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From C W Harriger:  Brown's book "The Symbol" is a real page turner but unfortunately is a very old and dangerous piece of heresy. The book promotes the idea of being "little gods" or "gods" much the same way a well known TV preacher once did. I remember hearing of his idea of "being gods" but discounted it until i saw the guy on a Christian talk show and sure enough the question came up as to whether he had actually made that statement. He stumbled around a bit and finally admitted he believed it and we should all consider it. Obviously he was ignoring the original statement from scripture warning of being "like gods" as a dangerous doctrine to hold.

Nonetheless it would one day be the point that man reached in his thinking regardless of the warning. Brown weaves a clever deception by promoting the Masonic Order as a viable belief system while including scriptural accounts of death and resurrection and shedding of blood running alongside the masonic ritual. Hidden powers we have been protected from for our own good because we have not attained 'godhood' in our thinking. What a world we live in today! I fear for our nation.

The symbol behind the title of Brown's occult book is the simple CIRCUMPUNCT -- a CIRCLE with DOT ("Bindu") in the center. It points to the creative spark of divine consciousness within people linking everyone to the creative mind of a universal "god" thus making each persona "co-creator" of a supposedly evolving universe. See Giving Thanks to an Unknown "God"? From Truth to Mysticism -- by Global Design

From Aya: I am a Muslim Egyptian Girl. I just wanned to correct ur information about that symbol and i couldn't add a comment at the topic so i decided to email you.

In Islam we believe in evil eye or "Envy" but actually we avoid that by gods words and prophet teaches to us to increase our Spiritual energy so nothing could harm us, and we are not allowed to believe at some materials or stones to protect us. It's a sin that could get us out of our believe.

The eye have two stories that we know here in Egypt and Arab world:

First one:  the ancient Egyptian blue eye that ancient Egyptians used to wear it and draw it every where to bring them luck and protect them from evil, and it's believed too that it represents the sun god RAA on ancient times

Second story: early arab womens used to draw it at there hands and legs by certain pigments called "HENA" Indicating there beauty or to  help showing there charm as recent time tattos.

i hope i helped your gorgeos website to correct it's informations

thanks for email reader time

Thank you for adding your insight to this symbol, Aya. And thank you for learning to speak my language. I appreciate it! :) I will add a link from the original page with symbols to this comment, so that everyone can see your message.

Here is the link to the original statement about the symbol.

From Sumaya: Hi, I am muslim, I believe in one God and am with you about taking care of our children and keeping them from believing in superstitions.  My husband and I always try to buy cloth that has no signs on it and we are trying to keep our young kids from watching too much tv or being influences by all the ads.  And thank you from being respectful with all religions.  It is becoming rare to find true christians brothers and sisters. 

I just needed to tell you about an error that you made in the symbol page.  You said:

"HAND OF FATIMA (daughter of Muhammad) or KHAMSA (five): Many muslims believe that the image of the hand with an eye in the center will protect them from the "evil eye." While this symbol often appears on magical charms, amulets, and  jewelry, it is seen here on the trunk of a car. "

It is true that many people believe in that, but it is not entirely true.  We believe in the "evil eye", but the only thing known to muslims to protect them from it is reading the words of God, aka the Qoran or the original Bible, who is also the words of God.

The hand of Fatima is more like a folklore or cultural believe; a superstition.  That's why it is wrong in our religion.  Thanks to you, and have a wonderful weekend. :)

Jeff Wallace: I was watching a recent History channel show on the Lost Book of Nostradamus. They had some guests on there that seemed to know a lot about the occult symbolism displayed in the book. It caught my attention as I remember a comment posted here a while ago stating that the eight armed cross was not particularly significant one way or other. Apparently according to Nostradamus and the knowledgeable speakers on this show, it is indeed very significant in the occult world.

As they showed the various pages of the book, almost every page at the top had an eight armed cross with a circle around it (it looked very much like a wagon wheel). Its interesting to note that this is precisely the symbol of the United Nations and it is also a symbol that has some significant meaning to some Native Indian cultures (which are overrun with occult practices and symbols).
Here is what the gentleman explaining this symbol had to say about it:

 "I should explain perhaps why the eight spoke wheel is so important. In the sky there is a great cross that does not move, and its formed by the center of the galaxy and from the center point of our celestial equator to the southern point of the celestial equator, that's the divine cross. Down here on the ground we have the mundane cross that is formed by the angles between equinox and the solstice and so forth, so the eight armed cross, the eight rayed star, the 8 spoke wheel...all represents the alignment in space and time of the divine cross above and the terrestrial mundane cross below."

