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For background information, may we suggest you read Brave New Schools. It provides a practical overview of the global education system and of the manipulative processes and suggestions used in classrooms everywhere to produce global citizens for the 21st Century communities. Most important, it shows how to equip our children with the facts and truths needed to follow God in a world that demands politically correct consensus. See special offer for multiple copies of Brave New Schools or A Twist of Faith.

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December 2005

What it will take to turn education around: "While state departments of education expound loud and long about the rise in 'test' scores, the test being used to determine those 'rising scores' isn’t a test at all but an assessment; a subjective measure of whether the child is demonstrating mastery of equally subjective state exit outcomes....

     "...teachers are now being assessed on whether their students are demonstrating the wanted behaviors (team players, critical thinking, communications, making decisions, adapting to change and understanding whole systems) as determined by the state constructed and federally required assessment vehicle.

     "...home schools are producing the most highly educated and intelligent young adults across the nation..." See Silencing the Opposition


Strengthening EFA ( Education for All) Partnerships: "It is time for various other UN Agencies to learn from this culture of building and nurturing partnership with civil society. Our Global Action Week, a week-long campaign organized by the GCE across 100 countries in the month of April every year, is a concrete example of the vibrant partnership of civil society, teachers, children, Government, and UNESCO.

     " ...none of the Millennium Development Goals will be realized without guaranteeing good quality education for all. This recognition calls for an effective and true broad-based partnership at all levels and in all sectors as an essential pre-requisite." See Re-inventing the World and Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


The literacy and numeracy crisis in our classrooms [Australia]: "Fears about literacy standards are echoed in the soon-to-be-released national literacy report. It cites the 1997 national survey that found 27 per cent of Year 3 an Random thoughts : d 29 per cent of Year 5 students failed to reach the minimum standard. It also argues that the present whole-language approach has failed and that schools must focus more on phonics....

     "The assumption, given enough resources and time, is that every child can succeed, teachers are given hundreds of vague and confusing outcome statements describing what students should be able to do, and the curriculum is riddled with fads such as whole language, fuzzy maths and politically correct history...." It sounds like the USA, doesn't it? See New Meanings for Educational Buzzwords and Soviet Education in the 1930s compared to U.S. Education in 2001


Computers in college classrooms - 'A new way to not pay attention': "The study showed that those who spent just a brief time clicking around different sites during class were not negatively affected, but the longer students browsed, the lower their grades." But computers serve another purpose in worldwide plan for solidarity. See A New Way of Thinking

US school succumbs to paperless madness: "An Arizona school has dispensed entirely with textbooks and has spunked its entire book budget on student laptops....  'We have a library and we encourage students to use it, but the primary delivery of instruction materials is being done through the laptops.'


Student barred over objection to 'gay' teacher: "When a Washington student objected to having a homosexual teach his sex education class, the school district attempted to punish the student by barring his reenrollment, but now a judge has sided with the student." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


Progressive Miseducation 101: "In preparation for the new school year that is set to begin on Monday, teachers, principals, and even parent coordinators are being subjected to endless hours of 'professional development.' ... So that us ordinary folk can keep up with the Bloomberg educational 'reforms,' I humbly submit this short 'professional development' course to help parents and taxpayers understand what is really going on....

     "One of the hallmarks of the progressive movement in recent years has been the clever use of terminology to cast what should be controversial instructional programs in a more favorable light. Take the case of 'whole language' reading instruction." See Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords

Smart 'problems' (Thomas Sowell): "High potential will remain only potential unless it is developed. But the very thought that high potential should be developed more fully never seems to occur to many of our educators -- and some are absolutely hostile to the idea. It violates their notions of equality or 'social justice' and it threatens the 'self-esteem' of other students.... My old department chairman's notion that the better students 'can pretty much get it without our help' assumes that there is some 'it' -- some minimum competence -- which is all that matters." See A New Way of Thinking


Revolution in Education: "The plan to get rid of textbooks and to computerize instruction dates back to at least 1971. ...

     " 1982... Dr. Elam Hertzler, Secretary of Education T. H. Bell’s top assistant in the U.S. Department of Education, told the State Superintendents of Instruction: 'One of the elements of an effective school was to monitor, assess, and feed back…As little as 5 percent of a school budget K-12 would be needed over a period of 12 years to enable each student to have his own computer....”  

     "'We've been absolutely staggered by realizing the computer has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top psychologists working with one student...You've seen the tip of the iceberg. Won't it be wonderful when the child in the smallest county in the most distant area... can have the equivalent of the finest school in the world on that terminal and no one can get between that child and that curriculum?' [Dustin Heuston of Utah's World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching]...

      "How easy it will be for the government schools to maintain records on every aspect of your child's personality and behavior: his individuality or willingness to conform to the group; his tolerance or lack thereof of any and all lifestyles; his religious beliefs... and to make such information available upon request to any corporation, government or private 'snoop' agency.... The U.S. Department of Education already collects such information through the mandated National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), but the collection of information will be facilitated when the schools' administrative offices (central computer data bases) are connected to the content of each individual student's computer hard drive." [Emphasis added] See Brave New Schools, Chapter 3: A New Way of Thinking


Is technology in schools the future or just a fad? "Even as schools have stretched to add wiring, expanded their electrical capabilities, multiplied computer inventories and trained staff, they have strained to demonstrate that it improves academic performance. In addition, for as many teachers like Hansen, there are more who only occasionally touch the technology in their classrooms. ....

     "'We don't have a lot of proof that this works,' said Neah Lohr, the former director of the informational media and technology team for the state Department of Public Instruction."

      It all depends on the intended outcome. While the training in technology may not "work" for traditional education, it does prepare students for a global society that already emphasizes attitudes and values (tolerance and oneness) of global citizens more than traditional learning. Computerized assessments and remediation is essential to the planned "lifelong learning." It's also vital to the planned systems of banking, other financial transaction, health, surveillance, etc."


Harnessing the Potential of ICTs for Education: According to the United Nations ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Task Force, "ICTs can provide a practical and enabling solution for improving the quality and quantity of education. The advent of highly responsive networks of information and knowledge and the rapid development of smart software, hardware and the channels of communication have presented a real opportunity to creatively solve deficiencies within the educational systems around the world."

     The UN plan for universal connection to the Internet can build a common body of selected knowledge and global values for the "Global Community" far more effectively than traditional text books. The next generation may not read well, but they embrace "the new way of thinking." See Re-inventing the World


2015: the year literacy finally died: "The trivialisation of the English literature curriculum continues. ... The latest brainwave is for a core of 10 films, chosen by the British Film Institute, to be given the same importance in schools as traditional works of literature." See Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order


Are your kids reading rot? "We’ve been bombarded by so many messages about how reading expands the mind, excites the imagination and enhances the vocabulary (all of which are true) that many parents have forgotten that the benefit of reading for our children very much depends on what they’re reading....

     "Mom doesn’t have a clue that her daughter’s innocence has just been molested in the privacy of her own bedroom. She won’t ever know because Suzi, a bit stymied by the fact that Mom took her to get a book that her teacher assigned, will be too embarrassed and confused to ever tell. Yet, she’s just had sexuality, relationships and acceptable behavior defined for her by some perverted author.... And the kid was simply trying to get her homework done....

     "Moms and Dads, don’t just naively drive your kids to the library -- you must be careful to help them choose books that reflect your values. Even if your kids are in private school, you’re hardly safe -- many of the best schools blindly use ALA lists."   See  How Toys and Games Manipulate the Imagination


Re-entering and Looking Ahead -- Remarks for Secretary Spellings at the Annual Conference of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO (6-7-05):  " Honorary Ambassador of the UN Literacy Decade, Mrs. Bush is stepping up her activism to a global level. She is helping rally world leaders and decision-makers to put literacy... at the top of their agendas.... Because we believed so strongly in UNESCO's mission, the United States was among the first to ratify UNESCO's constitution. But we left the fold in 1984 when the organization strayed from its mandate.... Thanks to the reform-minded leadership of its current Director-General Matsuura, UNESCO is now equipped to make a real difference....

     "With these reforms underway, the U.S. and UNESCO are ready to move forward—together. We're ready to improve literacy throughout the world—to promote high standards and quality—to ensure social inclusion and access—and to stress the importance of sound measurement and data. ....We also know that education instills hope. And a hopeful heart is the best antidote to hatred and extremism." See Brave New Schools, Chapter 2: The International Agenda and Chapter 7: Silencing the Opposition


Children discover magic at Harry Potter camps: "Fifth-grader Bianca Schultz was eager to discuss 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' after she finished reading it Sunday in a marathon seven-hour session. She didn’t have to wait long. Monday was the start of a popular summer camp run by the school district and modeled on Hogwarts, the magical boarding school Harry and his wizard friends attend. 'I’m such a big Harry Potter fan,' said Bianca.... It’s just amazingcause you actually do things like in the book. I get to talk to people my age who are just like me.'...

     "Campers were required to sign an oath swearing they would talk about the newest book only with those who had finished it.' " See Establishing a Global Spirituality and Paradigm Shift


Poor Writing Costs Taxpayers Millions: "States spend nearly a quarter of a billion dollars a year on remedial writing instruction for their employees, according to a new report that says the indirect costs of sloppy writing probably hurt taxpayers even more. ... Poor writing not only befuddles citizens but also slows down the government as bureaucrats struggle with unclear instructions or have to redo poorly written work. 'It's impossible to calculate the ultimate cost of lost productivity because people have to read things two and three times,' said Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee."


Students lagging in American history: "American students may lag behind their peers abroad in math and science, but their knowledge of their own country's past is just plain pathetic, leading educators and historians told a Senate panel considering legislation that would expand national testing in US history....

    "The legislation -- introduced in April by senators Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, and Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts -- would budget $14 million for 10 states to test eighth- and 12th-graders in history next year."

    But with Kennedy and Lamar Alexander pushing this program, what slant on history will they teach? See Brave New Schools: The International Agenda


Give Africa a private schooling: "Private schools for the poor have emerged in huge numbers in some of the most impoverished slums and villages in Africa. They cater for a majority of poor children and outperform government schools, for a fraction of the cost....

     "Parents gave the same litany of complaints about government schools, that teachers don’t turn up, or if they do they don’t teach. I visited the three government primary schools on the outskirts of Makoko; although my visit was announced... I saw the headmistress beating children to get them into the classrooms, and found one teacher fast asleep at his desk.... In the five government schools serving Kibera, there were 8,500 children — but half of these were from the middle-class suburbs. The private schools again were serving a large majority of the slum children.
     "Tony Blair’s Commission for Africa concedes that mushrooming private schools exist, but reports that they 'are without adequate state regulation and are of a low quality.'”


Education. Immigration and Schools, Part 1: "California is now 35 percent Hispanic. With the Hispanic birth rate at 1.7 times the national average, more than half of California newborns are Hispanic. States remote from the Mexican border have also seen a surge of immigration from Mexico. In the 1990s North Carolina's Hispanic population quadrupled. Officials estimate from current elementary enrollment that Hispanics will be one third of North Carolina's high school graduates by 2013. ...

    " Americans did not vote to Latinize their country. Nor did they knowingly support legislators espousing that cause. Why is it happening? ... The United States was launched on this nation-transforming course by legislation and by judicial rulings."

     Illegal immigration is sure to change our schools, health systems, culture, politics and sense of security. But God is also using this economic and cultural challenge to bring His mission field to us. May He lead each of us according to His will and ways!  Guidance


Ethnomathematics: "It seems our math educators no longer believe in the beauty and power of the principles of mathematics. They are continually in search of a fix that will make it easy, relevant, fun, and even politically relevant.

     "In the early 1990s, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics issued standards that disparaged basic skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.... The council preferred real life problem solving, using everyday situations. Attempts to solve problems without basic skills caused some critics, especially professional mathematicians, to deride the 'new, new math' as 'rainforest algebra.' ....

     "Now mathematics is being nudged into a specifically political direction by educators who call themselves 'critical theorists.' They advocate using mathematics as a tool to advance social justice. ... One of its precepts is 'ethnomathematics,' that is, the belief that different cultures have evolved different ways of using mathematics, and that students will learn best if taught in the ways that relate to their ancestral culture." (WSJ, 6-21-05) See Social Engineering for Global Change


Missing: Males on College Campuses: "From 1992 to 2000, the ratio of enrolled males to females fell from 82 to 78 boys for every 100 girls. The NCES projects that in 2007 the ratio will be 75 males for every 100 females; in 2012, 74 per 100. ...

    "Among those who acknowledge the 'boy crisis,' explanations vary and may all be true. Some point to the 'feminization' of education over the last decade, which occurred largely in response to a perceived need to encourage girls. ... Others point to explicitly anti-male attitudes – that is, political correctness – within education. The website Illinois Loop lists '22 School Practices That May Harm Boys.' One of them: 'Modern' textbooks and recommended literature often go to extremes to remove male role models as lead characters and examples.'"


Middle schools falling short in assessment test: "Blame it on hormones, tougher standards or just the challenge of teaching rambunctious adolescents: The enviable math and reading scores enjoyed by elementary schools across the state have eluded middle schools. ...Given the social pressures they face and the physical and emotional changes they experience, middle-schoolers need teachers who understand adolescent development, as well as the subjects they are teaching."

     "No, blame it on educational "change agents" who replaced truth, facts and moral boundaries with shocking stories designed to undermine Biblical values. Today's supposed sensual "freedom" has led to emotional bondage and confusion. See Charts: Total transformation


Marine gets apology after being 'expelled' from school: "Marine Corps Sgt. Zach Richardson survived Iraq, but not Carson Middle School in Greensboro. When Richardson walked into the Greene County school last week, he expected to meet some of the sixth-graders who had written to him during his seven-month deployment. Instead, he was shown the door....

