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December 2006

UN  - Spirituality and Sustainability in the Urban Context: "This roundtable is based on the conviction that meeting the challenges of urbanization requires policy approaches that are ethically and spiritually informed. It will showcase urban projects that are inspired by the principles articulated in the major Wisdom (i.e. faith, indigenous and spiritual) traditions of the world. Participants will engage the following questions: How do faith-based initiatives promote sustainability, inclusion and social cohesion in urban areas? How do sustainability-focused projects integrate spiritual perspectives? How do civic leaders articulate an integral vision of urban wellbeing that is informed by a spiritual understanding of human community? See The Rising World Religion:  Neo-paganism, Neo-satanism or Neo-christianity - What's the Difference?


Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser? "Pope Benedict XVI has invited Henry Kissinger, former adviser to Richard Nixon, to be a political consultant and he accepted."

October 2006

Turning Goals into Results: The Power of Catalytic Mechanisms: (by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, a leadership manual used by church and parachurch organizations around the world) "Catalytic mechanisms share five characteristics. First, they produce desired results in unpredictable ways. Second, they distribute power for the benefit of the overall system, often to the discomfort of those who traditionally hold power.... Fourth, they eject 'viruses'--those people who don't share the company's core values." In churches, those are people like us who question today's transformation. See Dealing with Resisters

Bono and Bobby Shriver launch Product Red: " the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Bono and Bobby Shriver announced Product RED, an economic initiative designed to deliver a sustainable flow of private sector money to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It is the first time that the world’s leading companies have made a commitment to channel a portion of profits from sales of specially–designed products to the Global Fund to support AIDS programmes in Africa...." See the next two links:

The (Red) Manifesto.asp: "All things being equal, they are not. As first world consumers, we have tremedous power. What we collectively choose to buy, or not to buy, can change the course of life and history on this planet."


RED - Not Just for Communism: "RED is the new…red. Once a metonymic reference for communism, RED is now one of the hottest signifiers of capitalistic social responsibility (CSR) in the West. The brainchild of Bono and Bobby Shriver, the RED concept is centered on enlisting companies to create special 'red' products, a portion of whose profits — about 40% to 50% — is given to the global AIDS fund for its work in Africa."


The "Robbing Hood" and other Power Elite principles: "To understand how this works, you actually have to try to think like the ['power elite'], and the following list demonstrates their process. 1) corrupt the masses....  2) rationalize bad behavior.... 3) destroy standards.... 4) appeal to ego.... 5) create disrespect for laws.... 6) dumb down the population.... 7) control the media.... 8) keep people busy.... 9) wear people down--create a process that makes it difficult to redress grievances.... 10)...burden the middle class with taxes.... 11) create crises -- [use dissatisfaction]... to get them to accept things... they otherwise would not accept.... 12) divide and conque..." Yet everything fits into God's ultimate plan. See My High Tower: Seeing the world from His perspective

September 2006

U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia: Exchange... Student Program: "Fulbright Student Program Scholarships enable Saudis to pursue their postgraduate study in the United States, build leadership skills, and exchange cultural understanding with Americans.... The scholarship covers...

  •  tuition at the U.S. university

  • a living and book/supply stipend

  • round-trip international airfare to the U.S. and back..." See the next link:

U.S. Schools Compete for Saudi Students: "Thousands of students from Saudi Arabia are enrolling on college campuses across the United States this semester under a new educational exchange program brokered by President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah. The program will quintuple the number of Saudi students and scholars here by the academic year's end.... The kingdom's royal family... is paying full scholarships for most of the 15,000 students. ... Kansas State students... are preparing for the campus' first celebration of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month."

