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Anonymous: In the new Yu-Gi-Oh season it is true that they use Seal Of Oracalcos but only the bad guys and yugi only used it once cause
one of the villians fooled with his mind. But yugi defeated the darkness in the end.

I consider people like you less evolved in the brain and a threat to society. You people shouldn't be allowed to breed cause you might create monsters.Your up there on the list with Asoma Ben Laden and Sadamn Hussien. No!! Your worse. Sadamn and Asoma had resons for doing what they were doing but you people don't.

I hope you realize that your time is up and that the powers of goodness will soon erase people like you.I am going to protect my family from people like you.I love my parents very much and My Dad is a better person than you people will ever be so just stop. Compared to you the Columbine Killers were most likely saits.

I go to Tamms United Methodist Church in Tamms Illinois.

Here  Read and weap, fanaticals.

Charles, I’m curious about something. What do you mean by “the powers of goodness will soon erase people like you?”  Where do you think such power comes from? Where did you learn about it? And who, besides us, would be erased?

From Lee Gordon: Not a comment, really, but an observation.  In the new season of Yu-Gi-Oh, a new card is introduced, called the seal of Oricalcos. The seal is a unicursal hexagram, encased in a circle. In the show, when the seal of Oricalcos is played during a duel, the loser of the duel 'looses his soul'. I thought the symbol looked familiar, but couldn't place from where.

So I did some searching, and found this: unicursal hexagram (from

'The unicursal hexagram is so-called because it can be drawn unicursally- that is, in one continuous movement. This is significant when forming figures in ritual magick, where a continuous line is preferred to an interrupted movement.

The symbol was devised by the Golden Dawn, and later adapted by Aleister Crowley as a device of personal significance. It is often worn by Thelemites as a sign of religious identification and recognition.'

I've been reading your articles for some time now. I don't agree with everything you say and believe, but I do enjoy your writings, and look forward to reading more. Don't listen to those who constantly criticize your work; you have just as much right to free speech as they do, and if they don't like what you're writing, then they don't have to read it.

Thanks, Lee, for that important warning. And thanks for sending links to illustrations so that people will be able to recognize this occult symbol when we see it.

Just a reminder for our readers: The links below take you to occult websites (which children and youth around the world visit daily), so I suggest you pray first. If you don't need the information in order to help your children or friends, don't go beyond the picture or explore the sites.

Here's the clearest picture of the unicursal hexagram I've been able to find so far:

When the duelist plays the card, the symbol appears on their forehead:

This web page has a few pictures, and explains how the card works in the game:

The last link includes this explanation:

The seal of Orichalcos:::  In this new upcoming episodes, one of key card is a magic card shown as The seal of Orichalcos . Here is some abilities and effects of this card.

1. When this card is activated, the Orichalcos Ring appears and surrounds the field. No one can enter or leave until the end of the game. [This sounds like the "sacred circle" cast by pagans]

2. Only the same kind of Orichalcos's power can eliminate the seal of Orichalcos. Any other power, magic card, trap card as well as power of millennium items can't negate or effect on Orichalcos.

3. At the end of the game inside the seal of Orichalcos, the loser must lose his soul.

4. A player gains dark power and his evil side comes out while his monster becomes a dark monster having power up of 500 attack points.

5. A player can summon monsters on the field at maximum of 10 monsters. (Regular rule is at maximum of 5 monsters)

From Mark: Why must this be considered evil? I have met no children wishing to enter the occult. I have seen nothing at any of the many tournaments I’ve been to, to suggest that any of these children, or adult fans such as myself, are more prone to violence. What children learn from this game is not that Magic will give them power, but that intelligence, self-confidence, & strength are things to be admired. Are they not??

No necessarily, Mark. It all depends on the source of that strength and on the values that guide the intelligence. And self-confidence is often a major obstacle to trusting God and His ways. Please read Toying with Death and  Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

What is so wrong with Global Solidarity? Does Global Solidarity absolutely expel your idea of God?

 Global Spirituality, as I use the term, refers to a politically correct blend (or synthesis) of many religions. Because God loves us and want to give us His very best, He tells us to shun "other gods." Those who trust the various forces and spirits that captivate the world today (especially through entertainment) will be disappointed. Those spiritual counterfeits may offer an illusion of peace and strength but will only bring bondage and oppression in the end.

As far as the beliefs of the Wiccans, does not our link to God come from within? He dwells within us as much as he dwells within Heaven, as we are his creations, made from his love. Perhaps that is what they are attempting to reach within themselves.

Mark, my Lord only dwells in those who have come to the cross, repented of their sin, and chosen to trust and follow Jesus.  [See What it means to be a Christian.] May He open your eyes and heart as He did mine. Nothing is more exciting than knowing and walking with Him!


From Brandon Reeser:  I am a 21 year old international business junior at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. I would like to start off by saying this is not any type of hate mail, spam or verbal attack on you or anyone's beliefs. I wish to only present everyone's side to all that will listen, for as you say, we do have the right to free speech.

For nearly a year and a half now, I have been an advent fan of the television show Yu-Gi-Oh! and take time to watch it whenever I can. Recently, about May of this year, I began to collect cards so that I may "duel" with others in real life.

Recently, on the Xero Creative site, job offerings for yugioh article writers were offered, I applied and obtained one of the writing slots. My first 2 articles went over rather well and so was able to keep my job. Upon straining my brain as to what to write for the third article, I recalled the days when I was in 6th grade when I played Magic The Gathering but my parents made me quit because they felt that the cards were satanic. I wondered if Yugioh was viewed in the same way today and began to search for any articles about it and ta-da! Up came your article, "Yugioh and the spirit of Halloween".

My main focus in my article was to merely try and present your side and others who have a similar thought process to the members of XC, who are more excited and involved with yugioh then I am. I attempted to analyze your article (as well as a few others, but yours mostly), break down the major points and their defense and present them to my audience so that they may see how Yu-Gi-Oh! is viewed by some Church officials or people of religious nature, or just concerned parents, etc...

I would like to take the opportunity really quick here and just interject that I felt your article was well written and that you definitely did do your homework in order to provide factual basis for your claims. Now, in all honesty, I have to admit that I do not necessarily agree with your claims against Yu-Gi-Oh!. I don't feel that you can pinpoint it as being a foothold for satan and his minions because in that sense, the devil can use almost anything as a foothold in our lives. I really enjoy yugioh because of the strategy of the card game as well as the strategy used in the show. Its kind of like an elevated form of chess just with "cooler" looking pieces that have more moving capabilities. So, upon writing this I am afraid I was a bit biased and maybe a tad bit condescending towards your side, but hey, it is my article and my writing slot right?

My main point is that I sparked one of the biggest responses ever in the history of that website, I had kids coming out of the wood works responding, putting in their two cents, and sharing how they felt. It was great! I got them to think! However, I am afraid that you got blasted more than a few times by angry readers who disagreed (understatement) with your point of view and not all the responses were in-depth thoughts of ethical and philosophical concepts.

