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From George Cancilla. [RE: Global Management System. Obama's global tax proposal up for sentate vote] The status quo of insecure political leaders, intimidated by the overbearing influence of business and finance, makes it difficult to bring about positive change.  The American body politic is ignorant about the global reality, and anyone who dare question the established economic system will be disciplined by the media and multinational interests.  Other nations are not exempt from this ignorance, and indulge in their own forms of blindness.  All are guilty of putting their trust in this global marketplace as piously as others put their trust in God.  When this global god fails, and it will, then people around the world will be free to get their sovereign national governments to assert their powers to regulate players in the global marketplace, and to protect their communities and the rights of workers everywhere.  When the one world idea collapses, will we be ready to take responsibility for ourselves, or will we let ourselves be taken over by a fascist police state?

I don't think it would be so simple to pull out of the global economic and political web that's woven around sovereign nations. In fact, I believe it will tighten and change everything. Aside from God's grace, it would be impossible to restore the old ways after our managers redistribute both human and financial resources around the world.

To those who value national sovereignty and freedom, it will seem like a colossal failure. But to those who have been indoctrinated in global solidarity and interconnectedness, it's the only way to go. It's also fits what God prophesied in Matthew 24 and Revelation 13.

From Mona:  One thing to look out for is the determination of these globalists not to allow opposition. If the E.U. constitution ever gets into action, lawful political challenge will not be allowed. It will be “illegal” and control enforced by the police and therefore paid for by “us”. And schools will be “indoctrination centres” even more than they are now.

The E.U. spreads regulations, taxes, power to the few – unelected! - and hardly any blessings. Even those now in control of the E.U. are not doing much good, and a LOT of harm. TV (sport, soaps, cookery, quizzes) is now the opiate of the masses and an instrument of mind control undreamed-of. “Entertainment” is now a machine to divert attention from what really matters – and BBC paid for by us! CCTV at every corner. .One day someone like Mugabe WILL get in control and then if there is no challenge within and nowhere “outside”, the whole planet will be in a mess, for centuries? Shall we then be in a new kind of slavery, politicians vs. the rest?

In the world now we have “the West” English-speaking; China; India; Indonesia just waking up; Islam, all with weapons of (mass and personal) destruction undreamed of. The only force that could tend to a bearable world that I can see Is Christianity, but they are closing churches, demolishing to build flats, and building mosques (with planning permission…) 800 mosques here in Britain already.

Alex Pope wrote: “All heedless of their fate the little victims play”.

George: [RE: U.S. border agents recruited for Iraq and Santa Fe Police Department looking into hiring Mexican nationals] The protection of the sovereign boundaries of the United States should be a priority over chasing after make believe terrorists in the Mid East. The federal bureaucracy has done some things that border on high treason. As if the NAFTA treaty was not enough of example of economic treason, the establishment of a NAU should be considered blatant treason. Illegal immigration should be a primary concern of policing authorities, as a flood of foreigners is eroding the United States from within. The armed forces should be positioned on the American homeland, at much less cost, than dispersed and engaged in combat in so many other places around the world. It is becoming obvious to me that the system of checks and balances which was to supposed to be the highlight of our federal government, is no longer much in place. It appears that each of the three branches of the US government are complicit in bringing destruction upon the average American citizens.

From George: It seems that the powers to be (United Nations organizations on the surface, anyway) seem to think that they can micro manage the world populations by collecting all this and that miniscule data on each individual about what they believe, where they work, what ethnic background they are, etc. ...

What I see going on in the world today, smacks of a welfare type mentality, where the master is the guy who holds the money bags. That guy was Judas Iscariot at the time of Jesus Incarnate. He said he would have given the ointment that was poured out on Jesus feet to charity as alms. He really meant he would have used it for his own benefit. Are the powers that be lying about what they would give to help the poor for charity's sake? Are we going to fall for their answers?

I suggest that we examine ourselves to be approved with what we think.

David McAuley: Your web sight is one of my favorites for gathering information on today's trends leading towards the complete fullfillment of the prophecies in Danial and Revelation,Matt.24etc. and culminating in our Lords soon return. It seems to me that the impending agenda for the U.S.A by the trilateralists,and simular occult and secret societys,that make up the major players in the UN, international banking establishments ,and global corporations, is that, given -

- is the prelude to the collapse of American soveirnty and the rise of the world government prophesied in Revelation 13.  