Aspen Revisited -- Philanthropy & Ideas: "The Aspen Institute is doing a remarkable job of being bipartisan and essentially creating a civil, new center in American political thought. The Aspen Ideas Festival is the most remarkable buffet of current big thinkers. ... Just on the luminary side, one could hear two U.S. Supreme Court justices.... Walter Isaacson is working hard to spice this mix with current evangelical Christian religious superstars – Rick Warren last year and T.D. Jakes and Ted Haggard, head of the National Association of Evangelicals, this year." See Real Conspiracies

How AIDS in Africa Was Overstated: "Researchers said nearly two decades ago that this tiny country was part of an AIDS Belt stretching across the midsection of Africa, a place so infected with a new, incurable disease that, in the hardest-hit places, one in three working-age adults were already doomed to die of it. But AIDS deaths on the predicted scale never arrived here, government health officials say. A new national study illustrates why: The rate of HIV infection among Rwandans ages 15 to 49 is 3 percent, according to the study, enough to qualify as a major health problem but not nearly the national catastrophe once predicted.... It is in... South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Zimbabwe -- that an AIDS Belt exists.... But in Botswana, the national infection rate among the same age group is 34.9 percent." See Using dissatisfaction (crisis) to produce social change

August 2006

(Ron Paul) A North American United Nations? "Globalists and one-world promoters never seem to tire of coming up with ways to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. The most recent attempt comes in the form of the misnamed 'Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SPP).' In reality, this new 'partnership' will likely make us far less secure and certainly less prosperous....

     "How can establishing a 'trilateral regulatory cooperation' not undermine our national sovereignty? The website also states SPP's goal to '[i]mprove the health of our indigenous people through targeted bilateral and/or trilateral activities, including in health promotion, health education, disease prevention, and research.' Who can read this and not see massive foreign aid transferred from the US taxpayer to foreign governments and well-connected private companies?

     "Also alarming are SPP pledges to 'work towards the identification and adoption of best practices relating to the registration of medicinal products.' That sounds like the much-criticized Codex Alimentarius, which seeks to radically limit Americans' health freedom.

     "Even more troubling are reports that under this new 'partnership,' a massive highway is being planned to stretch from Canada into Mexico, through the state of Texas. This is likely to cost the US taxpayer untold billions of dollars, will require eminent domain takings on an almost unimaginable scale, and will make the US more vulnerable to those who seek to enter our country to do us harm. This all adds up to... the establishment of an unelected mega-government." See The emerging New World Order



Willow Creek Leadership Summit: "See reality not as it is, but how it might be. [Not Biblical! The next statement show how leaders can manipulate followers]  A good leader does more than just scale the next mountain. Leaders must cast a vision so compelling others can see it too. Recruit teams. Encourage innovation. Build solid infrastructures. Create a community. Motivate change. Reach down to pull others up. These are the jobs of a leader; taking new ground....

     "Come join us August 10-12, as more than 70,000 men and women gather together for a worldwide event, dedicated to strengthening and sharpening their leadership gifts and abilities. Together we'll unite our hearts and minds to keep dreaming new dreams and to gain new skills for making them a reality." See CREATING COMMUNITY through a New Way of Thinking. This first link here is a commentary on this leadership event.


Regionalism & Lawlessness.  Border narcotics smuggling, stolen vehicles, illegal aliens & politics: "Stolen vehicles that are used to transport illegal aliens and narcotics continue to be a major crime problem in Arizona. The vehicles stolen in Phoenix, Tucson and outlying areas are supplied to organized smugglers in Mexico. The vehicles have an unending source of drivers who then re-entry the United States with Contraband or human cargos. ...

      "According to most politicians seeking election in 2006, Illegal aliens are honest and contribute little to crime. False names, false documents, identity theft, and fraudulent applications for employment are not dishonest by Washington standards in the proposed Guest Worker Amnesty Scheme.... In Los Angeles, alone, 95 percent of all outstanding police warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) are for illegal aliens.... 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in Southern California is composed of illegal aliens....