     "On Wednesday, after the incident had gotten attention across the nation, the superintendent of Greene County Schools apologized to Richardson and 'all our other military personnel.'"

     Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby can peddle their agendas in schools -- but a soldier (who has been corresponding with some students) can not share his love for his country. What kind of freedom is he fighting for? Steps toward Global Mind Control


School district diversity plan stalls: "The Safety and Respect for All Committee, which includes district employees, students, parents and community members who span the political spectrum, is deeply split on whether to include 'gender identification' and 'sexual orientation' in a list of protected classes.... The group began meeting in January after the school board tossed out a previous draft diversity plan that drew criticism from Christian conservatives." See Brainwashing in America


Right, Wrong ... What's the Dif?  "Her reaction is not unusual. In the face of all evidence to the contrary, my students exhibit an unswerving confidence in their own abilities. They earnestly assure me that despite test scores in the single digits and an inability to answer questions... they really know the material: 'It just doesn't show in my grades.' The implied fault, no doubt, is mine, for giving such unfair and inappropriate exams, but it is never clear just why they do think they understand the material.

     "They readily confess to me that they have not consulted the text and do not remember my lecture.... Maybe it's all that self-esteem this generation of students was inculcated with as youngsters, or maybe it's the emphasis on respecting everyone else's opinion, to the point where no answer, even a mathematical one, can be truly wrong because that might offend the one who gave it." See John Maxwell & self-esteem 

Homosexual Group Admits Obscene Material Was Handed Out at Conference: "A Boston health clinic has admitted to distributing pornographic books to middle school students and others at a Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference hosted by a Massachusetts high school. ... Prior to the health clinic and the school system confirming the truth, GLSEN Boston's office had maintained that the allegations of pornographic books at its conference were 'categorically untrue,' and were nothing more than lies 'from the far right.'" Depravity

Saran Wrap for ‘Safe’ Teen Sex?  "...right-thinking adults should be outraged by the recommendation in the latest 'comprehensive' sex-education materials from Planned Parenthood that, for 'safe' sex, 8th graders should use Saran Wrap as 'protection' when engaging in oral and anal sex.

     "Excuse me! How did we get to the point where it must be assumed that 8th graders are going to be 'performing' oral and anal sex and we have to equip them to do it 'safely'? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the sex education lobby — in its supposed superior wisdom — has been pushing to strip kids as young as kindergarten age of their innocence by insisting that they be taught about every kind of deviant sexual practice long before they are emotionally ready for such information."  See Sex Ed and Global Values


Junior High - A new pot-friendly book for kids: "It’s the story of Jackie, a young girl who walks in on her parents smoking marijuana.... They visit Farmer Bob, who grows it, and Dr. Eden, her mom’s groovy physician....  Then they run into some guys passing around a spliff in front of a Chinese takeout joint, who are promptly busted. That’s when she learns that 'a small but powerful group decided to make a law against marijuana' from one of the cops.... Jackie decides she’s going to 'vote to make the laws fair' when she grows up....

     "[Author, Ricardo] Cortes does not have kids but believes he’s doing them a service: 'A lot of drug education uses scare tactics. The latest ads say smoking a joint leads to terrorism.'

     "David R. Anderson of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America responds, 'On the one hand, it’s almost laughable, but beyond that, it’s just irresponsible. No one would write a book called 'It’s Just a Drink.'” See Charts: Total transformation


High schools failing college students: "Half of the students entering public colleges and universities in the state are ill-prepared for college-level work in math, reading or writing and must therefore take at least one remedial course.... College enrollment is rising in Texas among those who historically have not attended in great numbers and who often have weaker academic backgrounds, including Hispanics, blacks and low-income students.... And so, the demand for remedial education is likely to increase.

     "But the harsh reality is that academic success eludes most students taking such courses. Just 16 percent of underprepared students in Texas earn a certificate, a two-year degree or a four-year degree within six years of enrolling, compared with 47 percent of college-ready students."


8-year-old arrested -- Criminalization of school behavior a disturbing trend: "An 8-year-old was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail last week after biting an assistant principal, outraging juvenile justice officials who believe children are too often arrested in behavior cases that could be dealt with through school discipline.... She was arrested on battery charges....

     "Compounding the potentially traumatic effect of a police arrest on a small child, the 8-year-old spent the night in a holding cell in the booking anteroom to the detention center....

     "Edward Goldman, the district's associate superintendent for education services, [said,]... 'Where a criminal act has been committed, the law gives discretion to policemen. We don't have the right to tell them not to arrest someone or to tell the principal she can't press charges against this kid.'" See The Transformation of America and 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Schools help little ones keep the faith: "'The church historically has always had a very high interest and involvement in the education of its youth.' [Now it's up to Dads and Moms] Sadly, that involvement isn't what it used to be, which could help explain why so many Christian children lose their faith when they get older.... They don't understand that Christianity is, as Francis Schaeffer taught, 'Truth about total reality, not just about religious things.'" Proverbs 22:6


No Child Left Behind and its hidden agendas: "Every year, four million students graduate from America's high schools. This year's high school graduate is next year's voter. So the opportunity to influence the political thinking of four million new voters every year represents a huge amount of political power.... Every year, the Congress directs the Department of Education to appropriate several millions of dollars to an organization named the Center for Civic Education.... The CCE produces textbooks for American schools. The problem is that no other publisher is given the opportunity to bid on this project....

     "When one examines the textbook, We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution, produced by CCE, one finds right away that it is designed to confuse the student, regarding the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.... Leading the students to believe that we should merge our governmnet into a world government appears to be the main objective.... NCLB (No Child Left Behind) is not about education. It is about indoctrination." See Brave New Schools: The International Agenda


Chicago Board of Education charters the Namaste School: "That a public school in Chicago could be named Namaste with little resistance reflects the extent of American's secular embrace of the principles of the yogic system. 'People have built an affinity for the name because they recognize and identify with the mind and body paradigm,' says Allison. ...

    "YogaKids International is advising the Namaste Charter School on integrating its yoga-based educational techniques into the classroom.... A large part of the Namaste mission is to create a lifestyle that embraces an extended community and educates entire families about healthy habits. Families will be offered nutrition education, yoga and meditation classes." See
Establishing a Global Spirituality and Paradigm Shift


Students Rewarded for Tattling at School: "For a growing number of students, the easiest way to make a couple of hundred dollars has nothing to do with chores or after-school jobs, and everything to do with informing on classmates.... Critics call them 'snitch' programs, saying they are a knee-jerk reaction to student violence. Some education professionals fear such policies could create a climate of distrust in schools and turn students against each other....

      Most schools offer an anonymous phone line or a school drop box for tips. Rewards range from cash to gift certificates to free parking passes.... Some students fear classmates with a grudge or set on making some quick money may level false accusations or plant drugs or weapons in their lockers....

      '"This idea of surveillance — there's something unsavory there,' Farley said. 'We're familiar with the history of that in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.'" See Using violence to justify snooping, snitching and statist control


An ill-bred professor, and a bad situation (by David Horowitz): "The student who invited me to the University on behalf of the College Republicans -- I will call him Jamie -- is a political science major. In anticipation of my visit, Jamie had asked Professor Hiller if his Department would be one of the sponsors of my talk and if the Department would host a reception for me. ...

    "...the only reason Professor Hiller consented to the first request was because Ward Churchill had spoken at the University weeks before to a very bad press. In fact to propitiate the backlash was the only reason the university itself put up a modest honorarium for my speech. The agenda was to show how 'diverse' and 'fair' they were. ...

    "Before Churchill arrived professors in political science and other departments vied with each other for the honor of introducing him, and attended in droves, and encouraged their students to do likewise. No professors showed up for my speech. Instead there were about forty protesters who brought signs saying 'No academic freedom for fascists' and similar slogans.'" See Global Socialism


Corruption & Education. Sextracurricular crisis: "Three female teachers busted for allegedly molesting students this week shocked the city — but not experts, who say one in 10 students will be sexually abused by an educator. And the problem in New York City appears to be surging, with the number of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students projected to double this year ...

     "About 9.6 percent of U.S. students will experience some form of teacher sexual misconduct between kindergarten and 12th grade...." Resisting sensuality


Same-sex marriage and the school curriculum: "Same-sex marriage and the school curriculum: '...proponents of same-sex marriage, when asked if students have the right to believe that homosexuality is morally wrong, will universally say no, students do not have the right to that belief. The school, they say, is responsible for training students that such a moral belief is bigoted and hateful. ...

     "...the governor of Massachusetts was chastised by the Boston Globe for 'mean spirited politics' when he stated that every child 'has a right to a mother and a father.' Praise for the traditional family is bigoted in the new world of gender-free marriages....
     "Where do these ideas lead us? ... 'This is... a debate about overthrowing a norm; not about reconstruction, but about destruction.' This is what schools will be required to teach our kids -- that hetero-normative language is hate-speech."

     The same moral erosion is redefining marriage in Tasmania, a state and island in Australia, as well as the U.S., Canada and Europe. See the next link:


Tassie school reform hailed: "Tasmania had nothing to fear from a move toward a national schools curriculum because such reform would be similar to the Essential Learning curriculum already developed in the state.... Education Department Curriculum Standards and Support executive director David Hanlon said the state was leading the world in curriculum reform. He told the Tasmanian Learning and Skills Authority conference in Launceston that Essential Learning was being looked at internationally as a way of teaching which promoted the capacity to think." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


Autism and the Inclusion Mandate: "Daniel is autistic. He is charming, intelligent, creative, and full of energy, just like his 18 classmates. However, he is unable to use language to interact with others. His rare attempts at communication are through imitation and usually in only one or two words. Teachers and aides communicate with Daniel using a combination of picture symbols and words, since children with autism learn best visually.... Autism is the fastest-growing disability in the country."


Mandated model hampers learning in secondary schools: "The Department of Education’s edict, 'the workshop model or else,' is riling teachers throughout the system. Secondary school teachers, for example, say that it makes no educational sense to construct every lesson around small-group work. ...

    "'The kids are not capable of learning from each other what they can learn from their teacher,' said Washington Sanchez, the chapter leader and a social studies teacher at Newtown HS. 'They are being cheated out of knowledge.'” See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

March 2005

Culture & Lawlessness. OMG, A TXT MESS: "Kids spend more time in high school sending text messages than reading textbooks, a New Jersey father discovered to his horror — after his 16-year-old daughter rang up a whopping $1,058 cellphone bill. The bill covered a month and a half... and listed more than 12,000 text messages.... His daughter Ashley had sent and received almost all those messages while she was in school, where students are supposed to stow their cellphones in their lockers before classes start.

     "Ashley, a junior at Gloucester City HS, 'no longer has a cellphone,' said Taylor, who now knows why his daughter has been failing math and social studies.... Her cellphone bill showed messages sent 'at 8:01, 8:02, 8:03, 8:04 — all the way through to 3 p.m. on some days.... Everyone in school' is doing it.'" See Conforming to the culture and Human Nature


Education. Queen Elizabeth issues annual Commonwealth Day message: "The key to unlocking human potential, and creating opportunity, is education.... In our association, where around 75 million children lack access to basic education, one clear objective is the UN Millennium Development Goal of achieving universal primary education by 2015. ... A third objective is to expand distance education, through bodies such as the Commonwealth of Learning – based in Canada – which encourages Commonwealth countries to pool their expertise.... Perhaps Nelson Mandela put it best when he said, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’." Proverbs 22:6

Urgent EdAction Alert


Charter school won't expel special-needs 10-year-old: "Christel House Academy wanted to expel 10-year-old Stephen after the boy -- who has the neurological condition Tourette's syndrome as well as bipolar disorder -- was disruptive in his third-grade class....

     "'When Stephen's out of control, it's scary,' she said. "But you've got to know how to handle children who are bipolar and who have Tourette's syndrome.'...Schools can't impose long-term suspensions or expel a special-needs student if the behavior for which the student is being disciplined is a 'manifestation' of his or her disability.'" See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


Can Brain-Based Software Help Kids Read Better? [Scroll down to title] "Can instructional software based on brain imaging help struggling students read better? That’s the hope of school administrators who invest in cutting-edge computer programs like Fast ForWord, a highly respected family of reading-intervention programs distributed by the Scientific Learning Corporation." Genesis 11:4-9


Teacher ordered to shut up and pay up - Educators say court ruling is the kind of thing that makes them afraid to speak out: "A major legal battle is quietly taking place in the state of Virginia. It involves a special ed teacher who was sued for slander by a corporation after she contacted the state's department of education and governor's office to request a special investigation and intervention at an alternative school owned by the corporation....

     "Kandise Thomas-Humphrey was the instructional specialist and health instructor at Bermuda Run Education Center.... She then abruptly resigned and, in May 2003, sent an email to the Virginia Department of Education (VADOE) urging it to investigate her claim that certain administrators at the school were violating federal laws as well as the school's own guidelines....

    "...the corporation has retaliated by filing two libel suits against Humphrey. In both, it petitioned Judge Timothy J. Hauler of the Chesterfield County Circuit Court to order her to pay 1.1 million dollars in damages."

     Free speech applies to liberal college staff such as Ward Churchill (see first item @ Communitarianism), but the rights of Christians and those who criticize the new systems are fading fast. See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Bushwhacking Johnny: "Technically, cognitive dissonance is 'a stressful mental or emotional reaction caused by trying to reconcile two opposing, inconsistent, or conflicting beliefs held simultaneously.' In practice, it is a form of mental coercion. (I ought to know: I sat through enough workshops as a prospective educator and practicing teacher. We learned how to disrupt logic, how to make it difficult for the uninitiated to sustain a train of thought.)