I am going to be writing a "part 2" to that article this weekend which will be posted in the early week next week. What I was hoping to get to from you was any type of comment, rebuttal or message for the kids on this site. I am not trying to start a debate or anything, but merely present both sides and allow them to have a chance to speak. I encourage you to please visit the website and read my article along with at least a few of the 100 plus responses it was given at this address:

Please, write me back, any feedback is idea. Any corrections or clarifications about what I originally said in my article would be great. Any types of rebuttals to any particular reader's post would be just super. Or even just a message in general is fine as well. This is a one time only chance for you to speak to these people on this forum and ask you would please make the most of it. Please, once again, I want to assure you this is not a set up or attempt to attack you or your article in any way.

Brandon, I will comment briefly on some of the points in your article. Your points will be in standard fonts. My responses will be in blue italics:

There is a school of thought that believes Yu-Gi-Oh! is satanic.

I have not said that Yugi is satanic, Brandon. I connect Satanism with a specific form of religion (no personified deity), and would not call anime satanic.

 Okay, now to the good stuff. The largest article of support for this claim that I could find came from a man named Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries which was entitled “Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Spirits of Halloween”. In all fairness, it was very sophisticatedly written and the author did in fact do his homework. I would like to bring up some of his points and examples for your viewing pleasure. Kjos feels that Yugioh is 100% occult (definition: Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena. Basically just satanic). Kjos points out that a game and/or show intended for children should not have cards with names like “Sorcerer of the Doomed”, “Soul Exchange”, “Ultimate Offering” and “Summoned Skull” and descriptions like “A slave of the dark arts, this sorcerer is a master of life-extinguishing spells." Another connection with paganism (def: the worship of idols or false gods, or the system of religious opinions and worship maintained by pagans; heathenism) is that the back ground information of Yugioh being an ancient Pharaoh with mystical powers saving the world with seven magical artifacts (millennium items) in monster dueling games, parallels with pagan religions around the world that believe that in their past a mighty shaman would summon monsters to battle evil spirits and save the world.

I didn't make that up, Brandon. What I stated were quoted from the Yugi website. Check it out.

As I said before, Berit did his homework before he wrote this article, and this is what he found. In nearly all the ancient pagan civilizations such as the Celts, Greeks, Romans, Mayans and Scandinavians who centered their beliefs on earth-type spirits, ritual human sacrifices were a fundamental part of their cultures. For instance, the Celts celebrated Samhain Eve(which is also believed to have inspired Halloween) during which both convicted criminals and innocent people were sacrificed by being set ablaze after being crammed together in wicker baskets. During these celebrations, a connection between the world and the “otherworld” would open up and ghosts and demons would be present among the living and the future could be seen. The intention of these sacrifices would be to appease certain nature gods and goddesses as well as the God of the Dead. Berit believes that when people participate in playing Yugioh they are once again performing these same types of rituals and reopening connections to the other/underworld through the processes of the game, and stuff(3).

No, I didn't say that, Brandon. I saw a philosophical connection, but I didn't say they were "once again performing these same types of rituals." Before I was a Christian, I did a comparative study of the world's major religions. It was amazing to see the similarities between all but Christianity. In basing the exciting Yugi themes in Egyptian mythology and occult practices, they communicate suggestions that make the occult all the more thrilling and "normal."  

Well, there you have it, definitely not everything people find demonic about Yugioh, but hey, you got to go watch Rurouni Kenshin right? However it is quite clear what these people are having a problem with. Yugi shouting or possibly praying out to the spirit of an ancient mystical pharaoh in order to gain a stronger “will” or ability to duel and defeat people from the Shadow Realm. Summoning and sacrificing grave keepers, spell casters, fiends, zombies and assortment of demons and monsters. Using magic cards, err… oops! Spell cards and fusion cards like, Black Illusion Ritual, in order to bring out bigger monsters to destroy other monsters. It isn’t exactly playing “go fish” or “old maid. It’s understandable that parents may not want their kids necessarily participating in some of these concepts.

“Hi honey! How was school today? What did you do?”

“Well Mom, I used Call of the Haunted and a Shallow Grave in order to sacrifice some of my monsters to summon a Dark Necrofear and a Fiend Skull Dragon and destroyed my opponent’s Possessed Dark Soul and Patrician of Darkness as well as demolished his life points to zero!”

“Oh, umm, err… that’s nice honey.”

Can you see the possible red flags going up in the minds of parents and/or church officials? Yeah, me too, it’s not exactly rocket science.

I'm glad you see the problem, too, Brandon.

I appreciate the opportunity to read your article. You helped me understand your culture better. But it didn't lessen my concern for all the children and youth who love Yugi and his fantasy world more that actual reality.

From a concerned mother: My friend was telling me about the evil in these cards. I have heard this before but thought its only a card game but now looking over your site I see there is more to it. I guess I know already to discuss this with my boys age 10 13. We are Christians and now I realize that I am accountable for doing something about it. My husband is not a Christian and I know he won't understand the problem, and this worries me.

God is so good, isn't he? I guess He just waited till I was ready to listen regarding these cards. What about pokemon?  It worries me what else I may have allowed in my boys spiritual life.

What a spiritual battle is raging around Christian families and our children!  I am praying that God will open your husband’s eyes so that you can take a stand together -- with your boys -- against the forces that would turn their minds toward counterfeit spiritual forces and the rising promotion of violence through entertainment.

Did you read the articles on Toying with Death and Role Playing games and Popular Occultism? Perhaps they might help persuade your husband that there is a problem. Then read our articles on Pokemon. The first one is several years old, but it should still help you.

How Pokemon and Magic Cards Affect the Minds and Values of Children

Pokemon - The First Movie

Potter, Pokemon and Pop Psychology

From Rosie: I'm a 19 year old sincere Christian and I live in New Zealand.I can't believe that people are calling you fanatical etc, because they're the ones who are voicing their opinions in capital letters while you're calmly putting it out there.

I love the artwork and a lot of aspects of anime and manga but I'm very very careful about what I watch/read because I am very aware of the spiritual dangers. With Yu Gi Oh, one of the things a couple of people brought to your attention was that Yu Gi Oh was never aimed at children under the age of 14. I would like to say to those people that that is actually irrelevant - the fact is that it IS shown to children under that age group. They are being spoon fed these images and concepts of Spirit Possession, sacrificing etc etc.

To Christians who are hostile and whose stomachs turn to these articles on Yu Gi Oh and other popular anime, I really challenge you, as a Woman of God, to consider this and not turn away dismissing it as fanatical rantings. If you are claiming to be a Christian your beliefs must line up with scripture, so if you choose to argue please present scripture to back it up. And I mean Scripture that says it's okay to be entertained by spirit possession, monsters, Reincarnation, astral projection, etc. Yes, Friendship and love are imperitive to Christianity - but Satan masquerades as an angel of light. (2Corrinthians 11:14-15) "...It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness." It is all to confuse and distort the Truth. Jesus said "I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me."

Thank you, Rosie, for your thoughtful letter -- and for addressing it to our visitors.

Anonymous: Yu-Gi-Oh as seen through the eyes of you & your followers is sinful because you can draw correlations between it & acts of occultism in the past. This much, I understand. I fail, however, to understand how you can come to believe this.

