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December 2010

House churches forcibly closed in Indonesia: "Seven house churches were forcibly closed down in West Java, Indonesia, due to local Muslims' objections to the buildings being used for 'illegal church meetings.'" See Persecuted but not forsaken

Somali Teenage Girl Shot to Death for Embracing Christ: "A 17-year-old girl in Somalia who converted to Christianity from Islam was shot to death last week in an apparent 'honor killing.'... Nurta Mohamed Farah, who had fled her village of Bardher, Gedo Region to Galgadud Region to live with relatives after her parents tortured her for leaving Islam, died on Nov. 25....Her parents had severely beaten her for leaving Islam and regularly shackled her to a tree at their home."

Egypt's Muslims do with Christians… Believers considered second-class citizens in American ally: "Attacks by Muslims...on Christians are intensifying....'Over the last 10 years, there have been multiple Christian massacres in Egypt....'The recent attacks have been done by the Islamic government in Egypt. The permits were issued. But after all the approvals, the inspectors came in and said, 'No you have to destroy it and make it this other way,' Hakim continued.

      "...the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is another reason the Copts are on the receiving end of Muslim hostility."

Vietnam Officials Beat Pastor, Bulldoze Bible School: "About 500 police, soldiers and fire officers showed up at the school with bulldozers at 7 a.m. local time and began demolishing the property. Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang...was beaten with batons.... Though Vietnam's constitution provides for freedom of worship, the Communist government continues to restrict organized activities of many religious groups....Estimates of the number of Protestants in Vietnam range from government figures of one million to claims by churches of over two million." See Endurance with joy

China Launches Major Crackdown on House Churches: "The all-powerful Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party launched 'Operation Deterrence' on Dec. 1. According to the Politburo's top-secret instructions, the crackdown on the largest component of the mainland Chinese church is to continue through March 2011, and the party's Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Social order, the foot soldiers of China's security apparatus, have been notified to collect information about house churches throughout the country and turn these reports in to their superiors. A long 'blacklist' of church leaders and influential believers reportedly has been drawn up....

     "Operation Deterrence harks back to the previous era of hostilities and often brutal government persecution that had for decades driven unknown hundreds of thousands of believers 'underground,' worshipping in secret and fearing for their lives and freedom." See Chinese Government’s Campaign against Unregistered Churches

Please Return My Father: "Six months ago last week, the Chinese government kidnapped my [Christian] father, Gao Zhisheng. He was abducted for exercising his right to freedoms of speech and association, rights enshrined in the Chinese constitution.... The government placed our entire family under constant, humiliating surveillance. Police beat my mother, tearing her clothing and calling her a beast. Police beat me too; I was 12 years old. Security agents soon arrested my father and charged him with inciting subversion. They tortured him for weeks. My mother tried to protect me from knowing what happened. But I knew enough. I knew that when my father came home to serve his suspended sentence, his skin had turned black. [Ms. Geng is now 17-years-old] See Brainwashing and Education Reform

Cleric offers reward to kill Christian woman: "A hardline Pakistani Islamic cleric has offered a reward to anyone who kills a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy against Islam. Maulana Yousef Qureshi... said his mosque would give $6,000 to the person who kills Asia Bibi. '...Any one who kills Asia will be given 500,000 rupees in reward from Masjid Mohabat Khan,' he said referring to his mosque....

     "Bibi was sentenced Nov. 8 to hang for insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammed.... Last week, a government minister said an initial inquiry into the case showed she had not committed blasphemy. But the Lahore High Court last month prevented Zardari from granting a pardon and ruled that the High Court should be allowed to decide her appeal. 'No president, no parliament and no government has any right to interfere in the commandants of Islam. Islamic punishment will be implemented at all costs,' said Qureshi." See Our Refuge in Christ

Egyptian Civil Rights: 156 Christians Arrested Over Church: "The Christian community in Giza had planned to use a partially-complete building as a church once construction is finished. However, the community was denied a permit for a church.... Earlier in November a Muslim mob burned down several Christian homes in southern Egypt over rumors that a Christian man had been seen walking with a Muslim woman....

     '“We've seen a clear uptick in recent weeks of incitement coming from media outlets and clerics espousing sectarian hatred and violence. This kind of rhetoric goes too far and stokes the fire of extremists looking for ammunition to justify violent acts against religious minorities,' said Leonard Leo of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Egyptian Foreign Affairs Committee head Mustafa El-Feki laid the blame elsewhere, accusing Israel of causing Muslim-Christian fighting....

     "Persecution of religious minorities in Egypt dates back generations, and led to the expulsion of nearly all of Egypt's Jews..... Members of the Jewish minority, which in the 1940s numbered approximately 80,000, were usually denied citizenship. In 1948 bombs were set off in the Jewish quarter in Cairo, murdering 70 and wounding hundreds more. In 1956, the Egyptian government expelled 25,000 Jews and confiscated their property. A second round of expulsions and confiscation took place in 1967. It is estimated that less than 100 Jews now live in Egypt. Anti-Semitism, however, remains a problem, as media outlets often incite against Jews and Israel." Where can they go, if not to tiny Israel, which may soon lose much of its land to the Arab colossus?  The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

November 2010

Christian facing death freed: "...several sources are reporting that Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has decided to pardon Asia Bibi, the Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, and she has been taken to a safe house for protection....Bibi received the death sentence in a Punjabi provincial court on Nov. 7. She has been jailed since her arrest on the allegations in Jun 2009.