     "Creating a disorienting psychological environment doesn't require an expert agitator or professional provocateur if you can get gullible third parties -- teachers, factory workers, even parents -- who don't realize what they're doing to do the dirty work. Educators often think that they are using scientific methodology to transmit 'thinking skills' or that they are 'empowering pupils to be decision-makers.'" See Brave New Schools, Chapter 3


Ain't Educatin: "This 11th-grade girl asked me to help her with a class project. The young lady sounded like a dutiful pupil, in that she was attempting to fulfill her responsibility to complete an assignment, such as it was.... I present here, for the reader's enlightenment, the youngster's e-mail verbatim, complete with misspellings and convoluted verbiage:
     "'I am from Banning High School and We are doing a trial on Lord of the Flies. I was woundering if you could help me with some questions? One is 'What is the needs of children?' 'To what extreme would dominance reach?' 'Can any action a child my take be a result in being in these situations and aren't of the chil's personal will?' 'Could a child control these actions?' 'What happenes to children mentally without adult supervision?' Please E-mail me back if you can be of any help. Than You....
      "The letter from this student speaks volumes about what is wrong with today's public education system (and a few private ones, too)."
See Public schools and what you are up against by a 16-year-old student


School Apologizes for Violating Sex Education Safeguards: "First, the teacher showed students a video discussing sensitive sexual topics without obtaining the mandatory parental notification and consent. Second, after the concerned parents followed the proper procedures to exempt their son from the sex education, he was required to sit alone in the hall with no assignments, also in direct violation of California law. Finally, he was required to take tests covering topics from which he had been lawfully exempted. As a result, he was penalized with low grades." See Sex Ed and Global Values


 Another Leftist Allowed Promote Sedition and Treason: "During a fiery speech to his leftist-indoctrinated drinking students at the University of Colorado... Ward Churchill literally and definitively called for the violent overthrow and destruction of the United States....

     "...his claims of American Indian heritage are false. AIM’s (American Indian Movement) website states: 'Ward Churchill has fraudulently represented himself as an Indian, and a member of the American Indian Movement, a situation that has lifted him into the position of a lecturer on Indian activism.'...

     "He calls the terrorists heroic, as he compares the victims of terrorism to one of the most iniquitous of Nazi war criminals. In fact, with these reversals of the truth, he (as are the other radical leftists) is also redefining words, so that they are inverted from their actual meanings. As does terrorist al-Zakarwi, the Left’s redefinitions now includes ‘freedom is slavery’, ‘oppression is independence’ and ‘tyranny is free-will.' ... Churchill and the rest of our public school leftist-academia are funded by our tax dollars." See Soviet Education in the 1930s compared to U.S. Education in 2001


Reading Program Didn't Boost Skills: "The Los Angeles Unified School District spent nearly $50 million on a computer reading program that failed to improve student reading skills .... In their 2002 and 2003 reports, the district researchers found that Waterford made no difference for students who used the program, and that it had a 'negative impact' on some kindergartners whose teachers were using it in place of their primary reading lessons."

      One "progressive" experiment after another has attempted to prove that the old ways -- phonics, math facts and factual history -- didn't work. They all fail -- at huge costs to tax-payers. See Chronology of U.S. Education


Is learning a thing of the past?  (UK, but also true in the U.S.) "Something very odd is happening in secondary schools. The focus of teaching is switching from imparting knowledge to preparing pupils for employment – in, ironically, the 'knowledge economy'.... Called the 'Futures Programme', it aims to ensure that the national curriculum and assessment methods are 'responsive to the changing demands of work and life in the 21st century'....

     "But what they're really after are "people who can build and maintain relationships, work productively in teams and communicate effectively.... Teaching history, in other words, is secondary." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

January 2005

U.S. Middle Schools to Promote Tolerance: "Using a young readers' novel called 'The Misfits' as its centerpiece, middle schools nationwide will participate in a 'No Name-Calling Week' initiative starting Monday.... The initiative was developed by the New York-based Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network [GLSEN], which seeks to ensure that schools safely accommodate students of all sexual orientations. GLSEN worked with James Howe, the openly gay author of 'The Misfits'....

     "'I hope schools will realize it's less an exercise in tolerance than a platform for liberal groups to promote their pan-sexual agenda,' said Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America's Culture and Family Institute....

     "In Iowa, complaints by scores of parents about the gay themes in 'The Misfits' prompted the Pleasant Valley School Board to rule that teachers could no longer read it aloud to elementary school classes...." See How homosexuality is promoted in classrooms


Multicultural Educators - Disciples of Social Justice: "Advocates of multicultural education from schools and colleges across the country gathered in Kansas City the week before the 2004 presidential election to rededicate themselves to transforming teaching and school systems into instruments of social justice as they define it. ...

     "'The silent but deadly oppressor of the ethnic minority child's spirit is a state of injustice that is imbedded in a systemic society of a one-sided truth espoused through the Eurocentric lens of American education,' Uzziel Pecina and Catherine Frazier said....

     "...the institutions should have an assessment system to ensure that trainers and teachers do not harbor racist, sexist, or homophobic attitudes. ...the 'minimal essential elements' of a teacher-education knowledge base must include 'the unique psychological, emotional, and education needs of gay, lesbian, and bisexual students.' [Robert Holland, 1-1-05] See Justifying Mind Control & New Beliefs for a Global Village


Tommy Lee, racy postcards used to attract students: "Think sex, skiing and rock 'n' roll. When it comes to recruiting students for college, admissions officials are turning to more outlandish stunts than ever to get the attention of high schoolers in this age of the Internet."


CIM incentive is in the lunch bag: "Casey Younger was in no hurry to earn his high school Certificate of Initial Mastery until he found out it would win him a ticket off campus for lunch. 'When I heard about the lunch pass, I was like, 'I'm getting it done now,'' said the Oregon City High School senior.

    "Convincing students that the certificates are worthwhile is a challenge across Oregon, because they are not required for graduation, said Gene Evans, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Education.... Many schools have tried their own incentives, including recognition ceremonies and special cords to wear with graduation robes."

December 2004

Afghan Students Are Back, but Not the Old Textbooks: "A team from Teachers College of Columbia University is writing schoolbooks for Afghanistan as it emerges from years of turmoil and ideological repression. ... ''One of our tenets is social justice,' added Margaret Jo Shepherd, professor emeritus.... Financed by the United Nations Children's Fund, the Teachers College group is rewriting the curriculum and all primary school textbooks... while introducing a style of teaching new to Afghan teachers and students that encourages student participation....

     "'This curriculum is free of ideology,' Abdul Nabi Wahidi, of the Ministry of Education, said of the new books. 'We just have two ideas, peace and stability, and human rights.' ...

     "Mr. Rosen and his team have already tested the textbooks at some local schools, bringing to teachers and students methods wholly new in a country used to rote learning. The new books encourage Afghan students to think and take part in a new way."

      These textbooks are not free from ideology, but because this "new way of thinking" is old and ordinary to the liberal Teachers College at Columbia, it seems "normal" rather than revolutionary to its change agents. In short, it's a piece of UNESCO's ed program being established around the world. See A New Way of Thinking and Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students: "American universities, which for half a century have attracted the world's best and brightest students with little effort, are suddenly facing intense competition as higher education undergoes rapid globalization.... Foreign students contribute $13 billion to the American economy annually. But this year brought clear signs that the United States' overwhelming dominance of international higher education may be ending." Deuteronomy 8:10-20

Our greatest Christmas: "One of the unfortunate intellectual developments of the 19th century, principally in Europe, was the transformation of history into a proper noun. It denoted a vast impersonal force with its own unfolding logic, governed by iron laws of social development. Marxism was the most consequential doctrine of historical inevitability, but there were others." See Brave New Schools, Chapter 2


Parents kicked out of 'gay day': "Two parents who objected to a Massachusetts high school's homosexual-awareness day were expelled from the campus after a mother began videotaping a session.... Camenker said the event, with assemblies and workshops such as 'Out at the Old Ballgame'' and 'Color Me Queer,' was intended to make students feel good about homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. ... 'To use children's minds this way without even letting the parents know is horrible....They took the two of us and pulled us out and gave us one minute to leave and if we came back on the property we would be arrested for trespassing.'

     "A local newspaper columnist... also was barred from the assembly 'for the safety and security of the children.'...

     "The school district also is committed to multiculturalism, stating, 'Effective multicultural education suggests a re-examination of the history, social constructs and dynamics related to race, class, gender, ethnicity, economics, and culture that impact curriculum and instruction. Multicultural education includes rigorous curriculum and inclusive teaching that challenges all students and staff. We are committed to developing a philosophy of multicultural education that can be infused across transformed curricula." See Brainwashing in America

November 2004

Principals freaked out by students' dance, dress: "In an era when sexy music videos and scantily clad pop stars set the standard for many young people, parents and educators across the country are waging what appears to be an uphill battle over values. Discord over lewd dancing and dress is hardly new, but the goalposts for indecency have shifted radically in recent times.... While each generation pushes the limits, some parents feel that pop culture, fueled by the Internet, Hollywood and cable television, has prodded teenagers further across the line of decency than ever imagined...." See Sex Ed and Global Values and the first link at Moral relativism


Cross-dressing day: "The Illinois Family Institute received a troubling report yesterday of a grade (and middle) school in Carrier Mills that held an 'Opposite Sex' Day in which students were encouraged to come to schools dressed as members of the opposite sex.... One school staffer... said the school had no radical agenda but was just looking for 'something silly for the kids to do.'

      "But Laura Stanley, who has several children at Carrier Mills, was hardly amused. 'This is not what I want my son taught at school.... Kids are already getting so many confused messages from the culture. Do they need to be further confused about sexuality?'  ... she saw one boy wearing a pink mini-skirt....

     " administrators asked students to bring in a canned good for charity if they chose not to cross-dress." See Sex Ed and Global Value


Things I learned in the Canadian Public School System (A Canadian student sent us this list of observations): "Some folks are against public education. I don't see why. Let's look at the many pearls of wisdom passed down to me from my teachers:

   1. If it's in a book, it's got to be true -- unless that book is the Bible....

   2. Revisionist history is the ONLY history that must be learnt.

   3. Capitalism is ALWAYS bad.  Communism works if applied properly.

   4. Any explanation that does not rely on purely naturalistic factors is "superstition".

   5. Homeschoolers are indoctrinated, and private schools are 'just in it for the money.'" See also Public schools and what you are up against by a 16-year-old student


Government schools and Muslims will brainwash your kids: "In observance of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month will become part of the curriculum for many U.S. public school students.... Over the last few years, this practice has been quietly spreading into this nation's government schools system....

      "Prayer rugs are distributed, Muslim prayers are recited, and basically a 'happy face' is put on the most dangerous and violent religion the world has ever known. Government teachers and administrators who are overwhelmingly liberal, no doubt take great pleasure in turning our public schools into American hadrassas.... Can you imagine the fallout if 4,000 teachers brought Christian bibles or even a picture of Jesus into their classrooms?" See When 'Christian Educators' prefer Islam  


Writing Wrongs: "Every week, the average American child plunks down in front of the television for about 20 hours. That same child spends only three hours a week writing.

     "...many of the state’s children are woefully unprepared to fill out a job application, write a simple letter of complaint or succeed in college.... Four out of 10 county students enrolling at a California State University campus last year had to take a remedial writing class.... Meanwhile, more than half of county students taking the state’s writing proficiency test (grades 4 and 7) did not pass last year.

    "Video games and computers compete for their attention. ...boys spend 13 hours a week playing computer games....

    "Some teachers refrain from heavily correcting papers because they believe students would get discouraged. That means kids can’t learn from their mistakes. ....

    "The prevailing view, endorsed by the influential National Council of Teachers of English, is that teaching traditional grammar is a waste of time. ... The burden of the missed grammar instruction, in many cases, is now falling upon community colleges where more resources are being directed toward basic writing skills." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

National religious education guidelines published in Britain: "The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority plan says pupils should study other faiths alongside Christianity to help foster understanding and respect ... However, it recommends studying the tenets of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Other religious traditions, such as the Baha'i faith, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, are also mentioned." See Establishing a Global Spirituality

Voter drive using kids draws fire: (Registration required): "Hundreds of public schoolchildren, some as young as 11, are taking time out of regular classes to canvass neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine in a get-out-the-vote effort organized by Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund - a group whose umbrella organization has endorsed John Kerry for president.... On election day, hundreds of students plan to go out into the community to induce people to go to the polls." See Serving a Greater Whole

Regents upset over number in remedial college classes: "... nearly half of Ohio high school graduates took remedial courses in college in 2002.... 'High proportions of students are not fully prepared for the college experience,' said Darrell Glenn, the regents' director of Performance Reporting & Analysis. 'You could get better preparation for college if you could change the course-taking patterns in high school.'" See Public schools and what you are up against by a 16-year-old student


World eyes reforms: "The world is watching Tasmania's education reforms, says Education Minister Paula Wriedt. Dramatic changes to the state's educational system will start from next year. But teachers fear they are not ready for the transition, which will use vastly different assessment criteria from kindergarten to Year 10.... 'Students don't have to learn everything in the classroom as they always have.'...

      " cards will not list traditional subjects like maths or english, with a grade for each. Instead teachers will collaborate on each student and mark their ability to communicate, think and deal with issues of social responsibility." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


California school's blatant recruitment to Islam: "First there was the textbook, full of emotional descriptions of Muhammad's experience with Allah, presented as fact, along with participation exercises. Then there is Islam: A Simulation, and nobody believes children are actually told to 'become Muslim,' take a Muslim name, recite prayers...

      "The courts have ruled that these practices are all acceptable, that children don't actually believe they are Muslim, even though they are mandated to walk through it and voice the words by heart. ...

