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"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill...." The Club of Rome [1]  

"The latest twist in the global warming saga is the revision in data at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, indicating that the warmest year on record for the U.S. was not 1998, but rather 1934.... The new data undermine another frightful talking point from environmentalists, which is that six of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred since 1990. Wrong.

     "NASA now says six of the 10 warmest years were in the 1930s and 1940s, and that was before the bulk of industrial CO2 emissions were released into the atmosphere." "Not So Hot," WSJ

"We have argued that the central public policy goal for environmental groups is at odds with the needs of individuals and communities. Environmental groups today seek the preservation of natural resources from human use over their protection for human use...." Robert Huberty of Capital Research Center, speaking before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Resources, May 2000

See Agenda 21 & the UN Manipulation of the Planet's Inhabitants

March 2016

Now even Michael Mann Admits The ‘Pause’ In Global Warming Is Real: "The 'Pause' in global warming is real – not an urban myth concocted by evil ‘deniers’.... [F]ew serious scientists dispute the evidence of the temperature datasets showing that there has been little if any global warming for nearly 19 years – they represent a tremendous blow to the climate alarmist 'consensus', which has long sought to deny the 'Pause’s' existence." See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

January 2016

Los Angeles Allows 98 MILLION Gallons of Water to Flow Into Ocean Each Year: "California has a shortage of water, NOT due to a drought, but do to government actions (giving needed water to salmon and delta smelt) and inaction, as in Los Angeles. In fact LA is killing water for 800,000 homes. carries more than 98 million gallons a day – water wasted as it drains out to the Pacific and during times of peak flow, the river carries more than 118 billion gallons a day– enough water to supply 800,000 homes in a year.... Corruption? Guv Brown demanded we pass a water bond for $7.5 billion, of which $2 billion is for dams—we passed the measure, now he gives the money to protect fish -- not a dime for dams."

September 2015

Top U.S. physicist claims global warming is a “scam”: "Harold Warren Lewis, a respected physicist who had previously advised both the U.S. Government and the Pentagon on various matters including missile defense and nuclear winter, shocked his peers when he disseminated his letter of resignation from the American Physical Society. ... Lewis revealed that global warming was 'the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud' he has even seen in his career.

     "Ronald D. Rowlands: 'Climate Change is not caused by man or carbon , there has always been Climate Change part of being in the Solar System. Why has the Lie grown so big?" See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

September 2015

Levin on Obama’s Climate Agenda: "This is about destroying the American lifestyle....'  'Obama despises capitalism. He’s a Marxist. He’s an Alinskyite. That’s a fact. He’s buddies with Ayers. He’s buddies with Wright. So, he despises free markets.... He wishes to reshuffle society, to socially engineer it. ... This is about destroying the American lifestyle, and at the heart of the American lifestyle is the American energy system -- fossil fuels."

August 2015


The Climate Change Industry drastically depletes the Energy Market: "Countries and companies around the globe have spent trillions of dollars to stop the Earth from warming and the Earth did not get the message, it responded by cooling. Not to worry, environmentalists who were blatantly wrong and tried to say that cooling is part of global warming, changed their golden goose agenda to climate change....
     "The Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations, explained how they succeeded: 'The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.'” See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

46 Population Control Quotes That Show How Badly The Elite Want To Wipe Us All Out: "To the elite, everything from global warming to our growing economic problems can be directly traced back to the lack of population control. ... In fact, many of them are entirely convinced that we are in a 'life or death' struggle for the fate of the planet, and that if humanity does not willingly choose to embrace population control soon, then a solution will have to be 'forced' upon them."

July 2015

Earth heading for 'mini ice age' in just 15 years, scientists say: "Maunder minimum, indicating low sunspot activity, was the name given to the period between 1645 and 1715 when Europe and North America experienced very cold winters.... In the winter of 1683-84 the Thames froze over for seven weeks, making it 'passable by foot'..."


The real low-down on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change: "Extremely curious at the media allegation that the “scientific Pantheist who advises Pope Francis ...seems to believe in Gaia, but not in God,' I set out to read for myself the climate change encyclical in Italian.

