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From L H.:  I just read Homeland Security and Brainwashing in America. Words fail me.

I think of my children. They won't fit in because they have been taught the biblical worldview from birth and have had a traditional western civ/facts/knowledge/thinking(analysis and discernment) Christian education and are exposed to very little media (mom picks it!). I have been telling them a little of the transformation the country and world is going through and how it is going from the old model of the world to the new model -global governance (eventually), and earth based/pagan spirituality. ( I think they need or will need to understand why it looks and sounds so different out there in the world- different from what we believe.)


They will need to understand who they are and where they stand- as children, servants and followers of Christ, and not the new world system.

That's so true! I thank God for your discernment of today's popular deceptions and your determination to build your children up in God's truth and ways. I'm so glad His grace is sufficient in our weakness -- when we trust and fellow Him!  His Life & Strength in us

From L. H.: My neighbor across the street is our Neighborhood watch captain. Last summer he asked me if I wanted to host the yearly Neighborhood night out outdoor bbq/picnic on our street, to "get the neighbors out" together to know each other for the purposes of safety, etc.

Previously my neighbor was hosting it. A police officer always is scheduled to come and visit our party and he wants to ask us if we have any problems or concerns etc. It is obvious that it is a setup so the officer can come and interview us as a group to ask if everything is ok in our neighborhood and if there is anything we can tell them!! (about complaints or crimes). I go along with it because I use every opportunity to build relationships for witnessing and evangelism etc, even though I know (it is so obvious) that this is more civilian volunteer policing/sustainable organizing stuff that is developing as we speak. Talk about big brother and public private partnerships (this neighborhood watch program.)

Anyway, quarterly or so we get the newsletter 'The Neighbor's Watch' from the city about how the program is going. There is so much new restructuring/ change stuff in it. It strongly encourages everyone to be involved as a volunteer in community policing and openly talk about how they are restructuring the police dept. to include civilian assistance in keeping neighborhoods safe. (I can see where this is
going.) They are in partnership with the private organization, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, which in turn is partnered with many private and public organization and serves public institutions such as cities, schools, etc.

Check out the lingo on this site! It has all the buzzwords used in the new system of management that you have documented. The goal is "healthy" neighborhoods, schools, cities. They remediate students for hate speech in schools (retraining classes required) and mediate and facilitate conflicts in neighborhoods using "dialog". They have an inter faith mediation group also.

That sounds like the World Health Organization's world wide "mental health" program as well as Homeland Security and Sustainable Development. But in our time of partnerships and alliances, it makes sense. [See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health]

From Dennis: Your article entitled "Homeland Security and the transformation of America" is excellent...  As far as the definitions given for a "terrorist" are concerned, I will likely end up in the "lone individual" category. As events unfold, I plan on conforming to what these people want, on a peaceful basis, until they require me to violate the truths written in God's Word.


For example, if the government requires me to obtain government issued identification papers and then to carry them with me wherever I go, I will do so. If a police officer demands that I produce my papers, I will do so, without argument or confrontation. If the government ever says that I must take upon or into my body some mark or electronic device in order to buy or sell, I will refuse and go underground.


If the government makes it illegal to openly worship God and His Son, then I will attend underground worship services, which I am certain will exist. The point is that I see no purpose in open defiance simply for the reason of being defiant. Jesus was never defiant without a very solid reason that was directly linked to the will and truths of the Father.


I think we must all be very careful to choose our battle fronts as wisely as we can, i.e, harmless as doves and as wise as serpents. I have copied as much of your web site that I can, because the day will come when it will no longer exist.


Two reports that summarize the problem with TIPS (which apparently has been blocked by Congress):

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies: "The Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police. The program would use a minimum of 4 per cent of Americans to report 'suspicious activity'....

       "TIPS volunteers are being recruited primarily from among those whose work provides access to homes, businesses or transport systems.... A pilot program, described on the government Web site is scheduled to start next month in 10 cities, with 1 million informants....