      "Enter the videotape, 'The Story of Islam,' apparently adopted by California's Department of Education. ... It boasts that Muslims adhere to their rituals 'more faithfully' than Christians. Arabians are 'transformed' by the word of God. Our children are taught, point blank, Islam is a 'divine religion.' The video repeatedly congratulates Muhammad and Islamists for their 'bold expeditions' while they 'expand Islam' by conquests. Forcing people to Islam is described as EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS, attributable to Allah....

      "But what is truly astounding and indicative of today is this: 'The violence of the conquest has been forgotten...For several centuries, the different faiths have mingled, bringing about the peaceful relationships which are the only ones that can insure the peace of the world.'" See Establishing a Global Spirituality


IB granted $8 million boost: "Three Wichita Falls schools will create an International Baccalaureate pipeline for children from kindergarten age through high school, now that the Wichita Falls Independent School District has snagged an $8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The funding is now in place to start the internationally renown program at Lamar Elementary and Kirby Junior High School. Two other Texas school districts - Victoria ISD and Longview ISD - were among the 50 school districts that will share more than $108 million in federal grant money." See International Baccalaureate Organization


Subverting the Constitution in high school: "Parents of high school students would be well advised to look at We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution... the federally-mandated text for what these students learn about the founding and fundamental principles of this nation.

    " ...the 'self-evident truths' of the Declaration of Independence have been magically transformed into mere 'ideas' from the eighteenth century. The message is that it can be cast aside, or changed.... When this textbook looks at the Bill of Rights, those ten amendments that are the very heart of the protections extended to individual American citizens, insuring that government cannot run rampant over them, neither the Second Amendment, nor the Ninth, or Tenth are even mentioned!" See Brave New Schools, Chapter 2: The International Agenda


Exploris: "...Exploris offers the same stock socialist ideas that have emanated from the United Nations since 1945. Exploris' support of the United Nations' agenda is not hidden. As part of a 'United Nations Week' observance, Exploris Middle School students, accompanied by their teachers, stood on the Wake County Courthouse steps and recited all 30 articles of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights over a pubic address system....

     "Thich Nhat Hanh supports Gorbachev's vision for a single global cosmic spirituality, or one world religion, with a syncretic desire to merge Christianity and Buddhism. In Hanh's national bestseller, Living Buddha, Living Christ, he states: 'When you are a truly happy Christian, you are also a Buddhist. And vice versa.' At the opening ceremony, the robed Hanh instructed the crowd how to use 'mindfulness meditation' and the Buddhist tradition of 'Seven Steps' as they viewed the exhibits [in the Exploris museum]....

      "Maurice Strong, a founder of the World Forum, narrates an Exploris exhibit theme film.... He is a Canadian billionaire best known for organizing the1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and for his collaboration with fellow cosmos worshippers, Gorbachev and Steven Rockefeller...." See The State of The World According to Gorbachev


U.S. Senator Clinton Unveils Plan For Global Universal Education: "U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced a planned legislative effort designed to provide universal education to children around the world, saying the United States and other developed countries need to boost efforts to achieve the U.N. Millennium Development goal of having all children in school by 2015.... The move would make universal education in developing countries one of the top U.S. foreign assistance priorities, and is to include a commitment of $2.5 billion by 2009.

      "'We recognize that no country can do this alone and we have to work together,' Clinton said at a Council on Foreign Relations briefing. She added that she would be introducing the legislation 'in coming weeks.'

      "...educating all children ensures global safety, Clinton said, referring to the U.S.-led war on terrorism. A government's failure to educate its youth creates a void too easily filled by the flourishing of extremist groups, she said."

     You may want to seeing a documentary on education that I just transcribed from the History channels series of Hitler Youth. While the goals differ, many of the methods of control are similar or identical. See Hitler's Youth


New parent data rules for schools [Australia -- but it illustrates a small part of the controlling management behind UNESCO's education system which is being implemented around the world]: "Parents will need to show their own report cards when enrolling their children at school... Socio-economic status of parents is a factor already correlated with how well children perform." See Measuring the Value of Human Capital and Brave New Schools, Chapter 7


Fidgeting, doodling and singing approved as 'aids to learning' (UK): "Pupils are allowed to wander around, listen to music and play with balls in the classroom under new teaching methods endorsed by the Government and school inspectors. The aim of the approach is to respond to pupils' individual 'learning styles' by allowing them to adopt personalised ways of studying. ...The techniques, which are being adopted by an increasing number of schools and local authorities, were first introduced in America and follow research on brain development.... Among the schools that have introduced "personalised learning" is Blacklow Brow primary.... [I]t had altered its teaching methods after discovering that 80 per cent of its pupils were 'kinaesthetic learners'.

     In other words, they prefer to "learn" by playing, moving and using their muscles -- not by sitting, listening and thinking. But how much math and history will they learn kinesthetically? Not long ago, just learning to sit still and listen to an adult was an important part of education. One advantage, of course, is that the focus is no longer on academics. Grades won't differentiate between good students and unwilling students. New Beliefs for a Global Village and the next two links:


Repeat Mind Control. Beware 'personal learning' (UK): "...I also thought that the purpose of an examination was to identify the ablest students. Not for [Mike] Tomlinson, it isn't.... A decision to grade would motivate students to achieve more, but, he mutters anxiously, it carries 'a risk of devaluing a diploma pass.'

      "Indeed, Mike, it does. An A grade is better than a B grade, a first-class degree is better than a second. It is a great shame, but there it is. If you want 'inclusivity,' then you can't grade because the achievement of the gifted is going to reveal the lesser achievement of the less gifted. Hard old world, isn't it?"

       By God's wise and wonderful design, we are each uniquely made. To the world, our differences may seem unfair, but the solution is not to hide our strengths or weaknesses. Instead, when we give our lives to God, He will use our weaknesses to demonstrate His amazing strength and sufficiency. 2 Cor 12:9-10  


repeat Communitarianism. Harrison Bergeron (by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.): "The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

    "... the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron's fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away. It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn't think about it very hard. Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn't think about anything except in short bursts. And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times. It was tuned to a government transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains."


The time is now for exodus from government schools: "On October 30, 2003, while announcing his pleasure at the return of the United States to membership in UNESCO, our global school board, U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, stated 'Our governments have entrusted us with the responsibility of preparing our children to become citizens of the world.' ...We're told our children are taught 'critical thinking' but in fact they are getting Soviet-style indoctrination." Soviet Education in the 1930s compared to U.S. Education in 2001

Music lessons cause faster rise in children's IQ, study finds: "The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, shows that children who took piano or voice lessons for an entire school year had an additional gain of almost three points more on IQ tests than the average increase a child not taking music lessons would experience." It also means less TV! That alone should make a difference.

Creation. New Christian academy rejects creationism as 'rubbish': "Asked whether the academy would advocate the teaching of creationism, which has been taught alongside scientific explanations of how the world came into being at other academies sponsored by Christian organisations, he [Rev Steve Chalke] said: 'No. We will develop an open and honest curriculum and we will not impose our views on anyone." Instead he will impose evolution as a world view for his students. See What Darwin didn't know

Grading Mistakes Caused More Than 4,000 Would-Be Teachers to Fail a Licensing Exam: "The errors may have prevented many from getting full-time jobs as teachers in the last year. ... 'This particular test is being used to determine who is a highly qualified teacher, which is a requirement under the federal No Child Left Behind law,' Mr. Schaeffer said. 'But there is no equivalent requirement that the test makers be highly qualified. There is more public oversight of the pet-food industry than there is for test makers.'

       " ...the test - the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching for Grades 7 to 12, called the Praxis P.L.T. 7-12 - was given eight times, to a total of about 40,000 people." See The 21st Century Church


Teacher has kids tasting flavored condoms: "The New Mexico Health Department is standing behind a sex-education teacher in Santa Fe who encouraged ninth-graders to taste flavored condoms.... Lisa Gallegos said that when her 15-year-old daughter balked at putting a condom in her mouth, instructor Tony Escudero told her, 'Come on, sweetie, have a little fun.'...

    "'What he does, basically, in his classes, depending on the age appropriateness of the class, is to try to get them ... used to condoms and kind of destigmatize them." See Sex Ed and Global Values


Athens Area offers students alternative to cyber charter school: "In an effort to offer an alternative to those students who are homeschooled or enrolled in cyber charter schools, Athens School Board members recently voted to have the district become a member of a new initiative called

      "'...we hope that we're able to gain, entice the students to come back to our school district with all that it has to offer and enter into a more positive relationship, working relationship, a pleasant relationship with parents of homeschool children for their benefit,' Ulkins continued. 'This would mean that homeschool children would be able to participate in extracurricular activities. They haven't been able to in the past, but online, we see their grades and we have eligibility lists for them just like we do for all our students."

       Sounds tempting, doesn't it? That's the intention of educators who don't want homeschooling families to escape the control and the standards intended to mold global citizens around the world. See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


Atlantic City schools to recognize Islamic holidays: "Eid al-Fitr, a festival celebrating the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, will be observed on Nov. 15. Eid al-Adha, a festival of sacrifice and pilgrimage, will be observed on Jan. 21."  Four Faces of Islam

Embedded with the protesters: " Expecting to hear at least a few well-thought-out arguments, on April 18 I passed myself off as just another 60's-era radical, darting among the noisy sea of aging hippies, student zealots, anarchists, and even a gay rights activist here and there, asking questions. Behold the composite results, verbatim...." Please read this article. It shows the result of half a century of "dumbing down" education -- and how easily America's students can be manipulated. See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Learning: "Civic education -- including character education and service-learning --is necessary to the survival of our democracy. We must change the context in which we view the mission of our schools; their lost purpose, which must be regained, is 'to make citizens.' ... The overriding question driving education reform must be: 'What kind of child (person, human being) do we want to produce?' The answer we offer is: 'A child who can take charge of his/her learning process so as to: (a) learn for a lifetime, (b) make a net contribution to the society, workforce/economy, and culture, and (c) be civically engaged as a citizen and decision maker.'"

     In other words, they are becoming global citizens engaged in "lifelong learning" to adapt to the plans for "continual change" in the 21st century community where everyone participates in the dialectic process. See Serving a Greater Whole and Reinventing the World - Part 2


American culture takes a hit!  "In 1984 Missouri's Educational Objectives, Grade Twelve, contained the following performance indicator to assess whether students were becoming adequately 'tolerant': 'Given a description of an individual with a debased character, such as a child murderer or a person who has set fire to an inhabited building, students should reject suggestions for punishment which would detract from the dignity of the prisoner...' Is it a stretch of the imagination to suggest that this stupid/sick exercise might result in the student concluding that such criminal behavior might be acceptable?" See A New Way of Thinking


Teachers Unions - Are the Schools Run for Them? "Government school systems are increasingly coercive and abusive both of parents and students. Government schools in hundreds of cities, towns, and counties have been effectively taken over by unions, and children are increasingly exploited, thwarted, and stymied for the benefit of organized labor." See What Happened to Parents' Rights?


Schools target lessons for life (Australia): "Schools in the ACT will be refocused to emphasise personal development and lifelong learning with the aim of turning out well-rounded individuals who can take their place in a rapidly changing world....

      "In a move that affects every Kindergarten to Year 10 student in the ACT, the Education Department yesterday issued a report outlining the personal qualities schools should be teaching. The Every Chance to Learn report and discussion paper, which proposes a framework and principles to guide schools during the next 10 years, goes beyond specific academic requirements and sets out the characteristics it wants students to have. 'The curriculum is based on a clear statement about the type of people it is aiming to develop and the capabilities required for life and work in society,' the report says....

     "The report sets out three key outcomes essential for all students. [1] Understanding yourself. [2] developing personal identity and well-being, communication skills, creativity, and developing attitudes such as optimism and resilience. [3] Understanding the world - learning how the world works at a local and global level, and values associated with environmental sustainability." Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Humanism becomes one of the new gods of RE (UK): "The national framework published in draft form yesterday was welcomed by the Church of England.... Pupils should not just learn about religion but learn from religion by being taught to 'reflect and evaluate their own and others' beliefs about world issues such as peace and conflict, wealth and poverty and the importance of the environment'....They should also promote personal, social and health education by looking at religious beliefs on such issues as relationships and human sexuality...." The International Agenda


Islam. Textbook on Arabs removes blunder: "An Indian tribe has forced distributors of an Arab studies guide for U.S. teachers to remove an inaccurate passage that says Muslim explorers preceded Christopher Columbus to North America and became Algonquin chiefs. ... The 540-page book says the Muslim explorers married into the Algonquin tribe, resulting in 17th-century tribal chiefs named Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik....    

      "'There was no [scholarly] peer review,' said Mr. DiGangi, who says he was never contacted after lodging his complaint. 'It was so outlandish. It never should have gone to press.'

      "Jon Roth... said the group has decided to remove the two-page chapter called 'Early Muslim Exploration Worldwide: Evidence of Muslims in the New World Before Columbus.'" Charts: Five Types of Religious Expressions


Global Spirituality. Religious Education lessons 'to respect all faiths' (UK): "A national framework for religious education in schools has been set out for the first time. ....The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority said its framework would promote 'understanding and respect' and the ability to discuss ethical issues....

      "[It] says: "A central concern of religious education is the promotion of each pupil's self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and appreciate the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships.' As well as Christianity, the tenets of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism should be studied, it adds. Other religious traditions, such as the Baha'i faith, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, should 'also feature particularly in addressing local needs and circumstances.'... The framework calls for pupils' 'own world-views', including secular philosophies, to be studied. It envisages pupils 'appreciating the sense of wonder at the world in which they live, and their response to questions of meaning and purpose', while 'recognising that knowledge is bounded by mystery'.

