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Since this page has now become the main entrance for many new visitors each day, we would like to introduce our website and explain our purpose. 


Most of you were brought here by a search engine. Some came looking for websites dealing with topics such as alchemy and the zodiac. While these words are mentioned here, we may not provide what you seek. For even though we try to define each symbol in the context of its own cultural history, we also include a Biblical perspective.


Andy and I began this website as a ministry to Christian parents who sought help in equipping their children to follow God. Many wanted to know the meanings of popular symbols displayed on jewelry, books, toys and games. But now that our website draws people from diverse cultures around the world, some visitors are offended by our beliefs and answers.


Please know that we don't intend to offend anyone. Whether you agree with us or not, we want to show God's love and be of service. Yet, we cannot compromise our faith. That's why we suggest that anyone who objects to the Biblical point of view stop here. 


To explain the 70 symbols listed, we have relied on over a dozen books on this topic from different parts of the world. We have also gathered relevant information on our trips to different continents. Along the way, we have met friendly people of many faiths -- both rich and poor -- who welcomed us into their homes and shared their lives and thoughts with us. Our short descriptions of symbols only skim the surface. 


We realize that many symbols have multiple meanings. Berit has talked with countless witches (male and female), ecofeminists, members of the Covenant of the Goddess as well as a friendly and well-educated Wiccan high priest. All were proud to identify themselves as Pagans. All followed their own personal blend of earth-centered beliefs and traditions. To better understand these diverse religious persuasions, we suggest you read A Twist of Faith  or Chapter 4 in Brave New Schools

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We hope that you will be helped and encouraged.

With Christ's love,

Andy and Berit


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