     "International Christian Concern's Pakistan and South Asia analyst Jonathan Racho says news of a pardon would be a positive step....'It’s high time for Pakistan to repeal the blasphemy laws that have caused so much persecution against Christians and other religious minorities,' Racho said. ...that even if Bibi is released, her safety is not assured. 'In Pakistan, there are a number of Islamic radical groups and even if the government has already released and pardoned Asia Bibi, the Islamic radicals may take the law into their own hands and kill her and members of her family."

U.N.'s Islam-protection plan revives Christian ministry warns 'blasphemy' rule would cause mayhem: "A death penalty for blasphemy against Islam announced for a Christian woman in Pakistan and a pending U.N. discussion about a Muslim plan to protect Islam with an anti-blasphemy plan may on the surface appear to have little to do with the average American. But that would be dangerous as well as incorrect.... 'This is a battle for our basic freedoms,' he warned....

      "Asia Bibi [sentenced to death by hanging for supposed "blasphemy"] said her side of the dispute never has been heard even after multiple court hearings over two years. 'How can an innocent person be accused, have a case in court after a false [report], and then be given the death sentence, without even once taking into consideration what he or she has to say?' she asked.

      "...the United Nations soon will be considering – again – a plan repeatedly proposed by Muslims that is called an 'anti-blasphemy' effort....The plan, if ultimately adopted, could put additional teeth in Muslim and communist nations' efforts to attack Christians within their borders. There could even be attempts to apply its regulations inside the U.S" See Suffering with Jesus

Iraq Christians Fear More Deady Attacks Amid Militant Warnings: "'All Christian centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen (holy warriors) wherever they can reach them,' said a statement by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)....

     "Archbishop Athanasius Toma Dawod...warned of a pending genocide and urged Christians to flee the country, while a senior cleric in Baghdad called for them to stay and bear witness to the faith.... Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians have already been driven from their homeland over the last 20 years because of attacks by Muslim extremists..." See Suffering with Jesus

Yet more Iraqi Christians murdered: "A wave of bombings and mortar attacks struck Christian areas across Baghdad Wednesday, sending families fleeing their homes.... 'We went barefoot onto the roof and climbed onto our Muslim neighbor's house," she says. 'They helped us and told us to stay with them but we were afraid.' Umm Danny, who did not want her full name used, said the neighbors cried when they left....

     "Mr. Maliki... [promised] that his government would protect Christians. Almost half of the approximately 800,000 Christians in Iraq before the war are believed to have fled — many given refugee status in the West."

In Iraq, Christians fear they could be wiped out — like Jews before them : "Although thousands of Assyrian Christians and others were killed under Iraq's Ottoman rule a century ago, the attack on the church last week is the worst in the country's recent history. The attack, claimed by an Al Qaeda-linked group, was followed two days later by 16 bombings in Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad that killed at least 70 people."

Attack by the Three-Self Patrotic Movement: "On October 26, 2010, as Pastor Zhan Gang of Jiaozhou Church in Shandong arrived at the church with along with some members for a usual morning study. Suddenly, they were attacked and beaten by thugs hired by the local Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church. The attackers were suspected of being plain-clothed agents. Pastor Zhan is also the general secretary of Chinese House Church Alliance." See God's Peace in the midst of turmoil

Pastor Sentenced to Death: "Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani has been sentenced to death for what is called a 'thought crime.' ...a leader in the Full Gospel 'Church of Iran' network, [he] is one of several members of his church who have been imprisoned. The Iranian government has also threatened his wife with life imprisonment and has threatened to take away their two children, who are currently being cared for by relatives. Pastor Youcef was arrested in October 2009 after protesting a decision by the government requiring that his son study the Quran." See They Gave Him Their Lives

October 2010

Church dissolved for [teaching children and] having flower boxes: "A church in Russia... that was ordered by the state to be dissolved for teaching children and having flower boxes in its facility may get a reprieve....The case started developing after the Biblical Centre, which was registered as a religious organization in Russia, in 1996 opened a Bible school to train its leaders." See Persecuted but not forsaken

Somali Christian girl kidnapped, family flees home: "An 'underground' Christian family from central Somalia is agonizing over the kidnapping of their daughter nearly eight months ago by Islamic militants intent on punishing those who leave Islam. ... Knowing that the insurgents would soon come after the rest of his family, Ghelle fled immediately with his wife, 11-year-old daughter, and 10-year-old son. ...the family remains devastated by the kidnapping.....