       "Present Justice Department procedures mean that informant reports will enter databases for future reference and/or action. The information will then be broadly available within the department, related agencies and local police forces. The targeted individual will remain unaware of the existence of the report and of its contents.

       "The Patriot Act already provides for a person's home to be searched without that person being informed that a search was ever performed, or of any surveillance devices that were implanted. At state and local levels the TIPS program will be co-ordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was given sweeping new powers, including internment, as part of the Reagan Administration's national security initiatives." See A National Information System


The DARPA Information Awareness Office: "The key to fighting terrorism is information. Elements of the solution include gathering a much broader array of data than we do currently, discovering information from elements of the data, creating models of hypotheses, and analyzing these models in a collaborative environment...." The official symbol of this new government office under the U.S. defense department was the masonic, all-seeing eye in the pyramid. Also symbolizing the new world order, it covers the planet with its enlightening rays. See a portion of it at  Symbols and their meaning. But the controversial symbol has recently been replaced by a triangle -- apparently the top triangular section of the mystical pyramid.  

From Patricia: Thank you so much for your your website.  Particularly horrifying are the new surveillance articles featuring the Darpa Site.  the NWO full steam ahead.  Thanks for putting them up. So many professing "Christians" these days are definitely not wanting to take their head out of the sand so to speak. It is really something... my own mother who calls herself a Christian has recently told me that she believes that Jesus was just "a good teacher" not the Son of God. Not our Lord and Saviour. This was so horrifying to me to hear, and I see how effective the change agents have been in the organized "churches".

Others have told me similar stories, Patricia. One man came to me when I finished speaking at a conference and told me that he had been raised by Christian parents who attended church every Sunday. Now his mother was dying, and she had recently told him that she wondered what kind of person she would be in "her next life.” She was referring to reincarnation, not to the promised life believers will share with Christ for all eternity. He wondered where she had picked up such ideas.

Many believe that only the youth are vulnerable to such deception. I thank you for this opportunity to remind others that age is no protection against the world's continual onslaught of New Age and neo-pagan suggestions.  To stand firm in Christ without compromise, we need to know, memorize His truth and hold them up as a standard and filter for all other information. See Clothed with Truth (Chapter 2 of A Wardrobe from the King)

From C.H.:  Regarding fingerprinting and ID's, I've heard some states already require this and it's just a matter of time before they all do.

I was at Walmart with the kids, and a nice, kind, but very!! persistent man insisted I get my three children fingerprinted. When I kindly and politely said no, he was even more persistent. I was waiting for him to follow me down the isles while I shopped or afraid he'd be around a corner or jump out from behind a huge stack of toothpaste stacked to the cieling, ready to put ink on their hands, yikes.

He seemed to have radar eyes, I tried to get out quick and to the car with my 6 gallons of milk, but there he was, "why, why, give me a reason why not" like a bad car salesman.

From Bob: The ariticle on A4 of TMH implies that all citizen organized against criminal activity will be destructive to society.

In Durham, NC we have an organization called Partners Against Crime (PAC), which is not to be confused with a Political Action Committee. It is organized so that the four districts of the police department have a corresponding PAC in its district. The four PACs are the eyes and ears for the Durham Police Department. These PACs have been in existence now for over 12 years and are continually improving life and society in Durham.

We are not trained to "tattle on each other". We are trained to watch for suspicious activity and to call 911 when somethng is out of the ordinary. An example: while sitting on our front porch one evening, I saw a man go up to several houses and try to open the doors. I accosted the person and he immediately left the neighborhood. When I relayed this to one of the people whose door he tried to open, she insisted I call 911 and report on it. This I did and it turns out he had also been seen a few blocks away entering an unlocked house. Had I called 911 first, the B&E suspect would have been apprehended.

Stories like this are common place in Durham. We also have a very active listserve to broadcast information such as a suspected rapist's description. Another good example is a scam artist, whose picture we published on the listserve and were able to effectively put her out of business in this district. Information is very useful, when used

Your article implies that information will only be used to harass decent individuals. Our experience is anything but that.

