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Oh, Berit, you are so right about ‘The Rising Darkness in Children's Games’!

Just yesterday a 10-year-old student at the school where I work described to me just the thoughts and behaviors you described in the article! He is autistic, but I've had enough experience with autistic children to know that what he described was not due to the illness, but the effect of too many occult and 'mystery' books pushed by teachers at school, and too many online and video games at home, as well as the current movies.  Having autism just made him a little more vulnerable and more in need of clarity.  I also recognized his 'slavery' from being caught up in the occult myself before I was saved.

This boy told me about the voices that speak to him constantly, telling him to ignore teachers and do harmful things.  He described the animal spirit that indwells and gives him power, and expressed an over-interest in anime, animal spirit identities and ‘guides’ and spends far too much time immersed in online and video games.  This student isn’t the only one.  Groups of other boys spend all their free time trading such cards and have no social life outside of the games, and others who also play them.  A couple of years ago, a bright 3rd grade girl expressed to me that her whole goal in life was to be good enough to enter Hogwarts Academy!  It took a lot of convincing to even get her to consider that it was just a fiction book.  I'm not sure that she ever totally believed me.  The kids involved in music and playing instruments, by age 19 are getting caught up in the whole perversity of strange music, entertainment and homosexuality.  Being overly crazy about sports and sports teams seems to be the only thing that pulls them away temporarily. 

Young children are nearly certain that all computer graphics are real, and even the reminder that it's just a story or movie screen picture can't convince them!  It's not just a case of being young....they are old enough to understand that a movie is projected on a screen....they just forget that what appears there is not real.  They are experiencing movies as something real that just happens in another place, like TV news.  We have to constantly remind another boy that dinosaurs are extinct, and not necessarily the ferocious creatures portrayed in movies, and that dragons as in the movies never existed.  The majority of books young children read in school are fiction, and usually more like fantasy and mysteries, or occult experiences. The children scoff when I suggest that adult-rated movies are not for children their age.  They say, "I've been watching those since I was little! I've seen them all!", not understanding how their parents' approval could be inappropriate..

My own 30-year-old computer network job son spends all his free time with online games, and plays occult ones in spite of my many years of warnings and solid Christian teaching, and his Bible reading.  He neglects his child to play the games and watch the big screen TV, and his idea of spending time with her is to have her play computer games with him, or watch him play his.

You are so right! Warn parents that they need to guard their children's minds and screen their friends far, far more than they realize.

For previous comments on popular Japanese anime, see: Yu-Gi-Ho, Pokemon and Dragonball Z



From Jan: All the angels mentioned in the Bible are----male in name and nature!!!!!


From Tove Dahl, Norway: [Note: Tove sent this vertically compressed picture of Todd Bentley  wearing a T-shirt with a horrible picture. The comment below explains the reason for the distortion.-- the result of trying to print from one of the many videos of his performance.]


I have studied "God" channel's videos from Lakeland for some weeks. Started hoping for a God-sent revival, but found something else. Your articles about Lakeland corresponds very much with what I have found myself. It is very false -- and very dangerous. It is astonishing how naive and without knowledge about non-christian supernatural phenomenas Christians are, believing all supernatural experiences being sent from God.

However: I have discovered something about Todd which I have not seen commented, neither in Crossword or elsewhere: On a video from either the 28th or 29th of april, Todd exposed himself with a
T-shirt with a big picture on front: A picture of the BEAST! ( It is unbelievable--a real "show-down"!) I did not believe my own eyes, but I had to!


It was a sort of face -- a mixture of animal and man, with fangs (hoggtenner på norsk), and a scornfull mouth. And from this face there went coulored and shining white streams. I guess these are "the FIRE"-streams that works the miracles. I believe the devil MUST put his fingermark on what is going on! (He is craving for being higher and better than God--and certainly he now gets much more praise and admiration among people in Lakeland than what God gets.)

One would think that Todds "mentors" would see to that he dropped this T-shirt, but he put it on again some 3 weeks later.

I hope you will be able to seek up this video and print out this picture as it is. And publish it, to open the eyes of seduced christians, (if possible).

I tried myself to print it out - -stopped the video and printed. But the result was not good: It was sort of compressed, and without colours (I have only a black/white printer). But I send you a scan of the print, and hope you get an impression of what it is all about, although  it is far from accurate.

From June J: Thank you for your review of "The Shack". Your article was an answer to prayer!

I picked up the book in the Christian book section of WalMart. At first I thought it was going to be a real thriller. As I read further, I kept feeling more and more uncomfortable at the things I was reading, but I did finish the book. Then I went straight to the garbage can and threw it away. I didn't want anyone else to read it and get deceived.

Our local Christian book store is really promoting it. One of my friends forgot I hold told her about the book and the book store talked her in to buying it. When I explained the lies in it, she checked through it, took it back to the book store and got her money back. She told them that was not a book they should be selling.

Now, I am learning that several people, whom I believe to truly love God and His Word, have read it and are saying what a wonderful book it is. So far, I've been able to convince several people that it is not a "Christian" book, but I did not realize that it was based on New Age beliefs. I just felt God prompting me that something was not right.

