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From Elaine Duncan: Please help me! I am so outraged that Va. Tech did not expell the killer. The college knew all the warning signs and did nothing. They ignored the warnings of the students and teachers. They are responsible and they could have prevented this!

I taught in the public schools for 20 years and I know how administrators sweep things under the rug so they can maintain their image. I fear for my kids and all the kids in this country, because schools have no backbone to discipline evil kids. I have prayed about this for 2 days and I can't find any peace. I am still upset and outraged. I can not longer stand this deception. Please help me wake up the parents in America that the schools do not care about their children.

May God encourage you and give you His peace in the midst of this horrendous chaos. Would you like to be on our Scripture list and receive encouragement three times a week? Here are the last Scripture I sent out. They remind us that storm will come (and will surely intensify in the years ahead), but God still reigns in the midst of them. Even as continue to pray and expose these horrors, we ourselves can rest peacefully in Him.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear even though the earth be removed,
and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea….” Psalm 46:1-2

“As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; Abide in My love." John 15:9

From Kim Stager: Thank you for the reminder of one of the foundations for the coming violent world the Bible speaks of in the end times just before Christ returns. As we see in real time what God has prophesied, it is dismaying to say the least. It clearly shows this coming violence to be the result of the unrestrained sin nature in man.

And that God is Good and Truth, and that men's hearts are evil and they are liars. Praise God for His Salvation in His Son, and for the Holy Spirit Who leads us into all Truth and is our Comforter and our earnest of Salvation in eternity in New Jerusalem.
For after the Church is raptured and the Holy Spirit recedes in His holding back influence, all Hell will literally break loose as the book of Revelation clearly reveals. As people become so vile they will welcome, wittingly and somewhat unwittingly, demonic possession which will increase the death and destruction of the world.

May all who call Jesus the Christ Lord continue to preach the Truth in love that whosoever will might be Saved. For this world is passing away, but God's word will endure forever. Amen! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

From Aashild: (Re. "Turn Off Your Television!") My husband and I did exactly that seven years ago. The most amazing thing happened: we returned to "real-life reality", got several notches sharper as to the propaganda, spins and lies being served on a daily basis and free from the influence of advertisements. Of course friends and acquaintances' eyebrows raise if we choose to tell them of our decision; the very first thing that comes out of their mouth is, "Well, but we have to watch the news!!!!"

Your name tells me you must be a fellow-Norwegian. :)  

It's so hard for many of us to take a stand and resist group pressure, but it's the only way to retain our personal integrity, develop discernment, and follow our individual conscience rather than a subjective crowd consciousness. See How to Resist the Pull of the Crowd

From K:  I am a Christian. Yes I should not just love Jesus by my feelings but also by obeying him. I am only 14 and your website is neat. I learn from your site how Pokemon Digimon and Harry Potter are occultic and as well from as other sites. I thank you for exposing these shows as well as yu-gi-oh and other shows. A lot of my peers and friends and cousins like these kinds of stuff.

When Harry Potter and Pokemon came out first in recent years, I never originally liked them at first. However I started to like them by their increasing popularity, especially among my friends and cousins. However several years down the road, I learned the truth about these shows and books and started to dislike them. I read and heard verses from the Bible and against Harry Potter on the Internet. Now I am convinced that these shows and the Potter books are bad. I feel bad that a lot of kids in my generation like these things.

On my school bus and on my bus stop kids would like to sing rap songs that includes a lot of profanity and perversion. In school as well as my old school in New York (I live in Florida), there would be tons of profanity and perverted words kids would be saying today. The words kids say today was unthinkable in my mind prior to 4 grade. My and fifth grade classes kids would be saying the words gays, lesbians, and saying sex jokes on each other any adult they can think of (parents, teachers administrators) However I am not without guilt, because I would laugh and join them in their sickening jokes at times. A lot of times I compromise when it come to the potter books and movies. However I will repent and instead be uncomprimising. I will be obedient to the Lord and have no fellowship with darkness.

I see a lot persecution of Christians here in America. Liberals, gays others say we Christians are intolerant when they are intolerant themselves like the ACLU. I remember one time my seventh grade teacher said those who say God forbids or hates homosexuality are racists! I and hear stories of Kindergarteners hitting and attacking their teachers

When I was in Kindergarten I never even had a hint of doing that. Times are changing right but that doesn't mean for the Churches to compromise and depart from sound doctrines and turn and turn aside to myths and to what their itching ears want them to hear.

Thank you, Kevin. I posted the rest of your letter on the Global Education page.

I thank God for the discernment he has given you. It's not surprising that the words you hear reflect what young people learn from today's popular movies, games, "music" and books. It brings to mind a Bible verse that shows what happens when people fill their minds and hearts with profane images and suggestions:

"Jesus said, 'Are you also still without understanding? Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.” Matthew 15:10-20

From a concerned Christian: Thank you for your ministry! As a child I was totally wrapped up in fantasy and the occult. I was raised in a Christian home and taught the truths of God's Word. However, my parents were not wary of the traps in literature and movies.Only now I am I waking up to where it is all leading and it is very overwhelming! 

