New Theology and the New Age Movement

by Gene K. Smith (bio)

See Key characteristics of The New Theology (Neo-Orthodoxy)

and excerpts from The God Who Is There by Francis Schaeffer





See also Key characteristics of The New Theology (Neo-Orthodoxy)

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       Gene has academic degrees in Applied Physics and in Computer Science, and is a graduate of the General Electric Company's Advanced Engineering graduate program. He was employed as an Aerospace Systems Engineer for the General Electric Co. in New York and for Litton Systems in California working in the areas of Systems Analysis and Advanced Engineering development.

      After 16 years of aerospace engineering work, he quit the big city "rat race" and moved his family to Oregon to raise sheep. He has been actively engaged in Christian Education for the last 40 years, in administration and in teaching adult Bible study classes. He received Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of 11 (in accord with John 1:12 and Rom. 10:9, 10) in a conservative main line denomination, but struggled during his teen years trying to figure out how to live the Christian life. None of the pastors or Christians he knew was able to answer the questions.

      In his last year at U.C.L.A, God began to put Bible teachers in his life, of whom some were world class Bible scholars, to answer these questions and from whom he learned the basics of Bible exposition, hermeneutics, and theology. His favorite subject is Systematic Theology.. Gene writes his own Bible study lessons because he is unable to find published material that adequately teaches the spiritual principles (doctrine) for living the Christian life. He presently serves as an Elder and Bible teacher in his local church.
      He lives with his wife Phyllis in a rural area of Southern Oregon.


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