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October 2004

Homeschoolers new political force: "An unprecedented new study of adults who were homeschooled not only contradicts assertions they lack socialization but shows them far more likely than the average American to be civically minded and engaged in their local communities." See The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Say 'No' to the federal Homeschool Legislation: "This bill invites regulation of homeschooling by the federal government. After legislation becomes law, government agencies responsible for enforcing it write regulations that determine how the law will be enforced.... Some provisions of this bill practically require that the federal government define homeschooling.... This is the kind of definition and control of homeschooling that many homeschoolers have been working hard to prevent for over 20 years." What Happened to Parents' Rights?


Advice On Reading (by Richard Baxter, 1615-1691): "Make careful choice of the books which you read: let the holy scriptures ever have the pre-eminence, and, next to them, those solid, lively, heavenly treatises which best expound and apply the scriptures, and next, credible histories, especially of the Church... but take heed of false teachers who would corrupt your understandings.

     "...among good books there are some very good that are sound and lively; and some good, but mediocre, and weak and somewhat dull; and some are very good in part, but have mixtures of error, or else of incautious, injudicious expressions, fitter to puzzle than edify the weak."
    "Baxter's Guide To The Value Of A Book: While reading ask oneself: 1. Could I spend this time no better? 2. Are there better books that would edify me more? ... 4. Does this book increase my love to the Word of God...?" See Edify


Bring back the stay-at-home mom: "In a devastating new book, 'Day Care Deception,' Brian C. Robertson marshals the overwhelming evidence about the risks of day care and explains why much of academia and the media try to cover it up. Any negative information about the effects of day care is considered out of bounds because it will upset one of liberalism's most sainted groups: working mothers, whom feminists adore as the vanguard of their assault on the 'patriarchy.'...

     "Burton White, former director of the Harvard Preschool Project, writes, "After more than 30 years of research on how children develop well, I would not think of putting an infant or toddler of my own into any substitute-care program on a full-time basis, especially a center-based program." Deut. 6:6-7


Federal study links time spent in day care to aggressiveness: "The more time young children spend in day care, the more likely they are to be aggressive or disobedient, says the latest report from an ongoing federal study, released today. This link 'occurred across all family backgrounds and all types and quality of care....'" Proverbs 22:6


We Stand For Homeschooling: "The very nature, language and essence of homeschooling are being challenged and even co-opted by a vast array of emerging educational programs which may be based in the home, but are funded by government tax dollars, bringing inevitable government controls.

    "These new 'home-based' publicly-funded entities are variously called: charter schools, cyber-charters, e-schools, Independent Study Programs (ISP), dual enrollment, Blended Schools Programs (BSP), Programs for Non-Public Students (PNPS), Public School Alternative Programs (PSAP), virtual schools, academies, community schools, home bound, and other newly devised terms and concepts. There is a profound possibility that homeschooling is... in grave danger of losing its independence." It doesn't build global citizens or fit UNESCO's blueprint for global management. see Brainwashing in America


Web Resource Site for Home Schooler: "In yet another indication of the growing popularity in home schooling, an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention has launched a new website that provides a constant stream of information designed to aid home-school parents who want to instill a Christian worldview in their children." The Three Myths of Homeschooling


No child left untested? "Testing homeschool students is not a new idea. Nine states require standardized testing:... However, the state assessments required under the No Child Left Behind Act will specifically cover mathematics, reading, language arts, and science, based on state-mandated curriculum. Thus, any students preparing for the test would need to use public school curriculum...." See Reinventing the World Part 3: Global Standards


 Homeschoolers Threatened by Pending Bill: "The California Senate is presently considering a bill that could greatly intimidate homeschoolers and other parents in California. SB 950... would add 'habitual truancy' to the definition of child abuse in Welfare and Institutions..... This provision enables a child to be immediately taken from their family and put into the juvenile court system with no prior opportunity for parents to make their case.

      "Those who would potentially lose their children as a result of this bill would include homeschoolers wrongfully accused of truancy or any child who has up to five unexcused absences....

      "'This dangerous bill creates an unnecessary fear that parents will have their children taken with no due process whatsoever,' said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. 'Citizens are encouraged to contact their local representative to express their feelings about this legislation.'" See Seeing the world from His perspective


New Sitcom Plans to Lampoon Home Schooling: "A new cable TV sitcom pokes fun at home schoolers, pushing the myth that children who get their education at home lack sufficient 'socialization' skills. The WB network [providers for Yu-gi] will be airing a 30-minute comedy called The O'Keefes....