      "In March 2000, Congress made public Department of Justice statistics showing that, over the previous five years, the INS had released over 35,000 criminal aliens instead of deporting them. Over 11,000 of those released went on to commit serious crimes, over 1,800 of which were violent ones." See The fall and rise of human violence. This crisis helps justify the following solution:


Surveillance.  Chip-maker wants to implant immigrants: "The maker of the controversial radio-frequency tracking chip suggests implanting the device in immigrants and guest workers....The VeriChip tag, about the size of a large grain of rice, can be injected directly into the body. Its special coating allows it to bond with living tissue. See Reinventing the World and the first two links HERE .


Learning from the World -- Willow Creek Leadership Extravaganza Ready to Kick Off: "Leadership these days is big money for the gurus who travel the circuit. Rock star Bono will be videocasting his thoughts on leadership as well as a host of other secular leadership gurus who know nothing of the Christ of Calvary. Bill Hybels will troop the best Harvard Business School has to offer across the stage to share with 70,000 leadership hopefuls watching in churches across the country just how leadership is done.

      "Leadership to what end? They aren't talking about Christian leadership for the cause of Christ. No, indeed. They are proud of just how secular the leadership advice has gotten at Willow Creek Community Church. Here's a quote from their press release: '...the Summit's principles of dynamic leadership have transcended the walls of the church as companies now routinely send teams to the Summit and use it as one of their annual training events.... Speakers at the Summit 2006 will present motivation and innovative principles on topics that are applicable in both the boardroom and church and ministry settings...'" See Reinventing the World

July 2006

Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges: "On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years.

     "...private investors can raise more money than politicians to build new roads because these kind of owners are willing to raise tolls.... Washington is not likely to produce more money to build roads. The federal highway fund--which will have a balance of about $16 billion by the end of 2006--will run out in 2009 or 2010."

June 2006

Witch School Opens Doors in Midwestern Town: "In the 'Harry Potter' series, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sits in a mystical Scotland location, shrouded by magic that hides it from unknowing humans.... After almost five years of existence on the Internet, Witch School is expected to operate under normal business hours in the town of Hoopeston, Ill., about 100 miles south of Chicago.... Hubbard, the Witch School's director, considers his decision to move the institution to Hoopeston as an experiment in religious tolerance.... 'Three years ago the question was did we have a right to be here,' he said. 'Now it's can we be successful.'" See Mother Earth in North Dakota church

April 2006

Penalise educated stay-at-home women: "The Dutch Labour Party has proposed recovering part of the cost of study from highly-educated women who decide not to seek paid work.... 'A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work - that is destruction of capital,' Dijksma said. 'If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at the cost of society, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished. ... If someone chooses not to work, then a substantial repayment is in order.'...

      "A high proportion of Dutch women traditionally favour working only part-time or staying at home to care for their families. MP Sharon Dijksma... believes the punitive measure is needed to stimulate more women to join the workforce."(3-22-06)  See The Globalization Strategy & Chronology of [global] Education

January 2006

 RFID, Electronic Eavesdropping and the Law: "RFID technology not only has the ability to track products and persons, it also has the ability to collect individual information."


What they don't want you to know about the coming oil crisis: "A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of an acute, civilisation-changing energy crisis. The latest wobble over disruptions to gas supplies from Russia is merely the latest in a series of reminders of how dependent our economies are on growing supplies of oil and gas.... Tankers that are supposed to be bringing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the UK are instead following market forces and going to the US, where gas prices have rocketed even higher than they have here." See Using dissatisfaction (crisis) to produce social change

November 2005

The Problem in Islamic Finance: "...much of Islamic finance involves creating mechanisms that replicate the benefits of bank lending, but have the appearance of profit-sharing or buying and selling. ... The idea is that a guaranteed return on an investment is wrong because the risk is not shared equally between the lender and borrower if misfortune should occur; however, if the risk is shared equally, the 'lender' and 'borrower' are partners and the arrangement is just."