I am giving copies of your article to others in hopes I can stop the spread of the lies of this book.


From Dennis: [RE: The Freemasons] I came across your web page during a search regarding "freemasons" and read the article by "a concerned Christian researcher who prefers to remain anonymous" I have always found this type of article by an unknown author somewhat amusing. The reason for this is if you believe in something why does one have to hide their identity. I am always open minded when it comes to others and the way they worship.

Some have good reasons for remaining anonymous when they share something publicly, Dennis.

What amazes me is how Christians and especially the Catholic church are so closed minded and walk through life with blinders on. 99 % of the world believes in God and the creator of the universe. Freemasons open there doors to all men that believe in a creator of the universe. The masons are always ridiculed for the "secret symbols" and the "secret cult society" I am always amazed at how the catholic church was formed and all the things that must go on behind closed doors regarding priests.

Man was on this earth a long time before Jesus and had there own beliefs. I have many close Jewish freinds, and not being Jewish find their point of view very interesting. Their belif does not make me like them any less. Thanks for letting me respond.

Do you have a statistical source for the 99%, Dennis? 


Keep in mind that neither Communists nor Buddhist or others who believe in an impersonal "force" believe in "God." Animists and other polytheists believe in gods, not God. And a large percentage of those who believe a single God, do not see him as their creator. Finally, only a minority believe who would agree that God is the Creator know and trust the God of the Bible. This chart may be helpful:  Charts: Five Types of Religious Expressions


Question: "As 1 Peter 5:8-9 tells us, our adversary is like a "lion waiting to devour."  If I, as a Christian could feel such palpable evil and dread, I shudder to think what awaits those who do not turn to Christ!  How real our adversary is, and how true it is that we do not battle against flesh and blood!  How much we might rather that it was flesh and blood rather than the sinister cloud of evil that it is. How ever do you do it?  How ever do you actually hold a book from the occult in your hands?


Answer: I believe God gives each of us different assignments, and when His individual assignment deals specifically with spiritual warfare, He gives us strength and insight for that particular battle. In our section on The Names of God (under Victory) you can find My Shepherd. It describes two events He used to train me for spiritual warfare and prepare me for His specific assignments.


From Lynn Stuter: [RE: “The Secret”--Christianity or New Age]  I watched “The Secret.”  First impressions are always important and what I saw first and heard first reminded me very much of the dirges or chants of the Druids that permeated pagan England and Ireland.  I visited the Druid grounds that surround Blarney Castle when I was in Ireland.  I have never felt the presence of such evil in my entire life. 

Next, I noted not the light of joy or the colors of inspiration but rather the colors of darkness, of secretiveness, of mysticism, throughout the movie.  When you want to inspire you don’t use black or red as was used in “The Secret”, you use pastels.

My first impression was then reinforced by the music which was also dark, occult, ritualistic; very much the dirge of Satanism; the chant of Druidism.  Accompanying this was the visuals that were very much occult.

All of this overpowered any positive message intended.  I’m not sure how anyone could watch that and not come away with an overwhelming sense of Satanism. This movie was made in the shadow of Satan whose hand and presence were very evident to me.

Lynn's Website:

From Kim N. Stager: [New Mask for an Ancient Secret]  Thanks again for another great article on the coming -- rather now present -- apostate church. The only thing left is the rapture of the true believers for this church to take its place in prophesy in the ushering in of the Antichrist by its False Prophet and Mark of the Beast.

As usual, as time draws nigh, we can see how the Devil, within God's providence of course, is accomplishing prophesy. Just a few short years ago--nay, months ago--I still wondered how all God's prophesy was going to come about in terms of its specifics. But as these last few months--maybe as long ago as 9/11--I have been seeing Matthew 24 in more full technicolor view.

Though I fully expected to see the false church arise these last few months or years. And as this process has accelerated at an accelerating rate. The idea America could become full blown pagan, though I was watching for it, was still a wonder. But as time has passed, paganism has come to fruition before our very eyes. With Americans--even professing Christians--mostly unaware of this transformation. Most even denying this is taking place. And mocking those who say so to them. Clearly, only Spiritual-Biblical answers to this transformation are valid and revealing.

And as we are clearly seeing--the first subtle, now in your face pagan--false Christanity is sweeping America and the world these last few years. As the true pagan is shedding light for all to see who will that the professing Christian church is just as pagan. Thougth by its very sinister nature it is more efficacious at deceiving the whole world. Even the elect if it were possible. Praise God it is not. But what a shame for the deceived!

God's gospel in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is the only Way.

From Gloria C.: Did Akiane see God?

John 1:18 "No man has seen God at any time."
Exodus 33:20 "Thou can't see my face: for there shall be no man see me and live."

The Holy Scripture contradicts Akiane's vision in which she claimed to go to heaven and see God. I will choose God's word over her experience. Beware of false prophets. I studied guided visualization, a type of demon inspired, Eastern religious experience and , that is what Akiane is describing below. Pray for her. She is using automatic writings from a demon, in my opinion. I don't rely on experiences, I rely on God's word. Also, if so many secular humanists, such as Oprah are promoting her, that is a real red flag to me.

