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December 2004

Urgent concern for arrested Christian leader in China: "One of the most prominent Protestant house church leaders in China, Pastor Zhang Rongliang, was arrested on Wednesday, December 1.... 'There is particular concern for Pastor Zhang's welfare and safety, especially as he suffers from serious diabetes, which would affect his ability to withstand the cruelty that can be expected in detention.'...

    "Pastor Zhang is the leader of the China for Christ Church, which is estimated to have about 10 million members.... He has been wanted for many years and has already spent twelve years in prison for his faith, during five separate detentions. There is concern that he may be less able to withstand such conditions in his current state of health.'...

    "Pastor Zhang's arrest comes in the midst of a serious crackdown on the house churches and an increase in the number of arrests...

    “...there is the danger that he could be falsely accused of being the leader of a cult. The Chinese authorities are afraid of large networks and adopt arbitrary classification of groups as cults based upon political objectives rather than doctrinal orthodoxy.”  See 2 Corinthians 4:7


Nigerian Student Murdered in Clash over Evangelism: "Opposition to Christian evangelism in Nigeria has resulted in the murder of Sunday Nache Achi, a fourth-year architectural student.... Abducted from his room by masked assailants dressed in jihad style, Achi was strangled to death...."  Persecution

Vietnamese Christians publish open letter to their government : "...when we carry on our religious activities and worship of God in our homes, we are frequently disturbed by local public security police officers. They write up reports on us, and strictly forbid us to carry on our activities by various decrees. Our Bibles, hymnbooks, equipment for holy communion, tithes and offerings... are often confiscated. In the course of practicing their Christian faith, many believers have been stopped and fined and arrested, beaten up, and publicly mocked before their communities and put into prison." See Persecution in Vietnam


Sister Jiang: "When Sister Jiang Zongxiu went to the market last June 17 in Guizhou Province, China, she thought it would be just another day. Along with her mother-in-law, Jiang went through the marketplace, handing out Christian literature and telling people about Jesus. Even when the police came and took the two women into custody, Jiang did not become discouraged: arrest and suffering are a regular part of the Christian walk in China. Little did the 34-year-old wife and mother know that the next day she would enter eternity, beaten to death while in the custody of Chinese police." See Phil 1:20-21


'Evil teachings' [China]: "CHINA: Religion gets a new name, as the government orders Marxist revival.... The May 27 directive was top secret.... Its purpose: to spread Marxism against 'Western' attempts to destabilize China with religion, or 'evil teachings.' The document came from the Central Committee, one of the highest echelons of the Chinese Communist Party. Its date and contents help to explain why a sudden wave of Christian arrests began in June....

    "'Every local authority has to follow this order,' said Mr. Fu, whose group translated the document and released it on Nov. 17 in Washington.... Now he thinks the directive will turn conditions 'harsher and harsher' for house-church Christians.... Mr. Fu knows harsh treatment firsthand. In 1996 authorities arrested him and his wife for 'illegal evangelism.' They fled to the United States after two months in jail. But he remains well-connected to the house-church movement....

    "While carrying out the latest crackdown with one hand, China has ladled on the public-relations gloss with the other. In late October, five months after issuing the orders to spread Marxism, the government said it would allow religious groups more freedom to practice and limit officials' powers." For more details, see the next link:


Chinese Communist Party Secret Document on Atheism and Religious Persecution: "This document, entitled 'Notice on Further Strengthening Marxist Atheism Research, Propaganda and Education' dated May 27, 2004, is a notice... issued jointly by the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Office of the Central Steering Committee on Spiritual Civilization Construction, the Communist Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC and Ministry of Education....       

      "This secret notice is issued in order to 'further boost Marxist atheism research, propaganda, and education.' It reflects a new assessment from the top Party leaders in light of 'the new situation to target... various pseudo-sciences and superstitions, and the new trend toward Western hostile forces’ attempting to ‘westernize’ and ‘disintegrate’ China in the name of religion'....

      "It calls for the government to keep a tight hold on all national education, media communications, research on social sciences, spiritual civilization construction activities of the people, the trainings conducted by the Communist Party School....' Particular attention shall be centered on the Party cadres and juveniles so that '…superstition are opposed, and evil teachings and heterodox are boycotted.' It specifically demands the Communist Party School and administrative institutions... 'increase the proportion of Marxist atheism propaganda and education targeting local leaders.'...
     "It calls to all the broadcasting, TV, newspapers, and magazines and asks them to develop their respective advantages to earnestly publicize Marxist atheism. instructs the key websites to strengthen their 'management over online comments and make the internet a new tool to conduct Marxist atheism propaganda and education.” It strongly asks all the media and government officials to 'firmly ban all illegal publications which disseminate superstitions and evil teachings.' This policy seems to be a direct reference regarding the recent campaign on closing websites, arresting individuals and banning publications with dissident voices."
See Brainwashing and "Education Reform"


Prominent Beijing house church leader faces harsh sentence: "Pastor Cai Zhuohua, the leading minister to six house churches in Beijing, will be formally tried in a Beijing court any day now.... Cai was waiting at a bus stop [following a Bible study session] when three strong men approached him and pushed him into a white van.

    "...this case has been handled directly by the Department of State Security.... VOM also learned that the central government has labeled this case the 'most serious case on overseas religious infiltration since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.' Authorities were apparently shocked when they found around 200,000 copies of the Bible and other Christian literature in a storage room managed by pastor Cai.

     "In China, only one publisher, affiliated with the officially-sanctioned Three-Self Patriotic Movement, is allowed to print Bibles and other Christian literature each year, and the numbers of these items are severely limited....

     "...this case is part of a broader national campaign that began this past June against the underground church and so-called 'illegal' religious publications.... the authorities are considering convicting pastor Cai and his wife, along with the other two relatives, on criminal charges such as tax evasion or illegal business management rather than on illegal religion charges." Prayer and Persecution


China's Christians suffer for their faith: "'They hung me up across an iron gate, then they yanked open the gate and my whole body lifted until my chest nearly split in two. I hung like that for four hours.' That is how Peter Xu Yongze, the founder of one of the largest religious movements in China, described his treatment during one of five jail sentences on account of his belief in Christianity....

     "'The Communists feel threatened by any popular ideology which is different from their own,' he said. China's Christian population - especially those who refuse to worship in the tightly regulated state-registered churches - is seen as one such threat. According to Mr Wong, the number of Christians in China has continued to rise, exacerbating this perceived threat and causing the authorities to clamp down still further on unregistered churches." See John 15:20-21 and the next link:

China - 'Change’ announced in religious policies: "Ji Wenyuan, deputy director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs, said China’s unique needs must be assessed first, and social stability and harmony must be the basis for any new laws. Ji’s cautious admonition of 'change, but not yet' was borne out by a wave of arrests and raids carried out on Christian property in recent months. One ministry reported a sharp increase in persecution throughout September and October, with a large number of arrests."


A Protestant minister who converted from Islam risks the death penalty for apostasy: "Hamid Pourmand is a Protestant minister of the Assemblies of God Church. He converted from Islam several years ago. Since September he has been held in prison at an undisclosed location and under Iranian law he can be put to death for 'apostasy against Islam'." Romans 8:26-27


Christians murdered in North Korea: "North Korean Protestants are said to be 'very, very strong believers,' resisting material inducements in prison to recant their faith, but when they stubbornly refuse to recant they are then shot. The state is said to be watching the increase in contacts between North Korea and the rest of the world 'very carefully'....

