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December 2002

Way Too Much Fantasy With That Dream House: "Still seeking that perfect gift for a special young girl in your life? Well, look no further than page 50 of the FAO Schwarz 2002 holiday catalogue. For a mere $45, you can surprise and delight her with a Lingerie Barbie. And what a Barbie Babe she is, decked out in her sexy black (or, if you prefer, pink) garters, stockings and obligatory stiletto heels....

      "During the past decade, there have been an unprecedented number of assaults on the whole concept of sexual boundaries (with Lingerie Barbie only of the more egregious examples), typically without so much as a peep from the adult world. Maybe we've just been too busy or too overwhelmed to notice, or perhaps we've become so adjusted to the ever-quickening pace of cultural change that the change itself is simply harder and harder to perceive. How else to explain the gradual appearance of 'soft porn' in perfume and clothing advertisements? How and when did that become 'okay'? ...

      "And, excuse me, but who was paying attention when the junior streetwalker/sex slave look became the predominant mode of 'dress' among teens and even preteens? Or the wide-midriff, belly-button-baring trend for the 7-year-old crowd? Or short shorts, sporting phrases like 'Hot Stuff' across the buttocks, for first-graders?" See Charts: Total transformation and Isaiah 3:5-12


Marvel Comics to unveil gay gunslinger: "The new series pairs the original artist... with Ron Zimmerman, a writer for the 'Howard Stern Show.'... Zimmerman approached Marvel with his idea of a homosexual Rawhide Kid.... Marvel's public relations officer, said that Marvel has always been 'interested in tapping into stories that are relevant today.'...

      "Although Rawhide Kid is the first gay title character, Marvel does have several existing gay characters, such as North Star of the "X-Men" comic book series."  Romans 1:22-32

When enough becomes too much: "What an insult to the culturally rich New York City that excavating gutters and exhibiting depravity is promoted as a 'loftier mission.' But the erstwhile curator is not alone in perceiving pornography and sexual perversity as educational. Some of our finest universities are touting courses in the curricula of women's studies, cultural history and sociology that require students to view pornography and study all sorts of sexual practices, then, write term papers about the content as though it was a legitimate focus of academic inquiry." Jeremiah 6:13-15


Do Islam And Hip-Hop Make A Deadly Mix? " appears that Muhammad was part of a supremacy movement -- a militant spin-off of the Nation of Islam called The Nation of Gods and Earths or, more commonly, The Five Percent [belief that five percent of humanity, black humanity, is divine] ...Unlike its white supremacist counterparts which seem relegated to small enclaves in western states, The Nation of Gods and Earths' influence is nation-wide and surprisingly influential in mainstream hip-hop music....

      "The artists who have a Five Percent connection are not the fringe of the rap and hip-hop music industry but instead include some of the industry's most successful and influential acts: Busta Rhymes (star of a new beer advertisement from Miller Lite), the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Lakim Shabazz and Brand Nubian....

      "To speak of Islam as anything but as an unqualified religion of peace is taboo; the topic of black supremacists is not addressed; and the combination of both makes for a news story that may never be fully explored." See Four Faces of Islam


The Transhumanists - The next great threat to human dignity: "In recent years, scientists have mixed the DNA of a jellyfish with that of a monkey, creating a 'transgenic' animal that glows in the dark.... Scientists have also inserted spider DNA into the genes of goats, creating ewes that produce milk containing spider-web silk.... But what about human transgenic research? Are any biotech companies or researchers putting animal DNA into human embryos? Nobody knows.

       "... some bioethicists and philosophers explicitly endorse engineering animal DNA into human embryos as one method of producing the "post-human" race. Welcome to the surreal world of "transhumanism," a nascent and explicitly eugenic philosophy that advocates taking control of human evolution through gene modification....

      "Transhumanists are biotech absolutists. They claim humans should ... have the right to control the destiny of their genes by means of progeny design and fabrication. This could include ... "mixing species boundaries through transgenic technologies." ...

      "'By "weakening the ethical boundary between non-human and human animals," [says bioethicist Gregory E. Pence], it will be easier to 'do to humans some of the things we think quite sane to do to animals,' beginning with cloning and moving from there to genetic modification." See Brave New World


Child porn swoop nets 90 police: "Hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers, have been identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles by an investigation into internet porn.... John Carr of the Children's Charities' Coalition for Internet Safety (CHIS)... said: 'It's very distressing to learn that so many policeman are being arrested for these sorts of offences. It undermines people's confidence in our ability to deal with it at all.'

     "Harry Fletcher, deputy general secretary of the probation union Napo, said: 'There has been growing evidence over the past 10 years that paedophiles have infiltrated careers that put them in direct contact with children. This latest evidence suggests we have to be even more vigilant.' " Yet, many pastors are no longer free to share some of the Biblical warnings. See Romans 1:22-32 and America's Spiritual Slide


Re-Inventing Morals: "One of the Big Lies of modern times concerns the notion that morals are a ‘social construct’ largely traceable to the Christian religion, and in particular the Ten Commandments.

    "...morals are rules of conduct in a social context, in their most visible form consisting of bans on certain specific types of behaviour.... Their chief concern is to outlaw murder, rape, assault, lying and the failure to honour promises, behaviours which tend to make social living impossible. They are strictly a human thing: there are no morals in the wild. In fact morals ARE the defining difference between the wild state - in which the strong are free to kill and dominate the weak - and civilisation, in which the weak have as much right to exist as the strong....

     "The results of the new ‘socially constructed’ morality are already in evidence. As the world enters the 21st century it is witnessing a reversion to a jungle ‘morality.’" Judges 17:6  While we differ on some points, we appreciate these insights.


Harsh reality TV: "On basic cable networks, the 'reality' was even more shocking. The overall rate of sex, foul language and violence was 29.4 instances per hour, more than three times the broadcast average....

     "The popularity and cultural glorification of these shows is the latest avenue for TV producers to 'push the envelope' a few more steps into the gutter. With the shock value of 'real' events, it may be only a matter of time before scripted shows attempt to catch up with the raised expectations of more frequent and explicit sex talk and obscenity." 2 Timothy 3:1-14 and Temptation? I create my own values

Pupils To Receive Morning-After Pill: "Following through on a British government plan to establish sex clinics for teenagers, one south London school will soon begin offering the morning-after pill to students.... which will make emergency contraception available to all of the school's female students - some of whom are as young as 11 years old." Sex Ed and Global Values


Support For 1st Amendment Slipping: "Support for the First Amendment has eroded significantly since Sept. 11 and nearly half of Americans now think the constitutional amendment on free speech goes too far in the rights it guarantees, according to a new poll." Charts: Paradigm Shift


Boredom, laziness, futility.... What's happening to many of our children and youth? Notice the "progression" in the next five links - from popular entertainment to lawlessness, to upside-down values to the compromising church.


Trying to bring students to a higher standard: "...I'd spent 45 futile minutes watching one-fourth of the students bounce off the desks and walls like human paddleballs. Many had not finished their classwork, even though I felt I'd allotted ample time. 'This is it?' I asked, pointing to the thin stack of assignments that had been turned in. 'What about the rest of you?' Usually such a question met with shrugs and lowered eyes. But this time someone answered. 'No offense,'' Tania said, 'but this class is boring.'...

       "Colleagues recommended alternative teaching methods to liven things up, while still trying to cover the standards. Some students respond better to physical activity, or drawing....I tried rewards, like movie passes and homework passes. (Some teachers used candy, but I refused to do that.)....

        "At the beginning of the school year, all the Gilroy schools' teachers gathered at the high school to hear a motivational guest speaker. One thing he said stuck in my mind: 'If a kid fails, that's his grade,' he said. 'But that's your grade as well.' By that measure, my year of teaching was a miserable failure.... My biggest failure, I felt, was not that some students hadn't learned the material. It was that there were so many I couldn't even persuade to try."

        Boredom, laziness, futility.... What's happening to many of our children and youth? Notice the "progression" in the next three links - from popular entertainment to lawlessness, to upside-down values to the compromising church. See the first comment

Eminem lyrics are blamed for sex attack: "A sex attack on a nine-year-old boy may have been inspired by the sordid lyrics of a song by the rap star Eminem, a court was told. The child was twice ordered to perform a lewd sexual act with a boy three years his senior."  See Popular Music with Pagan Roots.

Youth team proposes under-age drink clubs [UK]: "Children as young as 13 will be allowed to drink alcohol in council-run 'safe havens' if an idea by a town's youth workers is approved. ... They acknowledge that the scheme, if approved, would involve youth workers effectively turning a blind eye to the law. The town's deputy director of education, Ed Blundell, said: 'We cannot have a police officer standing at the door. That would deter young people and undermine the exercise.'" 2 Timothy 3:1-14

Let's misbehave: "It used to be that the American ethic was to reward good behavior and punish wrongdoing. Remember those days? Well, they are gone but maybe not forever. Last week the Pepsi-Cola company announced they hired the rapper Ludacris to do a commercial that would run during the MTV awards. Seemed like a good move on paper as Ludacris sells millions of records to the young people.... But Ludacris is a thug rapper. His lyrics celebrate intoxication, irresponsible sex, drug dealing and violence....

       "Way back in the beginning, President George Washington nailed it. He said this: 'Associate yourself with men of quality if you esteem your reputation, for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company.'" But God said it first and best: Proverb 12:13 and Psalm 1:1-6


Stupid church tricks (link requires registration): "gross-out' games have become a fad in youth ministry. Since adolescents are amused by bodily functions, crude behavior, and tastelessness -- following the church-growth principle of giving people what they like as a way to entice them into the kingdom--many evangelical youth leaders think this is a way to reach young people....

     "Defenders of these kinds of activities maintain that they help create group unity. The way they work, though, is to overcome a teenager's inhibitions with the greater desire to go along with the group. In other words, these exercises teach the teenager to give in to peer pressure. Instead, youth groups need to teach Christian teenagers not to go along with the crowd and to stand up against what their friends want them to do."  Rom 12:2-9


Flunking Out of School? Get a Lawyer: "Arizona English teacher Elizabeth Joice got a letter from a lawyer representing one of the students she failed. The letter asked her to take 'whatever action is necessary' for the student to graduate or else the family would sue. Joice said the student plagiarized work, failed a paper and did not attend makeup sessions, among other things. School officials caved and the student was able to retake a test five hours before graduation and receive her diploma....