I agree what she has produced is exceptional, but I have to use God's word, to show this is NOT from God. See the quote below from


"I was with God again, and He told me to pray continually. He showed me where He lived. I was climbing transparent stairs; underneath I saw gushing waterfalls, and as I was approaching Him, His body was pure and intense light. What impressed me the most was His hands -- they were gigantic! I saw no bones, or veins, no skin or blood, but maps and events. Then He told me to memorize thousands upon thousands of wisdom words on a scroll that did not look like paper, but more like intense light. And in a few seconds I got somehow filled up. From now on I will get up early to paint. I hope one day I'd be able to paint what I was shown."

That link certainly leads to a revealing New Age website, Gloria. And the quote sounds very similar to other New Age visions that focus on strange and intense light. No wonder Satan is called Lucifer. From the beginning of her fame, Akiane's poems and paintings have suggested a counterfeit god and a New Age spirituality.

From Kim: [RE: Conversations With Satan] As the time grows shorter for the return of Christ, we will see apostasy increasing at an increasing rate and social breakdown of all manner and variety as the Bible reveals. And the ascendance of in-your-face Satanic manifestation in all areas of life. Simple paganism writ large in the world, without apology of any kind. Just pure promotion with pride. What a shame!

Though I agree with the exposing of such apostasy, I would carry the arguments of "Discernment Group" further on the one hand and less on the other. On the one hand, then, we need to keep in mind God's word speaks clearly on the subject of deception, idolatry, throughout Scripture because He does not want us to be ignorant of the wiles of the Devil and his minions in both the spiritual and the material realms. And since God clearly tells us there is no Truth in Satan, then there is no Truth in him. None! He does not even use Truth.

I agree with you. The Bible warns us that Satan will deceptivey quote Scriptures, but his distortions and unbiblical contexts always twists the truth into a tempting lie.

For the only Truth in us is the result of the work of the indwelling Spirit of God. And so Satan and all unbelievers are none of His. So we must preach the gospel of God to the world that whosoever will might be Saved. Humans only, of course. Not demons, Satan, or so-called hybrid demon-humans of pagan myth.


As well, just because Satan can accurately quote portions of Scripture, such is not the same as Truth of God's word by the Holy Spirit. Certainly all false religions have this type of so called truth whether they use similar words or the same words as biblical Scripture. Or even if they use a similar meaning or the same meaning when speaking or writing.

But, again, God's Truth is only known to born again believers by the Holy Spirit as we know and consider the whole council of God. Not just snippets here and there for the purposes of dialectic. For God's word is perfectly interwoven, non-superfluous Truth. If even one deception is introduced to Scripture, then all of Scripture is deceived if such one deception remains accepted as Truth when it is a lie. Just as the Bible tells us. Are not all cults manifested in this way? The Truth about deception in Scripture is apart of this interwoven, non-superfluous Truth of God's word and does not contradict what I said about the nature of God's word. For there is either Truth about God's Truth, or Truth about deception. For any free will not submitted to God's results in deception of God's Truth. There is no other option to God's absolute Truth.

So let us not be led astray in the midst of the growing apostasy all around us. Let us not let the apostates set our agenda or our speaking the Truth in love God's way. We also need not partake of their dialectics. Instead, we need to, by the Holy Spirit--like Jesus when He was tempted by the Devil--approach any response to deceptive argumentation from the point of discernment of the intent of Satan, and not give legitimacy to his objective statements. For this is his method to entrap us and make us ineffectual. By getting us to pursue rabbit trails with him. The Socratic method, if you will. See the books of Timothy, etc.

Let us be holy as God is holy. So let us not mix our fleshly worldly intellectual thinking with Godly reasoning and logic of God. For they are not the same and do not mix. Truth in the world has allot to do with factual accuracy, reasonable human reason and logic so-called, and the so-called scientific method of testing the material world for effects we postulate. Be they social or natural effects. Though we might, by God's permissive will and providence, be able to manipulate the material world to our purposes--we think--such is not the same as Truth.

As an example, the notion that the universe is constrained by so-called immutable laws of physics is not Truth. Science may test such laws but they also know they are not immutable. Science also knows these laws were not in existence before or during the so-called Big Bang. Etc.
Besides, the Bible clearly tells us Jesus the Christ holds all things together. And that He created the material universe we know from nothing. So neither is so-called science Truth, nor is it accurate factually in totality. Only in part for our manipulation for our purposes. However, then, such is no Truth at all. It is not even factually accurate in totality. Nor often in part either. That is why when we manipulate the world, we cause so-called unintended effects. That is why even medicines are not really effective. Only for a time is all. Let us not be deceived by worldly knowledge or its derived truths or accurate facts so-called. Etc. For we are to be in the world but not of it.

God's word reveals God and His offered Salvation in His Son by the Holy Spirit. So we must see from God's perspective as to what Truth is. For idolatry, deception, makes God a lie and the lie--idols with demons back of them--gods or god in the case of Satan. Instead, we need always contextualize all worldly knowledge within the Bible. Not the other way around. For the other way around is deception. For we are called to be not conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!


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