     "Protestant sources maintained that the main objection to Christianity is its incompatibility with state ideology, which demands sole faith -- of a markedly religious nature -- in the communist leadership, which is officially still headed by 'Eternal President' Kim Il Sung, despite his death in 1994." Philippians 1:20-21


Blasts rock 5 Christian churches in Iraq: "Thousands of Christians have fled Iraq since the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein. The church bombings, while claiming no casualties, appeared calculated to intimidate the remaining believers, estimated to number about 800,000." Chronology of Conquests in the Name of Allah


Christian Convert Doctor Killed by Suspected Militants: "A Bangladeshi Christian doctor who converted from Islam 15 years ago has been killed by men local media described as militants. ... The daily mentioned that local people cited the manner in which Mondol was slain -- his throat was slit -- as consistent with the way the 'warriors' operate." Please pray for peace and protection for the faithful Christian converts is Islamic lands. See Romans 8:26-27


Chinese Christian killed after allegedly refusing to give in to extortion demand: "...officials reportedly chained [Kaihuo Huang's] hands and feet for 26 hours and ordered him to pay a 6000 renmenbi – RMB – ( about $700) fine on behalf of his church. 'We thought that religious freedom is clearly stated in our 'constitution,' [his daughter] said. ...

      "Shixiong Li, founder of the Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China, or CIPRC (, wrote 'This is the real ‘religious freedom' that tens of millions house church Christians are facing under the ‘protection' from the public state ‘constitution' and the suppression from the secret ‘practicing policies. ... The mass people have no place to appeal. ... The plight the Chinese believers have been suffering is much more injustice than the ‘injustice' in the TV dramas showing the dark time in China history." See 2 Corinthians 4:7


Canadians Face Challenges in Values: "The Royal Bank of Canada began a new program to 'highlight the importance of sexual preference as one of RBC's primary diversity elements.'  ...RBC employees are encouraged to put a multi-colored triangle on their cubicle, demonstrating that this is a 'Safe Space' for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered co-workers. ...

     "In Manitoba, marriage commissioners received a letter from the director of vital statistics for the province telling them they would be expected to marry gay and lesbian couples or they are to resign. At least two have done so. ...

     "In the face of increasing pressure by gay activists to silence the voice of Bible-believing Christians, we believe that it is critically important that church leaders and teachers understand and educate others on the biblical teachings concerning homosexuality. Sadly, the Church in Canada has been largely silent on an issue that is being used to curtail our religious freedoms." Only our sovereign God can preserve our Christian freedom in the face of the growing obstacles." See Prayer and Ban truth - Reap Tyranny  The same trends are changing values in other parts of the world. But churches that emphasize dialogue and inclusiveness are more acceptable.


Christians in China Appeal Labor Camp Punishment. "The relatives of three Christians being held in labor camps in mainland China have appealed to local authorities for an explanation of their crimes. A letter of appeal was also received by Christians in Hong Kong, detailing the arrests of the three men, who were sentenced to 're-education through labor' camps without trial.... China has rejected charges of religious repression published in last week’s report of the United States Commission on Religious Freedom." 2 Cor 4:7


Iran arrests 80 evangelicals: "Iranian police invaded the annual conference of Iran’s Assemblies of God and arrested at least 80 church leaders at the church’s denominational center near Tehran as part of the worst crack down on evangelical believers in a decade.... Although most of the evangelical leaders were released, ten male pastors were still in custody, and their where whereabouts are unknown to their families, who have not been allowed to contact them." Mark 13:10-12


China - Officials tighten control over Christianity. "Evidence is emerging of a renewed crackdown on 'illegal religious activities' in China.... Several government meetings held this year have encouraged provincial leaders to step up their efforts to control house church movements, leading to a wave of mass arrests in June, July and August.... Partly in reaction to a controversial book and DVD documentary released earlier this year, the government has also downplayed the growth of the church in China." See He is Lord!


GFA missionaries held hostage in India to be killed within 48 Hours: "Anti-Christian elements in Bihar have captured, severely beaten and are threatening to kill GFA native missionary Pastor Manrathan and his wife.... An anti-Christian mob from six villages holds the Gospel workers tied to a sacred tree, demanding 25,000 rupees as a ransom for desecrating their village with the Gospel. If the exorbitant amount is not received within 48 hours, they plan to kill the missionaries as a sacrifice to their deities. There are no police in the isolated area to intervene....

     "The anti-Christian group spearheading the incident is the same one that burned missionary Graham Staines and his two children alive in Orissa several years ago." Romans 8:26-27


Distress, Harassment continue for Vietnam's Montagnards: "Government authorities continue to apply unrelenting pressure on tribal Christians in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The most recent phase of the long-standing conflict commenced in April 2004, when thousands of Montagnards joined protests against the confiscation of tribal lands and the severe repression of the Christian faith. The government subsequently sent a special 'peace corps'to the poverty-stricken region. But the corps really serves as 'spies and guards.'... After its arrival, eight men in Dak Lak province were arrested and severely beaten. Church sources report that eight men were killed in Gia Lai province....”  See many more examples of Communist persecution of Christians in Vietnam.

Five Evangelists Abducted (India): "On July 24, a group of militant Hindus opposed to the work of evangelists in the area of Karnataka, India, abducted five workers with Gospel for Asia, accusing them of robbery. The five men, Lokesh, Yesuraj, Kumar, Anil and Ramesh, had previously received threats because of their evangelistic work in the area. When a robbery took place in the area, the five were falsely accused of the crime and abducted by a group opposed to their message....
      "Pray that these servants of God will be released and will not be seriously harmed. Pray for the continued ministry of the Gospel in the area." For more information on India and the dangers experienced by Christians there, go to


At Least Eleven Killed in Coordinated Church Bombings in Iraq: "At least five churches were attacked in Baghdad and Mosul. News agencies are reporting at least eleven people killed and dozens injured. The first blast occurred outside an Armenian church in Baghdad as evening services were beginning. Stained glass windows were blown out as a car bomb exploded ....Violent attacks have been common in Iraq since the occupation by the US-led coalition, but few of the attacks have been specifically targeted at Iraq's Christian community, described by an interior ministry spokesman as one of Iraq's most respected groups." Matthew 24:9 and Romans 8:26-27


Hindu Mob Storms Church Being Built in Village of India: "A group of 20 people stormed a church that was being built in the village of Rohiyal Talal in the Surat district. Police said the mob damaged the church's side walls, iron grills and windowpanes late Sunday.... Police have identified the accused but still haven't made any arrests. Officials confirmed the involvement of three members of the right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council)." Matthew 24:9


Hindu extrememists kidnap pastor's wife: "Local police have refused to make any attempt to find Manulaben Dinana, 23. They have also refused to question the kidnappers who were identified by eyewitnesses as members of a local group of Hindu extremists."


Pastor gets prison for sermon: "A Swedish court has sentenced Ake Green, a pastor belonging to the Pentecostal movement, to a month in prison, under a law against incitement, after he was found guilty of having offended homosexuals in a sermon...." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Judge refuses to investicate alleged fraud by Muslim guardian. "An Islamic court in Jordan has rejected a teenage Christian girl’s lawsuit to cancel her Muslim uncle’s legal guardianship. The June 20 ruling was a setback for Christian widow Siham Qandah, whose estranged brother Abdullah al-Muhtadi has been trying for six years to take custody of her daughter Rawan, 15, and son Fadi, 14, to raise as Muslims." John 15:20-21


Key Christian Leaders Arrested in Eritrea: "Helen Berhane, 29, a member of the Rema Evangelical Church in Asmara, was arrested. She had recently released a recording that was popular among the youth. Refusing to sign papers that would require her to recant her faith and stop singing, she is imprisoned in a shipping container at the Mai Serwa military camp....

