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From George: Here is another article to supplement the Global Banks Embrace Islam article:

I frequently pass Amish buggies on the highway where I live.  I have asked myself, “Are they moving too slow, or am I moving too fast?”  I am almost certain that they own their horses and buggies outright, but I am still in debt for my car.  Without capital growth enhanced by “usury,” modernization is slow; but it has more real value, because it doesn’t undergo inflation or deflation as much.  Central banks need to be sensitive to their sovereign economic boundaries.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
  --- Thomas Jefferson, letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)

I think the time has come for the United States to extract itself from the Federal Reserve fractional reserve banking system, and thus away from the globalist bankers; to return to the State Bank as instructed in the Constitution.

From George: In reference to your article on "Marching to Global Solidarity" I like the way you are tying the emergent church into the other social, economic, and political aspects of the so-called "New World Order." The church growth movement, in general, seems to be mass producing Christians. Scriptures, however, give me no indication of such a massive widespread revival. Just the opposite. We are warned that many will come in the name of Jesus, but who will be false prophets, who will prop up a counterfeit Christianity.

It is good that you expose these things for the benefit of both believers and non-believers alike. In my early days of walking with Christ and reading the Scriptures, it was hard for me to believe that so man would be deceived by some anti-Christian spirit. But now I see it unfolding right before my eyes.

Believers will know from New Testament Scriptures that they are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Revelation speaks of a beast that is on the rise (ever rising), that will "stand" in the "temple" and proclaim to be Christ. That beast is the anti-Christian spirit that takes over individual temples until a collective anti-Christian spirit permeates almost the entire world. Jesus, Himself, said that unless history be cut short, even the very elect would be deceived.
Fortunately, God preserves a remnant from every generation. (See Romans 11:3-5).

From a concerned Christian parent:  After reading selections from your book on the web, I realized that our new "Christian" school was Outcome-Based.  Leadership, I was told, chose a predominantly secular curriculum "for its academic excellence."  When I complained, the headmaster actually told me, "Christian curriculum brainwashes students!"  I could hardly believe it.  

Just like your book [Brave New Schools] explains, the textbooks are filled with mythology, Native-American spirituality, pantheism, environmentalism, bad-parent stories, political correctness, doomsday disaster stories, and stories that discredit America.  Students bring home supplements for children "at risk."  The school's presentation folder uses curious OBE terminology like:    

The school hosts a "prayer labyrinth" every year; and, when a concerned mother pointed out that the labyrinth is New Age, the school changed the name to "prayer walk."  (Sigh.) 

Church leadership even calls its school "world-class," but they refuse to admit they have implemented Outcome-Based Education!  Most don't even know what OBE is! 

Leadership made the teachers go to some teacher training through LifeWay Ministries.  LifeWay supposedly trains them to "integrate a biblical perspective" into the secular curriculum.  The approach is based upon a fuzzy book called Kingdom Education written by Glen Schultz.  (Do you know anything about LifeWay Ministries?  Have you ever read Kingdom Education?)  Biblical integration sounds good, but the secular books are too entrenched in godless, global, socialist philosophies for any Christian teacher to catch it all.  Teachers would have to spend more time unteaching than teaching.  Besides, I believe the approach is folly - we are to teach precept upon precept.  Teachers using "biblical integration" to police secular curricula can only produce confusion.  Hence, I withdrew my boy from the school.

Thank you for putting your book on the web. Brave New Schools opened my eyes!   Now my son will be shielded from this mind-numbing propaganda while I, by the grace of God, instill God's Word into his heart by homeschooling him myself. 
Furthermore, I shared your book with three other families.  Like me, they had erroneously assumed "Christian" school meant Christian textbooks.  They have also since decided to homeschool their children next year.  Praise the Lord! 

One last thing. The curriculum map also listed "systems thinking." What is systems thinking? Is systems thinking an OBE thing???

Yes, systems thinking (or General Systems Theory) is an "OBE thing [Outcome Based Education]" but it's far more. It's the central philosophy, not only of OBE, but also of TQM, CGM (Church Growth Movement) and all the other labels used for this worldwide transformational process. The ultimate goal is to control people and prepare the servers and workforce for the planned global community. In other words, it has to do with behavior modification through psycho-social processes -- primarily the dialectic process (small groups led by facilitators trained (the new leadership training) to be "change agents."