    "Pray Anab will be restored to her family. Pray this family will know the love and comfort of the Lord at this time." See


China: Christians Detained: "On Sept. 21, nearly 200 police officers demolished a prayer room at Taishan Christian Church in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, citing a 'building code violation,' according to China Aid Association.... A member of the church said a line of police prevented them from removing their belongings from the prayer room. This is the second such incident in less than a month....

     "On Sept. 22, following the most recent demolition, police raided the Chen Pengyi Church in... Henan province, where several believers were gathered for a Bible study and training session. Police detained an American pastor and a Russian pastor as well as more than 30 attendees....

     "Pray that God will continue to give these believers a steadfast spirit of courage and faithfulness amid these challenges. Pray that their witness will help awaken their oppressors to the saving knowledge of Christ..." See Following Jesus

Christian charged in Bangladesh despite thief's confession: "Police in Bangladesh's Nilphamari district have charged Christian day labourer Abul Hossen (41) with cattle theft despite a confession from the primary suspect.... Local believers have said that influential Muslims had Abul accused in order to discredit his ministry." See God's Peace in the midst of turmoil

Pakistan: Bibles Burned by Muslims: "On Sept. 19, Islamic extremists broke into the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church.... 'They burned three crosses, nine Bibles, five books of worship songs, a table and a musical instrument....VOM encourages you to pray for believers in Pakistan who courageously live for Christ in the midst of opposition. Pray that believers’ testimonies and love for Christ will draw their Muslim neighbors into fellowship with Christ." See Our witness to His love

Pakistan: Muslims burn Christian man as policeman rapes his wife: "This is simple barbarism. ...a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died...after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to recant his faith. Additionally, a Muslim policeman raped Masih’s wife.... Masih’s children Mary, 12, Nasir, 10, and Neha, 7, are deeply traumatized after witnessing acts of brutality against their family at the hands of Muslims." See Following Jesus

Kenyan Christians abducted, tortured and raped: "Six Christian missionaries have been found alive but traumatised after suffering three days of unimaginable torture in Kenya....

      "Mr Y’s wife said, 'No matter the agony, they praised the Lord.'

      "Early in the ordeal, the Muslim [attackers] asked one of the women, 'Who’s the saviour of this world?' When she boldly answered, 'Jesus Christ is the Saviour,' they slapped and spat at her and shouted 'You’re wrong, you prostitute, it’s Osama who’s the saviour.'

     "When the group was finally released, they were told, 'You’re lucky ... we’re directed to free you. We could have killed you this night. Maybe your Jesus saves you. But... stop leading Muslims astray with your corrupt Bible. Nobody shall be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” See Suffering with Jesus


Police Keep Indonesian Church from Worship Site after Attack: "Following attacks on their church leaders on Sept. 12, a West Java congregation on Sunday (Sept. 19) faced a wall of security officers blocking them from worshipping on their property as authorities tried to coax them to meet at another venue. While Muslims in Idonesia fight to close Christian churches, they continue to build mosques all over America." See Persecuted - but not forsaken

September 2010

When Iron Gates Yield: "According to Marxism, the standard of morality arises from our political standpoint, which in turn is determined by our economic condition. Thus if I have no money to buy bread, I will take the political stand of siding with the oppressed masses. This means that to steal from the landlord becomes right; I am not guilt of theft. I am only taking back what he has exploited from my class....

     "...the Communist revolution was run on principles... attracting the finest youth of China... who were being filled with enthusiasm to devote their all that their nation might become strong and free.... They had not yet awakened to the new and more sinister spiritual bondage that had begun to engulf them. I was their prisoner, yet I knew that through God's grace in Christ I was freer than them all. For 'if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.'" [John 8:36]

Balancing freedoms as Bibles and bodies are burned: "The threatened burning of the Qur’an by a Florida pastor created international headlines and now a Brisbane atheist has used pages of the Bible and the Qur’an to roll fake joints.... [But] we hear nothing about the very real plight of millions of Christians, many in Muslim countries, where such freedoms are not enjoyed.

     "For example a young Laotian woman had her Bible burned (pictured) by villagers who believed it was causing her mother’s illness. ‘My villagers still hate me and mock me, like they mocked Jesus on the cross. It is the world’s right to hate us or to love us. But for me, I will follow Jesus.’" See Her All for Him

Christians in Gaza fear for their lives as Muslims burn Bibles and destroy crosses: "Christians in Gaza City have issued an appeal to the international community and a plea for protection against the increased attacks by Muslim extremists....Muslims have ransacked, burned and looted a school and convent...

     "...crosses were broken, damage was done to a statue of Jesus, and... prayer books were burned. Gunmen used the roof of the school during the fighting, and the convent was 'desecrated.'... Muslim gunmen used rocket-propeled grenades (RPGs) to blow through the doors of the church and school, before burning Bibles and destroying every cross they could get their hands on....

