Pictures we took when visiting Saddleback 

The Pastor's and Handicapped parking lot, adjacent to the 231 Toll Road. Just on the other side of the landscaping and wall, is the baptismal pool courtyard and the side of the worship center.  Both sides of the worship center are composed entirelyof glass for lighting during the day, and high profile exposure to the Toll Road traffic at night. The building on the right foreground is the restrooms.

Taken from the bridge to "nowhere", which creates a boundary for the outdoor amphitheater, and allows one to look at the old creek bed.  The plaza and the two walkways on either side of the worship center are completely covered with tables and booths on ministry day. Ministries for bikers, horse riding, white water rafting, surfing, volleyball, guitar, golf, sex addiction, etc. 

A view of the stairs leading up to the "Terrace Cafe", a remotely televised venue where you can drink coffee and eat pastries while you watch the main service in the worship center. Immediately below the Terrace Cafe is a theater venue with large screen TV.

The Company Bookstore Store where tapes, videos, devotionals, music, clothing, water bottle holders, license plate frames, coffee mugs. etc. may be purchased.

Map of the Saddleback campus. Many of these pictures were taken as we walked through the Plaza on the left side of the Worship Center -- then around to the back where tapes and books were sold. The captions were written by a former member of the church.


The second floor restaurant on the left. [Notice the same pink sign on the tall building and on the picture to the left: Terrace Cafe] The buildings on the right side are part of the nursery. When we walked toward the children's center, we were stopped by a guard in uniform.

Taken from the nursery, looking at the children's ministry.  The first floor has aquariums, the second floor has vivariums with snakes and lizards, and the glass penthouse is taken up entirely with electronic video games and lounging areas.  There are snack bars on all three levels. The entire campus grounds are covered by speakers secreted in faux-rocks. The entire campus, both inside and outside, is also covered by hidden cameras.

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