     "The No Child Left Behind education law President Bush signed in January included a teacher liability section to help ensure teachers, principals and other school professionals are able to undertake 'reasonable actions to maintain order and discipline in the classroom.'" 2 Timothy 3:1-14


'Godless Americans' Plan March on Nation's Capital: "Atheists, secularists and humanists from across the United States are planning a 'Godless Americans March on Washington' this fall to protest what they see as the growth of religion in U.S. culture and government.... 'We are participating in this march to reclaim the American nation as a secular nation...," said Katherine Bourdonnay, a spokesperson for the Council for Secular Humanism.... Others are African Americans for Humanism, American Atheists, Mind Over Madness, and the Atheist Alliance International....

       "According to the most recent American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), approximately 30 million people in the United States identify themselves as atheist, humanist, freethinker, or agnostic. That number amounts to about 13 percent of the U.S. population." Deut 8:10-20

3 Million U.S. Teens Think of Suicide: "More than 13 percent of young Americans between 14 and 17 years of age considered suicide in 2000.... .Depression is the main cause of suicide, SAMHSA administrator Charles Curie said in a statement. 'We need to help teens make the link between untreated depression and the risk for suicide, and help them identify serious depression or suicide risk in a friend,' Curie said. 'We must encourage teens to tell a responsible adult when a friend is at risk for suicide.'"  Once again, a social crisis will be used to increase government control. But government therapy only deepens the root problem. See Judges 17:6 and  The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society

Ventura proclaims Indivisible Day: "Gov. Jesse Ventura, who has drawn heat throughout his term for refusing to declare an official day of prayer in Minnesota, angered Republicans and a conservative interest group Wednesday by granting a request for Minnesota atheists and declaring today Indivisible Day...."

Text of Gov. Jesse Ventura's ' Indivisible Day' ' proclamation: "WHEREAS: The unique feature of this nation at its founding was its establishment of a secular Constitution that separated government from religion...

WHEREAS: Our secular Constitution has enabled people of all worldviews to coexist in harmony, undivided by sectarian strife; and . ...

WHEREAS: Eternal vigilance must be maintained to guard against those who seek to stifle ideas, establish a narrow orthodoxy, and divide our nation along arbitrary lines of race, ethnicity, and religious belief or nonbelief.

NOW THEREFORE, I, JESSE VENTURA, Governor or Minnesota, do hereby proclaim that Thursday, July 4, 2002 shall be observed as: INDIVISIBLE DAY In the State of Minnesota."


Atheists Celebrate Decision: "In honor of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal's decision that classroom recitation of the current Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase 'under God' is a violation of the First Amendment (Newdow V. US Congress), the Atheist Alliance calls on the nation to celebrate July 4, 2002, as Indivisible Day, promoting the unity we particularly need at this time when we are under attack from terrorists who believe nations should be 'under God.'"


Atheist organization jubilant over ruling on pledge ...say voices may finally be heard: "The very name provokes: the Freedom From Religion Foundation. If that's not in-your-face enough, try its publications, perhaps the 'Atheist Cookbook' with recipes including 'Chicken Salad With No Religious Nuts,' or the CD 'Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist,' featuring gospel tunes with Bible-mocking lyrics. Or how about the best-selling bumper sticker proclaiming: 'Nothing Fails Like Prayer.'

     "If it sounds outrageous, that is precisely the point. The three atheists who run the 5,000-member Freedom From Religion Foundation here are determined to make the 'unbeliever' voice heard loud and clear in public discourse." God is Lord whether we trust Him or not, but blessed are those who do. Prov 12:15

Patriotism Reflected in Flag Sales for Independence Day: "The fervor for the U.S. flag that followed the Sept. 11 attacks persisted in sales leading up to Independence Day. ...'The flag business was once a quiet, predictable industry, but that all changed with Sept. 11,' said Thomas D'Amico, president of online retailer American Flags Express. He added that the company also had to hire temporary employees and make changes to accommodate soaring online orders."


Missing diversity: "The structural support for ideological conformity is intensified by the introduction of overt political agendas. These agendas were originally imported into the university by radicals acting as the self-conscious disciples of an Italian Marxist named Antonio Gramsci. ... Gramsci's new idea was to focus radicals' attention on the means of intellectual production as a new lever of social change. He urged radicals to acquire 'cultural hegemony,' by which he meant to capture the institutions that produced society's governing ideas. This would be the key to controlling and transforming the society itself.

      "...contemporary academics see themselves not primarily as educators, but as agents of an 'adversary culture' at war with the world outside the university. But the university was not created--and is not funded--to compete with other institutions.... It is designed to train employees, citizens and leaders of those institutions....

      "There is an organic connection, for example, between the political bias of the university and the political bias of the press. It was not until journalists became routinely trained in university schools of journalism that mainstream media began to mirror the perspectives of the adversary culture. Universities have become a power base of the political left..." Brainwashing in America


Threats to rule of law in America: "The reason why the West has been able to amass great wealth is that rule of law is embedded in Western values. Where there's rule of law, human initiative flourishes. Rule of law refers to freedom of contract and enforcement of contracts, protection of private property, stability of laws, a requirement that all persons, private individuals and government officials are subject to the same laws, and most importantly, limitation of the authority of government. For more than a half-century, various elements of the rule of law have been under ruthless attack in America."

       True, but we can't forget that the foundation for these Western law and values was God's Word. It built a love for truth and respect for integrity, obedience and factual reality -- which are all eroding in today's postmodern world. See Judges 17:6 and Matt 24:12

'Morning-After' Pill Available at Some Dept. of Defense Clinics: "The Pentagon is coming under fire for making available to female soldiers the so-called 'morning-after' pill, a controversial drug that is usually taken after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy."


Gays March Through Brazil: "With music blaring from more than 20 sound trucks, hundreds of thousands of people danced and marched through Sao Paulo Sunday in what was billed Latin America's biggest gay pride parade. Police estimated the number of people at 400,000, twice as many that took part in last year's parade. Gay pride day was officially opened by Sao Paulo's left-leaning mayor, Marta Suplicy, who in a brief speech said she was proud of being the mayor of a city that serves as a showcase for gay rights." 1 Cor 6:9-11


Why women vote the way they do: "Politicians have long known that women's votes are to a large extent determined by whether they are married or not, and whether they work outside the home or not. Married women, especially homemakers, tend to vote Republican, while working single women tend to vote Democratic. New research is helping to explain why this is the case."


Why girls are bullies: "Simmons is the author of 'Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls.' In it, she peels away the smiley surface of adolescent female society to expose one of girlhood's dark secrets: the vicious psychological warfare waged every day in the halls of our middle schools and high schools. ....Why do adult women -- despite the neo-feminist, 'Sex in the City,' 21st- century image of Ya-Ya Sisterhood -- heap so much resentment and judgment on other women?" For the answer, see There is no sin or evil and 2 Tim 3:1-14


The 'in' crowd: "High school is where people get their first serious dose of a world ordered by status. The quest for popularity among those who think they can attain it, and the eschewing of it by those who know they can't, is a teen-age rite of passage. Mikka has reached the pinnacle at Clayton Valley, although she wouldn't put it that way. A popular person doesn't talk about being popular. But it's a social dynamic as real as a history textbook ....

     "Teen-agers may covet popularity, but many remain oblivious to its dark side. Popularity isn't always a measure of how many people like a person, but rather how much power that person has, how much attention he or she commands. ...In this world, friends aren't always true to each other. Tension, mostly over boys, constantly realigns the girls. Always they need to define who is in and who is not, even among themselves." Gal 5:19-26

Crisis looms as Aids kills teachers: "Aids is now killing teachers faster in many parts of Africa than they can be trained, according to a new World Bank report released last week. ....'Countries need to recognise the speed with which complacency can lead to crisis and, equally, the tremendous opportunity for saving of lives and financial resources through prevention.'" It implies that the USA must pay the consequences of sexual promiscuity in Africa. Deut 28:15 and Matthew 24:7

Cultural relativism. Dan Quayle Returns to TV Criticism: "A decade after criticizing television's Murphy Brown, former Vice President Dan Quayle has found a sitcom star whose family values he can applaud: Ozzy Osbourne. 'You have to get beyond the sort of dysfunctional aspect,'' Quayle said Thursday in praising the MTV show built around the profanity-filled and bizarre home life of heavy metal rocker Osbourne, his wife and two children." See Isaiah 5:20 and Consensus


Cultural relativism. Ozzy Osbourne 'invited to White House': "Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne has reportedly been invited to dinner at the White House by US president George W Bush, according to reports. It follows the hugely successful launch of a new reality TV show following the UK singer and his family. ...He said: 'I thought I'd be on a wanted poster on the wall, not invited to his place to tea.'"Popular Music with Pagan Roots

No bad deeds?  "It is no secret that many Americans harbor grave worries about the current moral state of the nation. We lose sleep not just over the terrifying world situation, but also over what appears to be a chaotic domestic scene. The child sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church, the Enron-Arthur Andersen debacle, the proliferation of Internet child pornography, the high rate of divorce and teen pregnancy, rap songs such as "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight," high school shootings, a $14 billion dollar pornography industry, anthrax contamination, steroid injections of cattle....

     "But not to worry. It turns out, according to this new book by Elliot Turiel, Chancellor's Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California at Berkeley, that the rumors of moral decline in the West have been greatly exaggerated....  What looks like moral inconsistency, he says, is just 'variations in the application of different judgments to particular contexts.' Anyone who has committed a morally questionable act of late would do well to read this book...  it loses sight of any clear distinction between right and wrong, providing another handy excuse for succumbing to the ever-present temptation to behave badly. In the very real moral crisis we face, this is just what we do not need." A 'peacetime society'?


On root causes and relativism: "Some always look for root causes to justify inexcusable behavior in the world. But they search in vain, because a mask of moral relativism obscures their vision.... If I were the author of evil and seeking recruits to implement my agenda, I would disguise my nature and try to maximize moral confusion. I would enlist my servant, moral relativism, to dupe the world into rejecting absolutes -- to erase God’s law from people’s hearts. What better way to turn the world to darkness than to deceive well-meaning people into becoming God-mocking relativists? ... When we deny moral absolutes, we can rationalize anything because we remove any objective basis on which to condemn misconduct.