     "Mike Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, takes issue with the show's theme. He says home schoolers test higher than any other group of students in terms of socialization." See Three Myths of Homeschooling and the next link:


A homeschooling alert and Fact Sheet sent by the Ohio Home Education Coalition. Your state may be affected by this because of NCLB.... 

Ohio homeschoolers were again bombarded with unsolicited mailings last week from K12. A lavishly-produced public relations mailing announces a clearly expensive April 5 "K12 Innovation in Education" Expo to take place in Columbus, OH.


These efforts on the part of this for-profit education management company continue to blur the distinct differences between homeschooling and publicly-funded, government-controlled schooling via an e-school or cyber-school. Homeschoolers should be aware of the dangerous trends toward homeschooling being integrated into government school in their homes. Unless we work to preserve our independence, we may find that our rights are quickly eroded.

The Ohio Home Education Coalition has prepared a fact sheet on the continuing developments, both initiated by operations such as the for-profit K12, as well as those coming from school districts. We have attached a copy of this fact sheet. We remind you that OHEC is an open and inclusive coalition of interested homeschoolers who come together to raise awareness of issues facing homeschoolers in Ohio. We do not maintain an interactive email address. As we are all busy with our families, individual responses to this email or the fact sheet would be impossible. The authors give permission for this fact sheet to be duplicated in its entirety and distributed to homeschooling support group members.

A copy of this fact sheet will also be available in a PDF format at Homeschooling Freedom whose website is


The real reason the state opposes homeschooling: "Government's great fear in this matter is not that the kids are being short-changed or abused – it's that they might be getting a better education than the government-educrat de facto monopoly can provide and that the word might get out."

     This article misses the real reason, which is far more ominous. See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Local Public School System Challenges Homeschoolers: "My responsibility is to enforce the compulsory attendance law,' said regional school superintendent Bruce Dennison. So Dennison decided to send truant officers – some in squad cars – to various homes in the three-county area, demanding proof of what homeschoolers were learning. 'We have a very strong sense of accountability,' he said. 'What we are asking of homeschools is certainly consistent with what we would expect of the public schools within the state." The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Ban on church schools interviewing pupils: "Church schools are to be banned from interviewing prospective pupils because of fears that they are using the process to select bright, middle-class children. The [British] Department for Education and Employment, which is issuing new guidance to end the practice, said school selection would be made 'fairer' for pupils and parents." See Reinventing the World and Mark 13:10-12 and the next item. Both show the organized shift toward socialist "equality."


Elitism’ worries official: "An unfolding 'elitist' movement in U.S. education is a message that needs to be heard regarding charter schools and home schooling....

      “'What we’re promoting right now in this country is stratification,' [Superintendent Ron] Pepple said. The 'elitist' tendencies come with racial, cultural and economic stratifications.... 'It’s unhealthy when the ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ become too extreme,' Pepple said.... The institution of charter schools like home schooling tends to 'divorce' the community from the pride of its schools." See Solidarity


Homeschooling Alert. California Department of Education redefines the rules for homeschooling parents.  


Children flee homeschool cop: "The homeschooled boys have been on edge, says their father Roger, since a truant officer came to the family's front door Oct. 3 and warned, 'I could have your children taken away.' The Channells have been homeschooling their boys for five years without a hint of concern from public school officials.... But now the Channells, threatened with prosecution, are among at least 24 families in a three-county area who have been contacted in the past two months by a truant officer...." Proverbs 22:6 & 2 Chron 20:12


Utah School District Keeps Homeschooler Out of College: "...The family has homeschooled in Utah for seven years, and has always complied with the district's policies. Each year, the Kent family registered and received approval from Jordan School District. Now, however, when they requested some proof of completion from the district, they were denied....   

      "Jordan School District indicates that three units of language arts are required. Matthew has completed eight. Jordan requires two units of mathematics. Matthew has completed ten. .... In the meantime, Matthew is not attending school at all. Instead of getting an education, he has gotten a job." 2 Cor 2:14


Home-schoolers to be denied diplomas: "Beginning in May 2003, however, the Newton Public Schools [Massachussets] will officially stop granting diplomas to home-schooled students. The School Committee voted unanimously this week, at the recommendation of Superintendent Jeffrey Young, to terminate the years-long practice. ...

