The breezeway connected to the worship center, which leads to the baptismal pool courtyard.


Plaza with booths. See the note on page 1


Enlargement below.

Here is a larger map of a smaller area

 The outdoor amphitheater, viewed from the bridge to nowhere observation point.  The Jr. High and Sr. High tents are visible in the background, as are the old modular elementary classrooms.

The side of the worship center, taken from the lower parking lot, adjacent to the old creek bed arroyo.  This is Not the back of the worship center; actually it is the same side as the bridge to nowhere [picture on the left] observation point.
     The worship center closely resembles a hangar with fixed glass walls instead of huge doors. There are enormous, rolling, folding, gymnasium type bleachers on the front wall, and the stage with big screens is at the rear of the worship center.  The open floor has moveable, stackable, chair seating that is replaced with many round tables whenever they book nightclub style entertainment to accompany theme diners.  It also allows a very large convention center style open floor for kiosks and display tables when they need such.

The plaza was almost empty since the band had begun playing and most people were seated inside the worship center, or in Terrace Cafe or in any of the outside seating areas.

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