What also concerns me is that the undermining of all those foundations may result in a major financial collapse that could dwarf the not so great depression of that spread like a tidal wave around the world, devastating European as well as American economic structures in the early 1930s. Might even greater devastation be allowed as a means to reach global goals for transformation by 2010, 2015 and 2025?  [David McAuley] According to Council on Foreign Relations,2005,p.2 documents 

"The Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of a North American community "!

His-story gives us many examples of previous nations that fell prey to the powers

of darkness as God withdrew His protection from them for forsaking Him. 

As I scan the horizon it seems more than likely that this is a possibility! Sadly, most Americans (and Christians for that matter) do not realize the full scope of perils that loom on the horizon. [David McAuley] Thank you for put[David McAuley] ting   the pieces of the puzzel together [David McAuley] in a way  that your readers can see the picture more clearly. [David McAuley] Hopefully together,[David McAuley] we  can get the message out and warn outhers before it is too late?




From a concerned Christian:  I would affirm all the allegations presented by Patrick Wood, "Toward a North American Union": from my own studies of these matters. I am not surprised as Christian, because the Bible prophesied these things, followed by judgment. We are in captivity. What's to be done? We have Biblical precedence from the story of Daniel: Do not eat the "king's meat" or drink the "king's wine," and pray for the kingdom of heaven to be done on earth. Notice that Daniel did not pray specifically just for his fellow Israelites. He prayed for God's will.
Christian leaders can help their congregations to stop eating the "king's meat" by rejecting 501c3 tax exempt status, and further informing their flocks of political conditions of lies and deceit. These leaders can emphasize the will of God pertaining to "love thy enemies, and bless them that curse you." They can further emphasize God's will about not "loving both God and mammon." Finally, even though it may seem to be a day late and a dollar short, these leaders can still frequently evoke the Scriptures that speak to "pride goeth before a fall." In the meantime, Christians must be like Daniel and prepare themselves for the "lion's den."

From Granny:  I just read Berit Kjos' article "MARCHING TOWARD GLOBAL SOLIDARITY" with its warning about U.N. 'double talk'.

I just found out that the Unitarian Universalists are the church of the U.N. I was attending for a while, until it became obvious that they are not what they say they are.

They never tell anyone that they are affiliated with the U.N. Could Berit respond to this? Thanks.

Granny, the goal is to involve every human resource (human capital) in the UNESCO program of lifelong learning -- a continual process of training and immersion in the new way of thinking and relating to others. "

Many familiar NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations -- part of what the UN, Peter Drucker and other change agents call the "Social Sector") are partners with the UN, if not specifically UNESCO. Many identify themselves as “Christian” -- but their view of Christianity fits the new postmodern and politically correct global model. Yet, they often prefer to keep their affiliation with the UN or UNESCO a secret.

UN Conferences have allowed especially Baha’i religion to promote its participation.

I tried to find a list of Unesco’s NGO partners and affiliates, but I couldn’t find it in the part of its website that is open to the public. A lot of their information is only for registered members. Here is some information I just put together in response to your good question:

Second letter from Granny:  I scanned back through your article again and critiqued a few pertinent lines. I'm considering using some of your info in one of my monthly newsletters- people need to know.....

"- therefore all is One and all divisions and boundaries must be eliminated in order to establish the "Global Neighborhood," i.e. New World Order.

"UNESCO's Federico Mayor make the same point. "The 21st Century city will be a city of social solidarity," he said. "We have to redefine the words... [and write a new] social contract.""This evolving "social contract" has been written into every UN treaty and declaration. "

"This "social contract" guarantees "freedom from want," from fear, from hunger, and from offense by those who might voice contrary values. It also promises "freedom of thought and expression" -- but only to those who share the UN vision- Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "...these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

"The goal is to involve every human resource (human capital) in the UNESCO program of lifelong learning -- a continual process of training and immersion in the new way of thinking and relating to others."

From George:  It is staggering to see how many of our Christian brothers and sisters are deceived by the worldly events around us. The Bible instructs Christians to be "in" the world but not "of" it. A proper relationship with Jesus Christ enables a believer to know where to draw a line between being "in" or "of" the world. Most Christians do well with drawing the line when it comes to simple moral issues, but seem to be in denial about separating themselves from worldly systems that they once held in high esteem, but which systems have now been corrupted and are firmly in the hands of the evil one.
In his shocking article about Javier Solano, Dennis Cuddy mentions an attitude held by U.S. citizens that will not allow their country to combine with Mexico and Canada in a North American Union, but he quickly points out that those citizens will not be able to prevent it. I can't help but be reminded of the serpent's words to Eve in Genesis: "Surely you will not die."