I am 27, I’ve been collecting the TCG for nearly two years now. I play with people of all ages, & not one of them has ever so much as mentioned a desire to be involved in any fashion with the occult. Your rantings sound much like the ravings of people in the Middle Ages who would burn a person for having a black cat as a pet. You judge & condemn as if God’s will were yours, & yet he has commanded that you not judge for you are able to be judged as well. You see the Devil where children see only a shiny card.

Please see what God actually tells us concerning His will and our responsibility on these two pages: When to judge or not to judge and God's will

While some people will always use things for the wrong reasons, it is unreasonable to condemn something purely on the basis of how you perceive it. This is what I see here. You perceive this card game as being a conduit leading to evil, yet the people playing it are somehow not turning to Satanism in the droves that you would have us believe. Perception does not equate truth.

My evaluations are based on the guidelines God gave us in the Bible. Did you read the Scriptures on God's Will? Ephesians 5 together with Deuteronomy 18-9-12 add insight into what God calls good or evil. Please also read Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies.

By the way, what is the basis for your perceptions? 

Yes, Yugi uses some occult inspired pictures & terminology, but are children sacrificing one another on the dueling tables? No, they’re enjoying the newest craze. They’re learning logic, self-confidence, sportsmanship. No where on any card issued, is there a way for any Demon to be called up. No child has ever killed another for his Yugi cards as we were killed for our freedoms recently, or for a color of shirt he wore.
Focus your eyes on the good & maybe then you’ll find God within as well.

From Andrew Stewart: I am a parent and a Catholic. I am also perfectly happy to allow my children to play and to watch Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh draws its inspiration from pre-Christian Egyptian mythology and Japanese culture. Neither are inherently 'evil', nor do they pose any kind of threat to Christian society. Indeed, I find that a knowledge and appreciation of the beliefs and cultures of others can only make people more tolerant and less ignorant. Surely laudable goals for any Christian?

Yes and no, Andrew. It's laudable for Christians to be aware of other beliefs and cultures, to see them from the perspective of God's Word, to discern between what is good and evil in His eyes, and to show His love to those who are caught up in contrary beliefs and values. 

Look behind the anime gloss and you will find a program which (like Pokemon) promotes the virtues of friendship, co-operation, and taking a firm stand against forces of evil. In terms of its underlying morality, Yu Gi Oh is actually a good deal less offensive than most of the child-orientated media that is available.

I agree that Yugi is "less offensive" that many other anime features and movies. But when we consider today's level of "child-orientated" visual corruption, that may not mean much.

While it seems to take "a firm stand against evil," it actually promotes and justifies reliance on some of the most destructive evils presented in the Bible: sorcery, magic, spell casting, etc. Please see Deut 18:9-12 and Isaiah 5:20

From Christopher: I am a fellow believer in God, and also a avid duelist!!

You know something, it's people like you who give games like this a bad reputation. Have you noticed something of that Sorcerer of the Doomed card that you so wonderfully extolled upon it's warning, you forgot to look at one thing: He is a Dark Type, and, as such, is supposed to be a 'spooky' and 'evil' card; he's on the bad guys side. If you look at it another way, the game is a battle between Good (light-type monsters) and Evil (dark-type monsters), controlled by the players. The Other types of monsters are Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, the four main elements of the Earth. And if you look at the newest set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, both the Light and Dark monsters have gotten a very powerful monster. The Dark side has gotten The Dark Master - Zorc, and the Light side has gotten Shinato - King of a Higher Plane (JPN: Shinato - Ruler of Heaven). Now, before saying that it's a blasphemy, look at Japanese Mythology. Shinato is one of the Ruling Gods in their Pantheon, and I do believe that Zorc (JPN spelling: Zork) is from the Japanese version of hell as well.

But enough on this type of yattering, there is a bigger issue here. If you have actually read any of the original Manga (comics) of Yu-Gi-Oh, then you would realize that the 'Yami' you speak of as a force for evil is really only Little Yugi's Dark Side. It is the personification of all of Little Yugi's Negative Emotions, all his anger, hate, resentment, envy, greed, and everythig else that goes hand in hand with his Positive Emoitons. How then does he handle it? Because he is inherently a good person, and can deal with these dark emotions.

That's where our understanding of truth clash, Christopher. God tells us that we are not "inherently... good." We cannot deal with temptations, sin or our sinful nature apart from the cross. Unless we come to Jesus in humility and acknowledge our own helplessness in the battle against sin and evil, we cannot be set free or share in the victory Jesus Christ won for us at the cross.

When you learn to fight the forces of darkness from Yugi and his friends rather than from the Bible, you actually immunize your mind against the God's wonderful message of salvation and victory in Christ. Please see  What it means to be a Christian

That is the reason that Yami Bakura & Yami Malik (American Name: Merik) are so very evil, because their Dark Side's have taken over their Good Sides.

Apart from Christ, people only have a dark side. That dark side may look very good at times, but -- by God's standard -- it can never be good. We can deceive ourselves into thinking that we are good enough for God, but that lie only keeps us from coming to Him and receiving his light. See The Nature and Tactics of Satan

In the later episodes (the ones yet to be released in North America), we see that Bakura is saved by Yami Yugi, and that Yami Malik has been saved by Isis (American Name: Ishizu), who is his sister.

Your ideas about the Friendship Pact are all wrong. Is it so bad that they have confidence in their friend? Is it so bad that they want to help him? Is it so very bad that they help their friend, who actually is on the brink of death, to stay alive??

No, but you missed my point. Please go back and read it again.

And so what if it matches a ritual in some book? It's called a 'coincidence'. The show was made in 1998 (I think), and the Manga (comic) was made in 1996, and the Duelist Kingdom story arc was released to co-incide with the release of the new Yu-Gi-Oh card game and re-done, re-released cartoon, which actually started with the duelist kingdom story arc as well. The so-called sacrifices you speak of were of a very bad monster called the 'Thousand Eyes Restrict', which was taken from Hindu Mythology I do believe, and a Jigen Bakudan, a machine, and it's translated name means, litterally, 'Time Bomb'.

These two evil things were sacrificed in order to summon a Light-Type Spellcaster called the 'Magician of Black Chaos', which, if you watched the episode and though he looked very evil, was a fighter for good. Well, I'm going to stop talking now, so that mabe you can go and do a little more research on this game before you say it's a tool of the devil.

And here's a quote from a good friend of mine:

'Murder, Rape, Death, Disease, Satan, Nudity, Sex Before Marriage, People Being Killed by Lions, Slavery... oh, sorry, just reading the Bible, which is given to kids to read. What were you saying about the evils of a kids game? Wait...wait... here it is! "Let thee without sin, cast the first stone." And Jesus said that. Wow, well, I guess all of you people casting stones are without sin...and like the lord himself, since none are without sin, huh? Of course, that would make you have sin, since being like the lord is a sin...yet, if you aren't, you can't throw stones at Yu-Gi-Oh'

Hope I've given you something to think about, and I'd like to add; 'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

I really do hope you post this on your 'Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Spirit of Halloween' comments page.

