Martha Coakley & Ruthless Corruption of Justice

Excerpts from

 "Witchcraft's Candidate" (On Martha Coakley) by

and Martha Coakley's Convictions, Wall Street Journal


"'... if I lived in Massachusetts I'd try to vote 10 times," said MSNBC TV and radio host, Ed Schultz . '...Yeah, that's right. I'd cheat to keep these bastards out.  I would."  [See Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals]

Martha Coakley's Convictions by Dorothy Rabinowitz (Wall Street Journal)

"The Amiraults were a busy, confident trio, grateful in the way of people who have found success after a life of hardship.... Not for nothing was the pre-school deemed by far the best in the area, with a long waiting list for admission.... All of it would end in 1984, with accusations of sexual assault...


"...prosecutors cast Gerald as chief predator—his gender qualifying him, in their view, as the best choice for the role. It was that role, the man in the family, that would determine his sentence, his treatment, and, to the end, his prosecution-inspired image as a pervert too dangerous to go free....


" The accusations against the Amiraults might well rank as the most astounding ever to be credited in an American courtroom.... so madly preposterous, and so solemnly put forth by the state. The testimony had been extracted from children, cajoled and led by tireless interrogators.... Gerald was sent to prison for 30 to 40 years, his mother and sister sentenced to eight to 20 years....


"No less outraged, Superior Court Judge Isaac Borenstein presided over a widely publicized hearings into the case resulting in findings that all the children's testimony was tainted. He said that 'Every trick in the book had been used to get the children to say what the investigators wanted.'... It was clear, when Martha Coakley took over as the new Middlesex County district attorney in 1999, that public opinion was running sharply against the prosecutors in the case....


"Ms. Coakley asked the Amiraults' attorney, James Sultan, to pledge—in exchange—that he would stop representing Gerald and undertake no further legal action on his behalf.... Mr. Sultan, of course, refused.... Ms. Coakley also worked the press, setting up a special interview so that the now adult accusers could tell reporters, once more, of the tortures they had suffered.... The Amirault family is nonetheless grateful that they are together again.


"Attorney General Martha Coakley—who had proven so dedicated a representative of the system that had brought the Amirault family to ruin... has recently expressed her view of this episode. Questioned about the Amiraults in the course of her current race for the U.S. Senate, she told reporters of her firm belief that the evidence against the Amiraults was 'formidable'....  What does this say about her candidacy?....


"If the current attorney general of Massachusetts actually believes, as no serious citizen does, the preposterous charges that caused the Amiraults to be thrown into prison—the butcher knife rape with no blood, the public tree-tying episode, the mutilated squirrel and the rest—that is powerful testimony to the mind and capacities of this aspirant to a Senate seat. It is little short of wonderful to hear now of Ms. Coakley's concern for the rights of terror suspects at Guantanamo—her urgent call for the protection of the right to the presumption of innocence. If the sound of ghostly laughter is heard in Massachusetts these days as this campaign rolls on, with Martha Coakley self-portrayed as the guardian of justice and civil liberties, there is good reason."

"Witchcraft's Candidate"
(On Martha Coakley) by

In the entire history of jurisprudence of the United States of America, there are no cases that I know of more shameful than the prosecutions of several groups of day care operators on totally false, trumped up charges of child abuse. In the Fells Acres case in Massachusetts and the McMartin Pre-School case near Los Angeles and in some other cases in the 1980s, wildly, insanely fabricated charges were made against totally innocent men and women running child care centers.

These charges involved such mental illness artifacts as that teachers at the schools put meat cleavers in the rectums of small children and then drew them out -- without leaving a mark -- that teachers flew around the school yard on brooms, that teachers cut off the legs of animals in front of children, all with zero evidence, of course.

The Fells Acres case in Massachusetts put several totally innocent men and women in prison for extended periods and ruined their reputations and lives -- all, again, on charges that could not possibly have been more insane.

Now, here come some really breathtaking parts. These cases were little by little overturned and sentences commuted by authorities in various places, even in Massachusetts. But in the Bay State, guess which state prosecutor fought like a tigress to put the totally innocent Gerald Amirault back in prison and keep ruining this innocent family's life?

A woman named Martha Coakley. This woman, possibly the most questionable person ever to run for office in this country, is now the Democrat candidate for the Senate seat vacated by the death of Edward Kennedy...."

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