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From Straker: i read alot of your site and...well lets just say that alot of people are diluted.

i'll start with what brought me here, bionicle. i collect bionicle and enjoy the near endless adaptability of the toys, i customize them all, so when i was looking for some info i found this site and , well the first thing i read was several people trying to draw similarities to that horrible reject of a cartoon pokemon (insert flesh crawling shudder here). well i was taken aback, i can not understand what can be so bad about this.

see the story is written as if ...well say you didn't know anything about robots or computers or technology at all, then one day a machine walks across your yard .... that is the way these stories are written, let's draw some parralells o.k.?

The spirit of mati nui and all that, and makuta , and the toa and the islanders and all of that are machines, lets get that established right now. As reference i suggest you take a look at the bionicle web site and watch the very slow and time consuming animation section, you will notice that every time they move it is accompanied by the sound of a motor whirr. at no time is the image of the character any different from the toy likeness, in fact the characters even show up on the island in containers like the toys come in.

The masks of power can easily be interprited as bad if you don't think "technology." See , it's like a computer like that, the toa are a walking moving computer, the masks are a program/ driver that work off the power packs that run the toa, each mask contains a different program allowing for different abillities: anti gravity, force field generaters, enhanced vision, and even a field that reenforces the structural and physical strength of the robot, things that science is working on right now.
but what of the spreading of peace and darkness, well as stated before if all the inhabitants of the island are machines, than the answer is as simple as a computer virus , implanted by makutas mask of darkness and the spreading of peace wold be an anti-virus program, or an opposite of a bad virus...whatever that may be...don't laugh, it was late when i wrote this.

Now as to the actual story, that's a different matter, most companies that write stories to acompany a toy line have multiple writers that think up stuff that may be based on their own personal beliefs. That being said , i think that parents should be wachfull in anything that their kids watch, or read, however don't let that stop you from buying the toys , let your kids own imagineation make them up if you don't care for the story, and don't attack the building value of the toys either, as if in some lame justification of your self you need to say, well they just weren't that great of a toy annyhow!

I could show all of you just what can be done with these building toys, they are very upgradable, and can be merged with even stanard legos.

Well that leaves just one point: the idea that they look evil, the glow feature is desighned to look neat, one person desribes the eyes as fiery red eyes. Yeah, um thats what we call clear red plastic...not the fires of hell and not those ax's and claws. They are weapons, that is why the one that looks like it carries a sword and sheild , is carrying a sword and sheild.

Aside from mindless atomatons, i've never seen a toa robot kill any thing in any of the stories i've read or wached. and to reenforce the whole robot thing, those they hove dimantled by force (heh, heh) have been salvaged for parts by the islanders to make new don't even try to tell me these aren't robots we're dealing with.

Many people think that bionicle is coming to a close any way, that the line has run it's course an that lego will soon reveal that these bots were built by man and that the world they live in is earth along time from now and the toa are military robots, and mati nui himself was a defense satilite that reactivated the robots on earth, and makuta is a combat controll computer from....wherever and that mati nui takes place after mankind is extinct. But we all know that won't happen , that it's impossible ,
that in the end it's just sci fi. so lighten up, get an imagination and if you don't like it don't watch it, buy it , or lash out against it, and let people make up their own minds about it , because unlike the characters in bionicle, we're not all mindless machines.

From Valeria: My son told me that there is a new doll , that it is call the Voodoo doll, with pins and a book how to do spells and take revenge of somebody, I went to see it today , they have it for adults and for children. Pretty sad!!

I agree. We need to teach our children Biblical discernment and spiritual warfare. That's why we have a section on the Armor of God

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