I'm not casting stones, Christopher. Here is another important Scripture to remember:

"I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things...." 2 Timothy 4:1-5

From Stephen O.: Well its been interesting to read what the people had to say on both sides and I have to say you and the people who have sided with you are the most deluded, self righteous, waste of space I’ve found while online. You people actually waste your time attacking a cartoon and a card game. Now no normal person would do so...notice I said normal because you and your kind are not. You find it necessary to force your religion and YOUR GOD on us.

Whose to say your kind is not trying to brain wash us? You are no better than the supposed forces you are fighting. Your Holier than thou crap is the cause for war. Do you know that? Religion and has caused more wars than anything else!

Have you considered the weather patterns and cycles of regional famine and migrations, Stephen? Since archeologists can trace the signs of drought and climatic changes through the ages, they can correlate historical wars -- going back thousands of years -- with the famines that nudged populations to invade or migrate to more livable climates.

I would love to see you bring some credible evidence to back your conjecture, Stephen. You might find that a greater cause for war is the arrogance and greed of ambitious, power hungry rulers. That's simply an expression of our capricious human nature through the ages.

You find it necessary to poke into other people’s lives and mess with us! Have you no decency or common sense? Who says your way is right? Don’t need to quote John 3:16 or find some way to respond for your in the wrong already. I think my friend says it best:" WEAK MINDED, PATHETIC FOOLS IN NEED OF GUIDANCE AND CONSTANT REASSUREMENT THAT THEIR LIVES HAVE MEANING, IN THAT THEY CANNOT FIND THEIR OWN WAY IN LIFE AND MUST THEREFORE RELY ON PURE STORIES WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE. YES STORIES. THERE IS NO FACT OR PROOF. WHY NOT COMPARE MIRACLES OR GOD TO MAGIC OF WIZARDS HELPING OUT HOBBITS OR EVEN THE GREEK, ROMAN, MAYAN, NORSE, AND EGYPTIAN GODS AND THE SPIRITS OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS? -Joser A. The Dragon Knight ("

Sure, you have every right to write and express your opinion, but so do I.

Now get off your High horse, cloud, or whatever pulpit your preaching from leave things that don’t corresponds with your &%$#@ ... homophobic, Zealot views. We the normal people of the world are sick of people like you. We do not care for what you have to say, because we know better than to listen, follow you blindly, and not follow our hearts. Keep YOUR GOD, and go do something useful with your time. Oh, by the way if you truly believe in what you preach post this on your site.

From Reubin: What's worse about yu-gi-oh is cards like these:

Gift of the angel: it shows a picture of an angel handing out gifts. Angels sent from god to give holy gifts? No! it must be an angel from hell that grew wings to try and trick our kids! ...

Chorus of sanctuary: there's a picture of an angel infront of heaven's gate. This can only be pure evil sent by Satan himself onto the world to brainwash our children's minds!

Petit Angel: OH GOOD LORD NO! This is not a little, happy, pure, cute angel, this is A DEMON SENT FROM HELL! RUN FROM THE PIECE OF PAPER! ITS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, now I'm done being sarcastic. Seriously, I really wish you people will get a life. You all have the uncanny ability to twist everything into so much BS that you don't even make sense and you just have a bunch of crap spewing out of your mouths. if a card or show or whatever your trying to demonize doesn't say "I summon Black Magician.

By the way, the black magician is using the evil powers of the occult's black magic to kill you!!" then, IT IS NOT PART OF THE OCCULT! PLEASE, realize that most of the world is making fun of you because you distort every single form of entertainment so it is evil and trying to brainwash everyone's mind into worshipping Satan!

Reubin, don't you see how you are twisting my messages? Your illustrations have no similarity to the illustrations in my article. I wish you would read it again and ponder what I really said.

While Christians who understand spiritual warfare have no difficulty understanding our messages, I don't expect others to understand or appreciate it. The world has never welcomed God's truth and guidelines. Jesus made that very clear:

"If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.... If they persecuted Me they will persecute you... for they do not know the One who sent Me." John 15:19-21

In Old Testament days, God sent His faithful followers to people who were spiritually blind and deaf:

"‘Hear this now, O foolish people, without understanding,
Who have eyes and see not, and who have ears and hear not:
Do you not fear Me?’ says the Lord.
‘Will you not tremble at My presence?'" Jeremiah 5:21-22

This is true today as well. But I wish we could at least be fair and factual when we discuss these issues with each other.

From Emma (13 year-old Catholic dropout):  I would blame American companies for bringing Yu-Gi-Oh! to the United States.  Yu-gi-oh, in its original, undubbed form, is considered occult by quite a few people. And it is certainly not targeted for children 7 and up, like the American companies make it out to be. It was originally aimed at 14 and up. Yes, you've heard things like this before, don't roll your eyes yet :)

There are dark themes in the anime and manga, more so in the manga. Implied and then blatantly obvious masochism (Mostly from Yami no Bakura), implied suicide (Seto, for one), death, murder (The murdering of Malik's father by his Yami (Dark) is one murder) possession (Malik's other self technically possesses him most of the time, as he's the stronger of the two) was not targeted for children.

A quote from the Duelist Kingdom Arc, "If you attack, I may just lose my balance and fall off, you know." Seto, while standing on a castle wall, where he was prepared to kill himself in order to win a duel against Yami no Yuugi. (Not sure if he says that or "I may just jump off"... I can't really recall the episode off the top of my head.) Of course, this was changed in the American version. As for occult, it's been stated the theme of Yami no Bakura's deck is occult-themed. And Yami no Malik's deck is just scary.

Now, it's not nearly as dark as some other anime, but it isn't a children's show. I know you've been informed of this countless times, but I just wanted to voice my opinions on your opinions.

I have no idea about the card game, as I dislike card games. A lot. My only information is on the anime, which I have purchased subtitled copies of, and a bit of the manga. So my views may not be up to par with yours, but hey, freedom of speech ^^

Personally, I think you've picked it apart a little too much. But you have the right to voice your opinion, and it was quite daring, seeing as some people tend to go overboard and "chew others out" when they voice their opinions.

Thank you, Emma, for sharing this information.

Anonymous: YOU ARE GETTING THIS ALL WRONG!! YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND YU-GI-OH AT ALL!!! YES, I admit there are mentions of the occult in Yu-Gi-Oh. I understand this. But there is no reason to condemn a series based completely on friendship and caring because of it! I'm a Christian too, but these people have gone completely overboard in their zeal. I can judge what is right and wrong about the series. I can ignore the occult and instead listen to the messages of love the series gives, of self-sacrifice to help friends, to be kind and forgiving towards others -- Christian principles if I'm not mistaken!

It's been repeatedly stated that Yu-Gi-Oh is not a series for children. The way 4Kids is marketing it totally messes things up. I mean, to take out only a part of the adult-ish content and leave the rest in is just wrong. It doesn't make it "kid-friendly."

That's why I am concerned. Children are captivated by the daily afternoon television anime as well as the cards. And that's why Christian parents have asked me for tools that help them explain the spiritual dangers to their children.

