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Today's  News  ~  August 9, 2018

Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth -- no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

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"My refuge is in God!"

Psalm 62:7


Conspiracy.  First, they came for Alex Jones: Who will be next? I don’t know, but I don’t plan to find myself in the position in which Martin Niemöller found himself in Nazi Germany. He’s most famous for this prescient quotation:

   “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

   ...but I’m going to keep pounding on it until the public catches on to the threat these trillion-dollar monopolies pose to America’s precious institutions of free speech, the free press and freedom of religion. We need congressional hearings. We need action in Washington. We need President Trump to recognize who the biggest purveyors of fake news really are. It’s not just CNN and the Huffington Post. It’s their distribution arms – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon – the Digital Cartel.


Conspiracy.  Apple, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Subvert the US Constitution, Free Speech, and American Liberty: The coordinated attack on widely watched Info Wars host Alex Jones by Apple, Facebook, Google/Youtube, and Spotify is all the proof that we need that the total failure to enforce America’s anti-trust laws has produced unaccountably powerful firms that are able to exercise far more censorship, not only in America but also abroad among Washington’s vassal states, than the Nazi Gestapo or Stalin’s NKVD were ever able to achieve.

   Apple is larger than the GNP of almost every country in the world. In other words, Apple has the power of a major government. Apple could be a member of the G-20. Apple could institute its own currency and be part of SDR drawing rights. Apple could participate as a backer of IMF and World Bank loans. Apple could have its own military and secret service. ... Apple proved it, along with the other tech monopolies: Google/Youtube, Spotify, and Facebook.


Corruption.  Apple Vows iPhones Do Not Listen In On Users... But Its Apps Are Another Story: In the aftermath of numerous reports that Amazon's Alexa speakers were "accidentally" listening in, and in some cases recording the conversations of their owners, on Tuesday Apple responded to US lawmakers whether its iPhones invade users' privacy and listen in on conversation without their consent: Apple's response: a resounding "no", and added that it does not allow third-party apps to do so either, after lawmakers asked the company if its devices were invading users’ privacy. ...

   And as a reminder, here is the shocked response from one Amazon Echo user who found that her conversations were anything but private.


Corruption.  Paul Craig Roberts Rages: "Elites Are Shutting Down The Truth-Tellers": “The agendas of the elite are hidden. They are not something the American people would support. The elite are fearful that their cover stories are so thin that if truth can be shown on their agendas, they will be discredited. ... So, they are closing down truth tellers in order to maintain control over explanations.

   Alex Jones is a threat to the elites’ control over the explanations... They are sending the message that says get onboard with the official explanations or we terminate you.” "It is possible because the antitrust laws of the United States have not been enforced....Monopoly is against the law. It’s against the Sherman Antitrust Act, but they don’t enforce it because they’re so powerful. They just prevent the law being enforced.


Crisis.  California Carr Fire: Tragic New Photos Show Grave Destruction: Recent photos show just how destructive The Carr Fire is as it ravages through Northern California leaving a rising death toll behind. Horrifying new photos depict just how severe the Carr Fire's wrath has been to Northern California.

   ...the fire is just only 20 percent contained and has since burned nearly 100,00 acres of land... Already becoming one of the top 10 most destructive wildfires in California history, the Carr Fire's aftermath is devastating for anyone to see.


Crisis.  'Come and get me,' boy pleaded before California fire death: A young boy pleaded for rescue before he died along with two others in a California wildfire. ... "I talked to Junior on the phone 'til he died," Melody's husband Ed Bledsoe told CNN, recounting the last words of the boy, his sister, and Bledsoe's wife. "He said 'Come and get me, the fire's comin' in the back door. Come on, Grandpa,' Bledsoe said, his voice choking. But he couldn't get there in time to save them.


Corruption!  Hillary Clinton State Dept Employee Charged With Producing Over 1,000 Pornographic Images Of Children, Possible Child Trafficking Ring: Why are so many disgusting people associated with the Clintons? One or two could be a coincidence. This is a trend.