      "...those who still have the clarity to recognize evil must summon the courage to identify and oppose it." See The Nature and Tactics of Satan.


Endorsement of adult-child sex on rise: "The movement to legitimize sex between adults and children is 'gathering steam,' warns Stephanie Dallam, researcher for the Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice and the Media.... 'Some people view children as the next sexual frontier.'...

      "I started saying seven years ago that there was a movement to make pedophilia an alternative lifestyle, and my colleagues looked at me like I was crazy," said Mrs. Reeves, who founded MASA [Mothers Against Sexual Abuse] after discovering that a relative had been sexually abused. 'Here we are seven years later and that is exactly what's happening.'" Chart: Paradigm Shift

Bin Laden beats 'Bush' in doll fight: "Osama action figure outselling presidential character." Small wonder! Evil is cool these days. That's why Darth Vader is more popular than Luke Skywalker. Psalm 52:3

Police get powers to warn parents of unruly children: "The parents of unruly children are to be given formal warnings that they face large fines or the loss of their council home if their child commits a crime, David Blunkett, the [British] Home Secretary will announce this week....  fathers - even if they no longer live with their child's mother - must take responsibility for their offspring's bad behaviour. The Home Secretary is concerned that although crime is falling, street robberies committed by children are soaring out of control. The average age of a mobile phone thief is now just 16." For more than 50 years, our globalist leaders have tried to stamp out Biblical values through public school "socialization," then blame parents for the results. England is ahead of US in this process, but other nations follow close behind.  See Chisholm (WHO), Brainwashing and 2 Tim 3:1-14

Girls' friendships show aggression at younger ages: "Experts use the term 'relational aggression' to describe the cattiness, meanness and nastiness that happens between some people, but especially among girls. Girls may gossip, spread malicious rumors, write nasty e-mails, give the silent treatment, exclude people from social events, betray secrets, snicker about someone's clothes or mannerisms behind their backs. They may tell a girl that they're not going to be friends with her unless she does what they want." 2 Tim 3:1 and The Three Myths of Homeschooling

Woman Tries to Trade Baby for Puppy: "A woman accused of trying to trade her baby girl for a Chihuahua puppy has been charged with trafficking in children. ... Prosecutors said Smith offered to give her mother's neighbor custody of her 7-month-old daughter if the woman gave her a Chihuahua she was selling for $200. Smith later upped the price to $2,000...." Judges 17:6

Is pedophilia going mainstream: "...take the controversy over the new sex book 'Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex.' The mini-uproar comes from the fact that the author, a journalist named Judith Levine, recycles some of the old arguments that play down the dangers of pedophilia. (...introduction by Jocelyn Elders...) Levine says pedophiles are rare and often harmless. The real danger, she thinks, is not the pedophile, but parents and parental figures who project their fears and their own lust for young flesh onto the mythically dangerous child molester. One section carries the headline 'The enemy is us.'...

       "She told Mark O'Keefe of the Newhouse papers that 'yes, conceivably, absolutely' a boy's sexual relationship with a priest could be positive." Isaiah 5:20

Deaf Lesbians Criticized For Efforts to Create Deaf Child: "This couple has effectively decided that their desire to have a deaf child is of more concern to them than is the burden they are placing on their son,' Ken Connor, president of the Family Research Council, said. 'To intentionally give a child a disability, in addition to all the disadvantages that come as a result of being raised in a homosexual household, is incredibly selfish.'" Rom 1:22-32


Judge: Child porn has 'artistic merit': "John Robin Sharpe was convicted Tuesday of possessing pornographic photographs of boys. Yet Judge Duncan Shaw declared Sharpe's written materials to be legal in light of the Canadian Supreme Court's definition of 'artistic merit.'" Jer 6:13-15


New York museum opens Holocaust art exhibit amid protests: "Amid shouts of 'Shame on you!' and 'Don't go in!' from Holocaust survivors, religious leaders and other protesters, the Jewish Museum on Sunday opened a controversial exhibit which opponents say trivializes the horrors of the Holocaust. ...The exhibition, titled 'Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art,' includes modern pieces that mix graphic violence with nudity in works that organizers defend as presenting Nazi horrors in a thought-provoking manner. ...'This is not an argument about art. The issue here is demeaning, trivializing and causing pain to Holocaust survivors,' said Hikind, whose mother survived the Auschwitz concentration camp." See Preparing for Persecution


Teens' faith in fashion is their cross to wear: "Lynette Sharlo doesn't know that much about her religion. The 14-year-old goes to church only every once in a while. But lately, her necklace with a cross has become very important to her. 'I saw it, and I thought, I've got to get this - for fashion,' she said. ...

       "It comes on strong whenever the country is in trouble," said Robert Lee Morris, a nationally known jewelry designer who claims to have created the crosses Madonna made popular during the early 1980s. Back then, Morris said, people snapped up crosses while dealing with the country's recession and the fighting in Beirut. Around the same time, Madonna was draping herself with rosaries and crucifixes while singing songs such as 'Like a Virgin.' Today, with the United States again in recession and troops fighting a war against terrorism, crosses can be spotted on everyone from Elizabeth Hurley to Britney Spears....

      "Shops that specialize in religious articles are seeing an increase in business, too, and their employees are growing accustomed to selling hip, new cross designs - from leather necklaces to crosses that fans of heavy metal music buy. 'It's a 'they've-just-got-to-get-it' kind of thing,' said Jim Langreder....Some worry that the trend borders on blasphemy...." Gal 6:7-8


Uncle Sam Sues Miss Cleo Hotline: "Describing the hot line as 'permeated with fraud,' the Federal Trade Commission said Thursday it wants to shut down Access Resource Services Inc. and Psychic Readers Network. The two companies in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., are behind the telephone psychic reading service that on television and the Internet promises insights into love and money.

       "Florida authorities announced a separate lawsuit, challenging the service's spokeswoman, Youree Dell Harris, known as 'Miss Cleo," to prove that she really is a renowned shaman from Jamaica....The psychic service also allegedly violated telemarketing rules by harassing people.... many consumers received up to 10 calls a day, usually automated messages telling them that "Miss Cleo had a dream about them and they should call back." See divination


SJC limits prosecution for sodomy: "In a ruling hailed as historic by gay rights advocates, the state's highest court yesterday gutted longstanding sodomy laws, ruling that people who engage in sodomy in semipublic places such as parking lots, wooded areas, and public beaches cannot be prosecuted as long as they make sure they cannot be seen by others. The ruling was sought by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in order to end what it considers discriminatory treatment...." Rom 1:22-32


The ABC's of teen parenthood: "...instead of children being taught not to have sex, they were taught how to have sex. Moreover, Planned Parenthood wasn't the only organization spreading this message. Other messengers include the National Education Association, which is America's largest teachers union, and the PTA — and their voices eventually drowned out mom and dad's, as well as the voices of our spiritual leaders....

     "Our children suffer spiritually, because the stigma of out-of-wedlock births disappeared, and they suffered economically, too. Furthermore, according to practically every standardized measuring stick, they suffer academically, as well — as school dollars shifted from classroom fundamentals to special-interest crusades. Meanwhile, the costs for these how-to sex-ed programs skyrocketed....

      "'As sex education programs spread ... the pregnancy rate among 15- to 19-year-old females rose from approximately 68 per thousand in 1970 to approximately 96 per thousand by 1980...." See Sex Ed and Global Values


Erotica runs rampant: "Pornographic images, erotic paraphernalia, and raunchy sexual talk are reaching a near-saturation point in the daily lives of Americans, through television, movies, magazines, and the Internet, say a growing chorus of expert voices. And the target market is an increasingly younger audience....'Erotica has gone completely mainstream,' says Jane Buckingham, president of Youth Intelligence, a New York-based think tank that tracks youth trends. ... She points to what she calls 'porn chic' as the easiest evidence: lewd sexual phrases and imagery on jewelry and clothing; print and TV ad campaigns that suggest rape or group sex; and explicit sexual references to pornography in teen films.... 'Now that pornography has become acceptable, anything goes.'" Romans 1:22-32 and America's Spiritual Slide


 Enron - The Inverted World of Sin and Dept: "In the 'Age of Illusion' we've become a nation that revels in our indebtedness. Our inverted system of morals and values has taught us that saving is bad and spending is good even when we don't have anything to spend. Therefore, the more we borrow, the more valuable we are to the economy and society as a whole.... Today we measure a man's potential in the marketplace not by his stability, discipline, character, prudence, skills and conservative values but by his credit line and a willingness to gamble it all on a roll of the dice.

      "Sadly, these practices are not limited to the business world either. It's hard to find a church these days that doesn't believe borrowed money is a gift from God.... In the 'Age of Illusion' debt has become as acceptable as sin...even to the Christian... There just never seems to be enough in this old world to cover the cost of accommodating one's insatiable appetite for more and more." Rom 13:8


Planned Parenthood - VISION 2025: "We didn't start by asking, "What's going to happen to us in the next 25 years?" We started by asking, "What do we want to make happen?" Because vision is not about figuring out what is going to change and adapting to it. Vision is about deciding how we will change the world. ...

      "What binds us together and enables us to move brilliantly is our shared vision of the future we passionately want to create together. The time for reflection is over and the time for commitment is upon us. We cannot make this journey sometimes committed and sometimes otherwise preoccupied. We must now commit to living this promise in everything we do. As we move this vision forward toward reality, let us remember that victory is not final, defeat is not failure. The only real constant over time is the human courage to rise up against any and all who try to suppress choice, freedom, and self-realization. ...

      "We can't predict the future. But we can imagine the world we would like our children and grand-children to live in and we can commit ourselves to making that world a reality. As we talked together about our beliefs and goals, we were inspired by our mission to ensure reproductive health care for all people."

