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December 2007


Fifteen Die as Christmas Persecution Continues: "As many as 15 people have died in the continuing violence against the Christian community in India’s Orissa state....  After destroying Pastor Anand’s church building, the same radical group went on a rampage later that night and burned down at least 10 Christian families’ homes.... In Haryana state, violence touched one of GFA’s Bible college students who went to visit a friend for Christmas. When Salingh stepped off the bus in his friend’s hometown on Christmas day, anti-Christian radicals gathered around him. They forcefully took his bag, found his Bible and Gospel tracts, and began accusing him of forcing conversions. They then beat him badly." See Persecution


Belarus Pastor and Homeowners Fined for Holding Worship Service in Private Home: “'If they want to pray to God they must have a registered place of worship,' Ruslan Krutko of the Executive Committee in the town of Baranovichi in the western Brest Region of Belarus insisted..... 'They can't use a private home as a place of worship. You couldn’t use a private home as a public toilet, could you? ..the three were dealt with in accordance with the law.' ...the country’s restrictive 2002 Religion Law declares all unregistered religious activity illegal, and the Criminal Code and Code of Administrative Violations prescribe punishment for such activity.

      " members complained to the news service about what they regard as the 'illegally imposed fines.'They call for prayers and appeals for the ability 'to conduct services without instruction, proclaiming to people the love of God.'" See Persecution


7-Year Old American Child Forced into Hiding in China: "Grace En Mei Shi , a 7-year old girl, who is an American citizen of Chinese ethnic descent, has been forced into hiding with her Chinese mother and 11-year old sister. They are fearful for their own safety and for the health and well being of En Mei’s father–Weihan Shi–a 37-year old Chinese businessman being held in an unknown location without formal charges or legal representation after being arrested.... Essentially, he is a 'disappeared person.'....

     "Shi is now in the eighth day of his detention by the Beijing PSB, without being allowed to see his family or a lawyer to represent him. In violation of Chinese law, no formal charges or arrest warrant have been issued.... This is another case of religious persecution in the 2008 Summer Olympics host city Beijing in the name of so-called illegal publication. The family is concerned that he may be quite ill. As a diabetic, going without his medicine for several days, Shi may already be facing the danger of diabetic shock." See Persecution

270 House Church Pastors Detained For Alleged Illegal Religious Gathering: "On December 7 at 1:30pm, House Church pastors in Hedeng District, Linyi City, were gathered for a Bible Study, when their meeting was disrupted by police officials. According to Pastor Li, an eyewitness, 12 police cars and 40-50 policemen from 12 different towns were involved in the massive detention. The pastors were handcuffed two-by-two and taken to the local police station." See Brainwashing & "Education Reform"


November 2007


Company in China Forced to Shutdown by Chinese Authorities over Religious Activities: "The two owners of the Enoch Group, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Eliza Ng, were even put under house arrest.... High level government sources told China Aid that some of the central government leaders were upset that the Enoch Group has hired a large number of Chinese Christians. The Chinese leaders suspect that the Enoch Group uses its company culture, 'love, peace, joy and faithfulness,' to promote Christianity.

     "...the rather harsh tactic made against Enoch Group is to send a strong warning signal to other foreign businesses in China owned by Christians.... Since their assets were frozen, Rev. and Mrs. Ng need to raise fund to cover legal defense and living expenses.... 'This is clearly a case of religious persecution under the guise of trumpeted charges.'" See China


October 2007


Prominent House Church Leader Repeatedly Beaten by Police [China]: "On October 11, prominent house church leader, Hua Huiqi, was repeatedly attacked and beaten by police at his home....'Hua was reading his Bible at his home despite police surrounding his house. He was sent to Beijing Tiantan Hospital, because he lost consciousness after repeated beatings from the police.' ... Pastor Hua’s 77-year-old mother, Shuang Shuying, remains very ill in prison, serving a two-year sentence. VOM contacts say she is being held hostage by police in order to put pressure on Pastor Hua to reveal names and information of believers. Pray for Hua’s speedy recovery and for God to minister and encourage him while he is in the hospital. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict his attackers and draw them into the knowledge of Jesus Christ." See Persecution


"Concentration camps hold a million people? "...the number of North Koreans locked up in dozens of concentration camps could number more than a million, but few survive in an atmosphere reminiscent of Hitler's death camps.... North Korea has built eight punishment camps for political prisoners and another 30 camps for other offenders who are subjected to forced labor. ...most North Koreans believe the leaders are gods because that is how they are portrayed throughout society....

      "North Korea has built eight punishment camps for political prisoners and another 30 camps for other offenders who are subjected to forced labor.... 'It's possible that the number of prisoners are well over one million,' he said. 'The camps are complete villages."  


Testimony of God’s Faithfulness and Protection During Attacks in Myanmar: “...I knew in my heart that I must throw out the image of Buddha, which I had previously worshipped every day. Without speaking to my wife, I took the image and threw it into a small river.... When my wife woke up and was preparing an offering to the image of Buddha, it was gone! She was very upset asking, ‘What is happening here? Where are the gods?’ I told her I had thrown them away. My wife was very angry, crying and shouting and went to the local authorities to report the matter. Immediately they came to my home.... Thank God, the Lord Jesus gave me strength to face... and answer my accusers.” See His strength in my weakness


Burma 'orders Christians to be wiped out': "The military regime in Burma is intent on wiping out Christianity in the country, according to claims in a secret document believed to have been leaked from a government ministry. Entitled 'Programme to destroy the Christian religion in Burma', the incendiary memo contains point by point instructions on how to drive Christians out of the state. The text, which opens with the line 'There shall be no home where the Christian religion is practised', calls for anyone caught evangelising to be imprisoned. It advises: 'The Christian religion is very gentle – identify and utilise its weakness.' Its discovery follows widespread reports of religious persecution, with churches burnt to the ground, Christians forced to convert to the state religion, Buddhism, and their children barred from school." See Suffering with Jesus


September 2007


Christian Tortured to Death in Eritrea: "On September 5, Eritrean authorities tortured to death 33-year-old Nigsti Haile for refusing to recant her Christian faith while being held at the Wi’a Military Training Center. Haile is the fourth Christian killed in Eritrea in less than a year. ... 'She was one of 10 single Christian women arrested at a church gathering in Keren. They have spent 18 months under severe pressure. Haile was killed for refusing to sign a letter recanting her faith.'

     "In May of 2002, government officials called in the leaders of all evangelical churches in Eritrea and told them they would not be permitted to hold further public services. Only the 'historic religions' of Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and Islam have been allowed to hold public worship since that time." See Persecution


Church Leaders Imprisoned, Believers Beaten in Western Ethiopia: "On September 11, an underground church leader, Jemmal Sembeto (35), was imprisoned and several other believers were beaten and tortured in an attempt to force them to expose other church leaders involved in underground ministry. On September 16, evangelist Mulu Tilahun (22) was also imprisoned. ... Pray that, like Paul, these imprisonments will result in the advancement of God's kingdom (Philippians 1:12-14). Pray that Christians facing violence and pressure from militants will not give in to fear but trust God." See They Gave Him Their Lives


Korean Hostages Told Convert to Islam or Die: "On September 12, South Korean Christian aid workers held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan for six weeks, reported being beaten and ordered at gun point to convert to Islam. ...the former hostages told a press conference they were made to work like slaves while in captivity....

