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Today's  News  ~  July 7, 2015

Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth -- no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

Please pray for

  Persecuted Christians

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"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,  for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-29

"Please pray for God's people around the world!  As you can see in the paragraphs below, cruelties and perversion is spreading in many parts of the world.  Meanwhile, Christians are tortured and killed for refusing to deny our Lord. Yet, countless Christians would rather face death than deny their beloved Lord! .

Revolution.  EU Security Head: "Political Islam" is the Future of Europe (Video): "As the threat from ISIS extremists grows, the European Union’s head of foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini has caused consternation by asserting that 'political Islam' is a firm part of Europe’s future....
    "Responding to last month’s brutal Islamist terror attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France, Mogherini . . . shot back at critics of mass immigration. 'Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history.” See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Spiritual Warfare.  Government Crusade Against Churches Begins With Removal Of Non-Profit Status: "In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision mandating that states reward same-sex marriages throughout the nation, churches across the country prepare for the inevitable assault on their tax-exempt statuses. '...Mark Oppenheimer, wrote at that churches should have their tax-exempt statuses ripped away for opposing same-sex marriage." See Hating Truth and Primed for Deception!

Signs of the Times.  Netanyahu Says Nuke Deal getting Worse by the Day: "Recently we saw an Iranian-Hezbollah terror cell uncovered in Cyprus that had reportedly five tons of ammonium nitrate in one apartment. That's roughly the amount that took down the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.... But this terror network expands to over 30 countries in many continents and we have just received a report of another Iranian terror cell operating in Jordan that was uncovered.' ... 'Every day more concessions are made to Iran and every day the deal becomes worse and worse,' charged the prime minister." See  Jews in Holy Land? What Jews? 

Corruption.  Hackers hacked: Malware firm's data leaked, ties with regimes exposed: "An Italian company that sells hacking tools to various governments was apparently itself the target of a hacker attack, resulting in its internal documents being leaked online and its deals with countries such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia exposed. ...  Among Hacking Team’s clients in invoices and other documents, dozens of countries are mentioned, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, the United States... Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE." (Not Israel!)

Global Green Agenda.  The real low-down on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change: "Extremely curious at the media allegation that the “scientific Pantheist who advises Pope Francis ...seems to believe in Gaia, but not in God,' I set out to read for myself the climate change encyclical in Italian.

    "Pope Francis, began his 192-page 'Lettera Enciclica'... by saying that we are abusing and irresponsibly using 'our sister Mother Earth, which sustains and governs us....

    "...'Any aspiration to care for and improve the world requires changing profoundly lifestyles, the patterns of production and consumption, the established structures of power that today govern society.' 'I have heard these words before written in the 40-chapter U.N. Agenda 21 document signed by 179 countries in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro and repeated by subsequent Rio conference participants and advocates who really want to destroy capitalism....

     "Christina Figueres, Executive Secretary of U.N.‘s Framework Convention on Climate Change... admits that environmental activists and lobbyists aim to destroy capitalism..." See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

Transformation. Guess Who Pays When Rioting Thugs Destroy Our Cities? "Defining the effects of the recent marauding of American cities couldn’t be analyzed and dissected by anyone any better than the good Doctor of Economics Thomas Sowell. '...the costs are paid by others, including men, women and children, who are paying with their lives in ghettos around the country as politicians think of ever more ways they can restrict or scapegoat the police. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice has been leading the charge when it comes to presuming the police to be guilty..."CHANGE! New world, New ways, New minds, New gods

Moral Corruption.  Christian Bakers Fined, Gagged in Gay Cake Case: "An Oregon official certified a ruling Thursday imposing a $135,000 fine against Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The official then ordered the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa not to speak publicly about their conscientious decision to follow their religious beliefs by not baking any cakes for same-sex weddings. The company has gone out of business due to the legal battle.

     "...Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein to 'cease and desist' from openly professing that they won't serve gay weddings because of their Christian beliefs."