I so appreciate your insights and clarification, Bob. I realize that  America faces some serious crises that demand responses. My main goal was to point out that -- in America as in recent totalitarian countries -- these crises can be used to persuade people to relinquish personal freedoms that we have  treasured.

I listed the many different ways that public spying is being promoted  because I wanted to show that this new way of thinking is spreading  through many key segments of our nation. Alone, any one way could more easily be justified.

But I can see how our message can come across as being imbalanced. Thank you for letting me post your letter showing the other side.

Second letter from Bob: Crossing the line does happen, and you are right in that an unjust government will do unjust things. Thought you would like reading this.

The Free Congress Commentary
"Why John Ashcroft Needs To Keep The FBI From Crossing The Line"
By John Nowacki

"Over the past year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has received a fair amount of criticism for its handling of various issues....

"In the waning days of the Clinton Administration, the government admitted to errors in at least 75 applications for espionage and terrorism warrants that came before the FISA court. Material facts were omitted, an erroneous statement from the FBI director was submitted, and despite an ongoing investigation, the judges have received no explanation about how these things were allowed to occur.

"This problem is hardly a surprise; the Justice Department took on a different character under the leadership of Clinton, Janet Reno, and their appointees. These were the people who brought us the Ruby Ridge debacle, the Richard Jewell debacle, and the image of a gun being pointed toward Elian Gonzalez. It's no wonder that despite clear guidelines, Reno's FBI would still manage to foul things up.

"The New York Times recently ran a story about how the FBI in its mid-1960s campaign against organized crime crossed the line and allowed an innocent man to be convicted for murder because the then-director -- J. Edgar Hoover -- wanted to use the real killer as an informant.

"One wouldn't expect today's FBI to stand on the threshold of that same line, but the problem of balancing the need for investigative tools with civil liberties and justice is still as important as ever....

"...the Attorney General needs to do all he can to change the culture of the FBI from that of the Clinton years and to make certain that the people who operate under his authority are committed to both safeguarding our country... and respecting our liberties...."

John Nowacki is Director of Legal Policy at the Free Congress Foundation.

Follow-up letter from Char:   Something else too: We have this program at the Tenet Hospital System called "Target 100." I found out today what this is: Skinnerian Conditioning. You "jump through the hoop" and you "get the goodies."

Employees are 'rewarded' with points they may use toward various offers the hospital has... shopping, restaurants, travel, hotel/motel discounts etc.

The current push is courtesy, helpfulness etc. Of course then there's the "ethics" meetings every employee must attend. Dialectic in action. Their facilitators aren't very skilled as yet, so THEY are easily manipulated themselves. Some of these are Christians, and when I find that out I do my best to 'educate' them. Char

Here's a cut and paste from the secure website:

Hospital Target 100

Welcome to Target 100
What began as an important service program last year is now revolutionizing our company and defining the Tenet culture.

Target 100 seeks to achieve 100 percent satisfaction rates among our most-important constituents - patients, employees and physicians. The program was developed by Tenet in conjunction with Quint Studer, former CEO of Baptist Hospital of Pensacola, Fla. Studer, a nationally recognized expert on customer satisfaction, developed a customized version of his proven customer satisfaction program specifically for Tenet facilities.

The Target 100 program engages every one of us - from the hospital CEO to the floor nurse to the admissions clerk - in a structured process aimed at improving service.

Each hospital designates an Initiative Champion and forms Action Teams in such key areas as patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, employee communications and service recovery - all with the focused intent of seeking out and implementing significant improvements in these areas.