   When people snub their nose at the idea of elite child sex rings in Washington DC, just remember this guy. How did he get clearance? Why was no one aware of what he was doing? Why did he get away with it for so long? The Swamp is an absolutely disgusting place.


Religion. Scandinavian jihad against Israel: (This message was not correct!) While Nazism was embraced by the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the Norwegians saved many Jews during WW2. Some of my relatives found ways to protect the Jews during the war. It was an exciting time! My father was a leader in the Norwegian underground in Oslo, our capital.


Faith!  ‘Can you take a deer?’ Fawn rescued from wildfire by highway patrol officer: A highway patrol officer who became an internet sensation after he helped rescue a month-old fawn from a Northern California wildfire said Monday he didn’t expect the photos to go viral.

   On Saturday morning, California Highway Patrol Sgt. David Fawson of San Francisco helped Cal Fire officers rescue a fawn from a fast-growing wildfire in Redding, about 230 miles north of San Francisco. “We were driving through an active fire, when Cal Fire said, ‘Can you take a deer out here for us?’” he said. “I held it in my lap as we drove out.” He and his partner took the fawn to a safer area miles away, but the baby deer didn’t run away... “It stayed right by me,” he said. “When it tried to nurse on one of my fingers, I thought, ‘This is truly a young baby.’”

   More than 50 officers from the CHP Golden Gate Division are helping during the wildfire that has destroyed more than 700 homes and claimed six lives in Redding.


Lawlessness?  Trump, Limbaugh erupt over Feinstein's 'spy' driver: In Ohio Saturday evening, the president said: “Speaking of China, it just came out that the Democratic leader and the leader of the Russian investigation, Dianne Feinstein, had a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 years! And she’s leading the Russian investigation if that’s what you call it. How about she’s leading the Russia witch hunt!”


History. Erased history: how Rockefeller bankrolled Soviet Russia: Here, from chapter six of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, “The Rockefellers and the Reds,” is a devastating passage commenting on the period just after the Russian Revolution of 1917: “The Rockefellers assigned their public relations agent, Ivy Lee, to sell the American public the idea that the Bolsheviks were merely misunderstood idealists who were actually kind benefactors of mankind.”

   “Professor Antony Sutton of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, notes in his highly authoritative Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development:” “’Quite predictably…[Ivy] Lee concludes that the communist problem is merely psychological. By this time he is talking about “Russians” (not Communists) and concludes “they are all right.”


Religion. Scandinavian jihad against Israel: There are a few obvious reasons for why Norway and Sweden have sided with radical Islam’s war against the Jewish state. The first are the mass-immigration of muslims into these nations. The muslims gets around 3.000 USD per month in governmental support each month. Many are granted citizenship, and given a right for their full families to immigrate and live on public pensions. The other, is cultural Scandinavian based antisemitism. ...Nazism was embraced by the Swedish Social Democratic Party before it became the ruling ideology in Germany. (Very sad!)


Conspiracy.  Liberal Censorship Gone Wild: You Tube shut down the Alex Jones-Infowars channel a few days ago... Jones’s Facebook and Spotify sites were also censored.

   A while back, You Tube censored Britt Pettibone when she came too close to the truth and the people involved in Pizzagate; likely the same reason why they shut down SGT, but they haven’t even told the publisher specifically why they shut him down! ...You Tube channel access, email accounts, USPS mail, and more…have all been attacked...


Corruption.  Does Trump know how much Google hates him?  Back in the first quarter of 2018, beginning in January, I saw our revenues collapsing thanks to the Internet Cartel’s vicious anti-Donald Trump predilection. If you think the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN hate Trump, you need to look at Google News.

   I know Google doesn’t create content. But as the primary distribution system for content online, what it does is aggregate the most hateful, the most over-the-top, the most absurdly provocative anti-Trump fake news it can find. I have tested this theory, and if you doubt me, you can do so yourself. Just go to Google News and survey it any day of the week. ...

   The fact that Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon all rely on the radical leftwing lunatics at the Southern Poverty Law Center as their guide to what represents “hate speech” is all you really need to know.


Crisis.  PRAY TO GOD — The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état: This country is at a precipice. America is either going to be overrun by a power hungry Deep State or it will survive one of the greatest attacks to its existence since the Civil War. We must all be vigilant and prepared.