       Are we as dedicated to God's purposes as these "change agents" are to their vision of sanctioned promiscuity and abortion rights? See Reinventing the World


All that schools survey: "The New Jersey law requires 'active consent,' which means parents must tell the school that their children can take a survey. If parents don't say yes, their children cannot participate in any school survey that asks questions about politics, sex, drugs and other personal issues. The law stems from a battle over a 156-question survey that was given in 1999 to more than 2,000 public middle- and high-school students in Ridgewood, N.J. The survey asked teens about sexual activity, birth control, drugs, liquor, cigarettes, binge eating, depression, suicide, stealing, physical violence, and relationships with family and friends....

       "Many Ridgewood parents were outraged by the survey, saying it introduced children to bad behaviors, invaded family privacy and instilled a politically liberal worldview. 'The questions were so politically correct,' said Ridgewood mother Frances Edwards, noting that students were asked to assess their feelings about race relations, poverty and 'speaking up for equality.'" See Eph 5:2-17 and Sex Ed and Global Values  


Planned Parenthood - VISION 2025: "We didn't start by asking, "What's going to happen to us in the next 25 years?" We started by asking, "What do we want to make happen?" Because vision is not about figuring out what is going to change and adapting to it. Vision is about deciding how we will change the world. ...

      "What binds us together and enables us to move brilliantly is our shared vision of the future we passionately want to create together. The time for reflection is over and the time for commitment is upon us. We cannot make this journey sometimes committed and sometimes otherwise preoccupied. We must now commit to living this promise in everything we do. As we move this vision forward toward reality, let us remember that victory is not final, defeat is not failure. The only real constant over time is the human courage to rise up against any and all who try to suppress choice, freedom, and self-realization. ...

      "We can't predict the future. But we can imagine the world we would like our children and grand-children to live in and we can commit ourselves to making that world a reality. As we talked together about our beliefs and goals, we were inspired by our mission to ensure reproductive health care for all people."

       Are we as dedicated to God's purposes as these "change agents" are to their vision of sanctioned promiscuity and abortion rights? See Reinventing the World


Death of the West? (by Thomas Sowell): "Pat Buchanan... understands that we are in a culture war -- and that  only one side is fighting all out. Meanwhile, all too many other Americans are unaware that this war is going on. Buchanan also understands that the ultimate stakes in the culture war are the survival of American society and Western civilization....

    "In 'The Death of the West,' he presents an overwhelming case that the key cultural institutions of American society -- the schools, the colleges, the arts, and the media, including Hollywood -- have been consciously and systematically undermining the foundation beliefs and traditions of American and Western civilization for years....

     "The movement of immigrants is overwhelmingly from other cultures to Western cultures. Virtually the whole human race has voted with their feet as to which economic and other benefits they prefer to have. The problem is that the cultural baggage of the immigrants is often incompatible with the culture which produces the benefits they seek....In addition, the sheer magnitude of today's immigration into Western countries threatens to overwhelm any society's ability to absorb so many strangers and so many incompatible cultures." See Paradigm Shift: Total transformation


Diversity: "Diversity implies toleration of differences among people no matter what that difference might be, including those differences that are racial, sexual, ideological or political. Diversity also implies a willingness to permit others who disagree with you to go their separate ways, and form institutions and groups among like-minded friends and associates. In the political arena, diversity implies decentralized decision-making power that in turn requires limited government....

      "What's called for and practiced by college administrators, courts and administrative agencies is anything but a defense of individual rights, freedom from conformity and a doctrine of live-and-let-live. Instead, diversity is an increasingly popular catchword for all kinds of conformity -- conformity in ideas, actions and speech. It calls for re-education programs where diversity managers indoctrinate students, faculty members, employees, managers and executives on what's politically correct thinking." See Matt 24:12 and Brainwashing in America 


Islam. The woman question: "While the image of men shaving their long beards and women uncovering their faces after the rout of the Taliban was gratifying, we now seem in danger of edging into cultural imperialism. Too many reporters from Afghanistan are sneering when a woman appears in public swathed in the burqa. They explain to viewers that some women are still apparently 'too fearful' to show themselves in public.

      "Perhaps. But surely an alternative explanation is possible: Some women in Afghanistan may share the Taliban's extreme views on the matter of female comportment. And if they do, this is none of our business, is it?  ... in our triumphalism about freeing Afghanistan's women from the medieval burqa, we are losing sight of the point. The point was coercion, not belief. The Taliban were oppressors not because they believed in the burqa, but rather because they gave Afghan women no choice.

      "Many religious restrictions that people voluntarily undertake would be considered barbaric if imposed by the state. What if Catholic states denied their people meat on Fridays, or required some women to become celibate nuns? ... Surely it is no more our business to tell Muslim women that they should doff the burqa than we should tell Catholic nuns to shed their habits?"

      "...most Muslims do believe — along with traditionalists of other faiths like Judaism and Christianity — that female immodesty is incompatible with piety.... The subject of female modesty is a delicate one, and we are certainly free to express our opinion that the Wahabbi practice of shrouding women from head to toe goes too far....  At the same time, religious people of all faiths have a point when they recoil from our popular culture that sends images of an undulating Brittany Spears and a scarcely covered Jennifer Lopez all over the globe. Other cultures would be correct to believe that we've drawn the line way too far in the other direction." Isaiah 3:5-12 and Sex Ed and Global Values


The reparations fraud - II (Thomas Sowell):  David "Horowitz's recently published book Uncivil Wars recounts the storm trooper tactics and character assassination used against him and against student newspapers that carried his ad replying to reparations demands. The significance of this book goes far beyond this particular issue, because it provides a chilling glimpse of an ideological intolerance, a blatant dishonesty and ruthless threats and actions not seen since the days of the Nazi storm troopers. And it has happened on American campuses from coast to coast. [You can glimpse this blatant intolerance if you visit the Harry Potter page (or others) in our Comments section]
       "With all the pious talk about 'tolerance' in the media and in academia, there is virtually none for those who challenge the dogmas of political correctness in most of our colleges and universities. 'Diversity' in ideas is as taboo as diversity of physical appearances is sanctified."
See Rom 1:22-32 and The Enemy Of The People?


A cultural psychologist explains how culture influences thinking and why multiculturalism is good for the mind: Question: "...Should Americans think more like Chinese, be more dialectical?"

       "Kaiping Peng's answer: "I think so. Because we in America are too analytical, too linear, we pay too much attention to individual identity, individual properties, and we’re too much focused on the immediate cause of an incident or an event, and overlook the big picture. So, yes, Americans could learn from dialectical thinking, because doing only one kind of thinking is not rational.
       "The other side of this is that Chinese should have more Western thinking. Because if you’re too dialectical, you run the risk of accepting everything at face value: 'Yes, you’re right, and you’re right, too.' But not everything is right! ... I believe that Chinese are fundamentally too dialectical: 'Oh, these guys are not very good; but they’re not all bad.' If you don’t stand up for what might be more true, then you are at the mercy of dictators." Yet, this dialectical thinking is taught in schools across the country as a way to conform human resources to the new global management system.
See Brainwashing in America and Reinventing the World


Access to 72-hour birth control pushed: "The poster shows a waist-down photo of a person standing in a pair of blue jeans. The blunt caption appears over the jean's zipper: 'Emergency contraception. Use within 3 days of opening.' ...

      "If EC was widely used, half of unwanted pregnancies and thousands of abortions could be avoided each year, say groups such as Advocates for Youth (AFY), Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League."  Keep in mind, the main goal of the leading visionaries (or change agents) within these groups is to eroticize society and so transform the world. You cannot maintain a Christian world view and be addicted to sex. Blatant promotion of promiscuity, the removal of apparent consequences, and public apathy will surely immunize youth against Biblical truth and intensify social hatred toward those who love God and refuse to compromise. See Sex Ed and Global Values  and 1 Corinthians 6:18-20


Phone line may not be kids' stuff (This link was discontinued this morning): "...About a week later, Ferguson discovered where his niece met the men - on The Loup, a toll-free telephone chat line that's so popular among South Sound teens that, by company estimates, one in 10 of them is a subscriber.  VoiceWeb, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based parent company of The Loup, claims a little more than one million total subscribers in the Seattle-Tacoma area, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Philadelphia. ...

       "Some parents and guardians have called police with their concerns, only to be told there's nothing illegal about The Loup. That doesn't mean that an adult talking dirty to a minor couldn't be charged with a crime, Pierce County prosecutors say. But the charge that would apply - communicating with a minor for immoral purposes - isn't easy to prove, particularly when investigators need to figure out who actually placed the phone call. There's also no strict legal definition of 'immoral purposes,' said Mary Robnett, a Pierce County deputy prosecutor who supervises the special assault unit." Judges 17:6


How things have changed (Bill O'Reilly): "...Finally, perhaps the biggest change in America is the realization that evil actually exists. The moral relativism that danced happily through the Clinton years is gone. Right and wrong is back...." Yes, but the world's view of right and wrong differs from God's view. The war offered a fresh opportunity to redefine some of our traditional values. The obvious and violent wrongs may match, but the subtle evils -- the spiritual and moral deceptions that America is told to tolerate -- can be far more dangerous to our freedom. See UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and Gal 1:6-10


Scroll down to Christian confidence: "One of this century's key Islamist thinkers, who resided in the West in the late 1940s, was Sayyid Qutb. He argues the West is inherently weak not because it is Christian but because it has lost its Christianity and become a land of idolaters. Qutb wrote in his book 'The America I Saw' that 'No one builds as many churches as Americans do. Notwithstanding this, there is no one as removed from feeling the spirituality, respect and sacredness of religion than the Americans. ...

      "We would gain more respect, cause bin Laden's followers more fear, and create theological reservations about using terror if we were unapologetically and openly Christian. ...

      "Our apparent irreligiousness also lifts restrictions on the means Muslims may employ in a fight. The Koran allows much harsher tactics if the enemy is linked with Satan. Western women with their short dresses are certainly considered efforts to tempt Muslims away from their faith, and Americans look like Satanic unbelievers in tempting Muslims to worship idols like money and materialism. Therefore we can be attacked without restraint." Eph 5:2-17

Posted in November

High School Sophomore Attends Sadistic Sex Party Linked to Homosexual Task Force ‘Creating Change’ Conference: “...a high school sophomore attended a sadomasochistic sex party at the Hyatt Regency Hotel here that was advertised by a speaker at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s ‘Creating Change’ conference, according to another panelist at the event.  As a speaker at a workshop titled “Your Eyes Say Yes But the Law Says No,” Andrew Park, executive director of the Philadelphia-based Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, said, “There are 14- and 15-year-olds at this conference....