     "...police attempted to arrest Pastor Tesfatsion Hagos of the Rema Evangelical Church in Asmara, but failed to find him at home. Four days later, he was arrested while visiting the port city of Massawa. Pastor Hagos is married with three children. His whereabouts are unknown. ...Pray for strength and boldness in the midst of the imprisonment of these and hundreds of other Christians in Eritrea." Romans 8:26-27


Pakistani Christian dies after attack by policeman: Samuel Masih, a Pakistani Christian who had been accused of blasphemy under Pakistan’s strict Law 295... was arrested August 23, 2003 and was accused of throwing waste against the side of a mosque. He was held in the Lahore Central Jail until, suffering from tuberculosis, he was transferred to a local hospital on May 22. Two days later, early in the morning, Masih was attacked by one of the policemen assigned to guard his room. The policeman, a Muslim, reportedly told investigators that it was his religious duty, as a Muslim, to kill the Christian man. 'I have offered my religious duty for killing the man. I'm spiritually satisfied and ready to face the consequences,' he is reported to have said." Persecution


Faith. Onward, Christian Soldiers: "In a packed classroom... 35 young Christians stand behind their desks singing the Hallelujah prayer. These students have pledged the next three years of their lives to this illegal seminary, one of the many run across China by members of the Chinese Protestant underground.... If the students want to leave the school, they must do so one or two at a time, at night, so as not to make the neighbors suspicious. They often go weeks without venturing outdoors. After the last Hallelujah, they open the windows.

       " Meanwhile, under-ground churches are expanding with lightning speed. Some of these groups oppose all state controls. Others are willing to register, but the government won't accept them. Faced with the accelerating growth of so-called house churches, the government has cracked down hard—bulldozing many of them and increasing the number of arrests....

       " Yu says the government taps his phone and monitors his e-mail, but the surveillance doesn't frighten him. 'I have more confidence now, whereas before [I converted] I was afraid of being persecuted,' Yu says. 'Now that I'm a Christian, I know my faith will enable me to overcome the torture I might face in prison.'

       " It's that kind of bravery that terrifies the Communist Party. It sees the Protestant and Catholic churches, in part, as responsible for the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. " John 16:33

Muslims slaughter 600 Christians (Nigeria): "'Bodies of pregnant women were ripped open and... burned.'... Twelve churches have been burned.... 'Even little children were killed.'
    "...defiant mobs of Muslim youths armed with clubs and machetes and cutlasses'... went from house to house looking for Christian victims and in some cases trapped the occupants inside and torched the houses.... While Muslims have complained that the police have killed innocent civilians as a result, they do not mean the scores of hacked bodies that lie in the streets and in charred buildings and vehicles according to residents."
     "...locals fear the number of deaths will continue to grow since an order was circulated by Umar Ibrahim Kabo, the most senior Muslim cleric in Kano, for all Christians to leave the area by yesterday."
2 Cor 4:16

Pastor Murdered for Evangelistic Work in Somalia: "Pastor Shueb Maalim Madkheyr was killed and his body burned beyond recognition.... Starting in mid-April, Pastor Shueb had been going into villages in the area, seeking to plant underground churches and sharing the Gospel with teenagers. Word began to spread that Shueb was teaching the Bible to children. On April 25, he was confronted by two armed men and accused of poisoning the minds of young teenagers. According to witnesses, a heated discussion on religion ensued. One of the armed men then shot and killed him. It is believed that the armed men may have been part of an Islamic militia group....

       "Pastor Shueb was married to Dhaba Dimbile and had five children between the ages of eight months and thirteen years. Pray for the friends and family of Pastor Shueb as they deal with this tragic loss. Pray for the continued ministry of sharing the Gospel in this difficult country.... Pray that those responsible for his death will discover the love and forgiveness found through Jesus Christ." Romans 8:26-27

New Sharia Laws Introduced in Zamfara State (Nigeria): "This would specifically cause many small churches to close. At the launch of 'Sharia Phase 2,' on April 29, the state governor, Ahmed Sani declared that all non-Islamic places of worship would soon be destroyed. This comes despite freedom of religion being enshrined in Nigeria's constitution. Pray for believers in Zamfara State, as they face these new challenges. Pray that they would continue to serve Christ without hesitation." See Glossary of Islamic Terms

Boy Dies After Facing Torture (Pakistan): "A young Pakistani Christian faced brutal torture, leading to his death, at the hands of the students and staff of an Islamic religious school.... Javeed Anjum was returning to his home.... Seeing water taps at an Islamic school, he helped himself when a staff member of the school approached. When the staff member found out that Javeed was a Christian, he was taken inside the school. There the students and staff gathered around him and ordered that he embrace Islam by reciting the Islamic creed. When he refused, they began to beat him.... Javeed was kept at the school for five days, facing beatings and torture in an attempt to force a conversion, but he steadfastly refused to deny Christ.... On May 2, Javeed died of kidney failure, as a result of the beatings....

      "Pray for strength and healing for each one impacted by this death. Pray for those involved in Javeed's torture, that they will experience the love of Christ, even through seeing the faithfulness of Javeed." Romans 8:26-27


Sung Seo Pao: "Hmong Christian leader Sung Seo Pao is still being held in Hong Ca Prison serving an eleven year sentence for spreading religion. He was released after serving eight months in jail in 1990 on the condition that he would not preach the gospel. However, Seo Pao could not contain his love for Jesus and was again arrested May 22, 1995. He had not seen his family until November of 2002 when his wife and one of their six children were able to travel to the prison to visit.... This hard labor was made even more difficult by a lack of sufficient food...."

     "Please pray that he will remain a faithful witness to those around him. Also ask the Lord to watch over his family while he is in prison." Romans 8:26-27



Muslim mobs burn Christian homes: "Muslim militants in eastern Indonesia burned down several hundred homes in an overnight attack on a mainly Christian area where 26 people were killed in three days of fighting.... Maluku, which has been about half Christian and half Muslim, came under attack between 1999 and 2002 from a radical Islamic group called Laskar Jihad, or Army of Holy Warriors, which aimed to make Indonesia an Islamic state....Many of its members have joined the al-Qaida-linked terror network.... Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, with more than 180 million." Chronology of Conquests in the Name of Allah

 Somali Muslim clerics protest at "Christian" aid: "Islamic clerics have accused Western aid workers of trying to convert children in a southern Somali town to Christianity, an initiative they say risks adding religious strife to the country's many problems. ...'If these groups don't stop, the Somalia people have a right to jihad (struggle),' the politically influential group based in the capital Mogadishu said." Mark 13:10-12

Pastor arrested, church building destroyed in Zhejiang, China: "The pastor’s home, which is where church meetings were held, had already been declared the site of 'illegal religious meetings' when members of the congregation met on March 8 to do some work on the building.... Three days later, 300 Public Security Bureau, paramilitary police and government workers converged on the building, badly damaging it during a half-hour rampage. The group was led by Wang Tao, the Director of the Religious Affairs Bureau....