   The acts of the Deep State are as appalling as they are criminal. An unelected and elected power hungry minority is attempting a coup d’état of the Trump administration. ... President Trump won the election but this only enraged the Deep State to remove the duly elected President from his rightful position. ...

   Deep State – its many actors including former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrat and Republican Senators, Congressmen and judges, the FBI, DOJ, the corrupt Mueller gang... have created a “witch hunt” that is reaching its climax.

Occult.  Wikileaks Reveals Satanic Rituals Used By White House Chiefs

Faith!  Christian students face growing anti-Christian harassment at school: Their Christianity is treated like a virus. The Bible is banned; they are called out in class for expressing their faith; the cross is treated as contraband. Bible clubs are banned or ostracized by school officials. One little elementary school girl was banned from drawing a picture of Jesus, had her Bible confiscated, and was instructed she could never even mention her faith at school. A little boy was repeatedly threatened with punishment for doing book reports on Bible stories.

   Almost daily, we are contacted by the parents of Christian students who are facing blatantly unconstitutional discrimination. We've spent decades taking on these cases - even all the way to the Supreme Court - and winning. But as the threats increase - Christians denied admission to college and even banned from publicly praying - we need you.

   Religious liberty is the cornerstone of America, and our children are its future.


Corruption.  Democratic Socialists set up shop on campuses nationwide: The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization claims to have added more than 200 campus chapters over the past year, up from just 15 chapters in 2016. YDSA chapters ostensibly engage in activism on behalf of left-wing causes like free healthcare and abortion, but conservative students note that most of their efforts seem to involve vandalism and disrupting free speech.

Corruption. Tommy Robinson's shocking prison treatment | YouTube.


Faith!  Patriotism: The Secret of Trump's Success: The driving force behind Trump's winning for America is his powerful patriotism. ... Trump lives American patriotism. It is the reason he ran for president and the reason he won. .


Faith!  Too Political: Facebook Bans Gospel Singers’ Ad for Song About ‘Heaven’: Facebook is apologizing for banning an advertisement from a Christian musical group because a song about heaven was deemed too political for the platform.  According to WND, gospel group Zion’s Joy! paid $100 to increase the reach of a post featuring the new song “What Would Heaven Look Like.” However, the post was deleted after Facebook deemed the ad contained “political content.”


Corruption.  Vatican Bishop Confesses: 'Senior Catholic Officials Are Paid By George Soros': European politicians and senior Catholic officials have been bought and paid for by George Soros, according to Vatican Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who confessed to an Italian newspaper that the migrant crisis was orchestrated with the goal of “radically altering the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.”


Corruption.  Clinton Involved in Biggest Treason in History: Shipp explains, “Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas or FOIA demands for the evidence. This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all.” ...Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI while the Uranium One deal was being done by Clinton and the Russians.


Rage!  Explaining American Leftists: ‘’As I watch a great number of my fellow Americans and virtually all of the mainstream media descend further and further into irrational and immoral hysteria — regularly calling the president of the United States and all of his supporters Nazis, white supremacists and the like; harassing Republicans where they eat, shop and live...declaring their opposition to Trump and the Republican Party the "Resistance."


Taking a stand!  Why the ‘Resistance’ in the State Department is a Gift to Trump: President Trump’s diplomacy will continue to make America safe and strong, as long as he relies upon his own experience in negotiation and does not follow State Department guidance. The majority of our 75,382 State Department employees do not support our president. ... But ...their “Resistance” has given President Trump the opportunity to do an end-run around them.


Signs of the Times?  Democrats announce plan to repeal first amendment: Alex Jones breaks down how the Dems and big tech giants are gearing up to roll out complete censorship of conservative or free-thinking platforms and users ahead of Congressional hearings scheduled next week to take place over “fake news.”


Corruption. Trump Border Battle, DOJ FBI Indictments Coming, Big Bank Bankruptcy: The vast majority of Americans want immigration enforcement, not more illegal immigration, which comes with a high price tag in the form of welfare....