Power of Connecting - Networks: This "site is committed to encouraging all forms of networks, partnerships, and strategic alliances that seek to release the power of Jesus and advance holistic world evangelization. This page is to help you connect with some of the significant networks we know of. " See The Rising World Religion


The Quiet Revolution: "The year 1939 is one that should be forever bookmarked in the pages of American history. In that year, several individuals from Austria arrived in the United States. One was Peter Drucker who would become a good friend to Abraham Maslow, humanist, and father of Third Force Psychology and the Hierarchy of Human Needs. Maslow’s work, based on humanism, would be furthered in the works of men like Carl Rogers, the father of the Human Potential movement utilizing self-actualization (spirituality from within) and focus groups to break down the moral bearing and individuality of people, two very important concepts in the struggle to bring about the quiet revolution. Rogers’ works... are used heavily in education in America today, from the college and university classroom to the elementary school classroom." See A New Way of Thinking


Suit against school law rejected : "Chief U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman, based in eastern Michigan, said, 'Congress has appropriated significant funding' and has the power to require states to set educational standards in exchange for federal money. The NEA, a union of 2.7 million members, had filed the suit with districts in Michigan, Vermont... Texas.... The school districts had argued that complying with the law is costing them more than they are receiving in federal funding." See Federalism


Back to Class: "Diversity training has been around for decades. But it doesn't look anything like it used to. ...diversity broadened to include sexual orientation, then religion.... Popular courses include one on generational differences and another on microinequities, small messages sent via body language, tone of voice or facial expression that can cause offense.... The teaching also involves group dialogues and scenarios.... Then there's the diversity bingo game....

     "Executives... get their own diversity classes... and their bonuses are tied to diversity outcomes.... The program also offers workshops for gay, lesbian and transgendered employees that allows them to bring their 'whole selves' to work....

     "'Many white men expect that if they really engage in diversity learning it's going to involve pain or blame....' says Mr. Proudman. But, he argues, 'without white men's direct participation in diversity and inclusion efforts, long-term change will not happen.' In his seminars, participants spend three days engaging in 'honest talk'..." [or 'authenticity, as many church leaders call it.] See Re-Inventing the Church and Small Groups and the Dialectic Process


Peter Drucker's Influence: "Shortly before [Drucker's] passing, Bob Buford of Leadership Network... wrote a special 'prayer about aging' which included a tribute to Drucker: 'And thank You for Peter Drucker’s life.... He has enlightened the path before me for 25 years or more. He is irreplaceable. Help me to extend his legacy to others like me.' [] ...

     "I began to think, 'I wonder what that body of management knowledge would do if applied to nonprofits and churches.'... 'Today, we have 300 thought leaders who under the umbrella of the Drucker Foundation -- now the Leader to Leader Institute -- have lent their best thoughts to the non-profit world." See The Pied Pipers of Purpose and Equipping Leaders to 'Lead like Jesus'? 


Modern Management Expert Peter Drucker Dies at 95: "Peter F. Drucker, revered as the father of modern management for his numerous books and articles stressing innovation, entrepreneurship and strategies for dealing with a changing world, died Friday.... Mr. Drucker invented management.... His motivational techniques were used by executives at some of the biggest companies in corporate America.... It was Mr. Drucker's critical insight that instead of buying a 'product' the customer buys the satisfaction of a need."

      But when churches began to embrace this marketing model with its motivational emphasis on felt needs and the dialectic process, they justified their new ways by twisting God's word. See Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven? and Small Groups and the Dialectic Process

From the Mind of Bob [Buford, management adviser to large churches]: "I opened a blank-pages journal that I use to 'think my confusion out loud,' began writing, and here’s what came out of the end of my pen – a pure stream of consciousness: ... 'Lord, thank You for so many fruitful years. For the wondrous relationship I’ve had with the three persons of You for perhaps 60 years. I value this closeness to my divine center so much more as I see so many men and women without a center, living by their wits, and for the pleasures of their material lives. I feel so much sadness these days about their missing centers. ... And thank You for Peter Drucker’s life, which he invested in my own life and the lives of so many others. He has enlightened the path before me for 25 years or more." See Re-Inventing the Church

An Organizational Approach to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act: "Change management is essentially a communication strategy that reduces user anxieties and concerns to generate acceptance of change. There are a number of models for change management from the field of organizational development that can be applied to government agencies. The best-known planned-change processes are a result of work by Kurt Lewin....