     "Leaders of the Christian community in the Strip expressed deep concern over the fate of the Christians living under Hamas. They said most of them wanted to leave Gaza out of fear for their lives." See End-Time Events

Destroying Bibles [The following illustration came by email from Voice of the Martyrs]: "'Somchi' is an outcast in her village in Laos. Even family members have turned against her. And when villagers found a Bible in her home, they proclaimed, 'We need to destroy it!' They believed the Bible was causing her mother's illness.

    "'My villagers still hate me and mock me, like they mocked Jesus on the cross,' Somchi told VOM. 'It is the world's right to hate us or to love us. But for me, I will follow Jesus.'

    "In restricted nations around the world, Bibles are burned, shredded or confiscated every day. Those opposed to the gospel can destroy Bibles, but they cannot destroy the faith of those like Somchi." See A Fortress in the Church

August 2010

Two Christian girls raped in Punjab, Pakistan: "Two Christian girls in Pakistan's Punjab province were brutally raped in recent weeks. On July 22, a group of madrassa (Islamic school) students gang-raped a 12-year-old Christian girl....Before the attack began, the teacher overheard one of the students say, 'We will teach these Christians a lesson they will never forget.'... The girl's father and the teacher have attempted to file a complaint but the officer in charge has refused to comply." Persecution

Pakistan: Christian girls raped: "Two Christian girls in Pakistan's Punjab province were brutally raped in recent weeks. On July 22, a group of madrassa (Islamic school) students gang-raped a 12-year-old Christian girl in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi district. A teacher who reportedly witnessed the rape stated:

"Three or four Christian girls were washing dishes near a pond.... These guys ran towards them, and the girls started running. One of them fell on the ground, and these madrassa students got hold of her and took her in the fields. I tried to stop them, but they were 15-16 in number."

      "Seven or eight of the boys reportedly then raped the girl while the others looked on. Before the attack began, the teacher overheard one of the students say, 'We will teach these Christians a lesson they will never forget.' The Christian girl, whose name has been withheld, was left in the field until some villagers eventually took her home to her family. The girl's father and the teacher have attempted to file a complaint but the officer in charge has refused to comply. Another officer has since admitted that they are under pressure from Muslim leaders and extremists to refrain from filing a report...

       "A 16-year-old Christian girl, whose name has also been withheld, was raped by three men on July 21.... The three men, who work for the same Muslim employer as her father, overpowered her while she was at home....

      "The girl's father, Ghafoor Masih, went to the police station to file a report but the Station House Officer Inspector refused his requests. However, due to pressure from a superior officer, the Inspector finally registered the complaint on July 29. While Ghafoor was on his way home from filing the report, two other Muslims... intercepted and kidnapped him. The men took Ghafoor to their employer's home where they and another employee shackled and tortured him, leaving him in critical condition....'Muslim landowners and their relatives see Christian girls or women as their chattel' ..."

    "Pray that the Lord will heal the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of these two girls. Pray that their families will be a source of compassion and strength. Pray that those who perpetrated these violent attacks will repent and turn to the Lord for forgiveness. Pray that attacks on young Christian girls in Pakistan will stop." Read more here

Pakistan Cleric Pledges To Withdraw Blasphemy Case: "An impoverished Christian family....were charged with blasphemy against Islam because they allegedly used a curtain containing verses of the Koran -- deemed a holy book by Muslims -- to separate their toilet in their dwelling in a slum area of Lahore....After Muslims noticed the curtain a police case was filed against the Christians and thousands demanded their arrest." See Suffering

Pakistan: Two Christians murdered: "Rashid Emmanuel, 32, and his brother, Sajid, 30, were facing blasphemy charges after allegedly distributing papers that denigrated Mohammed...The gunmen urged Muslim police officers to back away from the accused Christians to avoid being shot.... No arrests have been made for the murders. ...handwriting experts told police that signatures on the supposedly blasphemous papers did not match signatures of the accused Christians....Rashid and his brother were leaders of United Ministries, Pakistan...

     “It is important for Christians in the U.S. to understand the blasphemy laws....These laws are basically a stick radical Muslims use to beat our Christian brothers and sisters. Charges are filed on the sketchiest of claims, and Christians are locked up, tortured and held — sometimes for years — while they wait for justice. And even if exonerated in court, they wear a target the rest of their lives.” See Persecuted for Him

10 Medical Aid Workers Gunned Down by Taliban for "Preaching Christianity": "Taliban terrorists have declared they shot and killed a team of missionaries, including six Americans, because they were 'preaching Christianity.' Ten members of a medical team, including six Americans, were shot and killed by the Islamic terrorists as they were returning from providing eye treatment and other health care in remote villages of northern Afghanistan....Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told The Associated Press in Pakistan that they killed the foreigners because they were 'spying for the Americans' and 'preaching Christianity.' ...the International Assistance Mission is registered as a nonprofit Christian organization but it does not proselytize." See They Gave Him Their Lives

Europe’s “Decoy Jews”: “Jews are no longer safe in major Dutch cities. ...three Jews with skullcaps, two adolescents and an adult, were harassed within thirty minutes of being out in the streets of Amsterdam. Young Muslims spat at them, mocked them, shouted insults and made Nazi salutes. 'Dirty Jew, go back to your own country,' a group of Moroccan youths shouted at a young indigenous Dutch Jew." See Jerusalem