   Top people in the FBI and DOJ are in serious legal trouble in the biggest fraud abuse of power and treason scandal in American history. It also involves top players in the White House, and the State Department under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Many are going to be indicted in the months to come. The first four will probably include fired FBI and Assistant FBI Directors Comey and McCabe, Lisa Page and top counterterrorism agent Peter Strzok.


Corruption.  We Cannot Allow Strzokians Back into Power: Peter Strzok's arrogance displayed at the Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on TV was infuriating. ...

   The thing that got my blood boiling was Strzok's snooty attitude. His facial expressions and body language said, “How dare you question me. I don't have to answer any of your questions.


Corruption!  Exclusive: Democrats Announce Plan To Repeal First Amendment: (Video) Alex Jones breaks down how the Dems and big tech giants are gearing up to roll out complete censorship of conservative or free-thinking platforms and users ahead of Congressional hearings scheduled next week to take place over “fake news.”


Victory.  Farage: Trump Truths ‘Have Hit Establishment Like a Bombshell’: Donald J Trump’s explosive UK tabloid interview has “hit the establishment like a bombshell”, Nigel Farage has said, remarking that the U.S. President ‘gets’ the public’s concern over mass migration.

   Speaking on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM on Friday, after a tabloid interview with President Trump sent shockwaves across the globalist media, Farage asserted the President “recognises and understands” why immigration has become “the number one issue across all of European politics.”.


Signs of the Times.  Israel continues to SHATTER tourism records, as the love for the Jewish State skyrockets! “It is a land which Hashem your God looks after, on which Hashem your God always keeps His eye, from year’s beginning to year’s end.” Deuteronomy 11:12.

   The number of tourists visiting Israel continued to soar during the first half of 2018, with some 2.1 million tourist entries recorded from January to June, a 19% increase from last year, the Ministry of Tourism and the Central Bureau of Statistics said in a joint release Monday. ... In June alone, 310,200 tourists entered the country, a 2% increase from last year and 31% more than 2016.


Rights!  Why Trump Makes Sense Regarding NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was conceived as a mutual defense pact against possible Soviet aggression in Europe following WWII, and the U.S., under President Harry Truman’s initiative, became one of the original twelve members in 1949. ...

   Josef Stalin was still alive, and his ruthlessness and hatred for capitalism as well as his disregard for human life and paranoia were already well known.

Victory.  Donald Trump Rocks NATO: 'Germany Is Totally Controlled by Russia': U.S. President Donald J. Trump went right to work in Brussels at the NATO summit Wednesday morning, taking truculent Germany to task for coming to the United States for defence, while simultaneously paying billions of dollars to the Russian Federation for energy.

   Speaking at a bilateral breakfast meeting with the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg, President Trump was blunt, calling out Germany for taking from NATO with one hand while giving to Russia with the other.


Corruption.  Progressive Child Abuse in the Schools: Educators and professors who teach students to use logic and critical thinking are doing God's work. Teachers who spur cognition and who encourage students to question, to read, and to investigate all points of view are truly teaching. On the flip-side of the coin, we have teachers who now subscribe to methods of leftist indoctrination and who are currently using this indoctrination as a weapon within the classroom.


War?  New Satellite Images Show Russia is Secretly Preparing for War: The summit in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16 between Presidents Donald Trump and Putin offers an unprecedented opportunity to de-escalate tensions between the United States and Russia.  Several reports have detailed a disturbing new trend of Moscow’s rapid modernization efforts to improve its westernmost military facilities in Kaliningrad ahead of the summit.


Crisis!   California university works to reduce number of white people on campus: In keeping with the diversity and inclusion movement sweeping campuses across the country, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to “improve diversity”... “To further advance its goals of reflecting the demographics of California... administration details a multi-year effort ... to further lower the percentage of white students on campus and increase the number of faculty of color.


Crisis!  The Percentage Of Young Adults With No Religious Affiliation Has Nearly QUADRUPLED Since 1986: We are witnessing a religious shift that is unprecedented in size and scope in American history.  ...this trend is especially pronounced among our young people. ...