Then he goes on and states...."Now curiously enough this alignment only happens once ever 13,000 years. These crosses have not aligned since 11,000 B.C., roughly 13,000 years ago." Of course whether that is accurate or not, is pretty hard to say.
Earlier in this talk he tied the Constellation of Orpheus into this description as well and stressed some importance on the space between the scorpio and sagitarius (apparently there is a circle imagine there that encircles the eight armed cross. Obviously this obsession that occultists have with the whole astrological realm plays a heavy role in this. There are so many of the occult orientations that are tied into the solar system in one or other. Of course as we see so often, the sun face was one of the important symbols displayed in this book.
I used to read Louie Lamour western books, and I remember that in one his stories, a huge wagon wheel built I think out of rocks was prominent in this book. It was supposed to be some kind of native Indian worship site of some significance that is supposedly an actual site somewhere in one of the western US states. It could be added here on the Lamour books that I had noted often an anti Christian (pro occult) orientation in alot of his books.

Anonymous: This is to whomever wrote the nonsensical tirade about the different pagan symbols, you are a true moron! You are blinded by ignorance. Christians took most of their symbolism from pagans and the ones they didn't like they "demonized" literally!

Something you should know is that pagans are very peaceful and do not worship YOU'RE biblical satan. We believe in being in harmony with nature, respecting our environment and taking care of it. Your comments are offensive and ignorant.

What's even more pathetic is that you actually live in fear of these harmless symbols and are spreading your hate and stupidity to children. Shame on you! Christians for centuries now have been oppressing people of other beliefs. People have even suffered and died for they're beliefs. I really feel sorry for you. You are the one that is lost. Jesus was merely a kind and wise man just like Budda. If he was here today I think he would be appalled at what his message of peace has been mutated into.

May I share some historical glimpses with you? Please read this page on Missions. As far as I know, only Christians -- touched by love for poor and hurting people in distant and dangerous lands -- would leave the comforts of the West to risk (and usually give) their lives in order to share God's love. They would build medical clinics, schools, water pumps... whatever would help the people survive and grow. As you probably know, many were killed by those they came to save.

As for the explanations of symbols, none of my books on this topic are Christian. Some are by women who call themselves Wiccan or pagan. The one I have used most often to identify pagan symbols is The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara Walker. Many (who identify themselves as pagan or Wiccan) have expressed appreciation for the fairness they have see on our symbols page..

Anonymous: 1) In reference to the 'horned hand' (right fist extended with index and pinky fingers up) to be a symbol in reference to allegiance to satan.  This may be true in some instances, but one must note that the context of symbols change over time.  Some of your symbol definitions reflect this.  But this one doesn't.  It doesn't even trace it all the way back to the symbols origins, which was with the Byzantine monks.  The symbol started out being a way to communicate blessings or cursings.  If one was to point the two finger 'horn's up in the air, it would constrew blessings upon the person.  If one was to point the two finger 'horns' towards the person, it would be a curse.

The hand gesture started out in the metal music realm because of Ronnie Dio, who'se italian grandmother used it to ward off the 'evil eye' (or to give it, depending on the blessing/cursing aspect of the way it is used). But nowadays it is used primarily as a generic symbol for extreme/metal music devoid of any spiritual connotations.  Some darker bands use it in its satanic imagery, but most do not.  I've seen perfectly faith-neutral bands use it as well.
2) The lighning bolt symbol next to the 'power rangers' logo seems to delude the seriousness of your message.

A Christian visitor: I saw this symbol on a message board and was wondering if you have any idea what it is for? I don't.  It looks sort of similar to the "anarchy" symbol (from your site: Symbols and their meaning) but is a bit different.

I donít know the answer. So many older symbols are now personalized and adapted to new groups. One might guess that some anarchists became part of the emerging church scene (maybe one of those rock music cafes) and decided to create a symbol that blended two ideologies. Of course, anarchy (no authority) is the total opposite of Christianity, which calls for surrender to Godís loving authority.

We would welcome help from anyone who sees this page.

From Mark: I dont like the way that on one of the pages of symbols you mention warning others about these symbols. that is trying to change the will of people which is attempting to change how god made that person.. Which in the end is morally wrong.