July 2010

Death threat and increasing opposition in Bekasi, Indonesia: "Christians in Bekasi, West Java have faced growing opposition in recent months from Muslims opposed to 'Christianization.' On July 5, a banner with the picture of a Christian man with a noose around his neck was hung on the front of a mosque in Bekasi, stating, 'This man deserves the death penalty.' The man, Andreas Sanau (29), is one of two men accused of organizing mass baptisms." See Persecuted - but not forsaken

More deadly attacks on Christians in Nigeria: "Muslims attacked the predominately Christian village of Mazzah...on July 17, killing eight people and burning seven houses and a church building. At approximately 1:30 a.m., Muslims entered the village and began shooting sporadically in the air to lure sleeping residents outside their homes. They then attacked people with machetes, including children. Seven were killed instantly.... Three others were seriously injured. During the attack, Reverend Nuhu Dawat of the Church of Christ in Nigeria escaped with one of his children, but his wife and two other children were killed....Villagers claim that although the security forces were called and arrived in time to quell the violence, they waited until the attack had ended before entering Mazah."

Two Christians murdered after accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan: "Rev. Rashid Emmanuel (32) and his younger brother, Sajid Emmanuel (30), were shot and killed on July 19 after they were accused of blaspheming the prophet Muhammad. The two men, leaders of United Ministries Pakistan, were being returned to jail under police custody when they were attacked and shot by several masked men. ... The bodies of the two reportedly bore cuts and other signs of being tortured while in police custody."

[China] Christian group targeted, building destroyed 'If a church is growing too large, it could be perceived as a threat': "...officials in Yichun, China, have demolished an officially registered church that is part of the communist-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Movement....there is no known motive for the Chinese government's actions. 'It's always difficult to tell, especially when a church has been registered with the government. Most of the time, this registration gives them some protection...."

     "'There is a sense that if a church is growing too large, or it's becoming too strong in a community, it could be perceived as a threat by the local officials,' she said. ...'There is some evidence to suggest that there was some interest in development – contractors who wanted the land for other purposes.'"

Expelled in Morocco: "Of the more than 100 Christians (some of them non-Americans) who have been deported—humanitarian workers, businessmen and teachers—many had lived in Morocco for more than a decade. Most were denied any semblance of due process

    "...the Padillas were given a few hours to gather their belongings. 'It happened so fast that you didn't even really have time to feel the shock of it until later,' Mrs. Padilla told us in an interview. 'The worst moment of it all was handing over the boys....These children were abandoned by their birth mothers. We were their parents.'...

    "Mr. Wolf wants Congress to suspend its $697.5 million five-year Millennium Challenge contract with Morocco. The program, which is intended to fight poverty, gives grants to countries based on factors like 'ruling justly'. U.S. taxpayers won't tolerate financing governments that mistreat Americans solely because of their religion." See Persecuted - but not forsaken

Taiwan scholars blast Foxconn's China operations: "Their petition follows a recent string of suicides at the Shenzhen facility, which employs and houses more than 300,000 people, many from impoverished backgrounds in the Chinese interior" See Lessons from China

Indonesian Muslims Call for Halt to ‘Christianization’: "Muslim organizations in Bekasi, West Java... declared their intention to establish paramilitary units in local mosques.... 'If the Muslims in the city can unite, there will be no more story about us being openly insulted by other religions,' Ahmad Salimin Dani, head of the Bekasi Islamic Missionary Council, announced at the gathering. 'The center will ensure that Christians do not act out of order.'”

June 2010

Four Christians arrested outside Arab festival: "Four Christians were arrested for disorderly conduct outside the Dearborn Arab International Festival while handing out copies of the Gospel of John in English and Arabic.... Dr. Nabeel Qureshi is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. He holds an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

     "'These Christian missionaries were exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion, but apparently the Constitution carries little weight in Dearborn, where the Muslim population seems to dominate the political apparatus,' said Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center.

     "Thompson stated that the Constitution does not allow police to ban the right of free speech just because there are those to disagree."

Kenyan who attended Hope College can't stay in U.S: "A Kenyan who graduated from a Michigan college and wrote a book about his conversion to Christianity has lost his bid to remain in the U.S. A federal appeals court has refused to overturn a decision to send Hussein Wario back to Kenya. Wario has said he fears persecution there because of his conversion from Islam. But the appeals court says Kenya is a predominantly Christian country..."

Anti-Semitism. Rabbi Receives Death Threats Over Helen Thomas Video: "The New York rabbi who videotaped veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas telling Jews to 'get the hell out of Palestine' says he has received numerous death threats and thousands of pieces of hate mail in the days since Thomas' abrupt retirement....'We got one specific one saying, 'We're going to kill the Jews; watch your back.'