     "The Emergent Model of change management perceives organizational development and change as continuous and unpredictable, a process of realigning an organization to its changing environment....

     "The Three-Step Model could be applied to the issue of teacher tenure. In the unfreezing mode, government representatives (Sponsors) meet with school administrators (Change Agents) and the teachers' union (Change Target) to look at the importance of ensuring a successful school in order to maintain funding." Change Agent's Guide to Innovation in Education

October 2005

A nation of sheeple: "Enacted during Reconstruction, the purpose of the Posse Comitatus Act was to severely limit the powers of the federal government to use the military for local law enforcement. Would Americans tolerate such a gigantic leap in the federalization of law enforcement?

     "I'm guessing the answer is yes. In the name of safety, we've undergone decades of softening up to accept just about any government edict that our predecessors would have found offensive. Let's look at some of it. The anti-smoking movement might be the beginning of the softening up process....  Politicians have learned and become comfortable with the fact that today's Americans will docilely accept just about any legalized restraint on their behavior." See Reinventing the World


The Power Elite Exposed: "...the public will have to be prepared to accept world government, and what better way to do that than via education. The primary arm of the U.N. dealing with education is UNESCO, and in its first Director-General Sir Julian Huxley's UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy, he wrote: 'Political unification in some sort of world government will be required.'

      "On October 3, 2003... U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige declared: 'The United States is pleased to return to UNESCO…. Our governments have entrusted us with the responsibility of preparing our children to become citizens of the world…. UNESCO is a powerful forum for sharing our views, developing a common strategy, and implementing joint action." See Whom do we serve?


Religion Becomes Important For World Economy: "Religion is rapidly becoming a most important issue for international commerce and industry. Religion affects both the internal relationships of employees and the integration of different cultures in international corporations.

    " ...the Confederation of German Employer’s Association in Berlin points out that many joint ventures have failed not least because of cultural and religious incompatibilities. Insight into religious backgrounds is therefore essential at the management level..." See Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals - Part 1


FEMA: Coming to a church near you: "Thanks to the urging of Republican officials, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has agreed to transfer taxpayer money to churches and other religious organizations as reimbursement for providing shelter, food and supplies to survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita....

     "Like practically everything else government touches, it's going to do more harm than good. It will result in profligate waste and inefficiency. And though there is no First Amendment problem with the idea, there very definitely is a constitutional problem." 

      This fits right into Peter Drucker's and Rick Warren's quest for the three-fold partnership under government control: Public sector (government which provides the money and sets standards), Private sector (business, which provides some money according to self interest), and Social Sector (primarily churches, which provides unpaid volunteers and dialectic groups that train human resources to think collectively and serve the "greater whole." See Warren's PEACE Plan & UN Goals (Part 2): Equipping Leaders and Faith-Based Compromise?

September 2005

Bill Clinton as world saviour: "Former US president Bill Clinton, apparently not content with eight years as leader of the free world, is now out to save the planet. With more than 170 heads of state and government gathered in New York for the UN summit, Clinton will open Thursday the inaugural meeting of his Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), aimed at wiping out poverty, ending conflict, rolling back climate change and promoting better governance worldwide. ... The three-day confab's participants include US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and media magnate Rupert Murdoch."

     Another participant was President Kagame, Rick Warren's government partner in his Rwanda project. See Equipping Leaders to 'Lead like Jesus'?