    "Pope Francis, began his 192-page 'Lettera Enciclica'... by saying that we are abusing and irresponsibly using 'our sister Mother Earth, which sustains and governs us....  'Any aspiration to care for and improve the world requires changing profoundly lifestyles, the patterns of production and consumption, the established structures of power that today govern society.' 'I have heard these words before written in the 40-chapter U.N. Agenda 21 document signed by 179 countries...and advocates who really want to destroy capitalism....

     "Christina Figueres, Executive Secretary of U.N.‘s Framework Convention on Climate Change... admits that environmental activists and lobbyists aim to destroy capitalism..."


Pope Francis: ‘Defender of the Pagan Gaia Faith: “I encourage the collaboration between persons and associations of different religions on behalf of an integral ecology,' Francis said, offering good wishes to young people discussing what he described as 'the care of the common house.'.... Pope Francis should be brought in on the fact that the environmental movement genuflects not to God but to Gaia."

January 2015

Factual Science vs. Global Warming!  Pope and Obama suddenly political allies: "President Obama increasingly is finding a key policy ally in the Vatican, with Pope Francis standing virtually shoulder to shoulder with the White House on income inequality and a historic diplomatic reboot with communist Cuba.

     "The pontiff next year also appears poised to offer greater support to the president on climate change initiatives and reportedly wants to be a leading voice at a U.N. global warming summit next year, where the American president will make perhaps his greatest pitch to date for more dramatic action on the environment. For Mr. Obama and fellow Democrats, aligning with Francis offers clear benefits in the short term, as they are able to highlight agreement on controversial issues with one of the most respected figures on the planet."

May 2014

Atlantic Current Strength Declines: "The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is part of the great ocean ‘conveyor belt’ that ceaselessly circulates sea water, heat and nutrients around the globe. In particular, it transports large amounts of warm water from the tropics to the poles, warming the British Isles and maritime northern Europe along the way (see ‘Current affair’). But since 2004, ocean sensors have detected a significant decline in the strength of the currents and a cooling of the subtropical Atlantic as a result."

      (This could spell disaster for agriculture in Norway and the British isles. But our God reigns, and maybe today's anti-semitic Norway deserves a cold spell. What a contrast to World War I, when Norwegian families opened their homes to German orphans at the end of the war!)  See Agenda 21

Obama clings to climate alarmism with National Climate Assessment (slow to open): “'Throughout his entire presidency, ...Obama has promoted policies that have discouraged the use of our vast energy resources, including blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, slowing energy development on government lands and water, and forcing new restrictions on all forms of energy that Americans have used to become the number one economy in the world. Under this administration, even cows are not spared as emission sources that must be controlled in Washington.” See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

Global Cooling Under-Reported, Says SPPI: "The Earth has shown an under-reported cooling trend for eight straight years, raising serious questions about the accuracy of the UN's climate projections, since not one of the computer models on which it relies had predicted so long and steep a cooling...

     "The chief reason for scepticism at the official position on 'global warming' is the overwhelming weight of evidence that the UN's climate panel, the IPCC, prodigiously exaggerates both the supposed causes and the imagined consequences of anthropogenic 'global warming'; that too many of the exaggerations can be demonstrated to have been deliberate; and that the IPCC and other official sources have continued to rely even upon those exaggerations that have been definitively demonstrated in the literature to have been deliberate.'

     "'In short,' writes Monckton, 'science is being artfully manipulated to the point of what are in essence political and not scientific conclusions - a conclusion that is congenial to powerful factions whose ambition is not to identify scientific truth but rather to advance the special vested interests with which they identify themselves." See Green Lies and Deceptive Science

April 2014

Former NASA Scientist: Global warming is nonsense: "Professor Woodcock [explained]: 'The term 'climate change' is meaningless. The Earth's climate has been changing since time immemorial.... The theory of 'man-made climate change' is an unsubstantiated hypothesis [about] our climate.... The theory is that the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is the 'greenhouse gas' that causes 'global warming' [is false] - in fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas.... There is no reproducible scientific evidence CO2 has significantly increased in the last 100 years. ... Global warming is nonsense." See Green Lies and Deceptive Science