   The United States was founded by people that were extremely committed to their faith, and now we are rapidly becoming a nation where people are choosing no religion at all. We live at a time when there is a mass exodus from Christian churches...


Crisis!  Mass Exodus From The Church: The Percentage Of Young Adults With No Religious Affiliation Has Nearly QUADRUPLED since 1986: We are witnessing a religious shift that is unprecedented in size and scope in American history. With each passing year, the percentage of Americans that claim no religious affiliation is growing, and this trend is especially pronounced among our young people.


Crisis!  California pro-homosexual bill will ban the Bible: The California Assembly has passed a new bill, Assembly Bill 2943, which will ban the sale of the Bible. Yes, you read that exactly right. The sale of the Bible is about to be made illegal in the state of California.

   And the vote wasn't even close – the bill passed 50-18. It heads to the Senate next, where it will certainly be approved, and then to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk, where he is certain to sign it.


Victory!  Well said by Chief Master Sgt.George Roof, USAF (retired): In response to Britain's ongoing sexual grooming scandal, a group of 20 MPs signed an open letter to recently appointed Home Secretary... urging coordinated action. ...

    Only God could help us after Gerald Ford was beaten by Jimmy Peanuts. ...

Then the light began to shine and Ronald Reagan swept into the fray. He not only loved the country and the military, they loved him back. Esprit d'corps was off the scale during his presidency.


Praise?  Smart technology sees through walls to track and identify people’’: A group of researchers and students at MIT have developed an intelligent radar-like technology that makes it possible to see through walls to track people as they move around, a development that could prove useful for monitoring the elderly or sick as well as for other applications — but that also raises privacy concerns.


Crisis!  10,000 Children Missing from UK Government Care Amid Child Trafficking Epidemic: More than 10,000 children have mysteriously disappeared from government care last year as the child trafficking epidemic for elite pedophile rings in the UK becomes more obvious. There are fears that thousands of vulnerable children are trafficked and 'groomed' as they slip off the radar from government 'care' in the UK. Please pray!


Crisis!  European 'Christians' no longer align with Christian faith: ...European Christians, once the driving force behind the faith’s expansion worldwide, no longer are. ...  They only rarely walk in the doors of a church. ...Norway’s figures plunged from 79 percent “raised Christian” to only 51 percent now. (So sad! Norway is my original home land!)


Faith!  Amazon top 500 reviewer banished after 'Gospel' rave: Weeks after posting a 5-star rave of a new Bible book, banned... one of its top 500 reviewers for “bias,” without further explanation...

    The last book William Struse reviewed for Amazon was Joseph Farah’s highly acclaimed “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” which has been called a “breakthrough Bible book... released in a preview e-book version exclusively on Amazon Kindle and the WND Superstore...

    Struse received only this message from Amazon: “Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. (Amazon has no love for Christian books!)


Crisis!  First-Of-Its-Kind University Study Proves Without A Doubt That Your Phone Is Spying On You:  Elleen Pan... ran an experiment involving more than 17,000 of the most popular Android apps using ten different phones. Their findings were alarming... The fact that these apps can record your screen without you knowing and use this data is chilling.


Rage!  Prepare For A Summer Of Rage As Progressive Leaders Urge Followers To Rise Up: On Friday, Michael Moore... suggested that the U.S. military would side with progressives in a civil war against Donald Trump. The very next day, Antifa thugs violently clashed with pro-Trump conservatives that had gathered for a prayer rally on the streets of Portland, Oregon. ...

   ...a shocking poll found that 31 percent of all Americans believe that there will be a civil war in America within the next five years...


Victory!  There's spiritual warfare swirling around THIS book (by Joseph Farah): I desperately need your prayers and your urgent financial support for “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” scheduled for national hardcover release in September...  I absolutely believe that the power of Holy Spirit-led prayer can overcome all opposition like this. ... There’s no power like it on Earth – certainly not demonic power. Please surround us in prayer today, tomorrow and through September as we ... to spread the Good News of repentance, redemption and restoration.


Lawlessness.  7/4/18 Pizzagate Update: There are more than 30,000 sealed indictments, many which are reportedly for crimes against children...  One good reason to seal an indictment would be to withhold an individual’s identity, until that person can be arrested, to prevent giving criminals enough time to flee prosecution and/or destroy evidence.