       The last point is a sobering reminder that Christian children may not communicate Biblical truth as an absolute. It's just an opinion or view, like all other religious views. To see how this is played out in US classrooms, read Brave New Schools, Chapter 1: New Beliefs for a Global Village and Chapter 4: Establishing a Global Spirituality


A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture ( used as a curriculum manual for history teachers in grades 6 through 12): "The 'History' handout thus reflects the grand indoctrination strategy that Interact's writers use throughout ISLAM: A Simulation. Their strategy is to turn students into true believers... who will be unable to recognize the difference between a fact and a superstition, unable to distinguish a statement that is supported by evidence from a statement that isn't, and unable to distinguish a claim that can be tested from a claim that can't. This strategy pervades the writers' efforts to recruit converts for Allah....

     "The students pick their new names from a list given on page 1:14.

     "Here is the prayer: In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to God, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment; Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek...."

     The Textbook League (the source of the above warning) has no more love for Christianity than it does for Islam. While it criticizes the promotion of fundamental Islam in U.S. schools, it -- like the ACLU -- fights authentic references to Biblical truth as well. See Four Faces of Islam

In Cities, a Battle to Improve Teenage Literacy (registration required): "Thousands of high school students are held back each year because they cannot read well enough to absorb information from their textbooks. Many spend several years in 9th and 10th grade before dropping out, never becoming fluent readers.

     ", 25 percent of the students arriving in ninth grade are unable to read well enough to take high school courses, let alone rigorous courses to prepare them for college." See Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order and Early experimentation in California schools


School board vetoes anti-discrimination policy: "The majority of an Orange County school board refused to implement a state-mandated anti-discrimination policy [to strengthen "gay rights" in the school] following a raucous meeting where hundreds of parents and teachers protested. Trustees Judy Ahrens, Blossie Marquez-Woodcock and Helena Rutkowski argue that adopting the state's definition of gender for the Westminster School District would be immoral and promote transsexuality....

       "Richard Sturges, a former principal, applauded their courageous position. Ahrens has previously said she doesn't believe there will be any financial impact on the district, calling the suggestion 'blackmail' by the state to accept its agenda. 'Morality is not for sale, at any price,' she said."

     Judy Ahrens is a personal friend, and I thank God for her faith and courage. She has faced unthinkable hostility and slander for her stand against the homosexual agenda, which -- like Brock Chisholm, the first head of the Word Health Organization, equates Christian faith with hate. See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values


Middle class caught in college-aid squeeze: "Bryn Tracy, a fisheries biologist with the state, started buying U.S. savings bonds for his eldest daughter's college education when she was in diapers.... He thought it would be enough. But as tuition bills get larger in North Carolina, Tracy and his wife, a nurse, almost certainly will run out of savings before their daughter, Erin, graduates from N.C. State University. Because the Tracys socked away cash all those years, Erin isn't eligible for need-based financial aid."

     But this unfair system serves a government purpose: it helps eliminated social and economic inequality. See Solidarity and the next link:


Homosexual book for 1st-graders: "A North Carolina couple is outraged by a book their first-grade daughter brought home from the school library in which a prince finds his true love – in the form of another prince. The leading character in 'King & King,' Prince Bertie, waves off a bevy of eligible princes before falling for Prince Lee, Associated Press reported. The book ends with the two 'marrying' and sharing a kiss....

    "A follow-up, 'King & King & Family,' was recently published. The publisher says the book is intended for readers age 6 and up." Romans 1:22-32 & 1 Corinthians 6:9-11


Wall Street Blues: "Today, parenting strategies like chaperones are laughed at and condemned as 'overprotective.' School counselors are often the first to inform parents that 'children must be allowed to make their own mistakes.' Much better, I suppose, to go to court and take out a restraining order on a daughter's manipulative boyfriend or to play grandmother to a 13-year-old's illegitimate baby. ....Health and physical education teachers, under the auspices of 'sex education,' shower elementary students with a panoply of sex toys and surveys, birth control devices, HIV campaigns, even bringing in 'reformed' prostitutes and drug addicts to 'raise the awareness' of children who, in their innocence, still equate sex with love. School policymakers legitimize grade-school-age girls coming to school dressed like streetwalkers." See Sex Ed and Global Values


Bill would offer resources to battle bullying in schools: "From taunting in the cafeteria to starting fights during recess, school bullies have caused problems for years.... 'Girls are much more malicious and vicious to each other (than boys). They do it more by trying to besmirch their character and by gossiping.'

      "In Peterson's study, more than 45 percent of students were bullied in some way in sixth-grade -- the worst grade for bullying incidents.... Most of the incidents were related to teasing or name-calling." Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance

Teacher in military told to pay for sub: "A western Michigan school district told a teacher activated for military duty that he must cover the cost of a substitute during part of his absence and give the district some of his military pay."

February 2004

Resistance growing to 'No Child Left Behind': "The school district in Reading recently filed suit contending that Pennsylvania, in enforcing the federal law, had unfairly judged Reading's efforts to educate thousands of recent immigrants and unreasonably required the impoverished city to offer tutoring and other services for which there is no money....

    "The law, known as No Child Left Behind and signed in January 2002, seeks to raise achievement by penalizing schools where test scores do not meet annual targets. It is the most sweeping plan to shake up public education in a generation, as well as the most intrusive federal intervention in local schools."

     Like America 2000 (former Bush administration) and Goals 2000, it expands the national education system which works hand-in-glove with UNESCO's global "Education For All." Top-down standards and federal grants now hold all states accountable to the global system. See The International Agenda (click on Education for All) and Reinventing the World

Sex-ed will start earlier for NYC schoolkids: "Adolescent health education should probably begin before the eighth grade," said schools health director Dr. Roger Platt. ...Conservatives and religious groups opposed prior attempts to teach younger kids about sex. Klein insisted decisions on what will be taught — particularly AIDS and pregnancy prevention — will be based on sound advice from professional health and education experts." See Sex Ed and Global Values

Children should learn more about atheism and less about Jesus: "The teaching of religious education in schools should be renamed spiritual education, with children being taught more about atheism and less about the life of Jesus and the 10 Commandments, according to the Government's favourite think-tank.... It calls for equal weight to be given to agnosticism and humanism as is given to Christianity. Children should also be taught about cults such as the Baha'i... paganism and even environmentalism. The report, What Is Religious Education For?, is being considered by education ministers as they draw up the first national curriculum guidelines on religious instruction.....

      "Rather than referring to God, they should be taught that there is a 'divine being whose moral judgments are significantly more reliable than ours.... From the age of five, children should learn that there are people who do not believe in God, the afterlife or the power of prayer or that the Universe was created,' the report says.

     "They should also be told from an early age of the alternatives to marriage.... A heavy emphasis would also be given to educating children about Islam.... 'Pupils would be actively encouraged to question the religious beliefs they bring with them into the classroom, not so they are better able to defend or rationalise them, but so they are genuinely free to adopt whatever position on religious matters they judge to be best supported by the evidence.'"

     Who would provide that 'evidence'? Educators determine to "disprove" the claims of Christianity. Such guidelines became mandatory in South Africa this year -- and Christian schools and educators face agonizing choices! Psalm 27:1-4

Klein's educrats undermine good teaching: "The Education Department... discredits any educational practice that has worked in the past. For example, spelling tests are disallowed because they supposedly strike fear.... Teachers are warned not to correct errors with red ink because that color is 'aggressive.' Grammar is not taught because it is 'dull.' Children are encouraged to invent their own spelling so that they can discover the delights of creativity. Dictionaries are frowned on...." See A New Way of Thinking

Homework fails to make the grade: "Children have long suspected it, and now research confirms it: homework is a waste of time. Anxiety, boredom, fatigue and emotional exhaustion are all side-effects of bringing schoolwork home.... Even those who believe homework improves their performance in the classroom resent the encroachment on their spare time. ... And the best place for extra study may not, in fact, be at home. The report by the Institute of Education makes a case for out-of-hours study to be done in after-school learning clubs, away from the potentially disruptive influence of parents."

     In fact, traditional parents are viewed as enemies. See Silencing the Opposition


So you want to be an 'Education' candidate: "'Thought disruption,' a technique launched in 1940s Germany, means interrupting the train of thought so that logic cannot proceed. The continual interruptions built into the school day impede a child's ability to concentrate. ... 'Cognitive dissonance' means an unresolvable conflict resulting from attempts to reconcile two opposing 'truths' simultaneously. When educators discredit parental teachings, youngsters cannot choose between two opposing 'authorities.'"

     These same techniques are part of the dialectic process used to conform people to the new "purpose-driven paradigm." See "Spirit-Led or Purpose Driven - Part 2

January 2004

Learning globally: "The Bush administration has begun issuing grants to help spread a United Nations-sponsored school program that aims to become a 'universal curriculum' for teaching global citizenship, peace studies and equality of world cultures....

    "The U.S. Education Department has issued its first $1.2 million grant to implement the European-based International Baccalaureate.... The IB curriculum has been adopted by about 1,450 schools in 115 countries, including 502 schools in the United States....

      "George Walker, IB's director-general in Geneva, said in June that the program remains committed to changing children's values so they think globally, rather than in parochial national terms...." For more information, you might want to browse through our notes on International Baccalaureate Organization


Why Our Schools Teach Socialism : "'Democratic socialism' became the battle cry for socializing the United States. The goal was to 'permeate and penetrate,' then control from within.... There were no badges or socialist labels; followers described themselves as 'liberal,' 'progressive,' and even 'moderate.' Words were the weapon of choice in this new war. By changing the meaning of words, socialists concealed their true purpose. This massive social engineering was carried out under the banners of 'reform' and 'social justice." Colossians 2:8


Traditionalist in bovver boots gives schools a lesson (France): "Pupils were always referred to as 'learners' and teachers were told that they should on no condition consider themselves role models for their children. Their job was solely to encourage the children to discover themselves and their own skills. Giving children hard facts and grammar drills was regarded as outmoded. Mlle Boutonnet describes how she was told to teach geography: she should cut out pictures of geographical features and foreign countries from magazines and give them to children to start them 'thinking about geography', rather than teach them what a mountain or river was, let alone what it was called....

     "Government inspectors have expressed their displeasure with Mlle Boutonnet's teaching methods. The desks and chairs in her class are all in rows, unlike the other classrooms where they are clumped in groups, reflecting her traditional methods." 

     Sounds like the battle over the old and the new education philosophies in the U.S., doesn't it? That's because most nations are following the UNESCO pattern, planned by globalist educators decades ago." See Chronology of the NEA and A New Way of Thinking

December 2003

Child abuse in government schools: "This 'Scramble for Wealth and Power' is an exercise designed by Shiman to show your children how wealth and power is 'distributed' in our society. Once the exercise is completed the children with shovels will have more pennies (the rules also allow the use of candy or peanuts), the kids wearing mittens will have less. ...

     "The single most prevalent form of child abuse in this country is the act of sending a child to a government school. We worry incessantly about the separation of church and state. We would do well to devote half as much attention to the separation of government and education." Brainwashing in America


Twisted history (Thomas Sowell): "...much time is spent in American classrooms twisting our history for ideological purposes. 'How would you feel if you were a Native American who saw the European invaders taking away your land?' is the kind of question our children are likely to be confronted with in our schools. It is a classic example of trying to look at the past with the assumptions -- and the ignorance -- of the present.... Today's child cannot possibly put himself or herself in the mindset of Indians centuries ago, without infinitely more knowledge of history than our schools have ever taught. Nor is understanding history the purpose of such questions. The purpose is to score points against Western society. In short, propaganda has replaced education as the goal of too many 'educators.'...

    "...although slavery was a and White people were still being bought and sold as slaves in the Ottoman Empire, decades after American blacks were freed. Among those who turned against slavery in the 18th century were Ges Jefferson, Patrick Henry and other American leaders. You could research all of 18th century Africa or Asia or the Middle East without finding any comparable rejection of slavery there. But who is singled out for scathing criticism today? American leaders of the 18th century....

     "...the September issue of National Geographic had an article about the millions of people enslaved around the world right now. But where is the moral indignation about that?" Brave New Schools, Chapter 2: The International Agenda


Judge rules Islamic education OK in California classrooms: "Requiring seventh-grade students to pretend they're Muslims, wear Islamic garb, memorize verses from the Quran, pray to Allah and even to play 'jihad games' in California public schools has been legally upheld by a federal judge.... While public schools prohibit Christian students from reading the Bible, praying, displaying the Ten Commandments, and even mentioning the word 'God,' students in California are being indoctrinated into the religion of Islam....

     "Byron Superintendent Peggy Green defended the program: 'Dressing up in costume, role-playing and simulation games are all used to stimulate class discussion and are common teaching practices used in other subjects as well.'" A New Way of Thinking


Reading loses magic for young despite Potter: "Dr Sainsbury said that under the literacy strategy 'children are learning skills, reading material that has usually been chosen by the teacher rather than the children themselves.' She added: 'There may have been less emphasis on the sheer pleasure to be gained from books.' The report's findings support calls from teachers' leaders for ministers to abandon their concentration on tests, targets and league tables - which they claim has put pupils under more pressure and undermined their ability to learn."

     In the early 20th century, over 90% of American children learned to read. The downhill slide began in the 1930s -- the beginning of "progressive" education. See Early experimentation and Chronology of Education


Failing parents face more than a trip to the principal's office: "Parents will be expected to spend half a day in their child's class, pay for damage caused by their kids, and supervise students during break at least once a year, under tough new school rules to be unveiled by [Bermuda] Government. The new requirements are part of Government's drive to ensure deadbeat parents at public schools start to take an active involvement in their children's education."