       “The ‘reception’ to which Park referred was actually a ‘BDSM’ (Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism) sadistic sex party held Friday night and advertised earlier that day by a speaker at another workshop, entitled ‘Sex and Politics,” at Creating Change. The homosexual grassroots conference, held every year by the Task Force, drew over 2,000 homosexual activists to this Midwestern city. ... SM ‘“play’ refers to sadistic acts carried out among ‘players,’ which includes beating, whipping, and the intentional humiliation of one person by another....

      “Amidst all this was the continuing pressure on the Boy Scouts of America. ...they said they wanted the boys organization to feel the financial pressure necessary to force the change." See Romans 1:22-32  and Temptation? I Create my own values!

11-11  Reason, Morality & Ethics - The Way of Effective Leadership in a Multicultural Society (United States Army Logistics Management College, A paper prepared for presentation to the Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics, XVII Washington, D.C. January 25-26, 1996)

       "To create a universal ethic, 'the great need is consensus, not acrimony.' As stated, these ethical principles have already demonstrated an acceptability consensus. As principles, they offer little a rational citizen could object to: they violate no religious or cultural tenet of which I am aware. In fact, as principles, they are espoused by the major religions....

       "Tolerance of diverse views under this ethical system is not, however, universal or unlimited. Actions which are not in accordance, i.e. violate any principle of this system or its guide of implementation, cannot be tolerated. It is the conscience of the collective society which will ultimately decide the acceptability of violations done by the individual. The individual, in accordance with the principle of Accountability, must publicly allow his decision/action to be so judged and willingly accept the consequences. Exceptions based upon a religious or cultural practice or belief may not be a justified excuse."


      Note: This ethic -- joined to today's "Total Quality Management systems -- would effectively intimidate most people into compliance or silence. In fact, it already has. New church leaders exclude or discipline "divisive " members who dare speak a politically incorrect Biblical truth that clashes with the "new thinking."  

Life at the Bottom: "A recently published book titled 'Life at the Bottom' paints a brilliantly insightful, but very painful, picture of the underclass -- its emptiness, agonies, violence and moral squalor. This book is about a British underclass neighborhood where its author, Theodore Dalrymple, works as a doctor.... Most of the people that Dalrymple writes about are white, so it may be possible at last to take an honest look at the causes and consequences of an underclass lifestyle, without fear of being called 'racist.' The people who are doing the same socially destructive and self-destructive things that are being done in underclass neighborhoods in the United States cannot claim that it is because their ancestors were enslaved...." See the quote from "The New Thought Police" in box below. It helps explain this cultural corruption so well analyzed by the wise black columnist Thomas Sowell.

Child slaves today: Malians work to free child laborers (Ivory Coast, Africa):  Mombi "was working long hours for no pay, had barely any food and hadn't seen his parents in nearly a year. His master wasn't there, but Mombi couldn't escape because he didn't have any money, didn't speak French and didn't know where he was. To make sure he didn't try to leave, his master had confiscated his identity card....  On one farm north of Daloa, a farmer was forcing 13 children between the ages of 12 and 16 to work at gunpoint. 'I had never seen anything like this,' Diarra said. 'The kids were like prisoners. They were given no food, and beaten by the old man's son.'" Psalm 12:8

Posted in October

Misreading the scorecard: "One of the basics of liberal dogma is that poverty is the root cause of crime and terrorism. In the liberal worldview, people do not kill and steal because they are evil, but because they are deprived of material things. This view is sometimes used as a rationalization for blaming society for the misdeeds of criminals and terrorists.... If there was any truth to it, then crime and terrorism would rise during economic depressions and fall during boom times. Crime should also be higher in places where poverty is worst, and least where living standards are highest. In fact, the opposite tends to hold.

     "...Nor were the hijackers poor. They were, in fact, highly educated and from well-to-do families. The problem, I think, is that the terrorists were frustrated by an economic system that did not value their talents as highly as they did. This is a common problem in the Middle East, where the largely socialistic and state-centered economic systems do not provide sufficient opportunities...." See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce


Why not take her for a test drive: "The Census reports a 72% increase in the number of cohabiting couples since 1990. Unfortunately, research shows that cohabitation is correlated with greater likelihood of unhappiness, and domestic violence in the relationship....  Many people imagine that living together before marriage resembles taking a car for a test drive. ... the car doesn’t have hurt feelings if the driver dumps it back at the used car lot and decides not to buy it....
       "Giving oneself to a sexual partner is, by its nature, a gift of oneself to another person. We all have a deep longing to be cherished by the person we have sex with. That longing is not fooled by our pretensions to sophistication.
       "The sexual revolution promised a humane and realistic approach to human sexuality. Ironically, the uncommitted-sex mentality has proven to underestimate both the value and the power of sexual activity. Lifelong, committed marriages are difficult, no doubt about it. But self-giving loving relationships still have the best chance of making us happy." The sexual revolution has led to a series of social and personal tragedies. For example: (1) uncontrolled cravings for sexual thrills apart from love and (2) attempts to hide from God whose standard has been broken. Both lead to depression and despair, not satisfaction.
Romans 1:22-32


Harvard Homosexual Leader Urges Followers to Lie When Donating Blood: "Clifford Davidson, head of a homosexual group called BOND, recently sent an email to his activist friends. ...Davidson told his friends: "On the Red Cross's form, you will be asked: 'Are you a man who has had sexual contact with another man since 1973?' This applies to many of you. You should lie." Rom 1:22-32

Posted in September

NW Pilot Enraged Over Confiscation: "A Northwest Airlines pilot became enraged after airport security confiscated his fingernail clippers and scissors, according to police and airport officials who witnessed the incident." Phil 3:11-13

Poll: American's Trust in Government Grows: "For the first time in three decades, a majority of Americans now say they trust the federal government to 'do what is right' – a stunning but perhaps temporary reversal in the way that citizens view their government, elected leaders and political institutions, according to a new Washington Post survey."

Attack on Our Future: "What can bring out the best in us can also bring out the worst in us. Instead of heroism, some have responded to the attack of the World Trade Center in a heinous manner. Examples that come easily to mind are reports of looting and scam artists posing as charity or rescue workers merely to line their pockets with the money of families and a nation in mourning. Perhaps the most heinous of these is cleverly disguised as a free service to the women of New York City. Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) has responded to the tragedy by offering “complete reproductive health are . . . free of cost....  [including] surgical first- and second-trimester abortion....In other words, PPNYC’s response to the death of thousands of Americans is to kill more Americans!"

Posted in August

Drawn to Burning Man: "The festival began Monday and reaches its pyrotechnic climax tonight with the torching of a giant wood-and-neon effigy in the rough outline of a man. The throngs of techies, nudists, performance artists, hippies, bikers and plain gawkers will go wild, then start burning everything that hasn't blown away.... This is about creating a reality unlike what most of our society knows," said Eveline Darroch, the 29-year-old creative force behind the Burning Man premiere of "The Living Mandala Man," a ghost-like modern dance and meditation. ...The theme this year is the Seven Ages, from the cradle to the mausoleum. People can slide on through a giant birth canal and become born again, Burning Man-style." Romans 1:22-32


Scouts Targeted By Homosexuals In Nationwide Protest: "The Boy Scouts of America is taking fire on several fronts this week from a homosexual activist organization and its teenage leader." Isaiah 5:20

Girl Scouts Stonewall Questions About Pro-Homosexual Video: "The controversy surrounds That’s a Family!, an instructional video for children which equates same-sex relationships with marriage and claims that same-sex couples with children are families. ...At that screening, Matsui addressed the attendees and allegedly called the film “a wonderful product.” She added, “We really look forward to using [That’s a Family!] in our informal education in working with all girls across the country.” See Sex Ed and Global Values

Mirror, mirror: the body image epidemic: "Nearly 50 per cent of girls in their early to mid teens have an immediate surge of depression or dissatisfaction with their bodies after seeing pictures of slim models, Australian researchers have found." Psalm 139:14-15

Unwed Partners Up 72% in U.S.: "The number of couples living together rose the most in the Bible Belt and the Great Plains during the '90s. The trend appears to be firmly established.... 'I don't see us formalizing,' said Chris Sheets, who lives with her partner, John May, in the North Carolina.... 'Neither of us is religious and we need no wedding presents to further clutter our house.'" Isaiah 30:9

The surveillance camera captures U.S. slide from moral strength: "There is an increasing interest among municipal governments throughout the United States in the use of surveillance technology as a crime-fighting tool. Is the acceptance of hidden -- and sometimes not so hidden -- cameras a security solution, or is it just another symptom of a society that has lost its moral compass? We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion ... . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other," so said John Adams, America's second president." Judges 21:25


Fashionable sights that make eyes sore: "Ugliness is in the air, on the air, on the screen, trudging down the street, the runway, corroding advertising, art, design, music. It's the anti-aesthetic aesthetic. Much of the big ugly is psychologically unpleasant. More of it is visually so. Which only reinforces the emotional.

         "Pretty is still popular with mainstream businesses and publications, understandably skittish about aesthetic and financial risk. But the visually pleasing is viewed as dull and void by some influential tastemakers - adolescents, artists, cutting-edge stylists and editors - who perceive grit and ugliness as having heft, complexity and meaning, even when they don't....