     "Nesenoff said he was shocked not only by Thomas' original remarks — which he called anti-Semitic — but by the wave of insults and threats he has received since his videotape brought about her public shaming and the end of her 50-year career at the White House. 'This is something that I thought was a couple of people here or there, [but] it's mainstream and it's frightening,' the Long Island rabbi said. '[Thomas] is just a little cherry on top of this huge, huge sundae of hate in America.'"  Auschwitz 1

Muslims Order Christians to Leave Village in Pakistan: "Abdul Sattar Khan, head of village... and other area Muslim residents ordered the expulsions after Christian residents objected too strenuously to sexual assaults by Muslims on Christian girls and women.... Most of the village’s Christian men work in the fields of Muslim land owners, while most of the Christian women and girls work as servants in the homes of Muslim families.... The Muslim employers have used their positions of power to routinely sexually assault the Christian women and girls....'The Muslims had been telling the Christian women and girls that if they denied them sex, they would kick them out of their native village.'" See God's Comfort

May 2010

Execute those Christians! [Afghanistan]: "A member of parliament in Afghanistan has called for the public execution of Christians, sending many members of the faith into hiding....The public call to violence came after a video was broadcast by...an Afghan television network, that showed Christian men being baptized and praying."

Hearings continue for believers accused of 'insulting Turkishness': "On May 25, the 11th hearing took place in the case against... two Turkish Christians accused of 'insulting Turkishness' by allegedly trying to convert others to Christianity....The prosecution has yet to provide any concrete evidence of the charges....'From the beginning, the charges against us have been filled with contradictions,' Turan said.'" Persecution

May 2010

Crackdown on Christians ramping up: "The government of Morocco has notified another 23 mostly Christian foreigners, including one American, that they're scheduled for imminent expulsion from the North African country.... This is the second large deportation action taken by the Moroccan government against mostly Christian individuals in the past two months....

      "'It's basically anti-conversion. The thinking there is if there is no proselytizing, no one will convert from Islam,' Clay explained.... They're seeing Muslims converting to Christianity and this move is to put an end to the spread of Christianity in Morocco....

      "Morocco has been dominated by Islamic interests since the 600s, when Arab Muslims moved into the region.... The embassy website boasts that King Mohammed VI is directly descended from the prophet of I" color="#CC0000">Persecuted - but not forsaken

Chinese accused of vast trade in organs... from religious dissidents: "China's hidden policy of executing prisoners of the forbidden quasi-Buddhist group Falun Gong and harvesting their organs for worldwide sale has been expanded to include Tibetans, 'house church' Christians and Muslim Uighurs.... 'These groups are useless to the state,' Mr. Gutmann said. "They are toxic, so you can't release them. But they're worth a great deal of money in terms of their organs." See Secret Document Reveals Chinese Government’s Campaign against Unregistered Churches

April 2010

Pastor and wife killed in northern Nigeria: "Suspected Islamists abducted and killed a pastor and his wife in Boto village, Bauchi state in northern Nigeria on April 13. Pastor Ishaku Kadah (48) and his wife Selina (45) were abducted from the headquarters of their church, which was also their home. Their burned bodies were discovered hours later....Pastor Ishaku's church previously came under attack in late January by Islamic extremists who set fire to the building mere days after Christians displaced by violence in Plateau state had taken refuge on the premises." See They Gave Him Their Lives

176,000 Christians martyred in one year: "A new ministry partnership has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the fact that an estimated 176,000 Christians around the world were martyred – killed for their faith – in a one-year period from the middle of 2008 to the middle of 2009. That's 482 deaths per day, one every three minutes. Martyrdom didn't go away with the Middle Ages..."

Pakistan Christian Maid Burned To Death: "A young Christian maid was raped and burned to death by the son of her Muslim employer in the industrial city of Sheikhupura, the second murder of a domestic servant in Pakistan's Punjab province in less than two months.... Kiran George, 20, was allegedly burned by suspect Muhammad Ahmed Raza last month because she became pregnant and wanted to report his 'months of sexual abuse' to police.... Raza was assisted in the burning by his mother Zahida Bibi, who employed her....

      "Speaking from her death bed, the young woman said a brother of Raza, Ahmal, intervened and rushed her to hospital. She alleged that the rich Muslim family 'bribed' police 'heavily' not to launch procedures against the suspects." See Persecution Scriptures

March 2010

 Italy summons Pakistani diplomat over attacks on Christians: "The foreign ministry in Rome summoned the Pakistani envoy Wednesday after reports Tuesday said that a 38-year-old Christian man in Pakistan’s northern city of Rawalpindi died after he was set on fire by a Muslim mob [after he refused to convert to Islam]. The man’s wife was allegedly gang raped by three police officers, in front of their three children last week, reports said....There have been several other reports of attacks on Christians in Pakistan by Islamic militants, including those linked to Al Qaeda and Taliban. Earlier this month, suspected Pakistani militants stormed the office of a Christian aid group.... killing six persons including two women..." See Persecuted - but not forsaken

Christian man burned alive, wife raped in Pakistan: "A Pakistani Christian man passed away on March 22 after he was set on fire by Muslims in Rawalpindi three days earlier. Arshed Masih (38) and his wife, Martha (33), had been threatened with 'dire consequences' by their employer, Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, unless they agreed to convert to Islam. The couple steadfastly refused." See Prepare for Persecution

Christian sentenced to prison; believers heavily fined in Uzbekistan: "Unregistered religious activity in the country is banned, as is evangelizing, publishing unapproved religious literature, and attending religious meetings in private homes."