Environment.  Pope Francis: ‘Defender of the Pagan Gaia Faith: “I encourage the collaboration between persons and associations of different religions on behalf of an integral ecology,' Francis said, offering good wishes to young people discussing what he described as 'the care of the common house.'.... Pope Francis should be brought in on the fact that the environmental movement genuflects not to God but to Gaia." See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

Moral Corruption.  Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing: "...a high school in Seattle, Washington... is now implanting intrauterine devices (IUD), as well as other forms of birth control.... The IUD is known as a long acting reversible contraception, and may even act as an abortifacient. So, a young teen in Seattle can’t get a coke at her high school, but she can have a device implanted into her uterus, which can unknowingly kill her unborn child immediately after conception." See Depravity


Spiritual Warfare.  Catholic Group Exposes Red Influence in the Vatican: "...the American Life League (ALL) has uncovered dramatic evidence of links between the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church and an international communist group known as the World Social Forum. The evidence suggests overt Marxist influence on the climate change movement that Pope Francis and his top advisers are now embracing.” See Pedophile Call for "A Child's Sexual Bill of Rights"


Hate Speech. They Want To Use ‘Hate Speech Laws’ To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In America: "...these hate speech laws that are being implemented... are not just about preventing speech that promotes violence or genocide against a particular group of people. ...these laws are written in such a way that anyone that says something that 'offends' or 'insults' someone else is guilty of 'hate speech'. ...If I say something that offends or insults you, there is a very good chance that I have just committed 'hate speech.'"


Moral Corruption. DOJ wants to legalize bestiality, pedophilia: "Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says not only is all hell breaking loose after the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, but we’re on the fast track to legalizing '12 new perversions,' including pedophilia and bestiality. ... He also pointed to a 'secret memo' from the Department of Justice when Malzberg if the tax exempt status of religious institutions could be pulled if they teach against gay marriage. ...

    "They’re now going to go after 12 new perversions, things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys and making that legal. Not only that, but they have a whole list of strategies to go after the churches, the pastors, and any businesses that tries to assert their religious liberty. This is coming and it’s coming like a tidal wave.” See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

Spreading Evil.  Nigerian School girls slit Christian's throat under orders from Boko Haram: "Schoolgirls that have been abducted by the Nigeria-based Boko Haram Muslim terror group are now being seen on the battlefield fighting on behalf of the terror entity.
     "... the young female soldiers are now being used as foot soldiers for the group, with some being used to 'terrorize other captives' and 'carrying out killings themselves.' ... '17-year-old Miriam, who escaped Boko Haram captivity, said that the Boko Haram jihadis forced Christian men to lay down then told the girls to 'cut their throats.' 'Amnesty estimates that more than 2,000 girls have been abducted by the militant organization since the beginning of 2014." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

Religion, Pope,  Nature & Control. Pope Francis heads to Iowa to press republicans on marriage Climate: "Roman Catholic leaders in the early voting state of Iowa will call...  on candidates for president to follow the teachings of Pope Francis and focus as much on the environment and income inequality in 2016 as they have in past elections on opposing gay marriage and abortion.... The push from Pates and other bishops in Iowa threatens to disrupt the historically reliable alliance of evangelical Christians and conservative Roman Catholic voters, putting pressure on Republicans who have leaned on their religious faith to guide them on social issues. See UNESCO's Declaration on the Role of Religion

Signs of the Times. The Vatican Wants the Temple Mount Taken From the Jews: "In 2000, speaking in a mosque in Palestinian-held Ramallah, Yasser Arafat declared, 'No one will succeed in removing us from our land, including Jerusalem, and the Palestinian flag will fly from the Temple Mount and from the churches in Jerusalem.'
      "Arafat could say that because he had won the Vatican's support for his terroristic strategy. On June 26th, 2015, the Vatican signed its first treaty with the 'State of Palestine'. Since then, the Holy See’s taking a stance as the ally of the heads of the Palestinian Authority in the place most holy to the Jewish people, became almost a fait accompli....
     "What will the Jews do...? Here's what they should do: Start taking control of the Temple Mount. It will be harder to chase them away if they do that." See Jews in Holy Land? What Jews? 


"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? ... Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us..." Romans 8:35, 37



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"Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

When enemy forces threatened to attack God's people, [King] Jehoshaphat simply turned His eyes and heart to His faithful Lord and expressed his faith:

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     ...we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, BUT OUR EYES ARE UPON YOU." 2 Chronicles 20:6, 12

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