! Great explanation... This is exactly what I see happening in the City and County Police departments in and around Savannah, Ga. This is also a peek into the Corporate "Total Quality Management", that ALL Supervisors,  aaah... I mean "Team Leaders", are now required to attend.

The Corporations are not satisfied with just changing the minds of Management anymore, now they have a program tailored to the Employee that is mandatory to attend. This course lasts six months, while the Management TQL course for the "Team Leaders" is almost one year in length.

I haven't been subjected to the Brainwashing as of yet, but I know that my time will come. We have no say in the matter... go, or lose your job. Besides, who would we tell.

Most of the Christians I know do not believe anything is going on. They have taken the bait; hook, line and stinker! (Stinker, was intentional) As long as they cannot see the effect, they believe the lies. It's kind of like the Hebrews, they only believe in what they see, they seek a sign! If the sign does not come, then everything must be alright.

Only Jesus Christ can save us. In this darkening time we live in we need his strength, guidance, and power to stay In Him, and He in us.

 Carolyn and George Daniels:   Dear Mr. Worts, 

   I should have written much sooner to thank you for your excellent  and most helpful article.  Reading it is like getting the 'icing on the cake' for me and my husband George, who was fired from the Arlington Police Dept after 13 years of very faithful service.  Chief Kunkle had been allowing many different kinds of pins to be worn on the uniform shirts--including angel pins, a Russian pin, and all kinds of ribbons for many causes...and 'you name it'.  (not at all 'only departmental' pins, as they later lied and the media bought into their spin)   
 But, natch--they decided to ban only the little Crosses and any other thing that was 'truly Christian'--saying they were just too "offensive". So after many months of prayer and then consultation with the Rutherford Institute,  George asked to wear it anyway, was denied permission, but then did and was promptly fired with a major vengeance.  ah-ha!  :o)  (we smell a 'plot' here somewhere--noting the over-reaction, right?)   
 Well, the Lord had already let us know it was much more than just a "P.C." thing--and that we'd be standing against all the local grand "Pu-Baws" and the "Humanist clubs" at the Univ. of Tex. at Arlington, etc....but your article really confirmed that it was 'so much more'...and this makes  our 'adventure' much more fun!  (Really...we knew we heard from God on this thing--that there was,  at least, a definite First Amendment violation in their policy which allowed discrimination against Crosses ...and of course, we all know that the Cross just mightily bugs the devil and people of the world--for they do KNOW what it represents and puts them under conviction.)  However, I had always suspected that the Community Based Policing program that the chief had brought in really did 'stink' beyond what was very obvious.   
 My first husband of 25 years, Tom Albers, was an Arlington officer too, and we always were amazed at the dumbness of this new policy--and how it undermined the officers terribly,  and we didn't like what it did to the community either...but it was like a religion to this chief.  (Tom died suddenly of an undiagnosed brain tumor...and I married George a couple of years later).  Well, we did sue the City of A.
and the case is now before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.  (We know it'll take a miracle--that these Justices not be the new liberal, "the Constitution-is-evolving" kind, and will see the obvious abuse of governmental authority evident in the (vaguely written) policy... 
  But anyhow, thankyou!  It was such a thrill to now understand 'the rest' of what was going on down there.  And that makes us extra glad (despite some 'losses' of money, reputation, friends, church (not necessarily "Christian", but only the Lord knows, etc. and other things that are 'un-important in God's scheme' (G. is now an officer here in Pagosa Sprgs, least, 'for now'...ha before we offend some more 'powers that be'.) 
     HOW do you keep your job now? ha!..The light of your article really exposes the darkness of this communist based junk!  Like we do to the Kjos's, we will always owe a debt of gratitude to you, sir!  

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