      "The congregation gathered for Easter Sunday services at the home of Liu Mingliang, Pastor Liu’s oldest son. PSB officers again raided the service, arresting Mingliang and breaking up the service.... The family has been given 'Criminal Detention' paperwork for both Pastor Liu and for Liu Mingliang. ...a 'criminal detention' will last an indefinite period of time.“ See Persecution & Prayer

Persecution briefs - Eight Pastors killed in Nigeria: "Religious violence that erupted in the Nigerian state of Plateau a few weeks ago has resulted in the deaths of eight pastors and 1,500 Christian believers, and the destruction of 173 churches.... Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency reported that religious violence in Plateau and Nasarawa states has resulted in the displacement of 25,000 people." Matthew 24:9

EU 'covered up' attacks on Jews by young Muslims: "The EU suppressed a report last year by German academics concluding that Arab gangs were largely responsible for a sudden surge in the anti-Jewish violence, allegedly because the findings were politically unpalatable." Jeremiah 17:5

Christian Girls in Egypt Tricked into Converting (Scroll down to title): "Leaders of the Coptic Church in Egypt are expressing serious concerns over recent tactics exercised by militant Muslim shop owners to trick Coptic girls into signing official conversion documents. Reports from the American Coptic Association claim that when Coptic girls go to some of these stores, they are told that they have won a contest. In order to receive their prize, they need to go upstairs and sign a document confirming the receipt. Often they do not read carefully enough to realize that they are actually signing an official confirmation that they have converted to Islam. Those young women who resist have been accused of theft and strip-searched. There have also been several reports of rape and despite efforts by family members, the girls are not returned to their families." Persecution

Testimonies of those who have suffered for the Truth in Scotland since the year 1680: "This Martyr, tho' both young in years, and of the weaker sex, was so singularly assisted of the Lord in his cause, and had such discoveries of his special love to her soul, that she was nothing terrified by her adversaries: When she was brought ... to the council-house, to be carried to her execution... she was observed to say with a surprising cheerfulness and air of heavenly ravishment, 'Behold I hear my beloved saying unto me, Arise my love, my fair one, and come away.'" Preparing for Persecution


Elderly Chinese Christian Prisoner Crippled for Evangelizing (Scroll down to title) : "Chen Jingmao is a seventy-two year old South China Church leader, in prison since July 2001 for his ministry, including the 'active recruitment of evil cult members.' The main evidence of his 'crime' was sending his granddaughter for Sunday School Teacher's training. According to a March 29 report from China Aid, the imprisoned Chen was seriously beaten and crippled on February 6 as a punishment for leading fifty of his fellow inmates to faith in Jesus Christ. Both of his legs were broken and he must now be carried everywhere he goes." Mark 13:10-12


Criminal Charges Against Eritrean Evangelicals: "For the first time since May 2002 when evangelical Christianity was declared illegal in Eritrea, criminal charges have been laid against those who are not a part of the officially recognized churches. ...authorities have begun raiding private homes, arresting families caught praying and reading the Bible together. ... Habeteab has been charged with trying to start 'a new religion.' ... On February 25, the Persecution and Prayer Alert reported on the arrest of fifty-one evangelicals. Forty-six of these remain in prison, likely facing torture.

      "Earlier this month, Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki warned that efforts to 'distract from the unity of the Eritrean people and distort the true meaning of religion' by these unlawful religious groups would not be tolerated.... At least three hundred and seventy-three Protestant Christians are presently imprisoned for their faith.

     "Pray for strength and faithfulness for the many believers living in fear of arrest and torture. Pray for endurance for those facing torture for their faith. Pray that the Eritrean government will reverse its decision to outlaw most religious groups." Romans 8:26-27

Mexican Evangelicals Ordered to Leave Town: "According to a March 8 report from Compass Direct, eighteen families from the indigenous Huichol tribe, consisting of more than eighty adults and children, have been threatened with expulsion from a second community in less than two years because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The story of these families began in 1988, when a small group of converts from Santa Catarina began construction of a church building. Because of their faith, believers of all ages faced prison and torture, from seniors to a six-month-old baby."


Indian Newspaper Attributes 'Evangelism Boom' to U.S. Government (New Delhi): "Tehelka, a weekly newspaper launched on January 30, accused the U.S. government of having a 'conversion agenda' for India. The 11-page cover story in the inaugural issue portrayed Christian missionary work as a 'sinister and disturbing phenomenon' that should 'ring alarm bells within the intelligence agencies in India.'
     "A second report on February 7 claimed mission organizations were using the HIV/AIDS crisis as an opportunity for evangelism. ... Christians fear the reports will fuel religious tensions throughout India."
Matthew 24:9

UN urged to probe North Korea 'gas chamber': "A US-based Jewish human rights group has urged the United Nations to investigate claims that North Korea conducted gas chamber experiments on political prisoners, comparing the alleged acts to those in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.... As many as 200,000 people are held in North Korean prison camps, from petty criminals to political dissidents and religious activists...." - including thousands of Christians who have -- according to earlier reports -- faced torture and near starvation. Romans 8:26-27


Car Bombing at Bible Society in Pakistan Injuries Eleven: "A car bombing outside the Bible Society office in Karachi in southern Pakistan on January 15, 2004, injured at least eleven people. Prior to the attack, police had received notice that the Bible Society office would be targeted ...

    Voice of the Martyr spokesman, Glenn Penner, said, "I have a deep concern that this is only the beginning of a rising swell of violence against Christians in Pakistan. Islamic militantism is by no means under control in this nation. We need to be praying for the government of Pakistan and praying that Christians will be wise in knowing how to conduct themselves in these increasingly dangerous days." Romans 8:26-27

Pray for South Korean Christian jailed in China: "A Christian human rights group has called for prayer for a South Korean Christian humanitarian worker who was sentenced to a nine year jail sentence in early December for aiding a small group of North Korean refugees in defecting to South Korea....  Reverend Choi, Bong-il... 'a courageous South Korean national who provided humanitarian aid to North Koreans hiding in China by offering them with shelter, food, clothing, and Biblical truths.” Romans 8:26-27


Russia: Church stolen at Christmas: "...the new 'owners' of a Methodist church in Moscow 'violently and with the use of force' evicted Pastor Kim-Jun-Kyu, his family including two young children, and a range of other church officials, without even giving them time to dress before throwing them onto the cold street at 7 am.

    "...'the violence was accompanied by nationalistic expressions and crude insults towards the Protestants,' and has called for a special night of prayer for the church on 2 to 3 January 2004....

     "...guards engaged by the company Khant, which claims it now owns the building... often made insulting remarks about the Methodists, calling them 'sectarians'." See Solidarity Versus Christianity


19 Christians arrested for distributing tracts: "Nineteen Christians distributing leaflets during the Southeast Asian Games in Ho Chi Minh City were arrested by Vietnamese police." Phil 1:20-21


Is Zimbabwe on the brink of genocide? "The following is taken from the 8 stages in genocide identified by Genocide Watch, and then applied to the Zimbabwe situation. [These steps fit historical patterns for persecution of Jews and Christians as well]

1. Classification... "Zimbabwe has two major ethnic divisions – Shona and Ndebele – and a number of racial divisions.

2. Symbolization. Essentially, here we are talking about stereotyping of people and groups of people, and the processes aimed at dividing up societies that are always composed of diverse groups into 'in' and 'out' groups....

3. Dehumanization. "This can take many forms and does not need to conform to the crude approach of the Nazis to the Jews. It is essentially building upon the stereotyping process by attributing the problems in the society to the 'out' group, focusing hate and dislike against this group, and encouraging actions against this group....

4. Organization. "...genocide is always organized, usually by the state. Special army units or militias are often trained and armed, and plans are made for genocidal killings.... genocide can include campaigns of systematic torture, displacement of groups, and deprivation of food and resources....