    "'The most difficult moment, when I had a big fear of death, was when the Taliban shot a video. All 23 of us leaned against a wall and armed Taliban aimed their guns at us, and a pit was before me. They said they will save us if we believe in Islam. I almost fainted at the time and I still cannot look at cameras.'

    "Recalling how Pastor Bae Hyung-kyu was led away to his death, the BBC said Han Ji-young, in tears, added, 'Bae didn't even look at us when he was leaving the room. He only said, 'Overcome with faith.'" See Suffering and Prayer


China: Nationwide campaign against uncontrolled religious activities: "Sister Kong Lingrong and several young Christians between the ages of 10 to 15 were reading the Bible and praying in the house when Li Zhizhong [head of 2nd Agricultural Division of Xinjiang]... and Jiang Wei, member of the security staff... came in and said this was an illegal gathering and that children are not allowed to believe in Jesus....

      "They also ordered her to write a statement of self-criticism and self-examination on this matter.... Wu Zhilu, deputy political commissar... stopped electricity and water services to Sister Kong Lingrong’s house. It was reported in that night’s news program on the company’s TV channel [as a warning to others]....

     "[T]hey will stop the water and electricity services to the brothers and sisters who have contact with her.”  See When Iron Gates Yield


August 2007


Prisoner Tortured to Death in Eritrea: "An imprisoned Christian woman, Nigsti Haile (33), was tortured to death by Eritrean authorities in the Wi'a Military Training center in Massawa on September 5 for refusing to sign a letter recanting her faith.... Haile, an active member of the Rhema church, was one of ten Christian women arrested at a church gathering in Keren eighteen months ago and who have been under severe pressure to deny Christ.

      "Ask God to comfort those who mourn for Nigsti. Pray that God will embolden Eritrean Christians to follow in her example of faithfulness at all cost (1 Corinthians 4:9-14, 16). Pray for the safety of the 2000 Christian believers still being detained in Eritrea without legal counsel or trial." See Prayer


Indian Women Beaten by Neighbours for Evangelization: "August 14, Uma Jasmine (38) was beaten by the next-door neighbours of a local family that she had been witnessing to for the past few months in Bangalore. The neighbours saw that the wife of this family had started to pray and read the Bible and were angry at Jasmine for sharing her faith. When Jasmine and her seventeen year old daughter went to visit the wife, the neighbours severely beat them. Jasmine is currently suffering from breast cancer and her heath has worsened as a result of her injuries.

     "Thank the Lord for Uma's boldness in proclaiming His Word in an environment of opposition. Pray that her faithfulness will be a light that draws her persecutors to Christ (Matthew 5:14-16).


July 2007


South Korea turns against 'arrogant' Christian hostages: "The kidnap of South Korean church volunteers by the Taliban has caused deep divisions back home, forcing into the open a dark truth: many Koreans resent Christians.... After they were taken hostage, the church's online bulletin board was deluged with negative statements. Many called the missionaries 'arrogant' for trying to proselytise in a Muslim country gripped by conflict. When the group's pastor, Bae Hyung-ku, was killed last week, the hostile messages increased....

     "'Yes, let's pray for the hostages' safe return, only to see these missionaries kneel down and apologise to the people for the Protestants' arrogance,' wrote a man who described himself as a 'humanist teacher.'...

     "Korea was a Buddhist country 120 years ago, with only a few thousand Christians, mostly Catholics, who faced intense persecution. By the 1960s, Korea had about a million Christians, but their numbers exploded in the decades that followed. Christians now make up 31 per cent of South Korea's population." See Persecution and  Prayer


CHINA: Authorities crack down on rights ahead of Beijing olympics: "Christians throughout China fear tough restrictions on their freedom to worship in the coming year following the launch of a government crackdown ahead of August 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Christians across China are reporting a shortage of Bibles.... There are reports of ongoing house church raids and arrests, and an unprecedented number of foreign Christians have been expelled from China in recent months.

      "The crackdown comes in the wake of several important developments in recent years. These include... the release of the DVD series 'The Cross,' which stressed the growth and commitment of the house church movement in China; and... research presented at a government meeting in January revealed that the number of Christians in China may have reached 130 million....

     "An 'anti-infiltration' campaign code-named 'Typhoon No. 5' was launched that month with the goal of drastically reducing contact between foreign Christians and Chinese believers. For years local authorities had turned a blind eye to foreign Christians working in universities, hospitals, orphanages and business ventures throughout China. Now, however, it seems the government is prepared to revoke visas for any foreign Christian suspected of sharing their faith with Chinese citizens."

In China, millions long for Bibles and religious freedom, while Americans seek entertainment rather than the true gospel.


CHINA: House-Church Leaders Detained in Shangdong and Shaanxi Provinces: "The other two detained pastors, pastor Zhou Jieming and pastor Niu Wenbin were accused as 'suspects of using evil cult to obstruct of the enforcement of the law' and put in criminal detention.... The PSB officers told the family members... that 'any religious activities without permission from the government Religious Affairs Bureau is regarded as evil cult activities.' Church leaders fear that these two detained pastors could face up to three years re-education through labor sentence." See Prayer and When Iron Gates Yield


Christian persecution in Iraq getting worse: "[Pastor] White says he was given some disturbing news at a congregational meeting this month. '...36 of my congregation in that past week had been kidnapped. None of them have been returned.'.... Christians in Iraq are facing severe persecution from Islamic radicals.... 'They have been, as we heard earlier, kidnapped, killed, tortured, massacred.'" See Suffering with Jesus


LIBYA: At least 500 Eritreans have been rounded up for forcible return: "...any Eritrean nationals deported would be at particular risk of torture and other serious human rights violations. At least 500 Eritrean nationals are reportedly detained in Libya.... The treatment has reportedly included beatings with iron rods, death threats and, in several cases, sexual abuse of women detainees."

Children arrested in dawn raid on Christians in Eritrea: "At least twenty Christians were arrested by Eritrean security forces on the morning of Sunday, May 27. Among those detained were young children. The raid... is a continuation of the extensive government crackdown on Christian activity....during the recent raid security forces expected to find Christians participating in a prayer meeting. However, when they failed to uncover such activity, they decided to detain everyone in the home they had raided as well as other people in the surrounding neighborhood." See Persecution

50 protest at Eritrean Embassy over detention of Christians: "There are currently around 2,000 Christians imprisoned without charge or trial for their faith in Eritrea. Many of these prisoners have faced severe mistreatment, including being held in solitary confinement in metal shipping containers in the desert." See Prayer


American Teens Find Persecution In Vietnam: "'The president of Vietnam calls evangelical Christians law-breakers and says they should be punished.... But the reality is these are simply Christians who want the freedom to worship God according to their conscience. They love their country; they pray for their government leaders. These aren’t trouble-makers or rebels, yet they are arrested, beaten and imprisoned. We’ve received a list of more than 100 Christians currently held in Vietnamese prisons.'"