Other than that i found the list of symbols and there meanings very helpful. o i thank you.

You are welcome! :)

But I'm troubled by your first statement. Do you equate a Biblical warning with some kind of coercion? Is it morally wrong to speak up about immoral or occult suggestions, because such warnings might cause someone to change their mind or will? That doesn't make sense in light of God's Word. He tells us to:

"Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;  and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things..." 2 Timothy 4:2-5

See more Scriptures here: Don't Be Deceived! and God's eternal, unchanging Word

From a concerned Christian: I have recently been seeing a commercial on TV for Fruit of the Loom underwear with some obvious occult symbolism on it. First a "green man" appears, dressed in leaves. Then at one point in the commercial, the "fruit" (humans dressed as fruit) are looking into a crystal ball.

The thing that I am wondering about comes at the end of the commercial, where a woman makes a strange posture with her hands. I have tried to find this commercial online and can't find it anywhere. If you have seen this commercial, what is the young woman doing with her hands? I wish I could describe it to you, I just remember she puts her hands, one up and one down...not much to go on, sorry. But after reading online how much occult magic is done in public using hand signs, this commercial has me wondering if that is what the woman is doing.

I donít watch much television, so I havenít seen the ad. I did check some websites and saw the Fruit of the Loom cartoon characters, but I didnít see the hand signals. I would certainly be concerned about the crystal ball, but it may all be part of the marketing scheme. Now that even ďChristianĒ parents might overlook or ignore such symbols if the item would be ďfunĒ for their children, few companies would question such gimmicks. Itís sad Ė and will probably get worse.

All the more I thank God for opening our eyes to see what is good or bad from His perspective.

From Loretta: Shopping for the children is a challenge when most children's clothes Are decorated with occult symbols. Everywhere now I see on clothes: double headed eagles/phoenix, devil horns hand symbol, dragon, bats, skulls, flying horses, snake, fire, pentagrams, and one I did not notice on your chart, the beast from the English crests: looks like a lion standing on hind legs, with a crown on it's head.

Isn't this a symbol of the n.w.o.? Many clothing items have several of these symbols together, all in one design. The stores have been featuring (on displays) the shirts with the double headed eagle/phoenix with it's claws standing on a globe.

I have added the standing lion to our symbols page, Loretta. Thanks for showing me that it was missing. I also added the dove, which represents the New World Order more frequently. After all, few will argue against the dove of peace, while many might be concerned if the UN sported a lion representing power. What counts at this stage in the transformational process is propaganda and public perception 

From Chronicler: I found your chart on symbols and their meanings to be not only woefully innacurate to the point of being insulting, but it is highly biased.

For instance, the cross, or crucifix offers the protection of God, the bible is the word of God, the church is the house of God, you have absolute faith in an all-powerful invisible man who controls the whole world and is disappointed in anyone who doesn't believe in him though he offers no evidence of his existence... Yet the dreamcatcher is mythology and superstition?

That's called insanity...

Feel free to offer your opinion, you believe that these symbols are nonsense, or indeed evil, but there exists only evidence to the contrary, do not state opinion as fact. I will agree with some of your interpretations, such as the inverted pentagram, but you need to understand that it is used by the same people who use the inverted cross and for the same reason, most wiccan principles are identical to those of christianity and so both are mocked by satanism.

We all have our worldviews, and our is Christian. We don't keep that a secret. So, of course, our interpretations will reflect that position. But we would be happy to post your letter so that others can see your point of view. That's fair, isn't it?

Indeed it is, it's good to see reasonable christians, thank you, and I apologize for being less than flattering in my previous message. It is always best to go to the source for information, I have a rare objective point of view being a member of no organized religion.

It happens I do believe in God and in Christ, what I reject is the depiction of them offered by Christianity. If you're interested in a proper intelligent theological debate sometime I am usually available weekends all day and weekdays between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your christians. Your christians are so unlike your Christ." -Mahatma Ghandi

May you find what you seek, The Chronicler

I have found it, Chronicler! :) And my Lord has blessed me far beyond anything I could conceive. For a glimpse of His amazing grace, see My Shepherd.

From Brittany:  I am a homeschooled tenth grader. I think other Christians need to know about the dangers in Satanic Symbols, Your website is great- providing a lot of information about this.

I will get to the point. About a month ago I bought a Billabong Coat. It looked nice.

