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Today's  News  ~  August 30, 2016

     Note from Berit:  Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth - no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

Please pray for

  Persecuted Christians

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"Thou art my God, and I will praise Thee; Thou art my God, I will exalt Thee.   

O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.

Psalm 118:28-29

    Please pray for persecuted Christians and Jews in these difficult times. Pray also for the people in Louisiana who suffer from the devastating flood.  Thanks be to God who brings the victory!

Globalism.  The Jesuit Vatican New World Order: The first of two Co-Chairmen of the CFR is Carla A. Hills, who served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Gerald Ford (Knight of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemason, Vatican-controlled Bohemian Club) and as Trade Representative under George H. W. Bush (Knight of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemason, Vatican-controlled Bohemian Club, Vatican-controlled Skull & Bones, aka Papal Knights of Eulogia, CFR)... See The Emerging New World Order


Forces of Nature.  Who are you calling funny looking? Comedy wildlife awards capture the lighter side of nature: 'The essence of the competition is to raise awareness of the wildlife that we live with. Comedy is an essential part of our lives, and there are thousands of occasions when pets and wild animals alike behave in a funny manner.' See The Creator of All


War.  The Secret War Against the Jews: It is no secret that nations spy on each other. They always have. Just think of Moses and Joshua sending spies into Canaan. That’s what you should expect and be prepared for, both defensively and offensively if necessary.... The benefit of Internet technology is that it is less and less possible to hide what nefarious activities go on.... What do you do when you discover that your allies are really helping your enemies? This happens all the time. See  Signs of the times

Education.  Welcome To the Global Neighborhood: Another school year has rolled around. The Federal legislation, ESSA, has passed which strip your rights away as a parent. (Did you sign a parent engagement letter or conduct compact? I hope not.) Teachers are transmitting data on your family and children to the federal government in the SLDS. The techniques teachers are being trained to impart on your children are techniques only certified psychologists and psychiatrists can practice.  See Brainwashing in America  

Lawlessness.  Christians as "Target Practice": A new study claims that as many as 40,000 Christians -- including Muslims who wish to convert to Christianity -- are being attacked and harassed by Muslims in migrant homes. According to the report, "Now in European asylum homes they are finding more and more that they are in as much danger from radical Muslims in Europe as they were in their home countries."... Father Douglas Bazi, an Iraqi priest, who was kidnapped by ISIS in 2006 but later escaped, recounted his experiences..." See The fall and rise of human violence

Crisis.  Zika Images Show 'Worst Brain Infections That Doctors Will Ever See': A series of medical images published Tuesday offer the most complete picture, so far, of how the Zika virus can damage the brain of a fetus." See Deadly transformation

Faith.  Praying for America: This year is not over and yet it has been filled with many natural disasters in the United States.... With all the catastrophic events taking place in our nation today, is God trying to tell us something? ...  How should Christians respond to these calamities?  [Let us all pray and intercede for the country we love!]


Taking a Stand.  Kayla Mueller Refused To Renounce Christianity To ISIS Executioner ‘Jihadi John’: Kayla Mueller, a U.S. hostage taken by Islamic State, suffered unbelievable abuses while being held by her terrorist captors. Through months of physical and sexual abuse, she refused to renounce her Christian faith, even to her death. Much of Mueller’s time in captivity was spent in a prison run by infamous British ISIS executioner “Jihadi John”....

      Mueller suffered through multiple rapes and various forms of sadistic torture, but despite the hellish existence, her fellow captives say she never lost her spirit. Attempts to ransom Mueller would be blocked by the FBI and Obama administration.  ...Doctors Without Borders (MSF) refused to negotiate for Mueller, despite the fact she was captured while helping members of the organization install some equipment in Aleppo, Syria." See Trusting God as Freedom Fades

Faith.  "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1: The Louisiana Flood of 2016 has resulted in great disruption of Louisiana life. As I have watched these waters bring extreme difficulty, I have been reminded that God's light shines brightest in the midst of darkness. While overfilled rivers and bayous are retreating... churches, and faith-based relief groups are ... rushing toward identified needs, resulting in tens of thousands of hot meals prepared and served.... See Victory

Religion?  Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles: Half of Americans who have left their church no longer believe in God.... Pew Research Center said Wednesday that 49 percent of what they term "nones" left their church and religion because they "don't believe." Another 20 percent said they don't like organized religion. Other reasons included "common sense" and a lack of belief in miracles....  See Deceit, Delusion & Destruction of America

Islam.  WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!  In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar... Under oath Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack. ...Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Libya to Syria, and directly to Al Qaeda and ISIS.  ...the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS.... pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS. See Depravity

Corruption.  Hacked Documents Reveal Magnitude of George Soros': Leaked emails through WikiLeaks reveal that billionaire globalist George Soros – one of Hilary Clinton’s top donors – paid $650,000 to influence Pope Francis’ September 2015 visit to the USA with a view to “shift[ing] national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.” The funds were allocated in April 2015 and ...successful achievements included, “Buy-in of individual begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope.” See Trusting God as Freedom Fades

Lawlessness. WIKILEAKS Proves TRUMP is RIGHT: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS: .. Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony (under oath) in early 2013.... Senator Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton about... the ... destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS... weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton...including ISIS.... This is another brilliant move for Donald Trump to bring this up now KNOWING that Wikileaks is going to release more documents in the coming weeks tying Hillary Clinton to ISIS. See Hope, Hate & Human Nature

War. Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL! Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.... [is] willing to expose Hillary Clinton. ...Clinton and her State Department was actively arming Islamic jihadists, which includes the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. ... Clinton took the lead role in organizing the so-called “Friends of Syria” (aka Al Qaeda/ISIS). ...Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Libya to Syria, and directly to Al Qaeda and ISIS. See  Merging the Americas in a New Global Order


Persecution.  SYRIA: Churches Serve as Enemies Threaten: Around 250,000 people remain trapped in Aleppo's rebel-held east. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu describes them as "hostages," unable to flee because the rebels have mined the humanitarian corridors and manned them with snipers.  Meanwhile, more than a million citizens -- including some 40,000 mostly Assyrian and Armenian Christians -- remain in Aleppo's government-held west. Despite the dire situation, western Aleppo's churches continue to serve and minister....See Preparing for Persecution

Corruption.  Evangelical Lutherans Overwhelmingly Vote to Approve Declaration of Unity With Roman Catholics: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) voted ... to approve a declaration of unity with the Roman Catholic Church in an endeavor to “enumerate the many points of agreement between Lutherans and Catholics”—a move...contrary to biblical Christianity. See No Conscience?

Occult.  Pope Francis to Proclaim Lucifer as God of One World Religion on September 23, 2016:  (This video promotes all kinds of "gods" and religions. You may not want to see it all.)

Signs of the Times.  US Urges Americans Leave Gaza As Soon As Possible: The United States reiterated its recommendation that Americans in Gaza leave the territory controlled by Hamas, which Washington calls a terrorist group, “as soon as possible.”

War?  Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks: Germany is currently on high alert after two Islamist attacks and a shooting rampage by a mentally unstable teenager last month...." See Trusting God as Freedom Fades

War?  Iran Expanding Terror Network In Latin America: Iran is solidifying its foothold in Latin America, sparking concerns among U.S. officials that the Islamic Republic will enlist these regional allies in its push to launch terror attacks on U.S. soil.”

Faith.  Christians, Jews Band Together to Fight BDS: ...the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has become the latest American church body to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.... "Israel's safety and well-being are the responsibility of every Jew and every Christian who loves Israel..." See Spiritual Warfare

Islam.  Palestinian Mufti: All of Jerusalem is Islamic! The Palestinian Authority-appointed Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein (pictured), declared on Sunday that the entire city belongs to Islam and the Arabs, and must be defended against the Jews. See Plots to Rule an Islamic World


Internet.  URGENT! Stop the SURRENDER of the Internet! The Obama administration is planning to surrender key functions of the United States’ oversight of the Internet to members of the international community.

(Obama) Administration. U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes: U.S. military pilots who have returned from the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordnance...  See Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Islam Spreading.  Obama And Sadiq Khan Just Passed Online Sharia Law: Obama has just begun working with London’s Muslim Mayor to institute a global law that will fight anti-Muslim talk. ... Obama and Khan are long-time friends....” See Plots to Rule an Islamic World


More information:

Deception. Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together: Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia. ...Khan... has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative.

Genocide.  ISIS Names 15,000 Christian Americans on Kill List:  ISIS reportedly created the list by searching church directories. And they targeted New York, Texas, Florida and California. ... See Genocide

Dreams from my Real Father: "A graduate of Kansas State Journalism School, Frank Marshall Davis joined the Communist Party and began writing for The Chicago Star. He was a colleague of journalist Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett. ...Davis flawlessly mirrored official Soviet propaganda.... [On] August 4, 1961, Frank Marshall Davis became the father of the future 44th President of the United States [Obama] and indoctrinated him with a Marxist ideology. See "Rules for Radicals' by Saul Alinsky and Partering with Obama 

Signs of the Times.  We Are Home - כיפה-לייב We've come home, And we'll never stand alone;

After 2000 years we are home! (A wonderful musical message from Israel!)


Remember: "Clinton Cash" movie


Occult.  Wikileaks Email Links Hillary Clinton To Bohemian Grove: A new Wikileaks hacked email directly links Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger to the Bohemian Grove, mentioning the notorious occult playground of the globalist elite by name.. See Reviving Witchcraft


Victory.  Watch Ray Comfort stun atheists with 1 question.

Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised, Clinton Emails Are The Least Of Our Worries: The fact that her server was receiving files that passed through or originated on the State Department servers is enough to know she exposed her private system to hackers. The US system is/was/has been compromised, for years....


Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama: "In Saul Alinsky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama’s last seven years in office when he wrote that an efficacious organizer should be 'an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community. ...Alinsky’s star pupil, Barack Obama, has successfully managed to whip up global chaos."

Bush, Beliefs & Elusive Bonesmen  (John Kerry - also a member of Skull & Bones): "I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That's what I believe.' President George W. Bush.... 'There is a power in these prayers [to various gods].... Skull & Bones has trained three generations of the Bush family: Prescott Bush [How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power], his son George W. H. Bush, and his grandson George W. Bush.... The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history -- espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies..." ("..the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." 1 John 5:19)

Obama's Mentor.  Zbigniew Brzezinski: The man behind Obama’s foreign policy (founder of the Trilateral Comission) ...Obama admitted... that he had no foreign policy experience whatsoever - except being a Muslim. But ...foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinsky became Barack Obama's 'new brain.'" See Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

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