June 2007

India - How far is Jaipur from Malatya? "In modern, progressive, secular Turkey, anti-Christian hatred has been whipped up by Islamist and nationalist forces and cultivated and perpetuated in the media, often by men and women of influence seeking political mileage....  Modern, progressive, secular India, which is treading virtually the exact same path, is only a step away from having its own 'Malatya' experience (that is: an act of hate-fueled anti-Christian violence so disgusting and horrific it sends shockwaves through the nation)." See They Gave Him Their Lives

Christians beaten, accused of forcible conversion in India: "...fifty militants stormed into Pastor Narayana's home and threatened him with violence if he did not leave the area. Shortly thereafter, 100 more militants arrived and assaulted Narayana in front of his wife and two small children. One of the attackers doused Pastor Narayana with kerosene and attempted to set him on fire with a burning Bible. The militants then stripped Narayana naked, hung a sign around his neck that said, 'I am the one who converts people' and paraded him through the city streets while over 1,000 Hindus joined in harassing him. He is currently in hospital...." See Prayer

Muslim Extremists Stormed Church in Indonesia: "Muslim extremists vandalized a church in Indonesia during services... and demanding that it be closed down. Dozens of churches have had to be closed in the Muslim-majority country in recent years, and Sunday's attack was the second on the small Protestant church in the West Java town...."

May 2007


A Powerful Witness in the funeral of the Turkish Martyrs: "They had been tortured, stabbed repeatedly, and bound with their throats slit. Sadly, it was at the hands of five trusted young men, who had claimed to be seekers of our LORD.... Yet, what appeared to be a victory for the enemy has since resulted in the most OPEN DECLARATION of the GOSPEL this nation has seen since the Apostle Paul! Therefore, we rejoice that not one drop of blood shed by these dear saints has fallen to the ground in vain....

     "As the body was carried into the courtyard, high upon the shoulders of our Turkish brothers, spontaneous applause burst forth!...Then everyone joined together in the singing of Turkish praise songs. However, what followed nearly took our breath away! Approximately ten Turkish leaders proclaimed openly the GOSPEL in front of television cameras, newspaper reporters, police officials... FEARLESSLY, yet with gentle strength, each shared his faith in CHRIST, and HIS FORGIVENESS of those who had committed the heinous murders! Additionally, they shared that CHRIST had won the VICTORY, and at this very hour the martyrs were standing before the very throne of GOD!

      "Several mentioned that the lives of these men were perhaps the seeds that must be planted in order for a harvest to come forth. One pastor passionately exclaimed.... You may kill us all, but we will spread this message, because we love you and because Jesus loves you!...

      " an unplanned moment, Necati's wife asked if she could speak. Amid her tears she spoke of her forgiveness of the very men who had tortured and killed her precious husband, and the father of her children! In an emotion filled voice, she asserted: I know my Necati was praying for them, even while he was being tortured.... I loved my husband very, very much -- but, I love my Jesus even more. And that is how I can face tomorrow. Again thunderous applause burst forth!" See They Gave Him Their Lives


Iraq and Gaza: facing Al Qaeda: "The remnant Christians of Iraq and Gaza have survived war and civil strife but they may not survive al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is not interested in nationalism: its goal is total religious cleansing and complete Islamisation. ...

      "Security specialists warned years ago that al Qaeda had infiltrated Gaza. Though denied by Arafat there is little doubt about it now.... In early March 2007 Islamist Hamas entered into a government of national unity with Fatah and agreed to 'respect' international agreements. Al Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri responded by slamming Hamas, accusing it of falling 'into the swamp of surrender' by abandoning its ideology and 'selling out' to Israel.... They have assassinated three Hamas leaders and are targeting everything they deem 'un-Islamic'.

      "Please pray... that God our Father, who watches over all his children and hears their cry, will work miracles to protect them; covering them so they are not seen, expediting their escape from danger... enabling them to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus."


Girl Raped by Muslims in Pakistan: "A 12-year-old Christian girl, Shaheena Masih, was kidnapped and raped by four Muslim men on Easter Day.... Shaheena stayed home from an Easter prayer service... in order to take care of her ailing father. .. On her way to [buy juice for him], she was kidnapped.... The men took her to a factory... where she was repeatedly raped by the four men over the span of two days.... [One said] 'Don't hesitate to rape a Christian girl. Even if she will die, no one will get us. Her poor parents cannot pursue us.' They eventually left Shaheena at a brothel run by a Muslim lady.... Only after pressure did the police register a case against the attackers.... Shaheena's family has been threatened if the case proceeds." Please pray!

April 2007

Missionary Sacrifices All for the Gospel [India]: "'Unless you deny Jesus and come back to our religion, you can never stay in my home again,' Mahabir's father shouted.... Mahabir grew up worshipping many gods. Both of his parents were ardent in their beliefs, and his mother devoted herself completely to the goddess she worshipped. ...

     "Mahabir's friend, Bandhu, was a very poor Dalit, and his family was illiterate. When they found out that Mahabir attended school, they asked him to read the Bible to them each time he visited."

Underground Church Member Beheaded [report from India]: "One of the active members of the SVM (underground) House Church in Kashmir was brutally murdered on the 14th of April in India. Manzoor Ahmad Chat, 33, was beheaded by Hizbul militants.... Manzoor and family were believing Jesus Christ from Islam and attending prayers of the (Underground) House Church. He was leading the prayer section.... On Saturday people of the Pinglena village found the headless body from a nearby paddy field. Also found the head kept in a polythene bag near the mosque.... He seemed to have been brutally tortured and finally slaughtered to death." Please pray for his widow and children.

Massive Arrest of Chinese and American Christian Leaders in Xinjiang [China, 4-19]: "...about 30 major house church leaders were arrested when they met with four American Christians [including a senior and an associate pastor of an US church]. ...the four Americans are still being held in an undisclosed hotel for questioning.... Eight Chinese pastors were released on April 20 and at least 6 others have already received criminal detention papers for 30 days detention for being accused as 'suspects involved in evil cult activities.'...

     "The Chinese government may sentence the six accused pastors to 1-3 years re-education through labor because they were previously detained for one month for organizing house church activities a couple of years ago. Eyewitnesses told CAA that at least two of the arrested were seen with bleeding noses and bruises on their faces because of torture in the interrogation site." See Brainwashing and Education Reform


Authorities Continue to Arrest and Torture House Church [Vietnamese] Christians: "...on 5 April, a Degar [Montagnard] Christian named Siu Eng... was arrested in his home.... 'The reason for his arrest was that he's a layman of a house church at his village who refused to join the official government recognized church.' ...the security police took him to the police station at Ia Grai district and beat him mercilessly using karate techniques, punching and kicking him over his body until he became unconscious....  [Another Christian] Rmah Hlip (age 37)... was summoned by the security police.... [They] told him that he must follow the religion of Siu Kim or Rcom Boi or he will be severely punished. 'Rmah Hlip refused.... He was beaten on his face, his abdominal parts and kicked all over until he was unconscious."


Bloodbath in Turkey: Widow Forgives Murderers: "Susanne Geske, widow of the massacred Christian worker Tilmann Geske... quoted Christıs words on the cross: 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.' Three evangelical Christians were brutally murdered, April 18, in Malatya in South East Turkey, where 45-year old Tilmann Geske worked as an interpreter in the Christian Publishing House Zirve. Two other Turkish Christians - Necati Aydin (35) and Ugur Yuksel (32) - were also found tied up and their throats slit. According to Turkish press reports the victims were brutally tortured. Geskeıs body showed 156 knife wounds. Yukselıs genitals and fingers were slashed....