In order to change the ways people think without stirring resistance, teachers, leaders/facilitators use familiar words and phrases -- which now have new meanings that fit the new context. Here are some examples:

Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords

New Age Terms in the Church

These following pages help explain the vision (or purpose) and the process:

Systems Thinking

Total Quality Management

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven, Part 3: Dealing with Resisters

Creating Community (Part 2) through a New Way of Thinking (Rick Warren and Peter Senge)

Creating Community (Part 1) through Transformational Leadership

Chronology of U.S. Education

LifeWay illustrates how this transformation is accomplished in a "Christian context":,1703,A%253D151183%2526M%253D200659,00.html.

Christian Schools Consulting Services ...

We are committed to helping you build a school of influence for Christ. Our goal is to support you as you seek to educate future generations to know Jesus Christ and to think and act from a biblical perspective.

Board and Administration...
Board and Administrator training seminars
Development of leadership skills for both board members and administrators
Strategic Planning
Support for dealing with specific school/staff related problems [conflict resolution]...
Full support to schools working to resolve school problems...

Classroom management and positive discipline procedures ...
Strategies for successful teaching
The how to’s of biblical integration
Becoming a Kingdom teacher
Understanding why students think as they do and remedies for the problems
Understanding the ultimate goal of Christian school education

History of the Kingdom School Institute: In this context (which is manipulative, not biblical), "training" becomes a lifelong process. All teachers must learn to facilitate groups rather than teach facts and truth. The word “focus” below refers to the “vision” (or mission or purpose) that everyone must focus on together in order to build the envisioned unity. That’s true of every form of TQM. This focus or vision also helps the facilitator recognize and remediate those who resist the manipulative process.

"Over the next three years all major groups in the school and church received training in Kingdom Education and several modules were designed and implemented throughout the academy and church. A staff training module, parent training module and a student leadership module were some of the first parts of the plan to be implemented. There was also a concerted effort to bring the church and school staff together under one biblical philosophy of education....

Since its inception, more than 320 Christian school leaders from 87 schools from 22 states have come together for 3 days of intense training and planning on how to build a kingdom-focused school. School leaders leave the Institute with not only a desire to see their schools become schools of influence for Christ but also have a plan that they can develop and follow when they return home. [The basic plan must be reproducible by trained leaders anywhere]

You can see some of the facilitator training books offered by LifeWay:,1701,M%253D50090,00.html

From Ann: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is already the world's largest philanthropy with assets of more than $29 billion. Warren Buffett will direct most of his $44 billion to Bill Gates' foundation.

Both men are tied in with UN global stuff. Bill Gates and Bill Clinton spoke at the same global function. (Article below.) Buffett is going to be on an John Kerry's economic advisory board. (Article below.) In the U.S., Buffett's philanthropy focuses on education. It is more than interesting that both of these incredibly wealthy men have become global philanthropists precisely when Hillary Clinton is gearing up for the 2008 presidential election and Bill Clinton is trying to become Secretary General of the UN. Money talks, and it can make things happen.

Buffett to Beef Up Gates' Foundation (6/26/06)

From Kim Stager"The Global quest for Solidarity" is another of your relevant articles that brings greater focus on the coming one world order God's word speaks of clearly throughout biblical Scripture!

For example, paragraph 1 under your "Global Solidarity" section bespeaks of the unholy trinitarian religion of Satan spoken of continuously throughout Scripture. The religion of the False Prophet that will usher in the political unity under the Antichrist. Isn't it amazing how God's Truth is revealed in the world, if one is but born again? Praise God His word is absolute Truth. The deceit of dialectics is such a shame!

This so-called interfaith ecumenicalism will but bring to fruition the Vatican's focus on the female undercurrent -- the female pagan goddess worship-- in all religions. The primary element in the false one world religion that will bring all religions of Satan together, and reveal the true deceit of Satan in his original attempts to counter God -- in Babylon and before the Flood.

Will true biblical Christianity be the scapegoat in this process? People will be deceived into recognizing their religious separateness and historic rivalries as a deception -- leading to their acceptance of the one world religion. Deceived, even "Christians" will turn to the false god of this world: Satan

Under your section headings "Behavior Modification" and "Human Resources For The Global Economy," as you are probably aware, your comments even go back to John Dewey and Maria Montessori and their joint effort, spiritually speaking, to deceive the public and private schools in America and the world to accept the coming world order. This form of education is not new and is spoken of by Plato et al.