"Nothing shocks, everything is accepted…. Like so much else, ugly will work until it's become so universal as to be as bland as pretty. Then the cutting edge will sink its ferocious teeth into something else." Isaiah 5:20

Paying poor women to marry fathers of their babies: "West Virginia made history with its welfare system last year, becoming the first state to provide a cash bonus as an incentive for marriage: A single mother who marries the biological father of her child gets an extra $100 per month. Wade Horn, President Bush's new assistant secretary for family support, said that Congress should run with the idea." See Charts: Total transformation


Infertile territory: "Alarmed by the ignorance of women delaying first children, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the nation's largest organization of professional fertility experts, will initiate an education campaign headlined by a warning: 'Advancing age decreases your ability to have children.'
     "It's a message that I often talk about in speeches on college campuses, but it's one that is uniformly met with the arrogance of youth, both female and male. Young women find most college men too immature to be husbands, let alone fathers. Sex has become so abundant and impersonal that fertilization in a petri dish almost sounds romantic." 
Rom 1:22-32


School Vandalism Beyond Belief: "New Hampshire's top-rated elementary school for excellence is in shambles, a $100,000 disaster zone, thanks to two boys out to "have a little fun." Romans 1:22-32 This scripture applies to the next two items as well:

Civil Rights for Pets Urged by Activist Group: "The group 'In Defense of Animals' (IDA), also wants to change the language of local laws so pet 'owners' are referred to as pet 'guardians' instead. 'This simple wording change is an effort to elevate the status of animals beyond that of mere property to that of living, breathing sentient individuals with needs and rights of their own."

Belgian left pushes vote on euthanasia law: "Nowhere has the issue been more closely examined than in the Netherlands, where euthanasia has been tacitly accepted for the past decade. 'We have had this debate in Holland for 30 years, so I think it will take another generation elsewhere in Europe," said Jaap Visser, head of the Department of Medical Ethics at the Netherlands Ministry of Health....
     "The Dutch government hopes the euthanasia law will reduce abuse. A pair of studies in the 1990s found that between 11 percent and 12 percent of mercy killings in the Netherlands were performed without specific patient requests. A more troubling trend appears in Belgium. A study ... found Belgian doctors four times more likely to perform such 'nonvoluntary' euthanasia than their Dutch counterparts. "All those who hate me love death."
(Prov 8:36)


Al Gore and former Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander will lead a bipartisan politics workshop Saturday, marking Gore's first foray into politics since the 2000 presidential election....  Gore plans to continue his `family-centered community building' courses at Fisk and Middle Tennessee this fall, while keeping his ties with Columbia and the University of California at Los Angeles... . Gore, a Democrat, and Alexander, a Republican, will discuss several topics at the daylong workshop, including the civic responsibility of young people and the need for civility in campaigns." See Character Training for Global Citizenship.  Gore and Alexander, both former presidential candidates, applaud today's spreading global, earth-centered spirituality. See  Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation and Saving the Earth (then click on Lamar).


Madonna's impact: "Madonna used the Virgin Mary as part of her act, a make-up change between waif and hooker. Her worst failing is that she lies about sex. Her lie distorts a truth. The truth is that Eros is powerful, and can be all-consuming. Her lie is that it's OK to let it consume you. Bouncing from one fantasy to another she conveyed the impression that her fans could do likewise." Paradigm Shift- Total transformation

      Then scroll to the next "culture brief" on the same page and read about Budding Buddhists: "Harvard's enthusiasm for Buddhism goes back more than a century to Ralph Waldo Emerson, who barely distinguished it from Hinduism, but liked what he saw."  See also Dalai Lama Celebrating the Medicine Buddha

Teens and Problem Gambling: "Researchers have concluded that 9.9 percent to 14.2 percent of young people in America, ages 15-20, display problems of gambling behavior. ...A Louisiana study reported compulsive gambling in the 18-21 age group was 14.3 percent. A survey of 17,000 eighth-through-twelfth graders in Vermont found that 53 percent of that aged group indicated that they had gambled in the past twelve months, and seven percent said the habit caused problems with friends and family.
        "Researchers are calling gambling the fastest-growing teen addiction. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to gambling because of the excitement, the risk, and their belief that skill is involved. Young people tend to quickly get involved and get in “over their heads” because they lack the self-control and learned inhibitions that are a manifestation of maturity....
The compulsion to gamble can easily lead to destructive behavior, especially for youth." 2 Tim 3:1-14

Collegiate cattle call: "Relationships between college men and women are polarized by either "hooking up" (what we used to call one-night stands) or "joined at the hip" (a suffocatingly inseparable relationship). In between is "hanging out," in which the participants can swing either way.... The "housecestuous" couple is stuck in an informal experience of living together without responsibility and breaking up is hard to do with somebody you see every day." Rom 1:22-32

Collegiate cattle call: "Relationships between college men and women are polarized by either "hooking up" (what we used to call one-night stands) or "joined at the hip" (a suffocatingly inseparable relationship). In between is "hanging out," in which the participants can swing either way.... The "housecestuous" couple is stuck in an informal experience of living together without responsibility and breaking up is hard to do with somebody you see every day." Rom 1:22-32

Falsely accused pair win judgment: "Six years after a police child-sex-ring investigation spread terror through the rural apple-picking community of Wenatchee, Washington, those wrongly accused of holding satanic rituals involving rape and molestation are finally starting to see the money.... The Wenatchee case is considered the largest of several child-sex-abuse investigations since 1980 that have since been found to be based on coerced testimony from children. The jury foreman in one Wenatchee trial called the probe a 'witch hunt,' and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer described it as a 'thoroughly discredited investigation.'" Prov 19:5

Sessions Says Leahy Has Dropped 'So Help Me God' From Witness Oaths: "Sen. Jeff Sessions wants witnesses before Senate committees to know that their testimonies are going before God, too.... 'I never gave it thought one way or the other,' Leahy said. 'It makes no difference to me.'" Rev 3:15

Posted in July

California politicians reject Boy Scouts: "Boy Scouts of America believes it has the right, as a private organization, to set its own standards of membership. The homosexual lifestyle, Scouting advocates argue, is contrary to the ethics promoted by the Boy Scouts. Critics, however, believe since the organization is often sponsored by public entities, such as state and local governments, the Scouts should not be allowed to discriminate against any member of the public." Acts 5:29


Is America Becoming a Superpower Sodom?  "It shows up in the pressure on the Boy Scouts of America to accept homosexuality. The nation is a sinkhole of desire for illegal drugs. It has state-sponsored lotteries whose revenues never seem to be enough to cover the growing list of new government programs that clamor for funding...." See  America's Spiritual Slide and The Armor of God

Posted in June

Canadians massively favoured same rights for homosexuals, poll suggests: "There's a definite laissez-faire attitude of Canadians toward homosexuality," said Christian Bourque. "If we had done the poll 15 years ago - my God, how different the results would have been." Rom 1:22-32

Adult Entertainment Event Attracts Conservatives, Too: "The scene is Erotica- LA, and as the publicity claims, it is an attempt to 'bridge the chasm between the adult industry and mainstream America.' The three-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center includes more than one hundred vendors who sell every type of adult product imaginable, from videos to sexual aides to clothing."

Unconventional Ministries Reach Into Growing Dark Subculture: "Built like a wrestler and with purple hair, tattoos and facial piercings, Steve Bensinger does not look like your typical minister. But the man nicknamed "Pastor Freak," who drives a Cadillac Hearse around Kalamazoo, Mich., is reaching part of a growing dark subculture unknown or feared by many churches.... Born out of a British counterculture scene in the 1970s, the Goth world has grown into a large and largely unknown marriage of fashion, music and often non-Christian spirituality that draws people to meeting places like the Kitchen Club in Miami, Bondage A-Go-Go in San Francisco, and Straightjacket in New York." Is this a ministry of compassion or another twisted example of embracing rebellion in the name of Jesus?  1 Cor 6:9-11
and 2 Cor 6:12-18

Girl Scout Camp recruits children of lesbians: "The arrangement means the Girl Scouts are supporting homosexual "recruitment," said Robert H. Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute. "The Girl Scouts has welcomed lesbians for some time now, so it's not at all surprising that they are looking the other way.... It's clear that lesbianism is no barrier to being a role model for young girls, as far as the Girl Scouts is concerned. In contrast, the Boy Scouts have a policy of protecting boys from homosexuals." Rom 1:22-32

Egregious omission: "We may never know whether Chandra Levy's affair with a married congressman (which he has now admitted to the police) had anything to do with her mysterious disappearance. One thing is clear: This young woman described by friends as "a cool cookie, very sophisticated, very directed and strong" was involved in an exploitive, destructive relationship that could only hurt her and others as well. Somebody needed to tell her that. It appears no one did.
        "The relationship between a married politician and a Washington intern is none of our business. We've heard this mantra since the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. And by repeating it often enough, we're led to believe that we must suspend judgment about such relationships as well. The whole thing is downright creepy. We know such behavior is wrong, but we can't say so. That would make us judgmental and there's no worse crime in our value-free society."
1 Pet 4:3-4

Are we raising latchkey killers? "In early March, when the latest teen-age killer to make national news opened fire in a high school near San Diego with the deadliest display of such violence since the murders at Columbine two years ago, the usual public scramble for explanations of his behavior followed true to what a sociologist would call "cultural script." See Teenage Rage and Deadly Delights

Christian music a hit: "'Jesus Rocks! Christian Entertainment Makes a Joyful Noise' ...The massive Newsweek report says "alternative rock is just one pillar in the gigantic cathedral of Christian entertainment." It spans from the popular 'Left Behind' novels, which sold 28.8 million copies, to the Grammy-winning singer Steven Curtis Chapman, who helped pack in 50,000 at the Freedom Live festival.... 'This gospel-fueled fun is now a booming business and a cornerstone of American culture." See Left Behind: New Age Imagery Helps Popularize Prophecy

Satcher Urges Respect on Sex Values: "Surgeon General David Satcher (see Mental Health) urges Americans to respect diversity in sexual values.... The report, two years in the making, says the nation must get past its nervousness about the subject in order to reduce unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual abuse, while promoting healthy sexual relationships. 'Given the diversity of attitudes, beliefs, values and opinions, finding common ground might not be easy, but it is attainable,'' the report concludes. ...Each year, there are nearly 1.4 million abortions - just more than 20 percent of all pregnancies. Nearly half of all pregnancies are unwanted....'We're certainly not trying to get anyone in any religious group to change their views,' he said.... Sexuality education must be wide-ranging, begin early and be available throughout one's life...."  1 Cor 6:9-11  See also   Sex Ed and Global Values

Program breaks silence about sex: "United Nations -- The billboard alongside a South African freeway is blunt: 'Oral Sex. Talk about it.' ... As United Nations delegates here in New York for the U.N. General Assembly's special session on AIDS contemplated a vast expansion of AIDS prevention programs in Africa yesterday, many of them said the aptly named LoveLife program could be a model for the kind of effort they have in mind. The aim of the two-year-old LoveLife program is to sell AIDS prevention to a mass market of teenagers, much as the young are sold soda pop and popular music. There are LoveLife billboards, LoveLife television and radio shows, and LoveLife-sponsored recreation halls and sports events." Like sex and AIDS education in the USA, LoveLife bombards young minds with sexual words and suggestions which break down modesty, undermine traditional values, and increase promiscuity. The main beneficiaries are companies that promise protection to the masses that buy their products. Eph 5:2-17

Sex-Trafficking Trade Likened to Slavery: "In a previous century, Africans labored in the tobacco fields and slaves were bred for strength and endurance. The fields have been replaced by brothels and sex shops, and the new trade is in young women and children.... As were the African slaves, these young women are tricked, deceived, lured, induced, kidnapped, and coerced into bondage."