One of those dangers is simply the images and suggestions planted in their minds. These make occult practices seem familiar -- even more normal than God's ways.

Fantasy -- because it stirs the emotion -- can more effective tool for teaching occult beliefs and values than reality. And in the hands of today's amoral marketing systems, even the "good" values twist and distort God's values.

The site comments caustically on the "sacrificing" and cites instances of human sacrifice! Come on! They're just holograms, for Pete's sake! NOT...LIVING...BEINGS.

I've seen pages like this before, and time and time again, they anger me. I know possession is a serious issue. It's something I'm not comfortable with, but I endure it for the sake of the terrific anime and manga Takahashi has created. There are mature themes in Yu-Gi-Oh. This isn't a show for kids. But it's not evil incarnate, either. As far as I could see, that site has taken the Bible out of context to prove their point.

AND YUGI DOESN'T PRAY TO YAMI (THE "SPIRIT")!!! HOW could you possibly mangle the intent of the series so badly? This is just like the groups that declared that Pokémon was from the devil!

So, how would you explain Yugi's prayer to Yami? If I perceived it to be a prayer, many others would do the same.


The reason why Takahashi used EGYPT as its theme is because games originated from EGYPT!!! AND the cards do NOT function like a magic charm or amulet, because in the SHOW, the cards are just a game. The HOLOGRAMS appear using the machines that the CREATOR of the game made!! It was intended to SIMULATE the "monsters" they represent.

Also, there are other cards that are not even the least bit EVIL or OCCULT in any sort of way!! These cards contain "Cure Mermaid", "The Forgiving Maiden", "United We Stand", "Petit Angel", and "The Emperor's Holiday". There are MANY more cards that are innocent like these!!

But all of those cards are grounded in a belief system that clashes with Christianity. For example, the "angel" has nothing to do with God's good angels. It's more like the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible. They masquerade as "good" angels and deceive the people.  Whatever it is, it leaves a child with suggestions that contradict God's Word.

I am sorry, but I am a strong opposer to these movements. I understand that freedom of speech is at work here, but you have to realize that Yu-gi-oh isn't an "Occult" Anime. It's a show that emphasizes the importance of Love, Friendship, Trusworthyness, and Forgiveness.

The reason children buy the cards and watch the show has far more to do with the violence, spells, spooky or evil characters and the power to destroy the enemy. The "friendships" are used to justify the use of violence, but do nothing to block all the negative suggestions.

From Mark: I have read your article on these subjects and agree with you. I have an 8 year old son and my sister has him right now because my wife has manic depression and she is back with me again after many years of wreckage. Im trying to put my family back together and am finding that trying to be a Christian parent is basically impossible these days. My sister and just about everyone thinks these demonic cards are just fine and that Im a lunatic for believing otherwise. This has almost split my wife and I up once again. I have had all of hell against me for years just trying to be a family man. My sister is a liberal and wants to keep my son and if I rock the boat I will never get him back.

I have a 14 year old step daughter and that is another story altogether. One thing at a time. There really is no support. The churches are full of apostasy. Im so wore down from the years of hell that I don’t even want to be a parent. There is witchcraft everywhere I turn. TV, radio, music, videos , games, the public schools, etc.

I know the truth and no one wants to hear it. If I push the issue they come at me and then even I seem to become evil. (my attitude goes south and I become very angry)….

I guess all you can do really is pray for us. Sorry, Im very frustrated at having the answers and they only cause chaos. There are no solutions to all the evil exposed. No one cares. Those of us who do are ripped apart. America has been handed over to the devil. Why?

Christian are afraid of being Christians. There’s too much persecution and chaos involved and I know first hand how far it can go. I have had my own family and my wife’s completely against me for being a Christian. So are the others. I have noticed most give in to the persecution. I didn’t and paid a very high price for it. But that’s why they call it the narrow road.  Im just curious to how many out there are going thru this. Thanks for listening.

Thousands of other parents are going through similar rejection. Like you, they have choose to follow God’s narrow way in a world that doesn’t tolerate His standards. I’m not sure which -- mothers or fathers -- are more likely to stand alone in their families. I tend to think it may be close to even. But I believe fathers, in general, have a harder time, since today’s entertainment media and progressive education have severely lowered public confidence in fathers.

May I post your letter – with or without your name – in our comments section so that other parents who try to oppose the tide of evil can be encouraged? At least they would see that they are not the only ones facing this painful struggle. Sometimes just such a reality check can lift the spirit of a person who feels hopeless. Surely God can touch their hearts and give them hope. I am praying for some Scriptures that might help. One is in Psalm 62:5-8
. Another is 2 Corinthians 4:7.

If what I have to say would be an encouragement to others, by all means post my letter. You can use my name if you like. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement. Its getting very tough these days to handle the onslaught of evil upon us. I have made it thru much the last 5 years and God has been faithful. My marriage reads like the first 3 chapters of Hosea but worse. But I will praise God that she has turned back and I have accepted her back. It still is very difficult, even in the midst of miracle’s.

From Christian: I just finished reading some of perversions your creating and propagating in regard to the TCGs that out on the market. In particular: Yu-Gi-Oh!

My son (age 7) and I (age 31) enjoy this game and the anime very much. I've been artistically inclined since I was extremely young and creations running the spectrum from the Sistine Chapel paintings to works of erotica, from cowboy art to the artwork of current Japanese anime have always held a great fascination for me. Then people like yourselves come along and attempt to throw the cloaks of your incredibly closed minds all over anything that you feel is unacceptable without ever truly studying it.

When I was very young I went to a bible study class for a couple of years because of my parents. Though I couldn't consciously form the thoughts or words to express it intelligibly I realized instinctively that there absolutely was more to the world than what that book was trying to say. I am incredibly happy in the fact that those nuns and priests couldn't keep me interested in what they were preaching.

I have seen proof of "God" so many times that I can't begin to tally the numbers. Not once have I seen proof of "God" in the book that you folks hold so dear. The proof that I have seen says clearly that we were given creation and the power to create freely. We were given evolution from the "primordial ooze" and the power to evolve each and every day should we choose to. We have been shown phenomenal beauty and atrocious horrors and we were given the power to nurture, cultivate or extinguish both.

The Bible and those that attempt to reinforce it offer nothing more than a lot of reading of a great story that people think they should believe and follow blindly. There are older stories than the Bible. There are considerably newer stories than the Bible. They all follow the same paths of a variety of similar characters who must all face trials and tribulations of one familiar sort or another to achieve happiness and well-being in the end.

Christians, watchers and readers of Harry Potter and/or The Lord Of The Rings sagas, Catholics, Mormons, Scientologists, Pokemon Trainers/collectors, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists, Magic Gatherers, Buddhists, Satanists, Pagans, the old-world Romans and the Greeks, the Jewish, the Dungeons & Dragons roll-players, the Aztecs, Incas and Myans, Islamic, Protestants, Baptists, Voodooists, Candomble, Macumba, etc., etc., etc., all follow stories that have great and sublime similarities from one to the next. The only thing that define some as religions are the number of people who have died in the names of their deities. You won't catch any children or the young at heart dying from playing a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! or any other related games for that matter. You also won't find players of these games killing others in the names of their favorite characters as has happened in all of the world's most well known and popular religions.