August 2005

Gaza in Arizona: "Two miles from the border with Mexico, U.S. citizen Casey Nethercott's dream ranch is now the property of Edwin Alfredo Mancia Gonzales and Fatima del Socorro Leiva Medina, both illegal immigrants from El Salvador. And Nethercott didn't sell it to them. They took it by force, after trespassing on it to sneak into the U.S.... Dees' legal squad used American courts to put Nethercott in jail and transfer his property to the illegals he tried to keep out."

     See the first 4 links on this page: Regionalism


So You're a Player. Do You Need a Coach? "The hottest thing in management is the executive coach-part boss, part consultant, part therapist. Who are these people? And what are they doing in your company? ...

    "What exactly is a coach? Part personal consultant, part sounding board, part manager. Yes, manager.... For a surprising number of people, it is now the coach--not the boss--who pushes them to hire, to fire, to fine-tune a sales pitch, to stretch. Observers of the phenomenon say that an executive coach often functions as a therapist, too.... Warren Bennis believes that 'a lot of executive coaching is really an acceptable form of psychotherapy." See the next link:


repeat  Who is the Dream Giver? The Dream Giver website... welcomes you with this message: 'Bestselling author Bruce Wilkinson will serve as your Dream Coach, offering insights and practical solutions.' Next, click on The Dream Giver Coach. This website will gladly 'provide you with professional DreamGiver Coaches whose purpose is to give you hope, inspiration, and unconditional support in discovering and living out your DREAM.'...

     "'Are you excited about your Dream Journey, but aren’t sure where to start?' This question is posed by "The Dream Assessment" support team. It continues with references to DISC, based on the personality theories of two behavioral psychologists, Carl Jung and Dr. William Marston.... The short, online assessment helps you understand what motivates you, your personal strengths and weaknesses, and how you relate to other people."

July 2005

Are Leaders Turning to Christian Ethics to Set the Standard for Business? [Or are pastors turning to management gurus to find keys to success?] "Sir John Templeton, regarded by Wall Street as one of the world's wisest investors, concluded in his extensive research that 'the common denominator connecting successful people and successful enterprises is a devotion to ethical and spiritual principles.'...

     "Leadership experts will include: -- Bill Hybels... Rick Warren... John Maxwell... Ken Blanchard: Prominent speaker, consultant, and co-author of The One Minute Manager." Don't conform


Aspen Ideas Festival (July 5-10) - Speakers: "Rick Warren is an author, spiritual entrepreneur, and founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. His book, The Purpose-Driven Life, is the bestselling hardback nonfiction book in American history and was the bestselling book in the world for both 2003 and 2004. It has been translated into more than 50 languages and is the basis of a global network of more than 350,000 pastors, ministers and priests at over 100,000 churches in 160 countries. His previous book, The Purpose-Driven Church... was named one of the '“100 Christian Books that Changed the 20th Century.' Forbes magazine has named it 'the best book on entrepreneurship, business and leadership.'”


"Independence Day" 2005: How independent are we? "Three recent legislative decisions, seen from the perspective of 239 years of American history, show just how far we have come from the Founding Fathers’ ideals about self-determination and independence ... Consider first the passage of H.R. 3010 on Friday, June 24 -- the universal mental health screening and drug treatment bill.... The Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education passed the appropriations measure with $26 million for 'state incentive transformation grants' to fund implementation of the New Freedom Commission's psycho-pharmacological recommendations, thereby giving officials in schools and other agencies virtual carte blanche to marginalize and medicate anyone with unapproved opinions, worldviews and attitudes...." See [Ron] Paul amendment against mental health screening fails

June 2005

New International Network Established to Help Storytellers Reach Their Intended Audience: "Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an ever-increasing global population that learns by oral means is now considered one of the top priorities of many denominations and ministries. ...Groups such as Campus Crusade for Christ International, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Trans World Radio, Youth With A Mission and others have formed a new strategic partnership known as the International Orality Network (ION). The ION seeks to help educate the church on using means such as chronological storytelling and dramatic narratives to convey the good news of Jesus." See God's eternal, unchanging Word