Crisis!  Facebook deletes Declaration of Independence text as 'hate': Facebook “flagged and removed a post consisting almost entirely of text from the Declaration of Independence.” As “hate.” The action confirmed the inability of the Facebook processes to tell the difference between “white nationalist ravings” and the “writing of Thomas Jefferson,” the report said.


Faith!  This July 4th, What Would Abe Lincoln Say?  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Lutheran pastor imprisoned and executed for his involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler, is famous for saying: “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”


Victory in Christ On his second independence day, President Trump's approval numbers tops Obama at same point in precidency:  ...he is clocking in at an amazing 48% approval rating among likely voters, and an astonishing 90% approval among Republicans. ...  President Trump is the only president since the end of WWII to both recognize the Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, and to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. 


Faith.  Syrians Thank Israel for Being a 'Good Neighbor' When No One Else Will: Syrian civilians being mercilessly bombed by their own regime and turned away by neighboring Arab countries are thanking Israel for showing kindness even to its enemies. ... Israeli officials said they can't possibly take in 160,000 refugees, but are trying to do everything possible to help them.


Faith!  Imprisoned American Missionary in Turkey Pens Incredible Song Behind Bars: Andrew Brunson, an American missionary to Turkey for the last 23 years, is now on trial for a second time after being falsely imprisoned more than a year ago. He has been called “the Forgotten American in Turkey.” ...

   As a Christian pastor who had already been in the country for two decades, deeply committed to loving Turkey and its people, he believed this moment would give him the opportunity to continue leading God’s people faithfully at Izmir Resurrection Church.

    Instead... he and his wife were held in a local police station with no charges; his wife would be released two weeks later... He was held for 63 days without even a Bible... For the most part of his prison time, he has been in an overcrowded cell, being mocked by fellow prisoners who persistently ridicule him for his love for Jesus. ... Please pray  for this faithful pastor!


Crisis!  European 'Christians' no longer align with Christian faith: A new poll ... indicates European Christians, once the driving force behind the faith’s expansion worldwide, no longer are. ... They may call themselves Christian, but Pew describes them as “non-practicing” and found that they “drifted away,” “were alienated” or just “stopped believing.”   ... Norway’s figures plunged from 79 percent “raised Christian” to only 51 percent now. (My original homeland! So sad!)


Revolution?  Here's A Scary Thought – Google.Gov: Google and Barack Obama’s administration had a “uniquely close relationship. ...although hundreds of people have switched jobs from Google to the Obama administration... February, former President Obama said that Google, Facebook and prominent internet services are ‘not just an invisible platform, but they are shaping our culture in powerful ways.'” ... “At the outset, in 1999, Google was serving roughly a billion searches per year. Today, the figure runs to several billion per day.


Revolution.  Facebook now under fire for Deep Spying: Joseph Farah, WND founder and CEO, explained... how Facebook and Google, “sharing an ultra-left worldview, dominate both advertising revenues and control of the distribution of content in America and throughout the Western world. Add Amazon to the mix and the deck is so stacked against independent media voices and freedom of speech that the First Amendment could soon become a meaningless. ...the three companies, are without question the most important media companies in the world...


Conspiracy!  Warning: Google forming alliance with 'Deep State': White notes the close relationship forged between Google and the Obama administration... He emphasizes that the “ultimate source of the special bond between Google and the Obama White House” has been the modern progressive government... Obama said Google, Facebook and other prominent Internet services are “not just an invisible platform, but they are shaping our culture in powerful ways.”


Crisis.  Google Labels Republicans 'Nazis.'  Under fire along with Facebook and other social media giants for its left-leaning bias, Google listed “Nazism” as the chief ideology of the California Republican Party.  “It is disgraceful that the world’s largest search engine has labeled millions of California Republicans as Nazis,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the House majority leader. “This is just the latest incident in a disturbing trend to slander conservatives.


