The agonizing choice of a schoolboy in the former Soviet UnionÖ

Would he compromise his faith or his future?  (A video)

       Review by Ivy Hernandez

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Nikolai wanted to be a lawyer, and possibly be able to help Christians who struggled to spread the message of the gospel to other people and Christians who were pressured by the KGB.

But to do that he would have to unite with the Young Pioneers Youth organization; however if he did join, it would be essential that he didnít talk about his faith. Furthermore he would have to give the KGB agents information on where Bibles were being hidden, or else they wouldnít release his father. What will Nikolai do? Will he just give up his faith in Jesus Christ?

His teacher tells Nikolai that itís okay to outwardly deny your faith, that itís the inside that matters; but as Nikolaiís father told him, does God just require you to give him just half of your person, or the whole of it?

What is it to be a true Christian, and what does a commitment that you made to your heavenly Father mean?

This film opens a door to a whole new view!

This film has such a great message. It reminds me of how many people suffer all around the world being brave for Christ, spreading the good news about the Savior who died on the Cross so that their sins would be washed away forever!

This film is great for all ages!

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       You can order this video from  Lighthouse Trails

See also  For the family