Huxley's Brave New World: "Vital to the implementation of this monstrous system are the deceptive marketing strategies needed to persuade the public to submit to its oppressive rules and laws. ... As in recent totalitarian regimes, well-chosen compensations distract the masses from the anguish of tyranny. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley describes the seductive 'feelies' that compensate for the loss of freedom. First among them is sexual license:
      "As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator... will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream [a shift from reality to fantasy or imagination] under the influence of dope, movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."
See The Giver: Serving the community


The desecration of Ground Zero (Michelle Malkin): "...the World Trade Center memorial will encompass a 'cultural complex' whose primary tenant will be something called the 'International Freedom Center.' According to an IFC fact sheet, the project 'will be an integral part of humanity’s response to September 11.' An educational and cultural center will host exhibits, lectures, debates, and films 'that will nurture a global conversation on freedom in our world today.' Tellingly though... early plans for the center that included a large mural of an Iraqi voter were scratched in favor of a photograph of Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson....

     "The center’s 'civic engagement network' will connect visitors to 'service' opportunities. Translation: Left-wing activist recruitment center. As the fact sheet notes, 'leading NGOs (non governmental organizations) will be offered outposts at the Center to reach out to its visitors.'...

    "The IFC’s list of scholars and advisors also includes left-leaning elites such as Henry Louis Gates at Harvard University; Stephen B. Heintz, IFC secretary and president of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund; Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute...." See Serving a Greater Whole

April 2005

In Europe, economic pessimism takes hold: "The sick man of Europe, Germany, cut its already meager growth forecast for this year and next on Friday, while a slew of equally dire economic news from elsewhere illustrated that pain is being felt across Europe...."

    It reminds us of God's warnings to nations that reject His ways and mock His truth -- which the European Union has done: Deut 8:10-20


Deepak Chopra 's The Seven Spritual Laws of Success: "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success make wonderful guiding principles for anyone attempting to create a productive and satisfying life or human organization" Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager." See A Twist of Faith 


The Influential Leader: Unleashing Power in People: "As a cutting-edge entrepreneur, best-selling author, and dynamic speaker, Dr. John C. Maxwell has cultivated an extensive following among the most highly respected and influential business leaders across the globe. Reaching more than 350,000 people a year through speaking engagements alone, and over a million through resources, Dr. Maxwell is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity.... His philosophy that 'everything rises and falls on leadership' motivates every endeavor to help individuals reach their highest potential....

    "Todd Duncan has joined the ranks of America's top motivational speakers. Mentored by Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, and Ken Blanchard, Duncan has quickly become a favorite of anyone seeking to reach their full potential." See Jane Fonda, John Maxwell, Norma McCorvey, and Scott Peck - what do they have in common?


Rick Warren teams up with New-Age guru Ken Blanchard! "While Rick Warren is gearing up to train a billion people, unbeknownst to many he has also been teamed up with New Age and contemplative promoter, Ken Blanchard, for some time now. According to a new biography on Rick Warren, A Life With Purpose written by George Mair, Rick Warren has solicited the services of Ken Blanchard to aid him in training leaders....
"There is countless evidence to show that Blanchard sits on the New Age/mystical/contemplative bandwagon. Blanchard believes in the benefits and use of mantra meditation, yoga and has no trouble borrowing from Buddhism."
See Creating Community through Transformational Leadership


Thou Shalt Not Be Negative: "Osteen has much to smile about: His first book showed up on The New York Times bestseller list for hardcover advice books in November, and by mid-January it had reached No. 1—outranking even Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life. With Warner Faith expecting to sell at least 2.4 million copies of his book, Publishers Weekly has already dubbed it a crossover phenomenon. ...