5. Polarization. "...groups are driven apart, and the press and media are particularly important in forcing and maintaining the polarisation. In Zimbabwe, the government-controlled press, television and radio now operate in a flagrant manner with all pretence at impartiality gone...." Romans 1:22-32 and the first two link here


Wife of Chinese Christian Prisoner Appeals to Christians Around the World to Pray: "Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, the Church of Christ in the world.... My husband, Dr. Xu Yonghai, is a Christian believer. ... Since the day I met him until the day he was arrested, he has been spreading the gospel. Besides his professional job as a doctor, he dedicated most of his time to the Lord. He shares the gospel to everyone he knows and dedicated his only house (which is only 10 square metres in size) as a house church and by God's grace, many people have come to believe in the Lord in that house....

    "Every Sunday, brothers and sisters gather together at that house, praying, singing and having Bible studies. In order to prepare for church services, my husband often read the Bible and studied the Lord's lessons when he returned early on Sunday morning from his Saturday night shift without taking any rest. Though facing all types of persecution, yet he relied on Christ and our house church meetings persisted until the government forcibly destroyed our house....
   "His arrest today is a great irony to the phenomenon of social injustice. I am convinced that my husband is innocent, having committed no crime. I call upon the Chinese government to release my husband. I plead to the brothers and sisters in the Lord to pray...."


Chinese House Church Raided; Members Fined and Detained: "...ten Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers raided the Sunday service of a house church ... in Longjing City, Jilin Province where thirty Christians were meeting. All of the Bibles, hymn books and benches were confiscated and the house was declared an 'illegal religious site.' ... Mr. Zheng, the director of the Longjing City PSB office, told them that if the believers were found there again, all of them would be formally arrested."   

     Human nature doesn't change. The Puritans faced a similar plight in 17th century England. That's why they risked their lives to find religious freedom in America. It's also why our founding fathers wrote a Constitution that protected the people against big government. Pray for the persecuted Chinese Christians. And pray that America wakes up to its drift away from God and freedom!  See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny and Thanksgiving links.


China sends Bible owners to labor camp: "Owners of Bibles are the target of a crackdown on "illegal religious organizations" by police in southern China's Guangxi province. Up to 40 policemen descended on the homes of Christians in villages in Xilin county in the middle of the night, ransacking them in search of Bibles and other religious materials." John 15:20


Zhang Beaten in Custody (China): "According to an official at the prison camp, who spoke to VOM sources, guards considered this the first lesson in his 're-education.' 'Zhang Yi-nan is a strong man,' said the official, 'but he was terribly beaten. His hands were bleeding badly.'

      "Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength for Zhang Yi-nan. Pray for healing and protection from further physical harm. Pray that his faith in Christ will be strengthened, even as the officials try to destroy it." Romans 8:26

Buddhist Militants Brutalize Evangelicals (Sri Lanka): "At 6:30 p.m., a large crowd arrived, including a few Buddhist monks, disrupting the service. The mob accused the pastor of showing disrespect for Buddha by putting a statue of Buddha on the floor, when, in actuality, the mob placed the statue on the floor and demanded that the pastor worship it. When he refused, he was beaten.... The pastor and another member were held hostage by the mob until the police arrived. ... some of the monks demanded that the church stop all Christian activity in the area." John 16:33

Exploding the myth of church-state separation: "In Texas, a U.S. District judge decreed that any student uttering the word 'Jesus' at his school's graduation would be arrested and locked up.... In Missouri, when fourth-grader Raymond Raines bowed his head in prayer before his lunch in the cafeteria of Waring Elementary School in St. Louis, his teacher allegedly ordered him out of his seat, in full view of other students present, and sent him to the principal’s office." See Brave children who suffered for Jesus


Beaten for Distributing Bibles (Turkey): "Two Christians, Yakup Cindilli (32) and Tufan Orhan, were beaten for distributing New Testaments on October 23 in... northwestern Turkey and left semi-conscious in a field.... [T]he next day Cindilli slipped into a coma because of a blood clot on his brain and is in critical condition. Local police have arrested three suspects....

      "Pray that he will fully recover and that he and Orhan will continue their ministry of evangelism, in spite of opposition. Pray for their attackers, that they will see the grace and love of Jesus Christ through the lives of Cindilli, Orhan and other believers." John 15:7-8


One Christian Released; One Sentenced to 'Re-Education' (China): "Xiao Bi-gaung, a Christian leader and advocate for the underground house churches in China has been released from prison since a link could not be found to prove the charges that he was involved in activities that 'subverted the Chinese government and socialist system.'... Zhang Yi-nan, however, has been sentenced to two years of 're-education through labor.' A source within the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) told VOM sources that 'Zhang doesn't have a criminal problem. He has a mind problem. He is too superstitious.'... [because he trusts God?]

      "We encourage Christians to politely protest this conviction to the Chinese Embassy in your country."

      See Brainwashing and "Education Reform


Evangelist Beaten and Refused Treatment for Converting Dalits (India): " evangelist in... South India, T.J. Mathew, was returning home on his bike from the home of a fellow believer when he was attacked and beaten unconscious.... However, when he was taken to the Siddapura hospital, he was refused admittance.... The attackers complained to the police that Mathew was converting Dalits (low caste Hindus) to Christianity. Mathew was expected to return to Siddapura on October 28 and a baptismal service is planned on November 7, when about ten converts from Hinduism are expected to be baptized. Pray for a full recovery for Brother Mathew and protection from further attacks." Phil 1:20-21


Nine Indonesian Christians killed by masked raiders. "Villagers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, are fleeing for their lives in reaction to recent attacks on four villages.... Bands of masked raiders armed with automatic weapons sought out Christians for attack. Police reported nine people were killed and 11 were hospitalized." Mark 13:10  Meanwhile, back in the USA - See Recent News


Indonesian authorities illegally detain Christian leader: "Christians in Indonesia have issued an urgent call for prayer for the release of the Rev. Rinaldy Damanik, whose prison detention in Palu, Central Sulawesi, should have come to an end on September 15.... The High Court of Central Sulawesi has already extended Damanik’s imprisonment five times....
     "Sources in Indonesia say his trial and imprisonment are part of the Indonesian government’s attempt to blame the minority Christian community for the violence in Poso. Conflict between Muslims and Christians there has caused hundreds of deaths and injuries, and created tens of thousands of homeless people...." Mark 13:10


India prepares National 'Anti-Conversion Rule': "India’s coalition government, led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is about to introduce fresh rules to prevent religious conversion across the nation. Entitled 'Change of Religion of the Members of SC/ST (Regulation and Approval) Rule,' the law will come into effect once published in the official gazette." Matthew 24:9


Mass arrest of 170 House Church Christians in China: "Mass arrest of 170 House Church Christians in Chian's Henan Province. The believers had assembled for worship when Public Security Bureau officers raided the meeting place. After the arrest, the police started processing the detainees to identify the leaders. They are presently holding 14 leaders, while the rest of the Christians were forced to pay fines before being fingerprinted, warned, and released. The 14 leaders face more serious charges and may be imprisoned. It is usual in such arrests for the leaders to be beaten and tortured...."


Khartoum threatens southern Sudanese churches: "Sudan’s Khartoum regime presented a threatening memorandum in early August to Christian leaders in Juba after the southern Sudanese church leaders refused to back the government’s position on peace negotiations." See Chronology of Conquests in the Name of Allah and Preparing for Persecution


New Law May Place Obstacles On Public Religious Gatherings (Belarus): "Those of 'minority faiths,' including Protestant Christians, may find it more difficult to hold public events.... In June, both houses of parliament approved a law governing public events and demonstrations, stating that organizations may be liquidated (made illegal) if any one event results in 'substantial harm to the rights and legal interests of citizens or organisations, or the state or public interest.'...