     That may sound good to responsible parents, but the new global education program rules out traditional values as well as "deadbeat parents." Well trained children who take a stand on God's truths are no more welcome to the educational establishment than the young rebels who cause problems. See Comments and A New Way of Thinking


The Possibilities Schools Model: "Everything is a System. Resource inputs are transformed into results outputs by procedures or processes. All of this occurs within a context or conditions. All of this is measured by assessments to feedback to the system’s operations."

     "Schools are Systems, Too! ... Curriculum information are inputs. Instructional methods are processes. Learner skills are outputs. Learning conditions are contexts. Learning assessments are standards." This is a good summary of the new global management system. See Reinventing the World


Schools help to dress, feed kids they teach: "Felicia McCray's daughter came home last year from Carstens Elementary School on Detroit's east side with a new burgundy coat. Kayja, now 9, also showed her mother her new hat, gloves, shoes, uniform, hair accessories and a voucher to Payless ShoeSource to get another pair of shoes. McCray, a stay-at-home mother of two, doesn't remember filling out any forms asking for help. But she gladly took the freebies. 'It's not like we're a charity case,' she said. 'But if you're willing to help me, I'm willing to be helped.'" Justifying Mind Control


Higher education meets girl power: "...more women than men have applied to go to medical school, dramatizing a decades-long trend that has women dominating nearly all areas of higher education....  Indeed, some education experts argue, it may be boys, not girls, who are at a disadvantage in the typical classroom."

     It's true -- and it was planned by UN feminists years ago. See Mine is the Power!


City's educrats can't get it write: "Highly paid educrats at the Education Department shocked the city's 80,000 teachers this week by handing out barely literate curriculum guides riddled with grammatical gaffes, spelling errors and misused words. Aghast teachers reeled in disbelief as they were: - Urged to 'crate [create] a balance bean [beam] with masking tape'.... - Identify 'student strengthens and weaknesses.'...

     "The authors used 'sited' when they meant 'cited' and portrayed George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' - a cautionary tale about communism - as a story about the importance of rules." Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order

Education in America : "During World War II, the military forces of the U.S. tested over 18 million young Americans, from all social levels, and found, at that time, there was only a four percent (4%) illiteracy rate. ... ninety six percent could read, write and calculate effectively....  Just ten years later during the Korean conflict, the military tested another three million young men and found that, in spite of MORE formal education, the illiteracy rate had jumped from 4% to 19%.... [During the Vietnam War]... the illiteracy rate was now up to 27%." Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Public schools and what you are up against (by 16 year old Ashley Anderson): "When people are fed little bits of propaganda a bite at a time, global government and other outrageous ideas would eventually sound good.... After they become adults, the things their parents may have taught them will no longer have impact on their lives because school taught them that complete tolerance and acceptance is a good thing. This progresses further and further until eventually, they are taught that not only should all things be tolerated, but it is even desirable. Diversity, it's called. This includes the belief systems and pagan cultures from around the world. So, instead of singing the National Anthem, students will be singing the Earth Anthem (which is already sung in public schools in the U.S. and the world), celebrating man and worshiping the earth." Proverbs 22:6

October 2003

'New Civics' means Global Governance (H.R. 1078): "Our Bill of Rights, so vital in the establishment of the American Constitution, is now depicted as 'negative rights.' The American model of rugged individualism where citizens are free to pursue their own wants, needs and dreams, but without direct involvement of the government, is considered a 'negative' in the New Civics. Never mind that it was that system that created the greatest economy and standard of living the world has ever known....

     "According to the New Civics curriculum, Socialist democracies like Estonia and Lithuania have 'positive constitutionalism in regard to human rights.' That means that the government is required to provide a broad array of social and economic entitlements.... The human rights model used in the New Civics is not the U.S. Bill of Rights, but the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

The math wars - 1960's revisited: "In my experience it has not been the children who have drilled and learned the facts who hate math, but the ones who have not. They, therefore, find every simple problem requires tremendous effort; and more often than not answers are wrong because of a lack of ready control of the facts."

Special Education Students treated like Trash-Pickers: "The Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington has been having special education students sort trash and perform janitorial duties. The District calls this activity part of their 'Work Experience Program' and defends the practice as 'trying to give them job skills.' Meanwhile, the students who are told to perform these tasks are subject to ridicule by other students. That these students are told to perform such menial tasks speaks volumes about how school district officials perceive special education students." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce . Washington state shows far more generosity toward its alcoholics. Of course, if the poor unpaid child janitors were to become drunkards, they might get a free ride:

Seattle to build apartments for drunks: "A project by Seattle city officials to house chronic alcoholics in a 75-unit apartment building where they can drink together has been approved by the Washington state Court of Appeals. The $8.6 million project near downtown Seattle will offer tenants meals and support services....  Local businesses are opposing the project, contending it will drive away business and residents."

Gov. Davis signs controversial sex-ed bill: "Embattled California Gov. Gray Davis, facing a recall vote next week [Davis lost], signed a controversial bill allowing public schools to teach and survey students on sexual topics without written parental permission.

     "...a 'Heterosexuality Questionnaire' distributed by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network can be given to California public school children. Some of the questions are: When and where did you first decide you were heterosexual? Is it possible heterosexuality is a phase you will grow out of? Is it possible you are heterosexual because you fear the same sex?" 

      Notice the suggestive questions, then read Sex Ed and Global Values


NAMBLA - Coming to a campus near you! "...the university's Women's Center website provides a link to a gay website that is loaded with religious writings and advertisements for gay churches. One of the writings is called 'Christ on a Rainbow.'...

     "One of the advertisements for a local gay church reads, 'Whatever you believe, we embrace you!' All this, despite the center's refusal to provide a link to a crisis pregnancy center because it is, in the director's words, 'overtly religious.'...

     "I now realize that this movement really seeks to promote moral relativism [not, as they claim, diversity]. In fact, all of the speakers, organizations, programs, and readings your office promotes are geared towards abolishing the notion of absolute truth and any accompanying form of moral judgment....

     "NAMBLA doesn't claim that sex with children is the only legitimate sexual orientation or alternative lifestyle. It merely helps people to be understanding and supportive of those who have sex with children and, of course, to free them from unfair prejudice and persecution at the hands of an oppressive and judgmental criminal justice system."

     They have been all too successful.

The myth of socialization: Every time I run into a public school teen it happens. 'Hi, Ryan.' Unintelligible grunt response. 'Whatcha doing?' 'Nuthin'. 'Anything happenin?' 'Naw.' Whereafter Ryan hurries off to pursue his active life of nothing happening with his friends.... So tell me, where is this socialization the government school crowd always promotes as a reason for not home schooling?"

    Not only are teens socialized to the postmodern teen culture and collective, they are also socialized to a global community that clashes with all the values that made America strong and free. See The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Prejudice melts at diversity camp: "...high schools... are borrowing a page from Corporate America and paying $165 a student to send teens to this camp, hidden among towering redwood trees... But at least one think tank derides the concept as 'unnecessary social retraining.' It's 'ludicrous' and 'absurd' to devote class time and public school funds to diversity camps when students are still struggling with literacy, said Matt Cox, an education policy fellow with the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute. ...

      "The National Conference for Community and Justice holds Camp Anytown in 40 cities across the country..." See comment


Worldwide responses to teenager's article exposing public schools: "Never in her wildest dreams did 16-year old Ashley Anderson expect the worldwide responses she has been receiving for her recent article [see next item] exposing the government education system.....

      "A conspiracy is something done in secret but responses from Japan, Australia, Peru, Germany and Hungary confirm that educators all over the world have been following the United Nations master plan and have been gradually programming their students to accept the abandonment of their nation's sovereignty while training them to become compliant citizens in a one-world government with an eventual one-world dictator which they are being falsely taught to believe is the only type of government which will bring that elusive 'peace' throughout the world."

repeat Education. America's failing public school system (by a 16 year old girl): This is for all the parents and their children who attend public school. I attended public school all my life, until September 2002 when I began attending a private, Christian school. The differences are incredible!" See The Three Myths of Homeschooling and Does your "mental health" meet global standards?

Fuzzy math flunks test again: "It happened to me again a few days ago. I ran out of an item in a recipe necessitating a quick trip to the nearby tiny market where pricing stickers instead of bar codes are still used but the cash register is programmed to determine the change.

    "I bought a $3.59 item and gave the clerk a $50 bill. He proceeded to pull the change from the drawer and plop it in my hand. He was a young man - the son of the owner who was standing nearby... I asked him to count the money back to me. He was stunned. He didn't have a clue!" A New Way of Thinking and 2 Timothy 4:3-4

America's academic tyrants: "Many of America's colleges and universities have become the modern leaders of racism and intolerance. ...Liberals are free speech advocates because it's crucial to their propaganda agenda for control. But liberals have contempt for most freedoms, and once they're running the show, that contempt will extend to free speech....Texas Tech bans 'communications (that) humiliate any person.'" Would such a ban include the Bible? God's high standard would humble anyone who took it seriously -- and offend those who don't. But it also shows us the only way to victory. 2 Cor 2:14

Transformational Education - The New Mission of Schools : "Minnesota, like every state in the nation, is in a battle with the federal government for control of education. The National Content Standards dictated through Federal Goals 2000 did NOT go away with a change of administration. President Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' continues to name and fund, for example, the Center for Civic Education (CCE)... mandated by Goals 2000 as the standard for America's Civics and Government curriculum.
     "... the model Civics textbook ("We the People; the Citizen and the Constitution") ... opens declaring: 'The primary purpose of this textbook is not to fill your head with a lot of facts about American History and Government.'
     "What then, is it for?
     "The CCE answers that question in a report posted at their web site entitled, 'Teaching Democracy Globally, Internationally, and Comparatively: The 21st Century Mission of Schools':
     "'In the past century, the civic mission of schools was education for democracy in a sovereign state. In this century, by contrast, education will become everywhere more global.. And we ought to improve our curricular frameworks and standards for a world transformed by globally accepted and internationally transcendent principles.

     "In other words, education is no longer about teaching American principles for the MAINTENANCE of freedom, but teaching internationally accepted principles to TRANSFORM America for the 'global village.' To help reach this new goal of education, the CCE's textbook, 'We the People,' promotes 'universal principles' while demoting the Bill of Rights as an outdated relic." See New Beliefs for a Global Village

Have public schools become a criminal enterprise? "'The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and as a people ... If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves.' [The National Commission on Excellence in Education, 1983]

     "When President George Bush and Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts re-authorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, they simply extended the life of the conspiracy for another six years, calling it the 'No Child Left Behind Act.'....

     "Millions of children are thus condemned to lead lives as intellectual cripples, stunted in mental growth, spiritually empty, open to vicious temptations without a moral code to protect them." See The Three Myths of Homeschooling

p> Parents have raised worst generation yet (UK): "...too many children were receiving a 'disrupted and dishevelled' upbringing. As a result, the verbal and behavioural skills of the nation's five-year-olds were at an all-time low, causing severe difficulties for schools.

  "Mr. Bell said that one of the key causes was the failure of parents to impose proper discipline at home, which led to poor behaviour in class. Another serious concern was the tendency to sit children in front of the television, rather than talking and playing with them. This meant that many were unable to speak properly when they started school." See Proverbs 22:6  the next link:

Man must first learn to be human: "In the late eighteenth century a child of eleven or twelve was captured, who some years before had been seen completely naked in the Caune Woods in France, seeking acorns and roots to eat. The boy was given the name Victor and is often referred to as the Wild Boy of Aveyron.

     "The simple truth is that children DO come with instructions. In the past, the knowledge and experience needed to raise and educate children were passed on among families and communities and down through the generations... Many of these traditions were founded on the Manufacturer's Manual (the Bible). These traditions were aimed at teaching a child to be unselfish rather than selfish... and of being able to control one's actions sufficiently to live up to one's ideas of good behavior and to accommodate the ways of others.

   "....psychology and its medical equal, psychiatry, have succeeded in replacing these time-honored traditions of childcare with — as Burrows calls them — ideas that are 'ridiculous and outlandish.' These ideas, sold to parents as 'child-centered' educational styles, have confused parents and stripped them of their ability to take the lead in their own homes and produce healthy and secure children." See The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society

    Someone sent this comment: "While I'm sure that there are too many kids diagnosed with ADHD and similar disorders, that doesn't mean they doesn't exist, or that the child hasn't been raised Biblically." Thank you. We agree with you.


A Campus Fad That's Being Copied: Internet Plagiarism: "Thirty-eight percent of the undergraduate students surveyed said that in the last year they had engaged in one or more instances of 'cut-and-paste' plagiarism... without citing the source. Almost half the students said they considered such behavior trivial or not cheating at all. Only 10 percent of students had acknowledged such cheating in a similar, but much smaller survey three years ago....  Twenty percent of the faculty members said they use their computers, such as the site, to help detect student plagiarism....

   "When I work with high school students, what I hear is, `Everyone cheats, it's not all that important,' Professor McCabe said." 2 Timothy 3:1-14 and the next link:


'How to be Gay' course draws fire at Michigan: "[Professor] Halperin wrote that 'lesbian and gay studies scholars' were leaders in lobbying universities and governments 'to adopt and enforce anti-discrimination policies, to recognize same-sex couples, to oppose the U.S. military's anti-gay policy, to suspend professional activities in states that criminalize gay sex or limit access to abortion, and to intervene on behalf of human rights for lesbians, bisexuals and gay men at the local and national levels." Romans 1:22-32


Schools should report on obesity: "Schools are being advised to weigh and measure their pupils, in an attempt to tackle the problem of childhood obesity. ...Professor Julian Peto believes teachers should include a child's body mass index in their annual reports on a pupil." No Place to Hide?