       " is difficult to document this type of crime because of corruption among authorities in many nations, as well as the reluctance of victims to come forth because of trauma and shame."  Eze 22:29-31

Research of Harvard Psychologist Seriously Flawed, Perhaps Fraudulent:  " Pollack’s overtly anti-male conclusions were used by Harvard Medical School in 1998 to declare a “national emergency” that called for 'major social reform' of boys.... 'Pollack sees no particular [positive] meaning in the role of the father. His images of fathers are just about uniformly negative.  The whole idea behind the revolution in parenting that he is trying to bring about is [the notion] that the traditional family is throwing boys into distress by raising them to be like their fathers rather than like women.'" Deut 6:6-7

Coalition Resists 'Tolerance' Police: "A national coalition of Jews and Christians is announcing its refusal to be 'terrorized by 'tolerance.' The organization is Toward Tradition, founded by Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin in 1991. It describes its mission as 'fighting secular institutions that foster anti-religious bigotry, harm families, and ultimately jeopardize the survival of America.'" See  The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

A novel idea: "...who reads history and the classics these days? Apparently many do.... John Adams ranks high among´s best sellers, along with J.R.R. Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit....  Not all reprints of the classics are created equal. Plans to rewrite C.S. Lewis´ Chronicles of Narnia, stripped of all Christian references, have raised the ire of Lewis scholars and fans who say Christianity is integral to the original works. The publisher, HarperCollins, wants to profit from the rich market for children´s fantasy created by the Harry Potter books, but says the Christian references have to go in order to expand the market. New Narnia novels will be written by unidentified authors to 'fill in the gaps' between previous Narnia books, and will be marketed alongside new plush toys, said the National Post, a Toronto newspaper."  Even fantasy must be squeezed into a politically correct mold. John 3:19

Men Being Sexually Harassed - by Men: "...complaints by men accusing other men of sexual harassment have more than doubled in recent years - and are growing at a much higher rate than women-against-men complaints.  Psalm 12:8


Teenage girls putting audacious fashion statement out front: "It's a form of self-expression," said 14-year-old Roseamber Thompson of Milwaukee, who bought four of the trendy tops to let people know she's a "Good Girl Gone Bad," "Princess in Training," "Princess" and "Hottie."  Rom 1:22-32


Gallup News Service:  "A new Gallup poll reveals a continuation of a gradual, but to some degree steady, increase in the liberalization of American public opinion about homosexuality. Americans still exhibit ambivalence about the overall acceptability of homosexuality in American society today, and substantial numbers of Americans continue to say that homosexual relations should be neither acceptable nor legal. But there have been changes in these attitudes over time." Rom 1:22-32


Teen Sex is not Inevitable: Cal Thomas writes, "The sex industry is a multi-billion dollar operation, if one includes pornography, much of cable TV (is that redundant?), pregnancy prevention devices (mislabeled "birth control") and virtually all contemporary magazines. It should then come as no surprise that the sex industry has a vested interest in recruiting new 'customers.' Just as the tobacco companies must hook kids on cigarettes to survive, so must the sex industry need to hook teens on sex."

      It makes sense from a spiritual perspective as well. If the enemies to God and His truth can entice people into an addictive and corruptive lifestyle, most of their victims will run from God and despise His standards rather than "turn and be healed." (Is 6:10)  Rom 1:22-32


Compassionate Courts: George Will writes, "A doctrine prevalent in prestigious law schools is that language is 'open-textured' and 'indeterminate,' and hence the users of words have vast latitude in infusing them with meanings. A moral theory in vogue is that one virtue trumps all competing considerations. That virtue, compassion, is a feeling that confers upon the person feeling it a duty to do whatever is necessary to ameliorate distress.

      "On Tuesday we saw what happens when judges are conditioned by that doctrine about language and convinced of that moral theory."

      When the basis for legal decisions shift from law to subjective feelings, anyone can be victimized by politically correct courts.  Judges 17:6

Posted in May

Porn Created Hostile Work Environment: "The librarians complained that..."they were exposed not only to sexually graphic material and the most explicit stuff that's out there on the web, but also to child pornography and material that is clearly unlawful and illegal - and the library chose not to take action to address that situation.... In addition to allowing unlimited access to this material, the library had a policy that anybody could print anything they wanted off the Internet." Psalm 12:8

Culture. Gay Youth Pride Day Promoted by Gov. Swift: "Over 1000 youth were encouraged to be sexually active at a daylong rally in Boston last month.... The event was promoted in the schools, on a state government website and on private websites.... The lesbian 'guerilla theatre troupe' warmed up the crowd with a skit laced with obscenities, which they performed at various locations throughout the park.... The teens were instructed to 'repeat these terms after me.' They obliged, shouting the obscenities as if they were at a football game." Rom 1:22-32  

2001: A Family Odyssey: "... research shows that couples who cohabit before marriage are more likely to report unhappiness in their marriages, and more likely to divorce.... But it is not a surprise when you consider that the marriage relationship is much more than a glorified roommate or business relationship. People imagine they are taking their potential spouse for a 'test drive.' The problem is that you cannot simulate commitment....  You also cannot simulate self-giving. The members of a cohabiting couple practice holding back on one another. They rehearse not trusting." Prov 3:5-7

Dead newborn infant lies in gutter like thrash in China  (Warning: Graphic): "Few of the locals hurrying by give her a second glance. To them, she is just one of thousands of baby girls abandoned each year as a result of China’s ruthless one-child policy."  Prov 8-36

Culture.  Reclaiming sex education: "The promotion of that hedonistic view of sexuality has itself been the cutting edge of the larger shift toward a selfish and pleasure-seeking philosophy in American life. Sometimes, it seems that the new idea of America is to pledge allegiance to whatever we feel like doing." Psalm 12:8

  7 Jump Girl in School: "A pack of boys allegedly molested and beat a female classmate Thursday in a stairwell at their Bronx school.... The 14-year-old girl, a student at Public School 117 in Morris Heights, was returning to class with two friends after eating lunch when seven boys jumped her, police said. Officers quickly arrested six boys — three 12-year-olds, a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds — and charged them as juveniles with sexual abuse and assault." Prov 12:15

The Stupidity of Intellectuals: "I wondered: just how stupid have American intellectuals become, that they need to spend millions of dollars on research to confirm what most of us know anyway? ... If you regularly read the kind of social science revelations the highbrow New York Times has been publishing since the 1960s, you begin to see why an uneducated simpleton like Forrest Gump struck so many Americans as a fount of wisdom. These days it often seems like the more schooling people receive, the dumber they get." Prov 12:15

Homosexual adopts partner: "A Silver Spring man has adopted his gay partner of 32 years in order to establish a legal family relationship, since they can't get married." Rom 1:22-32

7 Jump Girl in School: "A pack of boys allegedly molested and beat a female classmate Thursday in a stairwell at their Bronx school.... The 14-year-old girl, a student at Public School 117 in Morris Heights, was returning to class with two friends after eating lunch when seven boys jumped her, police said. Officers quickly arrested six boys — three 12-year-olds, a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds — and charged them as juveniles with sexual abuse and assault." Prov 12:15

Homosexuals: Pawns of biology? "Many Americans believe homosexuals are born that way and can't do anything about it. For most of his professional life as a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Spitzer helped promote that belief. He has changed his mind." 1 Cor 6:9-11

Pheromones: "Pheromone products are being advertised on television, the internet and in stores. They are now being added to perfumes, clothing, and a variety of items are impregnated with supposedly human pheromones."  In a culture already supersaturated with sensuality and sexual suggestions, this is no surprise.   1 Cor 10:6-13  

Homosexuality 'Studies' Obscure Deeper Issues: "From a Christian perspective, hyping up a study like this really undermines our Christian message on this issue," said Michael Johnston, director of Kerusso Ministries, an organization that supports homosexuals who want to leave the gay lifestyle." Rom 6:6-14

PC Alert: School Cancels Mother's Day: "Mother's Day and Father's Day will not be noted or celebrated with artwork at one private school in Manhattan, so as not to offend children being raised in nontraditional (homosexual, single-parent) families...."  

Unborn Victims Act exposes a lie: "The Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which passed the House late last month, threatens a carefully constructed worldview -- hence the agitated opposition it has aroused." Is 5:20

Some Gays Can Go Straight: "That conclusion clashes with that of major mental health organizations, which say that sexual orientation is fixed and that so-called reparative therapy may actually be harmful. Gay rights activists attacked the study...." [In our times of "managed change", studies that clash with political correctness may fast be silenced.]  Isaiah 5:20

Lesbian prom king wears crown with pride: Political correctness wins by consensus.  Rom 1:22-32  

Family Groups Fault ALA Internet Policy: "We are seeing our tax-funded public libraries becoming peep show booths open to kids," said Jan LaRue who heads a coalition of concerned congressional leaders and groups. "The opposition of libraries to filtering devices also is attracting 'pedophiles who know libraries are a good place to access and download porn, and sit next to a small child while they do it.'" 2 Cor 6:12-18

Dirty Dancing Gets Dirty Looks: "some schools have canceled all dances except for the prom, while others have drawn up strict rules...."  Rom 1:22-32

Homosexual Activists Fight Against Free Speech and Religion: "The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a homosexual media group has recently launched a new effort designed to intimidate and silence radio talk show hosts who may be critical of homosexuality." Romans 1:22-32

Posted in April

San Francisco to Pay for Sex Changes. Rom 12:2, 9

Daughters of the feminist revolution: "... another example of feminists´ desire to discriminate in favor of females at the expense of males and to divide the sexes in order to foster their ideological agenda."  To understand the feminist hatred for God, male leadership and traditional values, please read Mine is the Power  in A Twist of Faith.     