      "Susanne Geske... is hopeful that the aftermath of the murders will signal a new beginning for the relations between Christians and Muslims in Turkey. Many Muslims had shown their outrage about the murders and expressed their condolences." See Suffering with Jesus


Five Christians Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan: "Ghafar [a Muslim neighbor] claimed that Salamat and Bao Masih snatched a sticker with Muhammad's face on it out of his nephew's pocket and stomped on it. He also claimed that the five Christians forcibly entered his house, armed with a pistol and wooden rods, and shouted remarks against Muhammed.... Local Christians say that Ghafar's report was entirely fabricated and that the true source of the conflict was an argument between Salamat Masih's 11-year-old son, Daniel and some of his Muslim playmates. The Muslim children reportedly beat Daniel when he refused to play with them. This sparked a heated confrontation between Daniel's mother and one of the Muslim families. Offended, the family reported a false case with local police....

      "When local Muslims heard of the accusations of blasphemy, they attacked the Christian Colony, a Christian neighbourhood, stoning houses and injuring a number of believers.... Pray...."

March 2007

Uzbekistan: A new wave of serious persecution may be just begining: "Uzbekistan's President Karimov has been watching as post-Soviet states have turned West-ward and embraced democracy and liberty....Karimov is keen to hold on to power and so he is quick to repress anything that could threaten the status quo, including threatening non-traditional religions. Radical Islam (largely foreign influenced) is clearly a serious threat to Central Asia. However, because Protestant Christianity is perceived as being essentially Western, anti-corruption and pro-democracy, Karimov regards it as equally threatening. While Karimov's repression and violence have hurt the Church, they have enabled the Islamist revolutionary and militant groups that feed off social anger to grow....

      "In November 2006, after two years of escalating religious repression, the US State Department added Uzbekistan to its list of Countries of Particular Concern (CPC). On 9 March 2007 Uzbekistan sentenced one of its leading registered Protestant pastors to four years in a penal colony after a sham trial. Clearly Uzbekistan doesn't care about the US or CPC status any more....

     "In May 2005, the West was in the midst of a 'War on Terror' and Uzbekistan, a key ally in the War on Terror, was struggling with serious issues regarding Islamic revolutionary.... Months later, in July 20 05, President Karimov officially evicted the US military base from Uzbekistan. ...the Islamists are emboldened by the fact that the West is more interested in the prison conditions and civil liberties of radical Islamists... than in the terror they inflict...." Pray for Christians in Uzbekistan


Vietnam's crackdown creates watershed: "The Vietnam government's crackdown against human rights and democracy advocates (many of whom are Christians....) is not hidden nor is it subtle.... Through a wave of harassments, arrests and criminal charges against human rights and democracy advocates engaged in peaceful and perfectly legal activities, Vietnam is openly showing its hand and waiting to see if anyone will challenge, or if everyone will fold.... Congressman Smith told a press conference, 'I have been to Vietnam and met with Father Ly, Nguyen Van Dai and over 60 other dissidents. These are smart, talented and kind people.... They harbor no malice toward the government.... Their arrests cannot and should not stand.... If the US State Department does not respond... then the US State Department will be giving tacit endorsement to a false and unsustainable dichotomy.... This would seriously undermine everything the US administration has been working towards over the past decade with regards to promotion of religious liberty in the world." See Persecution


Missionary attacked in Kashmir [from a pastor in India]: "Kindly continue praying for Pastor Ashir, Tahira and their four-month-old-baby. They are seriously in death threat.Pastor Ashir was attacked on 6th by some masked people by steel pipes and wooden sticks. He became unconscious and fallen down. The attackers thought he has died, so they left him on the street. But some of the local people, including a believer found him lie-down on the street with some groaning sound and admitted him to the hospital. There he has undergone an immediate surgery.

     "But, yesterday he was forced to discharge from the hospital, because Muslim extremists threatened the hospital authorities that they would kill Pastor Ashir and family at the hospital.... Ashir doesn't want to leave the mission field and the believers in Kashmir. His mental pain and burden for souls is soooooo higher than physical pain." See Suffering and victory


India. Militants Attack GFA Bible College: "About 500 anti-Christian radicals attacked a Gospel for Asia Bible college in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.... Five students and the women's dorm director were seriously injured. All have been hospitalized, and one student is in critical condition.... 'Please pray that this will become an opportunity for us to share the love of Jesus to the people who are persecuting us,' one GFA leader from Orissa requests.

     "The attackers have been identified as members of the Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a Hindu militant group.... Orissa has a history of violence against Christians. ... Two other Christians—a pastor and a layperson—were stabbed to death earlier this month.... In spite of the Indian constitution's provision for freedom of religion, the state of Orissa... has an anti-conversion law aimed specifically at Christians. Citizens must report to the government if they become Christians and then petition for permission to be baptized." See Persecution

February 2007

3rd Reich homeschool prohibition defended Consul: "Homeschooling creates 'parallel societies' that must be stamped out, according to the German government's defense of its 3rd Reich homeschooling prohibition being used now to justify the imprisonment of a 15-year-old student, Melissa Busekros, whose case is being taken to appeal.... Wolfgang Drautz, consul general of the Federal Republic of Germany, said that 'the public has a legitimate interest in countering the rise of parallel societies that are based on religion or motivated by different world views.... If we are to achieve integration, not only must the majority of the population prevent the ostracization of religious minorities or minorities with different world views, but minorities must also remain open and engage in dialogue with those who think differently or share different beliefs.'...

      "Members of the German homeschool community previously have taken their battle for the right to teach their children Christian basics to the Human Rights Court for the European Union.... The international court said schools represent society and 'it was in the children's interest to become part of that society.'

       "...a lawyer for the Busekros family currently is working towards a deadline in a week on an appeal of an earlier court opinion that ordered the government to keep custody of the schoolgirl." A warning: Adapting the Constitution to a Global Consensus

Faith Endures in Burma for hope is alive in her people: "The Karen, Karenni and Shan people of Burma are despised, persecuted, tortured and displaced.... Using brute force and systematic annihilation strategies, the Burmese military leaders send their soldiers in to destroy village after village, killing and displacing hundreds and thousands of civilians as they go. This merciless war endorses rape, torture, enforced slavery, human sacrifice and landmines. The aim is to keep the displaced people on the run, with no place to settle in safety and no opportunity to rebuild what was lost." See Suffering

Pastor kidnapped, murdered and buried in South Africa: "A Pastor of the Good Soil Christian Church was kidnapped, murdered and buried in a grave by a group of young men on Sunday, the 4th of February..." See Suffering

January 2007

Church Stoned and Damaged in Northern Turkey: "It is the seventh or eight such attack over the past three years. Separately, I am constantly receiving death threats by e-mail,' Mehmet Picaklar told.... The attack came nine days after a Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink, was gunned down outside his office in Istanbul on 19th January, provoking widespread condemnation....

     "The Salem Voice Ministries requests prayers for missionaries, converted Christians from Islam and all other Christians in Turkey and all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia to be sealed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ as the protection of God." See Persecution

Homes of Christians Burned, Christian Man Killed [Ethiopia]: "...the homes of three Christian families were burned by Muslims.... 10 Christian youths have been living in a church building in Begge three months after fleeing from their homes. They were chased from their homes after their families threatened to execute them for converting from Islam See Prayer

Rehabilitation Center for the Persecuted Christians : " the last 100 years more Christians have been martyred for their faith than in the past 1900 years - combined. And the persecution of Christians is getting worse; far worse.... Christians face growing persecution in Indonesia, India, Burma, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, and many other countries. Tragically, in most cases, the persecution of Christians is seldom, if ever, reported by the mainstream media."