     "Bishop Sergei Khomich [said], 'In one region we were told that we could not hold baptisms in lakes and rivers because it would disturb fishermen.'" This open-ended wording sounds like a UN treaty.  See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


Fifty-seven Teenage Evangelicals Resist Torture, Five Recant: "Fifty-seven teenage Eritrean Christians jailed last week under severe punishment for having Bibles at the Sawa Military Training Camp remain locked in metal shipping containers. Five of the 11th grade students were released a week after their arrest when they signed an agreement to deny their evangelical beliefs...." 2 Corinthians 4:7


Hindu militants attack Bible School (India): "A local Bharatiya Janata Party politician and ex-member of the legislative assembly led the group.... Assailants shouted anti-Christian slogans and accused them of converting people in the area. They also expressed objections to the screening of a film depicting the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Local police failed to protect the Christians from attack and even arrested six Bible school students."
John 15:20-21


Evangelical Students Locked in Metal Shipping Containers in Eritrea (a tiny East African nation): "More than 60 teenage Eritrean students caught with Bibles at a compulsory military training camp have been arrested and subjected to severe punishment.... On August 19, they confiscated Bibles from 35 Protestant students, put them under arrest and subjected them to severe torture. The following day, another 27 teenage believers were incarcerated with them. The youths are reportedly locked in metal shipping containers with no light, high temperatures and a limited oxygen supply." John 15:20-21


Life terms for Christian 'blasphemers' upheld: "A Pakistani court upheld the life sentences of two Christian men who allegedly set fire to the Quran, Islam's holy book.... Opponents of the blasphemy law claim it is vulnerable to abuse because only the testimony of an accuser is needed to prosecute a suspect. International human rights groups assert many Islamic radicals are using this law as a weapon to persecute Christians." See Preparing for Persecution


Buddhist mobs attack five churches in Sri Lanka (Aggression Designed to Force Passage of Anti-Conversion Laws): "They stoned the building, destroyed pews and benches, and beat two church workers so badly that they required hospital treatment." 2 Corinthians 4:7


Islamists butcher new Christian: "After slaughtering a Muslim-turned-Christian, Islamic extremists have reportedly returned the man's body to his Palestinian family in four pieces. Matthew 24:9


Christians Blamed for Drought, Attacked by Mob: "A mob of around 100 Buddhists attacked a church in Kok Pring in south-east Cambodia during a service on Sunday, July 13, destroying the cross at the front, breaking windows, and throwing Bibles into puddles of water. The building would have been destroyed if the police had not intervened....

    "'They were angry with the church. They said the presence of the church has caused continuous droughts that have prevented them from growing rice."

    Our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ need our prayer. So do the persecutors who are blinded by their gods and superstitions. Only God can bring peace and victory. John 15:7-8


New law worries Hong Kong Christians: "The imposition of harsh anti-subversion laws has serious implications for Hong Kong’s large Christian community. Many foreign mission organizations still operate freely in Hong Kong, while churches in the autonomous region continue their quiet support of Chinese believers on the mainland. All this could change if the new laws are strictly enforced." John 15:20-21


Christians besieged in Pakistan: "The photos from Pakistan were anything but travel brochure material. One showed a 9-year-old girl with dark eyes, large black burns on her legs and a heavily bandaged right arm. Another showed a 14-year-old girl with a face partly melted away like candle wax. The right side was a mass of charred skin after an assailant threw acid into her eyes....

     "'She was working as a maid in a Muslim house,' said Shabazz Bhatti.... She was told by them, 'You are Christian and infidel, and we will take revenge on you for the killings of Iraqi children.' " 2 Corinthians 12:9-10


Week of Prayer Called for North Korea (Scroll down to title): "North Korea is possibly the most brutal oppressor of Christians in the world today. Because of harsh repression, little news is available and the world is often unaware of the brutality of this regime. Christians of all ages, including young children, face imprisonment, torture and death. Whole families are subjected to hard labour and often worked to death or arbitrarily killed. One estimate puts the number of Christians in labour camps for of their faith at several thousand." John 15:7-8

Severe persecution of Christians in Africa: "Some Nigerian Muslims openly admit that the ultimate aim is to impose full Shari'ah Law in a majority of Nigeria's 36 states. Once they have that majority they can challenge the country's constitution and, eventually, declare Nigeria a fully Islamic state." John 15:20-21

China Arrests Eight Underground Christians: "Police in southwestern China have arrested eight members of an underground Christian church on charges of spreading 'feudalistic superstition,' the local religious administration said on Thursday. The eight -- all members of a unregistered church in a village in Yunnan province's Funing County -- could be sent to labor camps after police nabbed them doing unauthorized missionary work....

      "Chinese law protects religious freedom but the Communist government forbids all worship outside state-backed 'patriotic' religious organizations."

      What an oxymoron: China "protects religious freedom" but only if the beliefs supports government ideology! And the celebrated "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is based on the same deceptive contradiction. See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


Pastor Gong near death after repeated torture in a Chinese prison: "...three guards are specifically assigned to Pastor Gong [founder of the South China Church] each day, and every activity is watched and recorded. He is also visited each day by a political officer. Gong is repeatedly brainwashed in an attempt to get him to reject his faith in Christ and to admit to so-called crimes against the state. Gong is forbidden to talk to any of the other prisoners, and any prisoner caught talking to him even in passing is severely punished." See Brainwashing and 'Education Reform'

Captured Children Killed (Sudan: "Last week the Persecution and Prayer Alert reported on a brutal attack on a village by government forces in Sudan in which fifty-nine people were killed, including the region's only pastor, and sixteen were abducted.

    "...the three boys who were kidnapped, ages four and six, have all been killed while in the custody of government forces. The remaining six women and seven girls are reportedly being held in the Government of Sudan regional military headquarters.... It is expected that, unless something is done to gain their release, the women will be forcibly converted to Islam or "married" to military officers and the girls sold as slaves.

    "Last week's report indicated that the family of Pastor Jacob Manyal was killed in the attack. It was later discovered that his wife is still alive but in captivity. She is reportedly the 'guest' of the government Militia Commander Chayot.... Her two sons [ages 6 and 4] were ... killed in captivity.

    "In response to the attack, the US-led Civilian Protection Monitoring Team (CPMT) has taken an aggressive stance against Servant's Heart and [its] reports about the attack.... The head of the CPMT team told them, 'We won't let your lies ruin this peace. We will do whatever it takes to bury this report and continue to move forward with the peace agreement.'... The US State Department was briefed by Servant's Heart on June 9, but has remained silent.'

    "Pray for Pastor Manyal's wife, Nyaduar Deang Jany, and the other twelve still in captivity." Psalm 62:5-8


Imprisoned Pastor Near Death (China): "Pastor Gong Shengliang, the imprisoned founder of the South China Church, is reportedly near death after repeated torture in a Chinese prison. ... Gong had been severely beaten by prison police. As a result, he is suffering from serious internal bleeding, has lost his hearing in one ear, and has been bed-ridden for more than two weeks. At times he has slipped into a coma. The source stated that Gong is receiving no medical attention. He is facing daily interrogation and no one has been allowed to personally visit him since April 14....     