       Does this sound like America? Now it's happening in Southern California!

AGAIN! City orders Bible study closed: "A southern California city has ordered a Friday night Bible study involving about a dozen people to shut down its meetings by Good Friday or members could face financial sanctions. Or they could apply to purchase an expensive permit from the city government.

     "The new case is similar to a dispute last week in Gilbert, Ariz., and another last year in San Diego County. Now, in Rancho Cucamonga... the city is targeting a Bible study for banishment, and officials say they are 'not budging.'...

     '"According to their definition a family praying over their dinner would qualify as a church.'...The precedent that would be created should the rule stand... should alarm religious people across the nation. 'When you step back and look at communist China, home churches are being persecuted there. This isn't any different. And this isn't even a church, just a Bible study, facing the same ultimatums, the same demands as in communist China." See Chinese Land Official Says 'Golden Lampstand Church will be destroyed'

Islamic authorities expelling Christians Orphanage workers: "Several dozen Christian orphanage workers, business leaders, teachers and others who work with charitable organizations to help the poor in Morocco have been rounded up by government agents and deported.... 'I think this is shameful for Moroccans to enjoy complete religious freedom in the U.S. and Europe and giving none to foreigners,' he said....'If Europe or America started kicking out Muslims, and their religious leaders, for no reason other than religion the Moroccan (and Muslim) world would be furious.'" See Persecuted but not forsaken

Christians under attack in Chiapas, Mexico: "There were several attacks on believers in Chiapas, Mexico in recent months. Evangelicals in the state face frequent threats and attacks by rebel groups and traditionalist religious groups. In one incident, a Christian community in the state was attacked by a group of 70 armed rebel sympathizers. Nearly 30 people were injured... and one was shot in the back and left for dead.

      "On February 28, three Christians were shot and wounded on their way home from church services in the region of Mitziton. Rebel group members also reportedly threw rocks at cars and blocked the highway in order to prevent medical aid from reaching those injured.

      "In the city of Tumbala, rebel sympathizers assaulted approximately 40 Christians who were asleep in their homes. A 49-year-old believer was killed and 20 other Christians were injured. At last report, no suspects had been arrested.... Pray for protection and endurance of faith for these suffering believers. Pray for healing for those injured. Pray that followers of Christ in Mexico will be an example of His love and grace, even to their persecutors." See They Gave Him Their Lives

Appeals for calm after Nigerian sectarian slaughter: "UN chief Ban Ki-moon and Washington led calls for restraint on Monday after the slaughter of more than 500 Christians in Nigeria, as survivors told how the killers chopped down their victims.... Survivors said the attackers were able to separate the Fulanis from members of the rival Berom group by chanting 'nagge', the Fulani word for cattle. Those who failed to respond in the same language were hacked to death.... Churches were among the buildings that were burned down....

     "'People were attacked with axes, daggers and cutlasses -- many of them children, the aged and pregnant women." See Loving Evil

Chinese Land Official Says 'Golden Lampstand Church will be destroyed': "A symbol of strength and unity for the 50,000-member Linfen Church Network, the central church building Jindengtai (Golden Lampstand) towers over the neighboring buildings in Linfen City. The building was confiscated by the Chinese government in the aftermath of the bloody attack and destruction of Fushan Church in September, 2009. Military police continue to surround the building.... The six-story Golden Lampstand Church (Jindengtai) is worth over 10 million Yuan ($1.5 million) and has been the central meeting location for Linfen Church members for more than a decade." See Brainwashing & "Education Reform"

Guangzhou Police Kidnap Pastor Wang Dao: "For more than two years, the Guangzhou police have harassed the house church believers of Liangren Church for their faith. In the boldest strike since last September, a mixed band of plain-clothed and uniformed PSB officers barged into the local restaurant... where Liangren Church Head Pastor Wang Dao was meeting with twelve [Christian] brothers and sisters for a meal. ...the policemen threw Pastor Wang violently to the ground... and rushed him outside to a waiting vehicle, shoving him into the back seat.... Pastor Wang's whereabouts are still unknown..." See Secret Document Reveals Chinese Government’s Campaign against Unregistered Churches

February 2010

Update: Christian youths tortured by Egyptian officials: "Several youths who were released stated that they were severely tortured by officials and were ordered to falsely testify that Bishop Kyrollos, the Coptic Bishop of Nag Hammadi, had incited them to make demonstrations. One of the released, Bola (18), stated, 'We had to take our clothes off, and we were electrocuted with electrodes in our private parts for eight hours. Electric shocks only stopped when we could take it no longer -- only to be resumed again.' A 17-year-old, Reziky, added, 'We were threatened by security that if we disclosed what went on, we will be re-arrested.'... The majority of the released teenagers are undergoing medical treatment, including being fitted with catheters in order to urinate....