There shall be no home where the Christian religion is practised': "A shocking new report about a range of tactics used by the military regime in Burma to suppress Christianity is about to be released... Called "Carrying the Cross: The military regime's campaign of restriction, discrimination and persecution against Christians in Burma' it cites a document, allegedly from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which has been widely circulated in Rangoon with the headline 'Programme to destroy the Christian religion in Burma.'

     "...the report claims that Burma's regime is 'shaped by a fascist mentality with echoes of Hitler and the Nazis,' found in the junta's hostility towards ethnic and religious minorities. Citizens who do not conform to the regime's version of Burman Buddhist nationalism... face 'potentially serious consequences.'"


Horror in India: harvesting Dalit childrens' organs: "Organ trafficking or sexual abuse may account for the disappearance of 38 children from Nithari village near Noida, 25km from Delhi.... Remains of 17 of them were found at the beginning of the year. The owner of the house where the victims were buried, Moninder Singh, and his domestic, Surender, were arrested and have confessed but this has not stopped the tragedy from taking on strong political overtones.

     "...a special envoy of the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh... had described the murders as a 'small and routine incidents' after visiting Nithari.... The All India Christian Council believes such an attitude could only be explained by the fact that the victims came from poor or Dalit families." Persecution


Christians arrested... in Vietnam: "...the police stormed the church building and demanded that the prayer meeting be halted. ... Pastor Quang's mother-in-law and his 12-year-old son, Huy, were among those who were arrested. Also arrested were a child named Truc (12) and a pregnant woman named Thuong. While detained, some of the women were reportedly grabbed by their hair and some of the Christians were hit and slapped. Huy and Truc were taken into a separate room where they were screamed at and threatened.... Pastor Quang... has been beaten, arrested and imprisoned for his Christian work....

     "Thank God for the bold faith of Pastor Quang and his congregation. Pray that they will remain faithful.... Pray that Christians in Vietnam will be encouraged to meet together for worship and prayer, in spite of opposition." See Suffering


December 2006

Indonesia. Survivor of Christian girls beheading incident talks: "'All I could do was pray to Jesus for his help,' said 16-year-old Noviana Malewa, who fled the October attack with a gaping head wound.... Noviana, who now lives under police guard in the Christian town of Tentena, described how the girls were taking a short cut to school through jungle and plantations when they ran into at least five masked, black-clad men. Within seconds, three of the teenagers were beheaded..... As Noviana fled bleeding, the assailants collected her friends` heads, put them in black plastic bags and then dumped them in Christian parts of the small town of Poso.... 'They were killed as if they were chickens,' said Hernius Morangki, showing a journalist the spot where his daughter was decapitated."

China. Pastor Buck Is a Rescuer: "It's a job title that applies to a courageous few -- mostly Americans and South Koreans and predominantly Christians -- who operate the underground railroad that ferries North Korean refugees out of China to South Korea.... Mr. Buck... says he has rescued more than 100 refugees and helped support another 1,000 who are still on the run. For this 'crime' -- China's policy is to hunt down and repatriate North Koreans -- he spent 15 months in a Chinese prison. He was released in August....

     "Pastor Buck spent last Christmas in jail. 'My cellmates were criminals,' he says, '12 in all, murderers and rapists.' His diary entry for Dec. 24, 2005, notes that he distributed the chocolates his children had sent him as Christmas gifts to his cellmates." See When Iron Gates Yield


China. House Church Closed in China: "A house church assembly in Tongling City, Anhui Province was closed by the local Religious Affair Bureau (RAB) on November 26, 2006...The church leaders were then told to worship in the local Three-Self Church. The house church, which has approximately 200 members, was founded by Christian Brother Wang Xingquan fifty three years ago. Xingquan's daughter has recently come under pressure. Her work unit has stopped paying her salary and has threatened to fire her unless she joins the Three-Self Church.... Pray that this house church will be reopened. Pray that Chinese Christians will be encouraged to continue to meet together despite opposition." See Prayer


Under attack--Christians fear militant Buddhism: "Amid growing violence in Sri Lanka that Church leaders have likened to the 'killing fields' of Cambodia, Christians in the island are facing increased persecution from Buddhist extremists.... as mob violence becomes an increasingly visible trend in the country....

     "'We looked out and we saw a lot of men who had come and surrounded us,' she told RI. 'They were local Buddhist monks who threatened us and told us to stop our [Christian] activities.' But the threats quickly moved beyond words. 'They forced us to kneel down; ordered us to declare that Buddha is our God and kept beating us. But we refused to say anything. We sat on the ground and kept silent.' ... 'But we have seen that with persecution there is also growth. There are people coming to know Christ. There are Buddhist monks who actually persecuted the church coming to say they are sorry, that they were misled. They realise that even though they have done evil, the Christians have repaid them with good.” See What the Bible tells us about Persecution


NIGERIA: Muslim Riots in Jigawa Displace 5,000 Christians and Burn 18 Churches: "After an Islamic young man made several unsuccessful advances on Jummai, a female Christian, he angrily reacted by calling her a fake Christian who follows a 'useless Jesus.' Jummai responded by telling the boy he followed 'a useless prophet—Muhammad.' Furious, the Muslim boy raised alarm through the town by proclaiming that a Christian lady blasphemed Muhammad. ...

     "While visiting the home of Pastor Adeyinka, rioters ransacked the church compound using knives, sticks, stones and other weapons. Once they poured gallons of gasoline all around, they surrounded the compound, throwing flaming projectiles and rocks inside. While other Christians were able to escape from the attack in time, Aderemi was captured by the Muslim militants. After catching him, they nearly beat him to death, slashing his head with a machete."

November 2006

China Another Christian Leader Arrested and Imprisoned in Xinjiang; Shandong Administrative Penalty revoked – First Successful Christian Case : another Christian was arrested in Xinjiang, which is the 3rd religious persecution event in Xinjiang in the past 2 months.... Tian Maishi, a 53-year-old retired English teacher from Kashi Educational Institute was arrested. A second generation Christian in her family, Sister Tian moved to Uramqi, the capital of the area and engaged in missionary work after retirement. October 18, 2006, sister Tian was taken from her home and jailed in a Kuche detention center on the charges of “illegal evangelism” and “engaging in superstitious fraudulent activities.” Through out the ordeal not one legal procedure was followed nor were any friends or relatives informed of her arrest. See Persecution

Pakistan. Missionary and Believer Murdered; Alleged As Spies: "One more underground missionary of the 'At Any Cost Jesus Mission' in Azad Kashmir -- named Jan Mohamed of 38 years old -- shot dead by the militants in Bajaur district in Pakistan on Tuesday. ... Militants threatened him several times. But he boldly continued the ministry. After Mondays air strike that killed 80 people, militants simply alleged him as a US spy and killed.... Another believer... named Salahudeen (44 years old) also beheaded in North Waziristan district bordering Afganistan. He was an Islamic Scholar, but recently believed in Jesus Christ. His body was found in a drainage with a note that he was a US spy." See Prayer

China. Church building demolished forcefully in Jilin, furniture inside destroyed: "...a house church building in the campus of 'Changchun Agricultural University', Jilin province, was demolished forcibly by the local government... [which] sent 500 policemen and several hundred peasant workers to the site at 4 o’clock in the morning. They drove the people out of the building while they were sleeping.... Though being threatened, attacked, and harassed frequently, the church has always stuck by the principle of not being affiliated with 3-Self church, or registering to the government. They hold the orthodoxy Christian belief, and cherish the biblical truth. Who can imagine that within an hour’s time, the main part of their church building was bulldozed under the pretext of 'urban appearance rearrangement.'" See Preparing for Persecution