I keep repeating the verse..."For we have not been given the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind".....I have been under severe spiritual attacks as I beginning to reclaim the ground given.... sometimes my mind becomes severely fragmented and it is only God's power that keeps me sane!

From Stig-ove Madetoja, from Finland: I have more or less grown up with all forms of role playing games, heavy metal, trading card games mtg (Magic the Gathering) mostly. And as i read what you're writing in
your articles i find that they do tell very much the truth, although you have barely scratched the surface.


It goes much deeper, but you see this only from an American point of view. It is true that many of these games and forms of music come from usa but they have evolved and become much more terrifying here in europe. As an example can be mentioned the band "deicide" which is a most satanic band but is dwarfed by many of the
underground black metal bands of europe.


For instance here in Finland the 7 top sold singles are pagan or satanic inspired heavy metal as of last weeks sales. As a final remark, if you'd like to know some of this stuff from an european point of wiev if i can help id be glad to. 


Best regards in Christ

From Dennis Monroe: I agree with your article "Toying With Death" and also with Fabienne's comments (below). Please allow me to briefly explain my own experience with violent video games. I did not come to the Lord (His rescue, not my doing) until age 50. I am now 57. Just prior to that time, both of my sons and I were playing violent video games, specifically "Doom" and "Rise of the Triad." We did, of course, also destroy the games back then. I don't think these games are even around anymore as the so called "graphics" would be too slow and antiquated for the most up-to-date "modern gamer."

Anyway, I remember becoming very expert at these two games and actually "enjoying" how the blood and body parts flew all over the computer screen, especially when making a long range sniper style "kill." I don't mean to sound macabre here but that was the reality of the experience. Also, during the various sequences and levels of the games, music, often with "Satan's beat" (the heavy base beat you hear coming out of many cars going down the road) would be playing in the background. Also you would hear various phrases spoken by the characters which included many swear words and even taking God's name in vain. This was 8 years ago. The games of today, because of computer advancements, must be many times worse by comparison.

Both of these games were positively created for the sole purpose of "training" people how to kill and to do it with no remorse or regret (desensitization) as in the definition of an assassin. It is obvious to me now that Satan is the direct controller behind these games although I doubt that most of the creators of these games are actually aware of that. To them it is simply making a lot of money, also with the same lack of remorse or regret for what they have wrought. The most serious aspect of all of this for me is that even after 8 years or so of having not played these games, and also having received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I cannot say that the effects of those games are totally gone. I still have desensitized "knee jerk" reactions at times to news events and other happenings that I can readily say are not a proper Christian response. I always then find myself in a repentant prayer to the Lord. I also ask Him every day, often many times in a day to create in me a clean and a new heart and to make a right spirit in me. I thank God so very much for the gift of His most beloved Son. How so desperately I need His hand upon me, literally moment to moment!

Oh how so sad it is that millions of people and especially children and young adults do not know the Lord and even worse do not even know that he exists at all! I see it even in the church I attend. I see young girls coming to the Sunday worship service dressed like street prostitutes with bare midriffs and some even have that tattoo just below the small of their back, which to me is nothing more than a brand of Satan and the mark of rebellion against God. I do not understand what their mothers or fathers are thinking. None of the elders, or older women, or even the pastor say anything. No one says anything! I have spoken about it a few times to others who usually agree as to how bad it is but still it simply falls on deaf ears. They immediately forget about it and just go their own way. One of these days I may be moved to literally stop the worship service and tell them all how it really is. I would expect my welcome there would then be terminated. Well then, so be it.

Woe are we! God's judgment will soon be upon us! The 9/11 attack will be in comparison like a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon! Woe be the nation that calls evil good and that is exactly what we are now doing in the United States of America, a nation that was founded by God Himself, but may not survive.

When The Lord comes, will He find faith on the earth? So many, I am afraid, that profess the name of Christ, will find that when He returns, their lamp will not be trimmed, and He will shut the door on them and tell them I do not know who you are! I may sound like a lunatic, and I probably do to many, but what I am saying I know is true.

From Fabienne: Although your article isn't finished yet, it says very clearly what so many in the churches are
not telling their young people (why aren't they?).

It's scary when church youth groups "enjoy" an evening of "Force 3", or Christian parents treat their children and children's friends to it as a birthday present. If you don't know what "Force 3" is, have a look at these websites:

Talk about teaching to kill -- and in this case it's even your friends that you aim at!

Thus we have children in Christian families being brought up on a diet of TV, Harry Potter, Gameboys, RPGs, Zone 3, hip-hop "music" with murderous lyrics, and fun-fun-fun at school and church. And for too many of these children, "Jesus Christ" will mean the graphic portrayals of Gibson's "Passion" film.

If Christian children, whose parents should know better, are being brought up this way, can you imagine what is happening to other children?

As you said, Berit -- we must pray, be alert, wear the Armor of God, remember the devil's wiles [see The Nature and Tactics of Satan], and praise our Almighty and Sovereign God, and we must make sure our children (and grandchildren) know what is going on. It is no surprise that the world is falling apart -- doesn't God tell us in His Word that it will happen? All the more reason to stand firm and trust Him.


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