The Bible is no longer saying anything that can't be learned or derived one way or another from other stories that mankind has created. They are all just other ways of saying all the same things. Perhaps one day people such as yourselves will see that you have been following partial truths. I did.

Most young people would probably agree with you, Christian. And that saddens me, because they will have missed all the wonders of knowing God and walking with Him. But it doesn't surprise me, because human nature doesn't change. Most people turned away from Jesus 2000 years ago, just as they do today.

God told us -- in that old Bible that made so little sense to you -- that the world, with all its deceptive gods and cruel forces, would reject both Him and His people. [See John 15:20-21 and Proverbs 12:15] Now as then, people love the thrills of darkness more than they love His light. But those who put their trust in Him, can enjoy a peace, hope and fellowship that can't be compared to the shallow thrills of Yugi, popular entertainment and the riches of the world. See El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty

From Amy: My husband and I work closely with the youth and children ourtreach of our church. For quite a while, we didn't pay too much attention to the Yu-Gi-Oh craze. It did strike us as unusual that 17 year olds would enjoy the same game as 7 year olds. We also noticed that it seemed they all carried them around constantly, and this game doesn't seem to be going away like so many other crazes have.

Finally, one day I became suspicious when our teens pretty much refused to let me even look at their cards. So, I started doing my own research, and, to be honest, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Summoned demon?! Just at first glance, it was obviously evil.

I appreciated the information in your articles that has helped us to combat the problem. So, we've been addressing this with both our children and our teens. We've found that there is something very addictive about the cards. One mother says that her son "freaks out" if he's without a certain card at all times. One teen continues to make a number of excuses for Yu-gi-Oh (i.e. they're just a game to pass the time, I can use them to learn to draw anime, they won't lead me to anything else.)

Our teens, however, tell us that it is possible to play Yu-Gi-Oh cards against Magic the Gathering, although they are much less powerful than Magic the Gathering.

To sum it all up, we're very concerned about the impact this will have on our society in years to come. It's almost as if this is all just helping to usher in the Anti-Christ era, and I don't want any of our kids to be a part of that. I would be interested in receiving testimonies from you of people who have been involved in the occult and have voiced their opinion of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragonball, Magic the Gathering, etc., in order to share them with our kids.

I am concerned about about the future impact, too, Amy. Thank you for caring -- and for sharing your observations.

To see more examples of how these occult cards, games and animations have changed the worldview and thinking of children and youth, just scroll down this and other pages with their comments about popular occult entertainment.  Sad to say, Scriptures such as Deuteronomy 18:9-12 are not very acceptable these days.

From Lindsey: Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lindsey, I'm 22, and was saved when I was 15. I consider myself to be a Bible-believing Christian, and strive to conform myself to Christ and His word. I want to thank you for taking the stand and have the boldness to speak out against anime and expose its dangers. I also want to share with you my experiences with anime, and how it was detrimental to my faith.

I think it was in my junior year in high school that I began watching anime on American tv (thus, the dubbed, edited version), mostly Sailormoon. I then found a forum on the internet for Sailormoon fans, and thus began my journey into the anime world. I soon discovered that watching dubbed anime was for "newbies" and that any true fan watches it in the original Japanese (with subtitles) and unedited. By this time I was watching much more than Sailormoon: Ranma 1/2, NGE, Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers, Tenchi Muyo, etc etc. I was so drawn to Sailormoon that I purchased the last 3 seasons in fansubbed versions (at this time they were not available on the general US market).

 These are essentially illegal copies because they violate international copyright laws. I would say that in total, I had between $1,500 to $2,000 worth of anime (Sailormoon and others) merchandise. I was addicted to anime! I thought about the shows constantly, and the characters on them became real people to me. I even had dreams about them!! I immersed myself in the anime world. I was so engrossed in it that I started wishing that I was one of the characters, that I had those powers, etc. Watching anime became a way for me to escape from my life. Instead of dealing with my problems, I spent hours watching anime. I even dyed my hair purple in mimic of an anime character. This went on for 3 or 4 years.

Last year God finally showed me what anime was doing to my life, and how it was drawing me away from Him. I was desiring things contrary to the truth. I wanted to have those powers like Sailormoon, or experience life like Miaka in Fushigi Yugi, or to have guys fighting for me like Akane in Ranma. I was seeking these things rather than God. My heart was devoted to anime, and not to God.

Praise the Lord that He brought me out of that lifestyle and re-established me in truth. I am disgusted at how much time and money I put towards my anime addiction. My final step in this process will be to throw away (and not sell) all my anime products. While I have not watched my videos in over a year, I still have been resistant to toss them out. But I must, in order to grow in Christ, and to get rid of the temptation.

To all Christians who enjoy watching anime and claim that it is not harming their faith, I ask you to please examine and consider why you like anime so much. Why are you watching it? What do you get out of it? Is it affecting your life? Does it draw you towards Christ, or away from Him?

I do understand that anime is an expression of the culture it comes out of, that of Japan. I do not believe that the form of art (that is, the style of drawing) in and of itself is wrong. I just think that the way the art is used, the things that are portrayed through it, are unhealthy to any Christian's life. I actually believe that someone could use anime-style drawings to reach out for Christ, both to the Japanese people and to others in the anime world.

Thank you, and may the Lord bless you and continue to lead you into all truth and righteousness through Christ.

Thank you, Lindsey, for your very helpful testimony. I pray that many will heed your warning and consider your thoughtful questions.

From a mother:  I have been very concerned about the latest craze called Yu-Gi-Oh and have questioned its' orgin and what it represents. I went to a Christian bookstore just today, but couldn't find anything specifically re: Yu-Gi-Oh so I came on-line to do a research. This led me to your website and article re: Yu-Gi-Oh and the spirits of Halloween.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for doing the research regarding these cards. I have friends with children who are drawn to these cards. I did not want to voice only my opinion but wanted some factual information to help support what I felt in my spirit was something linked to the occult or possibly a paganistic religion.

Are there any other articles or words of advice that you may have that I could download or read? I only want to share the truth from a Biblical perspective with my friends so that they may pray about this issue themselves and seek what is best for their children. Thank you once again for the article!

Thank you for your encouraging letter. I suggest you read our latest article as well: "Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism: Open doors to forbidden realms and spiritual seductions.”  Then go to  the “articles” page and scroll down the list of articles on children’s entertainment.

I will be posting another confirming letter on this topic as soon as I receive permission to do so.

Meanwhile, you may want to look at the section on the Armor of God.

Anomymous:  First off, I can at least give you credit for the courage you display by speaking your opinion against a large croud. I am 13 years old and a fan of the card game and both the English and Japanese version. I also think that when you write something so strongly you should study it more.

As quoted from an interview with the CREATOR himself: "I have no personal interest in occultism..." [Found in Shonen Jump Issue 2] So, why would somone who has no interest whatsoever in occult try to spread the beliefs of it onto others?