October 2006

Assiriyan Christian boy beheaded: "Ayath Taariq was appointed to maintain a generator in a factory by an electrical agency in Baqouba. He was at the beginning of a 12 hour shift in the morning. When he was becoming ready for the work, some of the disguised muslim insurgents came to him and asked his identity card. In his identity card it was recorded that he was a Christian. The insurgents asked him, 'Are you a Christian sinner?' Ayath Taariq replied, 'I am a Christian, saved from sin by Jesus Christ. So I am not a sinner'. The insurgents became angry and shouted at him, 'You dirty christian sinner, you have no chance to live'. Then they caught him by force, telling slogans 'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Valillahil Hamdu' and cut off the head." See Prayer and Persecution


Dead body of the Missionary found in Neelum River: "Two of his children Shalom and Sharon were brutally murdered and the dead bodies were burnt on 1st of September.... Dr. Mehaboob was a Muslim.... He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior while he was studying. He married a Christian girl named Paulin... They would have been killed by his relatives. But they escaped... They started proclaiming the Gospel... and their first boy child was murdered on his 7 years of age....

    "The militants asked Dr. Mehaboob family to stop missionary activities and convert back to Islam... They wanted to utilize his efforts and talents to fight against Christianity. Dr. Mehaboob and family totally refused them and boldly said that Christ is our Savior and we will stand behind His shadow till the last breath of our life.... Around 15 to 20 people kidnapped the boy Shalom on 8th of August." Please pray for His widow Paulin and the youngest daughters (7 and 11 years old) who are still missing. See Prayer


Persecution is Coming to the West: "Under the guise of tolerance, Bible believing Christians of all confessions are subjected to suppressive intolerance, warns a declaration issued at the Ecumenical Confessional Convention in Blankenburg, East Germany. ... Scientists, who believe in God as the creator, were subjected to public defamation. Christians, not willing to compromise their faith, had to face ridicule, intolerance, stigmatization and career obstacles. The declaration refers specifically to the plight of German homeschoolers. Approximately 150 families were subjected to fines or jail, because they refused to send their children to state registered schools and thus broke the German law. ....

     "According to estimates by human rights organizations 200 million Christians suffer discrimination for their faith. Every year 170,000 Christians die a martyrıs death."

Priest Beheaded by Muslim Attackers in Iraq: "A Syrian Orthodox priest was found beheaded and dismembered in Mosul, Iraq on October 11, two days after being kidnapped. Fr. Boulous Iskander was abducted by a group of Muslims.... All of the kidnappers' demands were met. His family managed to raise the full ransom.... [Yet] Fr. Iskander's body was discovered in the remote Tahir city distinct of Mosul. His arms and legs had been severed and arranged around his head, which rested on his chest."

China.  Updates from China: "Prominent Chinese human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, was detained in August by security police and formally arrested on September 21. He has only recently been informed that he is being charged with 'suspicion of inciting subversion of state power.' Police have prevented Gao's lawyer, Mo Shaoping, from visiting because, they claim, the case involves state secrets." See Persecution

Indonesia: Medical Update on Beheading Survivor: "The sole survivor of a radical Muslim attack on four Christian high school girls has successfully undergone medical treatment. When Noviana Malewa and her three friends were walking home from school on October 29, 2005, they were assaulted by a group of jihadists wielding machetes. Three of the girls were decapitated by the assailants, yet Noviana survived a severe slash to her head and neck in an unsuccessful beheading attempt. Today, Noviana still deals with emotional and physical torment from the brutal attack." See Prayer

September 2006

Pastor Forced From Home for Not Bowing to Hindu Gods: "He was forced from his home in the middle of the night as Hindu radicals threw out all of his personal belongings and accused him of converting Hindus to Christianity.... On August 23rd, Johnson, a senior pastor in Dakshina Kannada district, and a local Christian leader, David Chacko, planned to visit the police station in Mundgode to settle the matter. However, police conspired with the Hindu militants and severely attacked the two believers before they left Chacko’s home and dragged them to the police station. After the arrests and harassment, both men were set free." See Persecution

August 2006

Muslim land-grabbers attack Christians: "In an attempted land-grab, Muslim attackers have terrorized a predominantly Christian village in Pakistan’s Punjab province over the past two weeks and demolished its church. Three Christian men were hospitalized with serious hatchet wounds from an initial August 7 attack.... The Muslim aggressors, led by Yaqoob Maher, came from a neighboring village. Another critically injured Christian, Bashir Masih, was abducted and remains missing." See Prayer


China.  Pastor Arrested for Being Attacked: "While Pastor K. K. Jwala was conducting a worship service on August 20th in... India’s Madhya Pradesh state, a group of Hindu radicals stormed his Christian meeting.... Once inside, the attackers mercilessly struck Pastor Jwala and several members of the congregation with hockey sticks. After the brutal beatings took place, Pastor Jwala and a number of his congregants were taken to the police station. Jwala was charged with violating Sections 3 and 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Anti-Conversion Act.... Earlier this month, legislation in Madhya Pradesh passed anti-conversion bills targeting Christians. These so-called 'Freedom of Religion' bills make it mandatory for people to apply for permission to change their religion 30 days before the desired date of conversion."


China.  Six House Church Leaders Formally Arrested... CAA Urges the Release of the Kidnapped China Top Human Rights Christian Attorney Gao Zhisheng: "Gao was kidnapped by a dozen of Chinese security agents at 12 noon on August 15 at his sister’s home in Shandong province.... Since then, Gao’s whereabouts’ is still unknown. Outsiders are not able to contact his family. His wife, two young children are still under house arrest. When visitors came to their home officers of the National Security Bureau (NSB) answered the door....

     “'The formal arrest of the six House church leaders in Zhejiang and arbitrary detention of Mr. Gao will be the litmus test to the whole world as to whether the Chinese government will truly carry out its promise to rule of the law and religious freedom,' said Rev. Bob Fu, President of CAA, 'The house arrest of Mr. Gao’s family members is absolutely illegal. Forcibly entering and occupying private property is completely in violation of the China’s Constitution. Putting two children under house arrest also violates the International Covenant on Children’s Rights.'"

Hindu fundamentalists attack Christian preachers in Rajasthan: "More anti-Christian violence in Rajasthan, where the state government wants to adopt an anti-conversion law over the objections of the local Christian community. A Christian meeting in the village of Koida... was interrupted on Sunday when a group of Hindu militants threatened those in attendance. The attackers beat up the eight Protestant clergymen who had gathered to pray; they also desecrated their copies of the Bible. The men suffered injuries serious enough to require hospital treatment." See Prayer

July 2006

China.  Multiple Police Raids and Detentions in China: "...a group of Christians were returning from Sunday worship in a home in Langzhong, Sichuan Province on June 27, a police car, a van and three motorcycles suddenly blocked their way. Without showing identification, the officers forced eight believers into their vehicle.... Hearing of the detention, several house church leaders went to ask for an explanation. Four of them, Li Ming, Jin Jirong, Wang Yuan and Li Hongbo, were detained. When three local believers went to the Public Security Office to visit them, they found 66-year-old Jin Jirong's feet injured. When they questioned authorities about the apparent abuse, they were arrested on false charges....