Control!  Amazon Hires "Army Of Lobbyists" As Political Spending Outpaces WalMart, ExxonMobil: Amazon has said that, over the next two decades, its second headquarters will create 50,000 jobs and roughly $5 billion in investment. Bezos has also spent tens of millions to expand his personal presence in the area; he recently bought a $23 million mansion in the city’s Kalorama neighborhood, where his neighbors include Barack and Michelle Obama as well as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. (Not good!)


Education.  Public School Teaching: 'There is no God but ALLAH': A fight has erupted over the mandatory Islamic indoctrination imposed on students by a public school, including reciting the Islamic oath of allegiance called the shahada, which states, “There is no god but Allah.” ... They promote Islam in ways that would be unthinkable for Christianity.


Lawlessness.  Clinton Body Count Ticks Up Ala ANOTHER "Suicide": The death by gunshot of Hillary Clinton’s lover, lawyer, and best friend in 1993 was the highest suspicious death of a government official since JFK. 

   Among the many very questionable items in the investigation of Vince Foster’s death are the following: The coroner’s report says x-rays were taken, but when he testified to Senators none were taken. When a paramedic approached Foster’s body, he saw men running away into the woods. 


Lawlessness.  Google's DeepMind - Sharia-Compliant 'AI': giants such as Facebook and Google have immense power over how we receive and share information online. There are quite rightly great and increasing concerns about how these mammoth corporations access, manipulate and profit from our data, and how they shape and control what information comes our way... In 2015, Google bought the London-based AI company, DeepMind, for a reported $400,000,000. 

Spiritual Warfare?  Death of the Internet: ...the vote by the E.U. tomorrow... will be the first step but a big one of "shutting down free speech over the internet. ...the same is going on now with the U. in Europe to shut down people's free speech essentially making the internet "dead". ... George Soros has paid for all the expertise to set this up.


Taking a Stand!   It's Happening! Trey Gowdy SMACKS DOWN FBI, DOJ With Greatest Speech Of His Career Over Clinton Probe.


Rage.  Google Labels Republicans 'Nazis.'  Under fire along with Facebook and other social media giants for its left-leaning bias, Google listed “Nazism” as the chief ideology of the California Republican Party.  “It is disgraceful that the world’s largest search engine has labeled millions of California Republicans as Nazis,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.


Mocking.  Video Surfaces of Obama Mocking Jesus and the Bible, Watch Before It’s Taken Down.


Porn, Promiscuity,  Bill Clinton Murders.


Faith?  The End of European Christianity?  Christianity in Europe is under assault from all sides, from waves of Muslim immigrants and declining European birthrates to reduced church membership and the breakdown of traditional families.


Crisis.  Outrage as search Giant Google lists 'Nazism' as the ideology of the California Republican Party a week before primary elections: ...Facebook is rewriting their algorithms just in time for the 2018 Mid-Term elections in hopes of silencing Conservative thoughts. ... And who says there is an anti-Conservative bias at Google? Certainly not Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt who massaged Google back in 2016 to produce favorable results for their candidate, Hillary Clinton.


Education.  Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up: Thanks to the incessant Left-wing counter-culture social engineering and increasing levels of violence and bullying, more American parents are pulling their kids out of failing government schools and teaching them at home.


Faith!   Illinois High School Prohibits Valedictorian From Mentioning Jesus in Graduation Speech


Spiritual Warfare?  This is the week that the drone surveillance state became real:  ...not only do local police have access to drones, but footage from those flying cameras will be automatically analyzed by AI systems not disclosed to the public. can be analyzed by Axon’s AI and used for anything from crowd monitoring to search and rescue.


Crisis.  Southern Poverty Law Center Declares War On Conservative Christians: ..they now produce and update a list of "designated hate groups" and then campaign to have those groups recognized as beyond the pale... Many of those groups are mainstream conservative Christian groups...

    Alliance Defending Freedom's CEO, Michael Farris, sent a letter urging entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeff Bezos' Amazon to reconsider its alliance with the widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center.


Control!  How cartel is endangering free speech: ...the Google-Facebook Cartel is destroying the independent media in a way that amounts to a first strike against freedom of speech altogether. ... As a result of the policies in place at Google and Facebook, many perceived “right-leaning” online enterprises are deprived of traffic and revenues...

