The War on "Hate" Bans Christian Values

by Berit Kjos - 1998

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"Hate speech' and 'hate crime' as legal categories usher in the concept of political crime -- as un-American a proposition as there can be. America's survival depends on the unequivocal rejection of political crime."[1]  Balint Vazsonyi, who lived in Hungary under Nazi and later Communist dictatorship

During a health class, high school students in Tuscon, Arizona, were asked, "How many of you hate your parents?"[2] Apparently, hating parents is considered both acceptable and understandable in the new permissive classroom.

But being politically incorrect is not acceptable. Traditional values that clash with the new global standards for tolerance have become tantamount to hate, and Christians who cling to biblical boundaries are labeled both intolerant and hateful -- no matter how kind their actions. Today's social leaders have redefined hate, identified a new group of haters, and are gathering public support for monitoring and punishing the guilty.

At the White House Conference on Hate-Crimes on November 10, 1997, President Clinton announced that a "the justice department has taken aim at hate crimes with more prosecutions and tougher punishments. The National Hate Crimes Network will marshal the resources of federal, state and local enforcement, community groups, educators, antiviolence advocates..."

Every citizen must be brought into a "national dialogue" that would build a new "consensus". Under the noble banner of peace and unity, biblical values would be linked to hate and intolerance. The program would be marketed to the public by publicizing genuine hateful acts such the murder of homosexuals [3] but, in practice, "hate" would include any attitude that opposes the new ideology.

Pointing to the supposed danger of religious division, Clinton made some alarming proposals at the conference:

"There would almost have to be some sort of club or organization at the school -- because if you think about it, your parents are still pretty well separated... Most neighborhoods are still fairly segregated. Most houses of worship are still fairly segregated. ...We have to find a disciplined, organized way out of this so that we reach every child in an affirmative way before something bad happens...."

Could our President be suggesting that Christian parents be pressured to conform to the world's standards? Or that churches be forced to blend their worship with those who choose other gods and contrary lifestyles? Might our government mandate "voluntary"[4] youth groups -- as did Nazi and Communist rulers determined to mold compliant citizens -- so that cultural "separation" won't cause "something bad to happen?" Apparently so.cwhbcv3-98.html

The Sin of Separateness. "Seeing ourselves as separate is the central problem in our political thinking,"[5] announced Al Gore at a 1991 Communitarian conference in Washington.

Gore's conclusion was quoted in the book, Spiritual Politics, co-authored by Corinne McLaughlin, a follower of the Dhjwal Khul, the spirit guide channeled by occultist Alice Bailey. Lest you think McLaughlin too "far out" to be relevant, know that she was the first Task Force Coordinator for President Clinton's Council for Sustainable Development.[6] She also taught her occult strategies at the Department of Education, Pentagon, and the EPA.

"There really is only one sin--separateness," she states in her book. "War is more likely to spring from rampant nationalism, ethnocentrism, and intolerant religious fundamentalism--all extreme and separative attitudes ...."

Her solution? The same as Clinton's: "What is needed as a cure for separateness is a deep sense of community-that we're all in this together."

This envisioned community is being designed top-down. The blueprint comes straight from the United Nation through countless UN affiliated governmental and non-governmental networks -- all working together to turn your town into a 21st century "sustainable community."[7] The "partners" implementing this vision include the school (that's the hub), government, media, business, NGOs (feminists environmentalists), health centers, day-care centers, Chambers of Commerce, churches, and finally parents -- but only those who conform to the process.

Training politically correct parents. "...Fundamental attitudes are formed during the first four or five years of life..." states the 1983 UNESCO plan for Lifelong Learning. "Pre-school educators have a special responsibility to ensure that a child's first experience outside the home is one in which he learns to share, cooperate and function in a group. Parents and pre-school educators should teach children to resolve their conflicts peacefully...Stereotyping may... reinforce rigid.... social attitudes."[8]

God's family is made up of people from "every tribe and nation." But President Clinton's war on hate has also targeted uncompromising Christians for their refusal to "respect, accept and appreciate" gay lifestyles. The "rigid... attitudes" include all the biblical absolutes our founding fathers gave their lives to preserve. Listen to the obvious (but acceptable) bias in this 1946 statement by Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first head of the World Health Organization.

"We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents.... The results are frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to... make the world fit to live in....