    "'MCAS [the tenth-grade exam] is one issue,' Young said. The other problem is remediation, he said, explaining that even if home-schooled students at some point were allowed to take the MCAS, it would be very difficult for the schools to help those who failed it since the schools cannot closely monitor what home-schooled kids are learning." 

     Of course. Government schools can't conform home-schooled children to the new beliefs and values needed for the envisioned sustainable global solidarity. See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health and 2 Corinthians 4:7


California warns home schoolers: "School officials in California are warning parents that they cannot educate their children at home unless they obtain professional teaching credentials. Without the proper credentials, parents no longer can file required paperwork that would authorize them to home school their children, states a memo issued by the state Department of Education. As a result, those children not attending public schools would be considered 'truant' by local school districts." Please pray that Christian parents not lose their freedom to raise their own children to follow God. Proverbs 22:6 


Legal challenge from home-educating parents: "An internationally-funded court challenge is facing the Scottish Executive if it goes ahead with contentious new controls for parents who have their children educated at home. ...A spokesperson maintained it was intended to improve relations between home educating families and councils by providing clear advice on acceptable practice and by promoting a consistent approach across Scotland." But the state's goals and ways clash with Christian beliefs and values. Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce


Home-schooling in Anderson County: "Parents living in the Anderson County School District who wish to conduct home schooling during the 2002-2003 school year must make application to the Director of Student Services by Aug. 1, 2002. Late fees of $20 per week or a portion thereof will be charged for late registration through Sept. 1. Parents conducting home-schooling for children in grades K-8 must have at least a high school diploma or GED." The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Home schooling has come a long way: "Home-schooling parents can save lots of time since there are so many courses they don't have to teach:

....multiculturalism, the peculiar notion that other cultures should be preferred to our own

....political correctness, such as the dogma that all academic subjects must be taught through the prism of gender and race oppression....

....the androgyny demanded by radical feminism.... [see Mine is the Power]

....diversity, the code word for gay rights, as is now mandated K-12 by the California State Legislature....
....revisionist history....  [see The International Agenda] education that is designed to promote global interdependence and citizens of the world instead of the U.S.A....

....environmental education fantasies, such as that humans exist to serve the earth instead of vice versa.... [see Saving the Earth]

....fuzzy math, whole math, new math, new new math, or rain forest math....  

....depressing modern fiction.... about drugs, violence, sex, runaway teens, witchcraft and other depressing subjects. Home schoolers can read books about heroes and stories that build character, courage, patriotism and virtue.

      "Home schoolers won't have to spend time filling out nosy questionnaires about sex, drugs and suicide. The public schools are obsessed with asking students impudent personal questions, such as how many times have you felt depressed and tried to commit suicide."


Don't link home school with abuse: "The team found that home school laws 'allow persons who maltreat children to maintain social isolation in order for the abuse and neglect to remain undetected' and called for a task force to look into the issue. But there is no logical connection between the practice of home schooling... and child abuse. ...  So why target home schooling this way? If there's no real link to child abuse, what is it about home schooling that causes certain establishment entities concern?

      "One, it is a direct challenge to the liberal big-government notion that the public schools can be the be-all, end-all vehicle for social services delivery. The second threat has more to do with the education establishment decision-makers. Teachers' unions recognize all too well that home schooling is a threat to federal funding, because so much of that funding is based on enrollment figures. ... Home schooling is a means by which parents take back their central role in the development of their (not the village's) children. And so, many in the liberal big-government, educational and social services conglomerate fight against it desperately." See The Three Myths of Homeschooling 


Dating back to 2001


Reports Shatters Myth of Homeschooling's 'Conservative Fringe': "As "Time" magazine published a major study on homeschooling this week, separate research revealed that less than half of homeschooling families are born-again believers. ... A survey by the state of Florida found that only a quarter of families practiced homeschooling for religious reasons, the magazine said. While conservative Christians who had made homeschooling a political issue in the 1980s were "as committed as ever... more politically moderate Christians have also joined the movement."