Action Teams are Key to Service

Our intent is to make customer service a dominant aspect of the Tenet culture - service to our patients, physicians, and employees. An important way we are achieving this goal is through the Action Team structure. The five action teams are:

· Employer of Choice - the standards, employee communications and leadership teams

· Recovery & Recognition - the measurement, service recovery and reward and recognition teams

· Inpatient satisfaction

· Outpatient satisfaction

· Physician satisfaction

Real Solutions Bringing Real Results

The Action Team cross-functional approach to identifying real solutions for real service issues is achieving results. Target 100 is already in place at about 35 of our hospitals and we have a dedicated training team that is helping to roll it out across the system.

Results to date have been impressive. For example, Warminster Hospital in Warminster, Pa., one of the first Tenet hospitals to adopt a Target 100-type program, saw its patient satisfaction scores rise from 96th in the company shortly after Tenet bought the facility in November 1998 to 3rd overall for fiscal 2000. In the first two quarters of Tenet's current fiscal year, admissions at the Tenet hospitals participating in the Target 100 program grew at a significantly higher rate than the rest of our facilities.

Target 100 has also helped improve employee satisfaction at some of our facilities by offering our hospital staff concrete ways to improve the effectiveness of their work. At MetroWest Medical Center in Massachusetts, for example, the hospital administration responded to an Action Team recommendation and purchased more than 100 cell phones - one for every nurse to carry while on duty. The phones have greatly improved the nurses' ability to communicate with doctors and patients and enhanced quality and service at the hospital.

The Service Excellence Way
You say you want a revolution? Then get into the Target 100 practice. It's an initiative that will ultimately be the true test of our successful achievement of making customer service a trademark of Tenet.

From Char:  Many companies, including the hospital where I work, now have and may have had for a while those ominous "800" lines that you can call to report "ethics" violations.

If you don't think people will call to report all kinds of stuff,  you're sadly mistaken. People call those lines to report the most trivial things... people have lost their jobs over silly and  stupid things.

This morning I went to bat for someone who could be in danger of  losing her job. She's in a real mess right now and doesn't need to lose her job on top of everything else that's happening to her: her ex-husband is stalking her (police won't help/don't care). He's stolen all her money out of her house (twice), slashed the tires on her car, has beaten her up twice.

Before all that started happening she had MAJOR surgery, the surgeon messed her up pretty bad and they want to  "discipline" her (which I take to mean up to and including termination) for not reporting the time she worked by documenting on a piece of paper (because her badge was not working properly!!!)

I told  our supervisor that ANYbody would be made crazy if that had happened  to them.

He said, "Well, she should know better."

What is happening to people?

Kindness and integrity -- in contrast to the politically correct "understanding" enforced through consensus groups -- are fading fast. Apart from Christ, "the heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately wicked." (Jer 17:9). Today's nice-sounding sentiments and illusions of love do little to establish genuine compassion in a culture driven by the liberal media and the dialectic process. See
Brainwashing in America  

From Dennis:  I read with dismay, but also with knowing, the news article "US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies." This is without any doubt Nazi Germany all over again. I first saw all of this coming about 6 years ago.

The end times are most definitely here and the battle lines have been drawn. Every person alive is either on the Lord's side, or that of the Adversary. I can see this everywhere I go, at work, shopping in the mall, in the news, on the television, it does not matter. The battle lines are very clear.

Have you done any digging into This is the
most frightening web site I have ever seen.

I have and plan to write about it. But we don't need to fear. David knew that well:

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? ...

Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear;
Though war should rise against me, in this I will be confident.

One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple."
Psalm 27:1-4

From Jeff Wallace: Welcome to Totalitarianism 101. This is precisely what is expected of a totalitarian state (in this case world state in the making). The Nazis and all the Communist dictatorships all used this type of network to uncover those who refused to go along with the dictates of the “state”  This will (IMHO) probably become a network whereby all real Bible believing Christians will be informed on and subsequently punished by the NWO.

My opinion is that every president and administration going all the way back to Theodore Roosevelt has been laced throughout with globalist/socialist types. Mckinley who was assassinated interestingly enough appears to not have been on board with a lot of the program.  ...


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