      "...a house church in the village of Guo, Zhu Ma Dian City in the Chinese province of Henan was raided by Public Security Bureau officers while they were worshipping on July 19.... Two days later... in Hubei province, six police officers raided a home where forty-three Christians had met for fellowship....

      "Violence against Christians across India in recent days further demonstrates the difficulties facing believers in the most populated democratic nation in the world.... As Christians in India face increasing pressure from militant Hindu organizations who often use anti-conversion laws as leverage to accuse Christians, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has passed new legislation that further tightens their existing anti-conversion legislation. Under the amended legislation, a person wishing to change religion must inform the district magistrate.


Woman Stoned to Death in Nigeria for Street Evangelism: "...the mob threatened to destroy the police station if she was not turned over to them. As police attempted to smuggle her out a back door, their actions were discovered. The police fled and the woman was clubbed and stoned to death."


China.  Prominent Chinese House Church Leader Sentenced: "Zhang is the leader of the underground house church movement, China for Christ, which has more than ten million members. He is accused of obtaining a passport through cheating and 'illegal border crossing' related to speaking trips to various countries around the world. He has previously served a total of twelve years in prison since his conversion to Christianity in 1969."


France: Persecution of Jews in France: "...a car was rammed into a synagogue and set on fire. In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourg and Marseilles; so was a Jewish school in Creteil.... The bus that takes Jewish children to school in Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months.... Paris has seen 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents PER DAY in the past 30 days. Wake up, world! Walls in Jewish neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming 'Jews to the gas chambers' and 'Death to the Jews.'"

       During Hitler's reign, faithful Christians were killed along with Jews. Now, sixty years later, intolerance toward those who refuse to compromise is rising fast. See Preparing for Persecution

June 2006

China.  House Church Leaders...received criminal detention after brutal abuse: "...during both the arrests and interrogations, the Christians were abused inhumanely by constant heavy beatings. Pastor LI Ming, who is one of the seven top national leaders of the House Church Alliance, was observed to have been beaten and kicked by 6 policemen about his head and abdomen during his arrest. CAA also learned that in recent weeks a number of house churches from Beijing, Shangdong and Guangdong were forced to close by the local authorities. 'These illegal arrests and detentions are a very disturbing indication of the deteriorating condition of religious freedom in China.'...”


India: Persecution of Christians on the Rise: "Three in four cases of severe persecution are targeted at Christians.... Christians in India, Indonesia and Pakistan run the highest risk of losing their lives."


China.  Disabled Anhui House Church Pastor Formally Arrested for Printing Bibles and Christian Literature: "Forty-Three-year-old Pastor Wang Zaiqing was accused of illegally printing and distributing Bibles and other Christian literature.... The arrest warrant said Pastor Wang was suspected of 'being involved in illegal business practices.' ... Pastor Wang was crippled at the age of five... He has been printing and distributing Bibles and other Christian literature to fellow believers free of charge to meet the rapid growth of believers.

     "...this is the third such case in which the Chinese government used a criminal business related charge against a house church pastor."

India: Pastor Prem Kumar Found Murdered: "Pastor Prem Kumar (65 years old), a Gospel Preacher in Andhra Pradesh in India, was found murdered with his head smashed amid the hillocks near Rampur.... He used to preach the Gospel at the Conventions, Corner Meetings and Prayer Fellowships of the Salem Voice Ministries. ...attacks on Christians are on the increase."

China.  Multiple Arrests Occurred in Shandong and Jiangsu: "House Church Pastor Liu Yuhua was arrested at 11pm on April 26, 2006 at Shandong Province.... Pastor Liu was accused 'being involved in illegal business practices.' He has been printing and distributing bibles and other Christian literature to fellow believers free of charge to meet the rapid growth of believers.... Pastor Liu’s office was searched without warrant, his bank account seized and cash in the amount of 8600 Yuan ($1100) was confiscated....

      "11 pastors and house church leaders were arrested... [in] Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. Aproximately 60 house church believers were engaged in a bible study at Pastor Cai Zhirong’s house when the raid occurred....

     “'This new wave of arrests is certainly a contradiction to the Chinese government’s commitment to religious freedom,' said Rev. Bob Fu."


India: Christian Family in India Driven Out by Animists (Scroll down to title): "Animists in the village were opposed the presence of Santosh Karmali and his family because they believed that they 'polluted the atmosphere of the village.'... His wife, Shiva Devi was tonsured (shaved) and lime powder was applied to her face. She was then paraded around the village before the villagers chased the couple and their three sons... Santosh's father and mother were among those who drove them from Dubalia.... Pray that Santosh Karmali and his family will find comfort in the fact that their Heavenly Father accepts them as His own, even when everyone else has rejected them (Psalm 27:10). See also 2 Cor 2:14

May 2006


China.  Petition for Medical Parole for pastor Gong: "Rev. Gong Shengliang is the founder and leader of the South China Christian Church.... More than 20 plainclothes policemen were dispatched to arrest Rev. Gong. They rushed forward in a horde and threw him on the ground and beat and kicked him with their fists and feet.... He was treated like a terrorist, with a black bag wrapped around his head and his body bound solid with cords. He was tossed onto a truck.... He was interrogated consecutively by case personnel and not allowed to even close his eyes for 72 hours. He fainted away several times.... He got a high fever and fainted due to inflamed internal injuries.... He had been heavily shackled on both his hands and feet like a death row convict ever since his arrest." See Prayer and Persecution


Controversial Religion Law Passes in Serbia: "According to the new legislation, all but seven officially recognized 'traditional' faiths will lose their legal and tax-exempt status and will have to re-apply for legal recognition. Those stripped of their registered status include the Church of the Nazarene, Baptists and Seventh-Day Adventists, all of whom have all been in the country for over one hundred years."


Partially Built Church Destroyed by Cambodian Villagers (Scroll down to title): "On Friday, April 28, a partially built church building... 30km east of Phnom Penh, Cambodia was destroyed by approximately 300 local Buddhists. Che Saren, chief of the district, told the Associated Press that the Buddhists felt threatened by the visible presence of another religion. Chanting 'Destroy the church,' and 'Long live Buddhism,' the villagers tore down the building and burned the rubble....

     "The Christians did not file complaints with the authorities nor demand restitution.... Pray that the Christians in Boeng Krum Leu will be able to continue worshipping the Lord without further opposition. Pray that the sacrificial attitude of these believers will draw others to Christ."


April 2006


Christian Falsely Accused of Blasphemy Released After Five Years: "Pakistani Christian, Parvez Masih, who was arrested and jailed under false blasphemy charges five years ago in April 2001, was released. After years of inhumane treatment, threats, beatings and trials, the headmaster of a private Christian middle school was found not guilty of violating Law 295C (blaspheming the prophet Mohammed)....

    "The chief accuser in the case, Muhammad Ibraham, challenged another key witness, Muhammad Younas, 'Why did you support the Christian?' to which he replied, 'I only spoke the truth.'”