March 2014

Greenpeace Co-Founder Testifies That There Is No Climate Crisis: "Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore told the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works there is no scientific evidence that humans are the primary cause of recent global warming. ... 'There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years,' said Moore."  See Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation

February 2014

Signs of Change in January 2014: "Mysterious booms across the US, often occuring in and around earthquakes -- A series of unusual earthquakes in Australia -- More 'strange sky sounds' -- More meteor fireballs raining down -- Massive sinkholes swallowing houses, cars and people -- Storm after storm battering the UK and Western Europe, bringing massive waves, widespread flooding and landslides... -- Polar Vortex (twice!) freezing most of the US in ice age conditions and making it colder than Mars -- Major flooding in Florida, while hurricane-force winds smash into Oregon and the Carolinas -- Tonga flattened by most powerful cyclone to hit the region half a century..."  See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

Signs of Change in January 2014: "Mysterious booms across the US, often occuring in and around earthquakes -- A series of unusual earthquakes in Australia -- More 'strange sky sounds' -- More meteor fireballs raining down -- Massive sinkholes swallowing houses, cars and people -- Storm after storm battering the UK and Western Europe, bringing massive waves, widespread flooding and landslides... -- Polar Vortex (twice!) freezing most of the US in ice age conditions and making it colder than Mars -- Major flooding in Florida, while hurricane-force winds smash into Oregon and the Carolinas -- Tonga flattened by most powerful cyclone to hit the region half a century..."  See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

September 2013

Colorado County Considers Giving Flowers a ‘Right to Life’: "The Boulder, Colo. local government will deliberate a new law next week that would legally define and protect plants and animals as living beings. The ‘Rights of Nature’ movement recently descended on Boulder to push environmentalist laws to the local government.... Their most recent proposal asks that Boulder County recognize 'the rights of all naturally occurring ecosystems and their native species populations to exist and flourish.'...

     "Slipping a line about how 'trees are people, too' into the county planning documents isn’t exactly awarding a constitutional right. Advocates of the Rights of Nature say it’s a significant step, though, toward acknowledging that current protections for native species haven’t saved a number of struggling populations in Boulder County — from the lark bunting to the burrowing owl to the bristlecone pine forest — from being imperiled." See Saving the Earth

April 2013

Florida battles slimy invasion by giant snails: "South Florida is fighting a growing infestation of one of the world's most destructive invasive species: the giant African land snail, which can grow as big as a rat and gnaw through stucco and plaster. ... The snails attack'...pretty much anything that's in their path and green." See God's Warnings for our Times

March 2013

30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis: "Some of the largest lakes and rivers on the globe are being depleted at a very frightening pace, and many of the most important underground aquifers that we depend on to irrigate our crops will soon be gone. At this point, approximately 40 percent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water...."

November 2012

Save the Planet: "John Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser, believes that geo-engineering will assist the planet is stabilizing its weather with regard to global warming. Holdren sees geo-engineering as a perfectly viable way to cool the planet’s temperature. He fully supports the process of releasing particles of barium, magnesium, aluminum, nano-fibers, bacillus blood spores and other chemicals to reflect sunlight away from the Earth....This reasoning is a hoax."

June 2012

EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property: "Lawmakers are working to block an unprecedented power grab by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Water Act (CWA) and control land alongside ditches, gullies claiming the sources are part of navigable waterways.These temporary water sources are often created by rain or snowmelt, and would make it harder for private property owners to...grow crops, raise livestock and conduct other activities on their own land....'Never in the history of the CWA has federal regulation defined ditches and other upland features as ‘waters of the United States,’ said Rep. John Mica (R-Florida)." See Green Lies and Deceptive Science

Klaus shuns Rio summit: "As hundreds of leaders from across the globe gather in Brazil in late June for one of the most important environmental summits ever held, there will be at least one significant absence. President Václav Klaus, an infamous climate-change skeptic, has confirmed he will not attend the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, event. ...Klaus used his speech at the Prague conference to reiterate his stance on global warming...'What is endangered: Climate or freedom?'  -- environmentalism is the 21st century's biggest threat to freedom, the market economy and prosperity."