     "The Voice of the Martyrs is calling on Christians around the world to pray for Pastor Gong. He has remained firm in his faith and determination, refusing to confess to false allegations against him. Pray for his physical, psychological, and spiritual endurance." Philippians 1:20-21


Pastor Among Fifty-nine Killed: "Government of Sudan-led military forces recently attacked ten villages in Eastern Upper Nile. During the unprovoked attack... the troops killed the region's only Christian pastor.... massacred at least fifty-nine unarmed villagers, wounded fifteen and abducted ten children and six women. ... Many of the homes in the ten villages were set on fire by the attackers, with many of the slain burned alive in their homes.

     "Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail said after the May 22nd meeting with US Secretary of State Colin Powell, that his government 'would sign a peace agreement with the SPLA as quickly as possible, maybe next month.'" Matthew 24:9


Hitler's statement against Christianity: "Said Hitler, 'We are not out against the hundred and one different sects of Christianity, but against Christianity itself." John 15:20-21


Baptist churches raided in former republic: "Police raided Baptists churches in Turkmenistan and detained all those present in one of them amid an ongoing crack-down against non registered churches in the republic and across the ex-Soviet Union.... '[T]hey should be put in a bus and shot!' [said a] police officer....

      "Several Baptist and other evangelical churches have refused to register themselves with governments, arguing saying that only God is their highest authority." It sounds like China, doesn't it? See Raids on House Churches continues (China) and  Preparing for Persecution


Marked for Attack: (Peru) "... Joshua Saune and his wife woke to the sound of an explosion. Below their bedroom window the Quechua Indian church leader found a makeshift bomb consisting of ten sticks of dynamite. Thankfully, only one of the sticks detonated and no one was injured. However, tied to their garage door was a red flag, symbolizing that the Shining Path had marked them for attack.

     "...The Peruvian government reports that at least 800 Quechua pastors have been killed by the Marxist guerilla organization....

     "'We have to rely 100% on our Lord and your constant prayers. We remain steadfast in the ministry the Lord has bestowed upon us." Phil 1:20-21


Hatred of Jews at highest level since WWII: "Anti-Semitism is rising at a rate unseen since the end of World War Two, fuelled in part by an explosion of hate sites on the Internet, Jewish leaders told an international conference on intolerance... held at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO.... The three-day conference, which plans to combat anti-Semitism through 'education for tolerance', is attended by religious leaders and experts."

     Anti-Semitism is evil, but the UN answer to this crisis is to enforce an unbiblical form of "unity in diversity" which rules out God's absolute truth. See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


North Korea: "Since 1953 about 300,000 Christians have 'disappeared.' Anyone found with a Bible may be shot. It is estimated that 400 Christians were executed in 1999 alone....

     "One woman reported seeing Christians killed when molten steel was poured on them. She also stated that Christian prisoners were often not given clothes and were treated like animals....

     "One report estimates that 100,000 Christians are being held in labor camps where they face torture, starvation and death. Another report indicates that at least 6,000 Christians are being held in Prison #15 in the northern part of the country.

     Let's pray for God's strength and endurance for our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. May the the current focus on North Korea's nuclear strength also expose its cruelties to Christians. John 15:20 and Preparing for Persecution


Battle in the Heavenlies: "...we were sitting in the midst of Africa's longest (and perhaps most brutal) civil war....

      "Sudan transport planes had dropped several large drums crammed full of landmines and sharp pieces of metal on and near the village market and medical clinic. When these drums hit the ground, the pieces of metal fly out in all directions for over 500 meters, slicing into homes, trees and human flesh....

       "Tunya Jok described the horrors as he witnessed his 4-year-old daughter shot and killed as she fled from the soldiers. Then his 6-year-old son was captured and beheaded by the soldiers....

       "Upon his graduation from a Bible school in northern Sudan, Andrew was visited one night by government officers.... [He] and a number of other young men ... watched as one-by-one, their brothers were dragged forward and tortured, their fingernails brutally torn out, as their torturers demanded that they renounce Christ and become Muslims. One by one they refused." Philippians 1:20-21


Sudanese jihadists given pass by Bush: "While the Islamic regime ruling Sudan from the northern capital of Khartoum continues its jihad against Christians and animists in the country's south – a bloody campaign that has already killed some 2 million – President George W. Bush has decided, without explanation, not to enact new sanctions on Sudan...."


Family Attacked and Threatened with Death (Scroll down to title): "A family in Pakistan faces an imminent death threat if they do not renounce their faith in Christ by Friday, April 18. According to an April 14 report from Christian Aid, between 150-200 Muslims attacked the home of Sadeeq, a recent convert from Islam, beating him, abusing his daughters, and giving him an ultimatum to renounce his faith by Friday or be killed. ... Pray for safety for the family." Hiding Place


Convert Faces Deportation to Iran (from Canada): "Iranian Muslims who convert from Islam to another religion are considered apostates. The penalty for apostasy in Iran is severe, often death. Nancy's family in Iran is already under surveillance by the authorities....  

      "In an interview, Nancy said, 'My life... is in God's hands. I still have hope. I have been afflicted, but I am not despairing. I have been persecuted, but I am not forgotten.'

       "Pray that the deportation order will be overturned. Pray that Nancy will continue to find her strength in Christ." 2 Cor 4:7

Pakistan Christians Fear Slaughter: "'Mohammed said fight the infidels with everything you have,' and 'Fight the followers of the devil,' some of the Muslim clerics preached, identifying Christians with Americans. 'Tension and fear are increasing day by day,' a confidential spokesman told Christian Aid. 'Please pray that our Heavenly Father will give us wisdom and courage to face this situation.'" John 15:7-8


Voice of the Martyrs. "War Backlash Anticipated": "Christians in many predominantly Muslim areas of the world await a potential backlash from an Islamic community that (unfortunately) widely sees the 'war on terrorism' as a crusade against Islam....
     "'These militants consider Christians and other non-Muslims as infidels and apostates and declare that it is a responsibility of every good Muslim to kill infidels.'
     "Other areas where Christians are in particular risk... are areas such as eastern Indonesia, central Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and southern Sudan, where existing tensions could easily escalate, destroying any tentative peace agreements in place.
     "Christians around the world need our prayers and support. Pray that they will keep focused on the Prince of Peace and His sustaining presence.... Pray that they will respond to any violence in a Christ-like manner and seek to win to Christ those who are persecuting them." 2 Corinthians 4:7

Parvez Masih - Pakistan: "Like Paul, Parvez sits in jail being made a spectacle, a theater, a public show before angry mobs and curious authorities. Under Law 295c Brother Parvez was accused of blaspheming Mohammed and now faces a possible death sentence. ...

     "Parvez’s Muslim cell mate in the Sialkot District Jail tore his bible then hit him in the face with a drinking glass that broke, cutting Parvez’s eye. Since that time Parvez has been moved to a solitary cell the size of a closet. His toilet is inside his room, and his food is handed to him through the bars.

     "On August 3, 2002, during a court hearing, Parvez... turned aside a moment to greet Mohammed Afzil, the father of one witness who is unjustly against him. Parvez said to him: 'You know there is nothing in this case. Come and shake hands with me. We are Christians. We love out enemies.' Mohammed Afzil pensively walked away." 1 Corinthians 13

Little-known world of Palestinian Christians: "'Between Two Fires' is an Arabic idiom," Brackin explained. 'We might say 'between a rock and a hard place.' It describes the position of Palestinian Christians who are opposed and persecuted on every side -- by the Israelis because they are Palestinians, by the historical Christians because they are evangelical, by the Muslims because they do not take an active part in the intifada...and even by some Western Christians who tend to label all Palestinians as terrorists, and others who think the Bible leaves no place in Israel for non-Jews and who have been taught a theology that requires all Arabs to be driven from the land before Jesus can return." John 16:2


Finding True Freedom: "For Ms. Lee, North Korea was the 'paradise' the Great Leader proclaimed. A loyal party and government member, she knew little of the hunger and fear that gripped the common people. But everything turned upside down when she was arrested in 1984. ...