Taking 'college protest' to a new level -- San Francisco school will offer a degree in activism: "'Students can shape their own (activist) program at other schools,' said Michael Baer, senior vice president at the American Council on Education and former provost at Northeastern University. 'But to have it all together -- the theoretical and the practical -- under one roof and labeled as such is somewhat rare.'

     "Almost as rare is New College's eclectic lineup of activist instructors, a progressive all-star team that includes tree-sitting environmentalist Julia "Butterfly" Hill, "ecofeminist witch" and author Starhawk.... [See A Twist of Faith, Chapter 4]

     "Ultimately, school officials would like to build the program into a progressive think tank.... 'We want people to learn how they can be activist and not just someone who is angry and against the system," said Peter Gabel, president emeritus of New College.... He is now director of the Institute for Spirituality and Politics. ...

     "'We're not training rabble-rousers,' said Michael McAvoy, a longtime activist and New College's academic vice president. 'What we want to do is give people the skills to build sustained social change movements.'" See Reinventing the World


Germans address problems in school systems: "It sounds like every child's dream: only four-and-a-half hours of school a day, no attendance taken, a free day if a teacher is sick, no punishment for playing hooky. But this is no dream... it's the sorry state of their schools.... The real wake-up call came last year when an international test of 15-year-old ranked Germany 21st out of 32 leading industrialized nations in reading, mathematics and science. South Korea, Japan and Finland led in all three fields.... U.S. students came in 15th." See A New Way of Thinking


A New International Policy for the U.S. Department of Education (PDF file): "... to fulfill that mission in today’s global environment, the Department increasingly needs to be engaged in a broad range of international programs, activities, and relationships, involving nearly every one of its principal offices....

    "Americans and the world are interested in education in a sustained and visible way that has rarely, if ever, been evident in the past....From the G-8 Summit meetings to Leaders’ and Ministers’ Meetings in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and Africa, education has taken its place alongside trade, security, migration and other global issues as a topic to be discussed by world leaders....

     "The United States is seen as a world leader in promoting equal access to education, and in areas such as decentralized governance, student assessment and accountability, effective family/community engagement in education...." See The International Agenda


Schools urged to teach ‘21st-century’ skills: "The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a public-private organization whose members include the AOL Time Warner Foundation, Apple Computer, Cable in the Classroom, Cisco Systems, Dell, Microsoft, the National Education Association, and SAP. Its efforts are supported by the U.S. Department of Education (ED)....' Today’s students need to demonstrate knowledge of core subjects such as reading, math, and science—but they also must learn additional skills, including critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and communication, and the ability to adapt to a changing world.'...

       "Using different terms—such as 'digital literacy,' 'media literacy,' or 'screen literacy'—for the same skills confuses policy makers at the local, state, and federal levels, Bailey said.... Many educators have questioned how it is possible to teach information literacy skills when there is already limited time to address basic skills such as reading and math—but the MILE Guide shows educators how to integrate these two types of skills...." See New "Literacy" for a New World


School tests breach UN convention ? "The government is breaching the United Nations convention on children's rights by imposing a targets and testing regime in English schools that ignores their needs, a UN representative has warned.... Article 29 says education should be 'directed to the development of the child's personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential'. She said that the current system of tests at seven, 11, 14 and 16 for children in England was designed to fulfill government objectives rather than meet the needs of children."

      That's what happens when a nation ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Socialist Ecology at UC Irvine: "What exactly is 'social ecology? Perform a quick internet search of the term and you might get the impression that it’s what you get when you mix socialism, anti-modern utopianism, and environmentalist fear-mongering. The 'Institute for Social Ecology' offers this definition: 'Social Ecology n

   1: a coherent radical critique of current social, political, and anti-ecological trends.

   2: a reconstructive, ecological, communitarian, and ethical approach to society." See Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community


National Education Association Fails Tolerance Test: "Class, let’s match wits with the NEA. Answer the following multiple-choice question: Tolerance can best be defined as: a. the acceptance of the differing views of other people and fairness toward the people who hold different views b. active suppression of objectionable views in favor of other preferred ideas and opinions.

     "The NEA bills itself as 'the nation’s largest professional employee organization, representing 2.7 million' school personnel. It also claims to be a most diverse and tolerant group. But is it? Last week (July 1-6), during its annual conference in New Orleans, the NEA was tested on the subjects of tolerance and diversity. Alas, it failed the test." See Chronology of the NEA


E-mails and Net replace books for British children: "Secondary school pupils in Britain spend less time reading than almost any others in the world, according to a study published yesterday. However, they do well in international literacy tests for 15-year-olds because they spend more time browsing through magazines, e-mails and websites - and enjoy it more than reading books...."

    Keep in mind, literacy is not just reading. It also involves learning global values and politically correct attitudes. See Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order and the next link:


Information Literacy Standards: Literacy standard for grade 8 includes: "Explains the differences between accurate and inaccurate information and complete and incomplete information for decision-making.... Brainstorms a range of sources of information that will meet an information need."

     The key is choosing the "right" sources of information. Harry Potter and Washington Post would pass -- but many teachers disqualify or frown on Christian books or conservative sources that challenge their views on political correctness. See New Beliefs for a Global Village


A High School International Affairs Program Crosses the Line to Propagandizing: “A perfect example comes from the Farmington, Michigan, Public Schools. At a school board meeting this month, the board approved (4-3) a curriculum change that eliminates the requirement for 12th grade American government, replacing it with an International Affairs program that includes on its menu of courses a class on terrorism, with the strong implication that the U.S. is the terrorist....

      "It is surely not the business of the Farmington Public School Board to shape students’ views in such a transparently provocative manner."

      Since social change is a major goal of global education, propaganda has replaced facts in curricula around the world. See The International Agenda

June 2003

Saving quotas (by Thomas Sowell): "Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's majority decision upholding affirmative action in admissions to the University of Michigan Law School was her classic split-the-baby formula... [Her] argument is hard to summarize because it consists largely of repeating unsubstantiated claims about the 'educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body' and the need for a 'critical mass' of minority students.... She uses the phrase 'compelling interest' to get around the 14th Amendment's requirement of equal treatment....

     "Verbal pieties and cynical realities have thoroughly corrupted affirmative action from the beginning.... Justice Thomas cited empirical studies indicating that the much vaunted diversity 'actually impairs leaning among black students.'" See Reinventing the World See Comments- News for another view from a visitor.


Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse? (by Dr. Judith Reisman): "More and more campuses are offering 'academic' courses on pornography, in which boys and girls must jointly watch X-rated films, view Internet porn and visit sex shops. At Wesleyan University, Prof. Hope Weissman requires students to do a pornography performance, make a sex film, or write a pornographic story....
     "Pornography not only coarsens viewers’ feelings, it endangers others on whom users act out their delusions. Pornography literally reshapes the human brain."
Sex Ed and Global Valuesn


School Board to delay vote on reading requirement: "Upset parents, teachers and school administrators told the Petersburg School Board last night that a proposal to remove reading from the list of must-pass classes as a grade promotion requirement is a 'slap in the face' for a school division that 'already has a bad reputation.'" See Workforce Development Means Life-Long Indoctrination, skip down to "The Literacy Deception."


Literary lynch mobs hang on every word: "Diane Ravitch... cites publishers dropping children's stories about dolphins or in which it snows because they display 'regional bias'; replacing 'huts' with 'small houses' and 'fairy' with 'elf'; references to Jews, Gentiles and Poles deleted from an exam question on Isaac Bashevis Singer's In My Father's Court (about growing up Jewish in Poland); the sorry history textbooks that declare 'Islam spreads' but 'Christian Europe invades' or that one cannot speak of the 'growth of democracy' in the same breath as US history. ...

    "What will surprise many is her equally trenchant criticism of the US fundamentalist Right....  Parents' groups have had references to paganism, satanism, even Hallowe'en, deleted. Some districts have banned Harry Potter."

    See Brave New Schools, chapters 4 and 3 for examples of what parents criticize. These are not trivial complaints.

Students shouldn't have to read explicit 'Cedars': "A student's letter to her teacher expressing her revulsion at reading the sexually explicit passages and a sense of a loss of innocence was read aloud.... A teacher tried to explain the necessity of using such books. Particularly revealing was her portrayal of our children as TV-addicted, headphone-wearing, sexually bombarded, hyper youth who would not sit still...." Good reason to pull our children out of government schools. See Sex Ed and Global Values and A New Way of Thinking


Teach-attacks surge in schools of hard knocks: "Attacks against school staffers have skyrocketed this year - especially in elementary schools, where kids as young as 6 are now assaulting their teachers.... The teachers union said that since September, there have been 53 percent more attacks on grade-school staffers than in the entire 2001-2002 school year." See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence


A sign of the times: "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That was certainly true of a recent photo of a little 7-year-old boy holding a sign demanding more money for the schools and holding his fist in the air. He was part of a demonstration organized by his teachers ...  There was a time when taking children out of classes to fight the political battles of adults would have been considered a shameless neglect of duty. But that was long ago." Chronology of the NEA


The uses of history: "...does history possess sufficient value to warrant an extensive formal program of history instruction in the schools? 'Probably not' was the view of progressive educators whose philosophy gained ascendancy at about the time that compulsory public education was being adopted in Western societies....

     "Furay and Salevouris think of history as 'society's collective memory. Without that collective memory,' they say, 'society would be as rootless and adrift as an individual with amnesia.'"

    These views of history are interesting, but we don't fully agree with all of them. The UN knows the importance of history, but it is building a digital revisionist history that serves its own vision. See The Memory of the World


Words have meaning: "Take for instance what children should know and be able to do as a result of their first ten years in the public or government school setting. They should have demonstrated mastery or proficiency of team work, critical thinking, problem solving, communications, adapting to change and understanding whole systems. Well, what parent wouldn't want their child to be able to get along with others, think analytically...?"

      These two charts illustrate this change: Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords and Paradigm Shift


School violence on the increase in lower grades: (Scroll down to title) "...children as young as kindergarten are attacking teachers and each other. An article in USA Today noted the horror stories, like the eight-year-old in Maryland who threatened to burn down his school, and the Philadelphia kindergarten student who punched a pregnant teacher in the stomach.

     "'Some of my most violent kids have been in kindergarten, first and second grade,' an elementary school principal in rural Wisconsin told USA Today. 'They simply lose control, and it comes out in extremely violent manners.'” See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence


Parent Hires Attorney Over Alleged H.S. Hazing (5 Girls Hospitalized): "...a homecoming tradition between senior and junior girls became rough and ugly when, witnesses said, the seniors forced the junior girls to eat dirt, fish guts and pet food. Then the video showed that the juniors were kicked around and had human excrement poured on top of them....

  "Some of the girls who were present at the alleged hazing told Vatis on Tuesday morning that they thought this year's event got out of hand but was 'not that different from previous years.'"  Desensitized to evil? Disregard wrongs because they seem "normal"?  See the last six words in this passage: Romans 1:32


A couple of clues: "Two unrelated events last week provide some clues as to why our education system is failing. First, Canada College in San Mateo, California, held a job fair -- for kindergartners!" Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Global ethics and world government: "...if the power elite are to accomplish their objectives, traditional values would, of course, have to be undermined. In that regard, education has played a critical role for many years, and a typical example can be found in The Tenth Yearbook of the National Education Association's Department of Superintendence, published in February 1932, and titled Character Education, in which one reads: "Relativity must replace absolutism in the realm of morals as well as in the spheres of physics and biology....

     "...If the individual is to be happy in the contemporary order, he must be open-minded with respect to new values and new arrangements. "...Loyalty to the family must be merged into loyalty to the community, loyalty to the community into loyalty to the nation, and loyalty to the nation into loyalty to mankind. The citizen of the future must be a citizen of the world." See Character Training for Global Citizenship


Teachers, students in poll call violence major concern: "More than four in ten [teachers] say that teachers in their school spend more time trying to keep order than actually teaching.... ....More than 80 percent of teachers surveyed said "parents who fail to set limits and create structure at home for their kids [and who] refuse to hold their kids accountable for their behavior or academic performance are a serious problem."  

      Yet, for decades, public schools have been training students in "critical thinking" which implies criticizing traditional beliefs and values, prompting rebellion against parents and freedom to follow group and self-made values. See Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords and Sex Ed and Global Values. The next link illustrates the consequences:

Tardy machine' spurs students to get to class: "Late students everywhere, beware. The tardy machine might be watching. The Orwellian-sounding device is really just a piece of software hooked up to a computer, a pint-sized printer and scanner similar to the ones used by retailers...."

The Campus Blacklist: "The chief effect of this harassment is to discourage conservatives from pursuing academic careers. Leftist professors think nothing of intruding their political passions into the classroom in a manner that is inappropriate and abusive, and an unprofessional attempt to politically indoctrinate their charges." Brainwashing in America

US seeking complete overhaul of pro-Saddam Iraqi education system: USAID said the educational system in a post-war Iraq must 'lay a foundation for democratic practices and attitudes among children and educators.'" Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce


  'Small learning communities' meeting goals: "What can initially sound like fuzzy concepts - 'helping students find relevance in their education' and 'establishing relationships between students and caring adults'... has produced relatively quickly, measurable results, Gelsinger said. ...

    "'There are people who have questioned it,' he said. 'Some people think it's taking away from the education of kids to do something that's fluffy. It's not. ...There's all kinds of research out there that shows one determining factor in a kid being successful in school is that the student has an adult to hook up with.'....Other Carroll high schools have ... introduced more career-focused courses...."

     What about caring Christian parents? Would they qualify? Maybe not, in spite of Education Secretary Paige's appreciation for traditional values. The opening quotes to The International Agenda show why. Then, see the real meanings behind the new education propaganda at Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce and Educational Buzzwords .