April 2012

Forget Homeland Security, Now It’s About “Environmental Justice”: "According to a DHS report entitled 'Environmental Justice Strategy', issued February 2012, it is a 'commitment of the Federal Government, through its policies, programs, and activities, to avoid placing disproportionately high and adverse effects on the human health and environment of minority or low-income populations.' This has NOTHING to do with homeland security....

     "It gets its authority from Executive Order 12898 and this is the way government expands....Now add to the EPA, the Homeland Security Department with its own Green Police empowered to protect 'minority and low-income populations.' This is a deliberate effort to divide Americans from one another, inspiring racial and class warfare. It is a vast reinterpretation of its responsibilities and authority. Welcome to the Soviet Union of America or the National Socialist States of America." See Social Justice and the New Morality

Look out! U.N. now invading your home: "...the federal government and the United Nations are teaming up to control energy usage in American homes. ...The first step in the plan is the installation of 'smart meters,' which are being introduced by power utilities nationwide.... Sussman reports that the Energy Act of 2005 also permitted the construction of the SmartGrid, 'a national interest transmission corridor designated by the [Energy] Secretary.'....
     "The 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act also contained federally mandated energy-efficient building regulations that supersede all local and state codes. ... All of this is being done at the behest of the United Nations and its Agenda 21....Sussman explained... 'one of the main objectives of Agenda 21 is to lessen the ‘carbon footprint’ of individual consumers. By tying in a federally mandated SmartGrid that can track every person’s energy usage to a global agenda of reduced consumption.... 'Eco-Tyranny' 'is about control, not about the environment.'”
See The U.N. Plan for Your "Sustainable" Community

Some Himalayan glaciers actually growing, scientists find: "...some Himalayan glaciers in the Karakoram mountain range may actually be getting bigger, according to a study published in the April issue of the journal Nature Geoscience -- a surprising quirk in the planet’s response to a changing climate."

March 2012

Some Himalayan glaciers actually growing, scientists find: "...some Himalayan glaciers in the Karakoram mountain range may actually be getting bigger, according to a study published in the April issue of the journal Nature Geoscience -- a surprising quirk in the planet’s response to a changing climate."

February 2012

The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People: "By Friday, February 10th, an estimated 500 Europeans had died from the freezing weather gripping the continent. This is the price they and British citizens are paying for embracing the global warming hoax, spending billions for wind power.... The Telegraph reported on Friday, 'Serbia has started implementing power cuts in a desperate bid to stave off the collapse of its national grid as the country suffers the effects of days of freezing temperatures.'...'Thick ice closed vast swaths of the Danube on Thursday, crippling shipping on Europe’s busiest waterway, as the death toll from bitter cold across the continent rose…as it has every day for nearly two weeks.” See Green Lies and Deceptive Science

December 2011

Welcome to Hotel Kyoto: "After federal Environment Minister Peter Kent announced Monday that Canada would be withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions, the head of the UN agency that administers the protocol said she would not permit Ottawa to do so. Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican diplomat and bureaucrat who is executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said Tuesday, 'I regret that Canada has announced it will withdraw,' but...'whether or not Canada is a party to the Kyoto Protocol, it has a legal obligation under the Convention to reduce its emissions.'...

    "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.'" See Agenda 21

CFACT kills UN's International Climate Court [Conference held in Durban]: "Late last week, CFACT became aware that a long list of radical ideas -- including the Climate Court, 'Rights of Mother Earth,' and other Green favorites -- were part of the draft final agreement the UN was working towards in Durban. Recognizing the danger of allowing such radical ideas to be codified and agreed to by the U.S. and the rest of the world, CFACT broke the story early Friday morning on Climate Depot with Lord Monckton's exclusive special report. The story spread like wildfire....

     "We caught the UN off-guard, as they don't expect anyone to actually report on the substance of the negotiations. They rely on the media to coddle them with adulatory coverage that repeats the party line. With their true agenda exposed to the world, they quietly removed the International Climate Court from the working documents."