850,000 Kids Schooled at Home: "Homeschoolers have been in the news in recent years, taking top honors at events such as the National Spelling Bee.... Most parents say they homeschool their children to give them a better education and not necessarily because of religious beliefs, although religion was second on a list of reasons.  ...about 18 percent of homeschoolers were enrolled in schools part time, with about 11 percent saying they used books or materials from public schools."


The Dark Side of Nationwide Tests: "President Bush’s education initiative calls for the testing of every student in the nation, but these ‘assessments’ in the past involved Big Brother-style psychological profiling. ....public education during the last 30 years has tended against testing for knowledge of content, instead emphasizing a psychological assessment of a child’s needs, background and ability to conform to the group. A “test” is an objective measure of a child’s ability to solve a problem; an 'assessment' is a social scientist’s speculation about the environmental conditioning of the child.
       "Thus the 'assessment' of a child’s ability to read or to do math in the current testing already in use has more to do with probing the child’s psyche and teaching him or her to conform to group values than with testing ability to add two plus two. The leading educational experts will read the bill’s language as a license to invade the privacy of every child in the country rather than hold failing schools accountable." 
See A New Way of Thinking and and Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

I Knew This Was Going to Happen the moment that we heard the gut-wrenching story of Andrea Yates, who happened to be a homeschooling mom, drowning her 5 young children, that there would be some.... op-ed piece questioning the motives of home-schooling parents.... The writer of this article states, "the homeschooling movement runs an active propaganda machine". ...Propaganda? According to Dean Gotcher, Founder of the Institute for Authority Research, facts persuade, feelings manipulate. This article serves no other purpose than to manipulate public opinion against the very idea of homeschooling." Prov 22:6

State Running Background Checks on New Parents: "The whole idea here is prevention," said Mark Jasonowicz, deputy director of the state Family Independence Agency. "We want to identify those parents who have been abusive in the past and try to head off any possible incidents of future abuse."  This fits today's concept of "prevention" or "risk management" which is now used to justify the Orwellian regulations needed to manage human resource around the world." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health and Reinventing the World.


If I Were Mayor, I Would...." Essay Contest Promotes Educational Classism

Growing Congregations Spur Church Construction Boom. Notice the last paragraph, then read the first two reports on the 21st Century Church by Dr. Robert Klenck: The 21st Century Church

Senate Bill 129 (L.D. 405): Change in Testing Requirement/Public School Profits from Home Schoolers

Homeschool teacher numbers grow

Judge orders homeschooled girl to public school -- again

NEA Resolutions on Home Schooling. "The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience. When home schooling occurs, students enrolled must meet all state requirements.... Instruction should be by persons who are licensed by the appropriate state education licensure agency, and a curriculum approved by the state department of education should be used."   Thank God that George W. Bush, not someone committed to the NEA goals, leads our nation. But pray also that our sovereign King hold back the tide of proposed restrictions on homeschooling and Christian child raising. Goals 2000 calls for the participation of "all" in its process. In the midst of these threats, we can trust Him to guide and guard those who belong to Him.  

U.N. opposing 'motherhood, fatherhood'? New report sees harm to families in proposed global policies

FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS:THE TRAP IS SET. When churches accept federal funds for their outreach to the needy, they must obey government rules. Like charter schools, they may trust the promise that such supportive "partnerships" will help them reach their goals. But in a government-church partnership, the stronger partner rules and the weaker partner serves. Participating churches tied to federal rules are being told to hide their crosses and other Christian symbols, stop sharing the gospel or suggesting that Christianity is better than other religions (that's considered  intolerant no matter how much love is shown), change hiring policies that would "discriminate" against Wiccans, homosexuals, etc.  In a sense, they sell their souls to the government. The last footnote in Brave New Schools explains the law behind these rules)

Pagan Religion More Noble than Christian Belief in the Eyes of Some

Posted in January

'No king but Jesus'

The Strange War: Stories for a Culture of Peace. This curriculum may sound good, but the UN plan for a "Culture of peace" means war on Biblical Christianity. 

Statement by President Bush to March to Life Rally

'Roe' endorses Ashcroft: Petition urging confirmation promoted by famed abortion-case plaintiff.

To Know Roe

Silence in the Pulpit: Former abortionist cannot understand why many in clergy still remain silent on abortion issue

New "Tolerance" Laws Affecting Curriculum: How You Can Protect Your Children

Home school mom not going to jail, Judge says


Posted in December

Is the church forgetting 2 Timothy 4:3-5? See  Christianity Today Reclaiming Santa

We are not familiar with the website, but you may find its historical summary of Christmas useful.

Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?

Part I -- The Market-Driven Church

Many Video Games 'Unhealthy' for Girls

Home-school mom not going to jail: Judge lifts arrest warrant, order to take girl from family

Christmas Carol Battle: Songs spur debate over separation of church and state in schools 

Old-time religion competes with new-age concentration gap

In Home Prayer Forbidden by CT Government

The People's Church: "...a new message began emanating from his pulpit....  Sure, the Bible calls us to live in peace with one another, to keep and maintain healthy relationships with our brothers and siters in Christ, but NOT at the expense of God. The pastor I once held in such high regard began reciting "group-think" platitudes like: "YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT WITH GOD AND AT ODDS WITH EVERYONE ELSE", meaning it was now time for us all to compromise our conscience and convictions for the collective. This is the 'Consensus Process' at work....  [But] the Bible is FULL of godly men who stood alone...."

France wrings its hands as young run wild.  While cultures revert to pre-Christian times and a growing crowd of youths "have fallen back on the most basic instincts of violence and pleasure" -- including killing and gang rape -- God's people need to follow Him. That means being "in the world" but not "of the world." It's time to "count the cost" of discipleship, for being "separate" means facing the world's hatred and persecution. (See John 17:14-16 and Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

Posted in November:

A special treat for children. We don't know much about the website but the FAQ page answered some of our questions.

Worldview Curriculum Prepares Christians for Antagonism in Classrooms


Posted in October:


Apparently,  Barnes & Nobles have starting an "anti-hate" campaign" aimed at children.  To understand what this means, read  Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values. Its partner in this politically correct project is Scholastics, the U.S. publisher of the Harry Potter books, Goosebumps, and a Star Wars series for children.  Now look at the books B&N recommends for our children

School Violence  "My wife and I have been struggling with this ever since our local school district passed a policy that defines violence as "any word, look, or action that hurts another person's feelings, body, or things," writes D. Joseph Sprigler  [Remember, being a Christian is increasingly linked to violence because our beliefs and values clash with politically correct tolerance.]

Posted in September:


Candidates weigh in on home schooling DNC attacks Bush for being 'lenient' with home schoolers

Posted in August:

Clinton wants to 'organize' home schoolers 'Your children have to prove that they're learning on a regular basis'

Famous Hyperactive, Disobedient and/or Home-Schooled Children

Posted in June: 

Link showing cultural change: Pint-Sized 'Perverts' in the Playground  (See related article:  Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance)

Homeschoolers Tagged as Truant

Court Bans Pre-Game Prayer (Posted at

Beware the United Religions  

Abortion Is Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

Two Lynch Pins to Destroy Homeschooling

Manual to Combat Truancy

NEA Resolutions on Home Schooling

Judge Orders Parent Not To Pray With Children

When Child Protective Services Calls

Big Brother Takes Children, Again

Librarian Resigns After Being Ordered To Provide Pornography To Children


Encouragement of Homeschooling Parents


Posted December 11, 2000

From Judy Peterson: I am homeschooling my daughter, and, while I cannot claim to be poorly educated in science, I only managed to pass my college algebra/trig class on the strength of my straight A's in algebra. I flunked the trigonometry  part miserably. Further, I have absolutely no training in education, and I faced home schooling my 12-year-old with fear and trembling.

> However, she is making straight A's in both science and math - because of the excellence of the curricula, not the teacher. I submit that, even if we had the best math and science teachers in the world, given the dismal state of the science and math curricula used in the government schools, we would still have poor performance from our students. The  curriculum  used to teach a subject is at LEAST as important as its teacher, in  improving the performance of the students - IMHO.

 It is refreshing, though, to see someone of importance advocating  bucking  the system. Even if he IS coming from such a questionable, power-mongering organization as the UN. 

From Alicia:  God is good! I am a home schooling mother of 3 gifts from the Lord.... My husband and I were blessed to have heard the Bluedorns speak at a home schooling convention. Before this time, we were very close to purchasing a canned curriculum. God again spared us much grief. After learning of the trivium and the natural way God wired us to learn, we are strolling down a garden path that grows sweeter everyday. I know it will get tough with Latin coming up in just a few short years, but the God who reached down and saved me, has brought me through many valleys, and has given me insight when I had none, will surely see me through everything yet to come! I do believe you are an answer to one of my many prayers: "Lord prepare me for whatever I need to know in the future."