      "Pray for physical and emotional healing for these young men. Pray that they and their loved ones will remain steadfast in their faith (1 Peter 5:8-10). Pray that those who tortured them will repent and come to Christ. Pray that authorities will act justly in this case. Pray for strength and safety for the 15 who remain in detention." See Persecuted but not alone

Shuozhou Pastor's Home Destroyed; 6 Christian Leaders Detained: "The police detained all 500 house church attenders on the site for several hours, before arresting Ren Boqing, Jia Jun and Gao Wenjun, church members who drove vans to help bring many of the Christians to the church meeting. Ren Boqing and Jia Jun were both charged with criminal detention for 'evil cult involvement,' a typical sentence for house church believers....Ma Fei and Lin Zhengyuan, were additionally arrested on November 19, 2009, and have been criminally detained since for allegedly 'participating in a cult.'

     "Brother Gao Mao, the group leader, was seized and immediately placed in criminal detention at the Detention Center of Pinglu District in Shuozhou. On November 20th, more than 400 police ransacked Mao's home, stealing both valuables and daily necessities, such as blankets, food, oil, and removing Bibles and Hymnals from the site. They destroyed his entire property.... This region known as the 'Liberation Zone' has been under multiple attacks since the devastating attack on Fushan Church in September, 2009." Suffering with Jesus

January 2010

2009 “Worst Year” For Pakistan Christians: "Last year was the worst period of persecution against Christians in Pakistan in the last decade, with attacks, arrests and detentions that reportedly killed some 130 Christians across the Islamic country.... In one of the bloodiest single incidents, in August, eight Christians were shot or burnt alive in the town of Gojrain Punjab province when he Christian community was attacked by a mob of 3,000 Muslims over alleged blasphemy of Islam....

      "'... blasphemy laws are an easy tool in the hands of Muslim extremists who, unlike the Christians, have little to fear in the way of legal repercussions. More often than not, they get off scot free for the atrocities they commit against Christians..." See Persecution Scriptures

Update on detained Uyghur Christian: "Alimujiang Yimiti (36), a Uyghur [Western China] Chinese house church leader who was arrested and imprisoned in January 2008, has received a 15-year prison sentence for allegedly 'providing state secrets to overseas organizations.' The verdict, which stunned Yimiti's lawyers and family members, was read to him in prison on October 27. One of Yimiti's lawyers, Li Dunyong, has reportedly filed an appeal on his behalf. Li Dunyong also stated that Yimiti's Muslim background was a factor in his legal battle, stating, 'The whole case is about religious faith issues which are being used against [him] for his conversion from Islam to Christianity." Please pray that God protect, comfort and use "Alim" to share the gospel and its hope with other prisoners.

Ignoring Christian Oppression in China: "It has long been true that the left-leaning World Council of Churches (WCC) ignores vast swaths of the world’s persecuted Christians while 'prophetically' defending the ''victims' of America and Israel. They have more often seen Christians – particularly evangelical ones who insist embarrassingly on sharing their faith – as the persecutors, not the persecuted.

      "But the WEA [World Evangelical Alliance] delegation, which met with China’s state-approved churches, and only state-approved churches, is part of an international organization created to give 'worldwide identity, voice, and platform to more than 420 million evangelical Christians.' Yet eighty million Chinese house church Christians, evangelical Christians, were left without identity, voice, or platform in the WEA’s China report....

      "While meeting in Shanghai with the national leadership of the China Christian Council and the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China (TPSM), the WEA praised the 'health and vibrancy' of the Chinese Church....

      "But they may have gained a more realistic perspective on Christianity in China if they had been singing in the snow with the thousand members of Beijing’s Shouwang House Church, who were locked out of their rented worship space by the authorities on November 1. Forced to hold worship services outdoors in Haidian Park, the church members continue to meet – even during snowstorms. Interestingly, on November 15, authorities concerned about their exuberant witness told the church that they must meet indoors because of President Obama’s visit. For that one Sunday they were allowed to meet inside a theatre in the northeast part of the city before being relegated to the streets once again."

Two Christians Critically wounded at wedding in Pakistan: "Still in intensive care, they were shot for refusing order to convert to Islam. ...two Muslims armed with AK-47s in Punjab Province... shot them in their chests after they refused orders to recite the Islamic creed signifying conversion.”

Iran: Christians Arrested: "On Dec. 17, security police and undercover officers attacked a Christmas gathering of more than 70 newly converted Christians in the city of Karaj, Iran.... Officers... confiscated Bibles, Christian books and a computer.... Two of the leaders of the group, Kambiz Saghaee and Ali Keshvar-Doost, were arrested.... Pray that the new converts who attended this meeting will grow stronger in their faith in Christ." See Persecution Scriptures  

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