Daughters of the feminist revolution: "... another example of feminists´ desire to discriminate in favor of females at the expense of males and to divide the sexes in order to foster their ideological agenda. Feminists tell us that after age 11, girls´ self-confidence drops. What they don´t tell us is that boys experience the same drop in self-confidence and perhaps even more severely. The American Medical Association reports that boys are five times more likely to commit suicide than girls are."  To understand the feminist hatred for God, male leadership and traditional values, please read Mine is the Power  in A Twist of Faith.       

She "Adored Children": '"What if we have created a generation of barbaric murderers who are, at the same time and by our estimation, sweet, good, average? What if our best and brightest have forgotten that life is precious...? What if we have, as a culture, lost the ability to confront and condemn? What if our children have learned how to say, 'We adore children' but are able, on the other hand, to thoughtlessly kill them?" Judges 21-25

Homosexual proms rock U.S. campuses.  Rom 1:22-32

Sex Manifesto Promotes 'Fun' to Youth: "...the manifesto's three goals include increased access to and information about sexual health services regardless of age; increased youth activism with regard to government policy, and the ability of youth to have 'pleasure and confidence' in sexual activity". 2 Timothy 3:1-14

Taxpayers Fund Homosexual Gym: "...complete with gymnasium and a center for the performing arts...." Rom 1:22-32

Attorney general criticizes violent video games: "John Ashcroft... has stepped up criticism of violent video games and media that he says glorify drugs, guns and "condition" children to act violently." 2 Tim 3:1-14

From gang victim to suspect, teen baffles parents: "'She's not scared or sad," Robin's father, Roger Raney, 52, said. "I wish she was, but to her it's just another fascinating adventure in life.' Robin Raney... charged in last month's gang-related slaying of Daniel Cortes, 16, of Atlanta... met her first gang friends in a Roswell middle school. 'It was the perfect opportunity for a child who already had "an overactive imagination and penchant for mischievousness...." Judges 21:25

Sometimes bad news may be a blessing in disguise: Since Cellucci Wins Canada Post, he will no longer promote his outrageous sex education in Massachussets. 2 Tim 3-1-14

Notice the reasons why Jesus gave His life. Pray that He show us how to demonstrate His victorious life and love in a world that loves sin and mocks His truth:

Task Force Recommends 'Gay Sensitive' Textbooks  Rom 1:22-32


When health care, morality collide: "Supporters of a measure that would broaden Wisconsin's "conscience clause" for medical professionals said Wednesday the proposal would safeguard their moral beliefs while critics claimed it could limit patients' access to birth control.... Rev. Sue Moline Larson, director of the Lutheran [ELCA] Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin.... opposed the bill and said health professionals have pledged "to serve a greater good than expressed by one's own perspectives and preferences." What "greater good" than a sensitive conscience might she have in mind?

  'Homosexual Marriage' Issue Confronts Nation. The media and classroom promotion of the gay lifestyle as an acceptable alternative to marriage will surely change the way the masses -- including churches -- view God's truth and values. You cannot see through God's eyes while condoning sin.  Rom 1:22-32

Clinton Scandal Fuels Expanded Sex Ed Program

Conservatives fight Bush's AIDS czar. Rom 1:22-32

Mandates Against Homosexual Discrimination Causes Controversy

Lawyer Says NAMBLA Trained Pedophiles: "Jaynes and his co-defendant... were accused of luring Jeffrey Curley into a car, then killing him by holding a gas-soaked rag to his mouth after he resisted their sexual advances."  2 Tim 3:1-14


Mom, 17, charged with murder of newborn tossed into canal: To help "desperate pregnant women and teens, Florida and other states have enacted 'amnesty' laws" which allow "parents to drop off unwanted babies...." Rom 1:32

Suicide ship to cruise globe: It would travel on a world circuit to allow people who want to die by euthanasia to bypass laws that prevent it in their own countries." 2 Tim 3:1-14

Falling and rising: "In zealous pursuit of a man-made utopia, today's American socialists and communists, posing as liberal intellectuals, have imposed a moral disaster upon America...."  See also The Triumph of the Cross.

The fix is in?  "Governor Cellucci has been an uncompromising advocate of the radical homosexual agenda in Massachusetts," writes Alan Keyes. "I will spare you the details of his tireless -- and publicly defiant -- work for this cause, but you can learn all you wish and more about it by visiting the web site of the Parents Rights Coalition.  


Sometimes bad news may be a blessing in disguise: Since Cellucci Wins Canada Post, he will no longer promote his outrageous sex education in Massachussets.

Sweet-faced little Pokemon may have won the hearts of children, but the reality behind the pretty fantasies is both dark and depraved. The Wizards of the Coast -- makers of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering as well as Pokemon cards and games -- exemplifies the visions and values that continue to inspire the popular pagan fantasy worlds that captivate children around the world. MORE was added

Sadism and bondage in classroom: "The booklet [Taking Sex Seriously] suggests sado-masochism, group sex and unnatural sexual practices as suitable subjects for discussion. The teaching pack, published by Healthwise, appears on a list of approved resources" for Scotland.  Rom 1:22-32

British Columbia government wants abortion violence considered hate crime. See also Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values  

Looking for the historical Jesus. The BBC television series uses today's subjective "science" to  justify their quest to "reconstruct the main events of Jesus' life." And "a first century Jewish skull" becomes an "scientific" basis for a picture of Jesus that fits their own subjective imagination.  

Youth meditations: "Tony and Emily are among a handful of Silicon Valley students who practice qi gong to develop deeper concentration, reduce anxiety and harness creativity. The Chinese have used qi gong, the ancient Eastern art of tapping life-force energy through movement and visualization, for thousand of years as a way to cultivate self-healing, rejuvenation and longevity."  1 Tim 4:1  See also America's Spiritual Slide

The Revelation of Nihilism: "...her chilling words, said it all: It wasn't that she hated her friend's prospective victims or had some special urge to see them killed; it was that she didn't care if they were killed, and she wasn't embarrassed to let the world know it."    Matt 24:10-12

Lawmakers unveil bill protecting gays under hate crimes. See  Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values  Isaiah 5-20

Presbyterians Vote Against God’s Moral Laws

Survey reveals 'spiritual stagnation' in America: "... there has been a five-point increase in the percentage of adults who say they are "absolutely committed'' to the Christian faith, and simultaneously, a five-point drop in the proportion who had attended church in the last seven days... How [can this be]?"  Matt 15:7-9

Willow Creek Forum unites diverse religions: "...organizers of the forum...  encouraged the representatives of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism to revel in their diversity. "All pathways to heaven and God are not the same; that's the reality," said David Staal, a spokesman for Willow Creek." Matt 24:11

Fatwa sends 'demonic' Pokemons into hiding

Hostility Toward Religion: Can the Lions Be Far Behind? "In San Francisco, the government officially pronounced the Truth in Love campaign, which shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with homosexuals, [to be] hateful rhetoric." See  Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values  [" will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake." Matt 24:9

In Sade’s Shadow  Rom 1-22-32

Schools Will Keep Sessions on Homophobia: "Santa Fe Public Schools health teachers who request Project GLYPH workshops will be allowed to use the new anti-homophobia and anti-violence curriculum for the rest of the school year.... The title has been changed from 'An Anti-Homophobia, Prejudice-Reduction Curriculum' to 'Valuing Differences.' And definitions for homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual no longer describe them as 'normal'."  Matthew 24-7

Researchers Find Grave Defect Risk in Cloning Animals. Perhaps that's one reason why, in Genesis 1, God repeatedly emphasized that each living creature was created "according to its kind, whose seed is in itself." [Genesis 1:11]

Boy's death spotlights bias in coverage of gays: "The New York Times hasn't reported how Jesse died of asphyxiation in 1999 after prosecutors say he was bound, gagged and sodomized by a homosexual couple."  While this trial involves  two gay men, the Bible mentions comparable instances of homosexual group rape and murder in ancient Canaan -- a pagan culture characterized by idolatry, immorality, perversions and infanticide. Rom 1:22-32   

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network aims to "end anti-gay bias in K-12 schools" and to promote "safe sex." God tells us that "it is shameful even to speak of those things...." But if we don't speak up, our children will face it in class." (Ephesians 5:12)

Kids Charged for Wielding Paper Gun: "Two second-graders playing cops and robbers with a paper gun were charged with making terrorist threats." See Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance - Ten Steps Toward Lifelong Behavior Modification


School rejected girl's religious valentines: "A school that allowed students to exchange valentines featuring Britney Spears and boy band 'N Sync violated a second-grader's constitutional rights by rejecting her homemade cards celebrating Jesus."

Sweet-faced little Pokemon may have won the hearts of children, but the reality behind the pretty fantasies is both dark and depraved. The Wizards of the Coast -- makers of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering as well as Pokemon cards and games -- exemplifies the visions and values that continue to inspire the popular pagan fantasy worlds that captivate children around the world. MORE added today.

Homosexual Murderer Faces Life for Young Boy’s Death. While this trial involves  two gay men, the Bible mentions comparable instances of homosexual group rape and murder in ancient Canaan -- a pagan culture characterized by idolatry, immorality, perversions and infantic

No penalty for molestation? " U.S. Justice Foundation calls for prosecution of homosexual cop." (3-21)

Palestinians Enlist Children for Jihad

Britain: From Bad to Worse. "Not surprisingly to many observers, the violent crime rate has risen dramatically and steadily since gun bans have been instituted. That's a trend seen wherever strict gun control laws have been implemented. And that's the part of the story British officials have tried to keep under wraps."

Sexual Disorientation

Girl Shoots Classmate In Pennsylvania High School

Hillary's village raises Eminem

Chinese Psychiatrists Decide Homosexuality Isn't Abnormal. But don't assume their new "tolerance" includes Christians and other "dangerous cults." See also Changing China - Communist Strategies Enforce Solidarity

Posted in 2000


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