"It has long been generally accepted that parents have a perfect right to impose any points of view, any lies or fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates, or faith on their defenseless children.... [People with] guilts, fears, inferiorities, are certain to project their hates on to others.... Such reaction now becomes a dangerous threat to the whole world...."[9] Emphasis added

Two years later, the International Congress on Mental Health met in London 1948, where it presented a report titled "Mental Health and World Citizenship." It said,

"Social institutions such as family and school impose their imprint early ... Thus prejudice, hostility or excessive nationalism may become deeply embedded in the developing personality... often at GREAT HUMAN COST...Change will be strongly resisted unless an attitude of acceptance has first been engendered."[10] 

Today, fifty years later -- after an intense media blitz promoting state control over early childhood education -- that "attitude of acceptance" has almost been engendered. So during the April 1997 White House Conference on America's Future, movie star Tom Hanks moderated a film titled "I Am Your Child." His televised introduction included this comment:

"The emotional and intellectual environment [the child] is exposed to during those critical first three years will have a profound effect on what kind of person he will turn out to be. And the kind of person he turns out to be will impact, either positively or negatively, every other person in the world."

Did you realize that your politically incorrect child-raising could be a threat to the entire world? Could that "fact" give the state a "compelling interest" in telling you how to train your child?

President Clinton echoed these sentiments during his Hate Crimes Conference. Implying that traditional parents may teach innocent children to hate, he said,

"Children have to be taught to hate... We need to make sure that somebody is teaching them not to do so. ... The most important thing we can do is to reach these kids while they're young enough to learn... If we all do our part for that, we can make America one nation under God."

Countering Christian "intolerance". To enforce these unconstitutional ideals, Clinton called on the Departments of Education and Justice to "distribute to every school district in the country a hate crimes resource guide" which would "direct educators to the materials they can use to teach tolerance and mutual respect."[11]

Do you remember UNESCO's Declaration on Tolerance? It defines tolerance as "respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures... It is not only a moral duty, it is also a political and legal requirement."

Since "intolerance... is a global threat," it calls for

Monitoring compliance. Addressing "religious sources of intolerance" involves everyone. Continuing with his message, Clinton said,

"All of us have to do more in our communities... and in our homes and places of worship to teach all of our children about the dignity of every person."

That means that Christian parents and pastors must be taught politically correct child-raising -- a major reason for the 1996 contract between the U.S. Department of Education and the mainline denominations. Drawing church leaders into the process is key to success.

Classroom discussion groups that prompt children to criticize their parents help monitor resistance. So does a profusion of intrusive surveys that that tell children to report family attitudes, church attendance, and all kinds of other private matters. Much of this data has already become part of the student's personal computerized file.

When each child is linked to his or her individual computer program, the gathering of this private information can be accelerated and controlled. As Dustin Heuston, who works with the World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching, said, then "no one can get between that child and the curriculum."[12]

President Clinton then explained this ideological training would be linked to the federal government:

"The Justice Department will make its own hate crimes training curriculum available. A lot of hate crimes still go unreported... If a crime is unreported, that gives people an excuse to ignore it."

Ignoring a neighbor's incorrect attitudes would not be an option in the envisioned 21st century community. Both President and Hillary Clinton have been promoting the concept of a "civil society" where each person serves the community, participates in group discussions, and takes responsibility for establishing common values -- especially social unity and (socialist) equality.

To reinforce the process, Clinton invoked the authority of Attorney General Janet Reno. "The Justice Department is launching a web site," he announced, "where younger students can learn about prejudice and the harm it causes.

To access this web site, just go to the "Department of Justice, Kid's Page." There, Janet Reno invites you to "help stop hateful acts that hurt kids just like you" in the home, school, playground or neighborhood. If a relative makes any derogatory comment, you are invited to correct the relative and/or discuss the problem with a trusted adult.

As soon as children are linked to their personal computer programs, such intrusive questions will become interactive dialogues between students and computers programmed to choose the right questions, measure the degree of resistance, and monitor rate of change. Answers will be fed into the national/international data system. [13]

Yet, in the midst of this battle for freedom, our God reigns! Our "rulers" may, as Psalm 2 tells us, "take counsel together against the Lord" but they cannot win. The spiritual war may rage, but He gives wisdom and strength for the battle to all who know Him, walk in His light, and refuse to compromise. "Blessed are all who put their trust in Him."

For practical information about "lifelong learning" and the manipulative process of changing beliefs and values, read  Brave New Schools.  


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