Surely the United States dollar will not die. Surely the dollar will not be replaced by another currency called the "Amero." As far as I am able to discern, any remaining sovereignty in the United States was removed when the NAFTA was passed by a majority of both houses of Congress. I even think that this treaty was the first blatant out in the open selling of the citizens down the proverbial river.
I approached Congressman Bob Goodlatte (Republican from VA) at a meeting where he made himself available to voters before the passage of NAFTA. When I told him I was against NAFTA, he visibly scowled and brought any further discussion with me to an end. This is a man I voted for under the influence of the Christian Coalition. I no longer seek political solutions to our many worldly problems. I simply watch and pray, firm in the knowledge that God will not be mocked.

From G. C.: The article "The Jews took no one's land" confirms the studies I have done that there has been an ongoing conspiracy afloat since before the days of the American Revolution. During the time of the Napoleanic War in Europe, a certain Meyer Amschel Rothschild, a very clever banking magnate, enlisted the help of a certain John Weishaupt, a person very knowledgeable in occult and secret societies, to form what we commonly refer to today as the Illuminati.

This group has been able to amass great wealth through many devious schemes that have manifested themselves throughout history in the form of the American Revolution, manifest destiny, the American Civil War, the Federal Reserve Banking system, and many other events, but to include the establishment of the United Nations. The goal of this group of elitist bankers and illuminists has been to steal the wealth of the sovereign nations of the world. They knew the nations of the Mideast would be a stumbling block to their efforts, so they have sought to create chaos in that region of the world. By setting up the state of Israel, they have used the Jews in bringing about that confusion. By the way Karl Marx was another of their pawns. Part of the capitalist money they stole from the western economies after the Great Depression in the 1920s, was used to fund Marx and his efforts to establish communism. It fits with their methods of the dialectic of playing one against another to achieve synthesis.

From M. F.: I found it interesting that the UN is interested in getting people clean water but they backed out of a project that would have provided tens of thousands of people water who are affected by the Darfur slaughter. You may already know about it…but it was in a newsletter I got from Brad Philips’ organization Persecution Project. Persecution Project is accomplishing what the UN gave up on in providing those refugees fresh drinking water.

I don’t think the UN really wants to accomplish these goals unless it gives them something in return…like political power. And what can a refugee give them? Nothing.

Oh, these modern theologians, they will do anything to spirit away the cross! They hang over it the gaudy trappings of their elocution, or they introduce it with the dark mysterious incantations of their logic, and then the poor troubled heart looks up to see the cross and sees nothing there but human wisdom. Now I say it again, there is not one of you here but can understand this truth, that Christ died in the stead of his people. - Charles H. Spurgeon (The Old, Old Story, March 30, 1862)

Thank you, M.  You remind me that the UN rules by socialist principles. Its  key to public approval is public perception, not compassionate action. Its publicized goals sound good, but its hidden goals focus on control and management of human resources, not loving care or compassion toward those who don't serve its agenda. [GENOCIDE - Prevention, Sovereignty & Human Nature]

From George Gratson : I have just read your article 'Rapid Reaction against UN Foes'. I am well aware of what is happening in the world and the more I read the more depressing it gets in the natural. But I know that God is still in control even though these evil one-worlders think they are in control. Even though I have your web page bookmarked, this is the first time I have truly looked thru it. It is clear thinking in this time of deception and confusion.

Your article on persecution is very helpful. I hate to admit that this is a possiblity in our land in our lifetime. You're someone who has been there, i.e. during NAZI occupation. I was brought up in this country and grew up in the 40s and 50s.Its like the people in this country are drugged! We need to pray diligently that the public's eyes are opened. My cube mate at work, an Iranian Moslem who came you over 20 years ago knows that something is wrong!

Too many in the church are off in left field focusing on prosperity when we need to preach repentence. intercession, sanctification and preparation for persecution. However I know, as you quoted 2 Chron 20:12, that our Heavenly Father is merciful and our country can be turned around by God's people repenting and interceding for our nation.

From Bill Thomas: Up here in Nevada County ca we are getting a taste of agenda 21. Its called natural heritage 2020.

From a concerned friend:  Regarding this community oneness and service - Bingo - this is a biggy, keep going with this. No time for the children, grandchildren and seniors, they are all warehoused somewhere, but to have "community service" activities on your resume of life, yes, this is honorable.  No honor or attention given to the things that an at home mom used to do and should be doing, and the brainwashing goes on and on. Christians must beware, of course we are and we do serve. But they are up to something Much different.

Thank you for helping me draw attention to this well-planned strategy for change.

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