 I didn't say that  Takahashi was trying to promote his beliefs. I'm not as concerned about his motives as I am about the message that he actually communicates. And that message -- whether he thinks about it or not -- makes occultism seem okay. Not only do children become familiar with forbidden practices such as spells, magic and sorcery, they also learn to love them and crave more occult thrills.

Also, I think the age group 7-18 either: Doesn't know of "evil" religions such as Paganism and Wiccans, or even care to practice them.

Then, you should also learn about the Japanese version...Everything has been changed so from the original, violent, more evil themed version to FIT the YOUNGER AMERICAN audiences. So, the dubbing company is trying...Heaven forbid you actually saw a card called "Pentagram Curse", right?

And to further explain the "rituals" performed by Yuugi and his friends; it is in no way a depiction of any wiccan/pagan "ritual. Kazuki Takahashi's intent for American audiences, also quoted from his interview: " that they can at least get a sense of friendship out of the show/comic/card game" There is nothing wrong about having Evil involved, without it you are only shielding people from the truth. I think after 9/11 worrying about childrens card games with 'Evil' and 'Occult' should be the last of your worries, as that is the most real evil will ever get. Thank you for your time.

From Nathan K.: I found your website during my search for information about Yugioh cards. And, though I haven't had time to read much beyond that subject, I've been blessed already. I was a bit bummed by so many disparaging comments that were sent to you in regards to that article. In this world you will have trouble . . . . Take heart--Jesus has overcome the world!!!

If anything, the Yugioh article could have been even stronger. I worship with a brother who was one of the world's highest ranking occultists just 15 years ago.
He did all the "abominations" listed in Deut 18:9-12. However, God literally confronted him and instructed him simply to 'choose' whom he would serve -- very similar to Joshua 24:15 I saw posted on your site. By his own occult rules, he had to submit to this higher power. In the past years, God has transformed him into a mighty warrior for the cause of Messiah. There is no God like our Lord!

One thing this brother has made very clear to our church is that the magical occult practices of the ancients aren't just for the ancients. The spirits involved are eternal beings, and they are just as active today as they were a thousand years ago, as is their worship. Up until his confrontation with God, this man was taking part in rituals all over the world (including Egypt), and also right in my "own back yard".

The mainstream Christian church is largely oblivious to this. The toys children play with depict powerful creatures of the darkness. Now, games give explicit instruction in the rituals and methods of the occult. Indeed, gaming tournaments are prime times for occultists to find "recruits" with exceptional ability. I give thanks through Messiah that you, with us, are taking a stand against the powers of darkness. Thanks so much for your work.

Be steadfast, immoveable, always overflowing in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor in Him is not in vain!

Thank you, Nathan.

From Alan: Hi, I've not read up on the Harry Potter section yet, but I noticed the part on Yu-gi-oh.

Now, first off, I'm not saying that anything that you are saying is wrong, there are things in the 'card game' that isn't exactly made for the youths today.

But what you have forgotton is that it is an Anime. A Japanese Cartoon, now I am a big fan of most types of Anime/Manga and know a little bit about it.

The cartoon has been severally cut and shaped for our viewing. Most Animes have, because the serie's, e.g: Dragonball Z, Monster Rancher, Sailor Moon,Yu-gi-oh. Aren't intended for the youths in Japan. They are meant for people who are old enough to know the difference between them (16 and up) Now that would sound crazy for people from countries like mine and yours that have grown up with the Warner Brothers Loony Toons and Disney.

The people who are really to blame if you want to put blame are the US companies who distribute it as a kids cartoon, most Mangas weren't meant for kids.

I only wish that thngs like needless hatred are forgotton. Jesus didn't die for us to fight like we are.

Alan, I am not blaming anyone. Instead I am looking at the message that the Yugi series communicates across television and cards. You and I know that the TV show and cards are marketed to children, not to adults. And children love them. But Yugi's power -- and the myth that explains its source -- represents the world of the occult. We cannot love God and also love the forces He forbids.

Jesus died to set us free from the seductive grasp of those occult forces. But if we don't recognize them as evil -- or realize that dabbling in the occult is a sin, we won't repent and benefit from what He did on the cross. Wouldn't you agree?

We have 1) discern evil and sin from His perspective; 2) confess the sin and repent -- that is, turn away from it and follow God. And if we belong to Him, we do so gladly, for He enables us to turn around. Then He gives us a greater joy with Him than we ever had apart from Him. See What it means to be a Christian Here is a reminder to those who belong to Him:

And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others.

But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ ... that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast....." Ephesians 2:1-10

" should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart...." Ephesians 4:17-18

We can't "walk" in His way in His way unless He enables us. But He will do that, if we will cry out to Him for His grace and strength. 

From Andrew:  I am a 17 year old Floridian and I have just read your site I do not think your thoughts are proper but there your thought and in America we can voice our opinions but we should also try and educate ourselves before opinions are voiced.

On the subject of you GI oh this game was given a bad rap on your website like most other entertaining sources now I am a player collector watcher. The cards or nothing more then regular playing cards now you wouldn't say that an ace of spades is satanic or that having a hand with three 6's sends you to hell? no.

as an example of todays Youth let me tell you this. Playing You GI Oh does not make me want to drop out spend uncontrollable amounts of money worship Satan turn me from God.

But you know what does hurt my beliefs in God and thetas right I do attend church every Sunday is the contradictions in the bible the Hugh gaps in time o and the trouble with toadies priests if they are so close to God why are they partaking in such awful deeds.

Andrew, would you please send me some examples of "contradictions in the Bible." So far, no one has shown me a  supposed "contradiction" that can't be explained. Keep in mind, a lot of people are trying to discredit both God and His Word these days. I would love to help clear up the confusion.

 You GI Oh is a game about believing in yourself and having faith in your self and your friends and trust. Plus it teaches kids to be confident and that is important in toadies society. The shoe teaches great morals your right You GI oh is more then just a show just like the bible is more then a book. they both teach you lessons in life everyone should know. i know this email pronely wont be posted but if i could make you guys see alit more into the light instead of being so in the dark ill be happy. thank you for your time and dot worry toadies youth well be OK

I would much rather trust in God and His infinite wisdom than in my own finite and fallible understanding. He has proven His faithfulness to me over and over, and I am confident that -- though I can do little in the bit battles of life -- nothing is impossible for Him! Proverbs 3:5-7

Name removed by request: I just wanted to know where you are situated. Even though I don't agree with any of your works, I just wanted you to know that it takes courage to go up against the public.

Thank you....

From [BOD]iRaN: I am a freshman living in Los Angeles county, and I found your site through a friend. First I must say I am appalled by the bias you take towards your articles. Who __ __ do you think you people are? Who gave you the right to say these incorrect and unreasonable accusations.

In America we still have the constitutional right to believe as we choose, to follow our conscience and to express our thoughts and values. Would you want that right to end? Remember, if only those who agree with you can speak freely, no one would truly be free in our country.