There Are Seven Billion of Us: "Seven billion people now inhabit the earth, causing many observers to wring their hands about the need for increased use of birth control and abortion to combat our supposed over population.... The rights of nature are already guaranteed in the constitutions of Ecuador and Bolivia, and both countries vow to bring the matter to the UN for international imposition. Not only that, more than a dozen US municipalities have passed laws granting nature rights within their jurisdictions, thereby allowing any citizen to sue—in the name of trees or other natural elements.... A 'Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth' has even been published and disseminated widely....
The Nature Rights movement is a neo earth religion that seeks to turn human beings into the equivalent of mere animals in the forest. Its nihilistic intent is to shrink economies, reduce wealth, and depress living standards." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

U.N. mischief from Durban to Rio: [Phyllis Schlafly] "The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, opening Nov. 28, called COP-17, is one of a series of U.N. meetings working toward a specific goal. Advertising for this meeting features a long list of invited celebrities including Angelina Jolie, U2's Bono, Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore and Michael Bloomberg. The U.N. goal is to move the United States into a global government by environmental regulations and a vast network of taxes. These newly imposed taxes will give the U.N. a tremendous stream of money in addition to U.S. dues and congressional appropriations. The plan for taxes was launched at the 1992 U.N. meeting in Rio de Janeiro, known as the Earth Summit, where Conference Secretary-General Maurice Strong produced a 300-page document with 40 proposals called Agenda 21." See Agenda 21

November 2011

The Green War on Children: "A sadistic video released by global warming fear-mongers reveals an inconvenient truth about eco-radicals: They despise the very children for whom they claim to be saving the planet.... In the opening scene of 'No Pressure,' a four-minute short clip... a teacher urges her elementary school charges to fight climate change by cutting their carbon emissions.... When a few uncooperative students object, the teacher... presses a red button at her desk -- which immediately detonates the nay-saying children. Their heads explode in graphic, bloody detail. Skin and body parts splatter all over their horrified classmates. Message received loud and clear: No dissent allowed, little rascals....

      "President Obama's own science czar, John Holdren, has escaped accountability for his embrace of international eugenics champion and mentor Harrison Brown. Brown looked at the world's children in contempt, referring to them as a 'pulsating mass of maggots.'...The eugenics-inspired officials of Planned Parenthood have blanketed the Third World with population control signs and stickers that preach, 'The fewer, the merrier.'"

EPA to Increase Tenfold: "The Environmental Agency is planning to double its budget to $21 billion and expand its workforce of 18,000 to 230,000 regulators over the next four years. The Clean Air Act states that any stationary source that emits as little as 100 tons of pollutants per year must get permits from the EPA and state agencies....Currently about 14,000 entities have to get permits. But by regulating CO2 through the Clean Air Act, the number of businesses requiring EPA permits will soar to more than 6 million....

      "In a 5-4 strange decision the court said that carbon dioxide—the air every human and animal exhales [and that every green plant needs to grow]—is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act and that the EP vehicle

October 2011

Why the double standard? "Seven oil companies have been charged under America’s Migratory Bird Treaty Act for the killing of 28 migratory birds.... The statutory maximum sentence is six months in federal prison and a $15,000 fine. The case is due to be heard at the end of the month in North Dakota. ...[The] wind industry has yet to face a single charge, despite being responsible for more than 400,000 bird deaths each year." See Saving the Earth

Energy: Bat blackout: "Thirty-five windmills at a Western Pennsylvania wind farm have been silenced at night since a bat that belongs to an endangered species was found dead under one of the turbines....The windmills will start up again sometime in mid-November, when bats go into hibernation....Not only is it more costly than carbon-based power generation, it is also much less reliable." Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community

Oil Companies Prosecuted for 28 Dead Waterfowl: "You may have gotten wind of the seven North Dakota oil companies recently charged in federal court with the deaths of 28 migratory birds. ...the maximum penalty for each charge under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act is six months in prison and a $15,000 fine....But did you know that wind-power companies are responsible for more than 400,000 bird deaths annually, and not one has faced a single charge?"


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[1] Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider, The First Global Revolution (New York: Pantheon Books, 1991), 115.

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