And your quote from Nehemiah is well quoted in this context. God is Good and the Holy Spirit is faithful to bring God's word to our minds as we have need. Only God knows who will and will not perish. But we are to preach the Gospel, defend the True Faith, and be watchmen and women according to God's inerrant, holy word.

From a concerned Christian: I am sending you a link to a list of web-based training courses that are available for free to all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees.  The list gives you a good idea of the direction the FAA has been heading for many years now. Systems Thinking, Change Management and Strategic Planning have been considered essential training for Management and administrative staff for over a decade. 

We are now neck deep in ISO 9001, having obtained our registration last year.  Now they are reaching out to the entire workforce with web-based training that promotes diversity, globalization and consensus.  A co-worker and fellow christian just attended a training class this week in which the instructor stated "we need a new world order".

I wear many hats in my organization which include ISO auditor, training coordinator, and organizational planner.  I am a Christian so I am trying to use my position and knowledge about these programs to sound a warning to those that will listen.  99% of the people know something's wrong, but have no idea what's coming upon the world. 

From Nancy Perry: I read your article on World Standards posted on News with Views today & found it to be very interesting.

I too, am an RN & work in the "culture" of "new-age" hospital administration. The administration spouts their goals, objectives, ad nauseum while we nurses work down in the trenches trying to find time to be kind to our patients.

Administration has their little buzzword phrases. The funniest to me is: "Can I help you? I have time." I want a t-shirt that says: "I can't help you. I don't have time!!" I think that would be hilarious. However, I need to keep my day job at this time so I'll just go on doing what God lets me do in each moment & learning kindness & patience.

The new world-culture is everywhere today!! It has come upon us so subtly that most are scarcely aware of the change. Like the frog boiling in water. He didn't notice the heat when he jumped in before it started cooking!! But he sure would have noticed it had he jumped in after it started boiling!!

Thank you, Nancy, for helping me expose the problem.

From Susan Kennedy: I found the ISO 14000 standards especially interesting, as we have been through the painful process of implementation of ISO 9000 standards in our company. Introduced around 1995, ISO 9000 effectively cost the company millions of dollars and enormous time delays that are still felt throughout the system. It necessitated months of company-wide preparation as well as hours of training for each and every employee on how to pass the audit process, which required (among other things) deleting all hard copies of procedural documentation and becoming totally dependent on intranet-based documentation, as well as being able to give the appropriate responses to the "auditors" who visited each company. 

These auditors randomly questioned procedures and interviewed employees at all levels, in order to determine whether or not to grant the company an ISO "certification." (Lawrence said that the questions and the way in which they were asked always left room for the "auditor" to find fault, no matter what the response.)  Employees or entire companies could be "written up" for being in violation of any of the ISO 9000 principles. They cannot be called standards, because the program effectively eliminated the industry-wide standards (military standards or "milspecs"), which until that time had been used as a worldwide standard for each procedure and piece of equipment involved in the development of a spacecraft, from conception through launch. 

Now each company is free to determine its own standards (for example, the technical definition/specifications for a "feed" or a "receiver") as long as, within the company itself, they consistently use that definition and the latest version of the company's documentation concerning it.  This creates an enormous amount of confusion and consternation among companies that are trying to coordinate projects involving several partners. (This might explain how the Mars probe could have crashed due to one team carrying out its calculations in miles while another worked in kilometers!) 

It also necessitated the immediate obsolescence of all drawings made up to that point, as all had to be either discarded or re-drawn electronically to fit the new system -- a totally electronic "workflow" (EW) system, which Lawrence tells me the employees now refer to as "Electronic Warfare" because of the difficulties and delays it creates.  These (non-standard!) "standards," along with the more recent technology export requirements (just another part of the same agenda) have been instrumental in bringing his company to the brink of bankruptcy.  I doubt if they are alone.
I see from the ISO website that this month in Mexico they will be meeting to develop "guidelines for implementing ISO 9000 quality management systems within organizations providing educational services..."  Apparently there is a "new, improved" ISO standard, and they intend to apply it to "all levels and types of education, including: elementary, medium and higher; special and adult education; distance and e-learning."  Need we wonder where homeschooling will fit in all this?

No, we need not wonder, Susan. As the states, in turn, begin to require that homeschooling parents to become certified teachers, we see the noose tightening. The education standards -- national and state as well as international (actually, they are all essentially the same) -- must be applied to every person of every age. The title and theme of our current education program fits the global vision: 'No Child Left Behind.' 

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