In regards to your "article" Yu-Gi-Oh and the spirits of Halloween. You must have lived a sheltered life when you were a child, because in the "real world" you've got to know when something is for entertainment purposes or something more serious. Just because little Johnny gets a starter deck for Christmas doesn't mean he's going to go around joining cults and practicing some sort of witch-craft. You're taking it to seriously dude, you need a reality slap or something because the stuff your writing is just embarrassing. Kids just can't stay home and study the bible every day, they need something to entertain themselves with or make new friends with. Yu-Gi-Oh cards may cause trouble with grades or with the spending limits of children, but it definitely doesn't do what you accuse it of. Please find a hobby.

I am not the only one who sees a link between obsession with violent entertainment and the increasing delight and expressions of violence in our culture. Please read The Real Makers of Lethal Weapons Are in Our Schools and Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

Anonymous: I just read some what you wrote about the show and card game "Yu-Gi-Oh!". I seriously can't understand what is mentally wrong with you people. To say that this subject of which I personally am a collector, player, and watcher, has "occult" messages?! Targeted at today's youth?! Perhaps you fail to grasp the true concept of ENTERTAINMENT AND FANTASY.

I happen to have bought BOTH of the starter decks and many booster packs as well as the video games. I have thouroghly read all the descriptions on the cards and I still feel the same way. "THIS IS A FUN GAME." So if you must feel the need to "help" people...get out and feed the hungry and shelter the homeless! Don't attack children's activities! Leave entertainment BE entertainment. By the way, I am 18 years old. I serously doubt any of the children I see fascinated with the game or the series understand anything other than "TRADING CARD GAME". Let alone "Occult".

From a concerned mother: I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for posting cautions about card games online. My 5-year-old son is fascinated with Yu-Gi-Oh, just from the commercials. That's quite a strong hold on his little mind already. Certainly he wouldn't understand how to play the game, or the deeper meaning behind any of the figures. He just likes action figures. But I can't allow the door to that realm to be open even a little, and saying no to a compliant 5-year-old is much easier than saying no to a child who will no doubt be a strong 10-year-old. He is sad and disappointed, but he has a room full of action figures. He'll cope.

And, by God's grace, he will learn to make wise choices rather than just flow with his feelings. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Second letter from Jeff Chan: heres some things i noticed about ur topic: "This anime, like Star Wars and other myth-making movies, demonstrates a timeless formula for practical spiritism, spell-casting and magic."

When jesus heals people, isn't that a form of spell-casting? Or as more commonly know as 'white magic?'

No. White magic, like black magic, is based on timeless formulas for altering consciousness and inviting the cooperation of demonic forces from the spirit world. For example, an evil spell would be black magic but a helpful spell would usually be considered white magic. Magicians or wizards might believe they are manipulating those spiritual forces, but demonic spirits never offer their services without some kind of payback. See The Nature and Tactics of Satan and the illustration at the beginning of the third chapter in A Twist of Faith.

When we pray to God for help, we acknowledge our need and dependence on Him, not our strength to manipulate spiritual forces. God doesn't need magic formulas for accomplishing His will. He is the Creator and sovereign King of the universe. He alone can meet our needs and satisfy our hearts. Col 1:9-18

"Yugi2 draws a card from the deck with power to block Pegasus' all-seeing "millennial eye." According to the show, no cards can do that cuz even in the show, they are considered as pieces of cardboard (u never watched any other episodes do u?)

I have watched and taped several shows, but I reported from a particular episode and quoted what was said. Those cards are viewed with far more awe and appreciation than pieces of cardboard. I agree that the card itself doesn't contain or send the power. Instead, in the televised story, it seems to function like a magic charm or amulet which serves as a channel for occult energy. [See My Will Be Done and click on "Starhawk"]. The magic happens when the player holds the card and speaks the key words on the card.

The occult images and mythical context familiarizes them with magic forces and occult suggestions. Activities that God calls evil have become normal and fun entertainment.

I will answer the rest of your comments later.

You quoted these sentences: "The three friends agree. 'If we will concentrate our energies and try to reach him with all our might, then maybe our bond of friendship can get through to him -- even in the shadow realm." "In today's real world of paganism, "mental projection" is a psychic extension of occult faith and visualization"

ever think it was something to make the show more interesting? When they say their bond of friendship, it means that they're such close friends that they feel like they have a special connection...

"The cards in the "starter deck" (pictured above) bear titles such as "Soul Exchange," "Ultimate Offering," "Summoned Skull" and "Sorcerer of the Doomed." The latter card offers this sinister warning: "A slave of the dark
arts, this sorcerer is a master of life-extinguishing spells." Does that sound like a child's game to you?"

it was supposed to be for mature people that are pre-teens! not a childs game.

also, ur judging a book by its cover, not all cards are "evil" or "slave of darkarts" or "life extinguishing spells"

u probably only compared the cards in the starter deck if u look at the top, it says dark! well why would it say dark if there were not any OTHER types?

From J. De Heus:  You are totally insane when it comes to connecting events. The Celts and the Druids had events that took place hundreds of years ago, and never anticipated that there would be cards that use some of their religious ideas. I think that you are delving too deep into the subject here. How you can protect Christian famlies by talking about events that heppened hundreds of years ago. Why don't you just muse over this for a little bit and wait for my next letter about RPG's?

My goal is to help families deal with today's occult entertainment. To take a stand and avoid cultural pitfalls, we need to know the lessons of history and understand the cultural consequences of faith in a demonic spirit world.

The Yugi cards and myth are based on Egyptian myths, beliefs and legends. But ancient Egyptian celebrations of death are not all that different from the deadly rituals of the Celtic samhain. Both sought occult power through magic, shamanism, astrology and sorcery. And, like most ancient civilizations, they used human sacrifice to appease their capricious gods. Of course, they all were led by one cruel mastermind who hasn't changed through the centuries. See The Nature and Tactics of Satan

It's sobering to see these horrible practices now featured in popular entertainment for children.  

From Jeff Chan: Here's a few facts: Its not the cards that are evil! Its the companies such ask upperdeck who makes the cards and 4kids entertainment who translates the show.

now don't get me wrong cuz im not 18 and over and i like the show but... In japan, Yu-gi-oh was supposed to be for people that are mature! just like dragonball or gundam wing! In Japan, the kids show would be such things as pokemon or digimon.  if u notice, the drawings and characters are more cute or more humorous!

In yugioh, the drawing look more serious! Its not actually the show, its originally made for people who are mature, kids were too immature! But they showed it for kids anyways! so its actually the 4kids faults! the only way 4kids "TRIED" to make it 4 kids was by censoring the nudity and guns...

(P.S. that starter deck yugioh at ur topic has the wrong card up front! how
do i know u didn't buy a deck urself? -_-' )

Jeff, I suppose you are referring to the card you see through the "window" of the box. A concerned parent sent me the box. After examining the cards, I just put them back in the box and scanned it.  

I appreciate your explanation, but the motives or intentions of the "companies" doesn't matter as much as the message they communicate to the children who love them. Because the words and symbols plant both occult images and violent suggestions in children's minds, families would be wise to avoid them.

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