This link, “First lady pushes child care as crime prevention tool,” was sent by Michele Moore<>, who added this insightful note (4-28-00) :

I am constantly irritated by studies (and the media who report on the studies) which constantly and consistently refuse to ask the most important and telling questions above all.  When studying the criminal tendencies of children in and out of daycare, the obvious is missed. Here are the important questions as they might relate to the article below:  What is the likelihood of future arrest of children who spend their early years in the care of a stay-at-home mother or father?  How does that figure compare with the statistical data for daycare children?   What is the likelihood of future arrest of children who are schooled at home?  How does that figure compare with the statistical data for public school children?    

Until these OTHER studies are conducted and the figures compiled and compared, there will NEVER be an accurate accounting of any of these  "likelihoods," and people will continue to believe not only that daycare is the BEST choice over the stay-at-home mom, but that daycare can do a better job than the stay-at-home mom. As a stay-at-home mom, I am offended!

Posted 4-29-00:  


Earth Day: Chevy Chase Says Socialism Works, Cuba is a prime example!
Shows the prevailing ignorance and complacent attitude toward Communism


Anatomy of the Global Environmental Agenda


Posted 4-15-00 | Makes spanking illegal: Europe Turns Against Smacking.  This BBC report confirms our article: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Posted 4-15-00 | Concerning compromise in Christian schools:

From Cindy Rietkerk: It's very interesting that some don't want to hear about current events and how they affect our society. I can see that liberalism, new age, paganism, globalism no matter how you word it-is slipping into our local Christian school.

My son's "Christian" Middle School was teaching evolution and sex ed. without my knowledge until another parent alerted me. I went to the teacher and got nowhere. I took it to the board and they just looked at me like I was from Mars. With all the new "exploratory" courses as they called them (which were called electives when I was in school), I began to question the content of it ALL.

I asked to see the course outlines and course objectives. To make a long story short I have a letter from he school stating that they don't require their teachers to have course objectives. I was told that this is a "Christian" school and that we have "Christian" teachers and that there is a great deal of trust between the teachers and the administration. Wow! Alrighty then.

The Christian High School is no better. We pulled our boys out and are homeschooling them. What an answer to prayer. The Lord has confirmed the decision many times over that we did the right thing.

Parents think that the Christian school is a safe haven from all the liberal thinking and teaching. On the contrary, they are hiring new young teachers fresh out of the liberal institutions and they are bring the pagan philosophies right into our school. Everyone needs to hear about this... the young people included. You can't begin to discern the lie until you know something of the way that they (pagans) re-word things and make it sound good and true.

When I was first inquiring about course objectives, etc., and this whole new idea of the "Middle School" the superintendent thought she would help me by giving me a book to read about the Christian School's adoption of this new middle school concept. That only fueled my fire more and gave me greater cause for concern. Perhaps you may have read the book. It is entitled: The Christian Middle School by Gloria Stronks (not sure of the spelling of the author's name). Our children's  Christian school was based on that very book. 

Of course the whole philosophy is "student needs-based learning," "learning how to learn," the importance of the individual, and you know the rest...just like the public schools. The superintendent further tried to assure me that the book was written by "Christians" whom "we", the administrators, "know and trust".

Ironically, in the RCL (Responsible Christian Living) class this instructor used the class as an open forum to discuss homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. When I discussed it at length with the teacher, she told me as her eyes welled up with tears that her brother had just died with AIDS. She proceeded to tell me that he prayed to God to take that desire away and he didn't so, "oh, well" as if he wasn't responsible. She substituted the word "SIN" with sickness and therefore somehow he isn't accountable anymore. Jay Adams addresses this topic so well in his book Christian Living in the Home (A must read book for everyone-in my opinion, and graduation requirement in our home!).

Basically, when we as Christians aren't accountable to anyone (God first of all and then to each other) the truth gets watered down and eventually the truth is left out.

I'd love to see an article on this very subject: Paganism Creeping Into Our Christian Schools. So many don't see it. They have no clue as to what is going on in our public schools.

Perhaps some of you need the encouragement of reading The Three Myth of Homeschooling

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