Damare Garang: "Damare was captured by Islamic soldiers when his Sudanese village was attacked. Only 7 at the time, he was sold as a slave to a Muslim family... [When his owner] found out that Damare had sneaked away to attend a Christian church in the village he became determined to punish this boy. The master found a large board, several rusty spikes and a hammer and dragged Damare out to the edge of his compound. He forced Damare’s legs over the board and drove the long nails through his knees and feet." See Prayer and Persecution


China.  Free Jude Shao: "In April 1998, on returning to China from a trip to the U.S., Mr. Shao was arrested and told by police that they were asked by the local Shanghai tax auditor to 'teach him a lesson' [he refused to pay their bribe]. He was held incommunicado for the next 26 months. In June 1999, a trial was held in the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court, but Mr. Shao was unable to prepare a meaningful defense since he was not allowed to meet an attorney prior to the start of the trial. Neither Mr. Shao nor his attorney was allowed to review the evidence against him....

       "After his conviction... Mr. Shao was able to prepare evidence that demonstrates that his company had paid all the VAT owed and therefore conclusively proves his innocence. ...

       "Eight years in a Chinese prison have taken their toll on Mr. Shao.... In June 2004, Mr. Shao's family filed a petition for medical parole, and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing sent a diplomatic note in support of it.... Still, there has been no response from the Chinese government."


Burma Army Launches New Attacks on Karen Villages: "Burma’s military dictatorship has launched a new wave of attacks against predominantly Christian Karen villages. In Burma this time of year is known locally as the 'killing season' and this year is no exception. During the dry season soldiers can move more easily in the dense jungles of Burma, and this year the military junta has stepped up its genocidal attacks on the Karen, an ethnic minority in Burma."

     Buddhism may be marketed to America as a peaceable religion, but the spirit to whom they pray despises Biblical Christianity. See Dalai Lama Celebrating the Medicine Buddha


Pastor Beaten by Five Muslims Claiming Connection to Al Qaeda (Turkey): they started to whisper amongst themselves about a package they left in the church building. When I heard that, I asked them to come back and take their package; but they refused and said, 'It is a surprise gift from Al Qaeda, and soon you will discover what it is!' Then they quickly moved away....

      "As soon as they saw me making the phone call, they started to run towards me to prevent me from contacting the police. My other brother and I tried to run away, but they caught me and started to beat me. They asked me to deny Jesus and become a Muslim. Thanks to God, and by His grace, my response was, 'Jesus is God,' and they beat me even more... until I was unconscious. ...

     "Please keep praying for all the believers and the churches in Turkey. Pray that the children of our God will be brave, wise and remain faithful."

March 2006


Afghanistan - More Christians arrested in wake of 'apostasy': "Compass has confirmed the arrest of two other Afghan Christians. Another Afghan convert to Christianity was beaten severely outside his home by a group of six men, who finally knocked him unconscious with a hard blow to his temple. He woke up in the hospital two hours later. 'Our brother remains steadfast, despite the ostracism and beatings,' one of his friends said." See Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?


China.  Renowned Christian musician under house arrest in Beijing (Scroll down to title): "One of China’s most talented and popular Christian musicians, 34-year-old Mr. Su Wenxing, has been placed under house arrest in Beijing. For two years, Su has been under the close surveillance of two government security agents, who monitor him around the clock while standing guard at the front door of his apartment. The agents gave Su a formal warning that he could be arrested if he continues to perform his 'provocative [evangelistic] activities' through his Christian-themed music performed for Chinese house churches and audiences worldwide.

     "Born to a well-known ethnic Miao folk singer in Shaoyang of Central China’s Hunan Province, Su has become a prime target of the Chinese government, for fear that his Christian faith and message will continue to be a growing influence in the region." Andy and I met some of his choir members and heard them sing last summer in China. Please see The Cross - Jesus in China

China.  Chinese police detain 36 in raid on bible school: "Chinese police on Wednesday raided a bible school run by an underground Protestant church, detaining 36 people amid a nationwide crackdown on Christians worshipping outside Communist Party control.... About 50 officers armed with electric cattle prods and backed by more than 10 police vehicles surrounded the school in the eastern province of Anhui, according to the Texas-based China Aid Association. Those inside, including students, teachers and leaders of the underground church, were taken away in police vans...."

Riots in Nigeria Kill Dozens: "As Muslims demonstrated against the Mohammed cartoons first published in Denmark, they turned their anger toward local Christians. The demonstrators began destroying shops and homes owned by Christians and burned at least thirty church buildings. Many of those who were killed were beaten to death in the streets of the city. ...The Daily Sun recounted the story of Joseph Tukwa who watched helplessly as six of his children were burnt to ashes."

February 2006


Efforts to promote antagonism against Christianity actually create more interest in it: "In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, there is a growing phenomenon of interest in the Gospel of Jesus.... 'Efforts to suppress and to vilify Christians, for some people, actually produce a reaction that increases their curiosity and their interest. And thankfully, we've heard accounts of people who quietly share, Christians sharing with Muslim neighbors who ask them about their faith and why they believe what they believe." See Persecution


Militant Mob Stones Child to Death In India: "...the attack began when the Hopegivers leaders in charge of the orphanage, the Reverends Mangilal and Gopal, were attacked by a mob wanting to force the Christian tribal Dalit residents (untouchables) to revert back to Hinduism. According to the Bishop, about 100 abandoned children and orphans were in the Hope Home at the time of the attack." See Prayer and Persecution

Homes Burned and Christians Beaten (India): "As Rabindra Mallick, brother of Pastor Kulamani Mallick, was returning from the market in the village of Matiapara in Orissa, India on January 15, he was beaten and abused by local Hindus.... Pray that our brothers and sisters in Matiapara will be able to rejoice in the hope they have in Christ because of the false accusations leveled against them."

January 2006


India Local Government OK's 'Anti-Christian' Weapons Distribution: "The government of India's largest northwestern state, Rajasthan, has withdrawn criminal procedures against most militants of an influential Hindu nationalist organization involved in the massive distribution of tridents, three-sponged spears that have reportedly been used to intimidate the Christian minority." See Symbols


Indonesia: Eight house churches shut down in West Java: "The churches first applied for permits in 1993 but were rejected. Under a ministerial decree issued in 1969, all religious groups must apply for permits – and since neighbors must give their approval before a permit is granted, the decree is a huge obstacle for churches meeting in majority-Muslim communities."


Cuban Churches Face Destruction: "...the repression of the country's house churches appears to be on the rise. In September 2005, the government put forth new directives which required all house churches to be registered. Since then, government oppression appears to be intensifying. ... Please pray that our Cuban brothers and sisters will continue to remain faithful, united in heart and mind, regardless of the government's oppression." Persecution


Bombing Kills Eight at Indonesian Market: "The religious affiliations of the dead were not immediately released. However, the market sold only pig and dog meat, both of which are forbidden under Islam. Few, if any, Muslims would have been in the covered market....

     "Officials had repeatedly warned that militants in Jemaah Islamiyah might stage Christmas and New Year's attacks in Indonesia.... The group wants to establish an Islamic state spanning Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the southern Philippines."


China.  Celebrating Christ’s Birth: A Time of Joy…A Time of Suffering: [Xinjiang, China] "...religious hatred and violence continues to escalate. ... 200 police officers and Religious Affairs Bureau officials drove up in 17 marked vehicles to a gathering of 210 Christians celebrating the birth of Christ.... As 12 of the church leaders were arrested half an hour later, police seized private property of the Christians including a van, a car, a video camera, a piano, 80 Bibles, 230 new towels and all the food for their celebration. After entering the facility with their search warrant, police declared the Christmas service an 'illegal religious gathering.'” See 2 Corinthians 4:7

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