     "Ms. Lee was sentenced to 13 years in a political prison - for a crime she didn’t commit. While in prison, she experienced such inhumane treatment that one wonders how she survived to tell about it. Yet, even in the midst of evil, God was at work. ...

     "One day she witnessed an event she will never forget. 'Five or six elderly Christians were lined up and forced to deny their Christianity and accept the Juche Ideology of the State. The selected prisoners all remained silent at the repeated command for conversion. The security officers became furious by this and killed them by pouring molten iron on them one by one.' Although she was not a Christian, she was amazed by the unswerving faith Christians portrayed....

     "But after I found the joy of knowing Jesus Christ, I changed my attitude and now have two other missions: to ask Christians around the world to pray for the persecuted people in North Korea..." Isaiah 45:3


The Beleaguered Christians of the Palestinian-Controlled Areas: "A Palestinian convert to Christianity living in a village near Nablus was recently arrested by the Palestinian police. A Muslim preacher was brought in by the police, and he attempted to convince the convert to return to Islam. When the convert refused, he was brought before a Palestinian court and sentenced to prison for insulting the religious leader....

     "A Palestinian convert to Christianity in Ramallah was recently visited by Palestinian policemen at his home and warned that if he continued to preach Christianity, he would be arrested and charged with being an Israeli spy."

      With the threat of war, Muslim hostility for Christians is rising. Let us pray that God's strength, endurance and comfort will enable our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ to persevere and triumph. May God use their faithful witness to bring many others to Himself. See 2 Corinthians 4:7


North Korea remains atop persecution list: "For years, very little information about the church emerged from Kim Il Sung’s harsh North Korea regime, which is now ruled by his son, Kim Jong Il. Some even wondered if the church had survived the decades of severe oppression. Recent years, however, have seen a relative 'flood' of information coming from North Korean refugees fleeing to China to escape famine. They report that the church has not only survived, but even grown, perhaps to 400,000 Christians who worship in secret. But to visibly practice the Christian faith in North Korea today can still result in imprisonment and death." 2 Cor 4:16 and Her All for Him


(China) Government Plan Against Christians Revealed: "A top-secret government document ... outlined a four-part plan from August 20 to October 20, 2002, leading up to the meeting of the National Congress of the Communist Party. The first step was publicity and education, letting authorities know what are 'illegal Christian activities' as well as educating the public on the problem. [training the masses to see the "problem" from the government's hostile point of view]

      "The next step was investigation, infiltrating the illegal Christian organizations, gaining the evidence needed as they 'prepare to terminate them.'

      "The third stage of termination: 'Compulsory measures, such as subpoena, penalty, ordered confessions, detention, may be taken against those core members, stubborn members and those who provide places for illegal activities....

      "In the final stage of "summarization," the PSB referred to rewards "on the basis of performance and achievement" and criticism for those who do not perform adequately."  4 Cor 2:16  More information at Managing change


Team Returns From Southeastern Sudan: "Representatives from The Voice of the Martyrs... discovered evidence of atrocities, including the deliberate killing of young children, by troops of the Islamist government of Sudan (GOS)....  It is feared that the government of Sudan may be preparing a major offensive to coincide with expected US-led action against Iraq, to take advantage of diverted world attention." Matthew 24:9


(Jordan) Court orders Christian mother jailed: "A court in northern Jordan has ordered a Christian widow sent to jail for 30 days if she refuses to hand over her two minor children to be raised as Muslims. ...Siham Qandah was notified by telephone at her home in Husn on January 20 that ... unless she immediately surrendered custody of her daughter Rawan, 14, and son Fadi, 12, to their court-appointed Muslim guardian, she would be arrested and sent to prison." It sounds like the Social Services (DSS) in many parts of the USA. Christian families have become prime targets of "protective" services who equate Christian child-raising with mental and emotional abuse. See Child "protection"?

Christian Family Beaten and Left in the Cold: "...approximately 10 unidentified men burst into the home of Brother Hua Huiqi and his wife, Ju Mei in Beijing. Forcing all of the members of the household, including Hua's elderly parents, to lay on the floor, the attackers savagely beat the family, breaking one of the legs of Hua's 80-year-old father. They then confiscated all of the home's portable heaters, leaving the family to suffer from the cold of winter [in minus 14 degrees Celsius]....

       "Hua... had been responsible for collecting approximately 10,000 pieces of used clothing for distribution among poorer church members in the rural countryside." 2 Cor 4:7 and Our hope in Christ (Scroll down to "We suffer now, but..")  The love and endurance of these precious brothers and sisters in Christ put much of the American church to shame. See the first two link at Yesterday's News


Three Pakistani Christians lose eyesight in Christmas assault (Click on "Breaking News"): "'They have lost their eyes in the attack, and the other’s daughters were injured in it, and the [police and press] are accusing THEM?” asked a shocked Christian in Lahore.

     “This is their normal tactic, especially in the Urdu papers,” sighed a churchman in Gujranwala. “They want to put on pressure [on the Christian community], so they will withdraw the charges against the maulvi who is accused.” See Four Faces of Islam


As 2 of the 3 slain missionaries laid to rest in Yemen, co-workers see ongoing ministry: During the funeral, several hundred Yemenis gathered at the hospital to pay their respects. Others lined the street for a half-mile outside the hospital gates. Mourners sang 'He Is Lord' in Arabic and recited the Lord's Prayer.

    "'Something is happening in my heart,' said one Yemeni national. Southern Baptists trust that 'something' is God's Spirit. People who have seen the witness of the three murdered workers are giving serious consideration to the good news...

    "The call of Jesus Christ to take the gospel personally to hurting individuals far outweighs the risks of living in a country like Yemen, Hixon said. "If you had asked any of these people, 'Would you give your life to birth the church?' they would have replied, 'Absolutely,'" he said.

    "'It's easy to love your neighbor and to love your friends and to love your family,' he said. "The miracle occurs when you love your enemy.'" See Her All for Him and Willing to Bleed for Jesus

Persecution linked to the United Nations (May 2000):  When the United Nations declared Luang Prabang, Laos, a World Heritage City many local people felt proud of the honor. Now the world would celebrate their local history. What's more, they would receive the international as well as local funds needed to restore the old Buddhist temples, cultural relics and spiritual traditions. But since the government views Christianity as a threat to their culture, it is now "forcibly removing Christians from this area using the United Nations as an excuse....

"The authorities approach a village and block the entrances and exits. They then determine who is a Christian in the village. Those they find are forced to recant their faith in Jesus or compelled to leave their villages. They are denied their possessions and livelihood...."   ( The Voice of the Martyrs Magazine, November 1999)

A world blinded by the deceptive promises of globalist leaders has little appreciation for Memorial Day, American sovereignty or the freedom God gave us in America. The United Nations has planned changes that will change all the rights and freedoms we take for granted. Some of the new rules, regulations and "responsibilities" will be announced at the Millennium Summit ( September 6-8). For a preview, you may want to see the preparatory report from the UNA-UK Millennium Hearing.

Remember, the mastermind and official UN reformer behind  Kofi Annan is Maurice Strong. (See the last part of World Heritage Protection" - UNESCO's War Against National Sovereignty) To understand the meaning behind nice-sounding UN terms such as Human Rights, read Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

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