A couple weeks ago I was flipping through the Psalms. "Point out anything in my life that offends You," I silently prayed.

I was like I was lead into my closet where the coat hung. On the left sleeve there was a small one inch logo that had something that looked like a green flower. Then 3 things became popped out: A skeleton, a pentagon (or goathead), and a lightening bolt. I was kinda shocked.

Then I remembered inside the coat there was the same thing but enlarged, by where your heart would be if you put the jacket on. The image was turned upside down, so that it wouldn't be as obvious -- I guess.

I'm so grateful that G-d let me see this, but at the same time concerned for other believers who don't know that clothing brands hide stuff like that in their clothes.

Then I bought a pair of jeans. The same thing happened. Upside down inside the jeans on the tag-- (very hidden--) there was something that looked like a Chinese Buddah, a dancing demon or devil, and some kind of Satanic angel (they blended into the background on the tag.) It was hard to look at for very long.

I think Christians should be aware of this stuff; especially Billabong, and Tyte Jeans! DeLias, Hurley, and a lot of other teen clothing brands put satanic symbols on their clothing, its scary.

Thank you for sharing this information, Beth. I hope many will read it and be alerted to this hidden symbols.

From Mike V.: I am not to sure who you are. I myself am very concerned about your website. Some of the information on symbols of the occult, is very very offensive to me. I myself am a proud pagan. I have done many Wiccan rituals and have used some of these symbols.

I am also a proud Sagitarian, I was quite upset about what you put about the Sagitarian symbol. I am aslo very into Anarchy, if you looked up the definition of it you might know that it is not
used by Satanists. Satanists are way more communistic and facist to ever be into Anarchy.

I COMPLETLEY disagree with the person who plays WarHammer, as I also play it. Honestly, I think what you wrote about dragons is crap, in revelations they wrote about it but that is all really. Your "hook 'em horns" is crap aswell. That only applies to the left hand, and most people don't even know that. The right hand is used to ward off evil magicks. Yeh, your Peace sign - complete crap. The whole protruding tongue thing- the gargoyles used that because the when it rained the water inside their mouths became holy and protected the building.

The whole Teletubbies thing, do you honestly think a childrens show is trying to go that deep? Do you think any child will even notice if it truly is what you think it is? Your whole thing about drawing the symbols- B.S. You cannot conjur a demon from any drawing!
Necromancy is so much more adept! I am really quite upset about what you have written.

Thank you for your time.

From Daniella: I had come to your site searching for some information on ancient symbology. In fact I have been researching on several sites, taking into account all information that I've read.

I was thoroughly disappointed with some of the comments people have made. I did not read all but I did skim through. There were some interpretations that I personally disagreed with but I in no way took offense to any of YOURS. I in fact think that your opening paragraph on that page was very key and polite. Of course there will be variations in symbols regarding time, country, etc. They are also open to individual interpretation. That being said, I appreciate your dedication in researching and providing the information you've learned. I think these people need to return and read your introduction again.

From M. S.: I can only say that you have not done your homework, your references are shallow, and fueled by paranoia.

The symbols you show are pop culture level at best, and you have not even touched on thier historical meanings; most can be traced to prehistoric roots. The Catholic church knows well the foundations of the symbols they use to perpetuate Christianity - for example the Madonna and child is an ancient religious depiction of Adonis and Mother - from sun god worship.
So does a modern association to a symbol negate its ancient history? If symbols have power, do the modern associations cancel the ancient meanings? If not, then the worship of Adonis lives through the images of the mother and child so cherished by the Christian faith, and love of the female reproductive capability lives on through the fish symbol.

Perhaps the people you accuse of being evil because of a series of pictures have a deeper love for God and creation than you do.

For many who choose a symbol for their mission -- be it Christian or pagan, the new association will cancel the ancient meanings for that person. He or she may never have known what other cultures saw in a particular shape or geometric design. When the early Christians chose the fish as an identifying symbol, their choice had nothing to do with earlier pagan worship who had attributed a different meaning to the same shape.

I don't claim to have all the answers with regard to symbols. Since many change meanings and since new compound symbols appear each year, I can't keep up with all of them. But I use about a dozen books on symbols in order to find the both the historical background and the most current meaning of a particular symbol that is brought to my attention. I don't invent or imagine the meanings I have written, and I often post new views or interpretations that are sent to us.  

What people do I accuse of being evil on our symbols page?

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