Oklahoma’s ‘Bounty System’ Pays Schools to Push Healthy Kids Into Special Ed: "As Congress considers revising special education laws, the issue of education for disabled children is being shaped by an alarming increase in special education enrollments.... The funding system used in Oklahoma and most other states, which some education officials candidly refer to as 'the bounty system,' pays school districts more for each additional student diagnosed with a disability. This provides a perverse financial incentive for schools to diagnose more students." A similar 'bounty system' pushes the "child protection" services across the country." Both increase government control over children and families. See the next two links:

Homeschooling. "NCES Future Research Plans: "NCES plans to collect and report data about homeschoolers with future Parent and Family Involvement in Education Surveys (PFI).... Future Parent and Family Involvement in Education Surveys will provide a comprehensive set of information that may be used to estimate the number and characteristics of homeschoolers in the United States." Reinventing the World

repeat Homeschooling and Control. Home-schooler Must Submit to Evaluation: "'This is the epitome of a bureaucratic power play,' said HSLDA Litigation Counsel, James R. Mason, III. 'The school wants to force an evaluation to see if Sean needs services his parents don't want.... Parents must have the right to reject such services.'....

     "The hearing officer acknowledged that forcing an evaluation on unwilling parents created significant privacy and parental rights concerns, but he refused to interpret the statute or consider the constitutional ramifications.... 

      "This case goes to the heart of parents' right to homeschool," said [HSLDA President, J. Michael] Smith. "Because it involves a federal statute, this ruling could potentially affect homeschoolers in every state." See What Happened To Parents' Rights?


NEA challenged on political outlays: "As much as one-third of the tax-exempt National Education Association's yearly $271 million income goes toward politically related activities.... The documents show that the 2.7 million-member teacher's union spends millions annually to field what one critic calls an 'army of campaign workers,' while maintaining that it spends nothing on politics." See Chronology of the NEA


Learning to Give: "Teaching the importance of voluntary action for the common good in a democratic society, 'Learning to Give' seeks to perpetuate a civil society by: educating children about the independent sector (knowledge), developing behavior and philanthropic experience (skills), and, stimulating private voluntary citizen action for the common good (behavior)." Please read about "service learning" in Serving a Greater Whole


Teacher Zone (Peace Trek Curriculum): "Focusing on Peace and Conflict Resolution, we will highlight the work of individuals and organizations committed to creating alternative solutions to war or other forms of violence and injustice. Providing a general introduction to conflict resolution and non-violence, the section will move to focus specifically on the current issues between U.S. relations with Iraq and the aftermath of 9-11....

      "Opportunities to contact elected officials, local newspapers, and to take part in national and international campaigns will be highlighted. The ultimate goal is to empower students to think critically and creatively, make responsible decisions, and take meaningful action."

     The goal? Turning students into political activists for the envisioned global village. It's a good reason to home school your children. See Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords


Artificial stupidity: "It is bad enough when someone takes the position that he has made up his mind and doesn't want to be confused by the facts. It is worse when someone else makes up his mind for him and then he dismisses any facts to the contrary by attributing bad motives to those who present those facts.

     "Creating mindless followers is one of the most dangerous things our public schools are doing. Young people who know only how to vent their emotions, and not how to weigh opposing arguments through logic and evidence, are sitting ducks for the next talented demagogue who comes along in some cult or movement, including movements like those that put the Nazis in power in Germany.

    "...they are at the mercy of events, as well as at the mercy of those who know how to take advantage of their ignorance and their emotions." See A New Way of Thinking

March 2003

Columbia Prof's Remarks Spark Furor: "Angry callers flooded phone lines at Columbia University Friday, denouncing a professor who called for an Iraqi victory over U.S. troops and said he would like to see 'a million Mogadishus.' The Mogadishu reference recalled the Somali city where 18 U.S. soldiers were killed 10 years ago." See A History Professor's Irrational Rage Mother says son was bullied for pro-Iraqi war position: "The mother of a Prairie Grove sixth grade student told a national radio talk show host Thursday that his school teacher forced her students to choose up sides on the Iraqi war. The mother said supporters of President George W. Bush were put on one side of the room, while the teacher and her twelve year-old anti-war supporters stood on the other side of the classroom. This sounds like the old strategy used by Sidney Simon to transform values in the classroom. See Values Clarification


Parents fail to give children skills, say teachers: "Half of the five-year-olds starting school lack the speaking and listening skills needed to cope in the classroom, says a survey published yesterday....

     "Mr Wells, who said the findings applied equally to the rest of Britain, has described poor communication within families as the 'daily grunt'. He blamed parents who bought children expensive games and computers. Solitary pursuits had replaced board games and shared activities between parents and children, he added. ...He called for parents to be trained in how to develop their children's skills and for more support in primary schools to help pupils catch up."  All parents? Will governments control how everyone raises their children? Will no parent escape participation in the dialectic process? Actually, this is part of UNESCO's plan for "lifelong learning." See Silencing the Opposition


Maine Teachers Warned on Iraq War Talk: "Maj. Peter Rogers quoted parents as saying their children have come home upset or depressed because of comments in class and on the playground. 'They were hearing comments like, 'The pending war in Iraq is unethical' and 'Anybody who would fight that war is also unethical,' Rogers said. 'So children who are already losing family members to deployment were understandably upset.'" The International Agenda


'Follow the Lord Jesus': "It’s Black History Month—and in classrooms around the country, children have been learning about famous African Americans and their contributions to our culture. That’s a good thing. But there’s one thing most kids have not been learning about many of these famous men and women: that is, their Christian faith and how it motivated their lives and their work." To understand why their faith is censored, read The International Agenda


Cheaters: "A new examination of grading at Virginia's public colleges confirms what many have suspected: Grade inflation is rampant....

     "Anecdotal evidence supports that contention: One Norfolk State professor says most of his students 'are not prepared for college reading.'

     "...the higher grades are not uniformly distributed. Military science, music, and education hand out the most A's; math and science courses - where, as one professor put it, 'You either get the answer right or you get it wrong' - hand out the least." Matthew 24:12


President Bush Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of No Child Left Behind Act: "In combination with the President's budget, the No Child Left Behind Act enables America's public schools to receive record levels of funding from the federal government, and creates unprecedented levels of accountability to ensure that those funds are producing real results to help every child in America receive a quality education." Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


 Parent report cards? "Remember when the 'partnership' concept was pushed: parents in partnership with the school? So, is this how 'partnership' is defined: the school sending home a report card on how well parents are doing in providing to the school a child deemed by the school to be ready-to-learn?....

     "A child that is deemed not ready-to-learn is considered to be 'at risk for failure.'... [This includes readiness to accept the pluralistic values of a global citizen. In other words, Christian parenting can put a child "at risk". See Silencing the Opposition and read section on "at risk".]

     "While the 'USA Today' article tries to downplay the authority the school has been given over the parent, the implications are very clear: '... parents who do not live up to any of their responsibilities would be contacted by an outreach worker who would try to help them become more involved. And parents who cannot or will not cooperate would have an 'adult mentor' assigned to their child.' ...

     "...parents and citizens need to understand that in dealing with the government schools, they are dealing with a system that sees the child as a 'resource' or 'human resource' to be conditioned to the perceived environment... If the parent gets in the way, the child will simply be removed to an environment more conducive to the conditioning process." See Reinventing the World Part 2: The Mind-Changing Process


Education. Academic Facilitators of Eco-Terrorism: "This evolution from violence against property to violence against people -- terrorism -- is the natural consequence of radical environmental ideology.

      "Radical environmentalism is at heart a species of anti-humanism: it regards human beings as just another life-form inhabiting the planet, one no better than trees or dogs...." See Is Earth Our Mother?

Ohio Teachers' Union Agrees to Respect Religious Rights of Teachers: "The National Education Association has once again been ordered to accommodate employees who have religious objections to union affiliation. After learning that the Ohio Education Association (OEA) had a pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agenda, Donna Barnes and Frances Phillips made known their objections to supporting such causes." See Chronology of the NEA

Mixed School Record for Edison Foes: "Acorn does not run the schools, but it consults on teacher hirings and offers a curriculum guide and training sessions for teachers. It also participates in principal selection and has representatives on the School Leadership Team, which takes part in budget discussions with the school administration and teachers. "We're not educators, we're organizers," Ms. Speliotis said."

January 2003

The Truth about Grade Inflation: "Stuart Rojstaczer of Duke University admitted that he no longer gives any grade lower than a B. If he were to do so, he wrote, fewer students would sign up for his courses and his teaching career would suffer. Not wishing to be deemed a failure, Rojstaczer simply gives students what they, their parents and the university all want: high grades, regardless of merit." This is the natural outcome of the social process started a century ago. See Chronology of the NEA

Teachers forced to leave TV on: "Odd as the accusation was, it was made even odder by the fact that my students were reading when the principal caught them not watching television. She had walked in, and there they were, sitting as silently as a group of 3rd graders can, every one of them absorbed in a book. What they were supposed to be doing was watching our school's morning news show.... Channel One, a news program that reaches 8 million children in 12,000 schools across the nation, is particularly insidious because it's peppered with commercials..." See A New Way of Thinking

President Seeks $53 Billion for Education Programs : President Bush wants $53.1 billion in federal taxes to spend on public education for fiscal year 2004 as part of the record $2.2 trillion budget."

High schoolers study less, but grades rise: "The best interpretation we can make is that grade inflation has been increasing because of all the pressure on teachers from students and parents...." See Silencing the Opposition, then skip down to "world-class education"

Race case set off by liberal professor: "One of the most stunning revelations, the one that turned him from a gadfly into a crusader, was the point system used. The university's admissions policy awards applicants 12 points for a perfect SAT score, but 20 points for simply being a non-Asian minority. About 100 points on a 150-point scale are needed for admission."

The 'new' University of Michigan application: "African-American, Hispanic and Native-American undergraduate applicants get 20 points added to their scores just for being members of their groups....

    "Because the university is an institution of higher learning, its focus is on minds. Therefore the 'diversity' it wants -- the law school speaks of diversity of 'perspective' -- is presumably diversity of thinking.... In any case, the university's assumption appears to be that race or ethnicity is a reliable predictor of an individual's inner landscape--of his or her mental makeup.

     "This assumption might seem to involve the sin of racial and ethnic stereotyping, or even the scarlet sin of profiling. However, it obviously cannot involve either, because the university is famously progressive, and hence abhors both sins. Furthermore, the university is liberal and hence surely on the cutting edge of Michigan Postmodernism. So it probably more or less believes that all ideas are equally worthy, or unworthy. Whatever." See Reinventing the World - Part 1


Parents press board to cancel sex survey: "'Some of these questions are asked in such a way that they give tacit approval to some of these behaviors. Kids will read these questions and think if they're not engaging in this, 'What's wrong with me?' [said Karen Budd, a mother].... The survey... poses about nine questions about sexual habits, including: 'How old were you when you first had sex?'" Such suggestive survey are designed to desensitize students and change attitudes as well as to assess their current values. See Sex Ed and Global Values


Anger over 'louts guide' (Australia): [This link has expired, but the summary shows the postmodern disregard for traditional values] "Taxpayers have funded a booklet that tells children how to dodge drug charges. It also offers students advice on keeping abortions secret from their parents and provides excuses for carrying weapons. More than 225,000 copies of Am I Old Enough? have been sent to 546 secondary schools.'" 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Hip-hop hogwash in the schools: "The Los Angeles Times reports this week that teachers across the country are using rap music to 'make classical literature relevant.'...

      "Welcome to the morass of self-absorbed multiculturalism, where urban 'relevance' is the be-all and end-all of the intellectual experience. Where teachers are listening partners, rather than imparters of knowledge. Where Fat Albert and Prince Hamlet are equals. Where education has been reduced to the false art of 'feelin' it' and 'keepin' it real.'" A New Way of Thinking


Holistic Education: "By introducing students to a holistic view of the planet, life on Earth, and the emerging world community, holistic strategies enable students to perceive and understand the various contexts which shape and give meaning to life. ... values spiritual literacy (in a non-sectarian sense).

       "Spirituality is a state of connectedness to all life, honouring diversity in unity...." Notice that today's "spirituality" implies a pantheistic connectedness and fits the vision of a global spirituality -- in contrast to Christianity, which is rejected by global leaders as a "separative" and exclusive "religion." Yet this new spirituality is even transforming God's churches. See Our Father in Heaven or Our Mother the Earth? and the next link:


Education. Spiritual Intelligence: "...logical intelligence (IQ) is about rational, logical, rule-bound thinking. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is about associative, habit-bound, pattern-recognising, emotive thinking. Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is about creative, insightful, rule-making, rule-breaking, transformative thinking. 2 Timothy 4:3-4


School sued for banishing Bible club: "...the school allowed the formation of a group called the Gay/Straight Alliance Club, but won't allow a Bible discussion group. The suit also contends that the school district permitted other student groups to form, including the Multicultural Club, Peace Jam and Amnesty International." See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

Bill Clinton heads Oxford's wishlist for new Chancellor: "Debate about possible contenders will be intense... Conceivably, Tony Blair could stand.... Mr Clinton is a more realistic prospect, however. If he indicates that he would like the post he would be a hot favourite among younger graduates and dons dazzled by his star appeal. The former US President, 56, has said that he spent two of the happiest years of his life while a Rhodes scholar at University College." See From the Littleton CRISIS to Government CONTROL

Study Reveals Five Decades of 'Dumbing Down' in American Education: "A new poll finds that American college seniors today are just slightly more knowledgeable than high-school graduates of half a century ago. ... 'One of the phenomena we've seen, and in part it's been due to 'progressive' education -- what John Dewey and his colleagues launched back at the beginning of the twentieth century -- is a retreat from the idea that people should learn specific facts,' Balch says. 'And as far as it's been taken, [it has been] quite damaging.'" See A New Way of Thinking


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