Novus Ordo Seclorum: New Order of the Ages  

The Final Tower of Babel


by Berit Kjos - September 2003




My early memories include a lot of family puzzles. Though we usully had a picture to follow, we would start out slow -- piecing together the edges, then seeking matches for various colors. As the actual picture began to appear, we worked faster. At the end we were just racing to add the last few pieces before sitting back and gazing at our completed puzzle. And, unlike today, no one accused us of conspiring to build a false image or distort the actual picture.

Many concerned Christians have worked together to "connect the dots" in today's global picture, a troubling scene is becoming increasingly clear. We saw bits and pieces of it back in the eighties and nineties when many of us researched the history of education and matched its pieces to those of the vision and rise of the United Nations. Our pieces were authentic: based on massive amounts of documentation: letters, manuscripts, books, conference data, speeches, etc.[3]

The more pieces we found, the clearer the picture. The diverse parts of the picture -- education, mind control strategies, Marxism, economy, ecology, a global spirituality.. they are now all merging together into an alarming whole. Hard to believe? The read just a few of these articles and chronologies:

A Chronology of the Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Chronology of U.S. Education

Chronology of the National Education Association

Steps toward Global Mind Control

The final image of this global picture has become far clearer during the first months of Obama's presidency, but he obviously didn't start this transformational picture. Yet, it may well near completion by the end of his reign. All it takes are a few more conveniet crisis that require a new level of government control. We already warnings about a more potent flue pandemice than that is fast fading away. And a recent memo memo from the May Bilderberg meeting suggests:.

Bilderbergers plan secret meeting in Greece [May 14-17]: "The Bilderberg Group is an elite invitation-only conference of influential members of the business, media and political community. Past attendees have included Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair....

      "Estulin also claims ... to have obtained a pre-meeting booklet sent out to attendees that presents a discussion of two economic options: 'Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty ... or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency."



And that's not all! The Bible actually gave us a picture to follow two thousand years ago:

clearer the picture of a global union, the faster each new piece could be in the overall picture. The mind changing process became rooted in American education through John Dewey's early efforts, then grew as the pace

Quote New YUork mayer, Quickly, Houghton


This picture didn't begin with President Obama -- but it may well be completed under his reign.

Thanks to Dr. Dennis cuddy and Charlotte Iserbyt for po9inting me toward this back in the early ninenties.

the villains now as in Communist China are those who put their hope in God and believe His end-time prophesies. Such contrarian faith has brought the death sentence to many a faithful Christians. Other have faced life-draining slave camps were relief came only through death or surrender to brainwashing in torturous reeducation camps.




Many years ago, Andy and I were walking the narrow, winding streets of old Jerusalem. As we paused to look at the ever-present "souvenirs" in the Palestinian displays we smiled and greeted the people. Some answered us in English, and one man was particularly friendly. He turned out to be a Christian and invited us to visit his little church. We did,  and were delighted to meet a roomful of people who obviously loved God. Some of the hymns they song were wonderfully familiar. So when they sang Amazing Grace in their language, we sang in English. We were truly One in Christ!

Today, churches create an artificial oneness through mandatory dialectic groups. The new man-made unity is "managed" by trained facilitators and it rules out all sorts of Christian -- but potentially divisive -- truths and questions.  The oneness seems good -- even Biblical to those who don't know God's guidelines, but it's man-made, not Spirit-led.

The Spirit touches individual hearts and produces personal responses: eye-opening awareness of God and His holiness, awareness of sin followed by genuine repentance, and surrender -- a transformation that cannot be manipulated by human change agents. The man-made oneness has little to do with sin or repentance. It focuses on those things that join together with or without His Word: entertainment, laughter, fun and rock music. Community service is vital to the process, just as it was in Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. It adds a sense of righteousness apart from His Word and Spirit. Few remember that service to the poor has been part of Biblical Chrisitainty from the beginning -- not as a strategy for change or a reason to boast, but because the life of Jesus in us prompts us to serve without human acclaim -- whehter alone or in groups.


Numbers 11:4, 18-20, 23, 31-34 

12:6-8.    -- 15:10, 22-24, 29-31, 39       16:1-12, 30-31     23:4, 12, 26

Mark 13:13, 21-23     Ps. 33:10-12

Wide range of socialism includdes..... Designed to be funny, not rpecise. Socialism character may be the more bening Eusropean nations as well as Hitler's National Socialism -- the Communist Socialism.

The cruelties of Communism starting with Lenin, Statlin, Mao, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia.  Quote from book - Killing Fields


Accountabiilty to God or man. God ... if he shows Bbilcal values. No ehlp -- if small grup love the world more than God.... Love for the world enticement and sympathize with our weaknesses rather than reprove or correct you.



Global Religion for Global Governance: "There are three interlocking elements that are key to any society: Politics, economics and religion.... [ See The Emerging Global Church ]

     "...In spite of the fact that America's heritage is deeply rooted in simple concepts like the Ten Commandments, these are now persona non grata. To the global elite however, there apparently is no 'separation of church and state'... as long as it is their religion and their state: Neither of these welcome traditional evangelical Christianity.

     "The first example of religion in globalism is the Aspen Institute, formerly called the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies....

     "URI [United Religions ] was founded in 1993 ... as an Interfaith organization that seeks to bind religions of the world into one common organization.... In 2002, New Age author Neale Donald Walsch said that the URI is 'more global in scope, and more universal in reach' than other interfaith organizations.'" See The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark and Heresy in high places



As the Roman economy slumoped lower and lower, burdented with/an aggravated inflation and a costly government, authoritarianism increased to counter the apathy. Since work was no longer done voluntarily, it was brought increasingly under the authority of the state, and freedoms were lost. For example, laws were passed binding small farmers to their land. So, because of the general apathy and its results, and because of oppressive control, few thought the old civilization worth saving. 28-29

Rome did not fall because of external forces such as the invasion by the barbarians. Rome had no sufficient inward base; the barbarians only completed the breakdown—and Rome gradually
became a ruin


Next: Part 2: Justifying Mind Control

See also Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values and Steps toward Global Mind Control


Henry A. Wallace, the Socialist Secretary of Agriculture and, later, Vice President under Roosevelt, explained why this symbol appears on our US dollar bill: "Roosevelt as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal was first struck with the representation of the 'All Seeing Eye,' a Masonic representation of The Great Architect of the Universe.... Roosevelt like myself was a 32nd degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill."


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