    "What will devotees of advice books find in Your Best Life Now? ... More uses of must, should, the imperative voice, and start-your-morning life affirmations. ... Osteen promotes some of prosperity theology's favorite notions, such as reprogramming your mind with positive thoughts or changing your life with the power of your spoken words. ...

    "...he writes that the Israelites' 'lack of faith and their lack of self-esteem robbed them of the fruitful future God had in store for them.'"

    No, they were exiled to Babylon and lost their land because they disobeyed Him and His covenant with them and followed other gods. Deut 8:10-20


State of the Church: "The final substantive section is a subjective overview of George Barna’s take on what these numbers and patterns mean within the bigger picture of American spirituality. You cannot make great strategic decisions unless you are well-informed about the world you wish to influence." For God's work, we mainly need to know His will and ways, not the world's wants and ways. Guidance

February 2005

Water: America's looming crisis: "In a recent documentary, 'THIRST,' ... the filmmakers explain how scarce supplies will cause water costs to rival oil prices as global corporations take over public resources.... It’s already happening in Sandy Valley, Calif.... In Colorado, already under restrictions from several drought years, knowledgeable Front Range residents wonder where future generations will find water as the state doubles its population from four to eight million in 50 years....

     "Communities throughout the U.S. may face international corporations taking over their local water supplies within the next five to 10 years. 'Once they get hold of the water, be prepared to pay gas prices." Deut 28:15


UK capital braces itself for an invasion of mystery worshippers: "The Mystery Worshipper reporters will be giving the lowdown on what it's like to be a visitor in London churches, great and small, that Sunday. They'll be tackling all the most vexed questions about church: How hard is the pew? How long is the sermon? How fairly traded is the coffee? How warm is the welcome?" What about the preaching? God's eternal, unchanging Word


MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte pushes a cheap PC for the rest of the world: "The founder and chairman of the MIT Media Lab wants to create a $100 portable computer for the developing world.... Mr. Negroponte’s idea is to develop educational software and have the portable personal computer replace textbooks in schools." An interactive computer for each child in the world lifts brings the vision of global tracking and surveillance much closer to fulfillment. See A National Information System and the next link:

Nicholas Negroponte: "He is the brother of United States Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte.... In 1985, Negroponte piloted MIT's Media Lab into existence. It developed into ... a high-tech playground for investigating the human-computer interface."

Who's crazy? Experts or non-experts?  "For years and years, many non-experts called parents, taxpayers or simply those who recognize boulders in the roads that go through anything connected with education, have been routinely ignored and often ridiculed....
    "Along the way, "experts" (those who have made often profitable careers out orchestrating waves of change) became very adept at knowing how to judge when new boulders could be marketed....
    "Academic subjects soon became almost pointless.... Parents and taxpayers were made to understand that times had changed. Students had miraculously, in a generation, morphed into brilliant self-learners, no longer in need of orderly progression of solidly-built foundations of learning. They would be in great demand, the world over, because of their skills, their teamwork, their concern for righting community wrongs
, their ability to step up and advise adults of all ages."

     And change agents want to start this transformational process early. See Justifying Mind Control and the next link:


Early Education Ensures that We Leave No Child Behind: "...the first five years of life are key to a child's long-term development.... Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are like sponges, absorbing sounds, music, and words, while touching and testing every object they encounter....

    "Last July, First Lady Laura Bush held a summit on early childhood development and announced that the Bush Administration plans to launch a $50 million study on early development and school readiness. The next month... Sandra Feldman, president of the American Federation of Teachers, called for universal preschool...." See Brainwashing in America

January 2005

Google hits the books: "Taking a trip to the library soon may take little more than a computer's Web browser. Working with major libraries, Google is hoping to scan millions of books and periodicals into its Internet search engine during the next several years as part of an effort to bring more of the world's collective knowledge online. The Michigan and Stanford libraries are the only two so far to agree to submit all their material to Google's scanners. ... Oxford wants Google Inc. to scan all its books originally published before 1901." See The Memory of the World & Information and Knowledge

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