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 Twilight Obsession

Seven reasons to shun this vampire tale

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 From Garrett: You MUST read this:

The lady who wrote this [the founder of the Twilight Moms group] even confesses to being a former Mormon LDS Missionary.  There are some pretty eye-opening statements in here about how easily people are deceived.

"Do you think you are the only one whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight?....

"Wayyyyy back after I'd first read the series, I was immediately obsessed, but the only other obsessed people I could talk to about it were the teen age girls in my neighborhood. I felt awkward and crazy that I couldn't get these characters out of my head. I searched the internet for hours, explored fan sites, myspace groups, stephenie's website.... I just couldn't get enough!
      "I felt like the only one in the whole world out there my age who was completely obsessed with these books and that there was something severely wrong with me.
      "Finally, on the myspace group "Henry Cavill IS Edward," I got up the courage to post a new topic. I was specific in the title and said I was searching for any 30 something married women, with or without children, who are as obsessed as me...."

From Isabel:  I read the comment about the older women engrossed in the Twilight saga, and I think you may be interested in this website:

"Dear Stephenie [author of the Twilight series],

"We as a fandom spent many hours trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday. What do you give the person that has given us so much? You've given us this amazing Twilight Universe, a Twilight Movie and amazing friends that we've bonded with through our mutual obsessions -- how can we possibly give you anything that will come close to that? We decided that the best we could do was try and let you know what your characters mean to us....  Happy Birthday!!!"

From Claudine: This is from Stephanie Meyer's web site in her own words....She puts 'anti-human' in bold and also says "we can't all be slayers." 

This is the quote from the author herself:
"I am all about girl power—look at Alice and Jane if you doubt that. I am not anti-female, I am anti-human. I wrote this story from the perspective of a female human because that came most naturally, as you might imagine. But if the narrator had been a male human, it would not have changed the events. When a human being is totally surrounded by creatures with supernatural strength, speed, senses, and various other uncanny powers, he or she is not going to be able to hold his or her own. Sorry. That's just the way it is. We can't all be slayers."

From "Bella": WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ALL ARE???????!!!!!!! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE CALLED ME????!!!! I MAY BE A FAN OF TWILIGHT, THE TRAGIC CHARACTER EDWARD, LIKE ROBERT, AND AND A CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!! YA' LL JUST CALLED ME SATAN'S DAUTHER !!!!!!! You no it is people like you that make me some times ashamed to be Christian sometimes.

I don't know what you are referring to, Bella -- unless you are imagining yourself as "Bella," the star of "Twilight." In any case, I certainly didn't identify you as Satan's daughter. That's your observation, not mine. But let me ask you this: Don’t I have the same right to share my views as you do? Isn’t that part of the freedom we treasure in America?

May God, by His wonderful grace, open your eyes to see the danger of turning good and evil upside down. As His word tells us,

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.... Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" Isaiah 5:20-21

"Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good." Romans 12:9

From Jane of Lake Forest, California:  It is nearly impossible to find a teenage girl in our community who hasn't read Twilight.  Now, I am finding 20 - 30 year old women engrossed.  Every single one of them has been to the movie….

My 17 year old daughter found the movie embarrassing and ridiculous.  She was mortified at all the girls screaming and swooning over the imaginary character, Edward. 

I think part of what you point out, is that reading a book, allowing our minds to bring to life the printed word and personify it to fit each of us, is far more powerful and enduring than the quick visual images of a movie. Images that may not match how we imagined the book. My daughter's response was NOT characteristic of the other movie goers.  They loved it.  They are willing to accept any garbage as input.  …

I asked one boy how many guys were in the theater?  "Uhhh, do I include the flaming homosexuals?"  "No."  "One guy, me.  And you should have seen the flamers screaming and carrying on over Edward, too!" 

 Bet you didn't see that one coming.  I know I didn't. 

I had not put together the sudden increase in teen girls giving blood. I'm sure the Red Cross doesn't care why, but I do.  So many times while I was at Saddleback the rationale given for some stupid, expensive, non-biblical projects was, '...if one person gets saved, it was worth it."  As I watched and learned, I saw many people not saved; they either turn away in disgust, were only there for whatever was free or fun, or worse, think they were saved but not given the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So, my hackles go up when I hear weak excuses for inexcusable behavior.  All these actions lead to exactly what you pointed out - COMPROMISE.  I call where we live, "The Valley of Compromise".  Now, I have to say we live in a nation of compromise.  From a world view, compromise is in fact the goal, at all times, with all people. 

Perhaps your article will give some parents a clue about their teen's behavior (both girls seeking forbidden love and boys patterning themselves over babe magnet, Edward. 

There was a Red Cross Blood Drive at our daughter's High School. 

Who would have thought there would be a revived Romantic/Horror Genre?  I now believe that many 'daughters of man' could actually succumb to the desires of demons.  How tragic that many choose to remain ignorant and actively pursue darkness and evil.  Have you noticed how emboldened and belligerent the Homosexuals have become?

Yes, I have. It reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah -- and the judgment that followed.

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