    Google and Facebook... literally have no competition. ... Southern Poverty Law Center sets the standards and implementation for Google’s content guidelines. This is an extremist, left-wing group that labels people like Dr. Ben Carson and WND as “haters” and "extremists"...  (Very sad! Pray!)


Faith!!!  A student who was killed in this month’s massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas gave up his own life to save others, his pastor said...  Courage in the face of evil,” Keenan Smith, pastor of Crosby Church, said of Christian “Riley” Garcia. ...he selflessly put others’ safety ahead of his own life. "I truly believe that in those moments, that the hand of God was holding him.” ... “Christian saved my life.


Faith.  Valedictorian Ordered Not to Thank ‘Jesus’ During Graduation Speech: Sam Blackledge, 18, ...was nearly brought to tears when West Prairie High School administrators asked him to censor the speech – in which he planned to thank God for his accomplishments... I knew I wanted to talk about Christ in my graduation speech. ... “The most important thing in my life is Christ,” he said. “Christ is the only reason I was a valedictorian.  (But)...officials at the school wouldn’t budge.


Conspiracy.  Google Labels Republicans 'Nazis': Under fire along with Facebook and other social media giants for its left-leaning bias, Google listed “Nazism” as the chief ideology of the California Republican Party.


Faith!   Illinois High School Prohibits Valedictorian From Mentioning Jesus in Graduation Speech: Officials at an Illinois high school recently prohibited a valedictorian from speaking about Jesus in his graduation speech.


Corruption.  Amazon ‘Rekognition’ being marketed to law enforcement to create nationwide surveillance network: ...Amazon has conquered online retail, racking up $136 billion in sales in 2016.  ... Amazon is so big and so all-pervasive that fully comprehending their scope and influence is nearly impossible to achieve. And then there’s the home monitoring system called Echo.


Faith.  Mike Pence Reveals President Trump Routinely Requests Prayer at Meetings: In an interview with CBN News... Pence said the president has encouraged praying in the White House by personally promoting the practice himself. ... I've lost count of the number of times that the president has nudged me... and said, 'Let's start this meeting with prayer.'


Spiritual Warfare.  Scrubbing the Nazi Stain: ...The worst were the extermination camps they built solely to kill Jewish people and so-called undesirables... Two of the most notorious were Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 1.1 million people were killed, and Treblinka, where people went directly to the gas chambers at the rate of approximately 2,000 every few hours.  (Many  found safety in Norway during World War II)


Education?  Canadian Christian School Shut Down For Teaching Bible Verses: Education Minister David Eggen bears an enormous animus towards Christians schools.... An Alberta Christian school that clashed with its school division over teaching certain Bible verses may be forced to shut down. (How sad!)


Islam.  More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office across the U.S.: There are more than 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States... Without a dramatic shift... the demographics in America will be forever changed.


Control!  How cartel is endangering free speech: ...the Google-Facebook Cartel is destroying the independent media in a way that amounts to a first strike against freedom of speech altogether. ... As a result ... many perceived “right-leaning” online enterprises are deprived of traffic and revenues... Google and Facebook... literally have no competition. ... Southern Poverty Law Center sets the standards and implementation for Google’s content guidelines.  (Very sad! Pray!)


War!  (Hitler's war in Europe)  NEVER AGAIN? On Yom Hashoah, Poll Shows Two Thirds Of Millennials Don't Know What Auschwitz Was:  Approximately 22 percent of Millennials had not heard of the Holocaust...

      (Berit: My father was the leader in the "underground" in Norway back in the late nineteen forties. During the last year of Hitler's cruel war (1945) I would run out on the sidewalk with my friends and shout at the Nazi armies marching down our wide street. I was  almost five years old when the war ended, and we had learned to hate our enemy.)


Lawlessness.  Hillary Clinton Joins a Coven?  “Last Night, The Wing Welcomed Hillary Clinton Into Their Coven.” She was on April 3rd awarded “an honorary lifetime Wing membership,” which comes... with free cosmetics.


Faith.  The Armor of God: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ...." (Ephesians 6:10-18)




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